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April 30, 2010 Ms. Sandy Rosenthal Founder, Levees.

org 1421 Soniat Street New Orleans, LA 70115 Dear Ms Rosenthal, Per our conversation today, and mine with Office of Cultural Development staff, we are approving your application for a Historic Marker for the 17th Street Canal Breach. There are still some details of the script that you need to work out with staff. As I mentioned on the phone, all references must be cited and supported as fact. Opinions from news articles or letters may not meet this standard. An example of this is Dr. Ray Seed’s complaint to the ASCE. Court findings and official studies by the Corp or a reputable expert source most likely would meet this standard. The options for addressing this, as I mentioned, are to cite another source where the fact is made first hand with evidence. Or you may choose to cut that particular line of the script and replace it with another one with a verifiable source of fact. Once the script is finalized and approved by staff, the process will continue with the ordering of the plaque and the forwarding of the application to DOTD for installation. As I had previously mentioned, you will need to have written permission from the City to place the marker on City owned property. That is your responsibility as the applicant, as it the payment of all costs. Phil Boggan and Mike Varnado can help you finalize the script for the plaque and will assist you in the remaining steps of the process. Please contact them at the phone number below should you have any questions. Sincerely,

Scott Hutcheson Assistant Secretary Office of Cultural Development cc: Phil Boggan