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$4tcmber 20, 2000

Allan t. Metzgcr,MD las Angeles,CA 90048 C d: RE: Public Lettcr of Reprimand- Physician Surgeon :260? Dcil Dr. Metzger: uT mrdical pra+ticrbxtd on prescriptions iiltt for an intErnatiocal Yau cngagedin fraudulenr r4r$rliner" using r fal#t'fictitious nante. Tht* actionsare in violation of thc Califsrnis Codesection2?31endlleslft ind Safetl'Codesection | 1I ?3. Busincssrnd Pr+fessioos Code,*ection 2233, you arc and ro Pur5uanr rheaurhoriryof tireCalifomia Busincss Frofessions by hertby issuedthis Fublic Letter of Reprinrand fic Medicel Board of f;lifornta, Sinccrcly,

Executive Dirtctor

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