EXOPOLITICS: A COMPREHENSIVE BRIEFING (Draft copy) Revised, February 2008.

Please note: This is a rough draft only. These articles and this book as a whole are a work in progress. This book is composed of articles relating to exopolitics that I allow to be freely published without restriction in all media. No permission is necessary from this author and I only request that people place my name and blog address on the articles that are published. It is my intention to update, delete and edit these articles as time and conditions warrant. At some point this book could become a finished product even if I have to completely rewrite it and am able to get it professionally edited. My latest articles published to my blog may not be incorporated into this book right away.

By Ed Komarek


Table of Content
Table of Content...............................................................................................................................2 INTRODUCTION............................................................................................................................5 SECTION ONE SIGNIFICANT EXOPOLITICAL CASES .........................................................9 The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing.................................................................................................9 Humanoid Dies In Sweden.........................................................................................................12 A Three Star General Speaks Out ..............................................................................................15 Aliens on Ice...............................................................................................................................18 Saucer Captures Jet ....................................................................................................................21 ET Shoot-down Over Germany?................................................................................................23 Three Early Crashed Saucer Cases Three Different Races of ET Humans?..............................29 A Case Of Alien Abuse? ............................................................................................................34 Film Of 1950s ET And Eisenhower Meeting?...........................................................................35 Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs ......................................................................37 The ET's Asked Permission .......................................................................................................41 SECTION 2 THE GRAND OVERVIEW.....................................................................................45 The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality ..................................................................................45 Prelude To Invasion ...................................................................................................................46 The Case For Celestial Humans .................................................................................................47 Case For Celestial Humans (Part 2) ...........................................................................................49 Case For Celestial Humans (Part 3) ...........................................................................................52 Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?...................................................................................54 Date With The Gods...................................................................................................................56 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 1)..........................................................................58 The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited, (Part 2)..................................................................61 The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3)...................................................................67 Counterfeit Contactees ...............................................................................................................69 Strategies for Friendly Contact (Part 1) .....................................................................................74 Strategies For Friendly Contact (Part 2) ....................................................................................77 Concurrence Between Heaven And Earth..................................................................................80 On The Hybridization of Humanity ...........................................................................................81 Resistance To Civilian Contact ..................................................................................................82 Addendum: Current Exopolitical Model....................................................................................84 Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model.......................................................................................86 Cosmic Conflicts ........................................................................................................................87 Col. John Alexander: The Shadow Government's Fix It Man ...................................................89 Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander (-: ............................................................................92 Who Was James Black? .............................................................................................................93 Memorandum For The Record...................................................................................................95 Communiqué To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT .....................................................................97 SECTION 3 EXOPOLITICAL CONCEPTS..............................................................................101 Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge ............................................................................................101 There’s Gold In Them There Spaceships! Newly Emerging Scientific Disciplines................102 Transition To A Post UFO/ET Disclosure World....................................................................108


Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics (A little briefing for the Moveon.org board) .......................................................................................................................................109 Movenon.org briefing (Part 2) .................................................................................................110 Moveon.org Briefing (Part 3) UFO/ET Related Human Mutilations ......................................111 Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect..................................................................112 Exopolitics: Disinformation Games? .......................................................................................115 The Fulford Revelations Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati.....................................116 U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?..............................................................................118 Trans Species Genome Modifications for War Or Peace ........................................................120 Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET?.................................................122 Can We Achieve Parity With ET? (Well, Maybe)...................................................................123 The National Security State A Slave Society? .........................................................................124 Will Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Blow The Lid Off The Cover-up?..............................126 Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security ...................................................................127 Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples .......................................................................................129 Congressional Safecrackers On The Loose :-).........................................................................130 Reflections From A Desert Cave On A Hawaiian Shore .........................................................131 Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem.....................................................136 Putting Human Evolution Back On Track ...............................................................................137 A Call For Interlocking Civilian-Military Exopolitical Networks...........................................141 SECTION 4 EXOPOLITICAL ACTIVISM..............................................................................143 Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes .................................................................................................143 A Tale of Two SETI.................................................................................................................145 Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War (Part 1 of a series)..........................................147 How To Fight The Exopolitical Info-War (Part 2 of a series) .................................................150 Defending Against An Info-war Attack (Part 3)......................................................................152 Info-war, Defining The Adversary (Part 4)..............................................................................154 Exopolitical Extremism............................................................................................................156 Letter to the Exopolitical Elders...............................................................................................157 Cosmic Rights Movement........................................................................................................158 Exopolitics: It's Your World ....................................................................................................159 Exopolitical: Communiqué To The World...............................................................................161 Exopolitical: Second Communiqué To The World..................................................................163 Why The Old Guard Can't See? ...............................................................................................165 The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat .......................................................................................168 Illuminating The Dark Side......................................................................................................170 Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate?............................................................................................171 From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1) ..............................................................................173 Getting the Public to Take Exopolitics Seriously ....................................................................175 Where Is Our Rosie Parks? ......................................................................................................177 SECTION 5 EVOLUTION AND ASTROECOLOGY ..............................................................180 An Ecological Perspective On Extraterrestrial Life .................................................................180 Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact (part 1).......................................................182 How Nature Evolves A Super-civilization (part 2)..................................................................184 Theory of Societal Evolution (part 3) ......................................................................................185 Evolution of Free Will..............................................................................................................187 Evolving Advanced Social Systems.........................................................................................189 3

SECTION 6 ON THE RISE AND FALL OF CIVILIZATION .................................................192 To Hell With The Mainstream .................................................................................................192 Advanced OS For A Super-civilization ...................................................................................193 The Real Threat to National Security.......................................................................................194 ET Reality and Societal Collapse.............................................................................................197 Creating a Bright Future (Part 1)..............................................................................................199 Creating a Bright Future (Part 2)..............................................................................................201 Beyond Dog Eat Dog ...............................................................................................................203 Are We Losing Our Minds? .....................................................................................................205 Living Free In Societal Decline ...............................................................................................207 Into The Abyss .........................................................................................................................210 SECTION 7 ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS ...........................................................................213 A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law .........................................................................213 Finding Our Way Back Home..................................................................................................214 Finding Our Place in the Cosmos.............................................................................................216 The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions ............................................................218 Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear..........................................................................................219 Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology....................................221 Zen For The Intelligence Analyst And Operative....................................................................222 Do We Inhabit A Simulation....................................................................................................223 Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding ........................................................224 Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem.....................................................226 Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians..........................................................................227 The Evolutionary High Road ...................................................................................................228 Communication or Just Creative Writing?...............................................................................229 Where Are The Virtuous Simulations? ....................................................................................231 Lifeline To A Youth In Distress...............................................................................................232


and in the process began investigating extraterrestrial life coming to earth. “How could other life have made it to our planet across the vast distances of space and time?” For the informed reader. When I reached seventeen years of age. Extraterrestrial understanding will also rapidly undermine powerful global economic. 5 . I realized in those early days that most of humanities worldview was just too limited and confining for me and that anomalous phenomena provided windows and doorways into a much more expansive worldview. but this understanding will create new disciplines far beyond anything we can now imagine. The uninformed blinded by ignorance see little value in extraterrestrial knowledge. “So what. Lately I am surprised to find myself thinking about extraterrestrial life more and more in ecological and evolutionary terms.INTRODUCTION No one can ever really escape their past. we can study both natural and artificial evolutionary processes evolving across the universe by studying visitors to our planet. however. At 19 I quit college and took off on my own to figure out what life was really about. Hopefully this would make for better organized reading. The articles are still freely available and organized by title. and in some strange way following in my parent’s footsteps in ways that they nor I could ever have imagined. religious and military interests and monopolies that are responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up and who struggle mightily to this day to suppress extraterrestrial understanding. Humanity has been plagued throughout history by powerful special interests interested in maintaining the status quo through the suppression of new understanding. I was born into a family of early ecologists. These exopolitical essays and cases of extraterrestrial contact have built up over the past several years to a point where I have decided it would make sense to put them together into a book format. This was about as far from South Georgia where I was born and raised as I could get. what differences will it make to me even if extraterrestrials are proven to exist?” The informed on the other hand know that everything on earth will change profoundly and radically on both a personal and a collective level once the truth is widely known. These articles are available without restriction for publication. I could never have imagined in those early years. They ask. This suppression of new truths is nothing new. it would seem both logical and rational that even before earthlings leave earth for the stars. The uninformed reader may deem it radical and premature to suppose that all human disciplines can be hugely accelerated by the study of extraterrestrial life. It’s as if my life has been planned out in general terms long before I was born. Extraterrestrial understanding will not only tremendously advance all present earth human disciplines. in reverse order on my blog. The uninformed will often ask. I traveled to Alaska to go to college. returning to my roots in old age. except that I ask that my name and blog address be on the articles so that people who enjoy my work can read more articles if they so desire.

I just want people to realize that what I offer is not just idle speculation but serious well thought out concepts based on evidence. These elite use the autocratic organizational structure of society to limit and channel public awareness as public predators. post disclosure.Lately I have begun to observe how nature organizes itself in the same way this book has evolved. by making a lot of bits. My investigations into UFO/ET reality are orientated towards gaining overall context. so as to hold the extraterrestrial spin doctors collective feet to the fire. It has looked for a very long time that the suppression of extraterrestrial realities would never end. For the book I have decided to take a different organizational tack by dividing up the material in sections with the contact cases in the first section and later analysis and commentary following in later sections. or cooperate with others for resources needed for survival. then combining those smaller bits into a larger bit and so on. This was a century that at its beginning held such promise. The military calls this situational awareness. Because the overall public does not have situational or conceptual awareness in regards to extraterrestrial realities. either prey on others. The time has come to prepare for partial releases of evidence from world governments. The suppression of the truth has had a very detrimental effect on human evolution on earth creating a mini dark age in the 20th century. Situational awareness is what every person and creature must have in order not to become prey to predation. the largest perspective possible of the situation. Natural and social evolutionary drivers involve competition and cooperation. Of course this case material is a small though significant part of the totality of evidence accumulated over thirty years from which I base my concepts. Our freedom and liberty to think for ourselves depends on knowing the whole truth because a partial truth can be as bad as or worse than a lie. I wonder how long I can ride this wave. I am trying to assist others to be able to ask the right questions. These very high level people could be considered public enemies but in reality they are just sophisticated predators who have risen to 6 . On the other hand every creature including humans must in order to survive. The ET cover-up and suppression of the truth seems to be lifting. individuals and society are being preyed upon by the autocratic elite who do have situational awareness. I have always in my own small way wanted to give back to mankind because I have so appreciated those who published their ideas that I was able to build upon early in life. I find myself in a powerful creative flow that begins to boggle the mind. On my blog I have been mixing up cases along with analysis so that as I go along people can see that my concepts have a strong evidentiary foundation. While governments can be expected to admit to covering up the truth. I still expect them to continue their deceptive ways by spinning the truth in a way so as to continue to mislead. Unfortunately there is not much ability for the public to cooperate toward a more advanced organizational structure when the public is prey as is the case at present. I also have wanted to be sure that what I gave back to mankind was quality work and I am delighted to see my writing and ability to conceptualize slowly improving. I am only where I am today because I have built upon the shoulders of those that have come before. What I am trying to do is conceptually grasp and provide as complete a picture as I can of the overall situation.

☺ perhaps you should set this book aside until you have read more basic foundational books. information and situational-contextual awareness that is evident in super-civilizations and in our own bodies. By studying extraterrestrial beings and their exopolitical relationships we can observe the same natural processes at work where advanced creatures are evolving into integrated supercivilizations the same way cells form a body. I would also like to make the point that this book is a work in progress and that I may be adding and deleting material as time progresses. all the while increasing elite advantage and situational awareness. In fact I believe we are on the threshold of a tremendous surge in consciousness and awareness if can make the jump consciously to the more advanced organizational state. My objective is to communicate context or perspective through my essays to others so that they can build situational awareness and conceptual awareness as to the overall present situation in regards extraterrestrial life. we can accelerate our personal and societal evolutionary development if we can become more aware and conscious of our own unconscious evolutionary drivers as well as the more conscious and aware ET super-civilizations. On earth. it’s a work in progress. Predation by the elite in regards to extraterrestrial realities is done under the guise of national security and through a very advanced. The whole scheme relies on keeping conceptual and situational awareness low amongst the public as a whole. If the novice in the UFO/ET field were to read this one book it should help provide a factual documented foundation toward better understanding of the advanced concepts that I am presenting in this book. My blog will remain the most updated version of my work. I do have a concern about presenting calculus to the novice before they have mastered arithmetic. If I were to recommend one general book it would be Richard Dolan’s book called. It is also obvious that this is a very rough draft and still needs much editing. cells that were once independent creatures come together and cooperate rather than compete to form multi-celled organisms. Humanity on earth still has a very long way to go to achieve equal distribution of resources. UFOs and the National Security State. special access and need to know. When we study the natural world here and extraterrestrial realities beyond earth. I would hope that readers would take the trouble to read good well articulated UFO/ET books that are well documented to fix the idea firmly in their minds that there is indeed a cover-up of extraterrestrial realities in place by world governments. ☺ 7 . There is a better way. I believe this will lead to the eventual collapse of the old autocratic order and begin to move us toward a more advanced societal organizational structure leading to a higher level of consciousness for humanity. we can see more advanced organization structures being evolved.the top of food chain in a master-slave autocratic society. Still. Pretty nifty and very devious if you ask me! What all creatures including humans must have is situational awareness in order to survive and flourish in nature and in autocratic society. sophisticated form of mind control or classification system based on clearance. Earth human society is mostly an autocratic society with only glimpses of true democracy and republican organizational structures evident. so go there for my latest articles and Internet links attached to my articles. So if you the reader feel that I am just too far out there.

com/ 8 .blogspot.My blog address is http://exopolitics.

http://www. The letter was found in Dr. Olavo T. UFO Crash Aztec. I am pressing this point because these advanced exopolitical concepts may at first glance appear to be wild speculations by those who are not well informed in these matters. The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing Dr. There is a letter published in the book.ufocasebook.com/ubatuba. This huge body of accumulated evidence both from the public domain and from my own hands on experience provides a solid evidentiary foundation to my thinking.html He was one of the best informed civilian UFO researchers of the 1950's and he died an untimely and suspicious death from a fast acting cancer while he was still in his 30's. He died several years after he was threatened by two intelligence agents from the United States that gave him the briefing I discuss in this article. 1958. If anybody is interested in more information. This is important because it helps me to evaluate the work of other researchers and investigators in the field upon whom I must have confidence. Fontes files long after his death and was a long letter. I have a pretty firm grip on the factual reality upon which I base my concepts. The letter was written on February 27. with the military clamping down hard on critical people in the know who were leaking information to the public.SECTION ONE SIGNIFICANT EXOPOLITICAL CASES In this first section I would like to present to the reader a few UFO/ET cases that have had a significant impact on my exopolitical conceptual development. In discussions which lasted for almost two hours they disclosed the following information about the flying saucer problem: 9 . I am not conceptualizing and speculating out of thin air as do many of the less informed people in the UFO/ET field. do a net search. Fontes. This briefing is so important to exopolitics because not only does it show what the military knew at the time. Of course these are but a few out of the huge volume of cases available in the public domain that I have studied over the years. The letter follows. of Brazil was a prominent UFO researcher in the 1950's. One can see at this early date that the extraterrestrial cover-up was already in full progress. This letter details a briefing that shows how well organized and coordinated the worlds military forces were on the subject of extraterrestrial life by the late 1950s. Fontes. along with other materials relating to Dr. but it also details the paranoid mentality of the armed forces in the 1950's. The following is what the intelligence agents told him and is excerpted from the much longer letter that even Steinman did not publish in its entirety in UFO Crash At Aztec. You can see from this small selection of cases that I do not only rely on the work of other researchers and investigators but that I also have done a lot of field work my self over the years.

how these fields were produced and what was the source of the tremendous amount of electric energy released through these fields. 5. 2. All these six discs were small craft – 32. they can fly still faster than any of them and can even maneuver around them. The problem is not solved yet. There was no sign of this on the outer surface of the ships. six flying discs already crashed on this earth and were captured and taken apart by military forces and scientists of the countries involved under the most rigid and ruthless security restrictions to keep the matter absolutely secret. These visitors from outer space are dangerous when apprehended and definitely hostile when attacked. Our scientists could build a ship propelled by a similar rotating and oscillating electromagnetic field– if they knew some method to change the energy released into a nuclear-reactor directly into electric power. 4. Such a kind of field obviously produces some type of gravity effect yet not understood. as if they were toys. We have no defense against them till now. The examination of the bodies showed they were definitely “humanoid” but obviously not from this planet. The fifth crashed somewhere in the British Islands. Evidence shows it is a rotating and oscillating high voltage electro-magnetic field. on the other hand. If this is right. Unfortunately the more important problem was not solved. Some of the ships had portholes made of an unknown type of glass. One of those discs crashed in the Sahara Desert but was too much destroyed to be of some use. a nuclear power-plant operated on a ship or satellite of large dimensions.1. many kinds of unknown materials were found inside the ships. All ships had the general shape of a saucer with a cabin on the top. Examination of instruments and devices found aboard these discs showed that they were propelled by an extremely powerful electro-magnetic field. No clues were found in any of the discs examined. They were dead in all cases. Apparently they got their power from nowhere. They outperform easily any of our fighters. They have absolute proof of both things. and the last one came down at one of the Scandinavian countries. They told me that all governments and military authorities through the world know that flying saucers exist and that they are craft from another planet. All ships were carefully dismantled and studied. placed outside our atmosphere. None of these UFOs of greater size was captured till now. As a matter of fact. In some cases the cause of the crash was determined with accuracy. or they can interfere with their electric 10 . Guided missiles are also useless. which have no chance against them. Some of the devices found inside the small disks would well serve to receive and to concentrate the electric power coming this way. 72. 3. killed in the disasters. it wasn’t apparent in the others. two of them in very good condition. all of them were of a very light metal which was assembled in segments that fitted in deep grooves and were pinned together around the base. There is. these two were almost undamaged too. Three others crashed in the United States. In all of them were found bodies of members of their crews. We have already lost many planes attempting to shoot down one of them. or 99 feet in diameter. evidence that large UFOs use some type of atomic engines as power source suggests that they were able to transmit electric power through radio beams as we now send it through wires. They were “little men” and ranged in height from 32 to 46 inches. 6.

(We don’t know yet if this is a side effect or their powerful magnetic field. All information about the UFO-subject from military is not only classified or reserved for official uses. Here in Brazil only the persons who work in the problem know the real situation: intelligence officers in the Army. however. (b) police-action to stop our plans for the conquest of space. They used their guns. scrambled to go after an UFO. They have means to paralyze our radar systems too. for example. Navy and sends back to them any information available here. Their mission was. Navy and Air Force. In one case. disrupted into thousands of fragments. receives monthly classified reports from the U. or. and a few members of certain civilian organizations doing research for military projects. All military authorities and governments through the world are informed about the situation. and to avoid our dangerous progress in the field of atomic weapons.instruments and make the useless soon after launched. The Brazilian Navy. or the result of some kind of weapon–possibly a high frequency beam of some sort). Military authorities through the world agree that the people are not entitled to know anything about the problem. some high-rank officers in the High Command.S. slave the remnant of our people and colonize the planet. Some military groups believe that such knowledge would be a tremendous 11 . They have also a horribly destructive long range weapon which has been used mercilessly against our jet fighters. till now. Civilian authorities and military officers in general are not entitled to know. the National Security Council and a few scientists whose activities are connected with it. and they found themselves suddenly seated in the air (non metallic pieces or objects were not affected by the phenomenon). The have not showed. one of them was killed but the other lived to tell the story. 9. 7. 10. which disrupts the molecular cohesion of any metallic structure. (c) “friendly interference” (followed by military intimidation) to make us agree with their plans for us–whatever they may be– avoiding open war or any other kind of direct interference. to interfere with our radio and television apparatus. We have evidence that this tremendous weapon is an ultra-sonic beam of some sort. A similar contact exists among our Army and Air Force and several (similar) military organizations in other countries. The answer was immediate and terrifying: instantly all metallic parts of their plane were disintegrated. patrolling and eventual police-action only outside our atmosphere. and top-secret military conferences are held periodically to discuss new developments on the subject. three possibilities: (a) total war followed my masslandings. the can explode them before they reach their proximities. There are. any interest in contacting us. They are obviously preparing a planet-wide huge military operation to interfere against us. it is top-secret. 8. We don’t know what kind of operation will be this. to make it land or to shoot it down–if necessary. if they like. an U. this would involve mass landings at strategic points with occupation by forces of limited areas of vital interest for their purposes. They have produced the crash of military planes (propeller or jet type) and airliners by stalling their engines through interference with their electrical systems. as usual. Even our President is not informed of the whole truth. There is an exchange of information through intelligence services.S. and to short-circuit our electric power-plants. to destroy our power. Navy interceptor with a crew of two. for example.

We are going to keep this thing secret at any cost. if published. It is noted that this report was filed with fellow members of a Swedish UFO group translated into English called Free UFO Study. Humanoid Dies In Sweden While rummaging through my files checking on Operation Right To Know material I came across this article I have been trying to find for years. This Swedish case is one of those cases that involves an ethical extraterrestrial human that those who study less ethical ET's tend to ignore. Such reluctance to study all the evidence keeps folks conceptually trapped in their little clump of trees in the forest. we regret this but we have no choice. about 60 years old. I think it was published in UFO Universe Magazine as a reprint. because of this possibility. a carefully planned censorship is under operation for several years. all tricks had been used to make their evidence useless. as well as the three star general article that is available in another post. and was written by John Fontaine. I searched the net but all I found was a fragment of the article in a list of humanoid cases from 1955 so I typed in this article by hand. In a few cases. The policy to debunk the whole saucer-subject is the better weapon we are using for this purposed. a series of slides produced on the basis of a substantial number of interviews with witnesses. The article follows. Ridicule is an efficient tool against most people who attempt to inform the public but other measure are sometimes necessary. who listened to the lecture several times and became extremely interested each time the slide-show came to the section about humanoids. and the many questions indicated that interest in UFOs is steadily increasing. The title of the article is. Even though the lecture was 12 . This policy has been adopted generally. with the exception of some countries which still have fools in their Air Forces–who think otherwise. We are not interested in the so-called “inalienable rights” of the people. We don’t know if UFOs will react to these measures recently put under operation. Chiefly against persons who possess evidence that. unfortunately. I don't have a date on this article but it was published in the late 1980's or early 1990's. extraordinary and moving case much like the story Larry Requa told me of finding the mummified alien bodies in BC Canada. the orders now (now) are to avoid any further attack against their craft. we are attempting now to make them aware that we would like to make a peaceful contact–so. Humanoid Dies In Sweden. One morning when several schools were visiting the stand. the probability of UFO-hostile interference (described on item 7) is still estimated at 50%. I noticed a distinguished gentleman. In some countries force has been used to silence some of them. To conceal the truth from the public. We still hope the will. would open the eyes of the people. Besides. when this is not possible. This is a very detailed. At an exhibition called "Love or Chaos" in Charlottenborg. the believe that flying saucer reconnaissance (as it is now) might last other 10 years–the people couldn’t be controlled for so long a time and the danger of uncontrolled panic would be high. Copenhagen. Right or wrong we– the military– are going to do our job and no one is going to stop us. 11.shock–enough to paralyze the life in our countries for many years in the future. On the other side. there is yet a 10% probability that their hostility is only a consequence of our attacks against their ships. Sweden several hundred people each day visited the FUFOS (Free UFO Studies group) stand to listen to continuous lecture supported by slides. violence had to be used.

Even the normal sound of the forest had stopped. He was very well-built with broad shoulders and normal features.”Now you know who I am. The light was so intense that we in fact could see through the trees. the aircraft crashed in a clearing 30-40 meters from the river. I could not understand why an ordinary listener would attend it several times. and my whole life was reviewed in my mind in flash. we went out into the clearing to see what had happened. we were busy cutting trees. His skin was yellowish like that of an Asian. maybe a deafening crash. Suddenly I became quite calm and studied him closely. but I still remember how I crashed into a tree. without any white around. 15-20 meters before we came out of the forest. At the beginning he was very reserved. Around his body a white light vibrated like a halo. about six o'clock. ""I don't know what we had expected. It was obvious that the aircraft would hit the ground within a few seconds. ""For a while we stood paralyzed gazing at the lifeless body. He was small of build. and indeed. At the same time the stranger opened his eyes and said in perfect Swedish: "Do not touch me. Not a sound was heard. and I started to talk to the man. Seconds later came a vacuum wave sucking everything towards the center of the light. when we heard a sound like a big animal thrashing its way through the forest." he said. when the impact of the aircraft with the ground caused the petrol to explode. Nothing was to be seen at the point of impact. One early morning in July. which had lost its wings and was now preparing. When one of the brothers tried to touch the man to see whether he was still alive he retreated with a scream. At the entrance to the forest one of the brothers suddenly shouted: "Here's a dwarf dressed in uniform. In 1955 I was working as a lumberjack in the Gulf of Bothnia in Vestra Norrland in Sweden with two brothers who supplied timber to a sawmill in mid-Sweden. "His Swedish was so perfect that the brothers who spoke a Swedish dialect could not understand very much from what was later said. it will only bring you difficulties. The eyes were deep socketed and black. It all probably lasted only a fraction of a second. but when he saw that I took him seriously. For an hour he told about his experience while I took notes. so that the sunlight almost disappeared.interesting. without control. like an x-ray. but a gigantic flash of light engulfed the whole area like a vast flashbulb. which the aircraft evidently was heading for." "When we had recovered somewhat. branches and leaves flying past us. My immediate thought was that it was a small airplane." Obviously the plane has crashed in the river and he must have been hurled out. It did not bleed but the skin watered 13 . He was deadly pale and said he felt as if he had received an electrical shock. he eventually told his story. ""Approximately 300-400 meters away flowed a river. He knew it beforehand what we were going to answer and just demonstrated that his question was correctly grasped. time stopped. about 110-120 centimeters tall. only a few piles of timber were scattered around. it was a strange story: "I once saw and talked to a man like the one shown on the slides. But it did not happen. All three of us tumbled forwards. A moment later we saw a cigar-shaped object flying haphazardly in between the trees and branches as leaves were falling to the ground. His face was badly bruised with a couple of big wounds on the chin and on the forehead. He was no dwarf. or like branches breaking and rattling. For a second I could see the grains of the trees and these were more than one meter in diameter. and did not want to go into details. so we started to run in the direction where it had disappeared. for a crash landing. so my curiosity was aroused. We looked bewildered at each other and decided to return to work.

He brought out a rectangular object. he revealed a row of small teeth in the upper as well as the lower part of his mouth. The stranger looked at me and nodded slightly. "It will tell my fellow men what has happened. Around the waist he had a broad silvery metal belt with an unusually large buckle. but at the feet the clothing continued into a couple of closed shoes. It was of the size of a box of matches with 12 small indents. The stranger came from a place in the vicinity of the constellation we call -The Eagle-. Several races from space have visited us. Then you shall rinse yourself thoroughly in the water." His right hand disappeared into his clothing at the hip. His hands were small with five slender fingers without nails and when he moved his hand it looked as if the ring finger had grown together to the little finger. where no pocket could be seen. "The stranger lay for a while as if asleep. The halo around him became weaker and gradually disappeared. which later when he was dead. but there was nothing to do. turned dark blue. just a few fragments like these. so that they don't come looking for me. "Don't touch it. which shone slightly in a light-blue shade. In this context it is rather immaterial what was talked about even if it would have been interesting with further information about this conversation. I sat talking and listening to him for two hours before he died. and he said. if not they moved synchronized. His light blue buckle gradually got darker. and then went back to the forest without a word. Suddenly the brothers became somewhat confused. His hands were tightly clasped. Later. Still others have had contact with mankind for centuries. I especially noticed that his canine teeth were flat and as broad as two of our front teeth. In the middle of the buckle was a sign in yellow -. without saying a word. His uniform was of a reddish metal and appeared glued to his body closely.UV -. which he did a lot. The top of his head was slightly downy and the hair almost white. I begged and urged him.around the wounds. and I could see the end was near. He looked at me for a 14 . he gave me folded bag from the invisible pocket and said: "When I am dead. "He was now breathing heavily. "It is because of the clothing I can stay with you a while. and it was evident he went through great pains. He knew I was studying him. that we could only see them when they materialized or dematerialized to visit a parallel universe in the orbit of earth. years after when recalling the incident. The lips were wrinkled. The footsoles were ribbed and vibrated. With those shoes he could roll forwards and backwards without moving his feet. narrow and colorless. Head and hands were free. Where I come from somebody is waiting for me. size 35-37. the light will disappear from my body and with the help of the other two men you shall put me in this bag and carry me out into the river where I shall disappear." he said smilingly. Internally. I am destroyed. The earlobes were one with the neck and resembled a shark's fin.it looked like a V which was incorporated in a U. so that you don't get ill. with a view to later settlements. and for a moment I thought of caterpillars on a tank. What they talked abut for those two hours I could not get the witness to reveal. I am convinced that the stranger one way or the other asked the brothers to leave. he engaged the different indents several times. I could understand from the witness that it had not been what was normally being told in connection with other encounters of this kind. With a slate pencil attached to the object. The witness continued: "Just before the stranger died. looked at each other. When completed he tried to throw it a few yards away. There was no doubt that he knew what I was thinking. Others took samples of the earth. Some visitors kept people on earth under surveillance and had done so for thousands of years. When he smiled reassuringly. some so far advanced.

The interview is with a three star general and this general is presenting some very detailed documentation and pictures to the person doing the interview. it started bubbling around it and we realized that some chemical process had started. A Three Star General Speaks Out In my articles I have discussed ethically advanced extraterrestrial races and degenerate devolving races but have not paid much attention to races that are basically indifferent and who deal with us like we deal with animals. "A couple of days after the incident I wandered around where he had been lying. I have kept it as a proof that I was not dreaming. instead of lying for a couple of hours suffering. but we seldom talked about that special day. With the help of the brothers we got him into the bag and carried him out into the river. The brothers are dead now. it possible to carry it alone for so many years. "He left.moment and smiled. There are probably many stories like this which are unfortunately never known. He would probably have preferred to die alone. "What is it?" He laughed knowingly. who with his story and pencil slate could hit the front page on the world's newspapers. "I stayed for a couple of years with the brothers. I thought I was the only one who knew this type." said the witness and prepared to take leave. whilst a minor in the mind asked some silly questions. thinking of his home light years away. I was very moved. each of us went through it every day. An anonymous. "Look" he said. but I've seen nobody like him until today. I am convinced he prayed to some deity before dying. and I got the last couple of sentences. Suddenly he switched into Swedish. suppressed of fear for ridicule. and I thought that maybe the stranger had hoped to crash in the river to a quick death. The bag smelled of sulphur and burned our hands as if they were raw flesh. And while I gazed astonished after him.. but his voice was so weak that I did not catch them. When the bag came into the water. Even years later I knew him immediately from your slide. I think. "You have come with out any wish to and depart against you own wish. The general is only allowing the 15 . After 5 minutes nothing remained.. "I think that was all. I have not been able to find this article on the Internet. "He said a few more worlds. "The witness produced a piece of metal and held it to my nose. It was an interview that was published July 9. It resembled a bit crochet hook. It is strange. I looked bewildered. however. Blowing The Whistle On The Government's UFO Cover-up. he disappeared in the crowd. but I remember it like it had happened just yesterday. Then he said something in a language I have never heard before or since. Our life is like vapor. A psychiatrist could possible determine that a slide picture opened up for a long subdued incident. He was quite heavy between 90 to 100 kilos. The rectangular object was gone. I believe that only because the story is true. Over the years I have see many pictures and drawings of visitors from space. I was rummaging through some files from years ago in my barn to see what the rats had not eaten in regards to Operation Right To Know history. but the pencil slate was lying in the grass shining. I just happened on an article that I had been wanting to locate for years. All I have is a photocopy of the article called. 1989 in what I think was Tim Beckley's UFO Universe Magazine.

Some however have died due to complications and down-right carelessness. The general had not been interested in the subject but the interviewer had got him interested and he made inquiries and pulled in some favors which blew his mind. discredit. Many of the "strange" happenings which people experience with UFO sightings can be one of two things. The aliens utilize around 55% of their brain capacity or ability. They are not all that different from us. "There have been several crashes of UFO's over the years. Most humans are not hurt in this research and experimentation. The aliens have basically agreed to not concern themselves with the wars or conflicts of humans. Large head (no hair) large slanted eyes. Second and foremost is the influence of the vast mental power of the alien visitors. This is just one of those cases that falls through the cracks and is forgotten. Several cross-breed "young" have been born to both human females and alien females. There is some very specific information presented and I wonder how it compares to Bob's stories?)The general says. there are special "teams" which eradicate. From all documentation and information available that I have seen with my own eyes as well as the physical evidence.. First. 3 inches tall and weighs 96 pounds. We as humans are fully biological compatible with most visiting aliens. Also." Combine this with 16 .this information I could not retrieve.. just as we do.S. 1..S. Then his superiors wanted him to be part of the awareness program and he refused.S. Here is a little of the specific information in the article. this is in answer to your questions. They are listed by category . not world domination as some would have you believe. In the reports and experiments conducted with live aliens. The aliens really do not have any sort of "invasion" planned for this planet. The general says. simply an overactive and wishful imagination. they have an incredible power of "telepathic suggestion. He got into a lot of trouble and decided to retire. Let the governments rule and decide. Aliens have visited this planet off and on for thousands of years. (The following comments should be of interest to Robert Collins if he is unaware of this article. Some of the alien’s abilities include moderate telepathy and telekinesis. "Not to interfere" in society. harass and "trump-up charges" to control humans which experience any visitations from aliens.interviewer to see the pictures and secret reports. The U. Almost thirty years have passed since the Fontes Briefing and it is obvious from this briefing by the general that the military knows a lot more about what is going on and are not near as paranoid as they were in the 50s. guest is over 300 years old. " Our U. 3. Government and the British have made secret treaty agreements with the aliens in exchange for technology and so-called "recon" missions during times of human conflict. The alien which is the guest of the U. then he plans to put the documentation back in a file before it is discovered. The aliens do have DNA. It's too much for any government to impose upon the civilian population like this. More than one type or "specie" of alien has visited this planet. Cattle and humans have been used in alien and U. research for various biological applications. This is one of the reasons I retired. Some are not.S. or make verifiable UFO sightings. There are both "good and bad" aliens just as there are good and bad humans. Government is 5 feet. I think this article follows up well the Fontes Briefing. Exactly what the aliens get in return was not exactly made clear or available. The purpose of alien visitation to this planet is one of curiosity and scientific research. 2.

As well as the other matters we discussed. "No. President Truman and later President Eisenhower gave specific direct orders to keep everything and I mean everything top secret.” The questioner is looking at the report. I warned you that this material is very serious and real. There seem to be some. implants are being used on the people that are taken aboard UFOs and returned. "Why are children aboard these crafts? My God! You don't mean the aliens are snatching our kids? What for?" The general says.” It sounds like from this material that the aliens that the general is talking about are not that ethically different from us just a little more advanced technologically. "The "special group" assigned to oversee the alien situation and other government VIPs agree to gather all of the technology possible and put it to use for the benefit of the USA. This article just has the ring of truth about it and it has just disappeared in the vast amount of information and disinformation that has become available to the public over the years. One of the benefits of being in his field for so long is the large amount of information that gets stored in the brain and that pops out from time to time when needed. We must not accept anything less. "Make no mistake.their telekinetic abilities and just about anyone can be some-what directed to do or think just about anything. The general has this further to say. The rest of the missing children are the result of Mankind's Dark Side. We must not let this happen to us. the conceptual framework so as guide our decision making processes in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions. Its all right there in the report attached to the three photographs. Sorry but you know our agreement was that you did not get to keep or copy any paperwork. I really wonder what other motives are there. "According to the report. The aliens take about 2. This is a very detailed report. disease study. The questioner asks when seeing the documentation. experimentation. Some of this material is disturbing and should be looked at in context. At the risk of repeating myself too often we need the overall context. 17 . The same as adults. "There are over a million missing children every year in the United States alone. Lets keep our eyes on the prize and the prize is the overall context of our lives. This is why I try to describe a wide spectrum of extraterrestrial life and point out the overall context that the universe is a very big place and the evidence suggests that it is full of intelligent species as well as less intelligent ones. I believe it is very important to keep the overall context of great evolutionary diversity even as one investigates specific species.200 children a year from the United States and other countries. Could I have a copy?" The general says. Some of these implants are microscopic in size (and smaller) and influence the growth. Now not all of them have been taken by aliens. function and learning capabilities of the individual. Other wise we will become conceptually trapped as so many already are in their own little clump of trees and so get side tracked and are blinded to the overall context. to educate and return. "Further on he makes these very disturbing comments. on and off earth that want to attack the public's decision making process so as to subvert it for their own special interest ends." "The children are used in several ways: Biological.

This was around the 1980's give or take a few years. I had this experience years ago and I have told nobody about it. One of our people with ORTK drove these executives around as part of her job in California and told them about this case hoping to get some funding for me. not even my wife at the time. I could tell that Larry was very emotional and shaky just talking about this experience for the first time. He told his story to my mother and said he had transcribed his notes from the period onto a tape along with other stories and adventures he had in the far north.Aliens on Ice In a another paper I made reference to the fact that Fox executives had got wind of this story and used the story as the basis for an X-files program titled Alien On Ice. I did this to find the five mummified bodies dressed in metallic suits found by Larry Requa around 1938 when he was a constable operating out of Stewart BC. Sonny Stoddard and my mother and father were also there. Around 1962 our family in one of our annual trips about the United States and Canada ended up at Whitehorse Canada where Dad could meet up with Larry Requa. Also there were my very skeptical uncle Roy who was fit to be tied because he really liked Larry and just did not know what to make of Larry's story. At this time I was well into UFO's and my mother had a habit of telling others about her son's strange interests. is in the proceedings of the Third Annual Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference and is available from Tall Timbers Research Inc. In a prior paper I described how my father Ed Komarek Sr. The next evening I got Jeff Anderson a good friend of mine to come over to hear what Larry had to say. I would like to fill the reader in on this case in detail in which I have invested several thousands of dollars over the years and two trips to British Columbia. he 18 . At the time in the 1960's I believe Larry was the head of forest service in the Yukon Territories of Canada. Before describing what was found by Larry let me give the reader some background on this case. She was very surprised when Larry said. Larry said that when he was a young man and a constable for the RCMP. Well. Dad brought Larry down to Tallahassee to lecture at a fire conference and Larry became a friend of the family. Later when Larry retired and was in his seventies he came back to visit with old friends like my mother and father. organized a group of scientists and plantation owners to create the first fire conferences and later Tall Timbers Research Station. Later he told me he could have gotten in trouble for that but this shows what a kind and considerate person Larry was. Larry's paper. one who was Larry Requa. When my father was early in this process of organization he searched out others from around the world those who were doing fire research. I remember the first time I met Larry was when we had broken down and it took a couple of days to repair the camper. Lightning Behavior in the Yukon. my mother and Larry were setting on the back steps of the house one evening looking up at the stars when she mentioned my interest in UFO's. Larry took pity on my sister and I who were sitting around bored to death and had his helicopter pilot take us both up around the forest service base for a short helicopter ride. I could see that this experience had made a powerful impression and had helped shape the rest of his life.

Rob went to work and after many phone calls found that Larry's wife was still alive who was in her nineties as well as were his two sons. The final image was of him sealing up the cave and leaving everything as he found it. In front of the five mummified bodies was a emblem and what appeared to be a flexible metal equivalent of a chain but was like a flexible round length of metal but without any visible links. She and Larry had long gone their separate ways but had remained married. In the 1990's this story was still on my mind and I figured that Larry had now died and that I would see what I could do about finding where this story happened and when. 19 . Overhead was a shaft in which he shined his flashlight but could see no end. The first scene was a craft coming down with the occupants being knocked around. Larry would not say. where. He made the opening larger and went inside and felt the wall which had a smooth glassy surface like the rock had been melted away. He looked across the stream to see a small cave that had been mortared up with stones and mud from the river. he went looking for a prospector who went missing. Then he got the microfilm from the local newspaper and sent it to me and I found references to Larry in the paper. It was light as a feather and when he was holding it he suddenly saw what he described as images forming on the wall. On the bench in the back were five mummified bodies dressed in metallic cloth about three and a half feet long. He was very surprised to see that the inside of the cave had been cut away to create a rectangular chamber about 12 by 12 feet with a stone bench cut into the back wall. got out and followed the prospector's trail around the lake. The second images was the five beings next to a hole melted down into the glacier. The next image was of the beings dying in the cave. He placed the emblem back on the small pile of rocks and when outside and sealed the cave back up feeling that the place was sacred and should not ever be disturbed. He was taking notes through the whole experience as was his duty and training. He had noticed the broken leg and arm on the bodies before picking up the emblem. After he had investigated the bodies he went back and picked up the emblem which was square with the four primary colors evenly divided into smaller squares on it. He walked up the stream to a small mound and sat down to warm up. He was flown to a glacial lake. He said he made up two reports one without the event which he filed and one with the event which he kept only for himself. It seemed the beings had died looking at the emblem on the small pile of rocks a kind of makeshift altar. One of the beings had a broken leg and was lying down and the other four were standing up with one holding a broken arm. He went back across the stream and knocked a small hole through the mortared stones and shined in the darkness with a flashlight. One of the bodies had a red suit coverall and the others had blue suit coveralls. let alone tell where the location was. Rob tracked Larry's movements all over the north and back to Stewart BC. He lit a match to see if there was a draft and there was not a draft. when. Larry went over and touched the metal fabric with his pencil on one of the bodies and found it to be very flexible.would not say when and where. They all figured Larry had died as he had broken off contact will them all years before. The bodies were short and humanoid with long slender finger bones and large extended craniums. He crossed the stream that fed into the lake which was very cold and could find no sign of the prospector on the other side. I told the story to Rob one of our ORTK people and we drew up a agreement to share whatever we found. Larry was part Indian.

We went home and Larry died a couple of years later from stomach cancer and he was found with the emblem in his pocket. Rob and I tracked Larry down and he was ninety two. I believe that Larry did not find the bodies himself. Looking for the site is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. We were not able to find a missing prospector in the paper around the time of this explosion. I think he made the part about the prospector up. I think a prospector or trapper found the site and because Larry was constable. It was the same copy that he had shown my family perhaps twenty years before. as this was the most rugged terrain in North America. We went all over the eastern side of the mountain range that separates BC from Alaska. There was a ice field forty miles long with glaciers coming down on all sides. From everything I have found out. At the newspaper archives and little mining museum.He had a pet fox at one time and another time he put some tramps to work clearing a lot while he was constable. I had a falling out with Rob when Rob broke our agreement and talked with some friends of his to go back looking for the bodies themselves. In the paper their was also a description of the explosion which he said told us had happened about the time of his discovery. It's a huge rugged area. Rob talked to a lady there. He told the same story to Rob as I had heard years ago and showed Rob a copy of the medallion he had made in the States out of sliver by Indians. straight up and down. only to have the evidence spirited away like in so many other cases. There was a trapper that he knew well who was all over that country and even has a lake named after him. The pilot was very kind and gave me about five thousand dollars of helicopter time for only a couple of thousand dollars. 20 . On the back of the copy of the emblem was etched a arc with a line across through the arc and several cross hatches on the line. Needless to say Larry was very surprised that I had tracked him down after all these years but he still would not give us the location. I have the area narrowed down to where I will have to prospect on foot. Boy were we surprised. I think. Rob and I drove up to Stewart thinking that we could hike in to find the site. Later I decided to go back alone. fly down and see a crumpled spaceship and tell the authorities. came to him and then both went back to check it out and decided never to divulge the location. and still in good health. It so happened that a helicopter pilot operating out of Stewart heard this story from CSETI and CSETI got me in contact with him. Larry said he felt that this had something to do with the ET's physics and travel. and the lady said that a friend of Larry's had recently come by and to our surprise Larry was still alive and living about a thousand miles away. All that will be left will be a story told by a pilot and no evidence of a spaceship ever crashing in this remote part of North America. Lucky for me I have information that I have never given to anybody else that still gives me a shot at finding this site if I don't get to old before going back. It was Larry's job to go out into this very rugged terrain to find missing prospectors and trappers when they failed to show up for provisions in the spring. to cover for somebody else. Today the glaciers are receding in a big way and perhaps some pilot will notice something shiny at the base of a glacier. I just found out that the trapper never married or had children who might have passed on a story. I had been in contact with Steven Greer's CSETI and had done a small story on this case. I think both took the location to their graves.

he was never likely to share. For over two years Ruegg had listened in on routine transmissions between pilots and ground control. But much of the time Gene Ruegg did something that he knew was technically against the law. fascinated by a world which. Her husband's consuming interest in radio-telegraphy had long been a matter of indifference to Nancy Ruegg.I have no doubt this story is true. For the sake of balance and fairness I typed into the Internet one of these disappearance cases from my files that happened on July 9. 1968.htm My article appears to have come from The Mercury Newspaper in Leicester. Good. Occasionally there were requests that "Gene should turn down that awful noise" but usually he would pursue his hobby . Saucer Captures Jet Timothy Good's new book is out called. as it was to most people in the small apartment block. 1968 when Gene Ruegg became central to a mystery which still baffles both scientists and psychic investigators. His wife shrugged at the sound of the closing door and busied herself with washing up. I could not find the case with an Internet search. Exempt From Disclosure. 21 . He spoke to other radio hams as far away as Chicago and Florida on the sophisticated equipment that had cost him over 5. The article follows: After supper on a warm Thursday in July. In another article I copied on to the Internet a report of what appears to be the shoot-down of an alien craft by the U. Tim Good in his new book describes some of the hundreds of disappearances of both military and civilian aircraft. Larry was a honest man of high integrity who knew little about UFO's until I gave him some of my books to read after he told us his story. Tennessee. Tennessee. 1992 on it. http://www. He eavesdropped on radio transmissions from the nearby top-secret air force base at Southlands.ufoevidence.org/cases/case610. Need To Know. as a maintenance manager of a haulage firm.000 dollars to buy and assemble. I am unsure if that is the date the article came out or from whoever make the copy. England and the copy I have is credited to T. and firmly shut the door behind him. For those interested here is another case from the 1950's on the Internet. Gene Ruegg finally did what he had wanted to do all day. and the squadrons of Phantom jet fighters which operated from the airfield.which he did most evenings and weekends. military. The disappearance takes place in Tennessee. My copy has the date March 5. UFOs The Military and Intelligence. But all that changed on the evening of July 9. I have not read the book yet but have it on my to do list along with Bob Collins book.S. He went into the back bedroom of his apartment in a suburb of Memphis.

At first it was just routine transmissions between the tower and aircraft on training flights and I was just about to switch over and call up Montgomery when I realized something pretty dramatic was happening." 22 . Seconds later. "They're closing in on me. I require assistance. "I had a call to make to an operator in Montgomery. and made a tape-recording to prove it! Today.. "Someone else came on the radio then and told the pilot that other Phantoms in the area had been alerted and would stand by. I think I . Feverishly. Seconds after he had finished. he said that they had got him on the radar scanner and that they could see objects clustered about the plane.. He doubts if he will ever see it again. And after continual pressure from researchers. Something is happening to the plane. an Air Force spokesman admitted that a Phantom jet did go missing from the Southlands base in July 1968 in circumstances which remain a mystery. Ohio. I am unable to steer a course. he connected a tape recorder to his receiver.... He told me: "It was the voice of the pilot. but they couldn't. so I tuned into the Southlands base. When I interviewed Gene Ruegg in Cleveland. Gene Ruegg's repeated requests for its return are courteously refused. the tape is in the possession of the US Air Defense Command. Ruegg realized he was listening into something highly significant.. through the crackling static came a voice. Gene Ruegg has only a copy of the tape and a typed transcript as proof of the 15 minutes when he listened incredulously to what seemed to be a real-life drama more incredible than anything in space fiction. This time he was near-hysterical and shouting. An aircraft coded Delta four-zero had disappeared." The transmission went dead.For that was the evening when he heard the capture of a jet plane by a flying saucer.. I am being taken along by this thing. Then. but I was a bit early. he gave a vivid account of the events of that July evening. "Then I heard a strange. searing noise like scraping metal and the pilot shouted something I couldn't make out. we he had been addressing an extraterrestrial study conference.. the set once again crackled into life. Flying saucer research groups who have studied the incident are convinced that Ruegg's story is true." For five minutes Ruegg listened fascinated as the operator called vainly to the aircraft with reply.. Today. Control tried repeatedly to re-establish contact." "Then the voice of the controller came in and told him to pull himself together. I require assistance. "I am being attacked by unidentified objects. Alabama.

" he told me.The tape on which Ruegg had recorded the drama was scrutinized by experts of the American Society for Unidentified Object Research. The report follows: It was the night of May 23/24. The men of the 4th Platoon. The Society contacted the Air Force authorities on Ruegg's behalf and asked for details of the incident. I am feeling a bit guilty that I apparently blew this very detailed case off at the time. The men were also very close to a multi-storied German Government Brothel. They were only a few kilometers from Landstuhl . see if somebody involved will confirm the report. First Lieutenant Robert Cardeni of Long Beach. Landstuhl was still in use in 1974 connected by an underground trolley to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at Ramstein Air Force Base. CA was the 4th Platoon Leader and Captain Michael J. it is obvious that if this very detailed story is true. This along with other alien abuse cases prompted me to write my Crimes Against Aliens article that can be found further on in this book. Over the years Ruegg has had visits from security men. This is the kind of case that disturbs me greatly. I had to type this whole story in by hand so I hope folks find value in this story. and if so. I just found it recently when going through old files. Shestak was commanding Bravo Company. who claimed that it had not been tampered with and appeared to be 100 percent genuine. Bravo Company. Apparently I did not give it much attention at the time because it came to me anonymously through the mail about the time Operation Right To Know was getting a lot of national media attention in the early 1990s. 2nd Regiment of the 32nd Air Defense Command of the United States Army were deployed in a mountain pass northeast of Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany." ET Shoot-down Over Germany? Here is a case that fell though the cracks that I had forgotten about for years. Maybe it is the best that the story only comes out now because back in the early 1990's whoever wrote this would be in much greater trouble than today. but he has refused. "I believe the plane was destroyed or captured by some alien spaceship. Its cases such as these that appear to me to be flat out unadulterated. Reading it now. involving a great many people in the US government. But for the next six years the authorities denied there had been any mishap that day. 23 . B Battalion. I guess it is better late than never. He has been told to say nothing further about the incident and to hand over the copy-tape and transcript. Finally it was admitted: An aircraft had gone missing. 1974 at the height of the "Cold War". premeditated murder. Hopefully some serious researcher will take a little trouble to see if the names in the article are real.a man-made mountain Adolph Hitler had created to protect his underground bunker/headquarters. "I am convinced that what I heard was a genuine encounter with a flying saucer. somebody took a very great risk in sending it to me.

The Private said his piece and climbed into one of the auxiliary vehicles and went to sleep while Sgt. and on what frequencies they were operating and how quickly the other side's fighter aircraft would intercept them. Yonts shook himself awake and climbed into the Vulcan Cannon and began adjusting his 24 . Lieutenant Cardeni gave orders to the crews of the Vulcan 20 Millimeter Cannons to load canisters of live high explosive phosphorus rounds into their cannons and to maintain a steady alert. On the north side of the pass at about the 1050 foot level the Vulcan Cannon emplacement was manned by Specialist Houston "Tex" Thomas from Indio. the top gunner in the 4th Squad. They alternated this pattern every 4 hours during their 72 hours of on-duty regimen. "Tex" was a big. He stated that no "friendlies" would be flying below 2700 feet and anything else was to be shot down. Up until that point in the "Cold War". At that point. left his cannon and went back to awaken his squad leader. These soldiers had been told the special duty was because the Russians and/or Warsaw Pact forces had been messing around trying out the Western Air defenses. Usually the American forces would achieve missile and gun lockons on the hostile aircraft to scare them and armed American fighters would intercept the "hostiles" and give them the alternative of being escorted home or being shot down. NY. Lieutenant Cardeni gave orders that something hostile was incoming and that the gunners were to shoot down anything coming through the pass. the Vulcan Cannons across the pass at about the 850 foot level were manned by Private William Langdon from West Seneca. jovial black man. the Western response had always been to scare and turn around.The men were all weary because they had been on this special duty for 10 days alternating every 72 hours with other units. where they were located. Aaron Yonts. About 12:45 AM. Bill was of Quaker ancestry and was an enigma for not claiming "Conscientious Objector" status. from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. In this eventful night. "Bill" Langdon suddenly came in touch with his Quaker upbringing. These orders were given about midnight local time. About 4000 meters south. This was a common tactic of both the NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances. Each would send aircraft into each others airspace to see how quickly the radar sites would come on. Half of the men would be on duty while the other half slept. CA. two Chaparral Missile emplacements were deployed in the valley not far from the whorehouse. The Vulcan Cannons had the capability of firing 2000 rounds a minute through their six rotating barrels at a kill and accuracy range of up to 6000 meters. The missile sites were linked by field telephones to observers on the mountainside. Langdon refused to shoot down anything with someone in it. But now there seemed to be a big difference as the urgency of the mission was impressed upon the men and the fact that they brought live ammunition for the cannons and live Chaparral Antiaircraft Missiles.

It took a few seconds for Sgt. this was quite a remarkable containment of shells having a 35 meter kill radius. turned close in front of it. (The Chaparral. After tuning adjustments. He described it as a flattened ellipsoid with rounded edges. about 30 feet long. He was expecting to see the "blooming flower" effect of the phosphorus rounds exploding but he did not. moved along side of it. range. Up until that point. Yonts then got on his radio and confirmed that Lt. Sgt. At the same time as the shooting was going on. Sergeant William McCracken from Pittsburgh.. found the flying object. McCracken saw a green light flashing on his console and heard a warbling tone indicating an infra-red signature lockon. always moved to the front of a target before detonating so as to potentially kill the pilots and disable a plane's engines by shutting off their air. designed to bring down conventional aircraft with cockpits near the front. KS was inside the launch control console of a Chaparral Missile Battery in the valley was rotating his console according to directions supplied by his uphill observer (the operator in the launch console could not see out at night because of the reflections on the Plexiglas's bubble from the instruments on his control panel). saw the target start wobbling and then stop forward motion and 25 .eyesight to the bright moonlight. and detonated its 75 pounds of high explosives warhead. Sergeant Yonts could observe "Tex" Thomas shooting down on the object from the higher elevation across the pass and he noted that Tex's rounds were trailing the object missing it. on the mountainside. About 1:00 AM local German Time. He said it was moving at a rapid speed that was impossible to judge accurately as it was apparently trying to be evasive by zigzagging side to side. Yonts's Cannon's computer and Doppler radar to calculate a precise speed. McCracken had not painted anything on his radar screen. First a few rounds for effect and then three four second bursts of 110 rounds each into the side of the object which was at about eye level. Sgt. and glowing with a silvery iridescence. Yonts' perception was that the rounds were going into invisible tubes that contained the detonations. The missile climbed to about 900 feet (near the minimum operating altitude of the missile). the sergeant pushed the "launch" button and a bright fire ignited on one of the launch rails as a Chaparral Antiaircraft Missile streaked skyward. so that he saw only pie-tin sized explosions but not phosphorus "blooming" that he expected. and anyone else not currently known about. When he had rotated to the 10 o'clock position (a heading of about 300 degrees). although he could clearly follow the trail of his shots pouring into the side of the object. Yonts said. Sgt. "It was as if the shells were being absorbed or being vaporized at the explosion by some sort of "force field". Yonts was almost eye level with the object as he watched his rounds pouring into its sides. When the cannon was locked onto the object and he was visually sighting the object through the reticule gun-sights he began firing. Yonts had his chance as something came down the valley headed for the pass.) The gunners and observers on the two mountain sides. missile crews in the valley. Cardeni had indeed issued orders to shoot down anything flying under 2700 feet of altitude. and direction of travel and to achieve a lockon.

other events were set in motion in the United States. As the crews were packing. carrying 6 officers who were going along. from Silver Spring. Specialist Thomas swore he was shooting at a MIG-25 and Sergeant Yonts held fast that it was not an airplane at all and neither could the other. Maryland. Sergeant McCracken from the Chaparral mount said that for all the saw he could have shot down the Oscar Meyer "Wiener Wagon". At the same time as the American Soldiers were shooting at something in Germany. About a half hour later a jet arrived from Nellis Air Force Base. Major Mike Andrews. Major Andrews' waiting was over as he was handed typed orders. they noticed Air Force Personnel moving into the valley to secure the crash (or landing?) site. Maryland that was bringing the last 3 passengers. 26 airmen from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The crews were told to quickly get the cannons and missile launchers to the motor pool and go right to bed and not to talk to each other about the incident and they would have the next day off. checking the weather. Quickly gathering together his crew. and filing a flight plan. Now this was unusual because a transport like the C141 was not exactly a B52 bomber. They were waiting only for a helicopter from Aberdeen Army Proving Facility. As is expected when someone is ordered not to talk about something. Ohio arrived carrying large cases of equipment. not with traditional . The crews were also told not to take time to pick up their expended brass . The cannon and missile crews were ordered to immediately drive their artillery back to the Ramstein Air Force Base Motor Pool which was highly unusual because the artillery was normally stored in its own area for rapid reuse if needed. they landed at Andrews Air Force Base. 26 . Major Andrews was told that the officers had flown on direct to Germany in a faster jet. Major Andrews and his crew were airborne at 2100 and flying South Southwest. Major Andrews noted that the airmen were all sergeants of one grade or another and that they all wore blue berets and white ascots and were armed. They were met by an Air Force Brigadier general and a 50ish civilian bearing CIA identification. The major was awaiting orders that would send him and his crew winging off to they knew not where. while his C141 Starlifter sat nearby. had spent a week on ready alert duty at McGuire Air Force Base. serviced and preflighted daily. MD. About 2025 hours (8:25 PM EDT). but with ivory handled revolvers. Major Andrews was given sparse details of what was about to be his mission and was told he would be taking aboard air force personnel who would be arriving soon from Wright Patterson and Nellis Air Force Bases and that neither he nor any of his crew were to talk to any of the airmen they would be flying to Germany. New Jersey. Shortly afterward.finally wobble downward to the valley floor in what the observers believe was a controlled descent. the men couldn't wait to talk about what they had seen once they got back to the barracks. As they boarded the C141. Nevada. 1:45 in Germany.45 caliber automatic service side arms.also highly unusual. About 2200.

About 2300 (11 PM EDT) three army officers from the Army Vulnerability Assessment Laboratory in Alamogordo. The soldiers noted that they did not recognize any of the Air Force officers who debriefed them and they felt that although the officers were all in uniform they did not act like military. Major Andrews was airborne and soon was winging over the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean carrying a strange group of passengers to Germany for he knew not what. Maryland. The men of Bravo Company had been told they would have Friday. The disembarking passengers were met by a delegation of ranking air force officers including a few generals. nothing happened. They were told that in following years people would question them about the night and these people would be testing them to see if they would divulge any details and if they did. NM. they wanted minute specific details about every phase of the operation from what kind of shells were being used to opinions on what type of damage was being done to the target. and don't ever talk about this to anyone. Why had the men been on alert in Germany for a week and a half at the same time as a C141 crew was kept on alert in New Jersey for over a week? Why was the object not picked up on the control tower radar at Ramstein Air force nor by the Chaparral Missile launcher? Was it because both used radio frequency radar whereas the Vulcan Cannons used Doppler radar? Why would the Army and air force risk showing secret wartime defense emplacements to an incoming MIG? 27 . One central theme was repeated over and over to the debriefees: "You weren't up there. The debriefees felt that they were being questioned by civilians in air force uniforms. Major Andrews landed his C141 Starlifter at Ramstein Air Force Base in Southwestern Germany only about an hour's drive from Belgium. At 1030 German time. they were a little edgy when they were awakened before noon for a "debriefing". The soldiers who had a direct active part in the mission less than 12 hours earlier met individually with the debriefers. The men of Bravo Company felt confused and very irritable for about a week after the incident. At 23:30." The men were warned that if they ever told anyone about what they imagined had happened that they would never work for the government or any government contractors and warned of unspecified dire things that would happen to them should they ever talk. New Mexico arrived by helicopter from Aberdeen. Then the men were required to sigh a security oath to never divulge the details of the night and if questioned in the future to deny it ever happened. "Too Bad". The first debriefing was handled by the three officers from the Vulnerability Assessment laboratory in Alamogordo. The debriefings continued the rest of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning by groups of Air Force Officers. May 24. More questions are raised about the incident than can be currently answered. 1974 off to catch up on their sleep.

Major Andrews was shocked to see that a set of metal supports had been constructed on the wings and fuselage of his Starlifter and that something large and ellipsoid had been attached to the supports. Whatever it was was. Major Andrews and his crew were told to report to their aircraft which was then at a remote spot on the air base. and who gave Lieutenant Cardeni the orders to fire? Perhaps the answers can be partially found on the afternoon of Saturday. Other friendly aircraft and defense emplacements are fitted with IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) receivers that interrupt firing mechanisms on the guns or missiles from firing at each other. it was covered with olive drab green canvas tarpaulins with dangling ropes. The official explanation for the incident was that a firepower demonstration was being conducted.) Why was it that when the soldiers of Bravo Company first saw their weapons systems at the tactical site a few days later. Sgt McCracken's Chaparral system was cleaned up and the burned up IFF unit replaced. the tarpaulins were pulled away and Major Andrews began his takeoff roll. 28 . It was dark in Ohio when Major Andrews landed to disembark the airmen . But why would live ammunition be used in just a demonstration? Why would live ammunition and missiles be used near a civilian populated area? Why was a first lieutenant the only officer at the scene? It is obvious that a first lieutenant did not have the authority to order firing live ordinance in peacetime. The pilots and crew of the C141 were not allowed out of the plane while on the ground and they did not refuel. His fuel supply dwindled rapidly as they took off with the heavy load. A motorized tractor called a "mule" towed the aircraft to a runway turn on position accompanied by armored security police vehicles with flashing red lights.all but 4 who were to remain aboard and who then were carrying M16 rifles in addition to their side arms. May 25. When they had achieved cruising altitude.What could have totally fried the IFF receiver on the Chaparral Missile? (All NATO aircraft then and today carry radio transmitters that emit a specific signal on a specific frequency. Mike Andrews noted. when he prepared for takeoff that he had only a minimal fuel load aboard because of the weight on top of his bird. 1974. a KC-135 was waiting to refuel the C141 with a much larger fuel load. Why had the army's chain of command been short circuited. Major Andrews' orders were that he was not to land until he reached Wright Patterson Air force Base in Ohio and that he would be met by refueling tankers at strategic points across the Atlantic. The airmen returning to the US were already on board the plane. everything had been overhauled and cleaned? Sergeant Yonts' and Tex Thomas' Vulcan Cannons had been totally cleaned and the multiple barrels had been replaced so as no one could tell they had been fired. Once clearance for takeoff was obtained.

it somehow interfered with their navigational ability and the vehicle's flight became erratic. I recieved this material in the early 1990s years before Corso came out with his book. Nevada where the crew was once again not allowed outside the aircraft as their wing-top cargo was offloaded and taken away again covered completely.“Nor could I forget about the radar anomalies at the Red Canyon missile range or the strange alerts over Ramstein air base in West Germany. He says the event did happen but because the case is highly classified and he was sworn to secrecy he is reluctant explain the errors.Taking off again with a minimal fuel load. Major Andrews and his crew were debriefed by an Air force Colonel who told them they had just participated in a highly classified mission and they were never to talk about it to anyone. Philip Corso whose book was published in 1997 also confirms this story. He says the story has been fictionalized and contains errors. the were once again met at altitude by another KC135 tanker and flew on direct to Nellis Air Force Base. which an army air defense battalion did with an antiaircraft missile near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany in May 1974. ( Note: I received a email from (name witheld) a squad leader of an XM163 Towed Vulcan. If we were especially fortunate and able to boost the signal before they broke away. He served from February 1973 to Nov 1974 at Ramstien AFB Germany. occurred when we were able to get a firm tracking radar lock. The following is copied and pasted from OM. Upon returning to McGuire air Force Base. back in the late1950s and early 1960s.”“We hid the truth and the EBEs used it against us until 1974 when we had our first real shootdown of an alien craft over Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. the signals that missiles were supposed to follow to the target. The craft was retrieved and flown back to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.”) Three Early Crashed Saucer Cases Three Different Races of ET Humans? UFO Crash At Aztec by William Steinman is not a book that is well known unless one has been in the UFO/ET field for awhile. For eighteen years they did not nor did the soldiers of Bravo Company. The spacecraft managed to crash land in a valley. 4th Squad 4th Platoon in B Battery 2/60 ADA 32nd AADCOM. Corso referred to Ramstein in three different places in “The Day After Roswell”. we could actually bring them down.”“Our only successes in defending against them. After blowing a little smoke to try to get me off track this xxxx person now confirms this story and tells me that the people in this article are real people like himself. If I remember correctly. It’s a gold mine of information from the early years. Col. Then when we locked our targeting radars on. I picked it 29 . that was the only other specific downing of a UFO that he mentioned. Sometimes we actually got lucky enough to score a hit with a missile before the UFO could take any evasive action.

at the time. Secretly the objects had been identified as extraterrestrial spaceships in the 1940's perhaps even earlier. because of what he suffered) is a noted scientist by the name of Nicholas E. Even today reputable scientists have their credentials ignored and are denigrated as UFO buffs and believers by propagandists in the mass media. It worked successfully. The reason these early stories are so important is that there was a lot of early leakage out of secret classified programs by scientists that had been involved in these programs and thought the public had a right to know. they always list the debunkers scientific credentials so as make their lies more acceptable to the public. The Los Alamos Saucer And The U.) While the propagandists ignore the credentials of scientists in the UFO/ET field. even at this early date. I am drawing from a huge body of evidence that is available to anyone who wants to take the time to research it. that when I write about the evolution and diversity of life across the universe. is attacked and degraded in Orwellian fashion. This is George C. Von Poppen. The story is as follows: The hero of this story (and I do mean hero. The first story is titled. The crash took place in 1949 and like so many early crash stories. Of course some crash stories could be hoaxes. There have been a large number of crashes over the years and these three stories in themselves represent three different types of extraterrestrial humans. just shows how much was already secretly known. It’s a must read for the serious investigator. (See recent Washington Post article. I just want to show those who are just entering the field. the means of communication of ideas and concepts. Robert Sarbacher. I have to warn that it will take a lifetime of study just to scratch the surface! I know what I am talking about. My perspective of overall context is firmly rooted in the evidence available in the public domain. and ET humans in particular. UFO Crash At Aztec is full of these amazing early stories by reputable scientists like Dr. but was not economical. Government. He had trailed me 30 . but taken together they provide a very sound body of evidence on which to gain overall context. Many of these early scientists lost their lives for speaking publicly about the UFO/ET subject. The word flying saucer was used before the propagandists degraded the term to Unidentified Flying Object. president of the Shale and Metal Company in Denver. “People have to learn arithmetic before they can learn calculus. 25 years ago. because there is so much evidence available in the public domain to draw from.up to research some information on early speculations on extraterrestrial evolution and then got to thumbing through it and was amazed at how much I had forgotten.S. I don’t have to have complete accuracy to draw overall conclusions. There are some really good crash stories in it that involve human and humanoid ET’s like the following stories. Tyler’s report on Baron Nicholas Von Poppen’s experience.” I am trying to reach out into the mainstream with my articles to an uninformed and propagandized public. One day the Baron (the noble title of Von Poppen) arrived in Los Angeles at the head of a delegation from France. The occupants of the saucer were small thin humans with white skin. As to our personal relationship. The reason I have begun mixing cases in with my essays on my blog is because as an editor of a newspaper told me. where language. I was. where we make the first successful shale oil mill in the United States. Colorado. This is info war at its most devious. It took extreme measures over many years to really clamp down on leakage.

it will take about an hour to tell you. “I have a matter I must discuss with you. before I left the meeting. they borrowed 30 million dollars in New York. The information was so definite. but several. In particular. on top. since these would require a whole book. both close up and from a distance–literally within inches of special pieces of equipment. in fact many of them. They gave me the finest equipment I had ever handled and told me to photograph the thing. they wished my 31 . and before I could get my affairs in shape here. eventually making a profession of it. and oil was needed. made up a population of 17 million. which together with Latvia and Lithuania. He departed for his country at once. “Last week. Get there at once. and build a shale oil mill. To say that I was astonished would be putting it mildly. but all was brought to a end by the disaster I feared would happen. and so on. or tried to. what one might term a Flying Saucer. surrounded by an estimated 1000 men. much to the Baron’s dismay. On the strength of this move. The Baron was finally smuggled out of the basement and out of the country. the best that the government can hire. He said. wounded and helpless. Already a scientist. We walked to the fringe of a crowd of several hundred men who were milling around a large flat object lying on the ground. When a lane was opened. to be made over in their land by mechanics who at that time were out of work and starving. technicians and experts of all kinds. but he assured me there was no real danger. They carried out the plans as we had made them. He finally became a top man in the field. He had their Reichstag elect me Premier of the little country. He had dabbled in photography and continued that interest here. he had to do constructive work. with full power to rejuvenate the commerce. I learned to love the personality of the frail man. which was beginning to wash against their borders on the east. Shortly afterward. two secret service men came to my home. my head was spinning. underside. I was afraid of the rising tide of communism. Our paths finally crossed once again. He finally returned to the United States. We went by plane and landed inside the vast Los Alamos Field. and loaded it with old cars. For two days I crawled all over it. and that persons such as myself would be hastily liquidated. without many details. that I backed out. Here is his story as he told it to me. and his work grew to be so well recognized that he was repeatedly called upon for difficult work along this line. They told me they had a photographic job to be done. The Baron saw his beautiful wife cut to pieces and his two children dashed against the wall of a stone cellar.” It took not a hour. so he became a scientific photographer. as he hid under some driftwood. His country had developed oil fields with fine shale beds. I finally consented to go after he made his offer more financially substantial. photographing it. asking me to meet him in the coffee room of a downtown hotel. secret service men of a certain people came to me with the information that the entire end of Europe would soon be conquered by the Bolsheviks. however. I was a little surprised one day in November of 1949 when his voice came over the telephone. where I was met by the superintendent of that part of the field.all over the country after being informed that I was the only person who had engineered such a mill in this country. discarded radios. There it was. The Baron wanted me to visit his land of Estonia. to please go with them. I was led through the crowd and found myself viewing. bought a old steamer of large capacity.

