Design Your Own Submarine !

Class Lessons developed by Dr. John Joyce and Cushla Dromgool-Regan of the Marine Institute. Cartoons by John Joyce 2006, 2007

Class Exercise 7: Design your own Submarine .

Class Exercise 7: Design your own Submarine Description: Submarines have become the subject of many exciting books and films.000 Leagues Under the Sea. The most famous of these is probably Jules Verne’s 20. Here are some Movies to get you started: • • • • • • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Yellow Submarine The Enemy Below Crimson Tide Fantastic Voyage Above Us the Waves . This featured the fictional submarine Nautilus. which had a battle with a giant squid Take inspiration from films and books that have featured submarines. See if the students know of any moves or books to capture their imagination.

cardboard. The submarine could include a nightclub with disco’s.Class Exercise 7: Design your own Submarine Use inspiration from the previous lessons and lots of imagination from the class to design and make a submarine Materials: You will need • Lots of recycled material including plastic bottles. etc Lesson in Action: • Tell or get the students to write a story about adventures in a submarine. an engine and propeller and a control room. crayons. paper etc • Sticky tape • Scissors • Colouring materials such as paint. • The submarine must have ballast tanks. . • Ask your pupils to design their own submarine. restaurants and windows to view the fish. • Encourage the student to be as imaginative as possible.

marine. Galway Telephone: + 353 91 387 200 Fax: + 353 91 387 201 Website: cushla.joyce@marine.Explorers Programme: Promoting Awareness of Ireland’s Marine Resource Contact: Communications Marine Institute Rinville Oranmore Email: john. John Joyce Class Lessons developed by Dr. 2007 . John Joyce and Cushla Dromgool-Regan Cartoons by Dr.

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