Against the wall was clipped a water bottle. but was nevertheless translucent. They. but could be written on. The captain’s right arm hung down as he lay slumped over the controls. You could tell no difference between this bottle and any water cooler that we have in our offices. but different than any I’d ever seen. Now I’ll try to describe it to you. was four feet. nine inches tall. the difference between 6 and 9. The machines appeared somewhat like typewriters. the rest I couldn’t determine. with peculiar arrangements. The smallest and obviously the youngest was 23 inches tall and weighed about 22 pounds. that was all they would let me have. But the book was made of some indestructible material which was not paper at all. And in all four seats were men—strapped in and dead. with welds that left no indication that showed any difference in appearance with the rest of the floor. and nobody expressed an opinion in my presence. lying open on the floor. bucket type seats. across. but suitable only for the pygmies. In fact. Beyond the central control center of the ship was a kind of garret. and weighed abut 35 pounds. Between the sides next to the chime. It was like that all the time. for here is some secret which a expert should be able to discover. Approximately in the center of this room was a panel control board. There was a toilet. Most of it appeared to be steel. It was a fraction of a foot less then 100 ft across. except that it was not made of glass. On the floor were some 15 little machines. with very pale skin. when in space. beautifully made. very much hushed up. out of which we drew water. I have never seen anything like them here on Earth. a curving ceiling in conformity to the outside of the machine. was what appeared to be a regular radio tube (or at least it looked like one of our tubes) clipped against the wall. it seemed. Before this small panel control board were four swivel. It showed me that these people have long ago passed through the period of technological development we are in now. It was about eight feet thick in the middle. and it tasted good. Even though I could see that they were indeed welds. thus eliminating the intricacies which tend to obscure the natural laws of being. The largest. of the big cables coiled around the inside of the ship’s chime. covered with push-buttons and tiny levers. and his fingers touched what must have been the ship’s log book. nothing like I had ever seen before. and have again tended toward the simplification of life. They were white men. Their faces were intellectual and refined. All of them seemed to be afraid of each other. I suppose this served to insure against any seepage of air. 32 . The exposed pages covered with glyphs. In actually. beautifully welded to the floor. I concluded that the machines were the different pieces of apparatus which controlled the cosmic space motor which was made up. with its base on the chime of the rim. and almost of themselves. and of some mechanism which they did not let me photograph. I drank some of it. One thing in this compartment that drew my attention above everything else. somewhat similar to those we have on earth. were very heavy cables. who seemed to be the captain. I am particular about this. Against the sides were several Pullman like bunks. seem to have a different basic mathematical number. Inside.photographs to show the texture of the metal of which it was composed. The technicians managed to open a door on the side. there seemed to be different kinds. though not so intricate as you would imagine. was a circular room 30 ft. which I will try to describe. Some of it was actually translucent. The door was so finely machined that when closed it left no indication that it was there. as if they had come from a cold world with little air. the builders. all very modest. some of which looked like copper.

” “Two cylindrical jars were brimful with small discoidal-shaped sweets which one supposes to be composed of nutritive and energy-giving substances. “In its construction. riveting or of soldering. Seven corpses were counted. in as much as they are protected by their powerful magnetic field.) In the judgment of Dr. Note: Here is a second interesting saucer story involving human occupants in this book where a saucer was found at low tide on a small German island called Heligoland. however.” The crew because of the slope of the spaceship were stretched out in a corner of the cockpit in a macabre heap of carbonized bodies. deteriorated and unserviceable. being however extremely light. which I judged was a call from space. March 15. As proof of its casting a sample of such material resisted 15. called the Spitsbergen case.” Note: A third saucer story is in this book that is well known.Every now and then it delivered and BEEP! BEEP! Sound. a microscopic radio-apparatus. This magnetic field constitutes. George C. Loberg truly leave us thoughtful. whose existence was confirmed. 33 . “From the waters arose to the surface during low tide the dome of a flying saucer. Loberg. The revelations of Dr. Dr. it measured 30 meters in diameter and 23 in height. whose stature attained about a meter and 85 (6 ft. the disc did not present any traces of any screws. the unfortunate pilots had found death in the precipitate descent of the Saucer. This craft was found in the spring of 1952. the defensive armament of the saucer and its own motive force. but there was no question of the metal. 1954. whether in time or space. all men from 25 to 30 years old. This saucer was 93 feet in diameter and 70 feet in height. Very Sincerely Yours. but no one was lying there. but as regards this.000 Fahrenheit without melting. Loberg affirms that Flying Saucers do not need offensive arms. resulted from exceptional solidity.” “In the same cabin was found an ampoule containing a transparent liquid similar to water. some special maps and a few volumes printed in an unknown language. This story was from Norwegian Hans Larson Loberg a Prize-winner for physics in Hungary. since I had the idea that other ships connected with this one were anxiously trying to communicate with it. since it was provided with motors and possesses uniquely a gadget for landing formed by a metallic tripod which can rotate in any direction.” “The discovery has contributed to clear up a few obscure points on the mystery of the spacecraft and has served to confirm the existence of extra-terrestrial creatures. much distant from us and our actual life. it seemed coined in a single piece like a coin. which had happened to find itself in the tremendous active ray of a hydrogen-bomb exploded during the frequent thermo-nuclear experiments. Tyler. In the saucer no other food at all for the pilots was found.” So ends the informative story that Von Poppen relayed to me on that rainy day in November of 1949. The material of which it was composed. In their death contortions and poor souls showed a magnificent set of teeth. That went on all day until I was ready to leave.” “The cabin of the giant flying saucer. “The flying saucer half-submerged was of impressive proportions. Externally it was a light color similar to aluminum. “In the saucer no weapons of any sort were traced. hermetically closed. but with a specific gravity some three times greater. was provided with beds similar to removable reclining chairs.” “There was discovered.

Hans Larsen Loberg. Schwarz. They were very. Remember I doubted what I saw. He thought maybe this was prearranged because of what appeared to be very lax security and that somebody was testing a battle tested intelligence agent to see how he would react cold turkey to such evidence of extraterrestrial life. so he drove me there. This story got a lot of press coverage before it was suppressed. We used a staff car and not a private one. M. The intelligence officer being interviewed said a conversation had come up with a fellow intelligence officer with high security clearances and his friend asked if wanted to see the aliens and their crafts. very white. and after a turn at the entrance. Does that make sense? It wasn’t exaggerated. Schwarz’s books UFO Dynamics. A Case Of Alien Abuse? Dr. The story follows. Now he told me that they (the entities) were vegetarians. They averaged 4' 11" tall. There were no ears: no nostrils. flat 34 . He suspected this was some sort of test because his friend drove right through several security checkpoints and down underground without being checked. It was several years ago. I was with the military intelligence unit in Arizona. 536. I said OK. It was too obvious. There were only openings: a very small mouth and the eyes were large. in other words. but I doubt if I could ever find that place again. Can’t think of what else. Well would you like to see some Aliens? I said he was joking. I did know that he was with a base in Arizona. I’ll give a description as best I can. The “instrument panel” had what appeared at first glance to be “Russian like” symbols on it seemingly to label some of the various highly unique instruments and devices. This saucer was also investigated by Dr. The heads were large–not totally out of proportion–but large. Because of this and the fact that I had a top secret clearance at the time I wondered if this was some kind of a set-up –that they wanted to put a man with combat experience in this spot and see what he does – to sew the seeds of doubt. Berthold E. page. As I recall there were three males and two females. There was a small bone structure. Schwarz: Did you see the genitals? I don’t remember seeing that in the men.D. I don’t remember seeing breasts on the women? Schwarz: How could you tell they were women? As I recall. I think the tallest one could have been about three and a half feet – maybe a little bit taller. we went underground. but when I saw he was not. the youngest female. We entered a vaulted area. The material came originally from one of Dr. We violated every security code in the book. in a reclining position. They were nude. Now this was on a week-end and the security amazed me because it was so lax. The teeth were smooth. This material has been reprinted in UFO Crash At Aztec from which I have excerpted the material. There was no facial hair. There was a highway above ground that went over the base. was not there. Slender fingers: slender legs. Book 2. no head hair.This craft had a crew of seven “human-like beings” burned beyond recognition. on pubic hair. and as I happened to mention the subject of UFOs–experiences I had overseas –he said. No. he told me that the female of the group. did an interview with an intelligence agent many years ago. I met a friend of mine who shall remain nameless. When we got in I observed five humanoid figures. or the female organs in the women.

and this craft was brought back to the site that I saw. falling-leaf motion. When they (the military) got out there and they started examining the craft the found a small hole. My friend said there had been an autopsy. You get in and you don’t get out. The contact was Sam Standland who was the biological father of a contactee friend of mine. I wanted out. I didn’t understand anything. It just continued from left to right until it finally settled in the desert. and things like that. It was slowly going from left to right in an arching. There was no pattern to this descent. ET contact runs in the family. Schwarz asks. They do have the craft but where. My contactee friend put me in touch with Sam years ago and had me go interview him at his trailer where he lived east of Cairo Georgia about 30 miles. the Pentagon got back with him and when they found out that he had talked to me they read him the riot act and even threatened a friend of his that I had not had contact with. but it was seen on radar in this area (Arizona). and the people died from that. this was in Nevada. Film Of 1950s ET And Eisenhower Meeting? I would like to detail the case of a personal local contact that I had years ago. was this in Arizona too? No. After he talked with me. that took gun camera photos of UFOs. Schwarz asks. The craft appeared on radar. I saw other parts that they had taken from the machine. slowly falling or descending. but that wasn’t that. It would seem that Sam had fallen through the cracks because his military records had been burnt up in a fire in the 1970's. I seem to have lost my report on this case but what I remember from the interview was that he had been in the Air Force and flew in the western United States with a group of pilots around 60 I seem to remember. He and his friend went out and got drunk together after all this went down. but they did not get back with him right away. causing rapid decompression. You could pinpoint it by crass-triangulation (on radar). Still he secretly told more of his story to his biological daughter over a period of several years. He had contacted the Pentagon to see if it was okay to talk. and here’s how they got it. I still doubt everything. I don’t know. and things like that from other craft. I wanted to have a clean record. opened with a Y incision. so I went over to interview him along with my contactee friend. Evidently a meteorite had hit this craft. He didn’t give me a date.and very small. and what protection did I have if I were caught? I had no right to be there. “You never saw it?” I saw something. From all this they concluded that she was hundreds of years old. The tourist reported it as a meteorite strike and they went out and found a UFO half buried in the sand with absolutely no damage to it. He told me about one particular crash. then disappeared. They had a craft. I wanted my security. “Other craft?” Crashes. They were in their seats which were tilted to back on a seventy degree angle. There were no signs of injuries to any of the bodies. what did it look like?---. There was no bruising on the body. His trailer was burglarized and all his papers taken and were later replaced with new different ones. This was in the 1950's and I think he 35 .The interview continues. Schwarz asks. I was scared. Schwarz asks. When I saw the smallest female in the group I could see clear suture marks. I left my finger prints all over. Out of somewhere there was this horrendous explosion which almost knocked a tourist’s car off the road.

I did not want to make this case public because of trouble to Sam and the family. I had not heard from my contactee friend for quite awhile and yesterday I thought I ought to write up this case for my blog as I have been building up some cases so that others can see a little of the evidence upon which I base my thinking. He said that when he first got involved with UFOs his mother was concerned and called the family friend. The core of the saucer was on a flatbed truck and the saucer itself lay on the floor with a big hole in its side with pipes and things hanging out. He said the craft had hit the ground very hard and the core of the craft punched through the wall of the craft making the hole. He saw this with his own eyes. My friend also says that Sam told her that he was in North Africa and he watched as two jets tried to shoot down a craft and the jets were disintegrated. My friend also said that Sam told her about the military gathering up transceivers scattered about the country by the ET’s that when dropped on the ground would bury into the ground so as to be hard to see. He said the core was heavy but the craft itself was light and could easily be picked up by two men. I also remember him telling me about seeing pictures of a crashed saucer inside a hanger. He was transferred to the Pentagon where he held a top secret clearance. I do remember that this was the first time I had heard of the name of Jimmy Doolittle associated with extraterrestrials. I thought Sam told me he retired because of a disability in the late 1950's but my friend thinks that he just might have been moved to the Pentagon for work in the 1960's. It is not clear between my friend and I if Sam was involved in briefing other folks like airmen or was briefed for some other reason. See http://www. My friend said that Sam also told her about viewing a black and white movie of the meeting between President Eisenhower and human ET’s which I assume was one of several alleged meeting that took place in the 1950s. This apparently contributed to Eisenhower’s heart attack Sam told his daughter. Today I got a call from this friend and ended up talking with this friend for a couple of hours this evening. This story seems consistent with other folk’s testimony from the 1950's.said the Air Force had 9 saucers in 1959. The pictures were taken by Jimmy Doolittle. While he worked at the Pentagon he had access to files where he saw photos of both dead and live aliens. I remember writing up a report on this at the time but have not been able to find it.ufocrashbook. They said that they were willing to cooperate and give mankind technology to cure disease and cheap non polluting energy technology if they would make concessions in regards to warfare and other things but Eisenhower said the government was not ready for that and that cheap energy technology would severely disrupt the economy. One was where several different types of live ET’s were lined up against a underground tunnel wall. Jimmy Doolittle about UFOs and he said yes they are real 36 .html My friend says that it showed three craft coming down over the runway doing some flight demonstrations and one craft landed and human ET’s came out. Sam died a number of years ago so I can publish his name.com/eisenhower. The ET’s walked out through the wall of the hanger and went back to their ship and did some more demonstrations like disappearing and reappearing and then left. There was much more detail but my memory of the interview has faded. The ET’s were lead into a hanger where the men pulled guns on them and said they would be forced to give out the information. I even talked to John Lear about this over the phone and he confirmed that Jimmy Doolittle was involved.

loving people who look out for the interest of others at the same time they look after their own interests which are very substantial. I think we affect their society in ways that we can only begin to understand because some seem to live close by in our solar system mostly in parallel 3D worlds just like our own. it would seem that these types have been having high level official contact since the early 1950s and that continues to the present day. It seems that our thoughts and emotions affect these other human races both consciously as well as unconsciously and some physical processes also affect them like the 37 . The only difference between what is going on now than in the 1950s is that the human ET’s are much more careful and discrete about who they contact and why. Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs I have a particular and abiding interest in what appear to be several races of extraterrestrial humans that look so much like us that unless one is well informed they would not be recognized for who they are. these ET humans have been having and still are having very substantial continuous contact with large numbers of ordinary earth humans all over the planet. I seem to remember the date of a pre 1947 crash as 1942. I think Sam’s story should be taken seriously. I believe these ET humans began infiltrating our society in a substantial manner in the 1930s and have continued to build up their numbers on earth to this day. but just on different 3D frequencies. Others are not as friendly as the Fontes case suggests. especially those who do not want to go public because of the repercussions. There is nothing like personally meeting and talking to people and hearing their stories directly. They went from a quick short term approach that failed. another thing that I had not heard at the time. From all the evidence I can find. I also had never heard of a crash where the heavy core punched a hole through the outside of the saucer either. to a much longer approach toward full disclosure that seems to be working. This I believe has been due to the extreme resistance to their infiltration activities and their very overt push for open interaction with humanity in the 1950s. They seem to prefer the power of telepathic suggestion over physical contact most of the time. He also said that there were crashes before 1947. While we are not consciously aware of these other worlds we nevertheless are unconsciously communicating and affecting these other nested worlds through telepathy or quantum entanglement. the Brazilian UFO/ET researcher. This is a rather small detail but its new information like this that really strengthens a story in my mind. even though it was a less than friendly encounter. kind. Some of these human ET races are almost like us physically and are very considerate.but I can’t talk about it. I write about this and provide cases in other of my articles. both in the public domain and from my personal experiences with contactee friends. I have elaborated in detail on the reasons for this much more discrete approach in other of my articles. Along with continuous official contact. It would seem that not only is gravity holding things together in our 3D universe but it seems that gravity is also holding together other 3D worlds nested alongside ours and around other celestial bodies. In the later part of this article I will review part of the Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas human contact case that was written up by Fontes. As I said in other articles they have had to change tactics.

Bill might is wrong on Burish but I believe Bob is even more wrong in discounting Bill’s extensive experience in the UFO/ET field and his contactee contacts over the many years of his life. have a tendency to downplay both the contactees that claim contact with these friendly ETs. but this is no reason to discredit Bill’s investigations that cover a much longer period of time than Bob’s 22 years of investigations in and out of the military. It may be in Bob’s contact’s interest for him to stay focused in a particular clump of trees and not get a better perspective of the whole forest. and maybe they aren’t volunteering information that they feel is not in their interest. but now I really have to rethink my position. lest I be misinterpreted once again by other ET investigators.setting off of atomic bombs that disturb magnetic and gravitational fields. “The human-like. to focus on ET threats anyway and this skews the military perception of the situation. he gives a description of the slight variations between us and the friendly ET humans. I blew Frank off years ago when I had him as speaker at a conference I hosted in Tallahassee. Before this he also talks about how the uniforms reported by various contactees both well known and not well known are very similar as I have talked about also. Once when they flew in to talk to a contactee deep in a South Georgia swamp and later that night when two ships followed me home to see where I lived. Respected investigators like Captain Robert Collins (retired) author of the book. by Frank Stranges. This seems almost to be a replay or continuation of the Major Donald Keyhoe skepticism of the contactees in the 1950s. Of course they may not seem so friendly to the military if the military is taking pot shots at them. On page 38 of Bill Hamilton’s book. Exempt From Disclosure. Stranger At The Pentagon. or Nordic. A contactee friend told me the other day some other detailed information. then maybe he is just not asking the right questions of his contacts. I checked around on the internet and this was confirmed by Bill and another person who said that this was also in the book. It’s always been the military’s interest in general. Several contactees have mentioned that Nordics have 38 . that the ETs in this network don’t leave fingerprints because they don’t have the swirls we have on their hands. Bob blows off Bill because Bill still believes in Dan Burish which most of us think is just a low level con trying to make a buck from Hollywood. If Bob Collins has high level enough contacts. for instance. aliens bear specific differences from our own species. Bill Hamilton has some information that seems to be verified by my contactee friends as well. I never met one of these folks but I did see their craft twice. Cosmic Top Secret. For all of these reasons they have had to intervene in our affairs for their own self interest. but also those researchers like Bill Hamilton that have been researching and investigating these ET’s since the 1950s. I do not negate unfriendly or indifferent contact just that I believe that this particular group of ET’s have the most to offer us. I think Bill has just become too invested and trusting of Dan Burish. For this reason I am slowly narrowing my focus down to this very limited group of friendly and sometimes friendly human ET races. Here is what Bill Hamilton has to say in his book. This is what contactees have been saying since the early 1950s to the present time and is confirmed by my personal experiences over the years while on the fringe of a contact network. As I have said from what my contactee friends have to say. seems to support what the contactees of the 1950s were saying about these usually friendly human ET’s. I must once again say for the umpteenth time. If the roles were reversed I don’t think we would be very friendly if we were being shot at either.

Maybe this race is really much like our own. They have no trouble breathing our air or walking in our gravity. teeth. In fact. their skin is clear and almost translucent. He yelled and cursed and cried for help. but are reported to have a sing-song voice when speaking in their own language. too thin. The Nordics talk as we do. The account that I have before me is in the book. Maybe they were just following orders. Just so that people like Bob Collins will feel better and for those folks that are new to the field. by Coral Lorenzen. (Note this is like something that I heard when I saw this 39 . He has also had personal experiences that he believes resulted from his early study of contactee cases but he has been reluctant to talk about them for obvious reasons. While it is obvious that these ET’s were indifferent at best we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions as regards their whole race. and a surprising perfection of their phenotype: they are never reported to be fat. or ugly and their hair.” What really got my attention was this report of a sing-song voice that was told to me just recently by a contactee friend that until I read this I had not ever heard about before. These ET’s seem to have had a job to do and they just did it without much regard for Antonio’s feelings. When they got to the machine he was lifted up and shoved up a ladder which was very difficult because the ladder was flexible and was made for only one person at a time. So folks how about cutting Bill some slack. I myself have been working around the edges of these contactee networks just like Bill has been doing even longer than I and Johnny come lately’s like our friend Bob Collins. This account if true. They lifted him up and dragged him back to their ship. There is a long description of this Antonio Villas-Boas case from Brazil in the Lorenzen book.very symmetrical features. their fingers are flexible in the backward as well as forward direction suggesting more pliable bone tissue. I would like to include an old human contact case from 1957 that most old timer folks will remember.) There is a detailed description of the ship but I am not going to get into all that either. they appear to be so at home in our environment that many could take up residence among us and not be recognized for who they really are. I am not about to type all this in and it might already be on the internet anyhow. Antonio VillasBoas was cultivating a field on a tractor when he was run down and captured by four small men that came up to about his shoulder. The first one grabbed him by the shoulder and Antonio in a state of panic gave this man a push that sent him reeling and started to run but was attacked and grabbed by three more men of slightly larger size. It’s as if they had perfect control over their genetic breeding. they sounded like dogs making little howls that varied in pitch and frequency. involves some not so friendly ET humans on a mission involving an experiment to crossbreed one of their race with one of ours. their irises may be gold in color or contain golden flecks. They demonstrate remarkable telepathic prowess. nails and eyes appear to be free of defects. I have pointed out that the most public contactees are just the tip of the contactee network iceberg and if folks would treat both contactees and contactee researchers like Bill Hamilton a little better they might really learn some very interesting stuff. The following ETs look quite a bit different than we do. (Note there is a lot more detail in all this and I am just giving a brief description of this case. but seem to be close enough to us to be genetically compatible as indicated in this account. Some of our own people have done much worse than this and abusers are common throughout our whole race. Often they will answer a contactee’s questions before it’s asked. He said that the little men when they talked amongst themselves. Flying Saucers.

It includes a verbatim report given to him by Villas-Boas and recorded by journalist Joao Martins and translated by Mrs. J “She walked slowly and seemed amused at Villas-Boas’s openmouthed amazement at seeing her. even wider than that of an Indio native (Brazilian). not very thick. He later deduced that she was probably the smallest of the five “men” in suits who had been the first to grapple with him in the field. which showed very prominent cheekbones and a severely pointed chin.” This whole case is very detailed from start to finish. then left. the door opened and one of the men came and called out to the woman. After the second act the woman began to shy away from the man and he became a little annoyed at this. Her feet were small. Villas-Boas estimated her height to be about 4 feet 6 inches. who turned to Villas-Boas. Her blonde. of all pages. She held herself close to Villas-Boas. Try to imagine a dark swamp full of poisonous snakes in the middle of the night with something very weird going on and you should get the picture. Here I quote from the book starting on page 69. Some of the physical features noted by Villas-Boas were the woman’s very light skin. He thought this meant that she would return to take him with her and gave him much food for agonizing fear for some time. as well as slit-thin lips. At no time would she allow him to kiss her and his overtures in this respect were met by a gentle bite on the chin. rubbing her head against his face. The whole case in its entirety is a 23 page report which was submitted to APRO by Dr. nearly white hair. Professor of Medicine at the Brazilian National School of Medicine. was left alone for awhile in a room until a nude ET woman walked in. This case is typical of the extremely detailed work of Fontes whose briefing by American intelligence agents is in 40 .craft and followed a contactee back into the Georgia swamps but did not get to the action because a friend of mine became fearful and the strange howling sounds did not help me to move forward either. The contour of her face. separated breasts. small waist. her nose was straight and small and her face fine-boned. The woman’s purpose was immediately evident. well developed hips and large thighs. flat belly. smiling a little. Villas-Boas noted that the prominent cheekbones made her face appear to be very wide. As soon as the woman had repelled Antonio. Irene Granchi. like the “men” had uttered. pointed to what he thought was south. She wore no makeup. Antonio was taken to a squarish room where blood samples were taken with two very think rubber like pipes that took blood but only leaved a area that itched and burned later.) After this howling talk amongst themselves. freckled arms. slanted eyes and even features contributed to an unusual beauty.) He got sick. A very normal sexual act took place and after each one she breathed with difficulty. less than shoulder length and was parted in the center and turned up slightly at the ends. big blue. her hands long and narrow. The hair was smooth. he being about 5 feet 5 ½ inches. pointed to her belly and. (Many details are omitted as to the dress and description of occupants of the craft. The howling noises she made during the togetherness had nearly spoiled the whole act for they reminded him of an animal. Olavo Fontes. was the only outstandingly unusual features. and deep red pubic and underarm hair which contrasted vividly with the almost white hair of her head. She did not attempt to communicate in any way except with occasional grunts and howling noises. The woman’s body was well built with high. the little men forcibly undressed poor Antonio and smeared a liquid all over his body as he struggled and screamed.

41 . Jack still remains somewhat skeptical but having known me all these years he is coming around reluctantly.parapsych. their was a flurry of UFO sightings all along the gulf coast from Mississippi all the way to where Jack lives in Panacea Florida. a unidentified flying object no more no less). This site has more details and some illustrations for those with more interest in this case. Many years ago when two fishermen were abducted from under the Pascagoula bridge.com/UFOs/boas-abduction. In spite of hearing all the local stories.(He reminds me that is exactly what he saw. businessman and environmental activist who I have known since childhood as he was also a friend of my fathers. The blob was a strange brain like living structure found in a local pond that had brought in a flock of police and news reporters to investigate back in the late 1950's. for a extend discussion on ETV/ET affairs on Sunday evening.conspiracyarchive. Local fishermen over the years have come to consider him the local authority on the strange and the unusual ever since he investigated and solved the strange case of the Blob. scientist. http://www.another of my articles. Evan Harris Walker. He is also familiar with the local UFO stories told by fishermen in the Gulf.org/members/e_h_walker. This had also been my personal experience with the X-files story of the Alien on Ice. I intend to bring him up to speed on our evolving field of exopolitics. If Jerry's case is not just a routine random encounter it may be possible that Jerry may be willing to act as an emissary should further contact occur. I spend quite a bit of time in the area and visit with Jack frequently. Before proceeding further let me establish some background to these events. an individual who owns his own construction firm in Mississippi and who has had a friendly encounter with around ten ET's in their ship. http://www. Jack a good friend of mine is an author. Jack has a interest in UFO's having seen a cylindrical one himself disappear right before his eyes. It is located near the Gulf of Mexico in Panacea Florida about fifty miles south of where I live in South Georgia. The Blob. I see from a quick check on the Internet that there are many accounts of this case but I have not been able to find the complete 23 page report. Fox executive's had got wind of a case I had been working on for years involving five alien mummified bodies found in western British Columbia by Larry Requa a constable headquartered out of Stewart BC in the 1930's.htm The ET's Asked Permission The last two days have been interesting as I have had the opportunity to first meet a leading consciousness researcher in person. Evan commented that many people consider that people get strange ideas from watching science fiction but in fact it is often the other way around.html On the second day I was introduced to and spent the day with Jerry. Jack recounted the story to Evan Walker. This case presents an opportunity for contact and negotiations that we in the emerging exopolitical field should take seriously. a case that made national headlines. Jack and his wife Ann run a marine lab that serves the duel purpose of being an educational facility in conjunction with a marine collecting business. There was the possibility that the story had somehow been the inspiration for a science fiction movie called.

The next day.I like to spend a lot of time on the coast and had come down Sunday morning to visit a lady friend of mine in Shell Point. As usual some of it was pretty funny when Jack began to protest and ask why if the ET's were all around why they had not contacted him. As I was walking out of the restaurant Jack came by in the car to grab me for a assignment as he usually often does when I am around. and became a bit uncomfortable with Evan talking so openly about ET's. Evan Walker one time in Washington had been in a elevator with a top scientific adviser to President Johnson and this adviser had answered a question about UFO's by saying that he had to maintain plausible denial on the subject. It was really funny and I got really tickled with her body language and posture. Ann came in and sat down next to Evan who she was familiar with. I proceeded Sunday afternoon to head over to Jack's house on Dickerson Bay and not finding him at home got on his computer and was doing my exopolitics stuff. Evan and Jack Sarfatti had heated discussions over the internet and were bitter adversaries on the subject of the physics of consciousness and how UFO's propulsion systems operate. Evan and Jack have gotten to know each other because some of the sea critters have anti cancer properties. Interestingly. also turned out to be a fruitful day. I feel that Ann has bought into much of the debunking of UFO's from credentialed sources like Carl Sagan in the mass media and has in the past not been very open to the subject. I went back to the computer but Jack called me out to meet them and there was Evan Harris Walker with Jack on the porch along with the lady from Evan's cancer institute that is located in Tallahassee. Evan said Jack's problem was that he wasn't being sincere in asking them to drop by for tea as he did not believe in their existence. I got into a discussion with a lady at the restaurant that I did not know that was a retired aircraft engineer and we discussed exotic aircraft propulsion systems. Pretty soon the no see um's ran us off the porch and indoors where we all had a lively discussion until late in the evening. and besides he wasn't asking politely enough. I spent the night in the back of my truck as Jack gets up all hours of the night writing and I am a light sleeper. Before dark a lady came to the door asking for Jack and the barking of the dog woke Jack up and he came out to meet her. To Jack's surprise. I had been in contact with Evan years ago while I was working with Jack Sarfatti's Stardrive discussion group. I don't like to go all the way down there for just one day so during the winter I have my sailboat either at Jacks or at Carol's dock. The next morning Jack was so busy we could not eat breakfast together as we usually do when I am around. Jack as usual showed up but went to take a nap. Evan warmed up to me and the subject of UFO's rather quickly and Jack found himself being cut out of the conversation and hushed up when he tried to get cute. Evan felt that this person wanted to talk about the subject being that they were fellow scientists but could not because of government constraints. Evan lives in Washington but comes down here from time to time to deal with his Institute. He needed someone he trusted to go out with the collection boat and remain topside while the divers collected marine 42 . I walked up to the Coastal Restaurant near Jack's house and lab. being one of the founders of the consciousness movement. I don't like being on the water all that much in summer so now I have brought my sailboat up to my place in South Georgia for the winter and instead have a bed under a shell in the back of my pickup for sleeping when I am at the coast. Monday. Ann is an academic with a PhD in Marine Biology and trusts people with credentials much more than Jack and I do. Jack had to admit that was true.

Later he was to tell me he had a knack for reading people that helped him a lot in business and in his environmental work. We headed back and met up with Jack at the dock and then over to the lab to get these specimens back into the tanks before they died. As he had done all his life he just went with his feelings while feeling safe. They looked at him and were very respectful and he looked back and was not afraid. There was just a light chop on the ocean. The beings communicated to him mind to mind that they meant him no harm and that they were studying humans.specimens on ocean floor. Jerry had read one of Jack's marine books and had called Jack and Jack had invited him down but was not comfortable having him run things on the large collecting boat while the divers were downside. Jack's employees also knew the fueler and stuck up a jovial conversation but then the fueler recognized me and said. He was only in his underwear. We headed over to the marina where the fueler knew me and my interest in UFO's. Jerry had woken up in the early morning before light and went outside to pee off the porch. He felt completely at ease and felt they meant no harm. When we got out to about twenty two feet of water and about ten miles out from land Doug and Victor suited up and went downside. and I was tired and headed back home. There were no direct sources of light. He could tell when people were being insincere and or lying. The next thing he felt was being lifted off the deck and then was looking around the inside of a spaceship. In the ship there were around ten humanoid beings with large heads and spindly bodies who wore no clothes and seemed not to have sexual organs. Victor and Doug nervously listened to the story as well. They asked him if he would be willing to have them examine him and pointed to a 43 . They did not seem to him to have ears nor much of a nose or mouth. This gave Jerry and I time to socialize about life in general and ET's in particular. I gave him a short briefing of what exopolitics was about and about myself. Something very large floated over the house and tall pine trees blocking out much of the sky. Later after the divers came back up with loads of sea urchins and other stuff we trawled for a different type of urchin and other stuff on a grassy mud flat about twelve miles out. Later Jerry and I got Jack out of the lab and over for a very late lunch or early supper at the Coastal. environmentalist and photographer. "What are you doing with Eddie on board?" From there of course the subject got on to the UFO subject and discussion about the UFO's that had been chasing the flounder fishermen late at night over at Skipper Bay nearby. After some more discussions Jerry had to leave. Jack had to go back to work. Now on to Jerry's story. This led Jerry to comment that he had an experience but had not talked to many people about it. There were some panels with lights and the ceiling was curved. Naturally I had to have Jerry tell his story to Jack and Jack had to admit that Jerry was the most credible person yet that he had heard such a story from. There was another guy Jerry who had come from Mississippi who was a businessman and on the side a part time naturalist. Victor and Doug. Jerry explained his experience to me on the way out to the collecting site about fifteen miles away on the boat that was going at about twenty five miles a hour. It was beautiful weather out and Jerry was having the time of his life. I met up with Jerry at Jack's house and then the two employees of Jack showed up with their collecting equipment and diving gear and we loaded up the boat that is docked on Jack's dock in Dickerson Bay. Jerry and his wife had been staying at their rustic getaway cabin in a isolated area that was without running water and electricity.

We all have a opportunity to handle contact cases like this in a proper and professional manner. They told him mentally that they appreciated him cooperating with them and said they wanted to give him a gift and knowing of his interest in photography gave him something similar of theirs that seemed like a oval polished stone but with no buttons or indicators on it.examination table. He was impressed with the table because he expected it to be hard and cold but found if very comfortable and the same temperature as his body. please keep in mind that there are various species of grays some that may be highly ethical. I am trusting Michael to not publicize Jerry's name or email unless Jerry wants to become more public about this. As he held it in a questioning manner while looking at it they said. The beings went around his body at a short distance from his body holding their hands palms out as if feeling his energies.. I have Jerry's email and telephone numbers and will send this to him to check if I made any errors in reporting this. He thought that he had no problem with that request and without him saying anything they showed him to the table. He was also surprised when he saw their was no tissue damage from the rather large probe. The being holding it looked at it as one would a thermometer. Jerry has a reputation to consider and does not need any harassment from the authorities or the public on this. I am going to give Jerry Michael Salla's email address and Exopolitics web site should he want to contact him. He walked in and told his wife what had happened and was not sure if it had been real or a dream it all was so surreal and out of keeping with is normal life. consideration and respect from the beings. While these beings seem to fall into the category we call the Greys. Jerry said he had felt nothing but good feelings. 44 . If we don't handle cases like this properly we aren't going to get anywhere in our negotiations with friendly ET races. A emissary or potential emissary that is this reputable is someone to be valued highly and to be very considerate of the position they are in. "You will see". One being took a cylindrical instrument and inserted it into his abdomen and he was very surprised that he felt no pain when it was inserted or when it was taken out. especially if further contact is forthcoming. The next thing he remembers is he felt himself beamed back down out of the object and back on to his porch or deck. Let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt until or unless we find out otherwise.

"Well where are they and if they are here why does it really matter?" The first part of the question can be answered with just open your eyes and study the evidence and the second part of the question is that nothing other than our human evolution is at stake. This results in a diverse complex web of agendas.shtml (At this point is the inevitable question asked by the uninformed. Man is part of nature and the natural world.) 45 . Scientists and laymen alike are becoming more aware of the increased complexity and diversity of thought.time constraints and that other creatures have found their way here by learning how to crack the space-time barrier using technologies now referred to by physicists such as Dr. and even ethical considerations in cooperative interactions. This is a far from perfect arrangement regarding the content of the articles so I hope the reader will bear with me as I work to improve the way the book is organized over time. motivations. Jack Sarfatti as metric engineering. so it should be of little surprise that mankind's diverse complex social interactions within natural and artificial environments are observed in nature. While ethics may not be a significant factor in predation. species growing in intelligence and sophistication break the constraints of the niches in which they develop. motivations and ethics of beings more highly evolved than ourselves. they are of utmost importance in cooperation strategies because in order to cooperate species have to have rules of behavior in order to organize and maintain these cooperative strategies. Jack has a new book out called Super Cosmos and this and other information can be found at: http://www.SECTION 2 THE GRAND OVERVIEW This section contains articles that involve my efforts to gain conceptual situational awareness of the over all UFO/ET situation as well awareness of government and elite reactions to extraterrestrial contact. emotion and action as individual species grow in intelligence and in complexity so as to best adapt to ever changing environmental parameters.stardrive. As can be observed in natural environments on earth. The only difference should be a exponential increase in complexity and diversity of agendas. Species are constantly adjusting and adapting strategies of both competition and cooperation in order to maintain and reproduce themselves in environments that contain fluctuating amounts of limited resources. I have attempted to organize my articles into seven different sections as best I can.org/title. It is quite reasonable and logical to consider that we are not isolated from the ecology and politics of the rest of the universe by space. The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality or Model of Intelligent Diversity derives from sound ecological and social principles. looking to expand and flourish outward and onward. It only makes sense that the same ecological principles that apply to earth could be true for environments elsewhere about the Universe.

As in the 1940's and 1950's I believe we again are at a evolutionary crossroads. We have a second chance to achieve a bright evolutionary future. Lets get it right this time else we either are colonized by predatory alien races or fall back into our preexisting environmental niche because of widespread conflicts and environmental degradation brought about by a failure to adapt to the environmental challenges on the space frontier. 46 . confess and seek forgiveness and seek good relations with those out there who would do us no harm and sever all relations with those who would do us harm. In order to survive the invading species must rapidly and effectively adjust its strategies of competition and cooperation as do the invaded species. When we left earth and entered space we broke out of one environmental niche into a larger one and became a invading species. If the less technological peoples had understood their precarious position soon enough when they had the capacity to repel the earliest settlements then they could have used the time gained to better organize and adapt to the European intrusions.Another thing that happens in nature is that when a species is able to extend its range into other environmental niches there are going to be encounters with other species that are only begrudgingly going to make room for the invading species. Now its time to face the music. In a situation like this it inadvisable to attempt competition strategies lest it attract enemies. Surely this historic example has not been lost on exopolitical military strategists. reverse course. Personally I think the lack or conceptual or situational awareness was the most significant factor. It's a fact that ETI activity on and around earth jumped many fold corresponding with advances in rocket science in the late 1940's and 1950's and was first concentrated in areas where rockets and atomic bombs were being designed and tested. resisted and limited the intrusion to small bases from which they could develop the situational awareness and weaponry that they needed to keep the Europeans at bay. For better or worse this time the situation is reversed and the larger environment niche is not occupied by primitive peoples as was the case previously in our history. They got it right. Prelude To Invasion In the time of European voyages of discovery and conquest it is widely believed that superior technology and disease were the main factors in enabling the Europeans to conquer and subjugate the rest of the world. Those that occupied that larger niche responded quickly so as to adapt to our intrusion. In the late 40's and 50's our leaders had poor situational awareness as could be expected and so they reacted with hostile competitive strategies rather than cooperative ones in an attempt to bully their way into this larger niche just as happened during the European voyages of discovery. Japan would seem to have been an exception. rather I suggest cooperative strategies are in order. In this situation we as the invading species are at a disadvantage because this larger environmental niche is already filled with intelligence more technologically advanced who seem willing to allow us access to this greater reality but on terms that they can easily dictate.

The National Security Act of 1947 created a super secret covert government that undermined and subverted legitimate constitutional government in the U. The military and the intelligence community realize that if UFO/ET investigators are able to verify the world’s religions and clear up the confusion in the minds of the religious. Its not going to be easy to close that door. We are the invader. This might have been a good strategy for Japan in the 1800's but it is a good strategy wrongly applied to our much more complex exopolitical situation of today. Most of these races are more technologically advanced that we are but are not uniformly hostile as were the European invaders. This in turn opened the door wider to invasive alien predatory species who can best adapt and exploit such a system and closed the door further to those ETI who mean us no harm and who choose cooperative rather than competitive tactics in order to survive. compartmentalization and excessive secrecy that began in earnest with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 soon after the crash near Roswell New Mexico. In order to close the door on the predatory races we will have reverse course. I believe our situation is different because the exopolitical environment outside of earth at this time is very different from what Japan was faced. This is no accident. and elsewhere in the name of National Security. deception. a powerful force for truth will be unleashed. There is much detailed information available in ancient Hindu texts for the existence of extraterrestrial humans who make war amongst themselves and destroy many ancient cities in 47 . The reason I believe that these tactics have failed is because the situation we are facing is very different from what Japan faced. Through a combination of poor situational awareness and the application of hostile predatory tactics we have created for ourselves a most dangerous situation.I think that exopolitical military strategists have attempted to use this tactic to contain ETI intrusions but has had unintended consequences and instead has facilitated unfriendly ETI infiltration and subversion in preparation for invasion and dominion over earth's indigenous societies. S. dismantle the culture of fear. This has been a big mistake because in so doing we have attracted other competitive predatory species and repelled the species that use cooperative strategies and could have been our allies. the invasive species that has broken the grip of gravity and entered the space environment to find space and even earth already populated by large numbers of space faring races with complex agendas of competition and cooperation. In facing resistance to our expansion beyond earth we have used hostile competitive strategies rather than cooperative strategies in an attempt to lay claim to the space around earth and beyond just as the European invaders did in the past. By our not well thought out actions and questionable ethics we have opened the door to invasion rather than a collaboration with collaborative species. The Case For Celestial Humans There have been no ET cases more heavily discredited and debunked than those that relate to the existence of celestial human space faring societies coming to earth to interact with terrestrial earth humans.

Some of my friends have been pressing me to reread the Bible over the years and I have begun to do so. When he saw them he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground." Two of the men turned away and went toward Sodom but Abraham remained standing before the Lord and began to negotiate with the Lord to save the two cities." Notice here that Hagar calls the Angel God! In chapter eighteen it says. "The man now has become like one of us. he made him in the likeness of God. The Angel tells Hagar to return home and Hagar says." Later in this chapter it states. "I have now seen the one who sees me. "When the men got up to leave. the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married many of them they chose.what we now realize was the cradle of human civilization in the Indus Valley. It is obvious to me that the Bible is based upon human extraterrestrial contact. "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?" Then the Lord said. I live in Southwest Georgia a area still known as the Bible belt and I am surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. they looked down toward Sodom. He does not float or fly but he walks! Chapter three God walks in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day and after Adam and Eve have eaten of the forbidden fruit God says. knowing good from evil. I will limit my discussion here to the Bible as it and the Christian faith it inspires is much closer to home. "The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day. "When God created man. "You are the God who sees me." The reader should notice once again that Abraham calls the three men or one of the men Lord! Then Abraham goes and puts together a meal and the three men eat it while Abraham stands nearby. In chapter sixteen the Angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert beside the road to Shur. "If I have found favor in your eyes. 48 . Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby." In chapter four Cain kills Able and is kicked out of the Garden of Eden and goes to the land of Nod and finds a wife there. "When man began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born unto them. I am doing this with eyes opened by a lifetime of experience in the UFO/ET field. In chapter five it is said again. do not pass your servant by. "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. my Lord." In chapter eleven the Lord came down to see the city that men had built along with the Tower that was later to be called the Tower of Babel because he was displeased by man's progress and confused the men's language causing the men to disperse." for she said. Then the Lord said. and Abraham walked along with them to see them on their way." Chapter six clearly shows that the celestial human were so closely related to terrestrial humans that they could interbreed. Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible and in the very first chapter of Genesis it states." He said. "The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. "Let us make man in our own image and in our own likeness." In chapter two God walks in the Garden of Eden. It appears that Adam was the first of a new line of genetically altered humans but that other humans lived outside the Garden of Eden. Human evolution on earth has been manipulated for better or for worse by space faring celestial races of humans.

Earth humans and celestial humans seem to have a lot in common and share a common spiritual and genetic heritage. There are some very good human contact cases and not only with individual humans but with groups of humans as well. All this from sources almost completely separated around the earth." he said. and wheels within wheels there is a large amount of evidence confirming extraterrestrial human contact in just this one sacred text. What is not as well understood is that the existence of ethical celestial humans presents a great threat to earth human leadership and the control the oligarchy exercises over humanity. We need to do this so as to develop effective strategies to use in our defense. they are still interacting with humanity in a more subtle manner and perhaps more ethical manner than they have in the past. earth humans dissatisfied with the current earth human leadership's ability to satisfy basic humans needs. The rulers of the past had little understanding nor defense against the superior technology of the celestial beings but now the situation is changing. It appears that these same celestial humans are still here effecting humanity for better or for worse. "Please turn aside to your servant’s house. When he saw them. All this and I have only got as far as chapter nineteen in Genesis. and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. and whirlwinds. clouds. will begin to defect and look toward the celestial humans for leadership. Many of us realize that one of the most important drivers of the cover up is to maintain a monopoly on ET technology by a powerful worldwide oligarchy. "The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening. These space faring humans have not gone away." "My lords. In order to free ourselves from the UFO/ET cover up and other mind control programs being imposed upon us we need to understand the underling dynamics of the mind control programs and the perpetrators of those programs. Today we see huge sums of resources being spent in exotic weaponry and a drive for the militarization of space 49 . No wonder the military and the intelligence agencies want to discredit the existence of celestial human interactions with terrestrial humanity. I and my friends are pursuing these cases with new interest and vigor as we become more aware of exopolitical realities. he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. Case For Celestial Humans (Part 2) In the first part of this article I discussed the role of celestial humans in earth's history.In chapter nineteen the bible says. This is just one sacred historical text confirming the existence of celestial space faring humans interfering in the affairs of terrestrial humans. Put this together with the descriptions of God and his Angels coming and going back and forth from Heaven in fiery chariots." Then the angels blinded and dispersed the crowd of men who want to have sex with them and later the Angels lead Lot and his family out of the city before they destroy it from the sky by raining down burning sulfur upon it. As word on the existence of ethical celestial humans leaks out. How much ancient evidence do we need. In fact we can see this struggle developing throughout history between the politicians of the day and the celestial humans in both the political and religious spheres.

se/~hermesat/contact. While most of the contactees of the fifties are dead like George Adamski see web page: http://www.nicufo. I give special thanks to Steve Moreno for putting me on to this case.subversiveelement.mysterious-america.blogspot.org/etmessages.com/underworldMojave2.com/ Report at the following site titled I Met A Man From Another World or attached to the comments section of this article. Already on my blog I did a review on Charles Silva and 50 .html There is also a reference to contactee Billy Mier who also claims to be dealing with celestial humans.com/2005/06/contact-in-1940. http://www.com/ Daniel Fry see web page: http://www.net/sixtopazwellsint. The first and most interesting case involves Sixto Paz Wells http://www.com/ http://www.com/~deardorj/ http://www. For more information on Billy see: http://www.org/dr_stranges.proaxis. http://ufoexperiences. Obviously in our three dimensions these places are not inhabitable by humans. If the oligarchy is unable to stop these intrusions and more and more people become dissatisfied with the current world leadership and defect over to the celestial ET's for guidance this will cause either a complete collapse of the current power structure or force it to restructure and become more accommodating to the needs of humanity. See the case of a human from Tau Ceti in the 1991 Journal of Facts. http://ufoexperiences. This can now can be easily translated with net search engines. See web page at: http://www.misionrahma. Recently I have been researching the celestial human contact cases in South America.in a attempt by the oligarchy to stop ethical ET intrusions into earth human affairs that threaten the earth human leadership to its very core.While Sixto Paz Wells founded the group it involves many more contactees who have had contact with celestial humans.billymeier.htm Dr.algonet.html People should not be put off that many of these celestial beings claim to reside on our planets.blogspot.html the founder of the Rama Mission. Searching Sixto Paz Wells name on the net will give you a lot more information and it seems his story has held up well over the years even though Sixto's brother’s story is more troublesome and seems to have hurt the group as a whole. Frank Stranges is still alive the author of the book Stranger in the Pentagon.com/ingles/ingles.com/new2833913-4706. This is why I am placing such importance on current ethical celestial human contact cases. This Rama group is not a cult but has many serious and rational individuals involved with connections to both the Peru and Spanish governments. See web pages.pych-one.timestar. http://www. moons and even the sun as these beings seem to be able not only to travel great distances in space in time but even live in other dimensions. http://www. There have been arraigned flyovers filmed by reporters of the mass media.htm Howard Menger I am not sure if he is alive or not.com/ and another case in 1940 here.htm There are also other cases of celestial human contact even abuse against these celestial humans. Also associated with the Rama Mission Group is Ricardo Gonzalez who also has had direct contact with celestial humans and who is best researched on the net as much of his stuff is in Spanish.html http://www.htm .theyfly.gafintladamski. As can be seen this is a primary reason for the heavy debunking of celestial human encounter cases from the 1950's onward when earth leaders realized the situation.

fortunecity.gte. http://www. I keep adding more cases to this blog as they are passed on to me. Valery Uvarov. See http://www.lastufo.htm and by Brian himself. Tom Dongo Interviews Dr.html I am still researching and the list of contactees with celestial humans continues to build. It seems that the present governments of the world would rather destroy our civilization rather than risk giving up control over their respective populations Ultimately this mad policy will fail I hope and world governments and the power brokers that control them will be forced to become more respective of the needs of their citizens. http://www. What this all means is that one primary reason for the UFO/ET cover up and the mad rush to militarize space is to keep disgruntled earth humans from defecting to the ethical celestial human camp.com/fire/fireinthesky.com/WEX2_6/PeruUFO. Valery Uvarov at http://ufoexperiences.the book.com I have been putting more cases as I find them on the comments section of this article. Also don't forget that Travis Walton also had contact with celestial humans. Interestingly both contacts happened at about the same time in 1974 seemingly independent of each other. Here is another case from the Australian outback from Leneesa's blog and can be found in the comments section of this article or at her blog site somewhere.blogspot.htm Aside from the Rama group is another contact group that is very significant that I will call the Ummo Group. This case may be as significant as the Rama case and also involves a number of people. There are other independent accounts on the web like those at: http://www.rense. Bill Hamilton has some known and little known contactee's along with his experiences here.info/Brian.astrosciences.html A very well placed contactee and researcher in Russia is Dr. A article on this celestial human contact case can be found under. http://ufoexperiences.wexclub.com/general/scott.htm Travis Waltons experience is less of a abduction and appears to be a accident when he ran up and got a violent electrical discharge off of the craft and had to be picked up and healed.net/haahs/plejares/MeierChap7. Hopefully a new leadership should emerge that will work together rather than against ethical celestial human races to move earth humanity forward into a enlightened age rather than backward into a new dark age.anw. Lightning Strikes At Otter Cliffs a celestial human case can be found on Lennesa's blog or below in the comments section. I read a book on this years ago published by Wendele Stevens the following shows how significant this human contact case is.blogspot. I am not sure if it is still ongoing or not at this time.info/Martians. Date With The Gods.htm and the Brian Scott case here by Bill http://www. about his experiences with a celestial human named Rama. http://members. http://home1. 51 .html Also see at the following site that Wendle Stevens was on many of these other celestial human cases.com/ or at the comment section at the bottom of this article.com/galactic4/RUNE/ummo.

The manager can even go into denial and make excuses as to why he or she did not burn that year. or not burn at all one year and so consequences develop that take even more work and expense to correct. management policy and implantation shifts from year to year depending on whose idea of the proper management is being applied at 52 . When man came onto the scene he used fire to manage the land just as any other animal or plant attempts to manage it's environment. even while perfectly good conditions existed but were not taken advantage of because the land manager was other wise occupied.Case For Celestial Humans (Part 3) In this post I would like to speculate on the possibility that the problems of earth bound humanity that have been so aptly pointed out in celestial human contact cases may be symptomatic of a far greater and widespread problem amongst celestial humanity in general. A long term management plan must be developed through experimentation on a small scale where failures are limited and success can be ramped up to manage on a large scale. rain. I have a background in land and wildlife management having grown up in a family of ecologists. No self respecting hunter. the actual practice of land management is complex in itself. Before human beings were on the earth. Another almost impossible problem is that when a group of people with a diversity of interests and little experience are involved together in management. So we can see that ecosystem management and even management for a single species of animal or plant involves a very complicated understanding of the environment and all the various relationships that exist between the plant and animal species in that environment. If this were not enough. so man used fire even more frequently than nature alone to clear out the underbrush in the forest and fields so as to create open park like forested savannas and prairies. Certain species of pine such as longleaf pine not only adapted to fire by developing a thick fire resistant bark but they increased the resin content of their needles so as to use periodic natural wildfires to their advantage and burn out the competition near the tree and in the forest as a whole. Additionally the plan has to be implemented and applied in a consistent manner over a long period of time. This practice was so complete and widespread that animal and plant species have adapted to man's activities as they would to any other of nature's forces and any attempt to revert back to ecosystems that existed before man would be catastrophic to the plant and animal species on earth today. and fire sculptured landscapes into a diversity of ecosystems and habitats that provided for a diversity of plant and animal species. Managing for a variety of species and habitants requires a lot of experience. This is easier said than done because the land manager may become distracted by other things. fail to burn on time. Wind. nature managed and shaped the natural landscapes through the forces of nature. Plants and animal species adapted and they themselves worked to alter their environments to better suit themselves.gather wants to slug through bramble infested with ticks and chiggers to hunt and gather food. I would like to make some comparisons that may be applicable to management problems associated with celestial human’s interactions with earth humanity.

In my estimation these celestial beings have acted more like neglectful parents rather that good advisors. The visitors first over fly sensitive facilities like around White Sands where rockets are being tested. What a mess! When a neglected child grows up and gets into a lot of trouble we know that the problems of that child are often symptomatic of inherent family problems. go ahead and commit suicide. Its like ten artists are attempting to paint one picture and the resulting product is a mess.any one time. To make things worse they must have suddenly realized that a covert group of unethical celestial beings had broken the blockade. maybe in your next life you will act properly. Let them destroy themselves and start over once again! We have heard a lot of stories from those who claim contact with celestial beings in which the beings are quick to point out mankind's faults but slow to point out their faults to mankind. The first reaction of the parent is to blame the child for their bad behavior. the quarantine. If they are reasonably good parents they will try to get the child some help and if things go right the therapist not only works with the child but the family as a whole to get all to accept responsibility for the problems of the family and to take corrective actions together. Management by committee rarely works well for this reason. I think if we study ancient religions we can see an attempt by various celestial humans to manage humanity throughout history but in a neglectful and sporadic manner based more on self interest and exopolitical interests rather than in humanities best interest. While the intentions may have been good much like a group of inexperienced land managers but result has been catastrophic for humanity on earth. Over the next few years reconnaissance spreads out making a even more prolonged study of technological and social developments worldwide and even more crashes take place for a variety of reasons and more craft fall into earth human hands to accelerate already out of hand technological developments by earth humans. When mankind explodes a atomic weapon and begins to move into space. Suddenly the surprised family who have been in denial all along and have neglected the child's development suddenly get involved and become very upset when something really bad happens. 53 . suddenly we have a lot of visitors in the late 1940's and early 1950's. This seems to be typical human behavior so perhaps there really is not much difference between celestial human beings and ourselves. We may not only share a common genetic heritage but a cultural and psychological heritage as well. That is exactly what some factions of celestial humans seem to be implying.Air force has its only atomic bomb wing at the time and manage to crash at least one craft that falls into the hands of earth humans. The destructive problem did not just happen all of a sudden but developed gradually when the child was not corrected and guided properly from a young age. around Los Alamos were atomic research is going on and around Roswell New Mexico where the Army . and had slipped in and had become embedded in earth human's upper echelons of power. It seems to me celestial beings just were not paying attention until suddenly their was a big problem that effected them. Just as interesting it appears that the initial surveillance was done in haste and lacked good planning as the implementation of the plan resulted in the crash of several spacecraft and occupants that fell into earth human hands. What good parent would say.

but also make practical use of that physics to travel through not only space but dimensions as well. What We Really Know About Flying Saucers. This could be very possible indeed. Most of the time the extraterrestrial humans just did not volunteer additional information because of the contactees limited understanding of the universe and in particular our solar system. by Beckley and Gallant. Otto states.” In support of this interpretation Otto cites a 1944 Foo Fighter case. they would have been able to see that there was much more to this than meets the eye. His right wing went directly through a cluster of disks with absolutely no effect on engines or plane surfaces. involving the concept of “worlds within worlds” one interpenetrates the other. speculations that much more was going on here. One page 163 of his book. It all boils down to the open minded researcherinvestigator being able to ask the right questions. one can see not only in the early contactee literature.” He then quotes a booklet called From Other Worlds. rather than “flying” here from some remote point in the universe. as he reported later at the intelligence briefing.” 54 . “The UFO’s and related phenomena may be coming from a world having an octave higher degree of vibration in relation to ours. It's about time that all parties confront their collective denial and accept responsibility for the current serious situation on and off earth. If the debunkers and skeptics had not been blinded by their skepticism and had studied the contactee stories in a little more depth. The early contactees were heavily debunked because their extraterrestrial human contacts said they came to us from inhabitable planets in our solar system. What we consider to be the material universe seems to be but one small subset of a much greater context that can only vaguely be conceptualized.” Next he cites a 1959 Russian report: “One of our pilots flew right through a giant “fire-ball” UFO. Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From? Those of us deeply involved in exopolitics realize that humanities understanding of matter and gravity is very limited. Still. “Then came the most astonishing thing. but the mainstream UFO/ET community as well. When given a searching examination afterward neither he nor his machine was found to bear the slightest trace or mark.With humanities knack for experimentation there may be more varieties of humans in the universe than we have dogs and cats and no telling how many other intelligent species with at least some human genes in their genome. Early mainstream UFO/ET investigators like Otto Binder were already speculating about the ability of craft to materialize and dematerialize right in front of witnesses. I can only imagine the complexity associated with such creative experimentation let alone attempts to organize and manage such a diversity of creation. Those of us that have a deep and abiding interest in intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our earth are a bit ahead of the physicist’s learning curve. We are dealing with visitors that not only have a very advanced understanding of physics. “The above two phenomena – of saucers that “fade” from sight and the cloud-wrapped cigars that seemingly form out of mistscan both be interpreted as a physical object “materializing” and later “dematerializing” in the earths skies.

Such an idea would go a long way toward explaining that ETs travel both through time and space but also through dimensions. I go a step further and speculate that gravity may be holding matter together in different dimensional or material frequency zones around heavenly bodies. Is this some form of quantum entanglement? It would seem that advanced cosmic races have figured out how to use advanced technology to move physical bodies from one dimension to another just as the disembodied travel.com/gravitationalspeculations.S.S.presidentialufo. governments were onto this idea of multidimensional frequency shells around heavenly bodies as long ago as the 1950s. What I understand to be happening is that the powerful modulated magnetic fields around the ship disassociate the craft and occupants from the three dimensional material field in which it is embedded.htm This was the very same man that was involved in Project Magnet http://www. I also suspect that by this time high level insiders should know what is going on and perhaps those who have contact with these insiders should also be sure to ask the right questions. I did a word search on gravitational dimensional shells and interesting enough came upon articles by the Canadian Scientist Wilbert B. Once this happens the ship and occupants then phase shift into another dimensional 3D material field where they then appear to materialize as they reduce the modulated magnetic fields allowing the ship and occupants to become fixed or imbedded in that new material field. If I understand Contactee Howard Menger correctly. It would seem that the Canadian and U.Cases such as the above as well as the ability of ET’s to walk through walls at will. I believe that the space ships don’t actually dematerialize into another dimension from our dimension but rather they stay of a material nature when they phase shift.aufosg. Intuitively pondering upon this subject. indicates to me that this is not some kind of stealth technology but truly a material frequency changing technology. and publicly stated that the subject of UFOs was classified above even the atomic bomb.html and who made inquires in the U. Apparently the same thing happens when an intelligent being becomes disembodied. but still appear just as material as we are when touched.com/page218. it is no longer embedded in the material field in which it was born. I would hope that if I or somebody else who might get into a conversation with a ET should be sure to ask the right questions this time to get down to the bottom of this matter. I realize this is really far out for some but it reminds me of what a high powered lobbyist friend of my sisters told me after my sisters death. his ET friends have told him that our individual selves minus our body transmigrate and incarnate in these various material dimensional worlds around heavenly bodies in a way that links all cosmic races together. The disembodied individual then can 55 . Smith from the early 1960s that were a bit too technical for me. He said a friend of his family was very high up in government investigations of UFO/ET and this person said that it is all greater than anyone can possibly imagine. This has got to be a very complex situation where ETs really could be coming from habitable material frequency zones or shells not only about heavenly bodies including the sun but also heavenly bodies in solar systems across the universe. http://www. This whole idea about gravity being so weak has puzzled physicists for a long time and some have speculated that it was weak because it was leaking into other dimensions.

I am already convinced of this fact. in Shirley Mclane's well know book. and that various ET races with different ethical levels are very active on. its going to take quite awhile to catch up. Its been my job to sort through the garbage for those golden nuggets and diamonds that have been trashed and tossed aside by the UFO/ET community along with the waste. What I am interested in is to gain from the wisdom that the ethical ET's have to offer and share it with my fellow human beings. It is evident that the public is so far behind in the understanding of these matters that post disclosure. The ET contacts began in 1974 which is the same date as two other large contact cases that Steve Moreno has been investigating for years one in Peru and one in Canada. shifting from one place to another as desired. His sexual affairs seem to have landed him in hot water a few years back when he was accused and convicted in the US under molestation charges. It is the generalist’s job to try to accurately grasp the big picture.move between dimensions until it again is born into or constructs a body that is once again embedded just like a ship on a particular material plane. I am not interested in cases of contact nor do I wish to involve myself with unethical ET races that violate basic human rights and liberties. but I intend to be soon. I know of a number of contact people. or over all outline. Out of habit and interest the individual may continue to incarnate into the same material plane or it may even incarnate in many different material 3D dimensions. The only difference seems to be that with a body the individual remains fixed in its 3D space while a ship with occupants can move from one material plane to another. as Charles seems to be quite the international jet set playboy. both by frauds that claim contact but don't have it. It is my intent to first communicate indirectly with ethical ET races and civilizations through those who already have achieved contact and hopefully from there enter into face to face discussions and negotiations with ethical ET races. The best I can do at this time is just to provide some direction for specialists to pursue once they are able to cut through he UFO/ET propaganda that blinds them from investigating UFO/ET cases. 56 . Out On A Limb. Therefore my main interest is in cases of contact where individual civil liberties are fostered and respected. Date With The Gods My main interest and intent in the field of Exopolitics is not to prove that ET spacecraft exist. in and around earth. I am not yet in contact with Charles Silvia author of Date With The Gods. Charles Silvia was the man known as David. as well as my good friend and fellow investigator Steve Moreno. Of course I understand that benevolent ET interactions with earth humans has been thoroughly trashed. some who I am in contact with. Date With The Gods is a obscure book first published in 1977. and the specialists job to fill in that outline accurately. Shirley's credits David as her mentor for a number of years and possibly her lover. and by those that believe all ET's to be dangerous and unethical. I intend to concentrate my time on benevolent contact cases where there are actual sighting of craft in the vicinity of the contact person by other individuals.

Instead the book sat around my cabin with other books for years and occasionally I would pull it out and read a little. The apocalypse was supposed to have taken place by 2001 but that has not happened. He was deported back to Peru with a girlfriend where it says in the articles a number of years ago that he was trying to be allowed back in the US. The extraterrestrial lady in Date With The Gods was called Rama and the group down in Peru that Steve has been working with for years is called the Rama group. I always seemed to find something interesting but not enough to really get back in the book again. I also suspect they may have had something to do with the foundation of other religions around the world like in India and are also supporting 57 . is Charles lying. Charles first met with his ET friend and lover in 1974 the same date apparently that the Rama group began. Rama tells Charles that they are the apocalyptical angles of the apocalypse here to maintain balance in the Universe. Could it be possible that a alliance of ET races that are human like ourselves is interacting with all three groups? Another interesting correlation is that Rama refers to her group as the brothers and this connects to other ET contact groups around the world that deal with human going back into the 1950's. Important contact cases should be thoroughly investigated and the pluses and minuses totaled up at the end of the investigation to determine the legitimacy of a contact case. About a year ago with nothing better to do I found myself rereading the book with a lifetime of involvement within the UFO/ET community behind me. Out On A Limb that I had read around this time.From what I have read on the internet it seems that some healing therapies applied to a couple of ladies went to far and crossed over the line. Anybody investigated thoroughly enough is going to find skeletons in every closet. If I had know at the time of his connection to the book. But over the past several months as he told me about his two major contact cases he was working on I began to see parallels. I would have taken a much closer look. I became even more intrigued and told my friend and fellow contact investigator about it and read some passages which caught his interest but never seemed to stick with him either. The edition I have been sitting on for years was published in 1986 so I must have acquired it about that time. What happened? Things still seem to be heading in a very destructive direction worldwide. Were the ET's wrong. Anybody with any sense should realize that all people have their dark sides and a case should not be thrown out simply based of human failings. The ET lady did say to Charles that the time was known only to God but the ET's were pretty definite that it would be by the end of he century. Of course all this is enough for traditional mainstream investigators to pitch this case into their circular file because of the shallowness of their investigations. When I started communicating this with Steve it began to blow his mind and he finally found a used book on the Internet and is now reading it. The large contact case in Canada also began in 1974. The tack that the ET's are taking in the book is in support of Christianity a religion that they say they had something to do with from the beginning. When I first read it I suspected that all the material on the ET's was fabricated and used by the author to some how push his Christian Apocalyptical beliefs on members of the public who believe in UFO's. or has the date of the apocalypse slipped or is being modified because of some unforeseen circumstances even by the ET's themselves? I have a lot of questions to ask Charles if and when I catch up with him.

I did not know what to make of these stories and just moved on. one being under Lake Titicaca in Peru that Charles was flown to. All this stuff can be correlated." " I say to you. the very fact knowing what we know now about the propaganda campaign propagated against the public since the 1940's ought to be cause enough to revisit these old cases. All through the book Charles is talking about real places. so if you are interested in this best act fast. follow Jesus's teachings. 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 1) I read a lot of contactee stories from the 1950's when I first got interested in UFO/ET as a young man. Now that I am much older and have quite a lot of experience under my belt I found myself rereading the book. which is life's greatest joy. "Christianity in your world is divided beyond hope. Rama says. that doesn't mean you have to embrace a religion. You people on earth have made religion a screwed up mess in this part of the universe. Steve only found eight used copies on the internet when he got his. That these people's greed and avarice are bringing the world to eventual destruction. If a person wants a copy of this book there may not be many used copies around as this book is out of print. From Outer Space by Howard Menger. First. Interesting correlations in that Rama said their group had major underground bases at the poles and a number of minor underground or underwater bases elsewhere. I believe this is a big mistake. I couldn't turn you on to religion because I wouldn't know which church to send you to. He gets into why he was recruited by the CIA and how he was helping American business interests in Peru and spying on some school friends of his who attained high level posts in Peru's government. Second. As we all know these contactee stories were heavily debunked in the 1950's and 1960's and to a point where most mainstream UFO investigators to this day easily dismiss these cases of human extraterrestrial infiltration into our society. Here is a example of this upgrading and rehabilitation of Christianity on page 231. The more and more I reread this book the more I am intrigued. to live in perfect harmony with yourself and your fellow human beings.those religions as well as cleaning up the accumulated garbage that has confused the world religions over the years. With all that UFO activity in Northern India of late is that one of their bases being upgraded? Rama also says they have a base on Ganymede and elsewhere in the solar system but apparently in another dimensions as some of these places are habitable. real people and real events. He talks about how the world is being run by one group of people who are immoral and without scruples. The word for spacecraft in Indian Sanskrit is Vimana and this is what Charles's ET's called their spacecraft. Knowing Jesus is having the strength to look for wisdom and understanding. When I did a word search on Rama I came up with the ancient scriptures of India that go back at least six thousand years." Not only does Charles describe his relations with ETs but also his work for the CIA and under one of their top people Richard Welsh who was assassinated in early 1976 when Charles was writing his book. in light of current knowledge of human ET encounter cases and a possible meeting between human 58 .

There is some really interesting physics going on that physicists should be taking a good look at. and the other being growing interest in earth affairs by more ET individuals and groups. a kind of small square image recording device that fits into the palm of the hand and projects a holographic image. He is saying that there are different human races living in parallel worlds around other planets. From what I am hearing is that the human ET’s intent to turn things around on earth has not wavered even though tactics have had to be modified so as to adapt to changing external conditions. one being the stress involved. doors on craft that just open up and are invisible when not open. this discussion of tight fitting ET flight suits having a slight glow with invisible pockets. It also seems that there continues to be a high turnover rate amongst individual ET’s with earth educated ET’s being constantly replaced with new recruits. One of the main criticisms by the uninformed and skeptical is that the rest of the solar systems seems to be inhospitable to life at least complex life forms. From what I am hearing from my local contactee sources is that extensive contact and infiltration into earth human society has continued unabated since the 1940's. moons and sun. Something else I have not heard anywhere is that the ET men don’t have a problem with facial hair on their worlds but when on earth for awhile they have to shave. moons and the sun of our solar system as well as elsewhere about the universe. I have local contactee friends that have been providing me with stories for many years that are no different from these old contact cases. This compares well to what some of the Rama folks in Peru have been saying since the 1970's. Howard Menger gives a very broad perspective on extraterrestrial humans and their relationship to earth’s indigenous people. It looks to me that maybe what we have are habitable finite dimensional shells or zones around large accumulations of mass that are held together by some processes of gravitation and quantum entanglement. I am speculating that there are two reasons for this. Forth. that their human ET contacts go in and out of other dimensions even here on earth. The only difference between these newer local cases and the very public cases of the 1950's is that the human ET’s seem to have changed tactics in light of resistance from earth humans as well as some other races that have been troubling them and us. Menger remarked that on his moon trip is facial hair quit growing. I have heard of speculations by physicists that gravity is weak because it is holding together mass in other dimensions. Menger talks about being in orbit around the moon for 10 days according to his watch having his body adjusted on a molecular and atomic level before setting foot on a inhabited moon. Third. view screens etc. This image recording device seems similar to the device that holds a ET history known as the Yellow Book. economic and government elites. all compare well to what we know today about ET technology from crash retrievals. but in other hidden to us dimensions. What is different today from the 1950's is that what once was a very overt infiltration has morphed and gone underground due to resistance from world military. What could be causing this effect I have no idea but it could be important. electromagnetic propulsion systems. But Menger makes it clear that these ET humans are living not in our dimension around the inhospitable planets.ET’s and Eisenhower in 1955 is another reason to take a good look at these old cases. 59 .

He says his ET’s are vegetarians. The Three Star General Report and other cases that the military was very paranoid about this in the 1950's and 1960's with a reactionary faction of the military even today just as paranoid. the men don’t like having their shoulder length hair cut off and the ET women can’t stand bras. Social class divisions restrict information flow to the military and economic elite that give the ET’s trouble. not much has changed in regard to their activities and their long range plans of earth humanity. The only time he knew them to be really upset and angry was when they themselves were being infiltrated both by earth humans and it seems at least one other ET race causing them and their contactees a lot of trouble. right around their military bases where they engage in cat and mouse games with ET craft and have their Blue Beret Teams stationed. While we can see from cases like the 1958 Fontes Briefing that the military was freaking out about a ongoing alien invasion and trying to shoot down craft and mostly getting shot down themselves in the process. so all this infiltration should come as no surprise. I thought Menger was quite clear about the motives of his ET friends and that it was in their and our self interest to turn things around on earth. Its obvious from the Fontes Briefing. This all makes our military and intelligence community look like the Keystone Cops when compared against the ET military and intelligence community. He is cutting their hair. What does seem to have changed is that human ET’s now favor involvement and infiltration with lower economic social classes because when people talk it won’t be taken seriously causing them security problems. briefing them on local ever-changing language. He is talking about this way back in the 1950's and in a big way on the Long John Nebel radio show that reached millions of people just as George Norey and Art Bell do today. going about helping them install transceivers about the country that have a range about 25 miles to monitor earth humans etc. In light of the much bigger picture of soul 60 . America’s terrestrial HUMIT intelligence is pretty bad but it would seem that extraterrestrial HUMIT intelligence is even worse. Other than that the human ET’s are keeping a lower profile.But Menger’s broad view is even broader and he says that his ET friends tell him that all these parallel worlds are connected and that souls transmigrate between these different parallel worlds. but little soft power. Even Bob Dean has commented that the military brass at NATO were very upset at these human ET’s that look just like us infiltrating our planet. Our military is enamored with technology and it is getting us into no end of trouble even in terrestrial affairs. Those of us that have taken the trouble to become informed have seen plenty of cases of human ET’s involved in earth affairs. Its even kind of funny in that all this infiltration and interaction with earth humans is happening right under the military’s noses. In fact a contactee friend of mine believes that things have only gotten worse over the years with some troublesome ET’s and that this friend thinks a ET war may be brewing. This mentality about shooting first and asking questions later is pretty dangerous and stupid if you ask me. It seems that our military has all this hard power just as Fulford claims. dangerous and delusional. while Howard is helping his human ET friends infiltrate into earth society. Another contactee that I know about says he calls some ET’s stupid ET’s because they have had to ask about simple things like what is Christmas? Its obvious that many ET humans are still dropping in cold turkey without going through any formal courses on earth affairs. My friend said that a mutual contactee friend even got clothes for his ET’s so they could walk around Wal-Mart and feel and touch things. getting them earth clothes.

This is another one of those situations where it’s easy to obscure the totality of the forest when viewing the forest through several prominent trees. As usual our worst enemy is ourselves! The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited. It’s important for us to understand those roots and the underlying evolutionary forces that drove the contactee movement of the 1950s and which is also driving the resurgence of UFO/ET activism in the new century. I think it is a mistake to concentrate on just the public figures of the contactee movement of the 1950s because they represent just the tip of the iceberg. She was a contactee herself. there were a large number of other contactees that worked behind the scenes and that had more limited contact with the various ET humans. but only one of many contactees in a network of which Adamski. Why should we think conflict ends with us when we see conflicts between predators and prey all through the natural world. It’s called. So what is new? The immensity and reality of the situation is just mind boggling for anybody who tries to get a handle on it both inside and outside of government. earth humans have to make it hard not just on themselves but on everybody else as well. It would seem that earth human devolution is harming others in the cosmic neighborhood in ways that are difficult for us to understand and the celestial humans are determined to get things straightened out here even if they have to fight us and other troublesome ET’s in the process. Not only are earth forces still fighting with some ET groups but ET groups seem to be fighting amongst themselves not only around earth but on a much wider universal scope. by Lou Zinsstag. It’s interesting to see how mainstream propagandists attacks in the 1950s on the most obvious contactees then led to further attacks by UFO/ET investigators and groups like NICAP on all contactees. Howard Menger. I recently wrote an article on Howard Menger and am now working my way through one of my old books on Adamski. It is becoming very clear to me that this earth human network was linked in a very complex way to a very large extraterrestrial human network. In fact other UFO investigators are beginning to comment that there are just too many crashes for it to just be due to equipment malfunction. UFO---George Adamski. Likewise it’s the contactee or UFO/ET investigator that is the most prominent that feels the brunt of the mainstream propagandist and the critically biased uninformed UFO/ET researcher.migration and the interconnectiveness of these parallel dimensional worlds this makes since. George Van Tassel and Daniel Fry were the most publicly prominent. But no. While several contactees were very public. (Part 2) It has been apparent to me for some time that the evolving exopolitical movement of the new century has its roots in the contactee movement of the 1950s. Lou was a friend of Adamski. and the niece of Carl Jung. things would be better for everybody concerned. Their Man On Earth. Donald Keyhoe and NICAP felt the whole UFO/ET field was being discredited by the contactees when in fact the real culprits were the propagandists supported by the military and 61 . If the world’s military and economic elite would just observe more and act less. It’s the nail that stands up the highest that feels the hammer or the highest tree that get hit by lightning.

It became clear to the extraterrestrial humans that something had to be done about earth because we earth humans had become a clear and present danger to their societies in way that we can only begin to imagine. Contact may have covertly accelerated. While I never have had direct contact with ET humans I have nevertheless felt a telepathic affiliation all my life. things were much worse here than was initially realized. It seems to have worked and world elite autocrats and military leaders seem to be relenting and slowly dismantling the institutions that were behind the resistance effort. This is the way things look to me right now. Starting in the 1930's the extraterrestrials began an accelerated push to deal with the danger and had planed on a rapid overt intervention to get earth humanity back on the right track. By the late 1950s it was evident to the ET’s that there would have to be a change of tactics and a much longer covert approach to extraterrestrial contact and intervention. The rapid advances in technical knowledge in the first part of the twentieth century led to space travel and the atomic bomb.economic elite. Unfortunately for humanity as a whole and the ET’s as well. As I work back through material and memories accumulated through my lifetime. It would seem that the ET’s are themselves adding to the pressure to disclose by threatening to once again go publicly overt if officials don’t fess up. Because of our much shorter life spans the transition seems to us to be taking a very long time. The very same things that were going on more overtly in the 1950's are still going on covertly. Being that these human ET’s seem to live to be about 800 to 1000 years old. So far I don’t see the severity of resistance that was evident in the 1950s and I think this is due to covert behind the scenes interactions with autocratic world leadership to dissipate that resistance. the overall picture of ET human interactions is beginning to take shape in my mind. A second complicating factor was when the human ET’s stood down. This resulted in 62 . the time span of this intervention is really still quite brief for them. a gap opened up that allowed less friendly ET’s to establish contact with governments in the 1960's. I believe the rapid emergence of exopolitics is this second push toward overt contact by the human extraterrestrial races. I have experienced this phenomena myself when I was involved with Operation Right To Know and I see it beginning to happen again today in exopolitics. Widespread military and elite autocratic resistance began to emerge in the 1940's and accelerated in league with the ET’s intervention. The human extraterrestrials who had been monitoring developments on earth became very concerned both from self interest and secondly our interest as well. In investigating UFOs in my local neighborhood I have found myself on the fringe of a human ET network that seems to be dealing with the same human ET’s of the 1950's but in a much less overt manner. It’s clear that contact has not dissipated since the 1950s but simply had to go underground due to worldwide autocratic military and elite resistance. The reason that I am so interested in these old contact cases that involved official interactions with human ET’s is that I am told they are still ongoing to this day and the ET’s are getting tired of the foot dragging by high officials in government. the military and in industry in regards to the cover-up. What the ET’s seem to have decided to do is to wait a generation or two for our societies to adapt to their presence and for the elite fear factor to dissipate before they made another more overt push.

Coinciding with this new push by human ET’s we seem to have a reduction in abductions that may mark a reduction in the involvement of world governments with the less friendly ET’s. have fallen under the propagandists spell. These new ET relationships involved Faustian agreements that were really not in the interest of the elites or the public. What it looks like to me is that autocratic elites have had to learn the hard way that resistance to the friendly ET’s was not in their interest nor in the interest of humanity as a whole. World elites really have no option but to cooperate with the friendly human ET’s wither they like it or not. The book I have is one of those books published by Wendelle Stevens that is not widely known. Every person has their frailties and propagandist-debunkers are very good at finding error in one person of a network and then using that to debunk the person and the whole network. a partial truth that is out of context with the totality of the situation. Their Man On Earth is written by Lou Zinsstag an associate of Adamski and a contactee herself. but have even put the whole planet in danger of environmental destruction. At this time it is quite evident that world autocratic elites have not only suppressed human evolution on earth endangering humanity itself. woven so many years ago. In order to understand the present. Exempt From Disclosure. we need to be able to understand the past and how things got to this point in our history. This new group of ET’s interacting with world autocratic leadership is pretty well outlined in the Robert Collins book. I seem to have some guidance as I work back through my memories and my accumulated literature on UFO/ET. I have heard a lot of people popping off publicly discrediting these early contactee networks when they have not really studied them in any depth and are only regurgitating the propagandist’s line. 63 . As I said before I think it is a big mistake to only concentrate on the most public contactees that made up these networks. I think it is my job to help out in this process by conceptualization of the situation and then to publicize these concepts and evidence on my blog and perhaps later in book format. If Tim Good spent years trying to get to the bottom of the Adamski case and failed. are blowing smoke. He said a new group of ET’s had taken over. government opens its files. Anybody who says they have.S.the acceleration of the abduction phenomena where people were being treated the same way we treat lab rats. In the previous article I took a new look at contactee Howard Menger and his contactee and ET networks and now I want to take a new look at George Adamski and his networks. but on those other not widely known contactees that made up the network. It is obvious that Lou Zinsstag is very intelligent and I see from this book that well know author Tim Good has spend a lot of time working through her files and even co-authored a book with her. just not on George Adamski. The book UFO… George Adamski. Or that they are relying on a personal experience. I find that most establishment UFO researchers. There is some really good information here. I have always been interested in the big picture and it seems to be coming into focus. It is becoming obvious to us all that world leaders have failed their respective publics and really screwed things up on this planet in the past century. with people like Timothy Good being an exception. then we aren’t going to get to the bottom of it either until the UFO/ET cover-up ends and the U. In the early 1960's Adamski alluded to this about the time of his mental deterioration and dementia.

It was a copy of his letter addressed to Richard Hall. 1962. “Waveney Girvan wants me to tell you that we had a leak of information through a man who a few years ago was called to an international meeting on your side to view a saucer. as the pilot proceeded to describe the motion power of the craft the audience lost grip and even the most advanced scientist present could no longer follow the concepts offered them.A.A. On page 25 is a reference to an official scientific interaction with a human ET in the 1950s. never went into print.” 64 . In other worlds.” Lou wrote a letter following up on this. From that follows – van den Berg is telling the truth and that his invention is the most important of all time. Mrs. he was invited to the United States with several of his colleagues in the industry to inspect a landed saucer and meet its pilot. Washington (President. then secretary of the organization NICAP. she should not have done this and is now strictly forbidden to do it again. dated September 17. However. Lou says. Donald Keyhoe).S. I wrote a letter to Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand . I am redoubling my efforts to bring this man to England first rather than to the United States. has described such a person. in which I stated: “… They (Waveney and John) are still trying to get into contact with the airplane engineer whose sister talked to Waveney. On page 24.” There is more material in this book that shows that the engineer in question had to deny the event ever happened. ski suited. He went. “… a colleague at the office where I work … approached me with a sensational story. The first reference is detailed in a letter from Waveney Girvan. Five years ago. “On April 4. It would seem that the Eisenhower meetings were not the only official covert meetings with human extraterrestrials at that time. fasteners or pockets of any kind. As it came out. Her brother. “This just the record. The letter says. He communicated by telepathy and he told those assembled that beings like himself had infiltrated among us.” Lou says. is telling the truth. of the type resembling two saucers one above the other. and of distinctly Aryan appearance) addressed the gathering of scientists and aeronautical experts telepathically and we are told that it was an extraordinary experience to hear the audience break through the silence by laughing together sometimes thus proving that they were receiving successfully. and for my own satisfaction. Another very interesting alleged official meeting crops up on page 37. top scientists and engineers were meeting with the extraterrestrials as well. She had not previously realized that I was interested in the subject. and the pilot was exactly as G. Her brother signed a silence warrant in the U. This is reference to an Adamski related event where a pilot and plane was picked up in mid air and sucked into the hangar of the extraterrestrial craft.A. It is still a mystery to me who this garment was made” … Not only does this fit Menger’s accounts of the space suits but other cases like the one I have about the humanoid that died in Sweden. she tells me is an extremely important expert with one of our famous aircraft firms. Hmm. 1963. nor did I notice seams as our garments show. Adamski’s first co-worker in Great Britain. “I saw no zippers.In the Lou Zinsstag book is a description by Adamski of the dress of his extraterrestrial contacts that matches those of other contactees like Howard Menger. I have confirmation that G. as far as I know. “The second came from our friend John Lade. I guess I better type in this account on page 36 before I get to the official scientific meeting on page 37. buttons. Wissler gave a detailed account of a most remarkable story which. The pilot (who was longhaired.

one he sent to the President (Eisenhower). I forgot the year although I well remember the time the report was given to G. It was published by Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand.” A copy of this ET letter was circulated and viewed by others. He had read my book and believed what I said. as suggested.A. in growing numbers. and intelligent. On page 34 of Lou’s book is another very interesting account of an official scientific meeting involving extraterrestrial humans. The incident to which I believe you have reference took place about seven or eight years ago – maybe longer. in June 1960:” “….A. that all of these men were very good looking. “This letter was brought by the pilot to the Pentagon. Petersen. friendly. One little circle was close to the next. They spoke in perfect English. or Indian. He remained in 65 . a procedure which took the better part of half an hour. rather like hieroglyphic signs. but did not give detailed information as to its location. Palomar to hand it out to me. The pilot watched the men putting down the signs. came in for lunch one day. He said that a gigantic spacecraft was already there. A young pilot who had been to the café a number of times and had talked with G. because such an event would disturb the magnetic fields in the whole solar system (not only ours) and might lead to heavy disturbances on their own planet. Adamski told us the story of a pilot whose plane was stopped in mid-air while an enormous cigar-shaped space ship with a large hangar door opened. The circles were filled in with lines. telling him that they were observing. These symbols consisted of small circles. but had something he though G. about the size of a German Pfennig (smaller than a penny). The reason for them having to travel in one of our planes was that there was no landing field in that part of the world large enough to accommodate their ship. because they were not single letters but rather whole sentences. one for himself. He liked them very much and was very impressed by them and their conduct. watching them put up a long and carefully written letter.A. They not only complied with his wish but asked him to hand out their manuscript to the high personality in the Pentagon (name withheld by G. The men in the space ship (who said they were from Venus) showed the pilot around and were very friendly. This was not the only incident of a pilot visiting with George Adamski and giving out detailed information.A. approached his plane and sucked it in.A. reminding the pilot of Egyptian. that he was in a hurry. The young man told G. would be interested in knowing.A. He was introduced to a group of scientists from other planets ad told he was to take them to a scientific meeting in Scotland. A few months later he came to Mt. After having spent more than two hour in the ship. dashes. dots.). They pointed out their concern with our atomic bombs and said that they would never allow our planet to be capsized by them. I had to give him my promise never to reveal his name. The pilot stood by. He got four of them. He was told that the one-page page letter was full of information and that every single one of their symbols was full of meaning. the pilot asked the men for some kind of written evidence as an explanation for the lost hours in which no fuel was used in his plane. the inhabitants of this Earth and all their actions. “Lucy McGinnis wrote to Captain H. writings. one to the Pope (Pius XII).. and he asked for a few copies for himself. Lou says. our co-worker in Copenhagen. He then told about piloting an American plane to Australia where he landed on a vast airport.” Adamski continues. and one for me. This man told G.“Among others.C.

when things looked much brighter for UFO researchers. The mass media also has a shared responsibility for the present undesirable situation in that they allowed and participated in propaganda operations against the public for the past 60 years making them not public watchdogs but elite lapdogs. he said. major newswires and major newspapers have begun to play it straight about the 66 . Yet. This was easily done in a café where hundreds of people from every part of the world came and went.Scotland with his plane while the visitors attended the conference. for better adjustment not only of the people but also of the industry …” Lou says. This was also the time that his mental state began to deteriorate and the contactee network he was involved in began to break down and fall apart. then returned to the States.” It was about this time that Adamski was severely threatened and he talked about being encircled. although many showed him their identification and credentials. This seems to coincide with the breaking off of contact with his ET friends. It is not that the public can’t handle ET visitation and infiltration. The human ET’s seem to have acted aggressively without enough consideration of the possibility of an extremely negative reaction by elite autocratic world military and economic interests. made a practice never to ask the names of people giving him information. hundreds of pieces of evidence being stored away and hidden in a special part of the building which could be entered by only two or three people. On the other hand earth’s economic and military elite are also responsible for the past and present undesirable situation in that they have suppressed and propagandized their respective publics in direct violation of humanitarian and democratic values.A. Rather suddenly some critical elements of the mass media. it’s the elite that can’t handle the interactions and interventions for reasons of fear and greed. Recently there has been some encouraging news. Their actions have been criminal and barbaric. in small amounts. the young man returned them to their ship in Australia. They failed to properly access the feeling of fear and helplessness of the military. we are told. month in and month out. because he never wished to in any way endanger them for their information given him. I think that my regular readers can begin to appreciate that there is a shared responsibility for the past and present undesirable extraterrestrial – earth human situation. scientists from every nation in the world were also present. Little publicity was ever given to this scientific conference although. He told G. “Today. this statements sound rather naïve but we have to remember that it was made in 1959. they think it wise to let the truth come out only slowly.” Miss Wissler’s notes continue: “Later on Adamski said that there was already a lot of proof in the Pentagon (for his statements). For this reason they had to adjust tactics at the end of the 1950’s and become less overt and more covert in their interactions with earth’s humanity. many of our memories have faded through the years. as well as the entrenched autocratic economic interest’s greed for money and power over their fellow human beings. that he had come to see him immediately but was leaving again the same evening for another flight.A. Maybe one day the whole truth will come out about what really happened to humanity and the world at that time. When the conference ended. He maintained that nobody at the Pentagon denied the existence of UFOs nor denied them to be in possession of proof. He deliberately forgot their names. Naturally. There is simply no excuse for their violent repressive tactics against the ET’s and the general population of this planet. We cannot give you this young man’s name because G.

I have a phone number of his around here someplace and if I can find it I will try to get in touch with him. I hope Wendelle won’t mind me promoting his book.” “Well. Their Man On Earth. “I believe that our government deserves all the true information of a clear-cut nature that it is possible to give. “Extensive parts of this publication may not be reproduced for sale without written permission by the publisher or the legitimate heirs of the author.Four of the top men from the Guided Missiles Research Center in California interviewed me and asked me this question: “How can space ships go through a cloud right after an atomic explosion without being affected?” I said.” This book is published by Wendelle Stevens but as I am not reproducing this for sale. Salla is going to like this: “…. Let’s hope this lasts.” It’s really a national disgrace and a shame that he was treated so badly by those same intelligence agencies that he had helped. the cover-up cannot last much longer. This seems to indicate a change in policy at the highest levels of government. I expect the propaganda press to continue to support existing national and international institutions and to rationalize their and the world government despicable actions against ET’s and humanity as a whole through misleading partial releases of information. It’s pretty obvious from the material in this book that George Adamski was more of a political person than Howard Menger and worked closely with the American intelligence agencies. if he was in one of those ships to know just what takes place. On page 44 we have the following: In 1959 Adamski said that his relationship with the intelligence agencies began in 1949. This book was copyrighted in 1990 and hopefully I won’t get into trouble by quoting from it so extensively. I have presented evidence on my blog of two crashed spaceships from the early 1950s that got their human occupants fried from being too close to these explosions when they went off. was all that they said. “How would I know. Well. The book says.” Adamski said. Do you mean that I have been in a ship and I should know?” “We know that you know”. The media lapdogs will continue to propagandize the public by misleading partial releases of information to the public. we know that you know”. I see it as my role and the role of my associates to keep all culpable institutions feet to the fire and to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the public.” 67 . Dr. The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3) In this third Contactee Movement article I am still quoting from Lou Zinsstag’s book George Adamski. I would like to move on to other contactees of the 1950’s but there is so much good material in this book. If the media is “allowed” to play it straight. because the better we are informed. then I told them just what the answer was. the better we are prepared for anything that might come.UFO/ET subject. Here is another quote from an Adamski letter that shows how important and concerned the human ET’s were with atomic atmospheric testing. Tigers don’t change their stripes easily. Of course they may not really be playing it straight quite yet if ever. “The only way a man would know would be. Many of his best pictures and movies were never returned either. and they said it was good. “In 1949. some military persons came into the café at Palomar Gardens and asked him to photograph what was going on in space.

On page 51.” It was so disconcerting that I could not help smiling back which was very unusual. This letter shows that already at that time Adamski knew who was behind the cover-up and who it was that was afraid and who could not handle the truth. There was something in his gait which struck me as odd as I saw him meandering through the groups of people standing in his way. it says that in 1955 Adamski wrote a letter to a trusted friend Mr. not more that three meter away. It is not the people who are afraid of flying saucers but all indications show that the money pots of the world are. several times. His face had a beautiful sun tan. It is quite understandable.” All these contacts by others like Lou clearly show that the ET’s were dealing with a lot of people not just the most public contactees. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world. once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth. I thought that he was taking me for somebody else and tried to avoid his eyes. That does not mean the activity of space people is less there than elsewhere. I saw a man entering the door farthest away from where I sat. His dark blond hair was kept backwards. and very healthy. the world “alerted” came to my mind probably because he looked so wide-awake and happy. a bit too short for his legs as I noticed. happy. from the first moment.” In response to a similar question from Lou. and very quickly he left through the next door. for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth. I forcefully threw the thought at him. his whole face was smiling and there was something like a victorious touch in his expression as if he wanted to say: “At long last. His jacket was blue and his trousers grey. he turned around on his heels while with his arms and hands he made a gesture which underlined the head nodding. I saw this sort of thing happen to my own father where in his 68 . All these branches in the media business must have money to continue. whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. his smile increased and his eyes sparkled beautifully as if to say: “At long last. formulated like something as “Are you or are you not a spaceman?” And as soon as the stranger saw the thought dawn on my face. His smile was constantly increasing. He wore a white shirt with an open collar. But I simply couldn’t. “…. he never looked at anybody else but at me. And it was this word which make the “penny drop” in my head and now that he was quite close to my table. But the oddest thing was that. or a Canadian. so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. I had to follow him with mine. Ragaz. Slowly. and his step was quick and elastic. The rest of the book gets into what appears to be Adamski’s dementia either induced or natural that became obvious with the Saturn report and lead to the break up of the contactee network. Suddenly. his smile vanishing for a moment. He drew my attention at once because he looked fresh as a daisy. quite unusual for a theatre visitor in the early sixties. so they keep it from the public the best they know how. Adamski states. “Suddenly. And he nodded his head clearly. For. This monetary group may even go so far as to place people in your organization …” On page 59 Lou discusses a personal contact with a spaceman. she has got it finally”. just think of the effect. smiling broadly and very friendly. I tracked you down and here I am. He had deep blue eyes and high cheek bones. “…. He looked foreign and I though that he might be a Norwegian.

I believe if it had not been for their infiltration and intervention. had a bad car accident and then died over many years piece by piece from multiple strokes. Those who research both contactee and abductee cases have had to deal with fraudulent contactees and abductees. I have concentrated my attention on contactee cases because I feel there is great benefit from studying this sometimes neglected area of investigation and research. We on this planet can thank our lucky stars that these friendly human ET’s seem to be exerting the most overall control over developments on his planet. This term first came into being as far as I know in the 1950’s with the widespread public and media controversies around several prominent controversial contactees including George Adamski and Howard Menger. We could end up colonized and enslaved. Even today the world elites are still trying their best out of greed and fear to create environmental collapse abet at a much slower pace than atomic warfare. the autocratic military and economic elites of this world would have made this planet uninhabitable by attacking each other with nuclear weapons by now. This sorry state of affairs reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where a bunch of gangsters were running a planet requiring an intervention by the crew of The Enterprise. Some seem to think that Adamski was abandoned by his ET friends but I think this was something natural that even they could do nothing about. seem to have a strange myopia when it comes to friendly ET contact. If some of these less friendly races were able to become dominant we would be really be in much more trouble that we are now. Adamski’s mental deterioration coincided with elite military and economic interest exertion of fearsome pressure on the public contactees worldwide and on the contactee movement as a whole. I think the ET’s changed their tactics at this point and backed off realizing that it would take a much more time consuming and sustained effort to reduce the resistance to their activities before they could move forward once again. I believe their strategy is and has been to overtly work with the world’s autocratic elite while at the same time covertly and discretely working with ordinary people in preparation for full disclosure. Counterfeit Contactees People who claim contact with friendly extraterrestrial beings are commonly called contactees. Certainly they have been working in their own interest as well as ours but in a win – win manner. I don’t negate the abductees and abductee research. If you ask me I think we owe this group of friendly ET’s a debt of great gratitude. Abductee researchers. while they have been of great benefit to abductees. the militaries worst nightmare of the 1950s would have come true. exopolitics represents part of this second push toward full disclosure of their presence.early seventies he suddenly began to exercise poor judgment. believing that only unfriendly or indifferent contact 69 . I think that the time has now come and as I have previously stated. Before I go any further and as usual I must make this disclaimer. Later in the 1960’s the word abductees came into widespread usage due to a rapid rise of abduction cases publicized by the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case.

to the investigator that believes all of these cases are imaginary or fraudulent. Promises (of a spiritistic nature) are near-to never kept. “…. not only in the mainstream. I then compare this with my personal experiences with both contactees and investigators and arrive at what I hope is something close to the truth.is real. The grey area in between the two polarities is much more complex and difficult to understand. This is our ultimate goal. consider the possibility of free flight through space in craft not confined to an orbit. These biases filter or color witness testimony and evidence presented.to discarnate entities. But the space people have 70 . Instead of receiving messages from the brothers as so may claim. It was written in 1957.” In the same year 1957 a correspondent in Germany received these lines from Adamski. but very much so in exopolitics. Adamski says. On page 64 of Lou Zinsstag’s book on Adamski it refers to an article written by Adamski in Flying Saucer Review with the title. So why try and wrap those people who have already reached that goal. They all come through mediums who do not understand themselves or their mind. True face to face contact backed up by testimonial and other evidence and fraudulent contact backed up also by testimonial and other evidence are pretty clear cut. But these promises do not come from the brothers. and ends with fraudulent contact. many people are now claiming contacts with the space people through mediumistic channels. “…. Flying Saucers Versus The Supernatural. I prefer to think about delusion. To make understanding even more difficult the investigator of contact and abductee cases also has a spectrum range beginning with the investigator that believes just about anything told to them . Most people are heavily emotionally invested. By concentrating on friendly contact I try to compensate for this. they are but hosts to impersonators ….imaginary contact delusional contact. They triumphantly point out the fact that anybody of flesh and blood could not survive at these speeds. Many advocates of the supernatural base their arguments on the tremendous speed necessary for interplanetary travel. a glaring conceptual error on the part of abductee researchers. abductees. This idea of contactee legitimacy is very controversial. May I give you here a word of caution that you might find yourself involved in unnecessary problems at some later date? In this country and I understand. active in the public domain for as long as I have studied UFO/ET. throughout the world. It really takes a lifetime of work in the UFO/ET field to begin to tackle the realities and unrealities involving extraterrestrial contact. researchers and investigators. I am sure to have just about everybody jumping on me for even trying to tackle this very sensitive area within the exopolitical community. be they contactee or investigator. It’s a lousy job but somebody has to tell folks what they don’t want to hear. in my mind. imagination and outright fraud in contactee and abductee cases as a spectrum that begins with. true face to face contact . in a cloak of mystery? Why would a “spook” need a space craft??” “…. I have been studying contactees. Every investigator has a bias based upon personal psychology and past experience.telepathic contact . Now.” “…. nor what they are tuning into.. I have found it very interesting that controversial contactee George Adamski was on to this problem of counterfeit contactees as early a 1955.

to his work’s expansion. 1. Some counterfeit money is poorly counterfeited and easy to spot. “Already in 1959. if the contact is friendly. according to my information are nothing but impersonators. It takes a skilled and trained secret services employee to spot very good counterfeits and sometimes even the expert gets fooled. again and again. displayed by space craft in our own atmosphere. of flesh and blood. sustaining the mediumistic theories and propagating them through secret channels without being themselves related to such groups.” In the field of exopolitics even today as in the 1950s investigators and researchers are plagued by counterfeit contactees and their networks. Counterintelligence operatives were a problem in the 1950s and the damage done has continued into the present. 2. he added. then it can’t be true. The sincere but deluded individual unconsciously seeking attention and power over others.told me on numerous occasions that because people of earth have little understanding of themselves. More than anything else. not disembodied entities. It is too bad that so many of the spiritualists have discarded their “Indian Guides” and replaced them with space people. 4. he had often hinted at a dangerous anonymous silencing agency at work. Our problem is analogous to that of a secret service investigator who has to spot and deal with counterfeit money. This residual disinformation and propaganda effect is still very prominent in the minds of establishment UFO/ET researchers causing them to shy away from contactee cases. the messages propagated by mediums in those later fifties put brakes. This is so confusing in the minds of many people. 71 . The contactee impersonator out to make a buck or a skeptic out to make a fool of a believer. they have not used such channels for communication.” Lou goes on to say. Counterfeit contactees fall into several categories just as Adamski pointed out. “Their apprehension is well founded”. As far as most establishment UFO/ET researchers are concerned. It would not be wise. Adamski is constantly endeavoring to keep the reality of the visitors on a physical basis. Thus. but it is to say that most of them have much to learn before they can be sure of just what they are receiving and from whom and where. so he said. “Indeed the lunatic fringe gave George Adamski a lot to do for the rest of his life. Exopolitical investigators and researchers today mostly have only to deal with the first three categories as far as I know in regards to contactee cases.” Lucy McGinnis said Adamski told her this in December of 1955. “They have good reasons to propagate the spiritistic explanation.” Lou Zinsstag goes on to say. the entities who speak through mediums. Counterintelligence operations intent on disrupting and contaminating public understanding of contactees and contactee networks by supporting and publicizing counterfeit contactees. A sincere honest person with an overactive imagination who may or may not have had some kind of contact or other event that triggers the imagination. This is not to belittle mediums in any way. apparently without using our kind of fuel. The duty of this agency was. “Mr. People must be made to understand hat these people are human beings. It was their business to blur a dawning image of a new form of energy coming our way. 3. nor our newly developed expensive flight technics. to dispel the growing apprehension of people of some consequence in science and industry and to kill their interest in UFO reports. but other counterfeit money made by experts is very difficult to spot.

I usually consider these people well meaning and harmless and I don’t try to rain on their parade. recently stated that he had been threatened by these types. but search them out as well. The counterfeit contactee who is sincere but deluded is another matter altogether. One could say that these folks are just too open minded and will believe in just about anything at the drop of a hat with little power of discrimination. They have counterintelligence connections and are connected to SETI an organization that uses the illusionist’s art of misdirection and outright debunking in the mass media to propagandize the public in regards to extraterrestrial life. Abductee Ed Walters also has had counterintelligence operations run against him when he got to be too well known in the mass media. Exopolitical investigators have broken down this mental and emotional obstacle and now not only actively investigate contactee cases. Counterfeit contactees with an overactive imagination may have actually had a real experience of some sort that stimulated their imagination to a point where their imagination runs away with them. As we in the emerging field of exopolitics become more credible we can expect to have done to us what abductees and abductee researchers have experienced in the past. but a well organized group of people connected to a well know skeptics group. This type of counterfeit contactee is the most numerous and they very sincerely chat and discuss their experiences with others across the internet trying to figure things out. Sometimes a real contactee will turn into a counterfeit contactee of this type as well. This could be a person out to make a buck at the expense of others or it could be a skeptical individual or group who decides to make a fool out of an investigator or other believers. Other people who believe in them can become very disillusioned and leave the UFO/ET field altogether when these people crash and burn. The contactee or abductee impersonator is an insincere con artist and different individuals may have very different motives and agendas. 72 . They sometimes go off the deep end and if they are charismatic they can carry other people over the cliff when making dramatic catastrophic predictions that don’t come true. The Committee For The Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal whose name is even a lie. and who has trouble listening to what others have to say. When criticized they and their followers can become very hostile and even dangerous. They are often sincere and can be loving people and as a rule are not dangerous. This seems to be good enough to maintain this residual propaganda effect from the 1950s counterintelligence operations in the minds and emotions of establishment UFO/ET investigators and the public. because sometimes they do have real experiences amongst all the mental and emotional chatter. This type of counterfeit contactee is a very closed minded individual who has all the answers. They rant on in long diatribes of so called “channeled messages”. Contactee impersonators seem to be much rarer than abductee impersonators because to date contactees have remained pretty much discredited because of counterintelligence actions taken against them in the 1950s and 1960s. John Mack an abductee researcher was targeted by not one. Captain Robert Collins.General disinformation operations through tabloids like the Weekly World News with their atrocious fabricated stories are the more sophisticated evolution of the trashing of contactee testimony. These folks are often shy at first to discuss their experiences but usually get over it and even become chatter-bugs over time. dredging up all kinds of stuff from the depths of their subconscious. author of Exempt From Disclosure.

So with all these counterfeit contactees running around trying to get attention on the internet and elsewhere, the logical question is how does one spot a true contactee? I have found from personal experience that nowadays, unlike back in the 1950s true contactees keep a very low profile. The main reason for this as I have explained in other articles is that the human ET’s tactics have changed from open overt contact in the 1950s to much more covert contact that continues to this day. This could be beginning to change. I started running into real deal contactees when I created my own intelligence gathering network in my local area and started to seriously investigate UFO sightings many years ago. Because I was persistent and open minded, I discovered that most of these sightings were collateral sightings, made by ordinary people going about their ordinary business. The deeper I dug and the more involved I got, allowed me to track these collateral sightings to some very discrete individuals at the very bottom of the social economic ladder. I generally made a pest of myself and gained the confidence of these contactees and even had sightings of my own. It often took years to tickle information out of these people and sometimes they would get quite upset if I got on to something that I was not supposed to know about. The human ETs that run these networks of contactees keep close tabs on their contactees telepathically and also use implants if permission is given. The contactee knows from moment to moment just how much and what they can talk about. If they do talk too much then the contact will be discontinued and the damage will be slight to the ETs programs because nobody is going to believe these contactees anyway because of their low economic and educational status. I have discovered that human ETs when they infiltrate our society have made very effective use of class barriers and other social constructs, so as to maintain security and integrity of their infiltration operations. I remain at the edges of these networks and there is much my contactee friends have told me that I cannot talk about, but lately it would seem things are changing. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s because disclosure is quickening and the release of information about ET networks can move forward at a faster pace to keep up with overall disclosure and provide overall balance. I also think that the ET’s overall security situation and the security of their contactees is improving. Military resistance to their activities seems to be on the decrease perhaps due to an overall policy shift at the highest levels of government. All I can say is it’s about time! In a nutshell, if the contactee is hard to find and difficult to crack, then the contactee most likely is the real deal. If the contactee seeks publicity and seems credible then the chances of the contactee being the real deal decreases considerably. That’s not to say that all public contactees are counterfeit. It’s just that its going to be tougher to tell the real thing from the counterfeit and its going to take a long while, of wait and see, to see how the case falls out. Deceivers usually begin by making small mistakes and if they get away with this they can become overconfident and really make a big mistake exposing their fraudulent activity for all to see. All I can say for those investigating over the internet is buyer beware. If you are really interested, sincere and have the patience, build up your own intelligence gathering network in your local area. Then as I said before, track the collateral sightings until you find the embedded contactees. If you are really good and you can keep your mouth shut, you 73

might just meet an extraterrestrial. My contactee friends tell me that the reason I have not met an extraterrestrial so far is because I can’t keep my mouth shut either. Of course they are right. But who knows, I am learning to better keep confidences as I age, realizing that even ET’s have their own security concerns and operations that could be disrupted by a careless comment broadcast by me all over the internet.

Strategies for Friendly Contact (Part 1)
There are three basic strategies towards developing contact with advanced ethical ET races that I would like to discuss. In this discourse I will discuss the second strategy with the third strategy being a combination of the two. The first strategy considered by most people is to travel to a area where ETV/ET activity has made it into the national or international news. Wither there is really is a increase in activity or simply a increase in reporting has to be established. It may even be that the perception of a increase in activity is due to the fact that they the ET's are simply allowing their craft to be seen while real activity remains constant. The second strategy that I personally have been pursuing is not as widely considered. My strategy has been and still is to borrow down into ET/ETV activity locally. This second strategy supposes that there is a large amount of ET activity going on everywhere under everybody’s noses but is simply not discovered or reported. I built my own intelligence gathering network in the following manner. First I studied the literature in the ETV/ET field in depth then got to know many investigators personally and joined the organization MUFON as well as some other organizations. I realized at this point that this was much more than a scientific problem and the community was being steered away from seeing it as a political and intelligence problem. It was easy to see that you can't solve a intelligence problem and a political problem with scientific solutions because the evidence is being tampered with, suppressed and obfuscated. I began to read books on intelligence gathering and analysis as well as build my own local intelligence gathering network in my local area that encompassed about a fifty mile radius from Cairo Georgia. This included the capital of Florida, Tallahassee, and other Georgia cities like Bainbridge, Albany, Thomasville, Valdosta and several smaller communities. Over time I developed some high level intelligence connections on the Internet. Early on I gathered through my network quite a number of lower level retired military with intelligence experience and connections who had had ETV/ET experiences while working for the shadow government in different capacities including crash retrieval and a individual who supervised a elite group of pilots who flew missions to photograph and study ETV's in the 1950's. He had a file at his job site in which there were pictures of different ET types dead and alive taken by Jimmy Doolittle the famous general and aviator of the Second World War. Jimmy Doolittle's involvement which I had never heard of before in the UFO community was confirmed by John Lear. In discussions with John he said that when he first got interested in UFO's his


mother got worried and contacted their family friend who was none other than Jimmy Doolittle. Doolittle said to her that yes UFO's were real, but he could not talk about it. I built my network in this manner. First I began writing letters to the editor in local papers asking to be contacted by people who had seen UFO's. When I picked up several sightings this way I then went to local newspapers to have these people interviewed asking that my name and phone number be published. At this point things really took off. I was not only picking up current sightings which were numbering about two a week but a huge number of past sightings by people who were afraid of ridicule. These sightings seemed to cluster in certain areas and as I got to know the people who were having the peripheral sightings I burrowing down digging deeper and deeper, working down to the few people closest to the events. It was by generally pushing and prodding making a general nuisance of myself that I gathered more information from those few individuals closest to the sighting activity and the most close mouthed. It took years to build up enough trust to get much of the story beneath the story. To this day I have to keep much of this information secret. Most UFO investigators never get this deep. Most don't have the persistence, and few the integrity to gain the trust and protect the security interests of these individuals. An investigator gets a juicy morsel and goes public and people get hurt. That lack of integrity and trustworthiness stops the investigator in their tracts as the flow of information dries up. The investigator gets frustrated, moves on or even gets hostile to his contacts falling to find the fault within himself or herself. I think you can begin to get the point why I keep harping on this ethics thing. There are not many highly ethical investigators with high integrity in the ETV/ET community I have found out from personal observation. A first group of investigators have the usual fragile human psyche but they have powerful ego defenses that keep them from getting to the bottom of the matter. On the other end of the spectrum are those who's fragile psyche does not have the defenses of the first group and they get a little deeper but begin to fly off the handle into all kind of perceptions quite distant from reality. "grin" (Oh, not me you say.) To make matter worse, both of these types who again are two sides of the same coin get to fighting amongst themselves. I tell you from personal experience that no matter who you are if you think your psyche is not fragile you are fooling yourself and you have a lot to learn from the school of hard knocks. When one is able to dig deep enough, things really get interesting and heat up. I tracked down a individual who knew a lot but was not talking much. A friend of this individual was having a lot of sightings where this sighting cluster was going on so I started coming over with a camera. I got lucky I guess, because as it turned out later I was told that the ET's at the time were distracted and upset because the shadow government had got their hands on one of their friends from a affiliated group of ET's. The craft came in from the east as a bright red light with a little purple almost at the center. As it decelerated the bright red light diminished to only a small spot by the time it stopped and was hovering over the trees. At this point one could see windows and other lights on what looked like a airliner simply hovering over the swamp with no sound. I think I was seeing the thing edge on. I had taken a photo with high speed film but when developed the craft could not be seen in the 75

picture while the light coming out of a window of a house of even less intensity could be easily seen. The craft began to move and the red light got brighter then dimmed again as it slowed again and stopped a little further away. This was the first craft I have seen and it kept my attention. Then my friend and I noticed that this other person had took off across the field with both my friend and I hurrying to catch up. The contact person got down into the swamp first and pretty soon there were some very loud strange noises and my lady friend became afraid. So damn, I had to deal with her for a little while and by that time the contact person came out laughing particularly at our friend who so wanted to have contact but got scared. Apparently the ET's got surprised and did not meet with the contact for long and in fact I was told by the contact person that one of them had dropped the little remote control thing that opened and closed the door on the craft. Like the thing people use now days to lock their cars. Later my friend went back the next day to poke around but did not look close enough and missed finding the door opener. The contact went back and retrieved it, kept it for awhile and then gave it back to the ETs. He would not show it to us. But he teased our friend about not looking around well enough. That night I drove home and as I was driving down the long grassy road to my house I noticed two red lights fly over and across the corner of my property. They had followed me home to see where I lived. Later in a field the contact person took a picture of me in the field being scanned and later showed the picture to me. There were bands of light surrounding me but I had seen or felt nothing in the field. Later our friend and the contact person took a video of another type of craft of theirs that I was allowed to view. The video then had to be erased as it was for my eyes only. Later I was told by the contact person that the ET's would not interact with me directly because I had a big mouth and knew too many high level people in the UFO community. "grin" I have been trying over the years to keep it shut more but its hard as you can see from this post. After the contact person became a friend and could trust me this person confined in our mutual friend and myself about a lot of things over several years. Often we would have to make a nuisance of ourselves and aggravate things out of him. He had very legit security concerns as well as did his ETs. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds with this post. But as the events mostly happen years ago I think I am okay at least I hope so. I think I remember him saying it was okay to put out some of this as long as I was very careful. He does not want the government to get its hands on him either. I think its time to get some of this out but I still have to be careful. The ET's he is dealing with are human, short and barrel chested. Their civilization has not had a overt war for 2000 years but are locked into a low intensity conflict with some other groups that seem to be working with our government to keep this type ET out who won't have anything to do with our government. They are a small group affiliated with other groups who are more involved with humanity. They have been working in the local area for over 100 years. Their agenda is limited to some educational to their species and scientific work which involves taking water and soil samples and this is how the contact first met them. They also have a interest in the genetic blood lines of some Indian tribes as there is some kind of connections here from the past. They are from a local star about 12 light years away I think if I remember correctly.


It even seems that the conflict even filters down into minds of individuals. Because my intelligence gathering network gathered up so much material this really helped me get a handle on the big picture. The fearful abduction experiences had ended. This is not unlike what is beginning to develop between China and the US as China become industrialized and more belligerent toward its neighbors or what happened with Germany causing the Second World War. making it more difficult for them to operate here without being detected and shot down. After I had talked to this person in the beginning that night I was awoke in the middle of the night and was told mentally in not uncertain terms stay out of it. It seems that humanity and other civilizations like it that are emerging stellar civilizations are on the front lines of a mostly low intensity conflict at least on earth. Several years later this person got back with me and has had changed very much no longer fearful and very clear and loving. The point I am making here is that the low intensity ET conflicts on earth filters down not only through generations of individuals but runs through whole families. What may shock some people is that this conflict is much closer to them than they think. It 77 . one involved in benevolent contact with ethically advanced races and another sibling going to work for the shadow government involved with less ethical ET races and becoming a very dangerous person for those on the receiving end. "grin" I practice the Tao and I decided not to follow this any further but made a telepathic note that this was too much for me and somebody else better handle it. Not only does this information threaten this group but other affiliated groups as well.They did eventually rescue their friend that was being held in a underground room loaded with explosives and sensors so could not be beamed out. Siblings having contact with opposing ethical ET groups can even share information between them protected by family bonds. This person now feels that there is contact with benevolent ETs. The shadow government did get highly sensitive information out of this ET through interrogation and torture before the other ET's were able to break him out. Another strategy I have yet to discuss is the use of higher states of consciousness to achieve ET contact. I guess I'll stop now and let that thought sink in. A individual working for a agency in the government dealing with ET's may have children who part ways. something that can be done most anywhere to achieve benevolent ET contact. I don't want to diverge too far here because what I am getting at is this. What really gets interesting is that in some cases I have studied various ET groups have interactions through families. This conflict between different ET federations can flare up into a high intensity conflict here or elsewhere in the neighborhood if certain bounds are breached. Strategies For Friendly Contact (Part 2) In a prior paper I discussed the idea of burrowing down into the ETV/ET activity in a local area. Most ET's seem to have well developed telepathic capabilities and use a more advanced form of a internet. It should not be difficult to see the benefit under these conditions that a person on the ground could be. An individual who seems to now have benevolent ET contact was when I met this individual having typical abduction problems.

The answer that came back to us was." This marked the turning part of my life when I was about 23 years of age. but when we interact with others these faults get magnified and are pointed out to us by others. At that very moment three beings that I could only describe as like dew drops shining in the morning sun entered my mind and gave me a thought form that when translated into words is. not only false cultural beliefs. Together we made another leap in consciousness." That was enough of that for us at the time as the reader could well understand. A second acceleration of consciousness occurred when I met and became close to several people who were also going through this transformation of consciousness. Some of my false beliefs and prejudices that I had absorbed indiscriminately without much thought in the south came out into the open in heated discussions with my northern friends. I have noticed that when interacting with close friends in a loving manner we synergize and achieve a higher state of consciousness than one could achieve alone. So I can even say at a early age my consciousness was being accelerated by being in the company of such high level people. I developed a group of close friends at the University. I felt that many of these people even though they were high level had been left out of the loop pertaining to UFO's. Many chronic faults are not recognized because they stay under our radar so to speak. These folks would not work under the security constraints and restrictions to their liberty that was required in the special access programs relating to ET's. When I was a small boy I was surrounded by many of the best scientists in what was later to be called the field of ecology. "Grin" A third acceleration of consciousness happened to me on the internet over ten years ago when I became very active on the net and with a group of intellectuals many who were physicists. This may have even moved us up into contact with the telepathic net. This is what I call the telepathic net. "Your path is truth. five of us in a pentagon formation. your vehicle is honesty and the fuel for that vehicle is love. We were often telepathic in some of our interactions but one evening we were in a field under the stars. End of communication. into a much greater perspective.seems to me that all living things are connected by a underling energy field which can be used as a medium of communication irrespective of space and time. lay down in a bed in a friends cabin in Alaska and said to myself that if this is all there is to life then I don't want to live. a rebirth if you will. I could also remedy those faults because higher consciousness tends to magnify all aspects of oneself both the good and the bad. When I communicate with friends in this higher state of consciousness I have been able to better able to find faults in my psychology. and a question was asked telepathically what is our relationship to you. It took a couple of years to overcome the inertia of the old belief system and replace it with the new greater perspective but since then my consciousness has been in a steady upward climb. Alaska. This collapse took several years and was a very painful and difficult time for me because as they say old beliefs die hard. "Our relationship to you is like your relationship to your garden. 78 . This was the beginning of the collapse of my old unconsidered beliefs. It occurred to me that I could be helpful to ending the coverup if I could help inform those left out of the loop. The moderator of the group was physicist Jack Sarfatti and this group continues to this day on the Stardrive website. but also much more fundamental beliefs on the nature of reality itself. One day I hit rock bottom. Later when I left the south to go to school in the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

It seemed that this ET could have been a historian of mankind's history because I got the impression of a vast understanding of earth human history. feeling the same thing at the same time when not in internet communication etc. 79 . There was a lot of interesting fallout from this little spat and I hope the material is still archived. The impact upon my own consciousness and personality was very powerful to such a degree that for weeks afterward when I met someone it was difficult not to break into tears because of the depth of feeling. Several of these high level people seemed to have some contact with ET's but weren't talking about it very much. Along with these physicists in this group were some high level intelligence operatives as well as some high level debunkers. The impression I had at the time was that this ET had a viewing screen next to where he or it was sitting that was so clear that it appeared to be a window looking out onto a scene on a African plain. One can learn a lot about a family during a fight. find myself posting the same thing at the same time as somebody else. The ET's could have initiated telepathic contact with the individual in France who put the message on the internet to be picked up by Michael and inspired the 4contact forum some of us are now using.I became Jack's UFO fetch and carry man passing on information on ETV/ET material that I though relevant to their interests. Things got pretty hot when some of these physicists like Jack who also had some background in intelligence got into it with some of their buddies realizing that they were being disinformed. The ET's could verify that the communications are real by showing their craft to selected participants and by other means. It seemed that the best way to communicate the depth of thought and feeling was through poetry. It's at this point that I really began to realize just how fragile was the earth human personality in general and mine in particular. This may already be ongoing with the purported ET poll and the response to it from the exopolitics site. A real shouting match developed with each calling the kettle black so to speak and accusing the other of having been involved in disinformation operations in the past. It seemed that it was difficult for this being to communicate with me because of the vastness of its understanding and feeling. These prior adventures in higher consciousness have given me the idea that it is possible for a group of people to establish communication with ET's using the internet. I think that one of the ET's associated with somebody in this internet network got interested in me and began to communicate to me telepathically in images that I would have to then translate into words. I became very aware of how our words of communication have their roots in images from our collective past. I may still have some of these possible communications around somewhere but mostly on the hard drive of a computer that is no longer working. So the next step in my thinking is that if we can access this net when we raise our consciousness enough we should be able to establish contact with various ET races and even have negotiations. This type of synchronistic activity I believe is a indicator of a internet telepathic interface. Dealing with these high level people really pushed me to a higher level of consciousness and maybe attracted the interest of a ET. I am still not sure to this day whether I was communicating with a ET that was sitting in a ship somewhere or with something within my own unconscious or collective unconsciousness. I can tell when the internet communications begin to interface with the telepathic net when I begin to answer questions before seeing the question.

there is still a unconscious covert interconnectivity that is both genetic and psychological which binds earth humanity together with celestial humanity. This schism involves the argument whether an individual or collective is capable of determining their own destiny or whether some other self appointed authority should determine the individual or collective destiny. Such a model of universe affairs has been very helpful. It is my supposition that this schism in earth's humanity is indicative of a larger rift in the greater celestial humanity. We argue that similarities should hold true for physics. religion. I have argued the case elsewhere for a greater celestial humanity of which earth humanity is but a small part and that this greater humanity is mirrored by earth humanity. There has been one very powerful schism in conceptual thought throughout earths political and religious history that I suspect is common throughout the universe as a whole. allowing me to make some sense out of our relationship to the overall scheme of things. sociology. These populations remained remarkably similar in governance and in religion even though there was little direct contact between the respective populations. I postulate that we are a fragment of a greater celestial humanity and more similar to celestial human and humanoid populations than we might think. Alfred Webre and myself have argued the case for the old adage. Evidence for this kind of symmetry is evident upon close examination of earth human history where populations have existed in almost total isolation for long periods of time. Throughout earth's history rulers have argued that because their subjects are ignorant and foolish that they the ruler should control the destiny of the subject. I have argued that most of earth humanity is not consciously aware of this greater humanity or their perceptions are greatly distorted as in the bible because of a quarantine imposed by universe society. I would like to pursue this line of thought further in this paper. mirror universe affairs. On the other hand there have been those who have argued just the opposite and for their efforts have been vigorously suppressed even massacred by both ruler and priest alike. I feel very strongly that the celestial humans are just as split over many different issues of similar nature as are earth humans and that celestial humans and earth humans mirror each other even 80 . I argue that even this being the case. It would seem that we live in what appears to be a holographic or fractal universe where a small piece of the whole. The priest class have summarized that god given knowledge or universal knowledge is just too advanced for the ordinary individual and so it must be kept secret and given out in dribs and drabs to the masses. as below so above.Concurrence Between Heaven And Earth Both Dr. I also argue that this interconnectivity dictates a evolving symmetry of ideas and concepts on both sides that continues to this day. in this instance earth affairs. politics and law throughout the universe. ecology. The priests who aligned themselves closely with ruling families make much the same argument in that it is they the priests who should be the intermediaries between the people and the gods because the people are incapable of having a direct relationship with God.

There were no hotels anywhere close to the Hopi's at the time. My father before he became a ecologist was a collector of small mammals for the Chicago Museum and camping was no big deal and the whole family enjoyed this pursuit.though direct contact is limited. I used to hang out sometimes with my father at Greenwood as a small boy and I remember my father telling me something significant that I believe relates to the ET hybridization program for which there is a large body of evidence that has accumulated over the years. My father was looking to develop better drought resistance in southern corn and the Hopi had a very drought resistance corn that they planted and grew in the desert. The corn that the southern farmer was using had a low yield. much lower that the hybrid corn being developed and used by farmers in the Midwest. The search for genetic material took the family on some very interesting adventures one of which was the development of a close family relationship with the Hopi Indians in the Western United States. So when a small boy the family was packed up into a station wagon in early fifties and in late spring for many years the whole family would go out to Hopi Land for a month where we would camp out in an apple grove if I remember correctly. It was a race against time to find and cultivate these varieties before they became extinct. At this point I think the reader is beginning to get the drift of where this argument is going. I believe that as celestial humanity gets it's act together we on earth will do the same with or without more direct contact in the near future. In the intermediate future we should certainly reintegrate back into the whole of celestial humanity and universe society. So the company was always on the look out for native corn and I remember my father bemoaning the fact that many of the early varieties of corn were no longer being planted and were being lost. In other words the modern corn as it was developed tended to loose it's ability to stand up to complex environmental stress factors. My father told me that artificially created hybrid corn while it had a much greater yield than the earlier natural varieties was much less hardy. He and my father came up with the idea of developing hybrid seed corn and started a hybrid seed corn business on the plantation. as above so below. On The Hybridization of Humanity As I think more and more upon this greater humanity and its relationship to earth humanity I cannot but see the parallels between the early creation of hybrid seed corn. Greenwood Seed Company wanted that genetic material to breed into a corn hybrid they called Dixie 18. The reason the early varieties of corn were so important even though they were not high yield producers was because they had hardy genetic material that the company was always having to go out in the world to find in order to combat the loss of vigor in the hybrid corn. When I was a boy my father ran a fancy quail plantation for the rich and famous that was basically his day job that allowed him to pursue his scientific work when all was running smoothly. John Hay Whitney the owner of Greenwood and former ambassador to Great Britain wanted to do something for the southern farmer that would also help the quail hunting. we can expect that the greater humanity in its engineering of universe society’s genetic structure has the exact same problem that Greenwood Seed Company was having with its hybridization program with corn. I am thinking that earth humans while not very 81 . Under the old saying.

The door to a new world is opening before us. If we can become more cooperative and less competitive amongst ourselves so as to build consensus and trust across our fractionalized society. :-) are nonetheless a rather hardy primitive species of human that are a very valuable resource that must be carefully managed and protected. :-) Maybe the remote viewers would like to look into this. I am well aware that many people feel violated by such genetic exploitation but is it really any different than what we do amongst ourselves. See allegations by the late inventor James Black who died under suspicious circumstances shortly before he was to sue the United States and 82 .hartford-hwp. then this in turn will attract more advanced beings to us. On the other hand I believe moral and ethical principles may trump the greater humanities self interest and the decision has been made at the highest levels :-) to forgo this self interest for the greater good and to incorporate earth humanity into universe society.html http://www.html Is Army Intelligence is being implicated in the disruption and interference of political movements in the field of Exopolitics as well? This should come as no surprise as it would be quite natural for Army Intelligence to expand their often nefarious activities into the Exopolitical field being that the Exopolitical field is the more encompassing political arena. Resistance To Civilian Contact It is well know in some circles the role that Army Intelligence has played in the disruption of political movements within and without the United States and with the civil rights movement in particular.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/051401. In addition to interference and suppression of our most basic human rights and freedoms. Until we stop violating each other. Genetic Upgrades To Advanced Specie Genome's. I suspect out there in extraterrestrial libraries are a large number of scientific papers with titles like. then I think we would have a legitimate right to complain.com/archives/45a/index-bcb. Then our and their learning and consciousness can combine into a much higher state of experience that we all yearn for. can we expect the universe to do otherwise? I believe we all attract onto ourselves others of similar nature so as to work out in group dynamics the lessons we need to learn collectively and individually.ratical. In these papers might be found discussions about the benefits of maintaining retrograde primitive human populations for genetic exploitation. evidence is mounting as to the suppression of the development of exotic technologies within the public domain to be used for peaceful purposes. Let us let us face and overcome our individual and collective fears so as to step through that doorway into a better world where cooperation is the norm and were competitive pressures will ease and become more manageable. http://www. If we were not violating each other all the time. :-) This idea surely makes a few folks uncomfortable but I think it could be key as to why some elements of universe society would rather that earth humanity not be incorporated into Universe Society so as to maintain this valuable primitive species of humanity for exploitation.productive.

It is my intention to investigate ethical ET activity and interactions with ethical earth human beings in preparation for possible more formal future diplomatic relations and negotiations. Alfred Webre that attacks have been made on his person with exotic non-lethal weapons because of his support of contactee's. Los Alamos. I request a halt to any and all attacks against honest law abiding earth citizens with lethal and non-lethal weapons who are endeavoring to work with benevolent ET networks. and John Alexander for the suppression and theft of his and Hutchinson's patents and intellectual property.uforc.com/antigravity/blackops. The fact is. Such a ethical policy would prevent further alienating benevolent ET groups who's help we sorely need and who are attempting to maintain a balance in the universe and on earth between constructive and destructive forces.psiapplications. These attacks against innocent civilians in themselves represent a threat to national security. It should be obvious that Dr. 83 . Henry Kissinger's immoral approach to power politics as applied to extraterrestrial races has failed miserably and has endangered us all setting the stage where our worst fears are realized.com/jamesblack1. Specifically I would like to note allegations by Dr. I specifically request that Army Intelligence refrain from disrupting developing benevolent ET networks in the United States and around the world until it can be proven that these networks represent a national security threat. I assure Army Intelligence that should I or my associates discover unethical ET conduct in our investigations of ethical ET activity they will be contacted by me in a prompt manner. I believe the militaries indiscriminate hostile policy toward all ET races is counterproductive and dangerous and invites unethical ET activity and Faustian relations jeopardizing our whole civilization.Canadian governments. Where it can be show that specific unethical ET's in their spacecraft are in fact violating our space that is another matter altogether and defensive and offensive measures are with the realm of Army Intelligence and the military forces in general. http://www.html and http://www. I would remind Army Intelligence and the military as a whole that the penetration of earth space by non-hostile ET craft and their occupants for purposes of surveillance as well as other diverse activities have been going on for at least thousands of years and supersedes any claim made by any nation on earth. The god given basic right of freedom of assembly and religion applies to all species regardless of their origin. we are the new kid on the block carrying a big chip on our shoulder that is violating the rights of ethical ET races as they go about the conduct of their business on earth and in space. This is not a isolated case.. The operative word here is that hostile intent must be show and defensive actions may be taken against specific unethical ET groups but not indiscriminately including ethical ET groups as well. that of alien invasion and colonization. Where there is a question as to ET intent we should not shoot first and answer questions later but should hold our fire until we certain that ET activity is hostile.html#top I would be the first to point out that Army Intelligence and the military in general has the right to be involved in the suppression and disruption of unethical ET conduct on this planet.

http://www.com/mutilations/Human_Mutilations. This communication is obviously being directed at the military and world elites not civilians. Excuse me folks but this is communication like that of a serial murder communicating with law enforcement. In addition we have a huge body of abductee testimony that indicates interactions with unethical ET's. the evidence that Army Intelligence has been involved in disrupting political movements such as the civil rights movement we see it is not much of a stretch to see their involvement also in Exopolitical movements.htm Let's put that together with the ongoing cases of cattle mutilations that any advanced ET should have been able to easily cover-up but instead blatantly leave the cattle carcasses as evidence of their presence for the public to discover and for the military to suppress.Addendum: Current Exopolitical Model I would like to take my speculations a bit further into the history as to why Army Intelligence may be involved in indiscriminately attacking and disrupting ethical earth human ET cells or what I call contact networks. I am assuming he is referring to cases of human mutilations. Over a number of years of pestering he did slip up one time and tell me that he had seen pictures involving ET's while working for Army Intelligence and they were so bad that he felt the truth should never be told. Is anybody beginning to get my drift? We add to this interesting mix of dots." The reader should please bear with me as I come up with a few more dots before I go to connecting them to show a pattern. Let me try to connect the dots further. John Alexander is also a ex army officer. Interestingly Col. but if we can sedate other humans and animals so that they do not experience or remember a painful operation then why can't ET's seem to do this with their superior technology? The obvious answer is they want us to remember! I have to ask why. But if these ET's are highly ethical why then is the military attacking ethical ET's and civilians cooperating with the ethical ET's? One reason is obvious and that is that a few wealthy evil unscrupulous greedy people who influence world events to a large degree consider the present status quo just fine and don't want any outside exopolitical influence of earth populations that they largely control through their financial networks. You in the military can watch and even participate as you are helpless and impotent to act in your citizen’s defense. Corso in his Book the Day After Roswell. Corso worked for Army Intelligence. That is a political movement. I am beginning to see a pattern of highly ethical ET's creating contact networks around the world in order to advance the human race. 84 . I think the message being transmitted is: "Stupid earth humans get used to having your free will violated. Warning graphic and disturbing pictures are at the following site. and the answer again is they are communicating a message by their actions. Why are these people able to remember their abductions? Excuse me again. We have all heard stories about how alien technology in the hands of the military is moved into the public domain and into the defense industry without is true origin becoming known. One of the best known cases is that from Col.thinkaboutit. There is a friend of our family who once worked in Army Intelligence and who is very close mouthed about the ET stuff. I think there is another more hidden factor.

Even better I can cause the stupid confused humans to attack all ET races indiscriminately not knowing friend from foe. What's the lesson? It's all about love. I protect the earth human elite and they protect me out of self interest and fear and they keep those damn ethical ET's off my back.I think there is a small group of unethical ET's that are intent on dominion and colonization of earth. So in one simple stroke I have the humans build my mechanism of control for me and additionally I split them off from the more ethical ET's who for illogical stupid moral reasons will not fight back but have to withdraw. In connecting the dots what I think what is going on is that world governments and the greedy power brokers that run world affairs through their financial networks are being manipulated by these weak ET factions just as they the power brokers manipulate humanity as a whole. I don't have to do a thing. but our situation is a part of a much larger exopolitical problem than just humanity on earth. So what's going on and why aren't the more ethical ET's coming to our aid? I think they are. With just a little effort on my part I can cause the stupid humans to build the mechanism of social control that I need to rule and mine the masses. There is a added benefit that by having the elites build up Air Force Space Command star wars planetary defenses at great cost to the humans. I think the higher ET's view reality as a school and they are teaching humanity and the less ethical ET renegades as well. I abduct people and experiment on them leaving the military helpless but to cooperate. It may go something like this: The ethical ET plan is based on the truth that life is virtual and a school where everybody 85 . It all seems to me to be just. So how are the earth human manipulators being manipulated by the unethical ET's? The classic form of manipulation is carrot and stick. and accordance with cosmic law. I can sit back and enjoy the show. a group of renegades. I then can continue to threaten the military whenever necessary by throwing a few mutilated cattle carcasses around about the country for the public to discover. Covert special forces groups in the military like in Army Intelligence on the ground take care of the ethical ET problem on earth by constantly disrupting the ethical ET-Human networks on the planet. I throw a few technological table scraps to the greedy power mongers and I feed the whole network of social control from the top down. If I put myself in the shoes of a small group of unethical ET's. truth. They may not even constitute a civilization but could only be a faction. These earth human manipulators are so stupid that with almost no effort at all I can sacrifice and mutilate a few humans to get the ball rolling. true religion and cosmic law but let me get back to my point. ethics. I can use this now and in the future against the ethical ET races to keep them at bay in space as well as on earth. I am the puppet master. I think I would use the carrot and stick this way. It's truly a relationship born in hell! I think the ethical ET's have a plan but it is a more encompassing one. Clearly if they were strong and large in numbers we would have been taken over long ago. create a unified autocratic command structure that I can easily infiltrate at the very top and so gain control of most all of humanity. First I would want to scare and terrorize the daylights out of the military and the elites so that they will circle the wagons. The problem is when we manipulate others against their will we in turn become vulnerable to just the same kind of manipulation. Entice with the carrot and punish with the stick.

com/shambhalaufos Furthermore the Christian and Hebrew Bible also describe a celestial battle on earth and in space between ethical space faring civilizations and a renegade unethical group headed up by Lucifer. Lucifer again is confined underground to hell where he plans one last final attempt in a thousand years. It is predicted in revelations that this desperate escape attempt fails but humanity gets caught in the middle of this celestial conflict called Armageddon. This is model to guide my actions. It should be understood that what I have written above is a model to guide and explain my actions in the Exopolitical arena. and must be adjusted to reflect changing perceptions of reality over time. 86 . It is the goal of the ethical ET's to maintain the school and keep it running properly for the best of all concerned. Lucifer and his celestial army lost the battle and retreated to bases underground in the earths crust called Hell in the bible. to God. This battle seems to have taken place primary in the Indus River Valley in Northern India which has been termed the cradle of our present civilization. to love. The plan entails assisting humanity to become a space fairing society then manipulating humanity to attack the ethical space faring races that hold him captive on earth and so escape back into space. my investigations as I learn and grow.livinginthelightms. I am not saying this is reality. Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model My sure to be considered "outrageous" Exopolitical model appears to be similar to an equally "outrageous" Exopolitical model inherent in ancient religious historical texts from around the world that record a battle on earth and in space thousands of years ago. If over time enough unethical humans come over to the side of the ethical higher power and embrace creation rather than destruction then earth human civilization with grow and prosper on earth and in space. The victorious celestial armies of God confined and imprisoned Lucifer or Satan and his renegade group to earth for thousands of years. http://www. But it still is just that. to truth. The unethical earth humans and the more technologically advanced unethical ETs attract to themselves hellish painful lessons and in time many will see the error or their ways and come to the divine. a theory. Meanwhile the celestial army's show itself to mankind in all their power and glory and this ushers in a new golden age of enlightenment. and new cycle of creation will begin again from scratch. Like any good theory it explains and makes sense of many disparate and otherwise up to now unexplainable things. If enough people do not change their evil corrupt ways then the civilization will collapse technologically from internal and external corruption as it should in accordance with cosmic natural law. a model.attracts to themselves the lessons they need to learn. It predicts in the book of revelations that Lucifer will attempt a break back out back into space that he and his group has been planning for thousands of years. This possibly indicates a very long life span for Lucifer and his fallen angels or the group is continuing to reproduce itself underground.

If the universe turns out to be highly populated by very diverse advanced civilizations as evidence and reason suggest.Cosmic Conflicts The idea that space faring civilizations have been involved in warfare is not new. the losers. if earth is a societal embryo on the way to becoming a super-civilization. These competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures seem to have created very diverse creatures about the universe just as they have done on earth. We can see that when overt power fails for a predator in the capture of prey the predator becomes more stealthy. Everything we see in nature suggests that both competition and cooperation are widespread in nature as I have discussed in several of my prior articles. "The target of deception is the enemy's decision-making process. The only thing different might be order of magnitude as well as sophistication of these relationships especially when these conflicts involve conflicts between super-civilizations. then we should expect conflicts to erupt frequently. I have also discussed societal evolution from a natural history and evolutionary perspective where super-civilizations evolve just like everything else in nature by the creation of larger bits from smaller bits. I believe the same is true for any predator from a virus attacking the body right on up to humans attacking each other in predator-prey. These crashed saucers coming down seem to indicate some sort of quarantine of earth is in effect and violators can be shot down if they violate quarantine. are cast down and confined to earth by the heavenly host who continue to occupy the high ground of outer space. The bible itself talks about this battle in heaven where Lucifer and his degenerate angels. John is very clear in stating that. Some UFO/ET researchers are now beginning to point out that there seem to be just to many crashed spaceships coming down to earth to be accounted for by just accidents. and secretive. Ancient sacred texts from around the world describe these heavenly conflicts between extraterrestrials. Future War. might there be super-civilization predators who could be getting very sophisticated in breaking the quarantine if indeed one exists? This begs the question how would we expect a super-civilization predator to get at our vulnerable young embryonic civilization and perhaps feed on it as would a parasite? Col. While some of these could be have been shot down by humanity’s security forces there seems to be another factor involved. I believe conflicts between extraterrestrial races continue to this day and are common. there are going to be both competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures. It should not come as an unexpected insight that many of these universal relationships are predator-prey relationships. He says that to deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war." I would take this a bit further 87 . I have heard stories from contactee friends about conflicts between extraterrestrial races on and about earth including shooting down of craft . as in a super-civilization. The predator has to change tactics so as to capture the wary prey or get around a parents defensives to get to the more vulnerable young. master-slave relationships in autocratic society. So it would seem that no matter how advanced the level of organization. I ask. John Alexander "retired" was a special forces commander and is author of the book. deceptive.

conflict. I say look to nature and consider the simple little aids virus that can shut down the bodies defensive systems and eventually kill the body. lies and error so as to destroy our own society making humanity easy pickings for some cosmic predator? Perhaps a little humble pie is in order. If we here on earth can't protect members of our own 88 . The adversary that is best able to deceive wins the war which could be true but what about what happens afterward? Just this one conceptual error alone could throw humanity into turmoil. Deception would beget deception creating more and more intense conflict between warring factions. deception is justified to attack and subdue a enemy. One would most definitely be that the lie. are we who are supposed to protect and defend our countries simply spreading disinformation. then the decisionmaking process second. deceptive and dangerous enemy. Maybe more advanced enlightened beings are unable to finish Lucifer off because it would destroy mankind in the process. I wonder If people in the national insecurity establishment have ever considered the possibility and that their own minds are under attack and that they have made themselves vulnerable by practicing unethical or predatory deceptive warfare practices? This then begs the question. and instability. They should ask themselves.and say the target is the enemy's ability to conceptualize the situation first. so as to attack the public it is sworn to protect just as does the aids virus. I would hope that warriors like John Alexander will pay special attention to their own minds to see if they themselves are under attack by a very sophisticated. I am thinking that the most sophisticated way to capture or parasitize prey is to attack or insert error into the adversary or prey's conceptual framework. Is there a enlightened cosmic plan that takes time to evolve meant to free mankind and afterward deal with the predators? Or is a cosmic super-civilization allowing the evolving embryonic civilization to get a little taste of what's in store as it expands into outer and inner space? I think the bottom line is that there is only so much enlightened civilizations can do for an evolving still embryonic civilization. Maybe there is something after all to the biblical stories of Lucifer and his fellow degenerates who were once highly evolved beings but for some reason began a process of devolution and had to be captured and contained. that the end justifies the means. In the case of warfare the error would be. How does this virus do this? What if some cosmic predator craftily turned the national security apparatus back on itself. what simple logical and conceptual errors would be the most effective and subversive to the mind of human beings. I wonder if John has ever considered the possibility that mankind is under attack by some predatory civilization that is so subtle and clever that all it needs to do to weaken our civilization is to insert error into our minds and the language we use to communicate ideas and concepts. Could a crafty sophisticated predator be using these deceptive crafty means to get around the quarantine of earth. Protecting extraterrestrial races who hold overt power may still have vulnerabilities that cosmic predators and parasites can exploit. What was once the national security apparatus become the national insecurity apparatus destabilizing and undermining the whole civilization. We have to be able to see before we do. Before one can make a decision one has to conceptualize the environment one is in.

S. The problem is that because of the corrupting influence of power. stock and barrel for this ploy and in a very predictable fashion created powerful systems of covert autocratic control 89 . They have exceeded their authority and rightful place in a democratic republic and so have them selves become a major national security threat. military in particular. What we don't have are the details.com/main/bigsearch/cattle. and attacks against civilians and military with beam weapons in Brazil and elsewhere and undoubtedly other atrocities that I am not aware of. John Alexander: The Shadow Government's Fix It Man I have discussed in some detail where the oligarchy that control world affairs to a high degree have a vested interest in the status quo and are unethically motivated by both greed and fear to suppress multidimensional consciousness and awareness in the public domain. world militaries and the U. http://www.html . We know that these advanced civilizations have interrelationships.mysteriesmegasite. I think exopolitical factors are involved and that possibly a few unethical celestial beings are behind the current climate of fear and have willfully and with evil intent stoked and intensified the fear that is naturally a part of the military mind set. We know there are many diverse advanced civilizations influencing mankind. for all of humanities sake? It takes an integrated civilization where everybody has the need to know to evolve further or else our civilization collapses back into a more primitive state. As in the oligarchy. We know all this from the evidence collected in the public sector.think-aboutit. They have done this rather easily through a large number of cattle mutilations. We are struggling to conceptualize something that is greater than ourselves. and that is what we all are trying to find out both inside and outside of the national security apparatus. and it rightfully should be focused on threats to national security. a few human mutilations http://www.com/mutilations/Human_Mutilations. So the vulnerability may not be with the enlightened civilizations but with our civilization. lock. The UFO/ET cover-up needs to end now. In my estimation the world's militaries have fallen. is being viewed worldwide as slowly slipping into fascism while much of the rest of the world is attempting to become more democratic. The military has a rightful place in a democratic republic.S. have ignored the democratic and republican restraints placed upon them. The motivation of greed is understandable but the motivation of fear is not as quite as easy to understand especially under the current circumstances. fear and greed seem to be the predominant factors that cause unethical elements within the military brass to subvert a democratic republic. The problem is that secrecy and compartmentalization are so severe and the cover-up so entrenched that everybody has a difficult row to hoe. why should we think that enlightened civilizations can do any better than we can with our families? The stark reality is that at some point free will kicks in and a person or a civilization is ultimately responsible for itself. Nowhere is this becoming more apparent than in the United States where the U. This is what exopolitics is all about.families from suicide or going to prison. What I would like to discuss in more detail is the way the world militaries have inadvertently played into the hands of those of unethical intent who would suppress human evolution on earth.htm . Col.

opportunity being played out in John Alexander's activities within the paranormal and exopolitical fields. Either they allow ethical ET intervention to move forward without impediment to raise global consciousness or they risk colonization. it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. and Canadian governments made by inventor James Black before his death under suspicious circumstances. All of us both in our personal affairs and in affairs of state have to balance threats vs. if a compromise is reached. I believe world militaries have overstepped their bounds by focusing almost exclusively on threats to national security regarding exopolitical realities and have intentionally and unintentionally suppressed diplomatic efforts by departments of state to reach out and negotiate with ethical celestial beings. inventions and intellectual property. industry. the U. He makes friendly attempts to inquire and negotiate with an inventor. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).com/antigravity/blackops. The most enlightening and troublesome were the revelations and accusations against John Alexander. Before his untimely death he was about to sue the aforementioned in a court of law for theft and suppression of patents. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War. 90 .html#top John's mode of operation seems to be rather straightforward. which he presented to senior defense. http://www." "At los Alamos National Laboratory. his work involved meetings with Members of Congress. Interestingly John has the remarkable ability to make a problem go away no matter how great. Obviously I can't give my personal sources in these cases.psiapplications. Much closer to home and on a much more personal basis I see this same theme of threat vs.com/jamesblack1. he developed the concept of NonLethal Defense. Those reactionary factions around the world that are attempting to maintain the status quo in exopolitical affairs are faced with some very difficult choices. dominion and loss of all human rights.html and http://www. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons. his activities as trouble shooter for the shadow government are not as well known. By alienating potential celestial allies and so creating a imbalance between threat and opportunity one inevitably creates a situation where the military's worst fear are realized." ) While John is well known in regards to his research in exotic weapons. This in itself has caused the greatest national security threat of all. If ethical allies withdraw that leaves earth society to be colonized by unethical ET races. liberates and self determination. and academic officials. opportunities.uforc. investigator or organization whose research activities involving the paranormal might be considered a national security threat and who might be having or about to have government troubles. I have discussed elsewhere in my blog the agenda and motivations behind this unethical ET conduct.S. Politically.that can easily be controlled from the top of the chain of command. White House and National Security Council staff. and the Director of Central Intelligence. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to become somewhat enlightened as to John's activities in the exopolitical field as well as in the field of the paranormal in general.

Joe Kennedy had a history as a double crosser and went to far and stepped over the line when he used his sons.On the other hand if the investigator. as well.html Of course the existence of American death squads being used not only around the world. She was the lover to both the Kennedy brothers. One of the main reasons that John Kennedy and his brother were assassinated was because their father.S. The first part of the book is slow and difficult reading because it is a attempt to explain to the reader the context the culture of the mob so as to present the stage for the revelations in the second half of the book.freenewmexican. and around the world. The James Black case has exposed John Alexander’s public cover. Further evidence of death squads or hit squads operating out of LANL have surfaced recently with the beating of a whistle blower that was about to testify before congress as to financial improprieties at Los Alamos National Laboratories. The other thing the book talks about are mob's and the shadow government's death and harassment squads and how they differ in composition and operations This little book makes for very interesting reading and is a simple 91 . inventor or group are unwilling to compromise and are unreasonable then government harassment can increase tenfold and can even lead to very unethical drastic measures being taken.S. Sam divulged to Chuck what really was going on in the halls of power and how all U. presidents since and including Truman had been helped into high office by the mob. to double cross the mobsters to whom he was indebted so as to remove the debt. but in the U. is old news to us long time exopolitical investigators. In this book it discloses how the CIA and the mob began to work together starting in the 1950's with the creation of a multi million dollar slush fund for the CIA that was funded by the mob in a cooperative venture for covert activities in the U.com/news/14538.S. The book also gets into why and how Marilyn Monroe was murdered. once the mob had helped get them into office. Interestingly major reputable investigators who have become aware of this case in the UFO/ET field are scared to death of it. The other reasons had to do with secret elite groups within the secret U. This case is very disturbing to those of us who knew James as a good and honorable man dedicated to full and open disclosure. There is a interesting little book called Double Cross by Chuck Giancana. government. Chuck wrote the book after the murder and death of his mobster brother Sam. A very well know and respected mainstream investigator told me personally he would not touch the case! Obviously there are some very real national security threats as to exotic cognition's and inventions that could be used against the United States by terrorists or other enemies but this is trumped by the need to move human evolution forward on earth. the brother of the greatest mobster west of the Mississippi Sam Giancana.S. This is a very significant fact because it is evident that this slush fund has grown to astronomical proportions and is still funded through this unholy alliance between secret government groups and the mob involving drug and arms running around the world. who wanted his patents and intellectual property to be available to all of humanity for peaceful purposes. Joe Kennedy was a mobster and double crossed the mob. Chuck did not participate very much in mob activities but was the single and only confidant of his brother. http://www. This seems to have happened with James Black who put principle before compromise.

If it is and he is truly a reasonable and honorable man as attested to by many of his peers. both to gather information and for entertainment purposes. Steven Greer called John Alexander the most dangerous man on the planet but I have been unable to confirm this. of interest if he has not already seen them.com/antigravity/blackops.html It also has been rumored that Dr.psiapplications. http://www.html#top I would like to state here that these allegations against the United States Government and the Canadian Government and John Alexander in particular are just that. I expect to hear from John one of these days and perhaps he will tell me his side of the story. is a master of the shake the tree and see what falls out methodology.uforc. http://www. If in fact his motives and intent are not sincere then there is little room for communication and dialogue.com/hutchison. Hutchinson who is also a inventor. What I have yet to determine about John Alexander and his activities is if his intent is based upon a sincere and devoted interest in the National Security of the United States. My blog is a work in progress. Mike also heard from George Knapp that John had been to Afghanistan recently to advise on special operations in the area. John told Mike for me to check out the other party to James Black.html and http://www. I emailed Dr. perhaps there is room for a dialogue. He publishes the rag Saucer Smear. He started as a investigator of UFOs. and I hope I can reference here a refutation of those allegations should they come to my attention.americanantigravity. but gave up that pursuit completely when he became totally confused in order to become the UFO field's premier socialite.yahoo.first hand honest account of the inner workings of the mob and the secret government affiliation with the mob in the time frame of Sam Giancana's lifetime. Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander (-: Supreme Commander Jim Moseley is UFO Gadfly Court Jester extraordinary. I hope others that have information on John's activities will get in touch with me so that I can update this work in progress so that we all can better understand a very important player in the exopolitical field. Most people don't realize that Jim has been active in the field of Exopolitics since the 1950's. Feedback: Mike Jamieson called John Alexander after reading this piece and talked with John for awhile and said that John was a good man and I ought not be so hard on him. I checked John Hutchinson’s web page but it was down but there is more on the man here. If you don't have a healthy sense of humor you better not mess with Jim! In the material below we find him hard at work attempting to elicit information and entertain himself with none other than John Alexander. John Alexander is powerful and influential individual in the military 92 . http://search. Mr. I think he will find the allegations of the theft against John Alexander made by the late James Black an inventor.com/search?fr=ush1mail&p=saucer+smear Jim's specialty is to delight in pricking the over inflated egos of both researchers and debunkers alike. Greer but he would neither confirm nor deny that he made the statement.com/jamesblack1. allegations.

industry. perhaps having been rebuffed by government authorities who were more interested in technologies for war rather than technologies. Jim is smart and very subtle. Be sure to read between the lines carefully in the following missive. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons. he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense. This event was an attempt by a race of benevolent ET's to open diplomatic relations with ordinary citizens. Thanks to Mike Jamieson for passing this piece on to me. White House and National Security Council staff.psiapplications. and academic officials. moral and ethical advice for peaceful purposes.html#top So who was James Black? To better understand James we need to go back to a contact case that involved a mass abduction of over sixty people in Canada in the 1970's. While James has never admitted that he was involved with this group he did live nearby and I think somehow connected." "At los Alamos National Laboratory. Still some lived and were scattered about the US and Canada who still cautiously spread the word. which he presented to senior defense.com/smear/v51/ss041201.establishment and these detailed and serious allegations floating around on the internet for years are damaging to his reputation and should be addressed in the public domain.html and http://www.uforc. Politically. it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic.martiansgohome. http://www.htm#nids Who Was James Black? Everybody in the field of Exopolitics should know about the life and strange death of inventor James Black. My good friend Steve Moreno is director of Psi Applications and is the investigator in this case who has dug into this abduction in great depth but in a somewhat sporadic manner as fits his personality. The internet files show James Black died an untimely death subsequent to filing a lawsuit against Alexander. his work involved meetings with Members of Congress.com/antigravity/blackops. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War.com/jamesblack1. I see that I for one am not going to get any peace either until I write and publicize this forward to the material on James that is archived at: http://www. and the Director of Central Intelligence. The cell that the benevolent ET's developed was subsequently brutally suppressed and several people seemed to have been murdered by the US and Canadian governments. It's yet another story destined for the X-files. 93 . This was according to Steve Moreno who personally tracked down and developed friendships with a number of these individuals including James Black." ) I expect Jim to complain mightily about the length of the files and will admit to only a cursory examination of the material I am sure. The body of James is dead but to some his spirit still lives and will not find rest until his story is better know to the public and his adversaries more exposed.

which he presented to senior defense.") We can see from the material available on the net that James made very detailed 94 . White House and National Security Council staff.Anyhow James Black I intuitively believe (even though Steve Moreno assures me that there are no facts to back up my case other than he lived nearby where all the activity was happening. and photographed the undercarriage of the craft before it flew away into space. That Phillips Laboratories had sent out to contractors to build. when he realized that not only were his inventions being suppressed.S. his work involved meetings with Members of Congress.) survived to recent times because initially he kept a low profile and had family connections. He became livid and very upset in later years just before his death. but according to James Black he had a dark side and was still up to his eyeballs in Black Operations. and academic officials. James was a inventor and invented and patented many exotic technologies. Needless to say I was very impressed. John Alexander who is deeply connected to Army Intelligence and Black Op's going back to the Viet Nam war. There was no doubt that James Black had one foot in the public domain and one on the inside of the shadow government. The reader should be very impressed by the little toy saucer that is lifted off of a workbench shown in the video clips in Steve Moreno's archive down at the bottom of the archive. for the Back Op's folks. and the U. or ROV. I was told by a personal friend of James that John Alexander infiltrated James’s company that was going to exploit James’s inventions and then subverted and destroyed the company. Future War. Politically. and Canadian governments just before his untimely and suspicious death." "At los Alamos National Laboratory. I have talked with John Alexander over the internet years ago via email and he seemed a nice enough guy to me and I even read is book. Over the years James became frustrated with both the Canadian and US governments when they suppressed his inventions. He also sent me the specifications of some exotic star wars weaponry that included particle beam weapons. It was a very large document and very detailed. He personally years ago mailed me a copy of his flying saucer patent that converted rotary motion to lift suitable for spaceflight within the solar system. (On the back of the jacket in Future War. but that the inventions were being stolen to the material benefit of others in the Black Op's field that operated outside of the law. Los Alamos. it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense. and the Director of Central Intelligence. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons. I talked to James by phone several times over the years and one time I got a friend of his on the phone who told me about his work as a fighter pilot in the 1970's when he was scrambled and flew up to a huge triangular UFO over the Bering Sea. This friend said he turned his fighter upside down. This made James so furious that James was about to bring a lawsuit against John Alexander. To anybody with any sense they should be able to see how important and valuable an up scaled version of this toy would be as a covert surveillance device. It is at this point that James seems to have gotten into it with none other than Col. plasma beam weapons etc. industry.

Jack says he is too important to kill but read between the lines. says he thinks I introduced him to Jack and I believe I was involved in the introduction of other people in the UFO/ET field like Steven Greer and Richard Boylan. and yes he has a lot to work with as to his dark side. I seem to remember that the King family blamed Army Intelligence for disrupting the civil rights movement and for the death of Dr. Don't take things at face value here. I worked with Jack many years ago through the Internet as his fetch and carry man helping to get his group informed about UFO's.accusations and was about to sue John Alexander and others for the suppression and theft of his inventions just before he ended up dead in his hotel room. rather than just the opposite just several years ago. Jack is playing the fool this time. motivated. who is he not insulting and why? He is not insulting Ron Pandolfi. but its for much higher stakes. getting everybody mad and talking. Remember we are dealing with intelligence folks on the Stardrive Network and things are rarely what they seem. The key word is acting. In my opinion James Black the dragon slayer. It would not surprise me to get a personal email from Jack telling the to shut the hell up! :-) 95 . I hope this short introduction to the life and death of James Black serves the reader to further delve into the particulars of the historical back ground of Exopolitics. This covert group has a worldwide reach and has been growing in power for decades. Dan Smith who works closely with Ron Pandolfi . Disclosure is being accelerated and high level people are harassing their bosses to allow them to tell their stories. Jacks right smack dab in the middle of the intelligence community’s disclosure process. In my opinion these men who feel themselves above the law and untouchable have made a tactical error by having their cover blown. riding a divine wind. launched and carried out a kamikaze attack against Army Intelligence. I think this is the group that stands between us and benevolent relations with ethical ET's. Now Jack is at it again. Bill Hamilton said awhile back that he was going to quit talking to Jack because he was acting so stupid. Memorandum For The Record I realize that many of you who have had contact with Jack Sarfatti and his Stardrive Network are appalled at the level of ethics being displayed there. but read between the lines folks. I recommend that all serious investigators study the material available on the web very carefully and notice that a principal to these accusations is still alive and can confirm the accuracy of James accusations. John Alexander for instance. Playing the left against the right. There is a method to his madness. insulting everybody. There is now competition to tell all. Jacks playing a dangerous game and he knows it. He died but he knocked a scale off the dragon that others may exploit in the future. King. Kit Green. Jack is a consummate actor who loves to play to a audience. I don't think Bill really realized the importance of that remark. I put the mission ahead of my ego. In all this networking that went on Jack played me for the fool and I was willing to oblige because I could see what he was doing. Think people.

the 'Housing Unit'.com/Burisch.. I thought that would've been "all she wrote". Imagine what it is today. We have Jack playing the mad scientist with no regard for anything but physics.. [pause] And I thought that was it. the 'Animal Retention Facility'. Therefore my answer was 'No'. when you hear human beings screaming in pain?" Lets start reading between the lines here.This is where I think we are headed.uforc. more like a housing facility such as a kennel. cats.html and http://www. which is basically considered the 'housing unit'.com/jamesblack1..psiapplications. You know. Maybe you begin to see the picture. Saying he is too important to be killed. (Update: I know longer have confidence in Dan Burish) DB: (nodding his head yes) Yes. the 'Hall of Tortures'. They agreed to house me in the facility where I went with my cute little orange badge to a residential unit a little further down the tram line and one level below that (they did not change my orange badge when I went the level below). One of the horrifying things about the S4 facility is traveling in the elevator system and there is enough of a sound conduit in the elevator system where you can hear the sounds of the 'test subjects' from the 3rd floor while you are in the elevator system on various other floors. The problem is.freenewmexican. the USG and the government of Canada just before he died in his hotel room. Some of which are just natural behaviors due to how they're being kept in sterile .. There is a Holocaust type situation evolving in the deeper levels of the underground facilities associated with Los Alamos National Laboratories.stealthskater. It would also far divert from moral boundaries I believe my Creator has placed upon me as a human being.com/news/14538. My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. monkeys --screaming. http://www.. when I say 'sterile' I mean not conducive to a [?] environment. And occasionally you can hear the sounds of [here he chokes up] your brothers and sisters …" "DB: The potential for its use in that kind of environment was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries. or won't deal with it. I think the situation is out of control at LANL and the rest of the intelligence community can not deal with it. Every once-in-awhile you could hear the sounds of other vertebrates -.com/antigravity/blackops.htm Go to the first interview with Bill Hamiliton for the complete transcript. Robert Collins the co-author of Exempt From Disclosure had this to say on the Stardrive network: There are said to be over 200 TS/SCI/SAR compartments for just UFOs and that was back in 1986. It would have exited the ethical boundaries I place upon myself as a scientist and that I believe society places on me as a scientist. so the best way is 96 . S4.html and the strange death of James Black who was about to sue LANL.RMC Those that are planning disclosure like the MASINT must know something about what is going on at LANL at least I hope so. It's been called different things: the 'Museum'.. Level 3 .dogs. I have posted about the beating of the whistle-blower who was about to testify before congress http://www. And the sounds are akin to what I heard at the Dulce facility.html#top Now we have Dan Burish saying this: http://www. acting out playing the audience for all its worth. and I don't mean my "participation". In those 200+ compartments are some of the people we talk too.

I am greatly encouraged that progressives within the satellite government like.com/2005/05/case-forcelestial-humans.to air all the dirty laundry in the public domain. to retired military such as Clifford Stone or through backdoor channels as with Ron through Dan Smith. We have entered a transitional period of accelerated disclosure with a breakdown in older chains of command now in progress. This transitional process will continue I believe until new organizational structures come into being and establish themselves under full and open disclosure. Bill Hamilton tells me that the international umbrella organization Majority no longer exists and power in the United States has reverted back to MJ 12. A still rather fragile trust is developing between progressives on both sides of the fence and this trust must be carefully and systematically fostered! The push by the progressives is creating a spit right down the middle between the progressives in these secret institutions and the conservatives. Just as the Jewish Holocaust was known about years before the end of the war and nobody did anything until the war ended the situation may be similar here. Perhaps the secret war with the unethical grays is ending with a stalemate. I believe we are entering into a new era of understanding and cooperation between progressive government insiders in the know in regards to UFO/ET matters and those of us in the public sector. Addendum by Dr. This process may even be necessary similar to the creative and destructive natural processes of cellular division that realign the cellular material so as to create new cells and destroy old ones. The insiders must admit that their respective institutions have carried on counterintelligence operations against not only the citizens of the United States but against the citizens of the world. 97 . Communiqué To: Majority.html There is hope for a bright future. lets work together on our individual and collective ethics so that bright future will be come our reality. http://exopolitics. Old cells take note. Older organizational structures are being supplemented by new organizational structures. MJ 12 and MASINT Note: I speak only for myself here as always and not for the Institute. at least I hope so. Individuals in these organizations are either speaking directly to investigators such as Bill Hamilton and his group. Michael Salla and Bill Hamiliton. :-) The progressives both on the inside and the outside face some critical challenges ahead. There are higher powers at work here besides the grays or J-rods and Bill Hamiliton has told me that he believes Dan Burish is being protected by higher celestial beings who want the truth out now. A bright future lies with the ethical celestial beings if we are willing to reach out to them and away from the unethical celestial beings. and individuals within Majority(now defunct or reorganizing) and its division MJ 12 have taken the lead in pushing for disclosure within their respective agencies. Ron Pandolfi rumored chairman of MASINT. and now the truth can be told. The progressives inside of government have become strong enough to accelerate disclosure over the objections of the conservatives within these organizations and this is causing the breakdown of the old order.blogspot.

all terrorist actions against whistle blowers. all intimidation. The abuses have been many and in time their will be much public outrage when the public wakes up to the psychological and physical abuse against the citizenry that has occurred. The fact that disclosure should have happened openly right from the beginning of our interactions with UFO/ET is water over the dam. Now is the time to begin to make things right and begin to undue the damage inflicted upon public UFO/ET institutions over the past fifty years. I suggest that progressives on both side of the fence expand the dialogue now 98 . UFO/ET investigators and the public in general? In other words is the satellite government willing to begin repairing the damage and begin supporting those ethical progressives outside of government with sufficient funds so as to rebuild civilian networks now in shambles so they become capable in a short time to accept the flood of information from accelerated disclosure. disinformation. repent and sin no more. These attacks have been made by arrogant elitist academics. Furthermore the loss of public trust in the intelligence community in particular and government in general will be severe and compensating independent of government mechanisms must be rapidly put in place. Let us all move forward putting the past behind us but let us not forget so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. I realize this is a tall order and that many UFO/ET investigators carry high levels of hostility toward the satellite government in general and this is understandable but just as the ones on the inside that have sinned and must repent those on the outside must forgive and release that hostility for more positive interactions now and into the future. Severe damage has been done to humanity. Those of us involved in the Exopolitics Institute are working diligently and at our own expense to put together a progressive institution in the public domain but for it to be seriously effective we need resources. admit to their sins. The question now is are those institutions that have used public funds and resources to secretly enslave and confuse the minds of the public willing to make amends and stop all counterintelligence. This does not mean that we will ignore or dismiss the trespasses against us but that we will release the destructive emotions pent up inside us for our own good and the good of humanity. Its small wonder that the public is ignorant. confused and befuddled and that private institutions dealing with UFO/ET matters are compromised and in shambles after the attacks of the past fifty years. It is becoming obvious to me that disclosure is being accelerated and that there are great challenges ahead for both those in government and the private sector. This will become the mother of all scandals to be reckoned with in the future. those of us in he public domain must let go of our hostility and anger against those who have sinned against us. intimidation even murder the past 50+ years. While secret institutions and individuals that have committed crimes against humanity must be held accountable. those on the inside must recognize the damage that has been done and must begin to make amends and set things right. independent institutions that can be trusted by the people to have their best interests in mind. and military professionals sitting in their ivory towers who have rationalized their attacks upon the public consciousness with phony biased studies having little to do with reality. Let me put it bluntly to progressive insiders.The citizens of the world have been attacked with propaganda. lets make no bones about it. While those of us in the private sector need to become more accommodating and less hostile.

The seed money would be spent to provide a small salary to Dr. the Institute could be quickly ramped up to assist greatly the process of disclosure. The means and the end are one. Michael Salla the principle organizer so he can continue to devote himself full time to this project and the rest would go for organization expenses such a high quality web page. became Tall Timbers Research Inc. It is even possible that the Institute could become the public counterpart to or even super-cede the super secret Committee of the Majority. Those of us that involved in the Exopolitics Institute are envisioning a NGO umbrella organization. Their work has been a labor of love and for most it has cost much in money. I challenge the intelligence community to step up to the plate for a change and stimulate back channel funding of one hundred thousand dollars seed money to the Institute once it achieves non-profit status.. networking expenses. I was fortunate to live through a similar process similar to what is now occurring in the new field of ecology as a few courageous maverick scientists sought to remedy decades of propaganda and fire suppression by the U. Most of these individuals are mavericks that have separated from the herd in search of truth no matter where it leads and so require a great degree of freedom of thought and action. Judge this institution by its fruits! 99 . Yet time will prove that the first will be last and the last first as those that push others aside on the path have ended up falling into a pit of confusion and suffering of their own making because of their low ethical means. After all the insiders are in a large part responsible for the current state of affairs much as a slave who is said by his master to not be ready for freedom when it has been the master who created the institution of slavery and prevented the slave from learning to read and write in the first place. travel expenses. The instrument. planning and development of the Institute.S. Those secret governmental organizations that have persecuted and suppressed our work for 50+ years ought to quit complaining amongst themselves about the low quality of the UFO/ET civilian intelligence agencies and the individuals that make up those organizations. This is a pantry sum as compared to what has already been spent suppressing public consciousness. Dr. These funds would be used to assist in the development of a five year plan beginning in 2006 with a budget of 5-10 million each year for five years. the institution that my father organized to combat the misguided policy of fire suppression. The financiers should exercise little control over the Institute as it is imperative that the integrity and sovereignty of the Institute not be compromised. This is a bare bones minimal investment that could accelerate our development and in less than a year’s time progress can be evaluated and if the financiers see fit. and a fund to cover some of the expenses of the volunteers most involved in the networking.developing and begin meeting as to how private institutions such as the Exopolitics Institute can be supported and funded in a manner that is efficient with wise use of resources. Michael Salla and the rest of us are essentially attempting to do the same thing with the new field of exopolitics that is emerging out of the old UFO/ET field of study. a think tank that incorporates the most progressively minded and ethical individuals we can assemble under one roof. time and abuse. Forest Service that was severely damaging ecosystems around the world on a massive scale.

for chemicals.." The rule is "follow the money". Good luck. I. He said that a division of Bechtel Corp. Westinghouse. Michael Addendum by Bill Hamilton: I just wanted to add from transcripts of Bill Uhouse's testimony: BU mentioned that those in charge of Area 51 and S4 are what he termed a satellite government. Bill also mentioned that the satellite government may take over sometime after that date and we would no longer have a Republic! 100 . They provide the bucks to pay guys like myself. "This money they're putting in . Farben in Germany. and that Congress has appropriated. I think the Institute will be in a position that doesn't require money from the insider community so now would be the time where such funds would be most effective and appreciated. I think it important to point out that the general public have already started funding the Institute though only in a small way but that promises to increase.G. that off course would always be a welcome development and real sign that the satellite government is walking the talk of preparing the public for disclosure. Bechtel. He also said. [Lockheed. As for supplying 'backdoor funds' to the Institute or any umbrella organization dedicated to exopolitics. I applaud your efforts to get the insiders to reorient their thinking. Michael Salla: Aloha Ed. A lot of this money is money from large companies like General Electric. coincides with the T-9 treaty date. Bechtel-Nevada Corp is responsible for the whole site (Nevada Test site). In time.Bill mentioned that his security oath was to end in 2003 (this.it's not all black-budget (DOD money) that you hear about. Johnson Controls].. but it was postponed for 1 year). that type of thing.Addendum by Dr. to come up with new processes or ideas or new science developments.

There is also a certain duplication of material and rehashing of my ecological past in several articles that were designed for several different audiences. I have written about this in the past and it happens to me from time to time. "In the depths of space huge clouds of interstellar dust swirl. With time and experience one masters this discipline and somehow develops skills to handle these higher states of consciousness. these outrageous ideas!" We ask." They scream out. Sometimes things move so quickly and profoundly it becomes difficult and a strain on the brain to get all the material down and fixed in 4D space. Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge When there is a sincere and profound desire to know and express truth. like putting a thousand watts through the filament of a one hundred watt light bulb. I observe my consciousness shifting into that rarefied atmosphere where new concepts and ideas flood the mind. Some stars quickly burn out in a few million years others slowly burn for billions of years before collapsing into black holes that congregate in the center of rotating galaxies. Hopefully I can work out some of the bugs in upcoming drafts.SECTION 3 EXOPOLITICAL CONCEPTS As I noted in the previous section I still am not happy with the way I have these articles organized into sections. The process of organizing the articles into sections causes some confusion that I regret. "There is not a shred of evidence to back up these claims. There is this very real problem of burnout. The dust slowly aggregates becoming ever closer and hotter until suddenly out of the swirling clouds of dust and new star is formed that illuminates the space and dust clouds around it." "There will be those that find themselves attracted to new concepts and ideas so as to find them enlightening and liberating as there will be detractors who will find these things hard to stomach or even consider them delusional. "Is this not the history of mankind. "Is not humanity like the spiraling clouds of interstellar dust where from time to time one individual or a group of individuals suddenly and spectacularly ignite for a time illuminating the rest of mankind through the darkness of space. cling to the old and are fearful of the new. When I wrote the articles I did not have the idea of a book in mind. the breeding grounds of new stars." 101 . The articles were written over a several year period so there is a certain evolution of thought with my latest articles showing some improvement over the earlier articles. new ideas spark intense controversy as those attracted to new ideas battle it out with those who find change hard to comprehend. combined with discipline and focus. a particular state of consciousness develops that I have referred to as merging into the telepathic net. It takes time to tame this creative process and often one comes crashing down from these rarefied heights like Iscarus who flew too close to the sun." We ask.

then pass on what we have learned to the next generation who stand on our shoulders just as we have stood on the shoulders of those before us. and it takes discipline and focus to then fix these ideas in 4D space so that they can be shared with others who find value in them. their visions have withstood the test of time and have illuminated and motivated mass human consciousness. Most establishment scientists miss the boat because they turn away from emerging fields of inquiry thinking that it is all crackpot. We have to forge ahead. These were men who truly lived on the cutting edge and made great contributions to the collective welfare of humanity. so as to illuminate the path ahead for those that come after us. New ideas come into the minds of those that are prepared to receive them. much like a radio receiver. the UFO/ET field is yielding a rich harvest. on the leading edge of scientific discovery. lost in the maze of information and disinformation. I was born into a family of early ecologists. This harvest is not just for technocrats interested in reverse engineering alien technology. but are the essence of a lifetime of discovery. Like with any newly emerging field of endeavor the investigating scientists must be both intelligent and discriminating. consists of elements of both 102 . Since early childhood I have been surrounded by very creative individuals. and once again in old age. The same could be said of Jules Verne and Tesla.) Living exopolitics is living life on the cutting edge. The Star Trek series has illuminated the lives of not just a few people but millions and billions of people through several generations. The accuracy of his positive vision of humanities future is becoming more and more apparent daily as his visions become reality. (See Col Philip Corso’s book. Those of us that work in the emerging field of exopolitics must stay focused and not become distracted by the detractors.Detractors who are suddenly exposed to a flood of new ideas find themselves struggling with the same aberrations of personality they so passionately rave against. or the loss of their day jobs. else they become discouraged. New scientific disciplines are evolving out of the UFO/ET field. Exopolitics is a new emerging field within a larger evolving field that I call astroecology or exoecology because human interrelationships and social systems are a part of nature like everything else. These ideas do not just spring out of thin air. which at the time was a newly emerging field of scientific inquiry in itself. I am just now beginning to appreciate the creative processes of visionaries like Gene Roddenberry who could rightly be considered the father of exopolitics. out of the telepathic net on their own. Because critics are often unable to discriminate between crackpots and visionaries they erroneously lump them both together in the same basket and even fanatically pursue and persecute these subversive heretics. This is more than just talk for me as I articulate and record ideas and concepts on to the Internet for all who wish to receive them. (The Greek word for free thinker or one who thinks for oneself. The Day After Roswell). The truth is that any new field because it is young. I find myself with a front row seat. There’s Gold In Them There Spaceships! Newly Emerging Scientific Disciplines For those brave scientists who do not fear ridicule.

backed up by his brother Roy Komarek and my mother Betty Komarek. These people are strong and bright enough to stand up to the inevitable fear and ridicule heaped upon them by their peers. (See Stardrive site. suppress newly emerging sciences and even religion. I lived my childhood amongst the best in the field of the natural sciences. Only the most brave.reality and unreality. In my young years I was a creature of the woods and fields of what is now Birdsong Nature Center. UFO/ET investigators are on the leading edge of scientific inquiry despite the denial and ridicule of the subject.stardrive. UFO’s And The National Security State.org/index.org/ ) I predict that even with the cover-up still in force. I roamed. It is the young who are most open to new ideas and concepts. Science was suppressed by the church for hundreds of years. technology. He introduced my father to ecological principles and prescribed fire with the result being that my father. the UFO/ET field has become a intelligence agent’s playground. Sometimes it takes one or more generations to overcome establishment dogma and propaganda. the evidence becoming publicly available in the UFO/ET community will eventually result in tremendous advances in science. One could almost say that I was born with a butterfly net in one hand and a fire torch in another. My toys were not inanimate objects but a great variety of wild creatures that I tamed to be my constant companions. politics and religion. Because of the UFO cover-up by world governments. later became known by some as the father of fire ecology. http://www.birdsongnaturecenter.jsp?id=h-3260 103 . http://www. imaginative and discriminating individuals and groups forge ahead into newly emerging domains. Herb was my father’s mentor and like a grandfather to me. Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both are considered to be the fathers of ecology. After all they got here before we got to them didn’t they? Some scientists are trying to figure out how to get from here to there. hunted. played and worked on the 565 acre property my parents owned and managed. and their peer review. secret politics. a mental battlefield between those who seek the truth and those intent on suppressing the truth.) I predict that many of the young people today that have become interested in exopolitics will one day use their understanding gained from this suppressed and ridiculed field to become leaders in new emerging fields of scientific inquiry that we can only dream about today. know that most extraterrestrials that have traveled to earth are advanced in all disciplines. It is difficult to conceptualize or even imagine the advances to be made when the cover-up ends and the existence of extraterrestrial races become widely admitted and known. As a young man I learned ecology as an apprentice from some of the earliest and most respected men and women involved in the newly emerging field of ecology. Now the tables are turned and the establishment scientists with their own dogma.htm I was fortunate to have been born into a family of early ecologists.org/nge/Article. Those that have taken the time to do their homework. creative. http://www. I have some personal knowledge of newly emerging fields of science and those very creative young individuals that grew up to found new sciences. ( See Richard Dolan’s excellent well documented book.georgiaencyclopedia. Regardless of what the propagandists say. I see young creative minds rummaging through the UFO/ET evidence on the internet and this gives me great hope for the future. fished.

those high priests of science. are no different from other autocrats outside of science.3/way.uiuc.press. living in their institutional ivory towers divorced from overall reality. They would tell him. but about control. I had yet to have a single class in wildlife management my major. Like most other ecologists he started as a collector and still does marine collecting for his company. I would like to make it clear that I believe that there are some bright academics who have managed to avoid having their creativity stifled and suppressed by academia. Neither my father nor Herb Stoddard had formal degrees and they did excellent science.edu/journals/eh/11. These early ecologists started out as museum collectors and evolved into ecologists. you can’t know God without a high priest for a intermediary. I could not articulate it at the time but unconsciously I knew that academia was all about obedience and conformity and little about free thinking and creativity. I struck out on my own a very scary thing to do. I did not feel I was getting educated. Herb Stoddard started off as a museum taxidermist and bird collector and soon began studying the Bob White Quail in Southwest Georgia in the 1920s which led to his ecological discoveries. To understand ecology one must spend a lot of time outdoors in direct contact with plants and animals and not in smelly. http://www. and I was flunking two years of French which like the other courses had little to do with ecology. did get a honorary doctorate from Florida State University for his ecological work late in life. let us touch and feel it. This idea promoted by academia that one cannot do good science without a degree is pure rubbish! It’s the same thing as saying. My father used to argue with the taxonomists who just could not understand ecology. dusty museum basements where the taxonomists worked. but these friends and family steadfastly dedicated their lives to ecology. there is no such thing! I was prepared to follow in my parents ecological footsteps. but in my early twenties I quit after three years of college.gulfspecimen. something the early taxonomists who worked with the collectors were not able to do.org/ Of course other people helped found the fields of ecology and fire ecology as well. My father had to drop out of college in the great depression to help support his family and went off mammal collecting in what was to become the Smokey Mountains National Park. I keep my sailboat at times moored on his “Living Dock” which is one of the titles of many marine environmental books that he has written. are everything. show us a relationship. My mother had a degree in Botany from Florida State University. two of them at the University Of Alaska at Fairbanks. only indoctrinated. The University of Alaska was a small college with few courses to choose from. just as with the high priests of old. These scientific autocrats. Credentials and position.html My father Ed Komarek Sr. It’s not about true scientific inquiry at all. 104 . http://historycooperative. He and his wife Ann own Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories. My concern is with those academic elite. who are no different from the high priests of our religious past.My experience has not been limited to land based ecology because Jack a close friend of mine is one of the earliest marine biologist-ecologists-environmentalists. Neither Herb nor my Dad had much appreciation for advanced degrees feeling that the educational process stifled creativity and promoted excessive specialization in the ecological field.

org/ I struck out on my own to understand who I was and what life was really about. exobiology. but for the love of scientific inquiry. They will be last to know. but I never in my wildest dreams would have considered that one day my early interest in the paranormal and UFOs would merge back into ecology in old age. Chemistry evolved out of alchemy. This is my answer to the age long debate over free will.These early ecologists were generalists who were able to grasp broad concepts’ because their creativity was not being stifled and their focus narrowed through overspecialization and academic indoctrination. I don’t believe we have much free will yet.talltimbers. that has been going on for thousands of years. politicians. from ignorant. and astroecology. We have a very long ways to go. More often than not founders work not for a paycheck. We know that ecology was not the only discipline that emerged out of earlier broader disciplines. religious scholars. Nowhere is this more evident today that in the field of exopolitics or UFO/ET research. because so much of who we are and what we do is shaped by unconscious evolutionary forces. My father often commented that the quality of work in science decreases as the paycheck increases. It was a PHD that first let a fire get away from him on Tall Timbers Research Inc. The minds of specialists seem too limited and focused to be able to easily grasp large concepts. arrogant establishment scientists and journalists when they find out how badly they have been deceived by the perpetrators of the UFO cover-up. They like my friend Jack abhorred academic arrogance and ignorance and fought against it all their lives. Sure there are some real crackpots in this field like any other. Establishment scientists are blinded and even suppress evolving new disciplines. will one day be considered visionaries and the fathers and mothers of new disciplines. Somehow in a strange twist of fate I did follow in my parents footsteps after all. New scientific disciplines were founded not by specialists but by generalists. psychologists often fail to appreciate the early origins of their disciplines and those few very creative individuals that founded those fields. We can expect quite a uproar after the fact. It makes me think that somehow our lives are generally planned out ahead of time and that consciously we are just along for the ride. Soon it will be widely know that life has evolved elsewhere about the universe and has come to our shores long ago and has had a wide influence on earth and our culture. Only after we understand ourselves and our reality will we have any significant free will. I never expected to find myself squarely on the leading edge of newly emerging disciples of exopolitics. Only after a field has evolved to a certain point by generalists does the specialist come into his or her own. those that have been persecuted and ridiculed by establishment autocrats as crack pots. a field that has been suppressed and ridiculed for 60 years because it threatens older autocratic organization structure. Formal training often can be an impediment to the contextual awareness of a generalist. but that’s not the point. astrophysics out of astrology as did ecology out of the natural sciences. that cost the institution several thousands of dollars. even our humanity. http://www. As has happen so often in the past. My father and his friends founded Tall Timbers. I wrote about this in a article on the evolution of free will. The UFO/ET field is like a gold mine with lots of ore and some very 105 . sociologists. Establishment scientists.

they will be richly rewarded. When the overall context eventually comes to public awareness the public will see there are better more democratic organized societies that are organized the same way our bodies are 106 . http://www. just because the governments they control have presented evidence that proves extraterrestrial life exists and has been coming to this planet for a very long time. psychologists. The Weekly World News founded by counterintelligence professionals trashes the subject with silly fabricated stories at every supermarket checkout counter.html These organizations work closely with the mainstream media to deny the evidence and ridicule UFO/ET investigators. sociologists. Today’s scientific establishment thinks it ridiculous to suppose that astroecology. It was the same for astrology and alchemy. advanced technology etc. The UFO/ET debunkers even while they work diligently on covert classified projects involving ET contact use their scientific credentials and their front organizations to suppress public awareness. Only those scientists that have been involved in classified projects would know better.important nuggets. just as they have been vulnerable to the cover-up itself. When something serious begins to break in the mainstream out comes a silly fabricated story on the event. If a person has the ability to negotiate through all the confusion and deception to get at the nuggets.enterprisemission. Autocratic regimes will apply fearful spin in support of the military industrial complex so as to continue to suppress overall context. post disclosure. Scientists propagandize and suppress the truth to their fellow scientists through front organizations like SETI and The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal. UFOology is no different that other broader fields of alchemy and astrology which have so advanced mankind’s understanding in ancient times. and not continue to be manipulated by propaganda techniques of collective mind control perpetrated by autocratic regimes. Unfortunately these mainstream scientists have chosen to remain silent to keep their jobs or even to use their reputations and public exposure to propagandize their fellow scientists in return for access to secret extraterrestrial knowledge. In nature nothing wants to die and this goes for social organizations as well as individual life. What is being done to the public is simply despicable! We should not expect autocratic regimes responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up to stop propagandizing the public. They will continue to be made vulnerable out of ignorance and arrogance post disclosure in future years. Because of the 60 year extraterrestrial cover-up many mainstream scientists. Today’s scientists have been indoctrinated for sixty years to believe UFO research is simply crackpot science. I expect the public to be continued to be bombarded by propaganda and partial releases of evidence. politicians etc. to misleading partial releases of evidence of extraterrestrial life. The so called scientific committee does not even do scientific investigation and even its name is deceptive.com/mcdaniel. Other organizations like the tabloid. could have a sound foundation based not on travel to other solar systems. but based on what travelers from other solar systems bring to earth. have a lot of catching up to do. SETI is simply a exercise in misdirection based on the illusionist’s art. It is of tremendous importance that all people are informed of the whole truth in a well thought out balanced manner. exobiology.

organized. This will be mostly propaganda with a kernel of truth. will be replaced by newer more advanced forms of organization structures that do not involve the predator-prey. it should be easy to see and conceptually grasp the fact that the new field of astroecology is going to become a huge discipline hand in hand with exopolitics. there would be a intelligent reptile on this planet rather than a intelligent mammal. I find myself moving ever further out on the leading edge of scientific and social discovery supported by the developing evidence in the UFO/ET community. religion. ecology. 107 . Such would be expected from a universe as large as ours. So to all you young scientists out there. I have taken this train of though ever further and predict that post cover-up it will be widely know as fact that natures different evolutionary strategies and artificial evolutionary strategies produce very diverse intelligent planetary and space faring species with a wide variety of motivations and agendas. This is the real reason behind the UFO/ET cover-up and why we in the field of exopolitics have to fight a info-war against a formidable adversary not unlike what Ed Komarek Sr. etc. organizational structure. exoskeletons and how they seem to lead to very different types of intelligent species coming to earth. will be seen to emerge out of this propagandized and disrespected UFO/ET field of inquiry. What accounts for all this diversity of intelligent life coming to earth? It must be that as nature evolves different evolutionary strategies some work out one way on one planet and another way on another. even when threatened with jail. sociology. if you have the stomach to stand up to the elite propagandists and risk ridicule and your paycheck you will be richly rewarded for your investigation into the UFO/ET phenomena. UFO crash investigator Len Stringfield wrote a lot on this and there are pages devoted to this in a little known book called. overt autocratic regimes as well as more covert autocratic regimes that hide behind a thin veneer of democracy. Scientists have even speculated that had not the dinosaurs been wiped out or severely suppressed leaving a niche for mammals. for the real reason is that if mankind continues to evolve. will give rationalizations and excuses for the cover-up in abundance. The extraterrestrial races being reported are many in number and of great diversity. UFO Crash At Aztec by William Steinman with contributions by Wendelle Stevens. Those of us involved in exopolitics must keep the faith for we too will prevail one day. My father and his ecologist friends stood up to the powerful United States Forest Service that had almost unlimited resources and eventually won because truth was on their side. This thinking is not new. As an example consider the different evolutionary strategies of interior skeletons vs. genetics. Some of these beings are human like ourselves. some are humanoid and many are completely different from us. biology. politics. had to do against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda. technological development. Some extraterrestrials coming and involving themselves with mankind look similar to insects and seem to have a hive mentality while many other extraterrestrials are humanoid and have interior skeletons and social structures similar to ours. I predict that the most notable scientific and religious achievements in the fields of physics. I have written about this theory of social evolution in other articles in detail. I believe that in the future after the cover-up ends. autocratic regimes overt and covert. elitist. artificial intelligence. master-slave. as here in America. When one takes this great diversity of life coming to earth with its diversity of interrelationships..

“sure we lied and we are sorry. Credible website’s. I will die knowing that in my small way I have made a contribution. More and more people are beginning to realize that their right to know the truth about intelligent extraterrestrial life coming to earth has been suppressed by establishment institutions both government and private.My fire ecologist father told me at the end of his life that all that he dreamed of came true. Once some mainstream media begin to play it straight and get past the giggle factor. Just recently a mainstream newspaper in Canada has played it straight in regards to exopolitics instead of propagandizing us like Washington Post did recently. The propagandists will say. but now you can trust us to tell you the truth. We exopoliticians need to do is build up a reserve of material that is easily accessible to all media that really want to both inform themselves and their readers. On the other hand there will be those who will have lost what little faith they have remaining in their mainstream institutions. They will feel betrayed by their government.” Yeah right! Many people are like the comic strip character Charlie Brown and want to believe in their institutions so badly that they will continue play the role of the perpetual victims. the whole truth and nothing but the truth. scientific. I suspect that we involved in the field of exopolitics could be overwhelmed by the needs of the public for the truth. to adopt the need to control burn forests and grasslands so as to maintain ecological diversity and debris removal to protect against catastrophic wildfires. In fact I find that we are being guided to do just that. but will only shift tactics to adapt to the changing external conditions. religious and journalist leaders and will look to new untainted leaders with a history of telling it straight to the public. It is the blind men and the elephant delusion played over and over again. its going to put a lot of pressure on the rest of the media to play it straight also. We may not even get a lot of help from the UFO/ET establishment who remain mired in factional infighting with each faction in its own little clump of trees proclaiming indigently that they have the complete view of the whole forest and everybody else is wrong. The truth is that propagandists and deceivers are not going to change their delusional habits overnight. I can only hope that I too may live long enough to see the end of the UFO/ET cover-up and the propaganda campaign by world governments. We in exopolitics who consider the broad model to be the model most in harmony with the facts catch hell from all factions. That could result in a very rapid end to the UFO/ET cover-up and a switch of tactics by the propagandists away from cover-up toward misleading partial 108 . Even if I don’t. Transition To A Post UFO/ET Disclosure World There is going to be a large UFO/ET credibility gap in the minds of the general public in regards to established institutions post disclosure. It is possible and even probable that much of the uninformed public will continue to be susceptible to mainstream propaganda even after the propagandizing institutions have admitted to lying and deceiving the public. He saw in his lifetime the Forest Service abandon its anti-fire policy and propaganda campaign. listeners and viewers. online newspapers and internet radio are developing that have a interest in informing the public as to the overall perspective in regards to extraterrestrial life. He said he was fortunate to have lived long enough to see the success of his labor.

I am not particularly photogenic nor do I have academic credentials which are important for mainstream media institutional credibility. what one is good at and what one is not.com/ufomagazine505.org board members to begin a serious investigation. Some of the public will be fooled.html was squashed by the Pentagon and it was rumored that President Carter asked then CIA head George Bush to give him access to the information. We must get our power from increasing information flows.ecologynews. I am a generalist like my parents and their friends and I will leave the details to the specialists. I most likely will continue to work behind the scenes on broad conceptual exopolitical infrastructure making it available free through the internet. I think people like Steve Basset.exopolitics. The media can go elsewhere for more detailed localized perspectives throughout the UFO/ET community. I do feel that for exopolitics to do its job in the future it must struggle not to become autocratic and a closed society divvying out information for power and profit.cohenufo. http://www. not by restricting information flows. 109 . I can see the way the UFO/ET establishment is going already and the forces of autocracy are already beginning to have a damaging impact on exopolitics. I am thinking that as disclosure unfolds I could also be useful to mainstream radio but I have my doubts about mainstream TV.htm The effort as explained in a article in UFO magazine http://www. Michael Salla and Alfred Webre JD are best suited to be mainstream broadcast media exopolitical spokespersons. articles and cases on my blog site that can soon be organized into a book format that will be freely available to individuals and the media. In my case mainstream and internet print media can come to my internet site and get what articles or cases they want to satisfy the needs of their readers as to the overall perspective or context. Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics (A little briefing for the Moveon.org/Carter/carter_abvtopsec. else we too like the UFO/ET establishment get side lined and will get dropped from the leading edge of both discovery and advancement in regards to extraterrestrial life. What I find myself doing at present is building up a volume of exopolitical essays. Alfred Webre http://www. but I believe that more and more people will catch on to what’s being done to them and they are not going to like it at all.org board) Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics and I will try to make my case to the board as best I can so as to prompt Moveon.disclosures.com/ a insider in the Carter White House who worked in the Carter Administration attempting to fulfill Carters pledge to the tell the truth about UFOs after he saw one in Georgia. That access was denied on the grounds that he Carter did not have the right to know and would make the information public. I think because of my ecological background I am best suited toward conceptualizing the overall perspective. Part of gaining perspective is to know ones place in the scheme of things. This is why I am so insistent on trying to keep all my material openly available to all. We each have our respective roles to play in the upcoming post disclosure world. The word exopolitics was coined as far as I know by Dr. Dr.

html This wealth then becomes a powerful tool of social 110 . I challenge the board to prove me wrong! My blog is: http://exopolitics.ufodisclosure.com/corso. Michael Salla is well credentialed also and worked as a diplomat on the East Timor Conflict. If Moveon really wants to effectively act in the realm of international and national politics they need to understand both the agenda.cbsnews.netscientia.org briefing (Part 2) The Agenda and Motivations Behind the Bush Dynasty and the Star Wars Program. Corso's book The Day After Roswell. motivations and deceptions of both the Bush Dynasty and other wealthy interests so as to discover their weaknesses. "What if the earth were invaded by aliens would not the people of the earth unite to fight this threat?" If you believe the cover story that Star Wars and the militarization of space is simply a missile defense shield you really need to so some investigating. Dynasties like the Bush Dynasty know the truth about exopolitics and you don't. Remember that the Scull and Bones Society http://www. misdirection. My next post will cover what really drives the Bush agenda and the drive to militarize space.blogspot.exopolitics.com/ufo_quotes He a staunch advocate of the Star Wars program stated twice to the press something to this effect. http://www.shtml to which the Bushes and John Kerry subscribe is a ancient order going much farther back than the SS lapel on the uniforms of the Nazi SS. putting you at a extreme disadvantage. I have done my home work not is the time for the Moveon board to do theirs.org/ I would hope that Moveon activists will take this subject seriously first admitting their own ignorance of the subject and then be willing to do a little investigating. The primary motivations of the world's secret government headed by a cabal of wealthy families are greed and fear. Webre in the UFO magazine article. remember folks the Elder George Bush was the head of the CIA and like Reagan a strong supporter of the Star Wars Program.com/ Movenon.com/stories/2003/10/02/60minutes/main576332.President Regan himself saw a UFO while flying in a small plane in California. meant to keep ET out and us in! The really bad thing is that it won't keep unethical ET's out but ethical ETs may respect our desire to be left alone like the primitive islanders who shoot arrows up at our helicopters in the Indian Ocean as explained by Dr. Information is power and the information derived from alien technologies is responsible for great wealth as discussed in whistleblower’s Col. Its a fence as Dr. Webre states. The very foundation of the black mysteries is based on a exopolitical foundation if my intuitions are correct. as tools for social control. http://www. I hope others on this board will help me out as I can't do all this alone. http://www. What this could lead to might be rather horrible to contemplate. Interestingly the other author of a exopolitics book Dr. misinformation etc. This symbol alone links these folks to a ancient order of black magicians who use deception. I can bring the horse to water but I can't make him drink.

destroy human rights and increase social control.com/ The cabal's worst fear is that their cattle may jump the fence for greener pastures as Dr. http://www.com/main/bigsearch/cattle. If and when the exopolitical cover up ends you can expect a controlled release to the mainstream propaganda press of only unethical ET contact and not ethical ET contact. You will see I have done my research and I give my sources! http://exopolitics. is to scare the elite with wide spread cattle mutilations around the world as well as add in a few human mutilations to spice things up a bit.com/UFOs_and_the_Brazilian_Air_Force.ecologynews. See The Coming ET Threat Will Be A Lie from the lady that worked with Werner Van Braun and Fairchild Industries. What is not as well understood is the other motivation that of the fear of celestial human intervention in world affairs that has been going on since ancient times and into the present. The Case for Celestial Humans. covert. building defenses and a system of autocratic control that can easily controlled from the top down by only a few unethical ET. http://www. The good news for what I am about to disclose is that the unethical ETs must be few in number and weak else they would not need to infiltrate our governments to subvert democracy and create a fascist system of secret control. The way to break the back of the dark. Can you imagine when scenes like these get on the nightly news.com/ufomagazine505. There have even been witness to cattle mutilations by ETs. Anyone who really studies the Bible. Read my post on my blog.com/mutilations/Human_Mutilations. It is only in Brazil where the military is cooperating with the UFO/ET community that something like this can get into the public domain.blogspot.think-aboutit. The intent of this unethical contact.html Then they have two choices either reform and treat their people better or collapse as mass defections to the ethical celestial humans take place. http://www.cosmicparadigm.mysteries-megasite. Cabal and the Bush family in particular is to expose their very exopolitical foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moveon. the ancient Hindu and Sumerian texts ought to be able to see the obvious. Christians should not have too much trouble understanding this if they really studied their bible.control undermining political movements across the globe. http://www.html Be warned the pictures at the end of this following report are very disturbing and graphic.rense. a form of communication.org board that all ET contacts are peaches and cream. Webre suggests. It will have everybody digging into their wallets to fund even more secret black budget programs to further subvert democracy.html are widespread and very blatant while cases of human mutilations have been effectively suppressed.htm The military and the elite has done a very good and predictable job of circling the wagons.com/general50/ec. secret. I know this sounds fantastic and Mark Felt remarked the same to Bob Woodward and told Bob that a fantastic covert program was undermining all politics not just Watergate. Cattle mutilations http://www. graphic and disturbing pictures)I would be amiss if I did not inform the Moveon.htm 111 . Neither choice is not very agreeable to the Cabal.org Briefing (Part 3) UFO/ET Related Human Mutilations (Warning.

fantasies amongst you and your associates. For those that are in such networks. keep a close eye on the activities of the leadership so as not to be led astray. The reason for my being so tough is because of the pounding some honest intelligence folks have taken by those who are not very well informed. and there are precious few individuals who have both the proper intelligence skills. or from self education. the foolish take out their confusion and stupidity on those who are trying to be of help which only furthers the aims of those who wish to maintain a cover-up. My advice to the new people coming into the field of exopolitics is to become informed and understand the big picture by studying intelligence gathering and analysis. In my estimation foolish or insincere people make statements like. The many ignorant and the foolish become willing pawns of the few who have infiltrated the UFO community and the debunking community at the highest levels. honest." Other foolish people are guilty in the trafficking of imaginary fantasies based on either fact or fiction. I have been reluctant to put this paper up on my blog till now because of this. Instead of admitting ignorance. mislead and generally keep the public in a state of denial over the existence of extraterrestrial life coming to earth in high technology spaceships. He's right. foolishness and impotency for all the world to see across the Internet and is egged on by those counterintelligence specialists in the field who know how to exploit such ignorance and foolishness to their advantage. to run collection and analysis networks competently. This only postures ignorance. Certainly there are those with intelligence backgrounds who have worked to deceive. If high quality information flows up the chain of command and only sightings flow down to the rank and file. beliefs. or "There is no evidence to support that. I would argue that even intelligence training in itself is still not good enough.". sincere. competent people working to get the truth to the public are constantly being maligned by large numbers of ignorant and foolish exopolitical enthusiasts as well as a few insincere counterintelligence people in the debunking organizations and the civilian intelligence networks. Some people deserve a pounding for disinformation and misdirecting but others do not.Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect ( Note: I have received some constructive criticism about this paper being a bit harsh and I believe that is valid criticism. Don't waste your time and the time and resources of others by simply recycling uninformed opinions. and then work to build competent local and national networks. In the past I too have been guilty of being indiscriminate in my dealing with people that have intelligence backgrounds. Good. to sort through the lies and confusion to gain a basic understanding of the subject. from those who are hell bent on maintaining the UFO/ET cover-up. Come on people wake up and become informed by building and participating in competent civilian intelligence networks. "Show me the evidence. either from military training. because it takes people who are psychologically and emotionally capable. that is a warning sign.) Robert Collins has stated that the UFO/ET situation is first and foremost a intelligence problem and that most people just don't have the intelligence skills necessary to understand this field. Unfortunately the ignorant and the foolish cannot distinguish which intelligence people are trying the best they can to end the cover-up from within and without. If 112 .

your leaders are making statements like. they fall very short in understanding the imperfections within their 113 . Until the UFO/ET cover-up ends. Until such a time people should be identifying and supporting. Lets start thinking how we can support honest sincere intelligence professionals and not out of ignorance sabotage their activities. not undermined or savaged. The UFO/ET exopolitics problem is and has been first and foremost a intelligence and political problem. There cannot be scientific solutions if the scientific data is being manipulated for political and intelligence purposes. "A cover-up has not been proved. Wendle Stevens. The public has been misled over the years in many different ways. The truth is that the public is embroiled in a intelligence war and unless we wise up to learn and play the rules of the game properly we will continue to remain in a state of confusion and denial. Darrell Sims. severely distort data collection and analysis. truthful." then watch out. These people should be supported in their work. but one should study the totality of the person’s intelligence gathering and analytical abilities before passing judgment. "Conventional science can resolve the problem. Since the days of Donald Keyhoe. a battle has waged both inside and outside of government for the people's right to know and continues to this day. Psychological imperfections such as arrogance and greed for instance. a kind of information bondage or slavery. the public should be more respectful and appreciative of sincere people with intelligence training like Robert Collins. open minded in their personal lives else psychological and emotional factors obscure their ability to properly collect and analyze the data. diligent. The intelligence and political problems must first be resolved before scientists can become effectively involved in public exopolitics." or. If members of the public want to really understand what is going on in the exopolitical field then they must study and apply intelligence techniques in their everyday search for clarity and understanding. Either the leadership is ignorant or incompetent or your organization has been infiltrated and is being misled to serve simply as a collection arm of government intelligences agencies that does not threaten the cover-up. Certainly everybody has personal faults. While the intelligence community understands the importance of training for the proper scientific collection and analysis of information. One cannot do good science unless one can have confidence in the data. Not only does one have to be properly trained in data collection and analysis and the running of intelligence gathering and analytical networks but one must be psychologically competent. Ron Pandolfi. Another way the public is being misled is to steer the public to rely on authority figures in the field who have beliefs and opinions not supported by strong competent intelligence gathering and analytical networks. Bob Dean. Furthermore intelligence work is both a art and a science. They steer the public away from viable solutions to end the cover-up. not denigrating honest and competent people with intelligence skills. Kit Green etc. It's those honest truthful people who have intelligence training who can help the rest of us break out of the intelligence orchestrated cover-up and information bondage. What I mean by being psychologically competent is that the individual digging for the truth must be honest. One of the ways has been to get the public to erroneously think that the problem is a scientific problem that can be solved by standard scientific methods. Counterintelligence people are skilled in intelligence matters themselves and work to contain the public knowledge through these authority figures either deliberately or used as pawns.

as well as the personal experiences of military retirees who had worked in classified programs. I no longer have much patience with the opinions of those in the field of exopolitics who do not run their own intelligence gathering networks and who are not psychologically competent in intelligence gathering and analysis. data collection and analysis. I feel I have a pretty good idea of the overall situation even though the resolution is not what I would like. If you really want to know the truth then stop wasteful social batter and the sharing of uninformed opinions and perspectives to start building competent information gathering and analysis networks in your local areas. I became known as one knowledgeable of the subject in my local area. I found myself running networks in both the private and in the public domain. As a necessary first step my advice toward escaping the personal and collective mental and emotional prison is that the ignorant and the foolish admit their ignorance and stop denigrating others. to otherwise involving myself in other activities. I build my own personal intelligence network by publicizing sightings and contact cases through newspapers and broadcast media in my local area. Because of this lifetime of interest. Knowledge and understanding are based upon proper collection and analysis of data. For this reason over the past few years I find myself going from being involved rather intently in the field for short periods when I think I can accomplish something useful. 114 .own minds that contribute to flawed intelligence. but other very important emotional psychological information that only personal contact and friendship allows. Then we have the problem of properly evaluating all this data collected in both public and private domains. The current political situation involving the war on terror is a clear example of what I am talking about. I found that both public and private networks complemented and strengthen each other in a way that either alone could not do. I don't think I can get much further until either the cover-up ends. I set about comparing what I was being told privately and in confidence by those who did not want to go public for very good reasons to what was coming out in the public domain. I become involved in classified programs or I develop personal relations with the ET's themselves. I know I can speak with confidence in saying that most all these arguments and banter across the Internet in the exopolitical field are rather useless and a waste of time. In the private conversations and friendships I gathered not only the core story. Such comparisons between private and public networks allowed me to filter out much of the confusion and deception in the public domain while still using the public networks to help build a general model of the situation. I say spend less time chattering amongst peers to listen to what the knowledgeable have to say. When Bob Dean in public said that he read that their were several ET types including human types while in NATO I took him seriously because I have personal sources that have told me in confidence the same thing. It's the only way to make sense out of such a complex confusing subject. work. a few direct contact cases. Then get to work and become a intelligence operative yourself. When I began to realize that I was dealing with a intelligence problem I read books on the intelligence community. I started receiving calls and letters putting me onto large numbers of sightings.

It is often the case that those who value truth have trouble understanding and protecting themselves from those who don't want them to have that truth. I have been hoaxed a time or two myself and have learned from the experiences. is draw from a wide variety of sources that have been time tested. "that to be successful in the battlefield one has to both know oneself and to know ones adversary. but also the victims emotions. The best way to keep from getting burnt too badly. Sun Tzu in The Art of War states. Us old timers remember the Bennewitz disinformation operation run by AFOSI that discredited UFO researcher Bill Moore. of the targeted individuals and society as a whole.asp?articleID=41939 Serpo is looking like another one of those sophisticated counterintelligence operations involving several expert individuals who work together as a team. situational awareness." Its not enough to just know ones self. The idea is to so involve the individual in the story so completely. if one wants to keep a open mind.americanchronicle. http://en. The damage to me has been slight because I draw from so many sources and if the accuracy of the cases are only 50% I am still in good shape.com/articles/viewArticle. that they loose perspective of their overall situational awareness to become vulnerable to manipulation and predation. emotionally engaging controversial cases. A simple hoax may be of the Dan Burish type where a couple of low level individuals build up a story over time that has some basis on previous UFO/ET evidence. The motive for a simple hoax is often based on both the need for attention and hope for some financial reward rather than a attempt to suppress the truth of the UFO/ET situation.org/wiki/Paul_Bennewitz Bill admitted taking part in it by reporting back on 115 . not only engage the mind.wikipedia. For that reason the truthful can easily be led astray in the battle for their own minds. http://www. the testimony of Kit Green. The fact that the idea of a sick alien case has not been confirmed by others. must be dispassionately viewed in the light of earlier time tested cases. and the fact that many close to Dan have become disillusioned. Spectacular new. The motivation for the more sophisticated counterintelligence operations is to effect perception management. The idea of a clean sphere for a sick alien seems to be based on earlier cases that involved the construction of protected environments for various ET species. I have a very diversified portfolio of cases upon which I draw my conclusions some of which I am putting up on my blog mixed with my essays. The first thing that a person needs to realize when they venture into exopolitics is that they are entering into a information war. One has to also know the adversary. While the jury may still be out on the Serpo stories I must insert a word of caution. While there is still a small chance that the stories are not disinformation the window is closing fast with the release of the Reagan Briefing Story. to very sophisticated counterintelligence operations. One side wants to get the truth out to the public and the other side is intent upon keeping the truth from the public. Simple hoaxes like more sophisticated ones rely on building up a story.Exopolitics: Disinformation Games? I have commented previously that the UFO/ET field is an intelligence agent's playground and that novices and experts alike have to be careful. leads me to believe this to be a simple hoax. It just goes with the territory. In the field of exopolitics hoaxes range from simple.

then we could be on the verge of truly unprecedented change and transformation.htm 116 . a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt and discouraged from involving themselves in the whole UFO/ET field and that would be a shame. I'm not buying the DIA 6 stories. Part 1 http://www. I always try to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Still. http://www. http://www. What we in the public seem to be privy to is a ongoing struggle within the intelligence community for the peoples right to know involving a number of key individuals inside and outside of government since the time of Bennewitz. I think that Bob may have gotten too close to the truth for some insiders comfort. just as had Paul Bennewitz in the 1980's. if I were in Victor's shoes I would be doing a lot of research on counterintelligence disinformation operations with particular attention to the Paul Bennewitz case. If Serpo turns out to be bogus.rense. I don't jump to conclusions quickly. I know its time to sell. Are there similarities between the psychology of how stocks and UFO/ET cases are traded? You bet there are. If the alleged releases are mostly bogus.com/ The Fulford Revelations Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati If the Fulford revelations and public challenge by a secret Asian society to the secret ruling families of earth is real. Bob Collins may be the only person between himself and the edge of the cliff. I wait and study both stocks and UFO cases until the evidence builds up for or against. One is that the DIA 6 are basically telling the truth and the other is that they are not.com/general77/fulf. If these revelations are true then Victor has a right to be excited and elated and the more power to him. For those who wish to follow daily developments in many areas of the UFO/ET scene check out the Open Minds Forum. Victor ignores Bob at his own very great peril. It has happened before and its going to happen again.com/Exempt-Disclosure-Robert-M-Collins/dp/0976642603 Recently a individual on one of Bob's Internet mailing lists tried to point out some of the psychology going on between Victor and Bob over the latest alleged Reagan UFO Briefing release. The target this time seems to be Bob and his book. I trade a little in the stock market and when the optimism and hype build us on a stock." Diversification is good. I see two different possible scenarios here. then judging from Victors elated and excited emotional state the perpetrators have him exactly where they want him and Victor is in deep psychological trouble.Bennewitz's mental breakdown. Remember the old saying. While I know that Bob is getting old and cranky like some of the rest of us. (See 110 page transcript of 6 hour interview by Jeff Rense. It is very possible that Bob is right and that this is a disinformation operation drawing from the UFO/ET literature to throw novices off track from the revelations in his book Exempt From Disclosure. I'm selling.openmindsforum.amazon. I am afraid. While Victor Martinez who is the mouthpiece for the DIA 6 may not realize it. It's not good to fall in love with the stocks in a portfolio either. "don't put all your eggs in one basket. I hope I am wrong in this case as I always like to think the best of people.

Michael Salla who also has a paper on the Fulford material believe that it is these very same secret world ruling families that have implemented and maintained the UFO/ET cover-up. they the ET's. It may well be that some human extraterrestrials today are trying to straighten out problems that their ancestors were responsible for. the descendants of the Robber Barons of the 1800's.com/general77/ful2. that limits the actions of the cosmic visitors.htm . who did not disappear but simply went underground after they had established control over finance and the American economy by the early part of the 1900's. a society of farmers. Celestial visitors have been perceived to be threat to the elites because. like the Masonic Order have ancient roots. People like myself and Dr. I believe celestial visitors are mostly friendly and wish to have more open contact with earth's peoples but are being prevented from doing so by these sophisticated gangster families that now seem to be secretly ruling the world. Fulford is an author of over 20 books in Japanese and an ex Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine.Part 2 http://www. to reduce the Asian population by as much as 80% through the use of bio-weapons and other methods of mass destruction.8 million gangsters and one hundred thousand assassins into action was the implementation of a plan by world elites. the Hixsoth discovered that people could be herded and exploited like their sheep and so began a process of subjugation that has become more and more sophisticated over the centuries. and that many of the secret ruling families of today that use secret societies have ancestors that were Babylonian slave driver tyrants. In early times slave masters controlled their slaves by controlling 117 .) Fulford notes that when a ancient pastoral people in Babylonia. This secret Asian society has been watching as these secret elites developed and implemented plans to subjugate all of humanity into a sophisticated slave society. it is. of great importance and interest to the field of exopolitics. (Some of us suspect that the lineages may go further back to a time where feuding human extraterrestrial families made themselves out to be gods and harmfully interfered in human evolution on earth. I believe it is up to earth humanity to deal with this problem. Global 2000. The picture of the dead from SARS virus in Canada seem to confirm this view says Jeff Rense. Fulford says the thing that galvanized the secret Asian society of 1. in my estimation. Even though there is little mention of UFO/ET in this long interview. are interfering with the elites plans of complete total dominion over the masses of humanity. were invaded by a pastoral people the Hixsoth. This Asian society believes that the SARS virus was introduced into Asia and was a genetically engineered virus made to kill almost exclusively people of Asian descent.html ) Benjamin Fulford claims to be a member and spokesperson for a secret Asian society determined to stop the implementation of plans for very large scale mass genocide by secret world elites around the planet and in particular Asia. I believe that Fulford rightly points out that the secret societies. Part 3 http://benjaminfulford.com/secretgoverment. He makes the astounding and unprecedented claim that a secret Asian society has been secretly watching the American and European ruling families consolidating power over earth's humanity. because something like Star Trek's prime directive is in effect.rense. Fulford says that the secret Asian society is in particular targeting the American elite.

torture and murder aliens need to be identified. today people are controlled secretly by controlling the money supply. If the evidence now emerging is true. The secret elite factions who are violated the civil rights of aliens and humans in secret ET programs to shoot down.human crimes and work to see policy implemented that protects the civil liberties of both aliens and humans involved in secret classified activities. Do we want to be a designated a North Korea. secret classified tribunals staffed by people of conscience. defanged and then prosecuted. capture.the food supply. Fulford points out that the world's ruling families are becoming desperate as they lose control and are taking extreme measure to reestablish their control. wages and the use of sophisticated forms of Freudian/Pavolian mind control. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens? I would like to suggest that a tribunal similar to the one now in effect in regards to crimes against humanity in the Hague be created to investigate and prosecute claims of crimes against aliens and claims of alien crimes against earth humans. American and other militaries around the world are involved in crimes against aliens that could make earth civilization a pariah civilization in regards to the celestial neighbors for a long time to come. isolated . Such a tribunal might also be expanded to include earth human to earth human crimes in cases involving the extraordinary alien-earth human situation. interrogate. leaving us no choice but to associate with other terrorist alien civilizations? 118 . I would suggest that the same has been the case in regards to alien life in our cosmic neighborhood. The evidence suggests that a ongoing low intensity conflict between earth humans and other extraterrestrial life forms on and about earth is real. In this paper I would like to concentrate on the importance of holding the few humans and factions responsible for alleged alien crimes responsible and accountable for any and all crimes against aliens that have taken place in the past and into the future. should vigorously investigate and prosecute claims of alien . Crimes against aliens even if they take place in secret and out of the public eye are crimes nonetheless and give all of earth humanity a black eye. I believe it will be well worth everybody's time to read the Rense interviews of Benjamin Fulford as well as work to verify this material to see if it is truly authentic. It is a very dangerous time for all of humanity and people need to be paying attention to what Fulford is saying. This is a issue that involves all of humanity and as such I believe that the UN would be the proper authority to investigate and prosecute. Today UFO/ET disclosure is accelerating and I suspect this disclosure coincides with a decline in the power of the world's ruling families as more people get on to them. U. Until such time of public disclosure.N. a terrorist society by the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. I would like to suggest that I believe that only a small fraction of earth humanity and small fraction of alien life is responsible for crimes incurred and being incurred in the past and present. Most of us realize that America's image around the world has been severely tarnished.

What this does is create two different rules of law. one for the elite and one for the ordinary people. Remember. Is this really a missile defense shield or are the weapons being developed to enforce a new version of manifest destiny? Has a dark vision in America's history been resurrected within the military industrial complex that now lay claim to the earth. just because you don't know or don't want to know of any atrocities occurring does not mean that they are not occurring. smelt the smoke but instead of investigating chose our of ignorance or fear to deny the rumors to their detriment and the detriment of the German society. Addendum: Below are a few cases out of many of alien abuse and potential alien abuse by world military forces. Today disclosure is happening with facts and rumors everywhere in abundance throughout the Internet and elsewhere that atrocities against aliens have been and are being committed. It's your responsibility as a good citizen to be vigilant and not go into denial when evidence surfaces. because the abuses there were highly classified. its surroundings. We suffer now and will continue to suffer as individuals and as a society for the destructive actions of elite classified factions involved in alien affairs. but you have a obligation to find out the truth. race or other considerations. and the universe regardless of the claims other races have on the earth and the rest of the universe. There are some of us within the military and intelligence community that would have us give blanket immunity to earth's citizens that have abused aliens or other humans in regard to the alien matter.We all are responsible if we unknowing or knowingly allow criminals to control. You as a citizen of earth and earth humanity have not only a right to know. 119 . A good citizen's responsibility is to discover and promote truth and not hide you head in the sand and blame others for any atrocities that have or are now happening in regards to alien life. Many Germans were aware of the rumors. In the end when disclosure become public knowledge will you be as the propagandized German citizens who were marched through the concentration camps to see the truth of their ignorance and inaction. dictate and implement dangerous and unethical policies at the highest levels that involves the abuse of our neighbors. If folks run across more cases let me know and I will add them to this file. the solar system. Of course this then leads the average citizen to lose of confidence in their leaders and in government in general. Criminals in our courts rarely get consideration for the often despicable things that have happened in their past that led them to become criminals. You are responsible as a human citizen and a citizen of your country to immediately investigate even the hint of wrong doing. Today billions perhaps trillions of dollars of taxpayer monies have been pouring into Star Wars exotic weaponry by the out of control military industrial complex. The rule of law must apply equally to all regardless of social status. As a whole society they were held collectively accountable by the rest of the world because they should have known and made it their business as good German citizens to know. I believe a more partial immunity with some consideration for times and conditions would be much more just and applicable. Most of the German nation did not know about the concentration camps till after the war ended. the galaxy. It would seem that only the elite criminals get special consideration as in the latest pardoning of a high level official convicted of perjury.

php/UFOs_and_extraterrestrial_life_under_the_spotlight STS 48 Probable Star Wars Attack On UFO http://www.cgi?board=projectserpo&action=display&thread=1187 709260&page=5 March 1997 Attempted Shoot-down Of UFO http://www.monstersandcritics.about.com/index.htm 1952 American Shoot-down Order http://roswellproof.cgi?board=projectserpo&action=display&thread=1188 221738 1950's Attempted Montana 1951shootdown and Iran shoot down order http://www.com/od/ufocrashes/p/1978ftdix.com/ufo/trianatt. I think we can find some insights to the bigger picture by looking at how mankind on earth has altered and adapted the genomes of other species to its own interests.rense.org/topics/sts-48.html 1989 South African UFO Shoot-down http://news.com/africa/article_1177316.com/ufo/THETAUCETICONNECTION. Even on earth mankind has been tinkering for thousands of years with the genomes of other species by selective breeding.unknowncountry. Dix Alien Shooting http://ufos.think-aboutit.htm Tau Ceti Alien Abuse Case http://www.proboards21.com/news/?id=4335 1970's Ellsworth AFB Alien Shooting (Bottom of Page) http://lucianarchy.htm Trans Species Genome Modifications for War Or Peace It could well be that the ultimate struggle or dynamic between intelligent races throughout the universe is being played out in the realm of artificial genetic modification of specie genomes. 120 .htm Russian Alien Shooting http://lucianarchy. In natural evolution genomes mutate in order to adapt the species to changing natural environmental conditions but artificial modifications of genetic structure radically change the rules of the game.proboards21.com/index.com/ShootDown_INS_72952. The artificial modification of genomes may well have been supplanting natural evolution now for millions of years around the universe as more and more advanced intelligence's develop and begin tinkering with genetic structures of naturally evolving species.ufoevidence.Ft.

When modern man came on the scene the wolf was already well established in ranges around the world and as man expanded into the wolf’s range a strange partnership developed between wolf and man. Other species also were artificially genetically modified to serve man's dinner table like sheep. a whole new level on interspecies interactions takes place. It would seem to me that once species reach a certain level of intelligence and can begin to modify their and other species genomes artificially. We would seem to be race that is a product of both natural and artificial evolution and it would seem that we are no different from other intelligent extraterrestrial races in this regard. I think that our position in this state of affairs could be similar to the wolf's fate when it got involved with mankind. 121 . Man artificially modified the wolf into a wide variety of forms into what we now call dogs who have become known as mans best friend. but as efficient hunting groups. On the other hand a more peaceful civilization might strive to insert genetic information into the genome of a hostile race to make that race more peaceful and less aggressive. What this would all seem to boil down to is based on basic ecological principles and the interplay between competitive and cooperative strategies of survival within a changing environment. not only as separate individuals. The importation of African killer bees into South America is a good example. This came about so that the wolf could survive within a competitive environment. a most fearsome competitor that no one wolf could do alone. It’s pretty obvious from the evidence that something very major involving genetics is going on between other extraterrestrial races and our own and has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. It would appear there has been a lot of transgenome genetic mixing happening between other species and ourselves. cows and grains. The intent was to introduce some hybrid vigor into existing cultured populations of honeybees but the killer bees got loose and their extreme aggressiveness proved to be a natural evolutionary advantage and they set about taking over the hives of both mans and naturally existing hives. The same thing happened to the cat. Both man and wolf have always been in conflict but over time both species learned how to adapt to each other and even began to cooperate in the hunt to the benefit of both races and finally the wolf ended up in the village and on mans doorstep. Mankind began to artificially modify the wolf’s genetic structure through selective breeding so as to be useful to man in various survival strategies. Other types of experiments in genetic modification of genomes have not turned out so well.The wolf naturally evolved into a intelligent and efficient predator with a vibrant and complex social life. Attempts have been underway to try to change the killer bees genome so that they will become less aggressive and not be a threat to man as they are now. Could something similar be happening to us now with us instead of the bees being on the receiving end? I am thinking that something can be learned here from mankind's experience with artificial genetic modifications of other species genomes for mankind's advantage that can be related to our relationship to extraterrestrial races. Hence the wolf was moved from the wolf on the doorstep to pet and friend within the home. Through a combination of intelligence and social planning wolf packs can even take down a grizzly. Genomes become the ultimate battlefield in conflicts or the ultimate solution toward interspecies cooperation and mutual betterment. In the case of conflict one hostile combatant might add excessive aggressive genes into the genome of the other combatant so that the excessive aggression causes the civilization to disintegrate through internally generated conflicts.

If on the other hand we choose wisely. It would seem that the existence of a guardian group is a rather recent development historically speaking because the historical literature seems to indicate that our race was born of a time of chaos and lawlessness in the earth environs. Increased species intelligence and technological development would allow a peaceful race to outmaneuver other hostile races without having to resort to overt hostile action. If we insist through our foolish actions to pursue a path that leads to enslavement or destruction then we will be allowed to do that. but others are not. we can rapidly accelerate our collective and personal evolution through major artificial modifications to our genome and our technological environment. I think this would be similar to what has happened 122 . I would hazard a guess that we earth humans are and have been since our inception caught up in a evolutionary race for genome superiority between competing extraterrestrial races. That's the bad news.I find it even more interesting that increased intelligence through artificial genetic modification has adaptive evolutionary value. or because of ego issues. So we can assume that within a dynamic environment of both conflict and cooperation evolutionary forces would push species to artificially modify their genome and that of their allies toward increasing intelligence at ever faster rates. We can only accomplish this if we are willing to share with other members of our species. The good news is that we are not in the near future to be conquered or assimilated by any ET race or group of ET races against our will because of the existence of a guardian group. to negotiate with various ET groups in our interest for the foreseeable future. is a great impediment to our individual and collective development Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET? I think that those who have become well informed now realize that the idea of achieving technological and cultural parity with most ET's in the foreseeable future is a pipe dream. It is becoming obvious to me that the reason we are not already conquered or assimilated into any particular ET group is because universe society has appointed a guardian group. cosmic ombudsmen if you will. monitored and enforced. What we have to do as a race is to work together as best we can to understand our situation and predicament so as to be able to exert our collective will in a manner that allows us to establish our independent identity and personal and collective integrity. This we can do with the assistance of other ET races under the careful supervision of the guardian group. This lawlessness seems to have come about by the unrestricted activities of competing technologically superior ET races that had a devastating impact on emerging civilizations such as ours. This could be conceived of a sort of planetary park service where advanced intelligent interactions are strictly controlled. refuse to tell others straight up what is going on we won't be able to as a race to proceed in our development at a optimal evolutionary pace. This whole elitist idea that I am smart enough to handle the truth. As long as people with access attempt to possess vital information to hold for personal advantage. Notice I said against our will. Most ETs are just too advanced. a constructive evolutionary path. This group would not be the Annunaki races who have been as much a problem as a solution.

but the rest is up to us. What they can do is cushion the transition into universe society and into a greater reality. Up to this time. I see this guardian group as acting as a buffer between ourselves and a large number of technologically advanced races. sporadically and on a individual basis. This possibility seems to revolve around the radical idea that we have very advanced old technology in our genome. A membrane acts as a buffer between the fragile inner environment and the external environment. Right now I see our negotiating position with other ET races as somewhere between that of a pet and a small child. I believe humanity on earth is now entering a time of transition into more direct interaction with ET groups and I believe that the Earth Park Service is here to insure that mistakes as happened in the past won't be repeated again. With such a guardian group acting as a buffer we can look forward to a promising future within universe society if we individually and collectively choose of our own free will. destructive transition and assimilation. a constructive path. a sort of very advanced Internet. It would seem the same forces are at play for groups of individual organisms. This group is not our savior and will not violate our free will to destroy ourselves if that is what we really insist upon doing.to indigenous peoples around the world during the European expansion and conquest. Until we have the ability to look after our own interests we must realize and accept the need for a group acting in our behalf. Some say that such technology if accessed can radically change us from a pawn on the chessboard of exopolitical superpowers to a queen of players if we can survive the trip across the board to the far side. The guardian group is here to insure a smooth more orderly transition and assimilation into universe society rather than a chaotic. If it is too thin in will rupture and the organism dies or if too thick the organism suffocates. emerging civilizations and cultures. I have noticed that all forms of life from single celled organisms to complex organisms exist within semi-permeable membranes. Some sources say not so fast! :-) They believe that humanity has the chance to make a giant evolutionary leap that could put us in the exopolitical big league. There are now small groups of individuals around the globe who may have found the key to the unlocking of fantastic abilities through a initial preliminary understanding of the physics of DNA. Can We Achieve Parity With ET? (Well. This 123 . Maybe) In a prior article I made the statement that achieving parity with ET anytime soon was a pipe dream. people throughout history have been able to do some very radical and fantastic things that have not been very well understood. The reason a buffer is needed is so that our emerging civilization will not become overwhelmed by the much superior technological races who would wish to interact with us for a variety of reasons that would not be in our self interest. Today indigenous peoples are only now trying to reclaim their history and their respective cultures after a devastating loss of both. The membrane must be just right for survival.

The book has not yet been translated into English as far as I know.) Elites are so strong worldwide and in America that they control governments and their security apparatus not just institutions. The name national security is in itself a lie. written by two Russian authors. sophisticated system of organized mass mind control and enslavement of humans ever invented. Regardless of its sophistication. lies. rather than allow it to be exploited by self serving interests to the detriment of humanity. The race seems to be on.bethcoleman. (In my opinion there is no better book for both novice and expert alike than. I have also been led to believe that certain groups of ET's are assisting us for various reasons. and in my estimation it is the most advanced.DNA.understanding when linked up with today's technology promises a grand future for humanity that is simply almost unimaginable at this time.html The National Security State A Slave Society? The national security state is based on extreme secrecy. The child's indoctrination into the mentality of the slave state is further reinforced by entrance into the public educational system who's name is again a lie and should be called the public indoctrination system. wake up to the fact that 124 . The National Security State. while I am a severe critic of the American national security apparatus and other countries security forces. I got interested in this nation’s intelligence activities and the national security state because I realized long ago that the truth about extraterrestrial life in the universe was being covered up by elites around the world. An indication of the incredible control that autocratic regimes have over their populations is that young people can within a period of several weeks be indoctrinated to kill and be killed in wars that are both unnecessary and futile. need to know. The primary source material of this radical new way of viewing ourselves is the book. It's true name should be national insecurity state. and special access. clearances. it is still at heart a master-slave organization who's roots go back into Sumerian and Babylonian times and who's symbol has and always and will be the pyramid. it not my intent do denigrate but rather enlighten the rank and file who are or who sincerely believe that they are working for the interests of the Republic. Richard M. Dolan's book. of which I am unaware. but there is a important review at the following site. to try to keep this revolutionary knowledge for the common good of humanity. I would like to make it abundantly clear. Quantum Physics in for Radical Revision . Children are forced to obey rather than think by parents who use the classic manipulative technique of reward and punishment upon the unsuspecting child. http://www.net/intelligenz. I believe it imperative that those who serve. The fact that the military establishment can convert a peaceful person into a killer is so short of time shows that young people since birth have been trained not to think but to obey. fear. I realized that information about UFO/ET was a highly classified subject and that those with special access to this material were themselves involved in propagandizing the public. to accelerate our evolution by helping us access the old technology locked up in our DNA.

Today's national security state has long ago sown the seeds of its eventual collapse and destruction. it is a organization system that is prone to and is trapped in a cycle of creation and destruction. divisiveness. understand the overall context of life better than anybody else and so should rightly rule. lack of integrity and ethics. chaos and revolution. that now threaten civilization and even the earth itself. Because of this inherent instability. is founded and maintained by lies and division. access and need to know. resources. The national security state works contrary to republican and democratic values in all countries and is nothing other than a master-slave society run by tyrants. The state can collapse internally as did the Soviet Union from both internal and external pressures or almost exclusively an external explosion as did the regimes of Germany and Japan in World War Two. I believe that the jig is up and national security slaves in these regimes around the globe are beginning to collectively recognize their true condition as expendable slaves and are now in rebellion? I just want to in my own small way add a little more fuel to the fire. It is a system based on the most primitive natural process of competition and mutual predation. is more propaganda perpetrated by tyrants running all national security regimes all over the planet not just here in America. This potent lie. need to know. The reason the founding fathers did not want standing armies in peacetime was because they knew militaries were autocratic and could and would subvert republican and democratic organizational structures. I just don't buy it! One cannot fight evil with evil without becoming evil. The collapse can be generally peaceful as happened when the British regime in 125 . I say their fears have come true. protected and nourished by an organizational structure that delegates authority. The simple truth is any autocratic system of social organization of which the national security system is part and parcel. hence its symbol is also the phoenix that arises anew from the ashes of the old organization order. The elite masters live lavishly at the expense of their slaves. The national security state can collapse in two very different ways or a combination of these two ways. :-) The founding fathers also believed an army was a necessary evil in times of war but feared the creation of a perpetual state of war and takeover of the Republic by the military. Masters and slaves together find themselves blindly plunging headlong into the abyss. sophisticated gangsters at the highest levels. the call for even more constraints upon individual liberties and freedom becomes ever more demanding and vocal. These seeds have reached maturity and now bring forth a bitter harvest in America and other countries around the world. rank and special access to all those below. and is by nature a unstable system that fosters cycles of tyranny. is autocratic by nature and is designed to serve an elite few predatory masters who occupy the capstone of the pyramid of power.they are participating in a system that is dangerously subversive and undermining and destabilizing our Republic. Central to the master-slave society is the lie that slavery is good and that the masters with the highest clearance. What are we going to do about it? A master-slave society regardless of its sophistication. Some would argue that the national security state is a necessary evil needed to protect the American people from other national security regimes. As the power of the national security state erodes from internal and external forces.

S. I believe that the most advanced democratic and republican organizational structure in all respects is literally right under our very noses our own bodies. but nature has been working on defensive as well as offensive systems for a very long time and those interested in national security should look to nature to find a system compatible with democratic and republican values. This was the only time that I saw anger in this person’s otherwise calm demeanor and I knew I had hit a nerve. I have discussed in detail in other essays available on my blog. Only these enlightened qualities will make for true stability. The true national security state is not one based on fear. government had a policy where they pressured and bribed foreign governments using foreign aid monies as one of the incentives to get foreign governments to give up their crashed saucers.S. and provide the proper foundation to a civilization that will endure. I suggested that a country like Venezuela could in a effort to embarrass or destabilize the United States roll out a crashed saucer and bodies for public exhibition and blow the lid off the exopolitical cover-up. I believe that these other beings might exist on stars. By and large the immune system works very well except when for some reason it attacks the body itself. John Lear subscribes to the idea that other planets and moons in our solar system are inhabited by ET's in our 4D space. I suggest that rather that try to reform master-slave organizations like the national security state we should chuck them altogether and replace them with security systems that do not favor elite control. In this I look to nature and suggest that the most appropriate model is in our own bodies. lies and separation but one based on cooperation. planets and moons but in other separate but interpenetrating 4D space-time continuum's other than our own. Now is the time to sow constructive seeds for a enlightened new world order before the collapse of the old order completes its destructive cycle. No system is going to be perfect.India collapsed or violently as with Japan and Germany. and its allies can maintain a global exopolitical cover-up through a combination of threat and incentive. I think he pretty aware as to how the U. We must all work hard for a "soft landing" but be very careful not to sow destructive seeds that will rebirth the new old order. Anybody can take out a telescope and prove NASA is telling the truth by taking a look at our own moon and it is obviously lifeless in our 4D space-time continuum. Was this just geopolitical or something more? :-) I felt I was on to something and I thought I ought to pursue this line of thinking further. Will Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Blow The Lid Off The Cover-up? In a discussion at the Hawaii exopolitics conference I brought up this very subject to an to an individual known to have high level intelligence contacts. our immune system and our brain. So while I and John may not agree on this idea. If we don't get this right the phoenix of the old will rise again from its own ashes. love and unity. 126 . Recently John Lear suggested in some discussions on the Above Top Secret Forum that the U. I think this is a misperception that goes back to the contactees of the 1950's. security and happiness. This might be why gravity is so weak because it holds other 4D space-times together as well as our own.

I am willing to stick my neck out to suggest that if these geopolitical tensions keep increasing and the U.S.S. These so called democracies can be exposed to be little more democratic than any other regime to which they are in opposition. and other so called democracies really are. The exposure of the truth will change the present covert exopolitical skirmishes between the legislative and executive branches of government into an overt mother of all battles between the two branches of government and will drag into the fray the judicial branch as well. It's possible that the reason the cover-up has not already been blown is that there is complicity in all countries around the world having to do with exopolitics and that maybe it has been more advantageous to help maintain the cover-up and just blackmail the Echelon countries from time to time. I believe most everybody in the know seems to be simply hunkering down preparing for the exopolitical firestorm that is sure to come hoping it won't come on their watch. and its allies for years to come. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security I was the first to publicly call for a Exopolitics Institute in one of my small papers published in the spring of last year and as far as I know I am the first to publicly call for a Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference in a recent paper. Hopefully it will all get sorted out in time but it may further weaken the U. becomes more and more isolated there will come a time when a country or a block of countries will see it in their own best interests to attack and destabilize the United States by blowing the lid off the UFO/ET cover-up. I am thinking that the time and place for this to take place may not be far off and its got to be scaring not only those leaders aware of the exopolitical coverup. British. I think that if geopolitical tensions continue to increase further it will become more and more advantageous for the enemies of American and its allies to play the exopolitical card at a time and place of their own choosing. Those that know me realize that I can remain persistent and focused over long periods of time on issues I feel are of important in the UFO/ET field. but high level intelligence professionals as well. something that Americas enemies would love to see happen. I did just that when in the early 1990's I realized that we were dealing with many ET races with a wide variety of agendas and motivations and that we needed to get a handle on just what was our relationship to these various ET races. Why kill the goose that has been laying the golden egg? However. and its allies are increasing becoming boxed in and have painted themselves into a corner in which there are no acceptable options.S. When I feel that my thinking is getting too far ahead of the pack I may disappear from the public eye until the public thinking catches up. The way I see it is that the U. In fact I just quite don't understand why with geopolitical tensions the way they are that some of these enemies of America haven't gotten together to show just how hypocritical American. 127 . Only a few brave progressive souls high up in government are attempting to mitigate circumstances with a few controlled burns that in themselves could get out of control and set off the firestorm. The revelation that a secret unconstitutional government of the United States created by executive order in the 1940's is responsible for extreme and widespread human rights abuses and other crimes will throw the USG and other world governments to which it is allied into chaos and turmoil.

Could it be possible that there is both truth and illusion across the spectrum of exopolitical views and that a coming together could sort out the grain from the chaff to the benefit of all? What a radical thought! :-) I think that the extraterrestrial presence can become a unifying factor rather than a divisive factor amongst earth humanity if we are willing to rise above our differences and begin a serious dialogue amongst ourselves. any kind of peace making and consensus between the opposing parties will be impossible. Steven Greer and Dr. Those that think I may be on a fool's errand could be right and my thinking may once again be getting too far ahead and I should again take a break. Jack Sarfatti who may feel that the global peace activists are a threat to global security and who advertently or inadvertently help terrorists. On the other hand we have people like Dr. I expect a wide range of perceptions to be placed on the table ranging from that all things exopolitical are a threat to global security to that ET races are no threat to global security and that it is only the global security folks themselves that are a threat to global security. Are we up to the task. but I would think the long term benefits would be worth 128 . phone conversations and face to face meetings and even a conference where we can begin to sort things out. Are there short term risks. I see this as simply a logical extension of the process of consensus building that began with the creation of the historic Hawaii Declaration. John Alexander supporters would of course cry foul and that this is just more demonizing of John by paranoid leftists. it could take a few more years but I would hope the sooner the better as such actions would most certainly promote and assist the disclosure process. There are various venues involving the internet. On the one hand we have committed people like Col. Next we could begin work to make a extraterrestrial civilizations and global security conference a reality. John Alexander and Dr. of course.This was at a time when Mike Jamieson and I co-founded Operation Right To Know a organization that held UFO demonstrations in the United States and in other locations around the world. I am sure there are those who believe my attempts to reduce tensions and develop consensus between the exopolitical global peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists is a fool’s errand and that such is not possible at this time. I think as a first step the most committed on both sides should begin some internet discussions as to how we may begin to reduce tensions and develop consensus. Nevertheless I think this is important enough to give it a try and I plan to do just that. At this time most in the field knew that some UFOs were real and most likely extraterrestrial and that there was a government cover-up but that was about as far as the thinking went at the time for most in the field. There were some exceptions such as the work by Wendle Stevens. Richard Boylan who may feel that ET's are no threat and that people like John Alexander in the name of protecting against terrorism have blood on their hands and have themselves become right wing terrorists attacking political adversaries with left wing perspectives using covert high tech devices. My thinking is that until we can comprehend and focus on just what are the true global security threats rather than the myriad of perceived threats of all things exopolitical. I ended up dropping out of the public eye until a series of UFO/ET related events got me back on the internet last year and I became involved in the new emerging field of exopolitics. I just don't know. I am certainly feeling the heat from both sides of the divide.

Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples All through history we have seen the rise and fall of powerful ruling families along with the priest class with which they were affiliated. In the past when empires fell it was a bloody business and the heads of the royalty and the priests ended up on the heads of pikes while a new group of royalty and priests took up the reins of power. We and they are not separate even though we are at great disadvantage in interactions because of our still limited understanding and technological status as well as short life spans. The extraterrestrial races and the public are getting fed up with business as usual and the social and environmental degradation of earth. I ask is it any different today? Today we are becoming aware that there is a greater humanity to which we are intricately linked and that this greater humanity while much more technologically powerful are not Gods as they were considered in the past but are human beings just as we are. We are becoming aware that there have been social interchanges and a blending of genetic material between our race and that of other off world human races going on for hundreds of thousands of years. I am hoping that his time it will be the people who take the power back to themselves and the revolution will be more peaceful than in the past and that democratic constitutional controls will be reestablished in both the political and exopolitical arenas. The high priests of exopolitical secrets have a choice to either divulge willingly or have their temples sacked by the people and their elected officials who grow stronger as the become better exopolitically informed. These exopolitical secrets are exploitable by both the ruling class and the priest class and as of old are being used to control the people rather than liberate them. Of course this is an ideal a goal and it will be a long time until this 129 . This relationship between the ruling elite and the priest class was often a tumultuous one but each have depended upon the other to maintain their collective elite status in society. While over time our perceptions of the true nature of this greater humanity is growing clearer we still seem to still have this unholy alliance between the global ruling families and a secret exopolitical priest class that hold tightly and profitably to the exopolitical secrets. Whatever their respective roles both king and priest both depended upon each other to maintain their exalted status and control over the people both materially and spiritually. It is my hope that it will be a democratic and peaceful people that will regain control of the temples and that the new intermediaries between the greater humanity and the earth human races will take their jobs seriously. To a ruling class and priest class it is much more important to keep control than put themselves out of business by divulging their secrets.making the effort. honestly working for the common good and rapid distribution of the truth rather than toward their own selfish ends. I look forward to comments as always from all interested parties. But it would seem that times are a changing. At other times there would be a division of labor between both king and high priest where the king dealt with material concerns and the high priest dealt with the spiritual duties as the mediator between the people and the gods. Those that may like to be in the loop regarding some of these internet conversations please let me know. Sometimes the ruling elite and the priests would combine where the king would also be the high priest and even proclaim him self or herself God.

Congress now seems to be rightfully getting into the act in regards to exopolitics and all exopolitical players should be taking note. Both are confined to a inferior consciousness by the nature of their interactions. There is still time for a peaceful transition back to constitutional controls but the door is closing and resistance will not only make it more difficult on society but on resistors as well. The best way to open these "safes" is through mutual cooperation and in a timely manner so that there are no unnecessary disruptions and conflicts to those holding the exopolitical secrets. These actions seem to have caught the attention of the other "archivists" out there amongst various institutions turning them into Nervous Nellies. I would think that another good place that Congress could be of assistance is to work with the global security forces so that there are no unnecessary disruptions to citizen diplomatic relations with benevolent ET groups. 130 . There is no need for anybody to use strong arm tactics as most everything is open and above board. who is next? I think that now that the other "archivists" are paying attention it would be a good time for the R & D show to provide some guidelines and assurances that those that cooperate with Congress will not be dealt with in a heavy handed manner and that all due diligence will be used with the "archivists" so as to not disrupt their operations any more than necessary. I have been impressed with James and the ET conditioning operation going on there. Resistance will be futile and it will be better for all of us that the exopolitical safes will be opened willingly rather than having to be blown open by various congressional committees in both closed and open sessions. I believe it is very important for society as a whole that benevolent ET operations are not disrupted by various governmental groups trying to get in on the action. I realize it is a frightening thing to give up exalted status in society and to become just another human being on our planet. I have some knowledge of two ET conditioning operations. I would recommend that those who missed out on the Hawaii Conference go to the Conference that James Gilliland is hosting on the west coast. the R & D show has now begun to use heavy handed tactics in order to crack the Air Force's "exopolitical safe". Both the ET's and their earth human compatriots are more than willing to work peacefully and cooperatively with all people that have a interest in these affairs. Congressional Safecrackers On The Loose :-) It has become obvious to me that the R & D show has some powerful congressional backing. In that vein I ask the high priests of the exopolitical secrets to give their tightly held secrets to the people to which they rightfully belong and then work to advise and assist so that all may attain a superior consciousness together. each in our own way and manner to make this ideal our reality. Still we have to try. It would seem that the R & D show has tried the gentle touch in its dealing with Air Force's secret exopolitical department but with the Air Force "archivists" resisting. the one in Hawaii headed up by Joan Ocean and another by James Gilliland on the west coast of the United States. :-) After all. Yet there are benefits because the ruler be he priest or king is bound by the same chains as are their subjects. I have some awareness of other operations in South America and in my local area.idea can be realized in its totality.

At the very least the dolphins provide a very important element in a complex ET conditioning operation because so many people come to Hawaii to swim to with the dolphins and who are then exposed to exopolitics. I believe that Congress working behind the scenes can do a lot to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and their counterparts the exopolitical global security activists so that we can all work together to provide a cohesive and unified front in negotiations with peaceful ET groups. Also Congress can exercise its authority in a even handed manner offering both carrot and stick to those that hold and reluctantly divulge exopolitical secrets. Spectators to Joan's lecture in Hawaii were impressed with how dolphins both in captivity and in the ocean both learned to blow sophisticated bubble rings at the same time and then manipulated these rings in a spectacular manner both with their tails and with their sonar. I continue to work closely with Dr.At the Hawaii conference Joan Ocean stated in her lecture that her records going back several years were subpoenaed by a government agency. Sonar is known to have destructive effects on porpoises and whales which strangely enough are involved in these ET conditioning operations. that has been somewhat exaggerated and nothing more than another tempest in a teapot due to the stresses upon us all at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference. Reflections From A Desert Cave On A Hawaiian Shore I have just returned back from Hawaii with over half of the required 40 days and nights required for this sort of thing. Congress will in the future be having a big role to play in exopolitical developments while at present they appear timid and unwilling to exert their legitimate constitutional authority. "gasp". This is having a disruptive effect on ET operations in Hawaii as well as are the upcoming naval exercises in the waters off the coast of Hawaii using high powered sonar. I guess I get the rest of the days and nights some other time. The National. I made inquiries and was told that this action was being taken by of all agencies. Salla and the Exopolitics Institute even though I got knocked off the formal board of the Institute by Paola Harris. When enough factual information is divulged then Congress can swing into action in a big way openly and the mother of all battles between the executive and legislative branch will ensue and the cat will be out of the bag forever. The greater part of my "sins against civil society" seems to be that I had the compunction to scale the castle wall and fraternize with that other exopolitical network the Stardrive Network. Of course it cannot but help my status with the "uncivil Sarfatti crowd" those rogue barbarians outside the castle walls who been attacking civil society for its leftist inclinations. As to any falling out with civil society. :-) 131 . Michael and I are in agreement as to the necessity of phase two but this move to incorporate global security activists is controversial amongst the Institute's base constituency and it may take some time for him to rally his troops for the cause. Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration or (NOAA).

Alfred intuits partly from historical data that there was a intractable and irresolvable exopolitical dispute that involved earth and this resulted in a embargo or quarantine of earth until such time as the exopolitical dispute could be settled. The leftist tendency in face of attack is circle the wagons. The embargo of space weapons is rightly justified by universe society to contain earth based conflicts so that in the future the Americans and the Chinese don't shoot up the neighborhood. Alfred was kind enough to give me a signed copy at the Hawaii conference which I read in the desert. ( I would really like to know just how much star wars weaponry makes it into space and becomes operational if any. The military brass just has got to get used to the idea that the high ground is already occupied and stop wasting large sums of taxpayer monies to break the embargo and redeploy elsewhere. Of all the perceived threats that the exopolitical global security activists envision it is this ten percent that is the real threat and should rightly be considered the domain of global security. One is educational. :-) Perhaps somebody on the Stardrive Network can tell me in public or in private. I expect to piss off even more people both on the left and right as it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it if we are going to continue the momentum of phase 1 into phase 2 of the on-off world action plan to bring earth humanity back into universe society. The action plan as I intuit it has several divisions. Many of these other perceived threats are not real threats and only confuse the global security forces and divert attention away from the very real threats posed by that 10% of the 100+ ET groups that are hostile to earth society but attempt to portray themselves as friendly by helping earth security forces to try to run the blockade against arms in space. I am of course not talking about the ten percent of the 100+ races who are not part of universe society that are a threat to both universe society and earth society and who run a malevolent psychological operation that inverts and confusions perception to the point where enemies appear as friends and friends as enemies. the other involves citizen grass roots diplomatic initiatives to create a global consensus between factitious global exopolitical networks. It would seem that the exopolitical off world actors have pretty much settled things and now have a 10 year plan of action to bring earth humanity back into universe society. Ready or not here they come!) My role in all this seems to be that of a Jack Of All Trades to support and assist in the execution of the on-off world action plan wherever I am needed. Leftists are sometimes suspected by the right of lacking backbone even if their hearts are in the right place. 132 . and the 10 year plan to bring earth back into universe society read Alfred Webre's foundation book Exopolitics. climb into bed and pull the cover over their collective heads. (For a discussion of the embargo. The off world actors are the organizing force behind this grass roots operation which could be considered a benevolent psychological operation to restructure humanity in preparation for formal acceptance into universe society.These attempts of mine to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists have and are being resisted by many of the peace activists. two of which I seem to be focused on at present. the quarantine. I believe the military should get out of exopolitics as a whole and leave that which does not involve threat to other factions of society so as to focus exclusively on the real threats. This is of course a natural defensive reaction to attacks from the right.

" There will be those that will just chalk this all up to the demonizing of John Alexander but I see a pattern developing. I WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE and almost got me kicked out of their program. (Look at all the trouble the R & D show is having trying to pry into just one of those secret compartments involving the Air Force.) This universal grass roots consensus building campaign by on and off world folks is elegantly and intricately planned by universe society.We all have heard the stories of rockets being diverted off course and having to be destroyed. This will be followed by phase three that involves integrating the special interests and phase four that involves world governments and formal contact and negotiations. ( I just recently talked to James G. "If you are so interested in National Security why don't you try to talk to these folks. These sources tell me that there are a number of "archivists" all encapsulated in their individual secret bureaucratic programs in various institutions and it would seem that some of these folks are getting a bit nervous as congress begins to assert authority in these matters. but the keeper of the Red Book a completely different "archivist". who told me that he got very sick right after John Alexander visited his ranch. The educational group I am associating with from a separate compartment other than the Air Force got all bent out of shape when they came back from a trip and started reading their emails from the top down where Dan had got into it with Dr.) I think that the reason that the American military is so hostile to the generally benevolent ET's that run universe society is because of this embargo against space weaponry and we citizens see some of this because we are associated with benevolent ET groups. :-) Only after running through their emails did they realize that Dan was talking not about them. The reason things have to be done this way from the bottom up is that from the top down any attempt by the ET's to communicate with world governments gets grabbed by some secret faction that then builds a bureaucrat castle around the information in order to exploit it. I believe that phase one was completed with the creation of the historic Hawaiian Declaration and phase two will be the coming of a consensus between the peace activists and the security activists in these matters. This prompted one individual to scream at me in a email that. :-) Come on. You don't have any idea what you are messing with. lets get with the program and stop this infighting and build a consensus between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical security activists to carry us through phase two of the overall grass roots negotiating action plan. what the R & D show is about is a small skirmish that will soon become the mother of all battles between the Legislative and Executive branches of government. In this regard to keep up the momentum of the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference and the Hawaiian Declaration I suggest that Dan Smith chair a committee to hold in 133 . Anyhow I would just as soon John keeps his hands out of his pockets if he is anywhere around me and the same could be said of some other folks. Salla and mentioned "The Keeper of the Archive". I have heard from three different sources close to Brian OLeary that said that he fled to Ecuador because he felt he had a heart attack in close proximity to John. Many of us seem to have incarnated to carry out such a action plan to reintegrate earth back into universe society whither we are consciously aware of what we are doing or just acting unconsciously. For those who don't yet get it. So much so that James told me that he went to Las Vegas and had a showdown with John and told him something to the effect.

The deliberate targeting of civil society by psychological operations has led to much uncertainty as to who among former national security personally are reaching out to civil society to genuinely cooperate. The historic way in which the extraterrestrial situation has been managed has lead to the fracturing and division of civil society. This is no academic issue as evidenced by the ongoing campaign to weaponise space in order to target extraterrestrial civilizations as Paul Hellyer and others have noted. People participating in these networks should realize that nobody is indispensable and that both individual or group are always susceptible to being sidelined when their fear or ego become an obstacle to the overall action plan.Washington DC a exopolitics conference called. Network architecture does not waste time trying to argue with anybody. The first is the distrust you point out that exists between the peace constituency and the national security constituency. they can meet with the peace activists to make peace between the factions and develop a common front and consensus in communications with ET groups. at the earliest possible date. I look forward to the time when Steven Greer and John Alexander sit down at the table and have a dialogue. what happened to Donald Keyhoe's National Investigative Committee for Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) is one of many examples where such infiltration and subversion occurred to render ineffective an important organization. Dan could be assisted by Dr. A Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference. This has been a perennial problem and has led to several civil society organizations being infiltrated and ultimately compromised. as opposed to those wishing to infiltrate in order to weaken and destabilize. all around the globe. Dr. I wish to comment on three of them. :-) We may have to create yet another network with a broader constituency than the Exopolitics Institute to move through phase two so please stay tuned. That distrust is very real and does lead to tensions as we all know and means prudence is required in making connections and collaborating where opportunities arise. The recent ET Civilizations and World Peace Conference was itself the subject of a major psychological operation to destabilize and render it ineffective. :-) As I envision it. Steven Basset and myself among others. For example. Keep in mind that networks organize themselves around individual and collective obstacles like water flowing down a rocky stream. Opposition to space weaponisation from civil society is perceived 134 . Such actions only serve to heighten distrust since they produce an asymmetrical distribution of resources between civil society and the national security community. the ET's are intent in forming a network infrastructure from the grass roots up. Michael Salla comments: Thanks for this article which raises many important issues. where resources and skills are skewed in favor of the national security community. The second issue is I think the very real conflict between promoting peaceful cooperation with extraterrestrials and national security priorities. as have the peace activists at the Hawaii conference. Salla. This conference would try to differentiate the proper role for global security forces in the overall field of exopolitics and to specifically attempt to sort through all the perceived threats to get focused on the very real threats that do exist. it just deploys around resistance into areas of conductivity and interconnectivity same as a electrical current. Additionally as the global security activists get their act together. Some of these networks will give rise to future institutions others will serve their purpose and dissolve and reform into other groups. So the relationship between civil society and the national security community is one filled with both opportunities and risks that need to be approached carefully.

The third issue is what you describe as moving to phase two. Many of those present at the Hawaii conference will also be attending and the opportunity exists for ideas agreed to in Hawaii to be promoted through an action plan developed at Mt Adams. For example. By both sides bringing their respective visions and priorities to the dialogue some consensus can be found as to what lies ahead. I encourage the general public to travel to Mt Adams and support the civil society process to promote peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations. Spirituality and Transformation at Mt Adams.eceti. as a result of the Navy's need to train personnel in the use of this 'active' sonar for the alleged purpose of tracking stealth diesel submarines possessed by rogue nations. I heartily endorse encouraging those in the national security community to enter into a genuine dialogue with members of civil society.as a direct threat to these national security priorities. That will be a major step forward insofar as key members of the national security community begin to directly interact with civil society in foray where resource asymmetries are not manipulated to the detriment or benefit of one side or the other. etc. there is a real conflict here between civil society and the national security community that needs to be handled very sensitively. which means they will be injured. An opportunity exists also for the forthcoming conference on Science. I think your effort to encourage this through individuals with sufficient resources to fund such a dialogue will be very constructive. One is to develop sonar capabilities to track Underwater Submersible Objects (USOs) that regularly operate in Hawaiian waters and are extraterrestrial in origin... For example. whales. etc. Over 25. Washington State. dolphins. we see this tension all too clearly in terms of the current battle between the US Navy and environmentalists over the thousands of marine mammals that are threatened by the Navy's active mid-frequency sonar training. just off the Hawaiian waters. is far more flexible and open than virtually anywhere else on Earth to integrating ideas and technologies that are being seeded by extraterrestrial civilizations. So given these conflicting national security and peace initiatives. The third is to weaken the "consciousness grid" being developed in Hawaii where due to Hawaii's remoteness and progressive population. The ECETI conference website is: http://www. The tension here is very real and will lead to further conflict in the future when it comes to extraterrestrials traveling in outer space or in the Earth's oceans. are scheduled to be 'taken' as a result of these exercises. The real purpose of this sonar training off the coast of Hawaii is threefold in my mind. So the ET Civilizations and World Peace conference will be held again for 2007 and more will be done in developing consensus over key areas of human ET interaction and how we can most encourage peaceful relations with extraterrestrials.htm A second track will be to create dialogue between civil society and the national security community as you envisage. The second is to devastate the cetaceans inhabiting the Hawaiian waters so their influence in terms of working with both humans and extraterrestrials is diminished. being organized by the Sattwa Sanctuary and ECETI to contribute further ideas into this emerging process. some members from the national security community may choose to go to the forthcoming ECETI conference to genuinely be open to the ideas presented. and to meet with and establish lines of communication with members of civil society engaged in the track one process.000 marine animals. 135 . One track will be civil society continuing to develop consensus in terms of what it envisages in terms of cooperation with extraterrestrials.org/August2006Event. killed. I think we can better consider such an effort to be part of a dual-track process.

It is in times like the present that Exopolitical conflicts between ethical and unethical space faring civilizations may reach a level of high intensity conflict. I have to ask just who or what is behind these powerful organizations of social control that keep the people ignorant of the truth and heading down the road to planetary disaster? 136 . evil fallen angels confined to earth. or apocalyptic conflict never before experienced by these emerging civilizations. The old religious texts record and describe conflicts between races of space faring civilizations on earth and in space with earth bound humanity caught in the middle of these Exopolitical conflicts.Exopolitics. and of the apocalypse and Armageddon. A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem Exopolitics seems to be a modern take on a age old problem. Much of the confusion in modern religious thought results in the problems of translating the concepts of simple primitive ancient cultures into modern day sophisticated concepts and scientific understanding. What was happening long ago is still happening today. not the Exopolitical reality itself. I believe that we who are working in the newly emerging field of Exopolitics have valuable allies within the world wide religious community if we can validate with our more modern understanding these religious teachings. One of the problems we have in the field of Exopolitics at this critical juncture is our inability to communicate the urgency and danger of the present day situation to mankind. The struggle between ethical and unethical races on earth and in heaven continues to this day with humanity more than ever still caught right in the middle of conflicts that span thousands perhaps millions of years and through all space and time. and even within our own minds. Our attempts so far have been frustrated for decades by a strategic deception of denial and ridicule regarding ET activity. Modern day researchers of past civilizations have developed new insights and perspectives on political conflicts between civilizations and races of humans that go back thousands of years. Could these two perspectives be one and the same? Can science and religion find common ground here? Researchers and archeologists who have studied and researched ancient historical religious texts from around the world have in recent years been impressed by their historical accuracy. celestial angels. A problem made more acute by the fact that we are becoming a space fairing civilization and entering into the domain of the Gods of old. While we in the Exopolitical field investigate sightings and contact with beings of a extraterrestrial or interdimensional nature many in the religious community speak of Gods. Those of us wishing to contact and negotiate with ethical space fairing beings or with the celestial host find ourselves faced with the same obstacles of unethical ET or demonic activity made more urgent by the times. What has changed is our perceptions. through our social and religious institutions. Archeologists and anthropologists have discovered and unearthed ancient cities and long forgotten civilizations by following clues in the old historical religious texts. The battle lines between the opposing forces of good and evil. Also recorded but usually ignored in these religious texts is a much broader and universal perspective that just that of humanity on earth. creation and destruction seem to run through emerging planetary and stellar civilizations.

Putting Human Evolution Back On Track Proposed Short Talk For Exopolitics Conference In Hawaii June 5 -11. In other words resistance may seem to be futile. You will find that as you investigate the first thing you are going to need is a good spam filter. for as is said in the bible. You will have to rely to some extent on those of us that have tried to make some sort of sense of things. The field of exopolitics is no different that any other field in that there are a few experts who really have some understanding of what they are talking about and there many who don't. When I run into people with little interest in UFO/ET they often ask. At the end of a virtual cycle some people will become as wise as the serpents that stalk them and as harmless as the doves that fly overhead. you are going to need it. Those that flunk out. I realize that most of you haven't had the time or the inclination to dedicate your life toward gaining exopolitical understanding. subverting and controlling emerging civilizations before the civilizations have developed into a cohesive whole. Try to remember when you get discouraged that where there is smoke there is bound to be fire and persist in your investigations. The unethical races over thousands of years gain control over the people’s minds as well as their bodies through sophisticated networks and mechanisms of social and mind control. They see reality as a school and that there is a place for the destructive unethical forces in the teaching process. ethical and unethical behavior. " Who can stand up to the Beast?" But resistance is not futile because the ethical cosmic races are not sitting idly by while unethical races subvert emerging civilizations. Throughout the process of subversion they work quietly and behind the scenes to expose the machinations of the unethical. This is why Lucifer lives in the Garden of Eden. These people will leave this virtual school behind and move on to more advanced virtual schools and grades. :-) This filter is going to have to be tuned just right or it can either block out important information and cast you into denial or it can send you over a cliff with your head full of outrageous speculation and fantasy. get recycled and start back over again if the civilization collapses or much later if the civilization makes it to become a space fairing cosmic race. why bother looking into the matter? Why waste my time on this? I think that each of us that 137 . So what if ET's exist and are coming to earth why should it matter to me? I don't see it affecting me in any significant way. By the time a civilization is ready to develop space travel and emerge into a stellar society the networks and elements of social control are entrenched and may seem to be insurmountable.The ethical and unethical races use very different means and strategies to achieve their ends but these strategies are consistent and change little over time because they are based on cosmic ethical law or the rejection of that law. In this field as on the Internet there is a lot of spam floating around. I wish you luck. The unethical space faring races operate by infiltrating. (Never given) I am pleased to be here with you today in the wonderful state of Hawaii. The job of the ethical cosmic races is to maintain the school and keep a balance between creation and destruction so that each individual and society can choose between good and evil.

the GAO. I started off life with a background in the natural sciences. What you don't see nor understand is that decisions relating to UFO/ET reality have been made and unknown to the public have been and are a major factor contributing to the problems of humanity today. in my early twenties. I built my own private intelligence gathering network in my local area where I was picking up a couple of sightings a week from people that called in with in a range of about 50 miles.dedicate ourselves to the understanding of exopolitics should keep these questions in mind when dealing with the media and the general public. Nothing less that your personal and collective evolution is at stake. I realized that even ET's had security concerns and worked to keep their contacts close lipped. Environmental degradation from fossil fuels and social degradation caused by increasing warfare between nations can be directly linked to exopolitical errors in judgment made by our leaders in secret. ( Speak off the cuff on how to build a UFO/ET intelligence network on your own just as I did starting with just talking with your friends. I was lucky enough once to get in the thick of things myself and have a sighting of a craft. To be effective in turning our human evolution around we have to be effective in answering these questions. Like many young people I thought I had things pretty well figured out until I fell into a existential crisis and came out knowing nothing. I saw this as a political problem not going to be solved solely by scientific solutions but by political solutions. I had started bumping into intelligence professionals early in my investigations and I realized I was in an intelligence operative’s playground so I studied up on intelligence techniques and became a civilian intelligence operative and analyst. I say exactly the same things is happening on a much larger scale when world governments working in collusion have secretly separated humanity from the rest of he cosmos. In my investigations it was not long before I realized that the data was being manipulated for political reasons because of a cover-up at the highest levels. These errors in judgment often made with the best of intentions have lead to extreme unintended consequences that threaten us all. that held demonstrations in front of the White House. This is what got me interested in UFO's. My answer is this. I became a UFO activist co-founding with Mike Jamieson. I met a lot of retired military folks that told me in strictest confidence about their experiences in the military working in special access programs dealing with UFO/ET.) 138 . congressional offices and sparked demonstration elsewhere around the world. Don't be so short sighted as not to see the forest through the trees. the Pentagon. I treated the problem as a scientific problem solvable by scientific solutions. I even dug out a few local cases of direct contact with the occupants of the spacecraft that were flying about who were about as tough to gain in confidence of as the military folks. so you should pay attention! What you can't see can hurt you. Obviously our society and our planet is in a downward evolutionary spiral and the very survival of our species is at stake if we don't get our evolution back on track. Operation Right To Know. I started my quest for true understanding as a scientist in search for answers and soon realized that anomalies to the current world view were the windows into a greater reality that I was searching for consciously and unconsciously. When the old Soviet Union separated from the rest of the world the result was social and environmental degradation that resulted in eventual internal collapse.

political and social science have ecological roots 139 . I was born into a family of well known and respected ecologists who were very knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Allow me to pass on still more personal background information so that you can better be able to understand and evaluate the exopolitical conclusions I have drawn to date. Some of you may be wondering what in the world does ecology have to do with exopolitics? It has not been till recently that I have consciously recognized the connection. In 1995 I had got about as far as I thought I could go at the time so I dropped off the scene. began to realize that plants and animal species were imbedded in a complex web of relationships that involved both predation and cooperation. much of the collecting and taxonomy had been done and it was then that a few people. In the 1930's my father started off his working career as a mammal collector for the Chicago Field Museum and mother was trained as a field botanist gaining a degree from Florida State University. Because humanity is of the natural world. The new field of ecology was just emerging out of the field of the natural sciences which was dominated by collectors and taxonomists. About a year and half ago I started bumping into local UFO/ET cases and decided to check back on the net and within a couple of days had discovered exopolitics. Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both were the first of the ecologists. mostly collectors not taxonomists. but not in any way they could have envisioned. Jack Sarfatti and the Stardrive Group and learned from Jack how to synergize and network across the internet and around the world operating as a fetch and carry man for UFO related information and UFO/ET researchers. My parents studied natural evolution. In the 1990's I discovered physicist Dr. Ecology is the study of relationships between plant and animal species but before you can study the relationships you have to identify and categorize the extremely diverse numbers of plants and animals. I study human evolution. I became a net worker. will celestial ecologists and sociologists soon be part of our future? Please continue to bear with me as I delve into a synopsis of conclusions drawn from a lifetime of effort. Ecologists study relationships in the natural world. One has to ask. Everything in nature changes and evolves. My Mother came south to gain her degree and my Dad came south and ended up working for Herb Stoddard and the Cooperative Quail Association which had is headquarters on Meridian Road just in Georgia and about 20 miles north of Tallahassee Florida. In those early years before I was born. Recently I have noticed the similarities between exopolitics and ecology so maybe I am in the process of morphing into a celestial ecologist.I compared what I was being told privately with what was publicly available in the literature and so was able to triangulate rather well between the two separate data streams to cut out a lot of the chaff and get to the truth beneath all the human psychological distorting factors. Just visit the Exopolitics Institutes 4contact public board on the internet and you will see what I mean. My Mom and Dad met when a professor from FSU took students on a field trip to Sherwood Plantation where Herb Stoddard and Dad lived and were doing ecological experiments.. something I had unconsciously understood since the 1980's but had not consciously conceptualized well. My parents always hoped that I would follow in their footsteps and it may happen yet.. political and social scientists study human relationships. My parents soon fell in love and got married under a large Beach tree on Sherwood. I found myself turning into a exopolitical thinker in a developing exopolitical think tank we called the Exopolitical Institute.

The only difference is that the more intelligent the species. The military initiated a propaganda campaign against the public to disinform and suppress the truth. the more complex the political and social dynamics of the species. This is the model of exopolitical reality that we both believe is best supportable by the facts. Michael and I came to the same conclusions totally independent of each other. Government insiders don't have it. Its important to know ones place in the scheme of things and recognize ones strengths and weaknesses.. What we don't have both inside of government and without is what the military terms situational awareness or in this case exopolitical situational awareness. Why should these basic processes stop with us and not 140 . I think it was because we have similar backgrounds upon which we develop our concepts. These natural ecological processes of competition. Michael Salla had already privately begun conceptualizing a Exopolitical Institute when I jumped back into the UFO/ET field and discovered.whether they recognize this fact or not. cooperation and natural selection are inherent not only in life but in chemistry and physics. visionary and Carter Administration insider Alfred Webre either coined or brought into the public domain. If the rabbit loses situational awareness he ends up as dinner for the fox. Situational awareness is critical to the survival of every creature in nature and man is no exception. One of the first things I did when I did teamed up with Michael and Alfred is do a little paper on the need for a Exopolitics Institute along the same lines a Tall Timbers Research Inc. So it should come as no surprise that if mans social and political dynamics of cooperation and competition are the same as lesser advanced species then these same principles should hold for species as advanced or more advanced than man. a ecological institution where my father was the primary organizer. Michael Salla with a background in social and political science and I with a background in ecology teamed up with others to try to better understand what is happening in our field. Another very important concept that Michael and I share that I think derives from our respective backgrounds is what I call the Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality or The Exopolitical Model of Intelligent Diversity. compartmentalized and buried everything under extreme secrecy with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 in response to the UFO/ET crashes near Roswell New Mexico. I think it would be safe to say that the political or social scientist is simply a ecologist who specializes in human relationships. Interestingly as so often happens in science. because in compartmentalizing it all only a few select people have access to all the compartments. Our own human evolution on and off planet is dependent on situational exopolitical awareness. exopolitics. Man is really no different from the other species that have the same complex internal and external social and political dynamics involving competition and cooperation. We in the civilian sector don't have it because the Military Industrial Complex fresh out of World War 2 at the height of its power. a word and concept that futurist. took control of the situation. Dr. I think I am safe in stating that even these elite don't have situational awareness either because of the stifling effect of the culture of excessive secrecy and lies in which they are imbedded. I decided right away that it was Michael who was best qualified to organize this Institute and I should take a backup role. Things began to get curiouser and curiouser. something the military forgot and has a lot to do with creating the exopolitical mess we are now in.

This act placed exopolitics under military control outside of constitutional constraints and out of the public domain. The military should focus on threat. Richard Boylan and Dr. optimal exopolitical situational awareness is essential in enabling a more optimal evolutionary track for our species and is critical in avoiding evolutionary catastrophe. openness that allows for interspecies cooperation. opportunity. The reason for this is that optimal exopolitical situational awareness for all of us military and civilian alike is only possible if special access programs become more permeable. Humanity has to come together. It’s becoming very clear to the progressives both inside and outside the box that this is so. the providence of a free and informed society. Today I believe that the Military. We as a people collectively put our evolution in the hands of the National Security Apparatus which is rightly focused on threat in its mission but was wrongly applied to the exopolitical situation. What a mess. We have to dismantle the culture of excessive secrecy. As The Moody Blues song goes. In other words it is ethics. The faster the military as an institution can learn from its past mistakes and recognize it rightful place in society the better. compartmentalized and buried in the black world the better. "Its a question of balance.continue into more advanced states of evolution? Dr. in favor of openness and truthfulness. propaganda. As I have stated in other papers. The faster we in the public can assimilate the huge back log of data that has been accumulated. We have got to remove the boundaries that limit our evolution and only keep those that are truly important to national security. :-) It is my opinion that with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 our evolution took a turn for the worse. deception. Such a grave imbalance between threat and opportunity has led to very serious still secret exopolitical repercussions that could even result in extinction of our race either by an alien invasion or survival at best as a colony by a predatory intelligence. truth. These programs should only restrict exopolitical information that is clearly in the interest of national security. Ethics are the rules we agree to abide by in order to work together to gain resources necessary for survival and to defend against predation. Threat. Steven Greer please take note." A Call For Interlocking Civilian-Military Exopolitical Networks I have been giving a lot of thought of late about how to better increase contact and information transfers between military and civilian exopolitical evaluators. What has been ignored by these controllers is opportunity. how do we get evolution back on track to a more optimal level? The answer is to be found in restoring the balance between competition and cooperation. Information flow is the lifeblood of a free and open society. National Security apparatus now has begun to realize that threat is only one half of the total situational awareness equation or coin. This is what it is conditioned and trained to do. Industrial. that is its proper place in society. Social scientists and ecologists operating in the public domain have the best background and social environment to properly conceptualize our exopolitical situational awareness with a focus on opportunities. 141 . the providence of the military must be balanced against.

:-) Maybe we can even bring some of the fence sitters over to our way of thinking. those who might want to get involved etc. We need to develop some kind of system of identification and classification of special access programs involving UFO/ET and then reach out our little net worker dendrites and develop contacts with access. Once we have located each other and developed some trust between ourselves we might want to organize meetings about the country and finally a conference. I believe there is a large number of special access programs that have at least some involvement in exopolitics. A grass roots political effort from the bottom up is what I have in mind. At this point we can begin to lobby both inside and outside of these programs for the program managers to go up through legal channels to get permission to declassify and communicate within allowed parameters. suggestions. We could solicit and compile letters and small papers informally with contain advise. Perhaps there are those who could circulate this memo amongst their contacts for comment? 142 . At the same time we civilians can continue to contact and lobby pro disclosure high level intelligence professionals active in the civilian UFO/ET field that are retired officers but who still maintain contact with their networks as well as pro disclosure people who socialize with high level intelligence and governmental officials.I think the first step is for individual and small groups of progressives on both sides of the aisle to locate each other via the Internet and start discussing amongst ourselves ways to better organize and communicate. In this way I think we can begin to put the non disclosure reactionary folks in a political squeeze. leads to follow.

ufodigest. It will be the press. just who was behind 143 . It is a free press who must stand up to the truth and investigate till the truth is exposed. As early as 1955 much maligned by the press.sprynet. but that the elites themselves cannot handle the truth. Because we and the public have been deceived and propagandized for over sixty years by our governments and the special interests that mostly run them. however. Part of the job of the exopolitician is to try to remove obstacles that suppress and obscure the evidence that we are trying to study.” The coverage of the Washington event was a breath of fresh air across the dung pile of lies and deceit propagated against all of humanity by autocratic elite institutions worldwide.com/ufo/20071112_PressConference. controversial contactee George Adamski knew the real reason for the UFO/ET cover-up.htm and the widespread coverage of the event was for once fair and honest. The interest in activism to end the UFO/ET cover-up constitutes a considerable portion of exopolitics. Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes For once the mainstream press played it straight in regards to the extraterrestrial situation. There seems to be a change of policy in regards to UFOs where the mainstream press is “allowed” to be more fair in its coverage of these matters. for it is a free press to who the public trusts to tell the truth and be the public safeguard against tyranny. Every autocratic institution on earth will be found be either directly responsible in the UFO/ET coverup or complicit in it. This individual and collective denial has a lot of inherent inertia making a breakout difficult. http://www.SECTION 4 EXOPOLITICAL ACTIVISM There has been considerable activism in the UFO/ET field since the 1950’s. He sums up in one short paragraph. as world autocratic elites institutions would have you believe. “That’s changing. It was the World military and economic elites that panicked in the 1950’s not the people when extraterrestrial races became actively and profoundly involved in humanities affairs for reasons of both self interest and humanities interest.html The Washington Press Club UFO briefing was well attended by members of the press http://pnahay. “Why have I not been told.com/news/1107/ufoconference.” Another said. whole generations of humanity have been unnaturally and deliberately cast into denial. The reasons for the 60 year accumulated “bodyguard of lies” is not that the public can’t handle the truth.home. Its very difficult to figure out what is going on when the data and evidence is being manipulated for political reasons. to whom the public will feel the most betrayed. One reporter was said to exclaim. “I thought we were not supposed to talk about this. A free press does not publish nor promote a propaganda mix of both lies and truth calling that fair play so as to avoid serious investigation and the exposure of deception.” Another said.

atomic war is still a possibility. We could be getting close to that point today. and the environmental degradation caused by overpopulation and the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet. and one day it will. through the suppression of light natural fires had created an unnatural condition that one day would result in a catastrophic wildfire. secret meetings were going between extraterrestrials and top governmental officials and scientists. whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. he sure hit the proverbial nail on the head as early as 1955 as to who is behind the cover-up. as well as the public betrayal by the press. “…it is quite understandable. just as surely break as Yellowstone burned.the cover-up. When the cover-up breaks. why there is a cover-up and how the cover-up is being maintained. no matter if one believes George Adamski to be on the level or not. Today Yellowstone is recovering and its forests have been renewed but in a most unnatural and unnecessary manner. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world. Where was the free press. It would seem that at the same time that public contactees worldwide were being attacked and harassed by the press at the behest of military and economic interests. those so called public watchdogs! The lap dogs were and are safe and secure in the warm financial beds of the worldwide economic elite that’s where! The people of the world are rapidly losing confidence in all worldwide institutions and for good reason. It’s all happening because way back in the 1940’s and fifties the truth about extraterrestrial interventions in our societies was rigorously and vigorously suppressed. “…Just think of the effect. humanity is entering a dark age. It could not have happened if the press had not betrayed the people’s right to know. It looks like Eisenhower was meeting with human extraterrestrials at least as early as 1955 as were government scientists and engineers about the same time. What is so ironic was that the very same incompetent people that created the unnatural situation tried to undo it by attempting to control burn themselves. That does not mean that the activity of the space people is less there than elsewhere.” In response to another question this same month of 1955 he said. for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth. I have previously stated that I believe the same sort of thing is going to happen at some point with the UFO/ET cover-up where the truth will spread like wildfire through the 60 year accumulation of lies and deceit surrounding the cover-up. My father fought against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda all his life and warned the keepers of Yellowstone National Park that they.” Wow. once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue. so they keep it from the public the best way they know how. let a controlled fire get away and burned Yellowstone to the ground. The people have been betrayed by their autocratic leaders worldwide. what excuses will the press come up with for their betrayal and failure of the world public? 144 . so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. He said. but do to inexperience and the same stupidity that got them into the mess.

have been called kooks. Its first Director was the noted astronomer Dr. don’t believe your lying eyes. buffs. Those of us that have stood by the truth no matter what. Edwards’s states on page 82: “In the early winter of 1959 I reported over the Mutual Network that the giant radio telescope being built at Green Bank. of course. including what he referred to as the great benefits which would result from communicating with a more advanced civilization. by the National Science Foundation was to be used in search for intelligible signals from outer space. this project was not closed at all. who later succeeded Struve at Green Bank. who described it to the newsmen as a “long-range program” which can mean many things. But in 1961. the other covert and classified. that goes right back to SETI’s beginning as Project Ozma. When will it ever end! A Tale of Two SETI For the serious UFO/ET investigator that wants to understand the past history of the UFO/ET cover-up there are two books that are must reads. less than two years after it opened with such fanfare and such an expenditure. crackpots etc. It’s the book by Frank Edwards that should be most of interest to the serious SETI researcher because it recounts the early history of SETI and its creation and infiltration by UFO/ET propagandists such as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. when polls show 17 percent of the public have seen UFOs. At that time Struve’s assistant was Dr. This was promptly denied.The worldwide press have said. ‘Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence”. believers. The truth is that there are two SETI. Struve devoted considerable time to stressing the importance of the work to be done there. all in an effort to discredit us and our struggle for the peoples right to know. Let it be noted that at the inception of Green Bank Dr. We are all sick of the mainstream press and we are sick of this devastating to humanity extraterrestrial cover-up. as was the case with the officially reported closing of Air Force UFO programs. It was merely transferred quietly to 145 . of course. Of course some people caught on to the deceptions and have waged an insurgent information war for the public’s right to know the past 60 years.” On page 83 Edwards continues. for government agencies dislike having anyone beat them on their own news releases. the public was told that Project Ozma was no more – kaput! – finished! To make the puzzle more puzzling. fools. This time he indicated to newsmen that the project was of little value. What happened at Green Bank? The Green Bank’s station’s work was officially known as Project Ozma … with a bow to the mythical Wizard of Oz. amateurs. Otto Struve ran under his own goalposts. It will more than sow the seeds of doubt to any SETI honest scientist or enthusiast as to the true nature and purpose of SETI the so called. The public trusted and believed. one public and overt. “Once again. One is Flying Saucers From Outer Space by Major Donald Keyhoe and the other is Flying Saucers Serious Business by the famous radio broadcaster and reporter Frank Edwards. Dr. They trusted what their leaders and the press said over what they saw with their own eyes. We have been called every name in the book by the press. Frank Drake. Otto Struve. West Virginia.

Frank Drake disclosed this information to the press but when questioned later he said a new release will be forthcoming from the National Science Foundation but it did not happen. began operations in 1964.” Carl Sagan’s later propagandizing activities were exposed in the McDaniel report by Dr. Sagan told his audience that mankind must be prepared to face the probability that we have already been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe – and that they have – or have had – bases on the averted side of our moon. Dr. Stanley McDaniel in regards to the face on Mars. The Wizard of Oz. “scientific committee” does no scientific investigations. Carl Sagan. Donald Menzel as the preferred mass media debunker of UFOs. The only reason I bring this up about Keyhoe being wrong is because it would seem that Keyhoe was willing to give the debunkers far more slack as far as their sincerity as he was willing to give the contactees at the time. the speaker was Dr.” “The metallic bowl in the mountains of Puerto Rico near Arecibo. the advisor on Extraterrestrial Life to the Armed Services. They tried it years ago and got caught in deceptions yet they promote their propaganda in most major bookstores around the country through the magazine the Skeptical Inquirer. I wonder it that thought ever occurred to these little men with gigantic egos involved in SETI and also. Edwards had this to say about Dr. The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims of the Paranormal.a new location. but this time its findings were classified and concealed from the public.wikipedia. could be by stating that the thought Menzel was sincere. Sagan. The “Committee” is just a privatization of the official debunking by the Air Force that was so prominent in the 1950s.” he said. whose very name is a lie. in this case to Puerto Rico. It’s easy to go back and connect SETI and the “Committee” through key figures in both organizations. In Keyhoe’s book on page 14 is a description of Menzel’s sighting. “In December of 1962 at the convention of the American Rocket Society in Los Angeles. “Both disks shone with a slightly bluish light. involved in classified work as well as public deception but so was the National Science Foundation. Menzel’s name later appears on the famous MJ 12 documents http://en. What is so very enlightening about Edward’s book is that he clearly shows the infatuation of some of these big SETI names with the tricks of illusionists and also with the movie.” Edwards goes on to discuss how in the waning days of Project Ozma at Green Bank signals were picked up from Tau Ceti that drew great mainstream media attention. It was soon after this that Project Ozma was secretly transferred to Puerto Rico. I am not going to make the same mistake as Keyhoe. All it took was a little dog pulling at the curtain to expose him. From this we can see that not only was Project Ozma. Further on he gets into how Carl Sagan was publicly discussing the possibility of alien bases on the back side of the moon before he suddenly began to debunk UFOs when he replaced UFO/ET propagandist and well know Harvard astronomer Dr. This so called. The “Committee” at its roots is no more than a CIA 146 . Remember the little man behind the curtain moving the levers to the great and powerful Oz.org/wiki/Majestic_12 when they are leaked into the public domain. “At another point the astronomer admitted he was mystified by two discs he’d seen in New Mexico. Menzel even had a UFO sighting of his own that he had to debunk.” Keyhoe even after detailing how wrong Menzel was about various sightings in his book nevertheless showed how wrong. he Keyhoe. It was merely the transplanted version of Project Ozma. the precursor to SETI.

I grew up in a family of scientists and I know that there is nothing an honest scientist hates more than a scientist that participates in deception of other scientists. the “Committee” and SETI. As I have said before. We have to keep trying because the future of our humanity and our planet is at stake. Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War (Part 1 of a series) My uninformed mainstream friends often ask me questions like. SETI propagandists say. The Weekly World News was founded by intelligence agents and between it. as well as general members of the public. 147 . "Why are you so interested and involved with UFOs? Even if they are real and extraterrestrial. Others in the field of exopolitics are subject to these same questions from the uninformed and propagandized public and they try their best to answer them as I do. I wonder how long it is going to take for honest scientists to pull their collective heads out of the sand where they have been so firmly placed by SETI and other media propagandists over the years. If people had substantial contact with ethical advanced stellar civilizations they would see that there is a more enlightened way to live and a better way to run a planet. They would understand that the way our society is presently structured is just like the pyramid food chain in nature. Look. we have the credentials. all hell is liable to break loose in the scientific community and on the SETI scientists. but more often than not I just sigh and let the conversation move on to other subjects of interest. those famous little men and women with fancy credentials that pull the levers behind the curtain of secrecy. I have proposed for years that the public SETI program is nothing but a cover program for the real SETI program and is itself nothing but an exercise of the simple concept of misdirection promoted by illusionists. the denial and ridicule of the UFO/ET subject continues to propagandize scientists and journalists. Sometimes we just get so tired of having to do the thinking for other people and having to put up with all the denial and ridicule. as is the Weekly World News. People could see how much better off they would be if they were to cooperate amongst themselves rather than engage in mutual predation. why are you wasting your time on this? You could be so much more productive in other areas if you seriously want to help humanity. When the exopolitical cover-up breaks. just about every institution on earth has either participated or is complicit in the UFO/ET cover-up. If humanity were to discover the truth.counterintelligence operation in my estimation. Don’t believe your lying eyes." Sometimes I try to answer. don’t listen to those silly UFO buffs! The sad thing is that a simple illusionist’s trick of misdirection has worked so remarkably well to fool the public and honest SETI scientists and enthusiasts for so many years. look. that creates these silly fabricated ET stories available at every supermarket checkout counter. not right here in your backyard. Nothing serious is going to come out of the public SETI program until the honest people in SETI catch on to the propagandists in their mist. this is what I believe would happen. what is the big deal? We know you are an intelligent guy. ET is way out there on the other side of the galaxy.

Most people including our friends and relatives have trouble appreciating our efforts because our activities have moved beyond their horizons. While this may be true for many in our field who lose their way amongst all the misinformation and disinformation. we could be like they. The chilling truth is that America and the rest of the world is a sophisticated slave society run by sophisticated gangster families. It should not take a rocket scientist or "lawyer" to figure this out. feeling that we have abandoned the world to escape into realms of fantasy.htm http://www. People in America have become so dumbed down and propagandized by the mass media and a public educational system that is structured to crank out obedient wage slaves rather than enlightened free thinkers. the mass media and the public 148 . if we follow these stellar societies’ economic.At the top of the food chain we have the toughest meanest predators. political and religious models rather than our own.com/general77/ful2. The mainstream public needs to begin to appreciate the fact that we in the UFO/ET community are fighting a formidable adversary with almost unlimited global resources. foundations. governments. We have become drawn into this global political battle because these secretly ruling elites are not only harmful to humanity but to humanities relations with other extraterrestrial races as well. These sophisticated gangster families who secretly control humanity through corporations.rense. liberty and truth becomes ever more complicated and sophisticated as freedom loving truth seekers struggle to keep up with the ever more sophisticated forms of interspecies human predation worldwide. that most people really think America is a free society. http://www. While some freedom loving people overtly battle and struggle against the denial of basic human rights and freedom around the globe.rense. Friends often become confused and even hostile to us. that reward those lower down by moving them up in rank and benefits and punish those that do not cooperate by moving them down in rank and benefits. We involved in exopolitics find ourselves involved in a struggle against very sophisticated tyrants and families of tyrants that seek to enslave humanity worldwide covertly. and be much better off than we are now.htm The struggle for freedom. Ben has the credentials and the high level contacts and should be taken seriously until and unless we hear otherwise. Ben Fulford former Asian bureau chief of Forbes magazine has articulated this truth better than anybody I have seen of late. People really need to read the transcripts of the Jeff Rense interviews with Ben. religions and secret societies for their own greedy. it is not true for all of us. there are also those of us who find ourselves in much more sophisticated and complicated global covert battle and struggle. People would compare the way things are organized here on earth with how more advanced stellar societies are organized.com/general77/fulf. These elites have placed themselves squarely between us and the extraterrestrial races and so have become an obstacle obstructing further human evolution on earth. sophisticated gangsters. yet we may eventually win the war after losing every battle because we hold the moral high ground and we have the Internet. They would think. The battle lines of our covert struggle extend from our external reality into the Internet and through our individual minds. selfish and environmentally destructive ends no longer use food and simple propaganda to control the masses. Instead they control the money supply.

youtube. It is not enough to just challenge the masters and point out the error of their ways.com/general65/braz.com/wpdyn/content/article/2007/09/17/AR2007091701780. they know that the earth is visited by higher intelligence with advanced technology for as least thousands of years.com/b/a/256888. but we must also clearly and articulately address the slaves who do not believe themselves to be slaves in this modern era. Contrast the most recent Washington Post UFO propaganda article. they control intelligence agencies around the world as Fulford has pointed out. http://www.htm and Brazil http://www. on the latest exopolitics conference near Washington DC. They know that earth humanities interaction both overt and covert throughout history has been massive and longstanding and that we ourselves are a product of not only natural evolution by artificial evolution as well. 149 . Masters and their wage slaves now threaten the planet with atomic and environmental destruction. The elite know that knowledge of our true origins and position in the cosmos will be liberating and enlightening and that they fear losing control over the masses of humanity.. They know that the Bible and other sacred texts record not only mankind's history on earth but mankind's historic interactions with human extraterrestrial races. it has just got much more sophisticated. This job may be just as difficult as dealing with the masters for very different reasons. For this reason they use formidable public and private resources to maintain an information embargo on the truth so as to hold humanity in bondage for as long as they are able to do so. Those of us that have penetrated the illusions of democracy here and abroad realize that masters and slaves continue to evolve their relationship of mutual self destruction into more and more sophisticated forms.educational system so as to achieve the same aims as Fulford has articulated so well in his writings and interviews.com/watch?v=uDOOZ_IPb6Y These families have their members and their servants well placed throughout society. Still there is hope that the truth embargo is ending. cleverly designed to stifle political discussion.html with the secret UFO files released and cooperation with civilian UFO/ET investigators in France http://ufos. They know that some of these intelligent races are human and that the human race on earth is part of a greater humanity that long ago embarked on voyages of discovery through space and time and have since spread out and populated many diverse natural and artificial ecosystems. and especially noteworthy.htm and the release of gun camera video by the Mexican government to the mainstream press. Governments around the world are losing patience with America's failure of leadership and are breaking ranks to bring out exopolitical truth to the public.about.washingtonpost. For this reason we who value freedom and liberty must win the information war and end the truth blackout imposed upon the world public about the extraterrestrial presence. Because the ruling elite monitor and control the intelligence agencies at the highest levels. http://www. Society and its organizational structure has changed little over the thousands of years.rense.

I co-founded Operation Right To Know a UFO activist organization in 1991 to fight the UFO cover-up. I knew I had been thinking and publishing exopolitics from the 1980's onward before the word had been coined.htm The exopolitical community is still a small insurgency but our numbers are growing as we gather public support from a public slow to awaken to the fact that they have been under a propaganda attack for 60 years. 150 . We now know that the public has been under a constant propaganda attack since the 1940's by some of the best minds money can buy. The mainstream media. Martial law could be declared and the internet shut down or severely controlled. Air Force debunkers and propagandists in the 1950s. Michael Salla got involved. In the 1980's and 1990s I realized that UFOs were an intelligence problem deserving of intelligence solutions and became involved with Jack Sarfatti's Internet Stardrive Group. I learned how to network the Internet from Jack and did my best to help Jack and his group get up to speed on UFOs. The first step and greatest step in wining a Info-War is to recognize an attack.illuminati-news. CIA documents from the 1950's clearly show the intent was to create a wall of denial and ridicule around the subject that has succeeded. and I found myself active on the Internet once again in support of exopolitics. Of course if disclosure happens we may have another battle to fight.alienzoo. In the 1980s I realized that politics was interfering with the scientific investigation of UFOs so the problem was more than a scientific problem but a political one as well. http://www.com/ufos-and-aliens/html/carol_rosin. Its not to early to begin thinking and planning for such a contingency. Those elites that are responsible for the attack are few in number but they have control of almost unlimited resources at their disposal to continue to maintain the propaganda attack and even move from cover-up to negative spin if necessary. http://archive. When I first became involved with UFO/ET activities in the 1970's I saw the problem as a scientific problem. Dr. The official propagandists became more sophisticated when they became privatized in the 1960's with the creation of Intel counterintelligence front organizations like the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal whose very title is a lie. These turned out to be the first public battles in an information war that was lost to the great detriment of all of humanity.S. In the early part of the 21 century Alfred Webre coined the word exopolitics. We may eventually win the Info-War after losing all the battles with the help of the internet.com/conspiracytheory/ufosoverwashington. We are helpless if we do not realize we are under attack.html Some brave souls like Colonel Donald Keyhoe publicly fought the official U. the scientific establishment have been scared into submission for fear of ridicule. public education system. Today I conceptualize that we activists and investigators all along have been embroiled in a longstanding UFO/ET Info-War that is now moving onto the Internet. that of negative fearful spin and perhaps even a alien invasion false flag operation designed to scare the public worldwide into total submission and a total loss of human rights.How To Fight The Exopolitical Info-War (Part 2 of a series) I have found it interesting as I age how thinking evolves over time. Carol Rosin assistant to Werner Von Braun heard about plans for a war on terror and then a alien invasion false flag operation while working for Fairchild Industries in the 1970s.

. public indoctrination called public education. Today's masters control servants through finance. A brighter future for all of humanity lies just around the corner if enough of us collectively stand up and fight for our rights of assembly and communication with the cosmic neighborhood. It's a structure of masters and servants. Once we realize we are under a sophisticated propaganda attack the next step is to understand the adversary. Right now our adversaries have a tight grip on the mainstream media and the public education system. At the very heart of the autocratic organization is the need to control the thinking and actions of the servants. the soft underbelly. Information was doled out on a need to know basis with the masters determining the need to know. national security and other organizations. If autocratic organizations cannot get control over the Internet they will be replaced and that will be good for humanity.Like a powerful invading army. 151 . It should be easy to see that the National Security State with its emphasis on clearances and need to know is just a more sophisticated form of mind control than was used by the plantation owners in the south against their slaves. I believe the world today to be run by a few wealthy powerful gangster families at the top that dole out or withhold rank and resources in order to make the slave pyramid autocratic structure work. If we don't the growing dark age we are now in will become ever darker. the slaves. I encourage young people once they become informed to identify and engage the adversary and become Internet activists. Finally after we understand our adversary the next step toward winning the Info-War is to develop tactics that work in our favor and against the adversary. I believe we now have people deliberately inserting propaganda and disinformation secretly into the Internet and encouraging conflicts amongst the informed and uninformed public so as to generally pollute and confuse the information flow. so autocratic regimes must restrict and confuse information flow either by direct means or by indirect means. the missing scale on the great dragon is the Internet. I don't believe it is our interest to challenge the mass media where the adversary is strong and can counter any move we make toward informing the public but to challenge and inform where the adversary it is weakest. In the south. I believe that the Achilles heel. I believe it is here we can fight and win the exopolitical information war. plantation owners forbid their slaves an education for good reason and only doled out enough information for their slaves to do their jobs. It's the shifting sand under the insurmountable castle. The free flow of information through Internet networks works to undermine propaganda. The Internet by its very nature is a different and a more advanced form of organization than the autocratic pyramid organizational structure which it seems to be replacing around the globe. the mass media. its strengths and weaknesses. It is up to their generation now to struggle to win their freedom and escape the propaganda net that continues to enslave and restrain their minds as well as the minds of their fathers and mothers in regards to the extraterrestrial presence. the newly emerging Internet media. time is not on the side of these sophisticated families of gangsters in Europe and America as they are faced with growing awareness of their plans and activities not only by the public but by gangster families in Asia that seem to have been cut out of the action as suggested by Ben Fulford past Asian bureau chief for Forbes Magazine.

One well known individual involved in the UFO/ET field was rumored to have called him the most dangerous man on the planet. When John receives this I hope he is paying attention." John goes on to say.Defending Against An Info-war Attack (Part 3) This article is the third of a series on articles on Info-war. This may be done by directly influencing the leaders. or by manipulating the beliefs of the people who must support them" This is such an important statement because when America's national security apparatus in World War Two and through the cold war used the same unethical means to destroy the adversary that the adversary was using. :-) I learn quickly. Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force to believe that to fight evil and win one must use evil means. The adversary should be led to believe that he is vulnerable and will lose if war is initiated. On page 111 John says. one who long ago succumbed to the dark side of the force. 152 . it moved the evil without into the evil within. Colonel John Alexander. so I consider John a teacher from the dark side. but I have and still do consider him a formidable adversary in the ongoing Info-war within and without the UFO/ET community. it was not until 1994 that doctrine on deception was published. Colonel Alexander is widely considered the Darth Vader of the national security state by leading exopoliticians. and that was in response to the burgeoning field of command and control warfare. deception will attack and harm anybody who uses it for any reason. only to realize as a old man that his family was the state. One is reminded of Creon in the Greek Tragedies who destroyed his own family for the state. The target of the deception is the enemy's decision-making process. In the short term it may win a battle even a war. perception management is essential. I realize that John and others like him believe they are doing the right thing. In the movie Star Wars. but to me he is just another casualty of a cosmic info-war that extends right down into every mind on this planet.S. as do many of those working in the areas of national security around the world. "To deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. The true basic tenet is that in a conflict or in any other situation. One of the main tenets of war is to learn from the adversary. What John and the national insecurity state fail to understand is that the target of deception is the destruction of anybody who uses it!!!! It contaminates the mental battlefield and injures everybody. an exaggeration of course. but in the long run it's corrosive and as a mental poison it will eventually damage and even ruin all those who use it. "In preparing for conflict. The ancient Greeks were very aware how fundamental conceptual errors subvert the decision making process and leads to great suffering. As that happened the national security state became the national insecurity state and inadvertently began attacking its own public. However. To me John is a microcosm of the national insecurity state and to understand how he thinks is to understand the national insecurity state itself. U. Army (retired) has a chapter in his book Future War called Information Warfare.

I have to ask. Who really occupies the eye in the pyramid? So John. the means and end are one. targeting every element in the epistemology of an adversary. in the teachings of Christ. a means to evaluate information properly. If the media is the weapon then disarm it through information warfare techniques of conceptualization and articulation of context projected into the media and Internet to reintroduce coherence rather than incoherence! 153 . The national security apparatus that was formed to fight the cold war in America is now the threat to true national security and stability everywhere. It's a lie because there is really no separation between past and future. methods. the question is. Did a group of immortals or very long living space beings lose a space (heaven) battle to be confined to earth in underground bases (hell) to haunt mankind to the end times as Christians believe? Are these errors in logic something inherent in mankind or has mankind itself been under a info-war attack for thousands of years? Are people like John Alexander unwitting pawns believing they are doing good but in fact doing just the opposite.John goes on to quote Colonel Richard Szafranski. or a stable and reliable mechanism for decision-making places the adversary at great risk. Fanatical thinking just illustrates a very important point and that is in fighting evil with evil one unknowingly becomes evil oneself. is this not exactly what has been going on ever sense the national security apparatus began using deception against its enemies." John goes on to discuss manipulation of the media. Deprived of valid information. Its all based on the lie that the end justifies the means." "Szafranski carries that argument to a logical conclusion. This way one does not become the evil that one wars against! When an adversary uses a lie. In fighting one beast with unethical means one has only created an even more powerful beast. to the degree that the national security apparatus uses ethical means and tactics against the enemy’s unethical means and tactics there is a corresponding increase in confidence. structure. This is information warfare at its most sophisticated. "Every means by which an adversary arrives at knowledge or beliefs in that context. John is an ultimate cold warrior and he reflects the thinking of the national security establishment elite that won the cold war through unethical means against a unethical adversary. If one is deceived. then expose that lie with the truth. I wonder if it has ever crossed his mind that his own mind and the mind of the national security state itself is in fact conditioned and controlled by powers higher up the autocratic pyramid. is there a better enlightened way to deal with a info-war adversary that uses destructive means against us. trust and support from a better informed and secure public. how do such errors of logic and conception get into our minds? Christians personify the corruption and inversion of the truth as Satan's domain. how to do this properly without blowback. His considerations for attacking include. I believe it is a basic tenet of war that to the degree that the national security state uses deception against the enemy it also correspondingly attacks it's public body incurring a corresponding loss of confidence by the public. thereby transferring the evil without into the evil within. and validity of knowledge of that adversary. then expose that deception. This means attempting to undermine the organization. It's right there in the bible John. John is talking here about mind control. The way to defeat (reform)a unethical adversary is not to use unethical means but to use ethical means. One could also state that.

Stories are spells cast and woven by the black magicians of our time and are potent weapons to entrap. Each game represented a battle between the powers of light and darkness in a conceptual mental war that was ended with a checkmate or draw. The black magician is the psychological equivalent of black hole. master of deception and illusion. page 111. myths and reconstituted them so as to be better understood by a modern sophisticated audience. The movie is a story of liberation projected into the minds of an enslaved humanity largely under the control of black magicians. Defining The Adversary (Part 4) Many years ago while I was playing chess I entered a higher state of consciousness and experienced the game of chess as the battle for mankind being played out on the board amongst the black and white chess pieces. I realize now that at that early age I experienced a most fundamental concept as to what the game of chess represented. ensnare and enslave the minds of the unwary.Info-war. It was a concept that I could not understand nor articulate at the time. while the dark pieces represented evil or destructive power. There are those that say this is just all harmless entertainment but is something much more sinister going on. I have mentioned in a prior article that some consider Colonel John Alexander the Darth Vader. is well conceptualized and defined in Tibetan religion. maybe even better than in the Bible. As in the game of chess its all laid out in the bible as well as other religious texts around the globe. The dark warrior from pawn to king is still only a piece being played by the black magician. or are people's minds being manipulated by modern day story tellers. Star Wars is entertainment. but it is much more than that. evil. John Alexander has made trips to Tibet. The game of chess was not meant to be just a game. The black magician is a very powerful degenerating personality on the way to oblivion and complete destruction and has destructive effects on anyone having contact. George Lucas took old truths. info-warriors for the dark side in the mental battlefield. The creator or creators of the game saw the board as the mental battlefield. While thrillers use fearful imagery to enthrall. The same could be said of Star Trek. sitcom stories trivialize minds. This would be an individual who once may have been a star a bearer of light. In previous articles I began quoting from John Alexander’s book Future War the chapter on Infowar. and the left hand path. There is truth to biblical stories. but now has collapsed inward and become a psychological degenerate. As I have stated in a prior article the adversary should be the teacher and I consider John Alexander to be a teacher for the dark side of the force and my nemesis. On this same page John has this to say. I think that the game was created by somebody who had a great depth of understanding of the overall context in which we live out our lives. Are things really as they seem. When the game was placed into motion a mental conceptual battle began between the powers of light and the powers of darkness across the mental battlefield. The white king was played by the light magician while the dark king was played by the dark magician. The white chess pieces represented good or creative power. "There will always be constant tension 154 . deconceptualize and dumb down minds. I wonder why? The struggle between the followers of the right hand path. of the National Insecurity State. goodness. of understanding.

We can gauge the state of collective delusion within society by observing the language of society. To be effective in the long run. This is a fine point but its critical. other news organizations follow their lead. the objective of the predator. fear and deception. perception management is the most demanding. Moving on to page 112 John has this to say. Orwell pointed this out very well in his writings. Spectacular stories may have immediate impact but. has simply been moved from without to within. "We know that world leaders obtain much information form CNN. Great care should be taken when developing a compelling story. Only the predator imposes will." John goes on to cite examples in relation to the Desert Storm stories of babies being thrown from incubators. it is absolutely necessary to be well grounded in facts. to insure that the basic facts are true. and necessary. The black magician the master of deceit and illusion is a deluded creature who's thinking and actions are based on very basic conceptual errors. only to find out that the real adversary delusion. the media is a powerful tool of perception management a major tenet of the National Insecurity State and things are not always what they seem.between the military and the media. 155 . The statement should be. For instance. error. The term UFO degrades the term flying saucer to Unidentified Flying Object when in fact the objects have been identified by the military as extraterrestrial spaceships. Conceptual errors are the foundation of delusion and are perpetrated upon others in mass by the deluded through information warfare across the mental battlefield. If and when the Department of War inverts and becomes the Department of Peace watch out! The most sophisticated info-war adversary subverts language. Delusion is a psychological disease affecting the mind and to attack it in the same way it attacks you is madness! The disease is contagious. This is a tedious process that must be developed over many years through trusting relationships. Of all the IW issues. In major campaigns. "The target of IW is the human mind. Some words still have their correct meaning like. The error in this instance is that John is not being specific enough. the black magician is impose its will on the prey. I think we could say that the degree to which words are perverted reflects the degree of perversion and delusion within society. A much more significant and crucial conceptual error that warriors like John make that is foundational to the National Insecurity State that I have touched on in other articles is that a dangerous deceptive adversary can only be defeated by employing even more dangerous and deceptive tactics. Employing perception management techniques includes gaining the willing support of the major news organizations. not the potential prey. Lies and partial truths will be found out." As John has pointed out so well. the National Security State is really the National Insecurity State. Department of War. The only logical solution is to acknowledge perception management and execute it well. contentious. a state based on lies. this is a very major conceptual error that may defeat the adversary externally. In exopolitics why do you think those with military connections replaced the term flying saucer with UFO once the truth was know by the military? The term flying saucer means extraterrestrial spaceship a known object. John says the objective of war is to impose ones will on an adversary. The objective of war for the white magician like the prey is to ethically defend against this imposition of will being exercised offensively by the predator. As I have pointed out elsewhere." On page 113 John says. when found to be false they do far more damage to institutional credibility.

We have these same divisions in both the government and in the military over exopolitical issues as well as national issues. The best one 156 . The unfriendly ET perspective is not the only extremist position either. they have to blame others outside of themselves for their and others problems. Over on the other side we have investigators like Richard Boylan and Steven Greer who just as vehemently espouse the friendly ET perspective. Not only is Bud Hopkins extremist ideology damaging to himself. If the tables were turned I might be more inclined to change my position so as to work towards a balanced perspective. It may play well with other extremist abduction researchers and investigators. the limited perspective begins to modify perceptions. The problem is that once one takes a position without a broad enough perspective. The net result is conceptual bondage. but he risks alienating many of the rest of us in the field. but also to the whole UFO/ET field. We in the exopolitics field that hold to the broad model that life is abundant and very diverse across the universe just as it is here on earth. When we find powerful extremist positions anywhere. The black magician claims to be the protector of mankind freedom and liberty when in effect the opposite is true. catch it from both extremist positions. Clearly Bud is losing credibility as a UFO/ET investigator and researcher by making such unfounded and emotionally virulent attacks. Exopolitical Extremism A recent attack on exopolitics and exopolitical researchers by Bud Hopkins an abduction investigator and researcher on the radio show Coast To Coast recently caught my attention. Unity and understanding is their salvation but they do not want to have any of that. where one’s own little clump of trees obscures the view of the rest of the forest. This natural tendency to jump to conclusions without viewing all the facts dispassionately and objectively is the bane of humanity. Its pretty obvious in terrestrial politics and its just as prevalent in extraterrestrial politics as well. we can figure that folks on both sides of the issue are both right and both wrong. One of the reasons I focus on the friendly contact cases is that I feel there is too much emphasis on unfriendly contact cases and I attempt to add balance. the means of information conveyance. As always I must make myself clear that I tend to focus on friendly ET interactions while at the same time not ignoring the reality of unfriendly ET contact. deceptive and delusional creating division where ever they can.The black magician the hero of the National Insecurity State is a master of the subversion of language. I guess this is a universal problem where those that take the middle ground and the largest perspective possible get caught in the crossfire between polarized extremist groups. but at least they refrain from making false statements to the media as far as I know! I think all this division just reflects the general polarization going on within society as a whole. Because extremists won’t take a good look at themselves and their over inflated and often deluded egos. hence the rose colored glasses syndrome. Investigators and researchers need to be working together to get the whole truth out to the public. There is a tendency of the mind to take a position and then defend that position by concentrating on evidence that supports that position and ignoring and downplaying evidence that undermines that position. In so doing they become violent.

I think it is noteworthy to point out that Bud Hopkins background is as an artist and Dr. Yet we have persevered true to our own selves and to others no matter what the cost. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not our backgrounds to have a large degree of influence on our perspectives on life and living. We have forgiven our adversaries and the public who have been deceived into attacking us. especially in the mainstream media. We will continue the struggle for both the truth and our love of those who advertently or 157 . Bud Hopkins needs to understand this. Many of us recognize the fact that most of the world’s religions have been founded by advanced ethical space faring societies. Its clearly over the top for Bud Hopkins to go to the mass media and make false claims against exopolitics and exopolitical investigators. the unscrupulous. I hope my readers are well served by my concepts and perspectives and realize that while I do focus on friendly ET interactions because of reasons of balance. humanities right to know the truth. but that we must also evolve and use only ethical means to achieve our goals. So folks lets try to put a lid on this infighting. Lets keep our eyes on the prize of full UFO/ET disclosure. for the right of free assembly with all ethical beings. and the right to pursue our religious. I think I am good at it because of my ecological background. the fearful and the hateful. Neither we nor the public at large is well served by such damaging and uncivil behavior. Unfriendly ET interactions teach us that we must protect ourselves from unfriendly ET’s. We are not going to be able to solve problems of abuse by being abusive to others within our respective environments. but more importantly the reason is that I think there is more to learn here. I have been investigating UFO/ET long before he was ever involved. Bill Hamiliton has been investigating friendly contact case since the 1950s. We the few while we have stood up for the many have endured the ridicule heaped upon us by the many. In my blog I try to present the grand overview for both the novice and expert in the UFO/ET field. We few have stood up for the many. the greedy. We can’t fight evil with evil and expect not to become evil ourselves. Letter to the Exopolitical Elders This article is addressed to the exopolitical elders who have struggled by all ethical means possible over many years against those who would deny the people of the world their cosmic civil rights and liberties. political activities in conjunction with advanced ethical celestial space faring societies.can do is stay out of the way of extremists if possible. Some of the cases I have investigated personally are on my blog. Steven Greer’s background is a medical doctor. We few have begun a cosmic rights movement but is our children who will have to pursue this movement in mass if they are to free themselves from the strategic deceptions perpetrated against their minds and bodies by the unethical. scientific. We have enough of a problem dealing with the propagandists and cover-up specialists without having to deal with it in our own exopolitical community as well. and if not one must defend oneself from their machinations. It has been a long struggle and will surely continue for many years to come.

precarious. While I admit things look grim I am hopeful that humanity will somehow muddle through this grave exopolitical crisis. We seem to be at a tipping point in human history and it is up to each of us to stand up and practice truth. I see our times as the birth pangs of a new cosmic race of people who will one day abide by cosmic ethical law and travel out into the reaches of space in peace and friendship rather than to colonize and war against our cosmic neighbors. We may never see the promised land but it is my dream that our children will build upon our small beginnings. Cosmic Rights Movement In a letter to UFO Magazine I have made a call for a Cosmic Rights Movement patterned after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. evil elements within and without our newly emerging space faring cosmic race. the Law of the Universe. greedy. and urgent. Our all to pronounced human weaknesses have made us vulnerable to strategic deceptions perpetrated not only upon the world political body by greedy. The power of the wall of denial and ridicule laid down upon us all has subverted our emerging stellar civilization and set us all on the path to intellectual and emotional stagnation and planetary disaster. In order to achieve our strategic objectives we while working outwardly must also most importantly work on improving ourselves so as to remove the faults that can be so easily exploited by our powerful unethical adversaries. honesty and love in our everyday affairs. take up the torch to ignite the passions of the many and inspire the masses of humanity to seek and become an enlightened stellar society. exopolitical affairs and finally and foremost stand up for our cosmic civil rights. We today by our thoughts and actions are determining what type of celestial space faring race we will become now and in the future. If we do not all pull together to do so then it may well be that instead of joining the cosmic neighborhood our civilization will fall into planetary destruction to be recycled and begin anew. unscrupulous. Because the means and the end are indeed one. There is a reason that Satan lives in the Garden 158 . The primary cause of our now precarious position is our low ethical and moral values.inadvertently out of ignorance persecute and ridicule us. immoral. It is most unfortunate that things have come to this and that our very survival as a civilization is at stake as well as our planet sits at the verge of environmental catastrophe. It is no secret to secular and religious people alike that we live in apocalyptic times. Our adversaries have show the power of deception to ensnare and all but shut down open dialogue between people involving exopolitical realities. I envision this movement to follow cosmic ethical law. we only have the option to use ethical means to achieve our ends. unscrupulous evil humans but by strategic deceptions perpetrated in the larger arena involving exopolitical realities. Today those of us who now have a vague understanding of exopolitical realities have the opportunity to use our collective experience to plan and develop ethical strategies for the sure to come cosmic civil rights movement that the young people will have to exercise in the future. If we do not do this our means will subvert our lofty goal to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical. Our present situation is immediate.

legal. One reason is that many technologically 159 . If we in the UFO/ET community can't get the truth about exopolitical realities and convey the immediacy and urgency of the disasters awaiting humanity out to the public at large in undistorted manner then we have lost before we even begin. We have to become as wise as the serpent who stalks us and harmless and loving as the dove that flies overhead. and political institutions that now serve to enslave and ensnare us rather that liberate and enlighten us. and so can move about relatively undetected upon and around the earth for two reasons. We need figure out how to run the blockade. We your ethical elders have found great value in truthfulness and loving kindness. One of the first things we have to figure out is how to get around the mainstream press blockade that very effectively keeps vital information within the UFO community in the UFO/ET community and out of mainstream society.S. Finally we hope to persuade our enemies if possible. scientific. medical. This is a problem not only in the U. in moral and ethical values and have been involved in a struggle all our lives for both our and your freedom and liberty. Then we must discipline ourselves to carry out our actions in an efficient manner as possible because we have so few resources at our disposal while the unethical adversary has a vast amount of resources. and liberties as well as deplete us of much needed resources to struggle against them. rights. This life is much more technologically advanced than we are. to stop doing both they and us harm and join us to abide by cosmic ethical law. In order to wise up and free ourselves from those that would hold us in mental bondage through their unethical strategic deceptions. There are those within society that do not value true moral and ethical values but seek to impose themselves upon your bodies and minds so as to hold you in bondage. Our adversaries control and use these institutions to deny us our freedoms. Ultimately we have the truth on our side and that will work greatly to our advantage once we put our shoulder to the wheel. This is going to be one daunting task and we to may not live to see the promised land. One of the most important first steps that does not consume many resources is to love our adversaries so as to understand their unethical agendas and motivations. Next after we are able to figure out various ways to run the blockade we must begin the task of revitalizing and reforming our economic. Once we put names and faces to our adversaries and understand why they do what they do.of Eden and that is make us smart while God however you conceive him or her to be teaches us to love. We who value truth have through diligent effort all our lives discovered that the Universe is seething with life here and elsewhere. but around the world. religious. Exopolitics: It's Your World This article is addressed to the youth of the world. then we can develop ethical strategic plans to reform and revitalize the mainstream institutions. The more people we can bring onboard from the mainstream the faster the job of restructuring our societies on earth will be. we have to develop clear and precise strategic thinking.

On the other hand there are unethical celestial beings operating in conjunction with unethical earth humans in great secrecy who through a long series of strategic deceptions wish to enslave the minds as well as bodies of men. These races have a wide variety of agendas and motivations that reflect a diversify of ethical and moral values. Each individual. There are those who would and are denying you these rights wishing to stand between you and these advanced beings so as to gain power and influence over you. What is important to know is that if we want to live a free happy life then we must always use ethical means to achieve our objectives. else the means will subvert the desired goal. love over hate. It does not matter wither one believes or disbelieves in these ethical or moral laws they still hold sway over the affairs of all beings. This is nothing new as can be seen by reading the ancient religious texts of peoples around the world. Those unethical people and groups that would deny you your own mind have used the tricks of the magician on a mass scale to attack the people of the world in a deliberate and systematic manner. These celestial beings have founded most of the world’s religions. Just because a civilization is highly technologically advanced and has great control over the material world or virtual reality field does not mean it is also ethical.advanced races of celestial beings that are ethical and moral only want to make their presence known on a gradual basis giving our society time to adapt to the knowledge of their presence. It is not enough for the truth seeker to be truthful because we do exist amongst those who value deception rather than truth and who live miserable lives beneath a cloak of respectability and false happiness. Millions 160 . Nevertheless it is true that there are cosmic moral and ethical laws that never change that govern both individuals and societies regardless of technological development or ethics. have developed a workable model of the current situation and we call it exopolitics. These poor miserable people often are very intelligent but use strategic deceptions to ensnare the unwary and draw others into their personal and collective hells. You must stand up for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of association and religion in regards to ethical celestial space faring races of beings coming to earth at this time. Exopolitics is the politics of the universe. This battle forces us to get smart as well as develop truthfulness and loving kindness in our lives. group and society has the choice which road they will take either the path of creation or destruction. we your ethical elders. SETI for instance uses the technique of misdirection to get the people to look far away for advanced cosmic intelligence when these intelligence's are knocking on your back door. The battle between truth and lies is a age old battle and it runs through he minds of everyone both on and off planet. many who come to earth on a regular and sporadic basis. You the young people of the world have your lives ahead of you while the lives of your elders draw to a close. It is we rightly believe through our lifetimes of investigation that the universe has developed a vast number of intelligent space faring races over billions of years of evolution. Today our society appears to be choosing the path toward destruction but this can be changed if enough people choose truthfulness and loving kindness over hate and lies. The moral and ethical laws tend to segregate and stratify intelligence so that each has the opportunity to learn specific and collective lessons without overdue interference from other intelligence's learning other different specific and collective lessons. Through our lifetime of effort. The fate of your world in your hands. who value truth over lies. openness over secrecy.

The members of these organizations have been dissuaded from political action that is necessary to end the political problem of a cover-up. Exopolitical: Communiqué To The World We the citizens of the world have embarked upon a worldwide exopolitical cosmic civil rights movement. It is up to us to free ourselves from political and exopolitical external controls imposed by force through a cosmic rights movement while at the same time work to become more ethical human beings. It is our own human weaknesses that make this mind control possible. Star Wars technology is meant to create a shield that will only allow in those unethical cosmic races that unethical world leaders have dealings with. Even the groups studying "UFO's" have been infiltrated by intelligence agents and used by the vast intelligence community for data collection. It should be obvious that scientific solutions will not in themselves solve political problems. You have a daunting task before you but a task that you must do as nobody is going to do it for you either on or off planet. The Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is nothing more that a proprietary organization used by the intelligence services to deceive the public. You must take to the streets in the thousands to demonstrate for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of assembly with ethical space faring races. You need the advice and the insights that the celestial beings have to offer. Star Wars and the militarization of space is another strategic deception being perpetrated on the peoples of the world. the greedy. 161 . it does no scientific research. (Exopolitics is the politics of the Universe.) This cosmic rights movement is necessary in order to liberate and free our minds as well as our bodies from the tyranny of the unethical. This is being denied to you at present. But the term UFO is in itself another strategic deception created decades ago by those who knew that "UFO's" were in fact the spacecraft of celestial beings. the unscrupulous. know that both the means and the end are one so we can only use ethical means to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical. it is a political organization that works in conduction with SETI to deny and debunk our cosmic heritage.of people are seeing and photographing UFO's around the world. the fearful and the hateful. These ethical beings can work together with humanity to insure our society becomes a ethical civilized space faring race rather than a race heading headlong into destruction. There is nothing scientific about this organization. The spacecraft had been identified by the military and to claim they are unidentified is a strategic deception. It is no secret that CSICOP is loaded with magicians and illusionists. It is no longer enough for those who desire dominion over us to enslave our bodies through corrupt economic and military institutions but the unethical now seek to enslave even our minds as well. We the ethical. The true term is ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) and this is the term the military secretly uses. Even the name of the organization is a deception. The more ethical races will be deterred by this shield because they are ethical and will respect the right of humanity to remain in isolation and pursue destruction rather than creation. I ask is this what you want your future to be? So what are young people to do? You the youth of the world have to wise up and realize the urgency and immediacy of the problem confronting humanity.

The day to day material can be translated through machine translation. My vision of the organization of a worldwide cosmic civil rights movement would be to grow a organizational structure following the example of natural processes. Those that see clearly and think rationally. We need to build up a worldwide network of bi-lingual individuals who can translate and distribute the exopolitical foundational thought and the now developing exopolitical actions into their respective native countries. We have to have a road map in order to properly navigate the difficulties ahead. We collectively vote our future with every thought and action we take every day of our lives. The internet provides us with a powerful and effective tool to do this. know. in and about earth right under the noses of us all. cultural and language barriers to the free flow of information. based on the evidence available.The slowly emerging cosmic civil rights movement must not only be built upon a strong ethical and moral foundation it also must be founded upon a exopolitical model that best approximates exopolitical reality. 162 . Once we create the proper ethical and exopolitical foundation for a more formal cosmic rights movement we can move to plan and execute strategies of liberation on a massive scale if the people are willing. yet unobserved and unacknowledged by many. Our first strategy should be to improve our ability to communicate and synergize amongst ourselves worldwide in spite of the geographical. I can foresee that such highly ethical networks of liberation could then morph into a new advanced enlightened social political world government in the future. None us can avoid our responsibilities even if we do nothing. Anyone can be a organizer provided they strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards and get along well with others. This life has and is very involved on. The most eloquent and moving appeals should be well translated by individual effort so as to convey the eloquence and inspirational nature of these appeals. It is this very diversity that allows humanity the freedom to choose its future. The organizers must have personal agendas that are in harmony with the overall vision of the networks and should be routed around and displaced if they impede or disrupt the free flow and synergetic interactions amongst individuals because of personal weaknesses or lack of motivation. now is the time to give the movement a name and begin formalize and plan for a much more organized disciplined struggle. While there has been a informal sporadic struggle for our cosmic rights ongoing around the world for decades. for that is a vote for the destruction of our emerging space faring civilization. This intelligent life is not only technologically diverse but also ethically diverse as well. This can be done through individual effort and through machine translations. Groups of regional and local organizers around the world networking together through the internet united in a common vision could cover the whole globe and reach out into space as well. I would hope that those from around the world would contact me in the English language if possible or find someone who is bi-lingual in English in their own land to communicate with me if they recognize the importance of this work For myself I will attempt to get a machine translation program off the internet so that I can translate emails directly to me into English. The current situation is that serious. In this way leaders are continuously being chosen and removed from leadership positions within the network based upon the collective decisions of the individuals within the networks. that the universe is teeming with technologically advanced intelligent life.

We have the right to create a peaceful ethical future on earth and in space. Exopolitical: Second Communiqué To The World The United States of America has been primarily responsible for the creation. We have the right to assemble freely and willfully with ethical celestial beings with no interference or disruption from any institution. Already we see signs where exopolitical activists in Brazil. individual or group. We have the right to develop and practice freedom of religion with cosmic visitors without any interior or exterior interference or disruption. We have the right to know the truth. The most damaging of all these strategic deceptions is the denial to the peoples of the world their rightful cosmic heritage. We have to always keep focused on our goal to maintain and expand on our basic freedoms. This would be in other countries that have been catching on to the machinations of the United States. liberties and responsibilities. Peru. fear or ridicule imposed upon us by anybody terrestrial or extraterrestrial. What really matters is that we sincerely wish to change things for the better and discipline and focus our efforts to see that the job gets done. just move! Sitting in place and talking. Mistakes are just the product of the learning process. It is my opinion that we should engage our unethical adversaries not where they are strongest here in the United States but where their influence is the weakest. The important thing is learn from mistakes. It is known that after World War II unethical fascist elements within the United States government imported into America fascists from the defeated Germany though programs like Operation Paperclip. We have the right to speak openly and freely amongst ourselves with no strategic deceptions of denial. The question is do we have the will and the motivation to become a civilized space faring civilization? We will each answer this question with our own thoughts and actions one way or another. the whole truth and nothing but the truth about exopolitical realities. This has been accomplished not only through a series of strategic deceptions perpetrated upon the American public but upon the world body as well.My advice to those who wish to become leaders in the emerging cosmic rights movement is to just communicate and experiment without fear of making mistakes. wanting to do something is not going to get the job done. Don't overestimate or underestimate your abilities. This has been going on in the United States as well. Our goal is our most fundamental human rights and liberties. While these unethical groups have subverted American democratic ideals in private they have as a strategic deceptive cover preached democratic ideals and ethical values to the rest of the world. 163 . Exopolitical investigators and activists around the world have begun efforts to persuade their respective governments to come clean and tell the truth about exopolitical realities to their citizens. maintenance and the orchestration of the UFO/ET cover-up. and Mexico have persuaded their respective governments to respect moral and democratic ideals and begin to tell the truth to their peoples. All it would take to end the exopolitical cover-up would be for a few countries to break from the world wide cabal lead by the United States and Britain.

In Brazil it seems ET contact has been negative yet the cooperation between civilians and military seems to have caused the unethical ET's there to back off. In Peru the ET contact has been mostly positive and has resulted in many prearranged flyovers that have been filmed by the mass media in Peru but have not reached the rest of the world. Reports form Russia indicate a strong desire by the public for ethical ET contact. American activists should come to the aid of their counterparts around the world to help them in every way possible. We here in America are developing a powerful conceptual framework called exopolitics that will help to liberate ourselves from the mind control programs and strategic deceptions placed upon us. This conceptual framework will not only help free us from the UFO/ET worldwide cover-up but it will protect us from the sure to come negative unethical spin to militarize space after the cover-up ends. We in America need to do everything we can to export this exopolitical conceptual framework to our fellow citizens around the world. We are in need of translators to translate our exopolitical thought as well as others who can assist in distributing this important knowledge to exopolitical activists all around the world through the internet. One of the toughest obstacles to the free flow of information worldwide is the language barrier. Thanks to machine translation programs and the internet we here in America are beginning to interface with our counterparts all around the world to break through the language barrier. Exopolitical investigator Steve Moreno is breaking new ground using machine translation programs to discover contact networks worldwide. (Here are two translation programs http://translation.lycos.com/lycos and http://www.worldlingo.com/ .) We will soon be able to communicate and link up with these other contact networks like our own through a discussion board that automatically translates posts. I am at present trying to get Steve in touch with Dr. Michael Salla to see if such a board is immediately feasible at his web site. http://www.exopolitics.org/ Through conversations with Steve both he and I now realize that other contact networks in other countries are coming to these same realizations and are extending their networks to reach out to us. This organization structure appears to mimicking the processes of the brain where individual nerve cells come together to form networks then connect and grow into even larger networks. The advent of the internet makes this advanced organizational process possible. As this post makes it to other contact networks like our own around the world I hope it stimulates interest to respond in kind so as to improve all networks through shared information and synergies. I am presently getting Steve to help me understand machine translator programs and am trying to get him to post what he is learning to the rest of us. Steve is way ahead in reaching out to the rest of the world and we have some catching up to do. As the exopolitical contact networks come together in some unified fashion worldwide we also begin the process of interfacing and guiding other earth human groups and institutions. Simultaneously the earth based exopolitical agenda integrates into the universal exopolitical agenda contacting and integrating into ethical celestial networks. This appears to be a most elegant and sophisticated process most likely repeated elsewhere in the universe for emerging stellar space faring societies.


Why The Old Guard Can't See?
Dr. Michael Salla has been having ongoing discussions with the old guard UFOlogists over their faith based approach to the investigation of UFO's. (-: http://www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment28.htm It is my opinion the methods and methodologies used by old guard investigators are not so much flawed as they are specific to the collection and analysis of superficial data only. The old guard have faith that their superficial collection and analysis will ultimately one day solve the UFO/ET mystery. They have become so attached and emotionally invested in their outdated methods and models over time that they no longer can think clearly and rationally. This is not only a problem in our field but in all disciplines as well. As people age their emotions and thinking become fixed into static habitual patterns that are not able to adapt to incorporate new evidence as it become available. The new valuable evidence is either ignored completely as hogwash or heavily discounted Let me give an example. I was raised in a family of early Ecologists. My father when he was a boy used to hang around and was mentored by taxonomists and collectors at the Chicago Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. During the depression he had to quit college and was lucky to find a job working for the Field Museum collecting small mammals in the Smokey Mountains. Later he came south and was mentored by Herb Stoddard who was a close friend of Aldo Leopold sometimes called the father of Ecology. Because my father was young he quickly grasped the principles of Ecology from Herb and other scientific friends. Herb himself was a collector and naturalist turned ecologist and lived on the plantation next to my family and was like a grandfather to me. My father told me years later that try as he may, he could not convince his taxonomist mentors that ecology was a new science. The taxonomists would say, "Show us a relationship it does not exist. If we can't touch it with our fingers, see it with our eyes or hear it with our ears it does not exist." The old guard taxonomists and collectors were important in their day because before ecology could develop plant and animal species had to be collected and given names. Then the early ecologists could study the dynamics of how these species interact within each other to create habitats and ecosystems. Were the taxonomist’s methods and models wrong? No, they were not wrong but limited in scope and were not applicable to the larger field of ecology. Because their thinking and emotions had become fixed they could not adapt their methods and models to a ever-changing perception of reality. They failed to understand that there were other tools in the tool chest that could be used to solve ecological problems. As far as I know it was only the collectors that became ecologists. The emerging field of exopolitics is similar to the field of ecology in that both emerged out of older more established fields. It is also similar in that it is the young who can better grasp the basics of the new emerging fields when mentored by a few older "mavericks", as my father used to call them. These heretics, which means free thinker in Greek, broke free of the fixed herd mentality of the old established paradigm. Lucky for us today, the heretics are not burned at stake but they still are ridiculed and disparaged by the old guard and their work suppressed.


Mainstream UFOlogists fail to understand that the methodologies of collection and analysis that they are using are analogous to that of taking a photograph. The photograph wither it is of a human being or that of a ocean surface mostly only records surface features. We can't understand a human being using just a camera that records only the surface of the person. We need a MRI or CAT SCAN to image the interior of the person and a psychologist to attempt to understanding the thinking and emotions of a person. In the ocean we use sonar to collect data in the interior of the ocean. What I am getting at is that what most UFOlogists are doing is simply collecting surface features in a very broad sense all over the world. It is evident that there is a massive amount of UFO activity going on everywhere as anyone who has been investigating actively around their own neighborhood can tell you. Only a very small fraction of sightings or encounters get reported to a UFO reporting service. I have pointed out that in my own neighborhood when I had a active intelligence net operating I was getting a couple of reports a week within a fifty mile radius of my home. Its obvious something very big is going on right under the noses of all of us. That is about as far as most old guard UFOlogists are going to get. Dr. Salla is right, the old guards have a faith based approach to the UFO/ET problem and no amount of faith is going to solve the problem. What is needed now are new models and approaches to the analysis and collection of data because the old ones have failed to keep pace with the times. Here is a interesting story. This was told to be by Jack a marine biologist and a good friend of mine. A biologist friend of his was doing research on octopuses. He had one in a tank and like any good scientist was meticulously going about doing experiments using little stakes in the tank to test the intelligence of the octopus. He became increasing frustrated when the octopus began to pull up and move his stakes around about the tank. The octopus was ruining his experiment. One time while he was becoming increasingly upset and frustrated with the behavior of the octopus he suddenly realized what was happening. To his amazement, the little critter was moving the stakes around to see what he would do! The octopus was testing his intelligence! His old methodologies had suddenly become obsolete with his changing perception of his relationship to the octopus. Addendum: After having written the above I headed down to the coast to visit with my friend Jack. I hijacked his computer while he was busy around the marine lab. I found a email from an establishment UFO investigator in my email box. We proceed to get into a discussion, "grin" that further clarified my thoughts on the above matter. I would like to give him credit for his contribution to this paper but we both agreed to keep our personal correspondence confidential. Later I had a long walk with Jack through the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge in a area not far from where UFO's been chasing around the flounder fishermen late at night. Jack and I discussed the animosity between academics and or taxonomists in particular and the collectors that feed the taxonomists. It seems that the animosity originates from misunderstandings in the use of very different methodologies in their respective areas of expertise and the value assigned to the data being collected. I would suspect this to be a far reaching problem and effect other disciplines as well. This would include animosities in the intelligence community between the agent in the field and the analyst behind his computer at CIA headquarters. Sometimes the only way for the boss to make sense of the data is to get out in the field to see for himself what is going on. "Grin"


The taxonomists in the days of my father, used to work in the musty smelly basement of the Field Museum sorting and identifying preserved dead plants and animals and rarely got out in the field. Today I assume taxonomists work in offices behind their computer screens as do the academics and intelligence analysts. Today just as yesterday these in house people tend on average to maintain a air of snobbery and quiet disdain for the collector or agent on the ground who is out mucking around getting his or her hands dirty and in direct contact with the data. This direct contact with the data it is believed by the analyst or taxonomist to somehow taint the collector or agent’s objectivity. On the other hand the collector or agent believes that analyst or taxonomist is living in a ivory tower out of touch with the real world and is incapable of properly filtering the data that comes to his or her desk. This is a very dysfunctional situation. In the intelligence world this can lead to disaster and in the field of exopolitics it has stymied progress amongst mainstream investigators. In the field of Exopolitics the mainstream investigator and data collector sitting behind his or her computer excludes in my opinion the most significant data from his or her data base that will lead to the resolution of the UFO enigma. These errors in judgment keep the old guard investigator stopped in their tracks and unable to proceed further, while the new guard moves ahead. While the old guard hold to their faith that their failing methodologies will eventually solve the UFO enigma the new guard penetrates the problem with new and various multiple methodologies adapted to the task and hand. The old guard works to get better and better superficial pictures of the exterior of the enigma. They become increasing frustrated and disparage the new guard's more error prone flying by their seat of their pants methodologies. I don't see any problem with making errors except that people admit to errors and try to correct them. (See allegations make by Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Dr. Steven Greer's overreaching and apparent failure to make amends. Maybe the disagreement centers around just who is disclosure witness but Dr. Mitchell's feelings should be considered. I hope this dispute has been settled. http://www.rense.com/general10/mitch.htm ) Meanwhile the new guard is invited on board the spacecraft and begin to negotiate with the occupants. The old guard will think the new guard are nuts until the evidence becomes indisputable that some UFO are as Stanton Friedman is fond of saying, "are somebody else's spacecraft." It seems obvious that once a investigator realizes that some UFO's are somebody else’s spacecraft the next step is to get invited on board for tea, as Jack says, providing the occupants are cordial and friendly and respect basic human rights. I suspect all new fields that emerge out of older established fields or disciplines run into these very same problems that originate in the mind and the emotions of the participants. The experienced old guard become fixed and inflexible in their beliefs holding on to outdated methodologies that have worked in the past. The young with more open minds draw on the experience of the older generation but with more open minds move the field forward even though they are at times reckless. As we ended our walk through the forest, Jack commented to me that all methodologies and disciplines are faith based. The problem seems to be that most people as they age become heavily invested, mentally and emotionally, in their beliefs and are unable to detach from methodologies that are not keeping up with our ever changing perceptions of reality. 167

This effort is opposed by a unethical celestial network that does not want this transformation and in fact wants to enslave and exploit mankind as a resource as it sees fit. We saw this same sort of thing in Nazi Germany prior to World War Two being used to strengthen Nazi control over the citizenry. I went to South Florida to help take care of my sister who is dying from the effects of cancer. While there I proceeded to engage the Intelligence Community via the internet as to the importance of celestial human networks and to point out that the phenomena network is just a new guise for what is also called the Lucifer network. When this information came out in a dialogue posted to the internet it created quite a furor within the Stardrive network which involves many top physicists and intelligence operatives. (I am just not this smart) This intelligence is intent upon integrating earth based networks from the man on the street to the highest levels of government into the ethical celestial networks so as to bring about a constructive transformation of society as a whole. This so called phenomena network." Cardinal Jack Sarfatti in a previous life. :-) After writing. I engaged Dan Smith who is know in the Intelligence Community and in certain public circles to be the conduit for the insertion into the public domain of back channel information.The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat "It should be obvious to all that have eyes to see that the earth is flat and that the heavens revolve about the earth. In return Dan gathers intelligence from the public domain and passes this information back into intelligence community via his friend and contact Ron Pandolfi. These divisions are Signals Intelligence. a new guise for the old Lucifer Network. I would like to note at this point that I could to be in telepathic contact with a higher intelligence that guides my actions. Illuminating The Dark Side. This intelligence feels that all people have the right to be told the truth. Dan also told me in this phone conversation that he was lead to believe that XXX had foreknowledge of the 911 attack. To suggest otherwise indicates madness. a network of unethical celestial beings. The unethical celestial network seeks to destabilize and confuse humanity to such a degree that it can then take control. In a phone conversation Dan said he thought Ron might now be the chairman of MASINT ( Measurement and Signatures Intelligence) which seems to be one of the four divisions of the DNI (Decorate of National Intelligence). Image Intelligence. There is some resistance on my part in communicating with certain high level people in the Intelligence Community which have become trapped in unethical networks but I am inclined to go along with the guidance and so far the suspected higher intelligence seems to be on top of things. works to create conflict and confusion through strategic deceptions of which 911 may be a example. Dan believes and from the literature that suddenly became available on the internet in a very short time while I was researching MASINT. I am mindful of my own security in this manner and a certain amount of telepathic dialogue involves the stating 168 . it seems that MASINT includes unconventional collections. Human Intelligence and Measurement and Signatures Intelligence.

The message I was suggested to relay and which I did with some reluctance for my own security was that the military can't beat the Devil. He is a expert on exotic weapons and warfare. This ideal guides higher intelligence activity on earth. This is understandable because a person in a three dimensional reference framework will perceive the thoughts and actions of a individual in multidimensional reality as insane. All of reality is based upon the interaction between constructive force and destructive force and one will either evolve or devolve depending upon which path is taken individually and collectively. That humanity would become an enlightened race and accepted into the ethical celestial networks.of my concerns. at their own game. It would be a situation where their greatest fear would be realized and become manifest. There will be many who read this that will think I am simply nuts. now called the phenomena network. secrecy and delusion as stated in the religious teachings of the East. The self interest is reflected in the idea that in an enlightened society warriors have evolved into diplomats. The right hand path is the path of truth and left hand path is the path of deception. While to a person in a multidimensional frame of reference these same thoughts and actions will be seen as quite rational and that it is the individual in three dimensional space that is in fact deluded. Higher intelligence then suggested that I contact John and tell him that his being drawn into the conversation was a ploy and that what might have been considered a mistake in judgment by Dan implied a telepathic intrusion into the internet. That if they persisted in attempting to beat the unethical celestial beings at their own game they were going to lose which would be catastrophic for them and for society as a whole. and John Alexander asked how had he got drawn into this mess. The ethical celestial being or beings stated that should humanity take the right hand path rather than the left hand path it was now on. That the only way out of the mess they were in was to change the nature of the game making it more ethical and open. that he Jack did not like John. The motives of the higher celestial networks seems to be a combination of self interest and a honest desire to help humanity on earth. We can expect this struggle to intensify as it seems that humanity is being assisted by higher celestial networks to move into multidimensional reality. This resulted in a flurry of conversation as to Dan's sanity by Jack. The impression I got was that John was already in a messy situation or about to get into one and the higher source was interested in offering advice. The Devil's Game. This came to the fore after the contact with Dan when the higher intelligence wanted me to engage John Alexander when the opportunity suddenly arose on the internet possibly instigated by higher intelligence. The source knows this and tailored the message within this conceptual framework to the warrior class of society and John in particular as he is the open public conduit into the public domain for certain very secret elements of the military. warriors would become diplomats. 169 . My exopolitical associates are also concerned with my involvement in a dialogue with high level intelligence operatives. So obviously he considers himself a warrior. that of loss of earth human sovereignty to a unethical alien race. "seems to have come right out of the blue :-)". The internet conversation came to be called the. John is widely know for his involvement in special forces and his interest in paranormal phenomena. Dan had made the statement as Jack Sarfatti said.

The environment the past fifty years has not been favorable to those with a mission to establish open ethical sustained contact because powerful. corruption. If the potential conflict is resolved before it becomes manifest in a friendly and loving manner everybody wins. If a warrior becomes involved in conflict all lose some more than others but all lose. Here they lie protected. This is the message that higher intelligence wants to communicate to the military. Prompt action taken early will save much larger expenditures in the future and may even save the mission from disaster at a later date. Furthermore higher intelligence is trying to communicate to the Intelligence Community that the focus and structure of the Intelligence Community is biased in favor of threat and against opportunity. Illuminating The Dark Side It is reasonable and prudent to attempt to identify and defuse obstacles to a mission in the early stages of planning and deployment before they become severe and threaten the mission at some later time. corrupt established interests have been and are threatened. This contact has accelerated rapidly after World War II. Its easy to see in the texts of world religions that both ethical and unethical celestial beings have established contact with earth humans for thousands of years. The imbalance between threat and opportunity favors unethical celestial races of beings because the community has been blinded to the existence of ethical celestial networks and their importance in counter balancing the unethical celestial networks. I have discussed various aspects of this in my paper.The true warrior has the warriors edge and this edge comprises of both foreknowledge of events before they manifest into three dimensional reality and a love for all beings of the universe no matter how deluded or advanced they might be. deception and excessive secrecy. Contact in the 1950's and 1960's seems to have been with individuals and small groups. My mission is to facilitate earth human contact with ethical celestial beings. A good planner will carefully survey the environment in which the mission will evolve and will study both the success and failures of previous similar missions within this environment. celestial beings has been mostly indiscriminately hostile. and reaction to. destructive to both humanity's interests and the interests of ethical celestial beings but beneficial to unethical celestial races. The Case For Celestial Humans. The Intelligence Community needs to be reorganized to remedy this imbalance before the trap snaps shut on the whole of humanity. Its perception of. greed. A small Ummo contact group in Spain involving ethical celestial humans in the 1960's was 170 . There are legitimate national security concerns involving unethical celestial activity or the possibility of such activity. Unfortunately the national security establishment's vision has been clouded by fear. secret and deceptive. The fifth column that so concerns the national security establishment does not operate in the light of day. Those of evil intent reside much nearer to home hiding in the very institution that is itself responsible for national security. pointing the finger away from themselves and toward the innocent. A ideal true warrior never has to fight a battle and dissipate energy in conflict because with foreknowledge of a event the situation can be rectified before it degenerates into conflict.

Furthermore Sixto Paz Wells has been denied entry into the United States to further suppress his activities here. Larger contact groups came into existence in the 1970's.disrupted and suppressed by what appears to have been CIA agents. There is a very significant case involving over thirty individual’s at one time in Canada that began in 1974 that has been researched in depth by investigator Steve Moreno of Psi Applications. The group seems to have come under covert attack in the early 1990's and as a counter measure to this attack the group dropped its formal non-profit status and formal organization. If the past is any guide we can expect trouble soon from the national security establishment unless we can engage and defuse the concerns of the many good men and women of the armed forces.. Over the past several months there seems to have been a shift in tactics by the mainstream news and entertainment propagandists in regards to UFO/ET realities promoting a more open acceptance that UFOs are indeed real and that what they really are is unknown. who may be wrongly manipulated into attacking us and harming our mission.. This would represent a change of propaganda policy instituted at the highest levels of government and supported by the special interests that control government and who own most of the mainstream 171 . Other French people argued against his and created the resistance that eventually helped free their country from the tyranny of the Nazi occupation. The international organization dissolved into small independent cells worldwide but the individual cells still remain active and in contact with ethical celestial humans. This contact by ethical celestial humans has not been crushed and is still ongoing. Now in the early part of the twenty first century an even more organized contact network is evolving within the domain of what is now called exopolitics and the newly created Exopolitical Institute. Interestingly at this same time Sixto Paz Wells and some others were contacted by ethical celestial humans near Lima Peru in 1974 and together formed what is now called the Rama Mission. Some of the French people decided to collaborate with the Nazis and accepted occupation as a reality that was there to stay and decided to cooperate so as to ease their suffering under occupation. Some folks believe that they need to tone down the extraterrestrial angle so as to play into the mainstream media’s disclosure or propaganda operation as an initial first step toward public recognition of exopolitical realities. the rank and file. Other folks believe collaboration with mainstream media is similar to collaboration with an occupying power and that collaboration only strengthens the occupier’s position and weakens the resistance to occupation. I am reminded of the struggle during World War Two in occupied France between the Resistance and Nazi collaborators. Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate? There has been quite a bit of debate recently within the UFO/ET community as a whole and exopolitics in particular about cooperation with mainstream media’s seemingly orchestrated UFO/ET disclosure process. This group seems to have been vigorously and brutally crushed by the security services of both Canada and the U. A part of our mission should be to tell truth to power so as to blow back up the chain of command to those of evil intent and purpose so that justice may be served.S.

It would appear that secret alliances have been made not with just one ET race but with several different races of a similar predatory mindset as the entrenched interests that govern earth in secret and behind closed doors. So if the above is indeed true then we could say that we are experiencing a secret covert gradual occupation and takeover by as yet unknown extraterrestrial powers aided and abetted by our own home grown elitists. These new developments encourage more people in our field to seek to cooperate with those that maintain the UFO/ET cover-up in the hope that this is a first step toward full eventual disclosure. This secret elitist control could be rightly called an occupying power. I am well aware of the predatory ET races and their treasonous global entrenched autocratic allies. Such an alleged alliance between ET predatory special interests and earth human predatory special interests could be the driving force behind the covert implementation of a sophisticated global Orwellian world order. are not party to and do not cooperate in the covert enslavement of humanity. mainstream media and finance. 172 . It is certainly a step in the right direction that much of the mainstream media seems to be cutting back on the use of depreciating words and phrases like. Many of the public are now becoming aware and understand that entrenched special interests have gained secret control over global governments. amateurs. Many would wonder how can we to fight against this kind of sophisticated very advanced psychological and technological attack. Perhaps religious people may be the first to catch on to the overall state of affairs because sacred texts like the bible outline the struggle between cosmic intelligences of both predatory and cooperative nature. UFO buffs. However I feel hope and salvation from such an enveloping dark future lies with the more cooperative and ethical races particularly the celestial humans in which we seem to have much in common. The propaganda game may only be moving from denial to spin where the occupiers continue to remain in the driver’s seat gaining strength as more collaborators hop on board. I have taken it upon myself to identify and focus on those extraterrestrial races that favour cooperation over competition and predation. In the end times the struggle comes to a head with the predatory both exposed and defeated. lack of evidence. the same as recorded in ancient religious texts in both the east and in the west. Even more disturbing yet much harder for the general public to understand are the many reports now coming to light of secret extraterrestrial alliances and treaties between these various very secretive and deceptive elitist factions. conspiracy theorists. The best that I can tell is that some of the celestial humans. we should not let our guard down. believers. If this is true this would certainly be high treason of the most serious and dangerous kind putting all of humanity at risk of enslavement and eventual overt occupation.media. This should come as no surprise as it seems to be a universal law that like attracts like. crackpots. The apparent shift of tactics by the propaganda press from flat out denial and ridicule to a more benign acceptance of UFOs is sure to continue and expand the debate between those that favour collaboration and those that favour resistance. lack of credentials etc. Fortunately there is hope because the universe seems to be a very diverse place where evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation play out in many diverse ways just as here on earth.

because I write for those that already know extraterrestrials exist or at least want to know what that means if aliens are really real but only are later to be publicly proven to exist. I came down very hard on those entrenched special interests that I believe secretly have taken control of extraterrestrial affairs and have made treasonous treaties with various predatory ET races. Exopolitics: Do We Collaborate? . In order to do that we need to understand the environment in which we are operating and choose accordingly. These military men like Philip Corso uniformly feared the extraterrestrials. the struggle between cooperative ET species and predatory ET species continues as to the fate of earth and its humanity continues to remain in the balance. let alone that they have secret treaties with various global governments and the special interests that control those governments. The bible seems to have gotten it right but now needs to be updated and brought into alignment with modern scientific discoveries.The problem is that the bible was written thousands of years ago and extraterrestrial reality was perceived in a more primitive way than in our modern enlightened scientific time. The uninformed can be expected to throw up their hands and say. considering them all hostile. Corso and his fellow military men were very smart and clever strategic planners but they were no match for the predatory alien races that knew them better than they knew themselves and so have turned the 173 . Corso’s book The Day After Roswell clearly describes the detailed history of American and Russian involvement in extraterrestrial affairs. It’s a fine line between cooperating in a public disclosure process being orchestrated by an occupying power and not having our actions strengthen that covert occupying power. From his own personal experience and now declassified and leaked documents we can see how the cold war and a extremely limited situational awareness by the military and government planners of exopolitics. and through low situational awareness set the stage for what they most feared. Are we to wait for the predator's jaws to snap shut before trying to act? Col. This is exactly the position many of the propagandised public are in. is strengthen the occupier. From Patriotism To High Treason (Part 1) In a previous article. Philip J. an alien invasion and occupation of the earth by certain of the predatory races. its not even proven that aliens exist. how can you even make such a silly statement. Only the foolish disbelieve in the intelligence of the battlefield and walk right into a gun emplacement not believing until the evidence hits them in the chest. We each have to make our individual decisions as to cooperate or resist the enveloping Orwellian occupation. set the stage for a Orwellian future and occupation by predatory alien races. do your homework. Just as in the past. What was known in the past as the heavenly host can be more accurately described as the extraterrestrials of modern times. As UFO/ET disclosure and its spin progresses we all have to continuously monitor the situation and adjust our actions accordingly. None other than Ben Rich past head of the Lockheed Skunk Works said that the situation had been privatized and that it would now take an act of God to end the cover-up. The last thing we want to do as the collaborators in France did. All I can say is.

” I have not found anywhere in Corso’s book where the military or Corso even considered the possibility that their minds and actions were an open book to the predatory aliens and the aliens themselves orchestrated the stalemate in the 1980’s of their own design. feeding it to our defence contractors and then adapting it for use in space-related defence systems. On page 157 Corso says. Corso and his fellow military men thought that they could and did fight the predatory ETs to a standstill in the 1980’s using the predatory aliens own technology against them. On top of everything else the benevolent races had to contend with a well armed America's Secret Space Fleet? subtly directed against them. It also demonstrated that if there were any deals to be made. our potential allies at a disadvantage. that our success at lunar exploration had demonstrated that we were exercising control and that the EBEs would not have free rein over our skies. To make matters worse this predatory alien scheme also put those extraterrestrial races that are benevolent. but we forced a stalemate with the extraterrestrials. who were not so invulnerable after all. a means of control to feint a stalemate. we not only outlasted the Soviets and ended the Cold War. “I knew. Military leaders and planners have seriously and I hope not fatally underestimated through poor situational awareness.earth human mind against itself and against free society. To the predatory aliens. infiltration and occupation are also more advanced. deception and control that was planned from the beginning by predatory alien races. stealth and deception to capture prey and it is exposure that they abhor and avoid until the final fatal pounce. “So we used the extraterrestrials’ own technology against them. the Soviets were not the ones to deal with. hoodwinking the military. It should be obvious that a UFO/ET cover-up and suppression of public knowledge of extraterrestrial affair is part of the creating of an environment of fear. technological power was inferior to mental power and they used our military’s belief in technological power as a mechanism. Philip Corso alludes to secret alliances and treaties that world militaries and governments were trying to establish with the predatory aliens. predatory alien power and influence over earth human society. secret Faustian agreements and alliances with global autocratic entrenched interests that further allowed them to infiltrate and subvert our society through these entrenched interests. Corso said on page 4 of his book. Corso’s book provides an excellent historical narrative as to how our global culture was being subverted and occupied in an Orwellian fashion prior to the secret alliances and treaties of the 1980’s.” It’s a very simple and efficient process to grow a powerful mechanism of social control within a society one wishes to control. 174 . For those that prided themselves in strategic and deceptive thinking it’s a mystery to me that such an obvious scenario did not enter their minds. even though I was no longer in the army in 1969. It’s obvious to me that the predatory ETs were not only more technologically advanced that us but their mental powers and strategies of deception. It took into the 1980s. any proxy relationships to establish. but in the end we were able to deploy enough of the Strategic Defence Initiative …. The first step is to create a climate of fear and secrecy subverting. Still even Col. It seems to me that the predatory aliens got what they wanted all along. And in the end. Predators need secrecy. I think that the alien mind had created an appearance of a stalemate.

In the 1940s the subversion of society started off with fervent patriotism from people like Col. A good investigator and analyst strikes this proper balance either through personal investigation or by knowing the investigators well that collect the information. A good investigator must have the intelligence and intuition to draw the right conclusions from the data available and also use this intuition or remote viewing sense to find even more as of yet hidden evidentiary information. The upshot is that we are in fact protecting the predatory ETs who have alliances with us against the cooperative ETs who will not compromise their values and methods by making deals in secret. military and mass media and perhaps even the global special interests themselves. the very qualities needed to fend off such a predatory attack. Now that global powers have the secret space fleet the predatory ETs are free to concentrate on creating alliances with global elitists so as to use the global predatory entrenched interests as the alien’s planetary global plantation managers. As I said before it’s a mystery to me that this simple scenario has been neither seen nor understood by world governments. I believe there must be a proper balance between facts. A good scientific investigator works from a solid as possible evidentiary foundation but that is not enough. It is the aliens themselves that ultimately will determine the need to know. I think that people who rely on information gathering alone or intuition alone diverge far off the mark. government and corporate media become mechanisms for the installation of an Orwellian world order with the aliens at the top of the control pyramid. evidence and intuition. There was no stalemate as Corso believed. Growing up amongst some of the leading ecologists of the day prepared me for my exopolitical studies. Anybody can gather information. freedom and liberty. and control the resources to the rest of the world population through control of financial networks. Getting the Public to Take Exopolitics Seriously Accurately gathering information on extraterrestrial societies and their interaction with earth humanity is really no different that gathering information in other disciplines. the flow of information. On the one hand we have scientists who rigidly adhere to factual information but rarely discover anything really new and on the other hand we have scientists that intuit information that is a confusing mixture of partly true and partly false. greed and fear obscure the truth to the elitists or maybe entrenched special interests worldwide are committing high treason by knowingly collaborating and facilitating a predatory alien Orwellian creeping occupation of global society. Maybe it is because all the hubris. The slave master controls the slaves by limiting education and the supplying or denying of resources to the overall population.openness. Philip Corso and now has possibly progressed to high treason as elitists knowingly cooperate with the predatory extraterrestrials to create an Orwellian feudal control over world populations. 175 . but making sense of it and drawing correct conclusions that adhere closely to reality is a different matter altogether. With little effort the military. it was a contrived stalemate so as to use us against the more benevolent ETs who would not make secret alliances and agreements. In my opinion the predatory ETs wanted global militaries to circle the wagons and build up a secret space fleet by creating a fake war with them.

I have a friend who edits several small newspapers and he used to run local articles on sightings and other strange phenomena. Newspaper editors and publishers have become the most propagandised of the public because of a steady stream of UFO denigrating propaganda to their papers that originates out of the major news wires from Washington DC and several of the largest newspapers in the country. Those editors that have had the courage to publish have been surprised by the interest in the UFO/ET subject and that instead of lessening credibility find that quite the opposite is true and that their papers circulation increases. All I can say is begin by reading books that are well written and informative such as. UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan. Or books by well respected and highly regarded individuals such as The Day After Roswell by Col.Recently one person on the Internet made the point that the public investigation of extraterrestrial realities was no different than in the 1600s during the voyages of discovery. There is a chain from editor to publisher and only one person in that chain who disapproves will cause the article or news to be rejected and an open public discussion suppressed. There is a lot of work to do because the stakes are high. I think the breakdown of belief would be similar to that of those who have had or think they have had extraterrestrial contact. parallel worlds. Much of the mainstream media and newspaper editors in particular find the subject taboo and refuse to publish articles because they think their papers credibility will be affected by an open public discussion. Some people will believe everything. When people began to come back from China and Japan many doubted the stories for good reason because many people exaggerated their stories for effect. Things are no different today because some people are traveling into the depths of space and into other dimensions. Then get out in the field and onto the Internet and join a UFO group so as to verify from personal experience what has been read. Philip Corso. that are backed up by the governments own declassified documents. Some of these few might even travel to see for themselves so as to confirm personally much what they already had summarised from the study of the stories and the people that told the stories. People on the street would stop and complement him on his articles but all it took after several months was one anonymous letter to his boss to shut him down. Uninformed and propagandised readers when faced with such a complex situation wonder how in the world they are going to find out what is really the truth. The toughest thing I and others in the exopolitical have to do is to get an uninformed and propagandised public to just study the evidence and inquire. while others are in great secrecy learning about extraterrestrial realities from crashed craft and the occupants of those craft. So in a sense only a very few would ever be able to understand and know the whole picture until later when so much information and evidence becomes publicly available that no one could doubt the realities involved. Stories get exaggerated and distorted in the telling as a great many people who either deceive others deliberately or deceive themselves by grabbing hold of a tiny bit of evidence and make a mountain out of a molehill of it. some will believe nothing except were there was some physical proof and maybe doubt even that. while a very few would study carefully all the stories and compare one to the other looking for similarities. If it was not for this there would be a Dear Abby column on UFOs in major papers around the country 176 .

from the price of energy at the pump to their emotional and mental well being. Where Is Our Rosie Parks? For sixty years the mainstream media has been used as a tool to propagandise and brainwash the public in regards to extraterrestrial realities.proboards21. show me absolute proof. Other world governments are releasing declassified documents at a very rapid rate and cooperating with the citizenry on UFOs. The problem is that the public has been so brainwashed that instead of studying the evidence when confronted by people that are informed. As it is readers have to go elsewhere and on to the Internet to become informed.com/index.because of widespread public interest in the subject. Why is the American government holding back? The sad truth is that no amount of evidence seems to make any difference to an American public in deep denial. when they are being massively effected from the price of oil to global environmental devastation to their own mental health.cgi?board=incredibledocumentedstory When witness testimony is always questioned and degraded why is not government credibility and debunking placed under the same kind of scrutiny? Highly credible witness testimony backed up by very good video of extraterrestrial craft is ignored or dismissed as fake. when everywhere there is an abundance of proof? They say so what if aliens exist I don’t see how that is effecting me. Leaked and declassified government documents as well as military whistleblower testimony from highly credible politicians and military officers is ignored. Serious high quality evidence is available in books and on the Internet for those who refuse to be victimized. For the UFO flap of 1952 alone.com/GMA/story?id=4142232&page=1 Is the public going to be unnecessarily scared and stampeded right into the hands of entrenched predatory global special interests? Shouldn’t we be at all concerned that our population has been weakened and dumbed down by those prepared to use the 60 year extraterrestrial cover-up to take full advantage of such a momentous event at public expense? 177 .go. People are being seriously and profoundly affected on an everyday basis by extraterrestrial realities and the suppression of the knowledge of those realities. they continue to make the same old tired arguments and ask the same old questions instilled in them by a half century of brainwashing. Is the American public going to ignore the evidence until huge craft fly over our most populated cities as they have been doing over remote areas like Stephenville Texas? http://abcnews. The brainwashed public repeats over and over the same old tired refrain. The effect of 60 years of government brainwashing is to so dumb down the population that they either think the subject is silly or that even if true they have no need to be concerned because they are not being seriously and profoundly affected. http://lucianarchy. piles of documents have been declassified showing high level military and government officials secretly covering up the sightings over Washington while at the same time they are lying profusely to the public.

This kind of thing has been going on for sixty years and as the media becomes more consolidated and centralized it becomes easier and easier for government to propagandise the public and censor reporters and editors who report on UFOs.Until the public and mainstream reporters and editors are able to understand the process of their victimization in detail. What ever happened to freedom of the press? Did any other mainstream newspapers seriously inquire into all the uproar and worldwide publicity over the thousands of sightings at Gulf Breeze? Of course not. In this manner people are being herded just like sheep to think just what and how much the controllers pushing the propaganda what them to think. It ended up with the paper being bought out so that they would no longer publish what its citizens were seeing in their skies.” The real reason for the program is to delay the inevitable disclosure as long as possible. It really makes those of us that are aware of this public brainwashing sick in the stomach. The people had to go to a local shopper to get the word out but that was not nearly as effective as the mainstream paper that was once on their side. so just what is really going on. Just as with the lobster in the pot. One would think that 60 years would be plenty long to acclimate the public. The claimed purpose of the so called government acclimation program is to “gradually acclimate the public to extraterrestrial realities slowly so nobody panics. 178 . the public slowly weakens as the temperature rises.american chronicle. Those of us old timers in the UFO/ET field remember how a local independent newspaper in Gulf Breeze resisted government suppression efforts in its reporting of UFOs. so as to continue to strengthen special interest control over global populations. Why was a reporter for a local Stephenville Texas Newspaper just fired for her reporting on UFOs in the local area not all that far from President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas? http://www. the mainstream media grows quiet or even ridicules the UFO/ET subject and demeans the investigators as they have been ordered to do. who’s going to stand up Uncle Sam when Uncle Sam cries National Security! When it comes to the most misused word in the English language. Democracy degenerates while tyranny grows ever stronger around the globe and in America. We try to do what we can through alternate media but there is no way we can stand up to this massive well funded 60 year public brainwashing campaign against the unsuspecting general public. then have agents suppress that reporting and interest in the mainstream media before things get out of hand and people begin to free themselves from the propagandist’s spell. The military tried to confiscate Ed Walters photo’s when Ed Walters was a principle witness and when that did not work their debunker shills began a campaign of dirty tricks against him. The mainstream media lapdogs fall into line marching to the National Security propagandist’s pied piper’s beat. National Security. On the one hand the idea is to have agents stimulate reporting on extraterrestrial realities in the news and entertainment media as desired until a designated level of interest is created. the public will continue to be manipulated by world governments through the centralized and consolidated mainstream media. The technique being used by agents of the government is relatively simple. com/articles/ 51832 Why are witnesses now being threatened in the Stephenville area? This is not an isolated situation.

That’s the whole problem. Is there really any independent mainstream free press in this country anymore? Are there any reporters and newspaper editors that will take the heat and stand up for the people’s right to know the truth? 179 . when the heat is on everybody just falls in line like a herd of sheep. Where is the Rosa Parks of today’s cosmic rights movement? Where is a reporter who will refuse to be silenced! The truth is that the mainstream media is the news when it comes to extraterrestrial realities. they will just continue to be the government lapdog rather that the people’s watchdog.The reporter for the Stephenville paper says she just wants to get on with her life and never wanted to be the news. Until some of the mass media wake up and resist overt and covert manipulation.

organized some of these friends into what became Tall Timbers Research Inc. Both these organizations are recognized around the world in the field of the natural sciences.SECTION 5 EVOLUTION AND ASTROECOLOGY In this section I seem to be breaking new ground in the UFO/ET field. http://www.htm organized by my mother Betty Komarek. It might be that groups of people in some disciplines are more susceptible to political propaganda and deception than others.org/ and the Komarek family plantation became Birdsong Nature Center http://www. Those who adhere to established religions can view reality biased by their strong religious beliefs.org/wiki/Aldo_Leopold could be considered two of the founding fathers of ecology while my father became the first true fire ecologist. When certain elements of a society take it upon themselves to speak and act for the rest of society all within society are damaged. More and more scientists are amazed at the extreme environments that can be colonized by life on earth. They are apt to mistake ET friends as enemies and ET enemies as friends. Even the bedrock miles beneath the surface of earth harbors microbial life that takes a thousand years to replicate itself because of the harsh conditions. If we consider earth life as one sample out of a vast universe we can infer that life will take hold almost automatically when the right conditions present themselves. Where the conditions for life are favorable then life does 180 . I grew up in a family of ecologists and their friends deeply involved in the natural world.birdsongnaturecenter. In order to gain a full understanding of any picture extraterrestrial or otherwise.talltimbers. An Ecological Perspective On Extraterrestrial Life I believe that individuals in both the natural and social sciences can add much to the overall dynamics of life in the universe. In cases where individuals are involved in security and have a narrow fundamentalist religious perspective the bias are compounded. Security people tend to be narrowly focused on threats which can bias them toward the greater perspective to the disadvantage of all. We have to look no further than to the present war in the Middle East to see the combined dangerous destructive effects of both security and religious bias. a mentor to my father and like a grandfather to me. Ecologists and social scientists views have often been excluded or ignored when such views can add fresh insights into the dynamics of extraterrestrial interactions on earth and across the universe. all elements of society must be involved. My father Ed Komarek Sr. It would seem that people with backgrounds in natural sciences have not yet been able to integrate their understanding of nature into the UFO/ET field as well as those with backgrounds in other disciplines.org/index. complementing those with security or religious backgrounds. Herb Stoddard was a close friend of the family.wikipedia. He and his friend Aldo Leopold http://en.

more advanced forms of life should also be common.not focus on just basic survival within the elements but employs very competitive and cooperative strategies of interaction with other life. Predators cooperate to attack prey and prey cooperate to defend against predators. We should 181 .ecologist to understand the forest they are walking through is not peaceful but is in fact a raging battle ground of cooperation and competition. who can change roles even moment to moment. because the universe is so big. For this reason social scientists and ecologists really have a lot in common because both explore the nature of the complex relationships in their respective fields of study that are founded on natural and artificial evolutionary processes. Long-leaf pine even uses natural and man controlled fire as a means to burn out the competition. Microbial life can exist in very extreme environments and is likely quite common across the universe. More advanced forms of life are not nearly as common because more advanced forms of life need less extreme environments in order to multiply and flourish. The oaks on the other hand employ a strategy of snuffing out the fire by having leaves that do not burn easily and are more adaptive to lowlands where fires do not burn so intensely. What a ecological perspective has to offer is a clearer more objective picture of life in the universe. We can observe creatures evolving in intelligence on earth in the insect. Quite often city raised environmentalists do more harm that good having good motives. competing with each other for limited resources. that if the asteroid that hit the earth millions of years ago wiping out most of the reptiles had not happened. our sample of one. It has evolved insulating bark and needles that are very flammable so as to use fire against the oaks and other vegetation that are more vulnerable to fire. what can be inferred as to life across the universe? We can speculate that life is a natural result of increasing complex chemical reactions in environments favorable to life. Taking in to account earth. Man is no stranger to this process and is both predator and prey in nature. their actions are quite destructive toward nature. mammal. Both predators and prey. Many people have a interest in nature but in really know little about it being brought up in artificial city environments. but because they don't understand nature well. Given more time and the right conditions these creatures can become as intelligent or more so than our selves. Still. That forest you are walking through is a battle ground between plant species employing both competitive and cooperative strategies for water and sunlight. Ecology is centered around and studies these competitive and cooperative strategies of both predator and prey. mollusk and other kingdoms. Humanity is also composed of individuals and factions that are involved in human relations as both predator and prey. that earth might well be home to a two legged intelligent reptile that could be now traveling the vast reaches of space as we are now about to do. It is important for the layman as well as the naturalist . We can now infer that intelligent life is abundant and is involved in a very complex web of relationships of both competition and cooperation everywhere just as on earth. reptile. This competitive and cooperative struggle for limited resources is not just going on in the animal kingdom but with all life in all environments. Even highly evolved technical civilizations should likewise be common. Indeed there is much speculation in scientific circles.

Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact (part 1) In my article Fighting The UFO/ET Information War I made my case as to why it is so important to both the individual and society to have UFO/ET disclosure. I believe that because American elites already have some limited degree of contact and access to crashed craft they have been able to accelerate technological development here in the United States and around the world. causing a breakdown of the established order. this in itself can rapidly accelerate our evolution.be able to also see by observing ourselves that natural evolution throughout the universe can give rise to species so intelligent that they can interfere with natural evolutionary processes. While astro-physicists have been around awhile in force I believe that soon the astro-ecologist and the social scientist will soon emerge as forces to be reckoned with in the near future as disclosure accelerates. As I stated in the Information War article. I believe that open contact with advanced ethical extraterrestrial civilizations will give humanity an opportunity to transform and raise humanities consciousness much more rapidly that if we were to go it alone. I would like to remind those that I do not believe all stellar civilizations to be ethical or friendly. The controlling elite have chosen selective technological development that favors their continued control over society rather than ethical and moral transformation. We can learn from those that are unethical because we can see our future if we are not able to turn things around. The nature of extraterrestrial intelligent life across the universe has in my estimation been monopolized and controlled by certain special interests through the security services for far too long. Many realize that the established order is rapidly losing the support of the public worldwide as it falls under its own corrupt weight. These destructive imbalances are turning back on those responsible. 182 . and this is damaging to humanity as a whole. our technological development is far outstripping our ethical development. Unfortunately elite control of extraterrestrial affairs has thrown human evolution on this planet off balance because those having and controlling contact have a lust for power and dominion over the rest of society. Col Philip Corso in his book the Day After Roswell articulates this process well. Because of this weakening of the established order there is hope that a better world can rise from the ashes of the old. We won't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I believe we can learn far more from the ethical stellar civilizations and this is the area I concentrate my attention. I have given a considerable amount of thought as to how advanced ethical civilizations might be organized. if humanity sees that there is a better way to live and run its affairs. Both creationists and evolutionists are both partly right and partly wrong because life across the universe has been influenced heavily by both natural and artificial evolutionarily processes. and this is fueling powerful destructive trends causing societal and environmental degradation around the globe. In a universe of predators and prey does it not make sense to cultivate friendly relationships with other potential prey rather than to indiscriminately antagonize those potentially friendly relationships out of ignorance and false perceptions. As a result.

following the evolutionary processes of life. In an advanced stellar civilization basic resources for individual survival and happiness might be allocated equally with all additional resources prioritized to different institutions within society. nervous system. that life starts as a single cell that then divides into many cells and finally develops brain. is this process starting all over again with individual humans getting organized into cities. moment to moment. If a finger is injured or starved.If we consider today's developments in advanced communication and the internet along with how nature organizes individual cellular organisms into bodies we might just be able to vaguely understand how a advanced stellar civilization might be organized. In humans the fetus grows gills. The first cells were independent organisms in their own right that floated or swam about in the ancient oceans and still do today. (organism) The 183 . I have to ask myself. using artificial nervous networks and an advanced internet connected to intelligent computers. that information is relayed through our central nervous system and actions are taken by the body as a whole to remedy the situation. Extra resources would be allocated according to the overall benefit to the whole of society as in the vital organs of the body and applied selectively as to whatever task is at hand like to the muscle cells during a marathon run. into structures with all the infrastructure to sustain life in each office and apartment? Are we just starting along the path that will one day result in huge space-time faring artificial environments supporting thousands perhaps millions and more people? With the advent of the Internet expanding amongst the autocratic planetary organizational regimes it seems to me that a new form of more advanced civilization on the horizon? Are we witnessing a new structure that equally distributes resources throughout the whole civilization or body of individuals. In time the gills and tail get dropped and we have a fetus that looks human. It is a know fact that when new life is created in an advanced organism as in a human. recognizing that losing a limb does not kill the whole organism but losing a brain will? If what I have to say here is true then we can expect advanced stellar civilizations to function as whole individuals rather than disorganized collections of cells organized in less advanced ways as in master-slave competitive relationships. In a nutshell I see an advanced civilization coming to a consensus amongst its individuals in real time. When in nature a central control brain and nervous system develops in natural organisms I compare that to the now rapidly evolving internet. Are we becoming a civilization that only restricts and prioritizes resources in emergencies like when the brain shuts off blood flow to all but the must vital organs in an emergency. I compare this to small independent farmers who's sons and daughters move to the city and live in work in apartments and skyscrapers. Then these cells got together into structures like sponges and shared a common physical infrastructure. I compare this to the development of first telephone lines and telecommunications systems. The next evolutionary step in nature is for cells to begin to form advanced communication networks amongst themselves so as to work together as one organism. Eureka! Advanced stellar civilizations are organized and function the same way our bodies do!!!!!! For a number of years now I have been thinking that as civilization on earth develops it seems to be copying natural processes. skeletal system etc. tail etc. following the evolutionary patterns of life itself on this planet over billions of years. I believe that exactly the same thing is happening with a stellar civilization.

nervous system. skeleton etc of the fetus is a very frantic chaotic period as was the evolution of life itself billions of years ago when complex organisms begin to widely proliferate. I would also speculate that this represents a period in the evolution of life on earth that was very frantic. A civilization devolving might still be very powerful and dangerous until it finally collapses from the destructive effects of ever more sophisticated predatory internal and external interrelationships. After these multi-celled celled organisms began to sort themselves out things settled down and evolution fell into more predictable and less chaotic patterns. individual happiness and a higher level of consciousness that no one individual or group of individuals could possibly imagine. I speculated that the organizational structure of ethically advanced stellar societies was the same as that of our bodies. In other words I believe our civilization is at the early stages of embryonic development evolving into a societal fetus at a very frantic. In this article I would like to further elaborate on these concepts. I believe our still primitive civilization is following a template of life's natural evolution that presently is at this stage of clumping. 184 . differentiating and migrating using the Internet as a rudimentary proto-nervous nervous system similar as to what occurs embryonic development. Not a very pleasant prospect for the future of earth's humanity should we choose to go that route. In the formation of a human body the process starts with a sperm and a egg coming together into one single cell that then divides many times forming a cluster of cells.individuals in such a system give up a certain amount of independence. The extreme competitive and cooperative pressures are enormous upon our developing civilization just as it was during the formation of early complex life forms and in the development of the embryo. I am speculating that the stage of evolution our civilization is in at present is comparable to this chaotic period of cell differentiation and migration prior to the formation of the fetus. This cluster of cells then begins the process of the creation of an embryo as cells within the original cluster begin to differentiate into clumps of cells that then begin to migrate into different areas eventually creating a fetus. but are returned many times over by enhanced quality of life. These pressures threaten catastrophe just as in the early transition period during pre-fetal cell cluster formation that can cause miscarriage. How Nature Evolves A Super-civilization (part 2) In my article Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact. confusing and dangerous period of growth. chaotic and competitive when multiple cell organisms were forming in the world's oceans and were gobbling up single cell organisms lower down on the food chain like crazy. I think that this transition from one clump of cells into many clumps that migrate and form different organs. I also further speculated that the evolution of the structure of a stellar civilization also followed the same evolutionary template as life's evolution on earth as well as that of the formation of a body from one single cell. Eureka!!! Wow that's it!!!! It's so damn simple !!!!!! If civilizations for some reason fail to evolve then we can expect powerful destructive devolutionary effects.

In this book it also talks about how nature operates on a nano level.I predict that when the societal fetus is fully formed as with a human fetus things will begin to settle down and organization become less frantic. competitive and much more cooperation between people should occur resulting in dwindling discordant activity. Engines of Creation. I figured that maybe one might as well re-engineer a piece of leaf or a piece of skin as a piece of a spaceship. Theory of Societal Evolution (part 3) The Theory Of Societal Evolution only jelled in my mine when several lines of thinking converged and I have no idea if this is an original concept or has already been discovered but still is classified. So we have all these people working in classified projects that are highly compartmentalized. a child civilization and finally an adult civilization. sorting through all this accumulated debris from crashed craft that either malfunctioned. hoaxes. To bad scientists have been so blinded by propagandists that they have not been able to draw ideas from this gold mine. Certainly much of the information I work with in the UFO/ET field has leaked out of the national security apparatus and I have found the UFO/ET field a goldmine of new ideas and ways of looking at the world. I realized nano-technology was involved and so I read. These societal developments within our present civilization are using the same universal evolutionary template that natural processes used to build life itself and the same template used to create complex organisms from scratch every reproductive cycle. This would by why folks were having so much trouble. One of my first lines of thought that began many years ago was why were people in the classified domain having so much trouble reverse engineering debris from extraterrestrial spaceships. disinformation. that explains that our civilization is just beginning to engineer on a nano level. Just as we have hardly a clue as to how our bodies are created and maintained so we have hardly a clue as to the natural processes of societal formation. and confusion to find valuable conceptual nuggets. The evolution and transformation of our primitive society of separate individual identities into a stellar organism with a collective consciousness is happening all around and to us. What is being scavenged and sent to labs around the world for analysis are basically bits and pieces of an advanced civilization's 185 . I believe that the Internet will evolve into a quantum entanglement telepathic network from the stage of societal fetal development onward and this will lead to a collective consciousness. a stellar organism super civilization. literally right under our noses. What we are witnessing now with humanity on earth is not the birth of a civilization but the development of an embryonic stellar civilization that will over time and under the right conditions may become a fetal civilization. Our secret classified retrieval teams are essentially scavengers and maybe with a lucky shot act as predators. got shot down by us or shot down by somebody else. I say goldmine because one has to learn how to navigate through all the lies.

Atoms to molecules. The other day while I was writing the article called Transformation Through Extraterrestrial Contact everything came together and jelled in my mind. proteins to single cells. Because the national security apparatus is a slave society it is designed to only give information to the slaves on a need to know basis so as to do their jobs. Therefore the slaves can't and are not expected to grasp this overall context. I also realize how valuable this ecological understanding is so as to conceptualize concepts in exopolitics. Now that I have the Theory of Societal Evolution in my mind I see that all this extraterrestrial technology is just like our technology. Still there are benefits that those in classified work do not enjoy and that we have a better opportunity to grasp the big picture. amino acids to proteins. 186 . the civilization organism then organizes external matter and energy so as to evolve a super-society. Those of us in exopolitics have been obviously at the bottom of the food chain. a favorite term of my fathers. Exploitation of ET technology may be the most obvious reason for all the secrecy and cover-up but this less obvious reason may be even more significant. an extension of our physical bodies and our minds a created infrastructure. I realize that we poor public UFOlogists were scavengers that were scavenging the crumbs dropped by the national security scavengers that were scavenging extraterrestrial material. into the Theory of Societal Evolution. That material because it was articulated so well. so we are creating the structure of a civilization that houses individual people. Only the wealthy elites and poor generalist scavengers are possibly able to grasp the whole context. intelligent beings to super-civilization. It turns out that in my old age I realize that I am following the same patterns that my parents followed when they gained insights from nature and the field of ecology. Just like coral secretes sodium bicarbonate and builds a structure to house itself. got me to thinking that there has to be a better way to run a planet than by sophisticated groups of gangsters.infrastructure that sustains the people who participate as individual units in those advanced civilizations. In the body of a organism all the cells get taken care of without these huge disparities of resources that so plague autocratic regimes. super-civilization to mega-civilization and so on. I have a background in ecology so I think in terms of evolutionary processes even when I thought that UFO/ET was about as far from ecology as one could get and about as far from my parents direction that was possible. single cells to intelligent beings. The autocratic elites know and I think I now know that the organizational structures of ethically advanced extraterrestrial races are a threat to autocratic organization and will sooner or later replace autocratic organizations worldwide. molecules to amino acids. the overall context of the way things are because we don't have all the secrecy and compartmentalization. I think nature organizes an organism following certain natural processes. Nature builds in units. Because I had this ecological background in the natural sciences I had already understood how bodies were organized. A forth or fifth line of thought was the Ben Fulford material that I have written about already.

S.epigenomenoe. This idea is held by psychologists as well. Our minds and our bodies are moved and shaped by powerful internal and external environmental forces of which we know hardly anything. Just because we want things to be a certain way does not make it so. Check out how our minds and bodies are shaped by internal and external forces constantly on a unconscious basis through the epigenome. Ben Fulford says his Japanese government officials and gangster sources say that trillions of dollars are being extracted in secret from world economies and I suspect that it is this secret space program that is the culprit. Things are the way they are and that's that. the subconscious of humanity and the cosmic conscious and subconscious. It's all a matter of facing and dealing with reality or falling into delusion. molecules and life itself. Mental and emotional suffering also comes about because we are not paying attention to our beliefs and 187 .The most significant reasons for the UFO/ET secrecy and cover-up and why the pace is so frantic in national security circles is to find a way to stave off these evolutionary developments. I believe that our lives are mostly shaped and guided by the individual subconscious. I think that our conscious mind is more or less just along for the ride and deceives itself into believing that it is running the show. The Asians are getting nervous about this secret space fleet being used against them. We suffer when we confuse the way things are with the way we would like things to be. let alone other civilizations that end up on our door step. This is really no different than what those with religious backgrounds believe. The elite may be pinning their last final line of defense on their secret space fleet and star wars weaponry to hold ET at bay and dominate global politics. In other words we can not expect to be able to change things through free will. government is taking to extradite him as a terrorist. http://www. We really have very little understanding as to how our minds and bodies are conditioned by natural environmental forces and our own civilization. rather than any difference in the way nature or God works. Either we accept the way things are and operate and evolve or we don't and devolve. Evolution of Free Will We have very little free will in spite of what we think. The division we have between the religious and the secular is simply due to the difference in expression as to what we know.net/aboutus/epigenetics. We can say nature or God evolves-creates energy.php We are unconscious of most of what is happening to us and why. It will only be when we understand natural or God process that we then have the opportunity to alter those process through the exercise of free will. Those of us with backgrounds in the natural sciences think in terms of natural evolutionary processes where nature drives evolution. I am wondering if this recent hack attack against America’s classified computers by the Chinese is a follow up to Gary McKinnon's hacking escapade that netted him rosters of off world officers? It certainly seems that Gary hit a nerve because of all the trouble the U. matter. Nature or God is evolving us and until we understand the process of evolution we don't have much free will at all. This is why humanity suffers so much. atoms. if we don't understand or are aware how we are being molded and shaped moment to moment. Physical suffering comes about when we don't pay attention to our surroundings and break a leg for instance.

It's all nano. Our minds remain closed until such time through the school of hard knocks we start realizing we really don't have a clue about life and evolutionary processes. All this begs the question what are these evolutionary forces that effect us on a unconscious basis. Our bodies. When we study evolution and evolutionary process we are observing the evolution of intelligence and free will. What seems to be beyond our universe is the realm of what we call the soul and it is soul evolution that really drives individual and collective evolution in the universe. because what we are and do is mostly unconscious we therefore have very limited free will. Our consciousness is still embryonic just like our civilization. 188 . We are a product of our environment which includes not just earth but the whole universe and whatever there is beyond that. emotions and body and we don't have much understanding of our psychology and how it evolves either. I believe that we are intelligence's that move back and forth between the material universe and the less dense immaterial universe beyond. In other words as long as we think we know. As I said before. because I wanted to understand human evolutionary processes in regards to the development of intelligence and if there were higher consciousness folks flying around in spaceships maybe I could learn something from them to accelerate my own evolution. how the cells communicate. mind and emotions are a being driven by forces that we have very little understanding of.culture that guide our decision making process which results in acts that cause us and others suffering. So how could we have free will to alter these forces if we don't understand what's going on or why? Our psychology arises from our mind. how they are composed and how they come together to form organisms. We have to understand that we don't know before we can gain true understanding. It was not long before I realized that human evolutionary process were not just being driven by planetary forces but by cosmic forces as well.technology of which our civilization is just now in the early stages of understanding. We gather experience and understanding from the simulation and by doing so evolve our individual and collective selves. In other words free will evolves like everything else. Only in time will our consciousness reach a point where we begin to experience reality as it really is. The conscious mind or ego is just forming and so is still mostly very much deluded. It would seem to me that the universe is really a educational virtual reality program being run by intelligence's outside of our universe as we know it. My thesis is that we only have free will to the degree we are aware and paying attention to how nature or God drives our evolution. It won't really develop until nature organizes people into a super-civilization that conscious awareness and free will truly develop. I got into the field of exopolitics and before that UFO/ET's. Free will increases at a pace commensurate with awareness and conscious development. The first step in any endeavor is to understand our ignorance. causing great suffering. we are trapped from evolving further. In considering our body we know that we are unaware of most of the functioning of the body.

While there is this competition going on in nature. Right now autocratic structure is such that the toughest meanest predators float to the top of the societal organizational pyramid. I can see it in my personal life and the lives of others. From the capstone they then control resources and information to the rest of society and take as much as they can without causing the control system that serves them to collapse. Then we can use developing free will to change ourselves and our lives for the better and release ourselves from suffering. It is a master-slave society of mutual predation that works up to a point and unless those at the top get stupid and take to much causing the system to collapse resulting in revolution. I suggested that each person is a bit that is being replicated to the point where when there are enough people. I have suggested that our civilization is at a embryonic stage of development. I predict that ecosystems also are moving up to a more advanced level of organization but are just not there yet. It is apparent to me in everything that I see and do that this is the case. Evolving Advanced Social Systems I believe the reason that humanity seems hell bent on destruction is because the autocratic social systems of the past organized a less populated and diverse humanity and can't handle the load placed on them today. raising families. Mankind is still stuck with the more primitive autocratic organizational structure of the 189 . nature will assemble the people into a larger bit. A new system arises that is no better than the old. It would seem that nature has its cells organized in a body in a more advanced way than the way these bodies are organized in ecosystems. The Theory of Social Evolution. In. there is some cooperation between species for either protection from predation or to better capture prey. If there were not that cooperation between cells there would not be bodies and things would still be the same as when life first formed.To gain just a little understanding goes a very long way towards eliminating suffering. sex but about gaining self and collective understanding of the evolutionary forces that shape our lives. Man the most advanced organism has evolved out of these ecosystems but he has just not yet moved to the next higher level of cooperation between individuals of the human species. I suggested that because nature builds organizational structure bit by bit and when it has enough bits it makes a larger more advanced bit and so on. Hence civilization goes through these cycles of creation and destruction that are exactly he same as fluctuating animal and plant populations. The place were the real cooperation is going on is between the cells of each animals body including our own. then we can look to nature for the next evolutionary leap in organization. I am suggesting that if nature follows this basic evolutionary template that is applicable to societal development. Our job is not about making money. a super-civilization. The only choice we have is to take the next more advanced step in social evolution or die off to what life was like a few hundred years ago. Those that suffer the most have the least understanding of what life is about and who they really are. We are at the same stage as in the formation of a body where cells have to find a more advanced way of organizing themselves in order to advance to the next level of organization or the embryo dies. Natures edict is evolve or die.

ecosystem from which he emerged. This is based as much on mutual competition as on mutual cooperation. There is just enough cooperation for mankind to get by up to this point in evolution but no further. Maybe we can figure out this more advanced organization structure by studying nature and our own bodies. There is little of this inequality of resources for instance amongst the cells of our bodies. All the cells get plenty of everything they need and waste is efficiently excreted from the body. Nature has all these systems of cells working together, all doing their jobs getting the resources they need, and if there is excess resources that is preserved in fat cell storehouses for later lean times. So we have to ask, how does nature do all this literally right under our noses? Somehow as bodies evolve and become more complex and cooperative the competitive go it alone cells get culled out. The system that does the culling is the same system that deals with damaging viruses and bacteria, the immune system. The immune system attacks cancer cells early before they can get organized enough to endanger the body for instance. The immune system is the body’s internal security services but what is it that guides the body’s internal security services to protect peace and cooperation by culling out the trouble maker cells like cancer cells? There has to be a naturally evolved set of codified laws and regulations that are strictly enforced by the immune system. It must say, if you go it alone looking out for only your own interest at the expense of the body and are caught you will die. I think we need a codified ethical social code that is directly connected in real time to the national security apparatus to eliminate, neutralize or reform any person that violates that code. That sounds pretty scary but that is how it seems to work in the body. Obviously that code has to be properly written and executed to reflect constructive forces beneficial to the whole body not destructive forces, else the security services themselves attack the body as in arthritis. (Arthritis must reflect a error in code or in the execution of code. No system is without error) causing societal degeneration and collapse. This code must be legal, conceptually clear and articulate free from conceptual and logical errors and if errors happen they must be corrected quickly. The code might say, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love one another. Only ethical means can achieve an ethical goal. Expose lies, deception, dishonesty. Attack deception with exposure. Truthfulness begets truthfulness, deception beget deception. Resolve disputes with only ethical means. Treat thine neighbor as thyself. Be kind, gentle, compassionate, even when force is necessary. Use force only after all other ethical means have failed. Use the absolute minimum force necessary to protect the society of individuals. Protect individual liberty and freedom of the individual unless those freedoms must be curtailed because liberty and freedom is exercised at the expense of the freedom and liberty of others. Support individual responsibility, justice, domestic harmony, peaceful co-existence, information and resource flow. Okay maybe you get the idea. So the next question is how do we or how does nature replace the old autocratic organization structure that worked in the past with the new advanced structure. Individuals in mass must cut off the flow of information and resources from their individual lives to the nodes of the autocratic structure. Individuals first must become informed by first understanding how the autocratic structure works and is enslaving them personally. They then have to conceptually free their minds and break the black magicians spell, then redirect their energies, information, resources, to the newly emerging nodes of the new more advanced order and away from the elite nodes. 190

The new more advanced order folks don't accumulate information and resources like the elites do, but rather quickly distribute information and resources away from themselves to others. The faster the information comes into advanced nodes the faster it is redistributed. The nodes become larger and stronger not from accumulation as with elite nodes, but through increasing information and resource flow throughout the societal body. Restrictions of flow cause parts of society to seize up damaging the whole society as happens in the body.


In this section I have begun to understand the societal forces that have been behind the UFO/ET cover-up. Some of these articles do not even mention exopolitics as they are written for a broader audience than the exopolitical field. This is another way to generate general interest in my concepts and to gently move a more skeptical propagandized audience to consider the field of exopolitics as a viable field of study.

To Hell With The Mainstream
Mainstream politicians, media, corporations are always talking about the need for change, unity and new ideas and that these things are to be found in the mainstream. It’s all just so much propaganda because the mainstream is not where new ideas, change and reform originate from. Mainstream society is like a muddy southern river where the mainstream is forever getting clogged with silt, logs, vegetation and other trash in general. In the same way mainstream society is clogged with entrenched special interests, corporations, institutions that may talk change and new ideas but in fact suppress change and new ideas because this innovation and creativity threaten these entrenched established interests. The mainstream would have you believe that they are the solution but in truth they are the problem. So what does a muddy southern river do when the mainstream clogs up? It creates a secondary channel on the fringe that cuts off the mainstream into an oxbow and the secondary channel becomes the mainstream for a time before it also becomes clogged and is cut off by the ever flowing water. It’s the same with a society, the answers to the hard questions, the creativity the innovation comes from the fringes of society. It is on the fringes of society that a new channel forms allowing free flow of information that has become suppressed in the mainstream. Of course the new channel has to cut through a lot of crap and many secondary channels become dead ends but it is here where the future of society rests. I believe the rapidly evolving internet is such a secondary channel fast to become the new mainstream. Haven’t you ever wondered why the mainstream corporate media and other entrenched established interests deny, ridicule, and generally suppress the fringe elements of society? New creativity , innovation, thought, that rises up into mainstream society is first ignored if possible by established interest and their propaganda media outlets hoping that these things will just dry up if they are not given attention. If that does not work then the propaganda presses begin rolling to discredit and nullify innovation, creativity and change. It’s all crackpot they say. The established interests fear and instinctively know that new innovation and creativity will give rise to competing interests at best and to their own extinction at worst. The truth is that creativity and innovation dry up in the mainstream for reasons I have mentioned so the big lie that mainstream government, industry and media would have you believe and act


upon is that the fringe is frightening and worthless place so the reasonable public has no need to go there for new ideas or innovation. But some of still do go there in spite of the propaganda, ridicule and fear mongering heaped upon us. We look at the mainstream and find it is already panned out, corrupt and in a state of collapse. We have nowhere to go but to the fringe to look for new ideas, innovation and answers. Some of us are cutting a new channel that will one day replace the main channel. We are still, small weak but our powers are growing while the mainstream societal power is strong but growing weaker. All through my life I have studied anomalies to the established world view because I have seen that anomalies are the windows and doorways into a hugely expansive world view full of new ideas, creativity and innovation. Early in my life I settled into a study of extraterrestrial realities now called exopolitics. I have endured the ridicule from the mainstream propaganda media who are the propaganda lapdogs of the established entrenched interests. These interests have been hugely successful in suppressing extraterrestrial realities to the general public while they feverishly exploit these realities to strengthen their stranglehold on national and global society. The fringe certainly has its share of wild speculations and conspiracies but there really are real truths and conspiracies as well a bright new ideas, concepts and answers to society’s problems here. I see it in my field of exopolitics and other fields as well such as alternative medicine that has been so suppressed by the drug monopolies and other health care monopolies. I see it in innovative new energy technologies that are vigorously suppressed by big oil resulting in extreme environmental destruction and global warming. Mainstream global society is collapsing under its own corrupt weight but other streams are beginning to flow outside the mainstream and one day some of them will become the mainstream of the future. So don’t let your curiosity be stifled, through ridicule and fear. Embrace don’t shun the fringes of society. Learn to discriminate and mine the ore for the nuggets and the diamonds. If you do you will be richly rewarded. You worldview will expand and you will break the mainstream chains if you persist and are reasonable. A bright future will open up before you and for society as a whole if you take the time to investigate the fringes of society. It is on the fringe that the future awaits us all.

Advanced OS For A Super-civilization
In prior essays I have speculated that a model for a more advanced organizational system for human society might be found in the way our bodies are organized and maintained. I also speculated that nature is evolving our society into a super-civilization with our developing technology being the infrastructure that will organize and sustain people the same way cells are organized in a body. In order for such a very advanced society to develop and function there must not only be the technological hardware but also the software as well. There must be a standard operating system that will organize and coordinate people throughout the societal network just as is now the case in computer networks and the internet. I have speculated that the internet is a rudimentary nervous system in an early stage of development that is already organizing individuals into specialized groups and integrating them


the so called New World Order is a dark vision for all of humanity and if fully implemented could lead to a dark age for global society. I have predicted that these loosely forming internet groups are coalescing in much the same way that cells clump together in early embryonic formation. I believe this kind of individual human differentiation is the same evolutionary process as that of cell differentiation and will lead the creation and maintenance of what could be called a super-civilization or stellar civilization. Such an advanced organizational structure will be far superior to our present primitive autocratic organizational structure that mimics the pyramid food chain of nature where individuals exist in a state of competition and mutual predation. What I would like to see is a group of people come together from different disciplines to explore and elaborate on this idea for a standard operating system for a super-civilization. This would serve to further refine the concept and implementation of the operating system software being developed. Let there be no doubt about it. At this point perhaps a super-civilization game could be constructed in which individuals across the globe could participate and provide input into the process. creativity and liberty. Such a group could explore ways to create not only the software and the hardware but also how to restructure society through the implementation of such an advanced system. I can see that the fleshing out of this rudimentary concept and its possible implementation will require coordination between computer programmers. Once the concept gets fleshed out by the group then experiments could proceed on the Internet with individual volunteers participating in small scale social experiments. There must be a creative real time dynamic between the individual and society that will allow for individual liberty and freedom on a continuous moment to moment basis while at the same time continuously supporting society as a whole. The Real Threat to National Security I would suggest that the real threat to national and global security is not terrorism but global entrenched special interest control over populations worldwide. Certain rules of individual and group conduct must be permanent and inviolate as those protecting individual human rights and liberties. while others must be flexible and dynamic to accommodate the rapidly changing dynamics between individual and society. 194 . In order for our civilization to evolve further there must be more cooperation and less competition or we simply can’t get much further without collapsing because of internal conflicts. The rise of global civilizations in the western world in the past 200 years has given rise to entrenched special interests and global elite that are intent on turning the planet into a global plantation with them the elite. This elite vision of a new world order is just the old feudal autocratic order repackaged for modern times. It’s clear to me that the operating system must be individually orientated so as to enhance individual virtues and discourage vices while at the same time maximising individual innovation. At some point this game could then become integrated into real life.together. computer scientists and social scientists. and everybody else including the Asian societies as servants and slaves. as masters. In fact the terrorism threat appears to be managed by the global elite through government and media as just one more sophisticated means to control and subjugate civil populations.

unaccountable to the citizenry. but decline and fall when innovation. I have suggested that the very qualities that give rise to a society or civilization contribute to an eventual decline and fall because these qualities not only build a civilization but also build entrenched special interests. The so called “independent” Federal Reserve Bank.This dark regressive vision of a global feudal order was conceived by western wealthy autocrats in the 19th century and has been propagated through the corporate owned and controlled mainstream propaganda press globally. a powerful instrument of special interest social control not accountable to the citizenry. The elite of the 1830s had no compunction against triggering a depression to further their interests after all. Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag so as to foment hatred against the Jews. Are these banks capable of triggering a depression or even instigate a Third World War to further their interests? You bet they are. It was not until the early part of the 20 century that these same robber baron families became strong enough to once again institute a central bank now deceptively called the Federal Reserve Bank. President Andrew Jackson recognized this bank for what it was. The contrived panic and depression backfired and the bank was closed. creativity and liberty is suppressed by elite entrenched special interests. but deceptively called the United States Bank. The net result is the destruction of individual and collective civil liberties and the suppression of individual and collective creativity and innovation so necessary for a vibrant civilization. What seems to have been overlooked today but surely was not missed by the people of the 1830s was that the economic elite and their entrenched interests had no respect for individual life and liberty except for themselves when their interests were threatened. all now work together with the newer “independent” World Bank and so have become a powerful. I have previously discussed in other articles how vibrant civilizations emerge and rise on innovation. There is a long history of massive destruction of life and property by elite entrenched interests. After all wealthy Americans played a large part in rearming Germany after the First World War. Andrew Jackson set out to destroy this bank even when the robber barons contrived a panic that led to a depression to stop him. The newly emerging robber barons of the age of industrialization had formed what was becoming a central bank that was privately owned. other “independent” central banks around the globe. Tyrants can’t rise to power and do horrible things without the support of entrenched interests. There is a huge amount of resources being mobilized to force this dark vision upon global society. Today it is alleged that not only do special interest profit 195 . The Roman emperor tyrant Nero was suspected of ordering the burning of Rome so as to expand his palaces which he was quick to do after the fire. It is these entrenched special elite interests that are the main real threat to a society with all other threats both inside and outside society as secondary. creativity and civil liberty. mechanism of global social control. In the 1830s President Andrew Jackson recognized that concentrated wealth in the hands of the few was a threat to the republic. It is clear that entrenched elite special interests have learned to manage both real and imagined threats to national and global security so as to enhance their power and control over civil populations. These powerful private banks support the dark “new world order” vision of their fore fathers from the time of Andrew Jackson.

but what does one expect of a population that has become extremely distrustful of all authority because of very real secrecy. One might even suspect that entrenched interests would not be beyond covertly supporting outlandish conspiracy speculations so as to then rile against them. The global elite are creating a wide swath of destruction across society that is the most massive and all encompassing national security threat every faced by humanity. Corporate leaders gain ever increasing salaries and tax benefits at the expense of the rank and file who find their wages falling. In these more sophisticated times entrenched interests push for excessive government regulation and laws that intrude into the lives of citizens. Those with an interest in national and global security should look very closely at the real threats to national security exercised by the global elite special interests and keep their eyes on the ball regardless of the antics and manipulations to distract them. Life for the average person becomes more and more of a struggle as populations at the grass roots increasing feel the burdens increasing being shifted onto their shoulders from those higher up the social ladder. At the same time they propagandize the pubic through their corporate controlled mainstream media to give up their civil rights so as to become obedient servants. intelligence agencies. conspiracies and cover-ups by governments and media controlled by entrenched interests. corruption and special interest control over populations by labelling them conspiracy theorists. Widespread apathy and fear for the future abound on an everyday basis. 196 . The global elite have their people and their loyal servants throughout all governments. Of course there are excessive imaginary conspiracy speculations rampant. innovation and liberty. and taxes rising behind the ever rising cost of living. they nevertheless feel a great unease and foreboding. media both public and private. Global warming can be directly related to the global fossil fuels monopoly that suppresses innovation and creativity in the energy industry that could lead to alternate clean cheap energies. suppressing creativity. While the public does not quite understand the process of their enslavement through government regulation and mainstream media propaganda. Historians have cited environmental destruction as a main factor in societal collapse but to me this is only a symptom of the broader trends in humanity including that of increasing special interest control over governments and populations. The sense of societal collapse in evident not only with peoples worldwide but is ever evident in the increasing rate of environmental destruction. The use of the mainstream news media and the entertainment media to incur mindless consumption and obedience to authority is extremely distressing to those who value freedom of thought and individual liberty. They know deep down in themselves that their society is on the decline and that their individual situation is becoming ever more precarious.from wars by funding both sides of the conflict but set about to contrive wars and other forms of conflict like terrorism so as to further their entrenched interests. It is also distressing to see how the mainstream media propagandises and demeans those people who seriously try to unravel and expose fraud. looking after their special interests undermining the public interest and national security. The public realises that government no longer works for their individual interest as it should but for wealthy individual and corporation interest.

regressive. healthy and with less time being spent on general survival considerations more time is left for socialization and entertainment. This leads to a general prosperity and the rise of a civilization and the creation of great accumulated wealth for both individuals and institutions. science. The people in a mature society end up not having to work so hard because they are living off those that came before and soon they come to value socialization and entertainment more than work or involving themselves in politics. I would suggest that the UFO/ET cover-up is just another major example of the suppression of individual and collective creativity. Because of the numerous secondary and symptomatic reasons presented its easy to overlook this most fundamental factor. This in turn sows the seeds for the inevitable decline and possible eventual collapse because innovation and creativity in the populace that supports the society begins to wane in favour of comfort and entertainment. innovation and other creative pursuits that advance a 197 . happiness. ET Reality and Societal Collapse There have been many reasons cited by historians for the decline and collapse of civilizations. freedom and happiness within society by entrenched special interest. We like Andrew Jackson should again recognize the threat and make war against those who are bringing about worldwide societal collapse. It’s very difficult to create and implement a bright vision for our future until we expose the obstacles to that bright vision and redirect global resources away from the elite’s dark. It should be obvious to all that as civilizations mature and begin to decline there is a corresponding rise of entrenched special interest and a loss of individual and collective civil liberty. The real reason civilizations decline and collapse is that they sow the seeds of their own destruction in that creativity and innovation build established entrenched institutions and interests that then begin to suppress new creativity and innovation when this threatens special interest control and influence over civil populations. Creativity and innovation arise in populations because people develop a curiosity and a desire to understand the truth about their lives and their environment. Human global civilization and the global environment are both in severe decline and directly linked to entrenched special global interests. innovation and creativity. religion. medicine etc. freedom.If the citizenry of the United States and the rest of the world do not wake up to the real threats to global security then society will continue to erode from within and without. innovation. Most of these reasons could be considered but obvious triggers to the decline and collapse such as invasion from outside with the real cause in my opinion being the growth and corrupting influence of internal entrenched established interests and institutions. Civilizations are founded upon innovation and creativity and a surge of innovation and creativity is what gives rise to a new civilization and is what sustains it through maturity and into old age. When a civilization reaches maturity it become comfortable. The wisdom and understanding gained from this search for truth leads to advances in technology. civil liberty. This suppression undermines the very creative and innovative foundation of the civilization resulting in a decline and perhaps even a collapse of society. repressive. feudal vision for global humanities future.

It just so happened that the extraterrestrial neighbours came knocking when American and European societies had matured or were on the decline. money. Comfort and entertainment become the main concerns of everyday life and as society declines. The entrenched special interests became very threatened in the 1950s and began to vigorously suppress the truth of extraterrestrial reality to the people around the world at the same time they worked feverously to secretly use extraterrestrial knowledge to strengthen themselves at the expense of the rest of society. institutions become stronger and more predatory upon the societal populations and the populations become ever weaker. propagandise in the media. This in turn has in my opinion hastened the decline of mature North American and European civilizations worldwide and has suppressed the rise of young emerging Asian civilizations. give the people “bread and circuses” and they will be compliant and not rebel. Neither a society or a person can go for long out of touch with reality before something bad happens where both society and the individual are forced to either get back in touch with reality or else. controlling and predatory that they intrude in a massive way into the everyday affairs of individuals suppressing individual creativity. Unless there is some sort of correction to the decline the net result will be collapse. Another interesting feature of a societal decline is that the news that people get from their social environment becomes increasing laced with entertainment and propaganda as the sources of news are concentrated and taken over by established entrenched special interests. if the people don’t rise to the occasion. This power struggle between east and west seems to be reaching a crisis point as Ben Fulford former Asian Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine has indicated. innovation and liberty through not only government but by pushing propaganda through the news media as well. Today it’s the same thing. The newly emerging civilizations in Asia are embracing technological innovation and creativity and can see the value and competitive advantage that open knowledge of ET reality can bring to their growing civilizations. entertainment. Young. obedience. people cling ever tighter to comfort and entertainment and willingly give up their civil rights.civilization. and propaganda are valued more highly than truth. The recent open political UFO/ET discussions in the Japanese Parliament were in my opinion indicative of a developing secret power struggle between east and west over the suppression of ET technological innovation for the private sector by North American and European countries. Reality checks like recessions and depressions come as a society evolves but become increasing more severe as a society devolves into a decline and even collapse. In a sense we can say that the people of a society in decline are rapidly losing touch with reality because they value comfort and entertainment over truth and liberty. strong vibrant. 198 . Special interests become so powerful. While European and North American societies resist. The established interests. and generally suppress the knowledge of ET realities we can expect the newly emerging societies to embrace these realities as the truth about extraterrestrial realities becomes more widely recognized. innovative societies embrace change and flourish while societies in old age suppress these positive factors. innovation and creativity. Everybody lives and parties for today with little regard for tomorrow and when tomorrow comes there is a day of reckoning. The tyrants of ancient Rome before the fall were fond of saying. creative. creativity and anything else for these things.

We can see that human society today follows natural evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation because humanity is part of nature. 199 . A huge surge in creativity and innovation will be unleashed and this will be bad for the entrenched status quo interests worldwide mostly in Europe and North America and very good for the emerging societies of Asia. It’s becoming increasing obvious that the real reason there is a UFO/ET cover-up is that extraterrestrial reality is really going to shake up and advance society tremendously. All of us interacting together create a pyramid shaped food chain within human society. The military industrial complex suppresses reverse engineered ET technology for global military advantage. We can’t find answers if we don’t first ask the question. The industries and corporations with special access suppress ET technology and knowledge because they want to continue their special access monopoly that is making them trillions of dollars through exclusion of competition. Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that in order to create a bright future for earth humanity we must engage not only the grass roots of society but the elite as well. Even the top dogs can abruptly fall down through organizational levels right to the bottom when they are old. Something has got to give. The North American and European entrenched interests include: The fossil fuels industry that suppresses cheap energy technologies reverse engineered from ET technology that threaten their energy monopoly. We live roles as both predator and prey that are interchangeable at any particular moment. The top dog can even die by attack from another top dog or just as easily become the prey of a street predator that scales the castle wall. smartest and most efficient predators occupy the eye of the pyramid while the less efficient predators at any particular time find themselves at the bottom of the pyramidal food chain feeding everybody above them.Today we have a classic case of older mature societies on the decline coming up against the power of newer emerging societies. It is the entrenched European and North American interests that have the most to lose from open understanding of ET reality and are the ones primarily behind the UFO/ET cover-up. I have been asking his question a lot lately and I have been discovering answers. I believe it is this inevitable shift of power to Asia that western elite interests fear the most and open knowledge of extraterrestrial realities will only accelerate this shift and hasten the decline of western societies and the rise of the eastern societies globally. Both master and slave should ask themselves is there a better way to run a planet? This simple question then begins the process toward a better future for everybody. This autocratic organizational structure involves a dynamic process whereby individuals and groups are continuously rising and falling from top to bottom. When we have situational awareness and control we are the predator and when we lose situational awareness and control we are become the prey. arrogant or careless. At any particular time the toughest. In our autocratic organizational structure nobody is secure for very long as insecurity reigns. The question begins the search for answers which then become apparent and can be acted upon.

While a cell in a body may still be vulnerable to an attack by a bacterium or virus or even physical injury it still has more general security. Since the beginnings cellular life on earth single cells. Autocracy is a recipe for long term individual and collective insecurity and unhappiness. then to once again as the phoenix rise again from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. independence and happiness so as to share in the much more sophisticated collective freedom and independence and happiness that a body of cells provide. Most important when we observe these competitive and cooperative processes on a cellular level we can find answers to our questions about the best way to organize our society. Slaves will always be rebelling so as to escape the master and the master will always be afraid of attack by the slaves. resources and recreation. This elite idea of a new world order is not new world order thinking at all. As in a body only during times of extreme danger and stress are resources autocratically rerouted to ensure the collective survival of the organism. Because I have an ecologist background I tend to look to nature for answers to some of my questions about life and living. comfort. It’s not going to get us out of the collective insecurity and misery we are creating for ourselves no matter what our societal status. comfort. 200 . In previous articles I have discussed how nature builds a bit then makes a bunch of these bits to form a larger bit and so on. Its obvious that such a autocratic society will only be able to advance so far without collapsing or imploding. nourishment.The answer to a better future for everybody is that we all need a societal organizational structure that is much more advanced than the present regressive autocratic idea of a global plantation made up of a few masters and a whole lot of wage slaves. On the other hand what I also see is cooperation between members of the same species and even between species for survival advantages. In return for this added security. but just the usual old world order thinking repackaged in a more illusionary and sophisticated wrapper. I have discussed how an individual person is one bit in a civilization and that individual people properly organized can create super-civilizations that are analogous to our bodies. The cell in the body has living home for protection and nourishment while the cell out on its own has no collective protection or home. In a super-civilization there is more individual security. This seems to me to be a much better way to run a planet where the leaders ensure equitable distribution of resources and justice rather than what we have today where the leaders grow fat and wasteful of resources while the masses go hungry. and viruses have been in dynamic competition with each other and one of the strategies for cellular survival has been to clump and organize together to create what we call bodies. The cells in the body sacrifice a considerable amount of individual freedom. resources and well being than a single celled organism out on its own in the very competitive outside environment. In an autocratic society there is always going to be unrest and rebellion as the society fights against itself. stable resources and well being the cell provides a special service to the rest of the cells of the body. and happiness because the citizens of that society are all amply supplied with protection. I live in natural surroundings and I see everyday all around me the ever-changing dynamics of the competition between predator and prey as they strive to survive and find happiness in a very insecure natural environment.

deception. or in general become predatory are destroyed by the immune system. life itself. The Internet is the overall technological network matrix through which individual humans are networked together in real time creating myriads of virtual networks or societies. Only such an order will last and stand the test of time not trapped in cycles of creation and destruction. Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) I proposed that a model for a more advanced societal organization structure could be found in how our bodies operate. The body is really a very advanced complex networking organizational system composed of myriads of smaller networking subsystems all integrated and functioning together as one conscious being. Single cells in a body cooperate together for competitive advantage over single cell organisms and other multi celled organisms in the environment. fear and greed accumulated over the past centuries. Such an advanced equalitarian system as in our bodies provides a higher standard of living. I would suggest that the Elite of his planet get off their high horses and cede the planet over to true leaders who can cut through bodyguard of lies and deceit and can implement a more advanced organizational structure for the well being of all of humanity. In a sense their own worst fear were realized and it was too late before they realized they were the problem not the solution. I believe what is happening to human society follows the same organizational natural process that gives rise to more complex substances. I have likened this to the catastrophic burning of Yellowstone National Park created by unnatural fire suppression by the caretakers of the park. Is anybody listening? Creating a Bright Future (Part 2) I the article. When the caretakers themselves became aware of the danger they in their arrogance tried to control burn the park themselves resulting in a fire that got away and burned up the park in a catastrophic fire. 201 . Cells that don’t cooperate go it alone. All the cells in a body are well taken care of in a remarkably equalitarian manner with resources allocated according to he needs of both cells and the body as a whole. There are advanced leaders on this planet that know who can turn things around and are waiting and hoping that the current autocratic leaders will realize that their dark vision of a global plantation is regressive and destructive to both humanity and the environment. neutralized or excreted from the body. Even the top predators within society should be able to see this and that unless the situation is quickly rectified we will all go down together just as in the death of a body from cancer. Right now these new leaders exist but they are marginalized and otherwise suppressed by the autocratic leadership of today. The advanced leadership hopes and struggles under the suppression of the old to bring about a true new world order that will serve everybody not just a select few. I have proposed that this is exactly the type of social organization structure that humanity is evolving into. greater individual security and much higher efficiencies that an autocratic system of mutual predatory social control provides.Our collective funeral pyre is composed of the accumulation of lies. The elite may even be aware of the situation also but are immobilized and unable to take action lest it only accelerate the lighting of the pyre. and finally multicelled organisms with one mind and body.

It would seem that the hardware is rapidly falling into place that can support this brighter vision of the future. We clearly have a clear choice ahead of us. social order or to regress back through societal collapse to a degenerate form of the old organization autocratic order. The way this degenerate autocratic order is shaping up today is to become a sophisticated version of the old plantation system of a few wealthy elite global masters and many servants and slaves.I have proposed in other articles that what humans collectively are up to consciously and unconsciously is that we are creating a super-organism or super-civilization composed of billions of individual humans. We together have a choice to move to a truly higher economic. The huge accumulated entrenched interest resources of the old world order seem insurmountable like Beast of the Apocalypse. love. and general creativity were able to defeat entrenched special interests by embracing advanced technological innovations of the time. When we do this we take the responsibility of our future from nature or God and place it upon ourselves. Right now this is mostly an unconscious process with nature or God if you like being the primary driver of human evolution to this super-civilization organizational state of complex unity. respect and other virtues amongst the civil population. violence. suppression. a future full of sophisticated forms of fear. We can. It’s a David and Goliath struggle but like little David I believe we do have natural evolutionary process on our side. The steam powered printing press allowed the abolitionists to flood the south with anti-slavery printed 202 . and money replaces bread for those who cooperative and the whip for the uncooperative. It will like the old plantation system use fear as the prime motivator of social control except that mass media propaganda replaces denial of education. In the past those who supported liberty. but what seems like a invincible monolith power is really very severely strained by internal conflicts and extensive corruption. This operating system must at the same time discourage predatory practices and other vices by individuals and groups within the civil population that try to regress back to the more primitive system of autocratic feudal organization. We can however move things along more rapidly once we become conscious of the process. In its place must be substituted the more advanced system of social organization that I am talking about here. It’s an organizational structure in severe collapse with a very dark vision for mankind’s future. It’s up to people like me in my own small way to point out the direction to a bright future for global society. or God for those that think in religious terms. stop this new old world order dark vision from becoming a reality and start substituting a brighter vision. using partly the power of the newly emerging internet. repressive feudal old world order repackaged as the new world order must be stopped in its tracks. What we now need to do is start building the super-civilization operating system needed for our advancing civilization. I think it’s about time that the computer technocrats start thinking about all this and start consciously developing a societal super-civilization networking operating system that fosters cooperation. enslavement. propaganda and war. In other words the regressive. I hope what we are seeing today is the last gasp of the old feudal order rather than a global fall into another dark age. Just as individual droplets determine the type of cloud so to we individuals collectively form our society. I suspect the people that will start building this super-civilization operating system will fall out of the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. political. innovation.

Beyond Dog Eat Dog Thinking about extraterrestrial realities gives me added perspective on earth human evolution. The cells that worked together best ended up having a competitive advantage over single celled organisms or less organized multicelled organisms. Still. Once people look down into the abyss and see the horrible future presented. It is the same with human to human relationships. I have pointed out in other essays that our global civilization is organized the way the rest of nature is organized on predator – prey relationships that use strategies of both competition and cooperation to survive in very competitive environments. Creativity and innovation can counterbalance the raw financial power of elite entrenched interests and monopolies. and a predator may be at one moment a predator but the next moment a prey. Starting at the top with maybe 300 sophisticated predators or gangsters the predator – prey relationships extend downward right to the grass roots. Anybody with eyes wide open can see that our society is organized and structured in a shape of a pyramid where the most sophisticated human predators occupy the eye of the pyramid. This is what started this movement early in life’s development where individual cellular life began to clump and work together forming bodies of mutually cooperating individual cells. What I believe is happening today is that humanity on earth is just beginning to envision and comprehend how beneficial it could be like for all of society and for each individual in that 203 . It is evolutionary advantageous for prey to cooperate with prey and predators to cooperate with predators to survive and be happy and any particular moment. Democracy is so weak across the globe that it still remains mostly just an ideal or exists as creative illusion supported and maintained by autocratic predatory regimes to better control their respective populations. they can and do turn things around just in time.material. History has shown that when the internal corruption brought about by entrenched interests sets society on the road to collapse the populations can rally and with the assistance of new innovations and creativity stop the slide and reverse course. It’s been done many times before and we can do it again. He lead the creation of the Democratic Party and appealed directly to independent farms and business people across the republic using advanced media and systems of communication. I often find myself making comparisons between ethically advanced stellar civilizations and our own disorganized mutually predatory autocratic civilization. When the wealthy elite ridiculed and labelled the Democratic Party the Jack Ass party he turned the tables on the propaganda press and their ridicule and adopted the Donkey as the symbol of the Party. We mutually prey on each other to get what we need or think we need to survive and be happy. The battle of course still continues between advanced complex life forms with sophisticated immune systems and simple microbial life that adapts and changes rapidly to attack and get around the immune systems of more complex organisms. Andrew Jackson for all his faults pushed back for a time the plans of the wealthy elite to create a central bank that was undermining the very foundation of the Republic. In nature there is a shifting relationship between predator and prey. at the same time we can also see in nature and in human society another evolutionary current.

No amount of wealth can buy happiness nor can it buy true security when the rabble prey have to be watched constantly else they turn the tables and the sophisticated economic predator ends up being demoted to prey by the masses. With all the power the predatory elite have they really are just as unhappy in their relationships with others as those at the bottom of the food chain. These predatory benefits aren’t really as satisfactory as what they appear to be. The degradation of society and our planetary environment are symptoms not causes. Because western societies are so hamstrung by antiquated special interests accumulated over the past century they are on the decline while the eastern societies are on the incline taking the lead 204 . Ultimately it is going to be those with the most control that are going to have to see that the more advanced civilization in the long run will give them much more substantial benefit making it worth giving up their predatory benefits. Because we don’t see the big picture in its totality we make judgements and take actions that seem to benefit us in the short term but devastate us in the long run. I think the problem really boils down to being near sighted. On the other hand it might be more difficult for the human predators higher up the food chain in society to give up their predatory benefits and position for a more collectively beneficial system. So it can be seen that power over others and predation is a constantly shifting dissatisfying and insecure thing. The new predatory leaders and families emerge to take their place in the halls of power. More knowledge of extraterrestrial reality will help us to get out of the mess we now find ourselves in both in regards to the degradation of society and our planetary environment through a rise in consciousness. For example the fossil fuels industry must quit suppressing or be made to relent and instead embrace exotic cheap new ET reverse engineered energy technologies. I guess there is no way to hurry this evolutionary process up because it would seem that only suffering can move humanity forward while we are still at this primitive state of learning. The causes are lower consciousness or awareness of us and our environment. Those at the bottom of the food chain don’t have it because they are being severely preyed upon by the elite. For those at the grass roots of society that find themselves preyed upon constantly by their leaders it might be easier to comprehend a better way. The elite don’t have it because at anytime developments can unseat them and they can find themselves falling from the top of the power pyramid to the bottom often very rapidly. It would seem that only after one gets tired of eating poisonous fruit that makes one sick that we individually and collectively quit planting poisonous trees. The better we develop this far sighted approach the better or immediate decisions are going to be in regards the long run. The suppression of innovation by industry may help it in the short term but in the long term it will lead to the decline and destruction of the industry to be replaced by new industries that embrace innovation. I think more individual and collective knowledge and understanding about the big picture that involves extraterrestrial realities will really help us both as individuals and as a civilization.society if human to human cooperation was increased and predation decreased. Nobody really has security. It is this more primitive system of predator prey relationships that is fault and all people from top to bottom have to understand this and be willing to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits of a more advanced society. Otherwise it brings about its own demise as others pick up the torch and build whole new industries based on exotic technologies.

in innovation. At some point the declining western societies will loose enough global power and the ascending Asian societies gain enough power that a rapid global shift could occur devastating the western economies much more than the Asian economies leaving the Asian economies in the lead toward developing a more advanced society in the future.

Are We Losing Our Minds?
In other articles I have discussed that while most people are aware of how government control over their lives cuts their individual liberty, innovation and creativity they often do not realize the degree government and private propaganda has over their minds. Today we swim in an ocean of incessant propaganda generated and distributed through mass media news and entertainment outlets. I have written about how entrenched special interests bring down a mature society causing it to decline and even collapse. Government oppression through regulation and taxation is overt and easy to see and understand even though it is difficult to escape. However government and private established interest propaganda is often very covert and deceptive and can attack the unconscious mind even without conscious knowledge. The sad fact is that in today’s Orwellian society we are all being brainwashed and that we knowingly and unknowingly contribute to our own mental subjugation and societal collapse. In a way just about everybody uses propaganda, a combination of truth and lies, to persuade others to do what they would not ordinarily do on their own. People individually and collectively push images of who they are and what they are about, some which is true and some that is not. When individuals join entrenched predatory interests either wilfully or unwilfully they collectively pool their talent to prey on other interests and populations as a whole. Individuals work together to propagandise and prey on other individuals and groups. This is easy to see from the private commercials in media outlets where the viewer is encouraged to desire and buy quickly so as to not clearly think things through. On the other hand private and government media propaganda is much more covert and subtle as it works to collectively dumb down and brainwash the population. This really struck home to me a couple of days ago when I heard a news story of a recent lecture and visit of Dr. Kevorkian to Tallahassee Florida. People that came mostly agreed with the idea of assisted suicide for the terminally ill, but many were appalled and very upset with some of his other views. One that set off the audience the most was when he said a hero is one who shows exceptional bravery and by that definition all the men and women going to war in the Middle East were not hero’s as the media continuously presents, but in fact were just doing their jobs. Wow, I thought to myself here we have a real heretic, a free thinker, willing to speak and act his truth no matter the consequences, even jail time. I thought what a rare individual in today’s society where most folks just want to be comfortable and entertained and so try not to offend even when it is important to do so.


I think what Dr. Kevorkian was really saying was that young people and those that push them to go to war in the present situation should be considered unthinking fools. This for giving up their lives at such an early age for no good reason and their parents and supporters are fools as well for supporting such a foolish, deadly, wasteful and misconceived war supported by the entrenched oil interests, the defence industry and the nation, Israel. Dr. Kevorkian seems to be right again because these three predatory interests in combination seem to have got us into this foolish war and the propaganda pushed by this administration has been shown to be outrageous and false. Somewhere someplace people are involved in creating and pushing this hero propaganda through the mass media and this false idea that by not supporting the war, people are letting these hero’s down. Many people would as soon as kill the messenger than wake up to the fact that their minds have become infested with propaganda and that they no longer think for themselves but for entrenched interests. If any of us and perhaps even Dr. Kevorkian smugly think that they themselves are not being brainwashed, then they are just as guilty as the accused. We are all being brainwashed by our autocratic Orwellian culture in many different ways, some of which each of us is not going to be aware of. Nobody should be so arrogant as to be smug about the sanctity or their own minds in this global sophisticated feudal society that we now find ourselves in. While the pro war folks have bought into this Republican administration’s propaganda and the special interests that have put this administration into power, there are just as many propagandist special interests behind the Democrats. I have a couple of liberal free thinking friends of mine down at the gulf coast involved in environmental issues who are quite aware of propaganda’s impact on people and don’t watch television because of media news and entertainment propaganda. Yet even they are part of a large group of people worldwide who have bought into 60 years of government propaganda that extraterrestrials are not visiting our planet and that any discussion of the subject is silly. I am having a very tough time convincing them to just look at the evidence and to consider the incredible amount of damage done to society by the UFO/ET cover-up. They like other propagandised individuals entertain the idea that aliens might exist, but ask so what? I find myself trying to explain that some of these same entrenched special interests behind the fossil fuels industry and the defence industry are secretly building vast wealth and power over world populations from secret special access to extraterrestrial knowledge, while at the same time they press governments to maintain the denial and ridicule of the subject amongst their respective populations. The recent accounts of the passage of a craft a mile long and a half mile wide over Texas ought to be a wake up call to the propagandised public as to extraterrestrial activity or the military power of a tremendously powerful secret space fleet in the hands of a secret government presently unaccountable to the public. Time is running out and people really need to cut through the propaganda and get too the truth soon. More information as to the Texas sightings can be found here. http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272618283.shtml as well as my . article on the secret space fleet here, America's Secret Space Fleet?


I have no illusions myself as to the danger of propaganda as I am sure that I as well as everybody else is being victimized by propaganda daily. I certainly was victimized in the past as a young man living in the south where I adsorbed racist views from the southern culture. It was only when I went to Alaska and developed a friendship with a person whose parents lived and worked for the UN in Africa that I was able to break free of the racist propaganda. None of us are immune from personal propaganda or collective special interest propaganda. We are all to a greater or lesser degree under the propagandist spell and the sooner we recognize the fact the sooner we can begin cast off this insidious form of mind control and build a better future for ourselves.

Living Free In Societal Decline
I think most people recognize the fact that global civilization is on the decline even though they don’t understand the fundamental causes for that very well and what they can personally do to arrest the decline and possible collapse. Creativity, innovation and pursuit of liberty have in the past given rise not only to today’s mature civilization but have also sown the seeds for decline and even collapse. Positive forces give rise to negative entrenched predatory special interests which in turn harness individual and collective creativity and innovation for use as predatory self interest rather than the common good. Citizens either are unaware of how they contribute to collapse by assisting through predatory self interest or they feel they have no option but to support predatory established interests because of the high wages, health insurance and other benefits. In this essay I try to assess the situation and then provide possible solutions to our predicament including my own individual solution for my own personal freedom of body, mind and soul. It’s my and the older generations responsibility, benefiting from life’s experiences, to pass on the torch to the younger generation by sharing concepts and solutions developed over our lifetimes. Because of our relative short lifespan relative to more universal standards, about the time we humans begin to catch on to things we die and often much of what we have learned has been lost to the next generation. This slows our evolutionary development. Until such time that we can increase our lives tenfold we must rely on passing on what we learn to the next generation in order for our humanity to evolve further. Once we can suppress aging, the transference of experience should become less of a problem and in turn give rise to other problems arising from how we use our extended lives for better or worse. It is becoming increasing obvious to me as I enter old age contemplating the rise and fall of civilizations that creativity, innovation and liberty outside of the predatory interest is a threat to these interests and is suppressed. With age I can begin to grasp the big societal picture and see that entrenched, local, national and global interests have gained a large amount of control over governments and media. Both big government and mass media are now the instruments of the entrenched interests used to rule rather than serve the people. Individuals and populations worldwide are increasing feeling caught in a pincher between the iron hammer of government control and taxation that enslaves the body, while mentally feeling ensnared and suffocated by massive amounts of government and business propaganda dished out on a daily basis in the mainstream news and entertainment media.


George Orwell’s dark future of a modern sophisticated feudal society has arrived and has become encapsulated into the global elite’s vision of the new world order. The so called new world order is nothing other than a simple repackaging of the old feudal order for modern times. The new world order as envisioned and implemented by the entrenched interests is an autocratic global plantation system of masters and slaves. Money, its supply and restriction, becomes the new control standard, the new carrot and stick for the new sophisticated Orwellian global plantation. The entrenched established interests and the elite that run them control finance and the banking system through the central banking network, thereby ensuring unaccountable to the people special interest control over all aspects of people’s lives. President Andrew Jackson for all his faults saw this threat with the developing Robber Baron United States Bank in the 1830’s and broke this developing central bank but it was established once again by the old Robber Baron families in the early 1900’s. It now should be obvious to the reader that in order to stop the decline and impending collapse of society we need to envision and implement a societal organization structure superior to the autocratic systems of social control that is presently in effect. Furthermore we need to in furtherance of a bright future vision need to access the weaknesses of the entrenched interests responsible for societal decline and collapse. It should be noted that the nature of a cloud is determined by the nature of the individual droplets. The same is with a society of individual intelligences, when individual people change those changes the nature of society. Societal reform can be affected through a combination of self improvement and discovery and societal action. It is imperative that those with personal understanding and societal understanding combine both avenues when involved in activism for social transformation. For most of my life I have concentrated on personal understanding and avoidance of societal autocratic subjugation. It is only now in my later years that I am attempting to share my lifetime of experience and personal development with others so as to pursue an activist approach toward social transformation. Others having become involved in activism in early years might not seek personal understanding till their later years and on the Internet both evolutionary flows combine for the benefit of all. The way I have attacked autocratic subjugation has been to embark on a lifestyle of low consumption early in life. Not only does this dropping out of an oppressive system weaken the system, it also allows me to live a life that is my own, allowing for personal liberty and free thought. My personal approach has been to not participate in social systems of mutual predation and the way for me was to cut consumption and opt out of the system. Another way to opt out of the system would be to make a large amount of money quickly then opt out of the system living more affluently on the income generated. The danger in my method is that I retreat out of the system and later in life not communicate my experiences into effective action later in life. The danger of the second method is that the person gets trapped in a consumption trap where affluence and family require continued autocratic system participation and focus. In my case early in life at the age of 17 I traveled to Alaska from the deep south to go to college at the University of Alaska where I dropped out in a couple of years to pursue my bliss and personal understanding. In the summers I worked for Alaska Department of Fish and Game, then 208

I have proven to myself that I can live a very diversified life with most of my needs and desires being met on very little money. Entrenched interests need high consumption so as to force people to work and support entrenched interest control. If I wanted to move I could sell at a profit because of appreciation and improvements to the land and move elsewhere to begin the process all over and accumulate a small income so with low overhead my life was my own to do what I wanted. and a loft upstairs for sleeping. By failing to participate at least for very long I weaken special interest control that uses high consumption as a control mechanism. Canada and Mexico that I could live and be happy with very low consumption. Alaska.joined the teamster union and ended up working three summers on the Alaska Pipeline for Big Oil. So not only do I have no rent from the property I also get an income and this combined with other small investments in land and in stocks I live and travel on a monthly income ranging from 500 to 800 dollars. Entrenched interests need bright well paid wage slaves to further their dark and predatory visions for humanity and for this reason these interests press for increased and excessive consumption so as to force people into service to maintain excessive lifestyles. The most predatory organizations pay the best and get the most innovative and creative minds to support predatory actions against other special interests and world populations in general.00 dollars. to the Big Island of Hawaii a couple of years ago and am about to embark on more world travel soon. This is why we are bombarded daily by hours of 209 . By living simply and frugally I weaken the established order in two ways. I realized in my early years through numerous camping trips with my family to the western states. I have a trailable 25 foot sailboat under my shed that I put in the water on the Gulf Coast that I bought off the Internet for 3500. one of the most powerful entrenched interests of modern times. This a avenue or exit from decline that young people are in a good position to take advantage of early in life but once family and other responsibilities are incurred it becomes increasing more difficult to take this approach to personal freedom. and in the summer about 10 miles from my 150 sq foot camp house on a trout stream in North Carolina. one I rent out and one I live in. When I went to Alaska on my own I noticed that many people lived very simply and happily in small cabins in very extreme temperatures with low fuel consumption and independent living through self determination. a table with chairs by a window. I also realized early on that paying rent was just throwing money down a rat hole so to speak and that the way to go was to buy land and build a small cabin and housing costs were saved for the rest of one’s life. Both cabins are about 300 sq feet each. I saw that my friends could live very comfortably in only 150 square feet of living space. The kitchen was in the corner. Today I live on little over an acre with two cabins that I built myself. By investing that money and living very simply I bought my freedom for the rest of my life. The added benefit was that it was easily to keep clean if one made sure all the necessities had their place and were put back in place after use so that the living space did not get cluttered up. I use a laptop computer to write on. hiked through England and Scotland. All of this I do very frugally on a shoe string by mostly camping and hiking. In the past I have lectured on UFOs in the old USSR. and travel about 5 miles to Cairo Georgia in winter to connect to the Internet. spent time in India.

So many of the sixties generation has such high hopes only to slowly see them fade away as they fell back into the autocratic system. Personally I don’t see how one can support an autocratic regime while at the same time undermine it. I find myself happy. on the fringes. and at peace with myself and in my small way can contribute to society in a positive and transformative manner in my later years. I believe now that in a way the Internet can be though of a kind of stop gap method of life extension because once ideas reach the Internet they can live on. even though the individual giving rise to them is gone. Instead of becoming freer the individual becomes even more captured and subjugated by the surrounding system the longer one stays in it. I am not saying my way is the only way. I think people in general are beginning to realize that American and global civilization as a whole is already well into decline and unless we can reverse this natural cyclical process our civilization will collapse into an Orwellian dark age. satisfied. Any approach to individual and collective social transformation requires that the individual extricate themselves as individuals and groups from the autocratic regime collapsing world society. self sustaining and personally enlightening. It’s just too easy to get started with high ideas only to find that on the road to truth and freedom somehow one gets sidetracked. 210 . spend without thinking! Corporations and governments say spending is good for the economy and heaven forbid if people quit spending recklessly why we would surely be in a depression they say. I can with my time and limited resources. In order to act we must understand the situation or our actions will be ineffective or come to naught. Finally the entrenched special interests suppress new innovation. creativity and liberty resulting in societal decline and collapse. The second thing about my approach to social transformation and with the help of the newly emerging Internet. We can’t live free or find liberty unless we can gain the conceptual framework or situational awareness of our precarious position. They could be right if people started dropping out quickly either from personal choice or out of economic necessity and there would be plenty of pain to go around. Those hurt the most however would be those that have the most to lose and that would be the entrenched interests. innovation and individual liberty. In turn these three things lead to a concentration of power in the hands of established entrenched interests during the rise and the maturity of a civilization. Into The Abyss In previous articles I have speculated that what really gives rise to civilizations is a burst of creativity. It’s going to be hard for older people set in their ways. but perhaps the younger generation can grasp and act on these concepts by getting on a beneficial course early in life. All I am saying is that this way seems to be effective.commercials and government mass media propaganda in the news and entertainment media to spend spend. far from it. reach out to the rest of society to provide concepts and insights gained from my lifetime of experience. where the hero finally finds freedom and emerging transformation not in the collapsing Orwellian society but outside of society. I am reminded of the prophetic book by Ray Bradbury called Fahrenheit 451.

then this leads to decline and collapse. This makes it very difficult to turn things around. In a sense the most successful predatory established interests hijack the best and brightest to use them to subjugate other populations and interests within society. The direction a civilization takes is dependent on what kind of system the citizens collectively buy into and maintain. to subjugate and mould world populations into a old world feudal order repackaged and sold to world populations as the new world order. information control and excessive regulation that creates scarcity. a civilization is composed of individuals so it is really the individuals that are responsible for the direction a civilization takes. propaganda more highly. A society. The second means of control is much more devious and subtle and that involves the use of propaganda and other mind control techniques to gain control over individual minds. Governments and their entrenched special interests masters have a lockdown on the mainstream media and use it as a powerful tool to propagandise the public through news and entertainment channels. The only thing new about this new world order is that it is an incredibly sophisticated Orwellian feudal order or global plantation the likes of which have never before been seen. To make things even worse the decline accelerates because mutual competition and predation increase because of the rapidly dwindling resources. Entrenched interests use two primary means to ensnare individuals and deprive them of their liberty so as to use them for their own ends. propaganda. favours selfishness. The first is to gain and maintain control over governments from the local level to the global level. We are ensnared in a sophisticated predatory net cast by entrenched special interests that use the iron hammer of government control and finance and velvet hammer. If the citizenry value truth and love of others then these interests move the civilization forward but if the citizenry come to value comfort. regulation and taxes has fallen into the hands of entrenched special interests that have little interest in the needs of the people. Often a person victimised by mind control can not even fight back because they don’t realize that that their mind has been hijacked.A free. and truthful society is a civilization on the incline that produces abundance and sharing but when entrenched interests become predominant they foster a culture of secrecy. entertainment. 211 . The governments then become the instruments of social control through law and regulation. Most of us are aware that democratic control over government laws. secrecy and propaganda are building the chains and shackles that bind them in autocratic servitude. The Orwellian future that we have so feared has arrived and we stare into the abyss. We think that at least we still have control over our own minds but do we? Trillions of dollars are spent by governments and private interests so as to better propagandise the public. The entrenched interests that are the strongest and most predatory are going to pay the best wages and hire the most creative and innovative people. lies. People that believe they are better off or have no choice but to participate and perpetuate the furtherance of entrenched special interest control. open. This is a pretty much straightforward and obvious process. and sets the civilization on the path to collapse.

On a personal level and perhaps the most effective level we have to cut our over consumption and be less materialistic. We need to shift our attention away from the mainstream media and to the more at present free emerging media of the Internet. If we can begin to do these things then we have a chance to reverse societal decline by freeing up the individual to use creative. When we get our personal lifestyle sorted out then we can start taking action to dismantle established interest control over society. 212 . involve ourselves in politics. The main instrument of special interest control is finance and the first order of business is to eliminate the private central bank of the United States the so called Federal Reserve. In cutting consumption and having less children then we have more time to think things through. By doing this we don’t have to work so hard and have to settle for a job supporting one of these entrenched interests that is enslaving us all. Then the banking monopolies have to be broken up. One thing that I have learned from involving myself in local politics is that we can’t battle special interests over specific problems as we will eventually loose. and find media that will provide us with the truth not propaganda. President Andrew Jackson destroyed the emerging central bank the United States Bank back in the 1830’s because he rightly saw a central bank as an instrument of elite entrenched interest control. We have to identify special interest vulnerabilities then focus our attention and power to those specific areas. In fact just living a simpler lifestyle with undermine entrenched industries by taking back financial power to oneself. If we are to revitalize American and global society we have to break up and destroy all unaccountable to the people entrenched interests that secretly control government and media nationally and globally. The only way is to war against and break up the special entrenched monopolies just as our trust busting forefathers have done in the past. A third order of business must be to dismantle and eliminate the unconstitutional illegal secret government that has hijacked the constitutional legal government of America. We can build a truly new world order based on a bright future vision not the dark Orwellian vision the entrenched interests have in store for us. A second order of business should be to expose and break up the mainstream media monopolies that serve as instruments for private and government propaganda used to control the unsuspecting minds of billions of people worldwide.We are really in big trouble and we all need to be thinking about how we are going to extricate and free ourselves from this. innovative talent not to destroy society but to build society to ever greater heights.

liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We the people recognize and affirm that technologically advanced civilizations have had free access to earth space for at least thousands of years and some since planetary creation. We affirm that these rights are self evident and are founded upon universal ethical law. We further affirm that the laws of humanity on earth and in space shall be in harmony with universal ethical law. providing that our defense is in harmony with universal law. We furthermore declare that we will not support nor will we assist any power on earth or in space that abide by laws not in conformity with universal ethical law or laws that deny the inalienable rights of any intelligent individual or species. When we attack a specific perpetrator we are sure is hostile we will by all means possible attempt to contain any collateral damage to innocent parties. A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law We the people and all nations on earth hereby declare that we intend to become an enlightened civilized space faring race and that we will abide by all moral and ethical principles contained in cosmic law or universal ethical law. We recognize the claims made by other advanced civilizations supersede our claim to earth by thousands and millions of years. be it between ourselves or between ourselves and other intelligent life existing in the universe. We the people do recognize the right to defend ourselves from hostile acts. We further recognize that we will not initiate a hostile act against another intelligent individual or race on earth or in space unless we are confident that a hostile act has been committed and have identified a specific perpetrator.SECTION 7 ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS I have put a high emphasis on ethics in the UFO/ET field because ethics to a large degree determines the quality of life we live and that includes our relationships with other extraterrestrial life. Even though our space fairing civilization is still primitive as measured by most other civilizations frequenting earth space we do have a right to negotiate our planetary claims. We affirm under universal law as a new space fairing civilization that we do have certain planetary and space rights that must be considered by advanced races. We further state that we do not recognize any treaties 213 . I want humanity on earth to have the best relationships with other space faring societies and with those societies that are the most advanced ethically. We intend to negotiate these rights immediately as individuals by our thoughts and actions until formal open transparent negotiations are forthcoming. speech and religion. as well as freedoms of assembly. We affirm that every individual intelligence throughout the cosmos have certain inalienable rights which include life. We intend to negotiate our planetary and space rights with due diligence and in a timely manner. The last thing I want to see is for the military and economic elite to create a situation where their worst fears are realized by focusing on those less ethical races much like ourselves.

Cosmic ethical universal law incorporates these rules or laws: 1. each individual and collective learns at their own pace determined by cosmic law. We affirm that these criminal outlaws operating outside of cosmic ethical law will and are accountable for their immoral actions even while they still believe themselves to be untouchable and outside the law. In reality we are all students existing in profound ignorance of both ourselves and our environment whether we wish to admit it or not. Actions have consequences. checks and balances. The present situation of lawlessness exhibited by humanity on the new space frontier is unacceptable and must be immediately replaced by the rule of cosmic ethical law. Unfortunately many are unwilling and incapable of realizing this first step and so remain overwhelmed by illusion and mired in suffering. We do admit and confirm some misguided and misdirected individuals and groups operating covertly and in secret have taken hostile actions against ethical space fairing races and civilizations in space as well as on earth. Only treaties made after complete total disclosure as well as open debate and consensus has been achieved will be considered valid. Cosmic law orders the affairs of all advanced ethical beings in the universe. 3. We ask forgiveness for these criminals and authorize the ethical ET civilizations and races to take whatever ethical steps necessary to assist us in bringing these criminal outlaws to justice. We the people define cosmic ethical law as a body of rules recognized by all civilized enlightened beings throughout the universe. 7. Be loving. 214 .with other intelligent races made in secret or under duress by any party other than ourselves. Finding Our Way Back Home I have been a student of life's mysteries for most of my life on earth. Suggest but do not force. We intend to bring those guilty of immoral and unethical acts to justice as soon as is feasible and prudent. Use only ethical means because the means and end are one. We the people intend the above document to initiate a process to specify and codify ethical cosmic law into all earth human law or international law which should be subordinate to universal ethical law. Value free will. Furthermore. Individual and collective experience is determined and segregated by the forces of attraction and repulsion. restraints and guidelines upon advanced intelligence limiting interference in the evolutionary processes of lesser evolved species. Cosmic law provides. 6. All beings have the right to self defense but this should always be the option of last resort. Do no harm. 8. Be truthful. Do not limit the rights. 4. We condemn these criminal elements embedded in our society that indiscriminately attack ET spacecraft and disrupt earth based networks involving earth human contact and negotiations with ethical ET's. Right action leads to beneficial consequences. Cosmic law serves to value and protect all life regardless of intelligence. 9. By these criminal hostile acts these covert groups and those elite organizations who support their immoral and illegal actions have forfeited any legitimate right of negotiation in the present and in the future. liberties and freedoms of others unless infringed upon. 2. 5. Those that are willing to admit ignorance have taken the first step toward acquiring true understanding and knowledge.

They will eventually come around because suffering due to ignorance eventually causes individuals to break their isolation and to take personal responsibility for themselves. psychological past life regressions and religious and scientific teachings. This leads me to suspect that the universe or reality that we experience throughout our lives is more virtual than real. as misfits. The reality is in fact just the opposite. This may well cause a collapse in due time of space-time reality as we know it. We truly do live in a school of advanced learning being directed by advanced intelligence that uses both carrot and stick to push evolution forward. I think this is the most fundamental basis for the UFO/ET cover-up by world governments and the special interests that keep them in power. Powerful institutions can suppress truth for hundreds of years as happened with the Christian Imposition so the same with the institutions of today. More advanced intelligence could be expected to realize that adversity while initially crushing and suppressing of individual development. Eventually the truth does come out even if it takes hundreds of years. This of course must scare the dickens out of those who are still strongly embedded and invested in what is now becoming a obsolete reality. It could be expected that slightly more advanced universe societies would see us as a backward primitive barbaric race with not much to offer universe society. can and will eventually lead to accelerated learning and advanced character development. So we are finding our way back home as we face our collective fears to search out the greater context from which we emerged into this life. I have not been content to just act out my life on life's stage as presented with no consideration of the larger context in which we live. I have to had to put up with a lot of grief from such unthinking actors who falsely view those of us who do think and wonder. I believe that exopolitics and astroecology will one day fit neatly into this greater scheme of things 215 . This all pretty much falls in line with the research done having to do with out of body experiences. On the other hand even more advanced races might see us in a more balanced and positive light due to a greater understanding and wisdom. Institutions adapt or are replaced with new institutions that can handle the new truths being presented. Those of us that have a interest in exopolitics and astroecology are slowly chipping away at the very foundations of the virtual reality program in which we presently exist. I have begun to suspect that much more advanced intelligence's are somehow running the show for the rest of us. In time people are forced by suffering to reach out to the greater universe that surrounds and nourishes them. It may be replaced by a learning environment of a much more advanced nature. who live out of touch with reality and on the fringe. I take it all in stride because I realize that we all have our own unique lessons to learn and that such folks just are not ready to move to the next level. It is becoming obvious to me that we are surrounded by an environment that is constructed and maintained using very advanced nanotechnology. Those who unthinkingly act out various roles without considering the greater context and consequences are setting themselves up for great suffering until they get with the program.It would be well to try to see ourselves and our earth based society as other more advanced civilizations might see us. We do seem to be eternal beings who somehow project ourselves or are projecting into 4D space-time reality in order to gain experience and develop character traits of importance. The fact that scientists looking into the nature of energy and matter find nothing solid tells me that things are not as the seem.

Interestingly as I have gained a vague understanding of the cosmic neighborhood. Of course this is taking a pretty big bite in itself but it is dwarfed by the even greater perspective of the nature of life and reality as we know it. All species in nature work to manipulate their surroundings to a greater or lesser degree. Those of like mind and emotion are going to continue to congregate together in the sharing of experience and there will always will be consequences. will not be able to manipulate moral and ethical laws such as the law of affinities. The purpose of this organization was to focus the attention of the UFO/ET community as well as the public at large on the fact that the UFO problem was as much a political problem as a scientific one. the law of cause and effect. religious and scientific communities. My political activities were the most visible. I realize that while the physical laws of the material universe can be manipulated by intelligent life. this has in turn acted as a mirror illuminating the primitive and imperfect nature of today's social. and what are the agendas and motivations of the other advanced intelligent species occupying this neighborhood and co-existing with us. It had become obvious to me that we could not do good science if the underling data was being manipulated for political reasons. political. but were only a small part of my overall activity in the UFO/ET field. both constructive and destructive. happy life is the understanding and living of the moral and ethical laws and our not confusing them with mutable laws of the material universe that are forever subject to change. I want to know what the cosmic neighborhood is like. My main focus has been and still is an attempt to gain a grasp of the big picture and our place in that picture. We. the greatest overall perspective possible. 216 . One day we may be able. to manipulate the material world just as we do the images on a computer screen.Finding Our Place in the Cosmos Some of you in the UFO/ET community may remember me as a co-founder of Operation Right To Know a UFO political organization that held demonstrations and other political actions in Washington and around the world. and the fact that truth can only be known by the truthful. in the thoughts and actions we and others take. the over riding moral and ethical laws of the universe cannot be so manipulated. There are always those who would say why bother to even try. Life no matter how technologically advanced is still subject to the basic ethical and moral laws. This has also highlighted my personal imperfections and caused me to work to remove these imperfections from myself so as to better be in tune with the universe as a whole. I am gratified that others have taken up this challenge. The ultimate for advanced intelligent species would be the full and total control of mater and energy itself through the technological manipulation of the underlying information field. I believe that the meaning of life is to be found in our relationship to the big picture. however. In particular this is true in our understanding of the activities of the cosmic neighborhood on. who's in it. I found myself following in the footsteps of the late Donald Keyhoe who understood the political nature of the problem in the 1950's. The key to our living a good. like some in the neighborhood. I have found the endeavor to be very rewarding and feel I have been able in my life to vaguely grasp something of this lesser and greater whole and been a better person for that. in and around earth.

sporadic and threatening manner to extraterrestrial contact. Off world interactions with other intelligent species will be no panacea for their ills at home. It is dangerous for real citizen diplomats. The fate of humanity on earth and in space will rest not so much with those of us that do harm or do good but with those that still sleep. It's long past time for diplomats to replace warriors who have dominated the field up to this time. This provides a real opportunity for citizen diplomats to peacefully contact ET's without excessive government interference. sharing and creating mutual beneficial experiences amongst themselves. On the other hand. as it is for the ET's themselves. The investigator will experience that which exists elsewhere in a manner similar to what they experience on earth but on a much grander scale. A group within the neighborhood living in several households may be sharing and creating very painful experiences for each other while another group of affiliated people are quite happy and satisfied. World governments and their militaries can be expected to continue to react in a confused. I expect that somehow humanity will manage to muddle through and continue to slowly painfully evolve on and off planet. I am gratified to see that some countries like Peru and Mexico seem to be breaking with the hostile US policy regarding ET interactions. is true. imposters can freely operate and even find support within these intelligence communities so as to debunk the subject. Those that practice lies 217 . While a few very truthful and honest individuals now have the ability to tell cosmic friend from foe. So humanity can expect as it extends its understanding out into the universe that the same moral and ethical laws that reign on earth will extend out into the universe. If we really want to grasp the grand perspective we have to become a truthful and honest people. it is going to be awhile before we as a species have the inner understanding and truthful nature to be able to distinguish between those who would do us harm and those who would be of benefit.Collective and individual experience is segregated under the law of affinities. Perhaps things are beginning to change now that the United States intelligence community is overextended dealing with a real terror threat. to operate in the US and other countries dominated by the US and British hostile policies. Such people will be drawn by the law of affinities to others off world that also suffer and do harm and unconsciously and consciously reject the advances of those that do good and so put the rest of us in jeopardy. as below so above. It can be seen through close observation that the microcosm is but a small reflection of the much larger macrocosm and is holographic in nature. In fact things could be a whole lot worse off world for those who have yet to get their act together on planet. The old saying. A investigator involved in extraterrestrial affairs should keep all of the above well in mind when they involve themselves in the cosmic neighborhood. The only difference would be but orders of magnitude. In order to tell friend from foe and to peacefully interact with other intelligent species elsewhere we must develop positive inner qualities side by side along with our technological abilities. Far too little emphasis at present is being placed on improving ourselves. Meanwhile citizen diplomacy can continue to play a role behind the scenes in a attempt to remedy the imbalance created between opportunity and threat.

Michael Salla. A deceiver cannot know truth even if he or she is standing on it as it will appear as another lie. as various groups can exist in close proximity to each other and not interact or only interact to a small degree. This is a very tall order. They try. An ethical life develops from a deep understanding of life and ones own self.and deception may entertain themselves and play other painful games at the expense of others and themselves. I really think this needs much more emphasis. Integrity is also based on truthfulness. Life becomes a house of mirrors. So our inner state will to a large degree define our outer existence. what we don't know. The Importance of Ethics in ET . There is a universal law. about life.Human Interactions The following is excerpted from a post to Dr. but mostly it must be developed through a understanding of life's experiences. This can be taught to some degree. but they have a lot to learn. Integrity is based on a solid ethical foundation. The Law of Affinities makes a very efficient use of space and time. If we interfere in the lives of others without their consent there will be destructive consequences. In order to know the truth about something one must be truthful and honest oneself. about others. With the proper technology and understanding the material universe can be manipulated. Most people just don't cut it. Those of similar nature will be attracted to and co-exist with others of similar nature. as this is such a important part in dealing with highly ethical races of beings. they are the same every where and for all time. By accepting beliefs that have validity and rejecting those that don't. This point is very relevant to ET contact. this usually results in friction. If we manipulate others against their will. This is where the diplomat can be helpful facilitating the process on integration. So what we do to another eventually reflects upon us. but they will never come to know what reality is really about. there will be destructive consequences for ourselves. The Law of Affinities. flexed and warped to such a great degree as to appear miraculous but the underling ethical values of the universe cannot be altered. It gets interesting when diverse groups begin to integrate. One group of people in the neighborhood. I did notice you mentioned integrity as a essential component in citizen diplomatic efforts involving ET contact. Every lie that we speak or think fractures us a little and every bit of truth we gain makes us more whole and complete. I think you might want to do a paper on it. can share a very destructive set of experiences while another group in this same neighborhood can share very positive experiences. conflict. We all grow up being exposed to and unconsciously accept various beliefs some which turn out to be true upon close inspection while others turn out to be false. 218 . what we know. This tendency to group together and share similar experience is evident throughout nature and mankind. We have to be truthful about ourselves. local or cosmic. We are not separate from others but are all bound together by invisible and visible ties and connections. It follows that deceivers have little integrity while the truthful have much. we develop integrity.

study yourself and others. It must be conquered by every individual alone. Yesterday while typing down some material on ethics. Highly ethical ET's have some very difficult problems dealing with earth humans. the ethical foundation right we are going to stumble and suffer serious consequences. Furthermore I also got the impression that there was a scale on a scanning device that measured levels of fear in degrees.While it may appear in the short run that one can get around these ethical laws. but pretty soon the psychological fireworks begin. On further consideration I got the impression that this term refers to a measurement of the level of fear within a individual or a society. They must understand if they continue to remain in that state of fear the result may be a situation where their worst nightmare's of slavery and dominion can come true. 219 . end of contact! I think there are a few people who can handle high levels of consciousness for extended lengths of time and the ET's know who they are. No matter how clever or smart we think we are externally. a thought appeared in my mind more or less "out of the blue". in such situations you will see what I mean. It's been my experience that one must adapt quickly to heal the fractures exposed by higher consciousness within oneself else these exposed fractures will cause severe disorders of personality. I think the bottom line in benevolent ET contact is this: One's degree of external success is going to be determined by one's inner state of development and one's willingness to improve oneself when in contact with advanced benevolent ET races. is that good external relations both here and elsewhere come from the knowledge that inner emotions define external states of existence. life in general. These special people our society must seek out and foster. in the long run their will be accounting. But the ET's also know these people will be in danger from our own species if ET's make physical contact. The process is not unlike putting a amount of current in excess of what a light bulb is designed for. We must all work to reassure those who's lives in the shadow government are in a state of fear. "Poof" the fractures and impurities within the filament can't take the load. "boom". (-: It involved the term degrees of separation. They work behind the scenes telepathically so as to protect these people until they can become more openly involved. With inner work we can change destructive inner emotions to positive ones and so improve things externally. The fearful must give up control of this matter to those who have become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The key to self understanding. If you study the literature. The contacts start off well. Unlike the filament in the bulb we do have psychological self healing capabilities if we learn how to use them and so can hold more and more consciousness without exploding or fizzling out. This is a lesson common to everyone on and off planet that must be learned sooner or later. Fear is the real enemy. if we don't get the emotions. Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear I like many other people in our field have found my self wondering why we are such a emotional and fractious group of people.

A person become dysfunctional to the degree that he or she unconsciously dismisses or downplays some evidence while accepting or exaggerating other evidence. Errr. What a nifty little instrument I thought. made a mental note and went back to the train of thought I was writing down for Internet distribution. fear of being wrong. infighting and discord within our community when the big picture is emerging more clearly than ever as decades of evidence continue to pile up. fear that they would lose power over others. The psychologists that are supposed to understand these things are just as vulnerable to fear as anybody else. "smile" So maybe you could be wrong and might a little tolerance for a opposing view be in order? Keep a close eye on yourself as you interact with others you really might begin to feel better about your associates. I see different splits in our community. You know who you are don't you? Is your emotion and thought really built on rational thinking as you would like to believe or is their a hidden unconscious factor distorting your perception and belief structure? Of course not!!!!! "grin" Now this is where this nifty little instrument might really come in handy. its possible. This inability to see the big picture is understandable for those new to the field but not so for those that have been involved for awhile. I think the inability to see the handwriting on the wall is fear. fear others will freak out if they knew the truth. put yourself in their shoes. One of the greatest fractures is the gulf between the pessimists and the optimists. The latter feel that until full we achieve disclosure the best we can do is develop a working model that approximates reality to some degree and use that to guide our actions in the best manner possible. "grin" I guess I better not say what people else things could get personal as some of these people I consider friends and valued associates. I woke up much earlier than usual this morning which I do not like to do and could not go back to sleep because I found myself reflecting on this fear thing again. When we act on incomplete or erroneous perceptual models of the big picture we do harm to ourselves and others. I would love to go around in the UFO/ET community and scan a few people. well maybe. 220 . experiences in your life caused you to think the way you do? This is what introspection and reflection is all about.I found this interesting. what experiences led them to think and feel the way they do. The fear acts as a underling divisive force guiding belief in a erroneous fashion. A second major spit is between those that desire exceptional rigorous evidence and those that feel the standards of rigor must be relaxed due to exceptional circumstances. Fear causes separation and dysfunctional behavior because it stimulates or creates various states of unconscious denial. well okay maybe a little. Fear of the unknown. fear of what the truth might be. etc. now go away and leave me alone! Get my point. Learn a little empathy. What events. What events in their lives. I have often wondered why after all these years of accumulated evidence that their is still so much disagreement. Fear manifests itself in many different ways because of psychological differences.

credentials and intellectual abilities are not sufficient attributes in the selection of diplomatic ambassadors.html When I signed I made a note that this federation of ET's should be consulted in conjunction with the selection of individuals of distinction to represent earth. The shock to the earth human psychology should not be underestimated. A lady in a recent post made a very good point. I believe that prolonged unregulated exposure to advanced ethical stellar civilizations can be extremely harmful to earth human development so protocols must be agreed to protect earth’s ambassadors adequately. Off hand I can think of two factors. As I have stated before higher consciousness which the ET's possess can be equated to electrical current and the human personality to a light bulb. While we can improve on our psychology and heal ourselves when exposed to higher consciousness. Extraordinary factors are involved in the selection of earths ambassadors is a process that must include consultations with the ET ambassadorial contingent. and those sincerely interested in facing up to and removing the imperfections within themselves so they can see more clearly and rationally. It has been my own limited experience as well as can be seen in the legitimate accounts provided by contact people that contact with advanced ethical races is overwhelming. http://www. The first is that we must expect earth's ambassadors to have the highest of ethical standards and I believe this trumps intellectual abilities. there still are limits. I recently had the privilege to read a document claiming to have been a poll by advanced ethical ET's interested in contact. A light bulb is designed to take a certain amount of current in the filament. I don't think I have heard of a true contact case yet where benevolent ET . If the current exceeds this amount the filament breaks down quickly and is destroyed. if we have the desire and motivation.Human interactions have not had to taper off or completely stop because of psychological problems with the 221 .com/readynow/petition. Protocols must be created that protect the psychology and sanity of earth humans interacting with ET ambassadors and their stellar societies. Secondly because our psychology as individuals and as a race is so fragile individuals must be selected extremely carefully and with the greatest understanding possible." Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology In my opinion one of the most severe problems advanced ethical benevolent races of being have with interaction with earth humans is the fragility of the earth human psychology. The reason I made this note in a otherwise remarkable document is that diplomatic training.petitiononline. She said something like. Their may have to be a rapid rotation of all or most people involved with these advanced races. I also read and signed the excellently written petition response to the alleged ET poll.A third major split exists between those in deep fear and denial who work to deceive and confuse. "Do you really want to know? If not why are you here.

and modeling that a intelligence operative and analysis uses when stepping into another culture. If I sit out on my back porch and observe the life around the pond. Correct intelligence collection. you can blame your fellow investigators but in the end it is you who is responsible to yourself and for the predicaments you get yourself into. I have a friend in the ET field that this happened too years ago. You can fault the lesson rather than learn. Only you can learn from your own experiences. The impurities. I see some valued associates today in the field who could be considered delusional by psychiatric standards. You can blame it on the negative ET's. so to must the intelligence individual step out of his culture leaving the comfort and safety of the embassy enclave for he rigors of the culture he is attempting to understand and model. My study of religion developed later in my early twenties following a existential crisis that forced me to educate myself in the nature of self and reality. analysis and modeling of exopolitical reality. Just as the ecologist must remove himself from his human culture and programming to understand nature. the fractures within our psyche are magnified to the extreme along with our good qualities when exposed to higher consciousness. The process is greatly assisted by religious understanding. Other people in some circumstances never recover and even fall into delusionary states of existence and even commit suicide. In my own experience and in the experience of others. I have time and time again seen cycles of great creativity amongst groups of individuals collapse into high negativity. Zen Buddhism and Taoist thought provide very useful insights into the importance of self understanding to the understanding of both natural and human culture. The first step toward understanding nature or another culture is to get out of ones own shoes and into the shoes of the other. The ecologist attempts to grasp a understanding of the natural world just as the intelligence analyst attempts to comprehend a understanding of human world. a very difficult task. I state clearly and emphatically that unless you can find a way to regulate your exposure to higher consciousness states you are headed for big trouble. You have free will but their are harmful consequences to not learning the lesson being presented within the virtual nano reality field in which you are presently focused. data collection and analysis. you can blame it on the shadow government Psi-ops programs. I am using the same tools of observation. Zen For The Intelligence Analyst And Operative A background in both the natural sciences and in religion can been extremely useful in the gathering. 222 .contactees over time. I have intuitively always attempted to mentally grasp the biggest picture possible of life so as to able to guide my actions and the actions of others in a constructive manner. analysis and modeling are as essential to the study of ecology as they are to the intelligence community. I was born into a family of well know and respected ecologists where I received a good background in the natural sciences at a very early age. Since humans are a part of nature it stands to reason that human culture can be understood using the same basic tools or concepts as used to understand the natural world. The individuals walk around in a daze for several years before healing themselves to some degree from these effects of higher consciousness.

oblivious to their surrounding. I believe this involves the mental dialogue that is constantly going on in our heads. observation. NDE'S. then the futile chase for that ever elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will stop. I strongly believe that as more people grasp what is right before them. reincarnation. For quite some time I have been thinking that reality seems to be a school that uses both carrot and stick to push individual consciousness and character forward.com/2007/08/14/science/14tier. My thinking is that all the evidence accumulating with OBE's. If we fault the 223 .So just how does one step out of oneself and into nature or another culture. Furthermore.nytimes. and analysis of both oneself their surroundings. This mental dialogue separates and distorts individual and collective perception of the outside world and keeps the individual or collective bottled up in their own mental imagery and in a state of conflict inwardly and outwardly. The problems of humanity will begin to abate as we learn to stop seeing our own reflections superimposed on our surroundings both natural and cultural. In other words one learns how to step out of themselves and their culture and into a greater reality unencumbered by preconceived notions and beliefs tied up in the streaming mental imagery. In order to step out of ourselves and our culture we must exert discipline over the mental dialogue of culturally reinforcing views and beliefs constantly streaming through our minds. etc. Do We Inhabit A Simulation The article by this NY Times reporter http://www. nature and human culture with disastrous results. An extreme case of this are people with mental illness walking down the street constantly talking to themselves. he makes the case that there could be far more artificially created simulations than realities and so the chances that are we are living in a simulation today could be high. We share mental self and cultural reinforcements continuously amongst those we associate with and over time this mental dialogue can become a impediment to observation and analysis of ourselves. The author makes a good case that within fifty years or more. closer than even their nose.html stimulated my thinking further on this subject of our living in a artificial virtual reality or simulation. could be pointing to the fact that we could be living a simulation created by a very advanced super-civilization. The first step is an awareness of just how we have become embedded or indoctrinated into the culture we are in and what is it that keeps us stuck in our self and our culture. simulations could become indistinguishable from reality if one were embedded in one. The most useful techniques are techniques that focus the mind on one thing and hold it there. UFO antics. Zen Buddhism and teachers of meditation understand this problem with the ever present mental dialogue and work to develop techniques and disciplines to deal with the problem. This would be a great step in our human evolution and great boon to both our political and exopolitical understanding. One learns through these techniques how to slow down and even drop the mental dialogue resulting in great clarity of perception. One really has to look no farther than ones own self to understand and resolve problems of the individual and of humanity.

is to free ourselves from its grasp. Not so for the ethical and moral laws. in just about any way imaginable.. On the other hand less beneficial uses have surely been thought up by our military. This is a most basic of lessons for everyone both on and off planet. abortion etc. consciously and unconsciously. character development. It does not matter how high or how advanced is the technical understanding or 224 . If we want to expand our consciousness. There is a reason why things happen to us. :-) Other beneficial uses might be historical research. we have to wake up and become awake and aware. It's not about such controversial subjects as sex before marriage. :-) I think simulations have exopolitical ramifications. but if we learn the lessons we more forward into more and more satisfying lessons. enslavement. Religion is about fundamental ethical and moral laws that are permanent and inviolate. It could be used for the reformation of criminals for instance. nor is it about going to church or who you believe in. True religion provides a ethical foundation for right living. If we watch ourselves and others closely and with awareness and clarity. ethical development etc. Anybody want to elaborate on this? Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding With careful observation we can see that the exercise of every thought. :-) It's a brave new world out there. We must work to make the unconscious conscious every moment of the day. Simulations for interrogation. and what life is about. life and death. Could some other ET's be more or less stuck in the simulation like we are and have to enter at birth and exit at death? So can we determine if we are in a advanced simulation and if we can what might we do about it? The answer to this question is going to take much more brain power than I am capable of so best bring in other perspective to move this line of thought forward. we can see that in every moment we choose between construction and destruction. The reason we must deal with fear both inside and outside of ourselves. has a impact on our environment and back on to ourselves. every action. warped. molded. A very advanced super civilization could use simulations to great advantage. yet it may not be apparent if our vision is constricted. With enough knowledge and technology the material world and even the immaterial world can be shaped. So if one were to determine if indeed one was in a simulation or virtual reality field it might be very important to figure out just what kind of simulation one were in. citizens of advanced civilizations move in and out and otherwise manipulate our simulated world from time to time to study and tweak it from the inside as well as outside.lessons rather than learn and adapt we suffer. That's the way it seems to work to me. entertainment. entrapment. For instance could a simulation be cast upon a battlefield and so overlay the true reality? Even more disturbing are there cosmic predators prowling about the universe that might use simulations and virtual reality fields to catch and hold individuals to bleed them of their vita mental and emotional energies. our understanding of who we are. If we were to be living in a simulation how would that understanding effect our understanding of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood and the super-civilization that could be creating and maintaining the simulation? Could some advanced intelligent beings.

The first is the Law of Affinities the other the Law of Consequences. What are these fundamental laws? Here are two of the most important. Victims work to keep the persecutors locked up and the persecutors work to break out. The same can be said for other groups. space and 225 . The physical laws of all matter. The problem with people locked into and trapped in this dualistic cycle is that both tend to think the source of the problem is outside themselves not inside. matter. space and time. We see this happening everyday with people everywhere. It's that one has a unconscious trait in a regressive mode while the other has this same trait overtly like in the genetic structure. the truth is that ethical land moral laws stand unchanged. Some people are pretty clever and really do a excellent job with the props and the patches. We have responsibility to be conscious and aware and learn how this law works and to remain in conformity with it once we understand it. These short term solutions may work for awhile but the problem remains. manipulate energy. The Law of Affinities states: Those of similar nature are attracted to others of similar nature so as to share and learn from those experiences. washed the sand out from under the house and the house collapsed. energy. The second law. Some people are able to detach from the catastrophe and reach a fundamental understanding of the situation. The other thing about the law of affinities is that it makes very efficient use of space and time. To act in a less than ethical way with earth humans makes them vulnerable to the same afflictions that harass the lower ethical ET's.how powerful the ability to alter. Scientists hang together and associate with each other in the neighborhood while the workers at the factory associate together. Its a rare person who crosses over who works at the factory but hangs with the scientists. (smile) They think they are pretty smart but they aren't. While both are in this cycle they explore different ways to deal with each other. The situation can be a bit confused in that those who appear to be of a opposing nature really are not. Some try to put the house back together with patches and props only to have the tide come in again and again to bring the house down. The waves rolled in. More advanced ethical ET's are not going to manipulate and exploit because this lower ethical stance is not only destructive to earth humans but bad for them too. At this point there is interaction but it is shallow and pretty soon the situation resolves itself at least on a temporary basis. learn from it. reaction fall under this law of consequences. This person who crosses over into many different segregated groups has much more variety of experience and can be quite helpful in bringing into the groups new perspectives and new information helpful to the groups. Many different affiliated groups gaining different experiences can exist near one another in the same neighborhood with various degrees of contact. The Law of Consequences states: Their is a consequence for every thought and action taken. This Law of Affinities is universal and applies to the cosmic neighborhood as well. A group of happy people can live in the same subdivision with another group of very unhappy people quite segregated from each other until somebody jumps the bounds and breaks into the happy people’s house for instance. and go build their house on a rock. action vs. This would be a beneficial cross over. On the other hand while a persecutor is attracted to a victim persecutors may seek the support and company of other persecutors and the same for victims. I have seen people shift back and forth from victim to persecutor for instance. If we don't have a good ethical and moral foundation we are like the man who built his house on the sand on the beach. Law's of cause and effect.

) If you really want to evolve. Exopolitics. Some very clever people think they can avoid consequences. its up to you to figure a way out. to intelligence. quit finding fault and making excuses and take responsibility. Also recorded but usually ignored in these religious texts is a much broader and universal perspective that just that of humanity on earth. The old religious texts record and describe conflicts between races of space faring civilizations on earth and in space with earth bound humanity caught in the middle of these Exopolitical conflicts. but in the end they are only fooling themselves. change your behavior and hence the destructive consequences of the bad behavior. then first admit you have a problem. their are consequences. Those of us wishing to contact and negotiate with ethical space fairing beings or with the celestial host find ourselves faced with the same obstacles of unethical ET or demonic activity made more urgent by the times. Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of another's eye. Easy to talk the talk but hard to walk the walk. and of the apocalypse and Armageddon. two sides of the same coin. No matter what you do. What was happening long ago is 226 . A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem Exopolitics seems to be a modern take on a age old problem. then quit lying. Some would say change your resonate frequency to a higher state of consciousness. A problem made more acute by the fact that we are becoming a space fairing civilization and entering into the domain of the Gods of old. While we in the Exopolitical field investigate sightings and contact with beings of a extraterrestrial or interdimensional nature many in the religious community speak of Gods. increase in happiness. Could these two perspectives be one and the same? Can science and religion find common ground here? Researchers and archeologists who have studied and researched ancient historical religious texts from around the world have in recent years been impressed by their historical accuracy. New age folks are just as prone to not walking the walk as Conservative Christians. evil fallen angels confined to earth. Much of the confusion in modern religious thought results in the problems of translating the concepts of simple primitive ancient cultures into modern day sophisticated concepts and scientific understanding. If you have messed up and got yourself in a situation either consciously or unconsciously where someone is holding a gun on you. Newager's are sometimes more sophisticated in their beliefs but just as delusional and dysfunctional as many of their conservative counter parts. Modern day researchers of past civilizations have developed new insights and perspectives on political conflicts between civilizations and races of humans that go back thousands of years.( Remember what I said before. I believe that we who are working in the newly emerging field of Exopolitics have valuable allies within the world wide religious community if we can validate with our more modern understanding these religious teachings. not blame the other and get shot! Strangely some people would rather die than proved wrong. If you want the consequences that presently harass you to go away. I don't really see any significant difference between the groups. Archeologists and anthropologists have discovered and unearthed ancient cities and long forgotten civilizations by following clues in the old historical religious texts. celestial angels.time also apply to psychology.

and even within our own minds. This is why Lucifer lives in the Garden of Eden. The battle lines between the opposing forces of good and evil. Religion is not anymore exempt from confusion and corruption than other social institutions. It is in times like the present that Exopolitical conflicts between ethical and unethical space faring civilizations may reach a level of high intensity conflict. As 227 . By the time a civilization is ready to develop space travel and emerge into a stellar society the networks and elements of social control are entrenched and may seem to be insurmountable. subverting and controlling emerging civilizations before the civilizations have developed into a cohesive whole. The job of the ethical cosmic races is to maintain the school and keep a balance between creation and destruction so that each individual and society can choose between good and evil. ethical and unethical behavior. What has changed is our perceptions. I have to ask just who or what is behind these powerful organizations of social control that keep the people ignorant of the truth and heading down the road to planetary disaster? The ethical and unethical races use very different means and strategies to achieve their ends but these strategies are consistent and change little over time because they are based on cosmic ethical law or the rejection of that law. or apocalyptic conflict never before experienced by these emerging civilizations. for as is said in the bible. Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians Christ led by example and by moral and ethical persuasion not by military or political force. creation and destruction seem to run through emerging planetary and stellar civilizations. through our social and religious institutions. Throughout the process of subversion they work quietly and behind the scenes to expose the machinations of the unethical. One of the problems we have in the field of Exopolitics at this critical juncture is our inability to communicate the urgency and danger of the present day situation to mankind. Those that flunk out. get recycled and start back over again if the civilization collapses or much later if the civilization makes it to become a space fairing cosmic race. These people will leave this virtual school behind and move on to more advanced virtual schools and grades. not the Exopolitical reality itself. " Who can stand up to the Beast?" But resistance is not futile because the ethical cosmic races are not sitting idly by while unethical races subvert emerging civilizations. They see reality as a school and that there is a place for the destructive unethical forces in the teaching process. Our attempts so far have been frustrated for decades by a strategic deception of denial and ridicule regarding ET activity. The struggle between ethical and unethical races on earth and in heaven continues to this day with humanity more than ever still caught right in the middle of conflicts that span thousands perhaps millions of years and through all space and time. In other words resistance may seem to be futile. The unethical space faring races operate by infiltrating. The unethical races over thousands of years gain control over the people’s minds as well as their bodies through sophisticated networks and mechanisms of social and mind control.still happening today. At the end of a virtual cycle some people will become as wise as the serpents that stalk them and as harmless as the doves that fly overhead.

the author of the book. illusion or confusion people are unaware and fail to appreciate the great danger they and society are in because of these Exopolitical conflicts. believed these treaties amounted to a conditional 228 . We have to do this not by military or political force but by the clarity of our thought and actions. The true creative purpose of religion which is to provide ethical and moral values to live by becomes subverted and inverted toward destructive ends by destructive evil forces. Because of this deception. immoral and corrupt. envy. True moral and ethical Christians must work diligently in a moral and ethical manner to revitalize Christian institutions that have become confused. By such actions the practitioner in fact worships evil rather than good. In spite of this Exopolitical situation the ultimate fate of humanity rests with humanity. Today confused. and Muslims have separated themselves from their religions in a manner that allows them to not practice what they preach. That the gods and devils of old are in a more modern scientific context are ethical and unethical space faring extraterrestrials attempting to effect the fate of humanity for better or worse. The Day After Roswell. Every moment of the day people exercise their free will or have the opportunity to do so. I am beginning to see that one of the confusions or illusions perpetrated and accepted by mankind is that the struggle between ethical and unethical celestial beings happened long ago and does not continue to this day and still effects everyday lives. immoral and unethical Christians have embarked on a crusade to impose their confused and immoral beliefs on humanity in direct opposition to he teachings of Christ while at the same time turned Christianity into a personality cult. to turn humanity into a unethical space faring race. The late colonel Philip Corso. greed. muddled thinking etc.with all institutions religion should promote human liberties and freedoms not be corrupted into a institution of social control that deprives humanity of freedom and liberty. Taoists. These unethical beings use all unethical means at their disposal to colonize and exert dominion over a largely unsuspecting humanity while ethical beings use every ethical means possible to enlighten and free humanity. In this way the practitioner of a religion can play lip service and make a front of being religious for all to see while at the same time acting unethical and immorally in direct contradiction to ethical and moral religious teachings. Evil unethical celestial beings work to exploit human weaknesses like fear. The Evolutionary High Road In the 1950's treaties seem to have been made in secret under the highest security between the United States Government and one or more extraterrestrial races. We in the Exopolitical field have the opportunity to inform the religious community of the clear and present danger to humanity and to cooperate with those elements of the religious community who are receptive to the truth. Religious people today fail to realize that the fiery chariots. If we can revitalize and awaken the religious community to the dangers facing individuals and our newly emerging space faring race then we have done a great service to humanity and to ourselves. Hindus. Christians as well as Buddhists. and whirlwinds in the skies thousands of years ago are ancient descriptions of what today we call spacecraft.

What the American and world public needs to know is that collaboration with less ethical races and rejection of the advances from more ethical races set humanity off on the low road of evolutionary development that has continued to this day. doing the best they can to turn the tide.S. great secrecy and greed that continues to this day and now threatens our very ability to remain independent and free. These secret treaties have also been discussed by retired CIA operative John Lear whose father created the Lear Jet Company. What the people of the world need to know is that there is a way out of the current exopolitical disastrous situation and that is for all good men and women to come together and dedicate themselves toward dismantling the culture of excessive secrecy. Communication or Just Creative Writing? Everything has its season and the day will come when the righteous shall inherit the earth. lies and fear that is so prevalent amongst world leaders and the military and intelligence community in particular. While those still living who were involved in the poor judgment calls of the 1950's may regret their decisions. the military and the intelligence community. The gist of what happened in the 1950's is that the U. What has been foretold will one day be.S. The military industrial complex chose technology. craftily and methodically 229 . intimidation. These men and women get little respect for their efforts and are instead blamed for the mistakes made by the past generation and misguided individuals of this generation. It’s going to take everyone working together to resolve this exopolitical evolutionary disaster of which no one is without blame. I applaud the efforts of all people outside of government working for disclosure but we must not forget the many men and women within government and the military who are quietly. The choice was between good advise or technology. government in the face of technological power far superior to anything at the time. A great step toward optimal evolutionary growth can be the dissolution of the present culture of excessive secrecy. What is not as well known is that overtures by more ethical races were turned down as has been pointed out by John Lear and others. and world governments had a choice to begin a process that would bring about world peace and a more civilized enlightened society or to continue down a less civilized path by continuing the arms race and international conflict. deceit. outside of the public domain. The blame for the current exopolitical quagmire rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry as the leaders of a nation or of the world are themselves citizens and reflect the level of consciousness of society as a whole. The destroyers of the earth secretly. The way out will not be easy because many have become complicit in the culture of fear and lies and so fear exposure. the die has been cast and it is up to a new generation to set things right. Thus began a culture of fear. lies and fear within the highest levels of government. We can reverse our destructive devolutionary course over time and get our evolution back on track to where it needs to be. Of course all is not lost as it would appear to those caught up in the web of deception and deceit facing a cunning. lies.surrender by the U. The suspected existence of these treaties seems to be well known in certain secret circles. ruthless and technically superior foe.

All will one day come to naught. He as some experence in politics and the media and was involving himself with the Texas sighting case. The light of a rising sun shines upon both heaven and earth exposing the machinations of the destroyers and the righteousness of the creators. stealth. to expose. A battle. to shine.build illusionary power. True power resides in the hands of the righteous. True power abides it’s time and chooses the time and place to act. These are the reasons humanity continues to suffer greatly because the benevolent races must wait for the right time to act. I have talked to this person several times over the past months by phone as he got up to speed on things. These are the reasons why mankind has had to suffer alone for so long. The ethical races also suffer for this. dark castles in the sand. and all will be washed away. He tells me human ETs that look just like us visited him and told him that he was a good student but he needed to back off and chill out for awhile. deception are the tools of the predator and only build cyclical illusionary wealth and power. A new day dawns on earth and in space from a night that many thought would never end. When I write something like this it 230 . Secrecy. the honest. these are the front lines of the struggle and this is the position of earth and its mankind. The tide will rise. different strategies for the satisfying of need and desire. It is not the way of the righteous to make such secret alliances and so the benevolent extraterrestrial races must act in ways that are compatible with righteous action. the truthful. All will be made clear in time as the time for waiting has ended. The streams of love and compassion will flow once again on earth. Responsibility for the current situation is only partly in the hands of mankind because other more advanced races are involved. The most powerful weapons of the righteous are exposure and revelation but these must be used in a precise and timely manner. The righteous quietly observe and prepare for the time when the predator moves and is fully exposed. the sea will come rushing in. to illuminate. a cosmic struggle has been going on for a long time in both heaven and on earth as described in religions of both the east and the west. (Note: I wrote this after a Internet contact called me that has been following up on much of my material for months to verify it for himself. I find this is a interesting verification of my material. The earth and its mankind are imbedded in universe of higher and lesser intelligences all with different motives and agendas. These secret alliances are also not in the interests of those extraterrestrial races that choose cooperation over competition. The situation on earth is complicated by the fact that earth’s mankind is not evolving on its own but is being influenced by other cosmic intelligences for different ends. This struggle is at its most intense on emerging worlds and civilizations. The struggle is an enduring struggle between two competing universal strategies one of competition and predation and the other cooperation and mutual benefit. always subject to periodic collapse and renewal. these qualities endure. He says he was not supposed to contact anybody about this but just had to tell me. There are those predatory extraterrestrial races that have secretly made contact with entrenched planetary special interests and have created unholy secret alliances that are not in the interest of all of mankind. It has not been easy to patiently wait.

It seems to me that young people are preparing themselves for a world where simulations will be perceived to be just as real as the reality in which we live. I wish to address those youth of today who are experimenting and playing for hours daily with virtual reality simulations. Humanity seems to be on the verge of something very big and it already is creating a huge generation gap between the young and the old. This emerging human evolutionary trend is pointing in the direction of what I call a supercivilization or others call a hyper-civilization. Many of us are already speculating that we are a primitive proto-civilization embedded in a vast complex of super-civilizations. Obviously we seem to have the protection so far of a least one benevolent super-civilization or else we would be gobbled up and enslaved by a malevolent one if what we see in nature around us is any guide.does not seem to be coming totally just from me but I remain somewhat skeptical and am not holding my breath that the ETs are about to break the coverup as they seem to be indicating. From what little I have observed of today’s youth and their obsession with Internet virtual reality games is that most of these games seem to be oriented around destruction and violence and seem to bring out the worst in people. I think this is pretty much an outgrowth of their involvement in societal decline and the lack of understanding as to how to channel creative abilities in more beneficial and positive directions.) Where Are The Virtuous Simulations? It would seem that the youth of both yesterday and today begin learning on their own by trial and error. These allow us to exist at their discretion and only allow limited and gradual contact so as to not destabilize and destroy our emerging primitive society. It is only with time and painful experience that young people may begin to turn away from using their creative abilities for destructive pursuits and apply themselves constructively. Somehow which I do not yet understand. So I have to ask. Some of these virtual reality programs represent or simulate very violent and denigrating events and present a very dark and dangerous vision of future society. At this point we consider ourselves living in a real world that somehow nature or God created and we just play the game as it has been set out for us. not thinking that we have the ability to change the reality game in any drastic way. Of course many will fall by the wayside or else become entangled in the prevailing autocratic dog eat dog culture as they mature and have families to support. artificial simulations will be integrated into reality in the future in a way that will create a new or many multiple realities that are a composite of both reality as we know it and artificial reality. Where are the simulations that promote virtues rather than vices and that work to simulate and create a bright future? My guess is that they are coming as more of our youth realize the harm they are doing to themselves and others by indulging themselves in programs 231 . It may well be that our kids creating and living in virtual reality are on the verge of breakthroughs that make them co-creators of reality itself. first using their creative abilities in destructive ways that makes a mess out of their lives.

It’s time to wake up from your simulated dark dreams to create a bright new world for yourself and the rest of humanity don’t you think? Lifeline To A Youth In Distress Many young people as they are growing up begin to feel the suffocating effects of our modern autocratic materialistic culture in their early teens. truthfulness. Is this the future you want to create for you and your family after you grow up? If this is not what you want then you need to make a major course correction soon. It’s a dark Orwellian future the kids are creating and it is following along destructive guidelines presented by their parents in real life. the selfishness. I realized that anomalies were windows into a more expansive reality and by pursuing them I could know that reality. even cumulative little white lies. because one cannot know truth without being truthful both to others and to oneself. I latched on to some very fundamental equations as to the nature of life and living. Is this going to be good enough for you? You are peering into the abyss through your simulations. Some I discovered from investigation and research and some came to me out of the blue. where life as they know it is just not worth living and they begin to contemplate suicide. the lies. Lies no matter if they are just for entertainment purposes. There came a time. peace. fracture the personality. Because wither you realize it or not you are building your future right now and you will have to live in it when it arrives. mental and emotional discipline etc.that strengthen vices and weaken virtues. the violence or are you falling into a dark future that your parents and you have created for yourself? If you have looked into the abyss and don’t like what you see then start building simulations to live and play in that promote virtues like love. In a few years some find themselves falling into a painful and horrible existential crisis. So you young people this is my challenge. 232 . integrity. clear thinking. I understood that to know this more expansive reality I would have to stop all lying. the deception. care. I realized right away I needed some kind of roadmap to carry me through to eventual stability. a cross roads. happiness and peace of mind. It was at this very critical juncture a door opened and the vast awesome nature of the universe began to pour into my mental and emotional conceptual and perceptual prison. Lies are poison to the truth seeker. You have the creativity and the power and I suggest you use it constructively. It was very confusing at first as I worked to sort out the real from the imagined. when unless I could envision a brighter more expansive future I was ready to die. Do you really think that this is all harmless entertainment. and destroy integrity. It’s a dark sophisticated future extension of a dark present and past. compassion. In my early years I was no exception. trust.

Once I dropped out of society to live a simple frugal self sufficient life. 233 . I realized that emotional states both constructive and destructive were like places and that by pursuing certain disciplines like meditation I could alter or move from a destructive depressive state to a constructive mental and emotional state of great beauty. I built my thinking and my life on the shoulders of those that came before and it behoves me in my own small way to do what I can for others yet to come. In my later years in old age I am trying to get down into print something of what I have learned so that future generations can benefit from my life’s experiences and have hope that they too can have a bright future if they are willing to build it. I realized that I most likely was an eternal being inhabiting a body to gather knowledge and experience in a very advanced virtual reality setting. it would be pretty stupid to commit suicide because then I would have to come back again and again to deal with this destructive habit and that it might take very painful experiences to break his habit. I also realized that if this was so. It was at this point that I was fully prepared to search out the unknown. After a few years work on myself I was able to do this and have never looked back. happy and bountiful. happiness and peace of mind. The way to go was to level off the manic – depressive cycle and work for a gradual progressive beneficial psychological state else I would be trapped in this cycle. It will be the new generation that will have to turn things around one individual at a time. love and other disciplines to establish myself in higher states of consciousness. Yes our civilization is in decline and many are being crushed. I had to find a natural way through meditation. I realized that while some psycho-active drugs could open windows into higher states of consciousness they could never be used to access those states of existence permanently and continued use would destroy both body and mind. I found out that I had to pace myself and put my live on an even keel. Today with modern virtual reality games it is easy to see that it won’t be long before our civilization we will have the capability to create and live in simulations that will be indistinguishable from reality as we know it.I realized that the means dictates the end result and that a destructive means could not in the long run give a constructive end because the means and end were in reality one. but what does not kill us can make us stronger. create a positive vision and then live out that vision. We can collectively change the dark Orwellian future created by past generations before us to a future that is bright. but over time one can get control over ones mind and emotions just as one learns to control the body as a little child. I realized that the body was a machine and that if I used up a lot of energy then later I would have a collapse until my body built up its power once again. Meditation is difficult to begin with because the restless mind out of control does not want to be disciplined. a gradual psychological incline. I had the time to do all this inner work and so cleaned up my act mentally emotionally and physically. A destructive means creates an eventual destructive end even if in the short run it may appear otherwise.

This young man is having anomalous experiences and is trying to make sense of it all. This article is to help if possible. I have been diverging of late from strictly exopolitical writing but its all connected.(Note: This article is in response to a young man who contacted via the Internet who is going through very difficult times. I think we.) 234 . in the exopolitical field. I hope this article will be useful to him and others of his generation who read it. need to address ourselves more to the youth of today who will inherit the mess we are now in.

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