The Hand of Fate (Hidden Rapture) Roumelia Lane

It had seemed like the best solution! Robert Colby was gravely ill when his brother, Trent, sent for the girl Robert loved. So it was too late to tell them they had the wrong girl that Lucy Miles had written to Robert using Vivienne's name and sending her photograph. And that was how Vivienne found herself in Tangier, trying to deceive Robert, to make his last months happy ones. But her deception became doubly difficult when she realized that she was in love with the wrong brother!

Copyright: ROUMELIA LANE Original Title: "HIDDEN Rapture"

Originally published in 1978 by Mills & Boon Ltd.. London, England.


You could easily hear the noise of a clamp down on the floor between the rows of desks in the company of Reimbursement Postal Betchfield. One minute later, when the bell rang, marking the end of another working day, the confusion started with the staff running the corridors. In the section of hardware, the conversation inevitably giravam around the hours of rest and the favorite subject: men! “I am dying to get home! “Exclaimed Sandra Gates, a girl high and decided, to forward it to the exit. “I put my scarf with white skin. Brian was a glow in your eyes ... I am sure that today he will appear with a ring. “Wow, you really think will be sought in marriage? “Brenda Wallis, a young dreamer of eighteen years, watched with envy as if trying to balance on your heels. “Girls do not think that life is easy for married “said acide Betty Sherman, a woman tired face, the mother of two children. “Take care of home is no joke. Nobody peg aria me more, if you could go back. “You could not choose, Betty “Hazel Hughes said, a happy girl. “The secret is not to seize the first to appear, but expect to know the right man. “It means someone with lots of money “said Monica Randall, a girl with air intelligent, famous for its cunning. “That's right! “Hazel said with aplomb. “I think that today the least it should do is measure the man by the luxury that he can offer. I bet that no single girl who does not agree with me. “Less Vivienne. All eyes turned to the same direction and someone joked: “Vivi is very mysterious. She never speaks of her boyfriends. “Yes. Never heard of the others. “Sandra, who had no other subject than its achievements, looked with incredulous air and the girls wanted to know. “Come on, Vivi, why you never talk about their boyfriends? “The answer is very simple “noted Vivienne frankly, retiring in the middle of the girls. “Not dating anyone. The shouts of protest was interrupted by the voice of a little pedantic Betty Sherman. “She is speaking the truth. Vivienne happens that I know for a long time and never saw her in company of one of the opposite sex.

The joke turned into surprise and regret and Pat Garma, who was home at the end of the thirty, gemeu: “Who was that guy who said that youth was wasted on the young? Look at my picture, is to make you green of envy. Natural waves and everything! “Move into your hair hard, full of tips. “There is no justice in this world! Vivienne smiled quietly, as it always did at those times. She also no longer considered a couple. It was a sensible girl of twenty-three years, and who was sinking his heart find traces of bitterness and sorrow. “I give you some advice, Pat “as someone suggested left in dark and wet afternoon. “Let's dance all night. On Saturdays, many people and you never know what can happen. “I will try again “Pat joked, accepting the game. They fired happily before being lost among people who go to the main gates, some with motorcycles, other, more fortunate, with their cars, leaving behind those who would walk. Vivienne was one of those who crossed the iron bridge that led to the hostel name. Below, the current of the river covered the rocks with white foam. It was a lucky Betchfield to be located near the city. Around the field there, where you could walk in pleasant nights or on weekends hot. Sound of metal of the bridge, she went to tile expenses of the house. While increased, do not bother with muffled his footsteps on the stairs of stone, and with the squeak of the steel handrail that went to the fourth floor of the hostel. Some time ago, deliberately chosen this environment cold and impersonal, and it was agreed. On the second floor, was slightly surprised to see an open door in the hallway, against the light, there was a thin figures in a dress that seemed too large. “Lucy! “Exclaimed, looking concerned for the freckled face. “I saw that you were not working today. Are you sick? “No, I'm fine. “The girl sadly bit the corner of his handkerchief drenched. Then raised his pale eyes, with tears shining in cilia redheads. “Oh, Vivi, was a horrible thing! “It should not be that bad! “It seeks to resuscitate her, Vivienne got into his arm. “Come, tell me everything. Lucy Miles had the room next to that of Vivi and had more or less the same age. Lucy came from the field. The service was clumsy and always worked with great concentration. His hands and his feet seemed too big for their fragile constitution than wearing nothing and built it well. But Vivienne recognized sincerity and affection behind the appearance of Lucy out and become more connected to her than anyone else. Entering the room, went up to bed. The furniture was simple and very modest. A suitcase and some large suitcases occupied the area along the only free wall. “What's wrong? “Asked, hugging her. “Is there a problem at home? Vivienne had no close relatives, and on one occasion, Lucy had gone with the halfruined house a few miles of the city. I knew the story of her family. His father had lost his hand in a tractor accident and his mother and two younger brothers worked hard to care for the land they had. Lucy, who loved the outdoor lifestyle, working in Betchfield came to help the family. “No, everything is going well. I got a letter this morning “like, with eyes full of tears, a repressing solutions. “It's another letter. And all that I wrote. Contains nothing for you ...

The doctors think that only has a few more weeks of life. why . devoid of everything that was not forsaken. putting the photo on the bed. Dermott knew him through people that came out last year and thought he would have someone to animals. “Vivienne asked. “Oh. Lucy “Vivienne said. The Mrs. He was player of rugby and has a beautiful physical . “I mean. with Robert since that night before Christmas? “Every week “Lucy agreed.. but before I left asked her to give me one of the addresses. “His name is Robert Colby. Arrived this morning. Vivi! I do not know what got into me.. Look! “Fidgeting in your dress.. “Letters From what you are talking about? And that should have told me? For a moment it seemed that she would not give any coherent answer. Lucy again twisting the scarf. “It seemed like a trapped animal in a trap and had a wild glow in their eyes. the words of the letter was brief and formal. It was just before Christmas. . I want to come here as soon as possible “of course at my expense.. with air shot: “Remember when we went to the club and a women's church has told us that we could give a little happiness to the less fortunate? “Mrs. “I understand.." I have the unpleasant duty to inform you that the state of health worsened Robert. “At least there is something you can do.. Vivi! “The tears of Lucy back again. “It was not a confession. “I “Vivienne said with a smile.. “He is beautiful! “Said. “We love. “Oh. " Despite the tragedy implied. is not it? Some three months. full of force. “Yes. confused.. “Depending on the mail. Look at me! “Has wiped eyes. with effort and wipe the tears began to explain. “Well. “I wanted so much to all of that right! Robert wrote a letter so beautiful that he wanted me I would like to e.. It seems that there is no hope. went for something in a drawer.. It has twenty-four years. said pensive: “I never dated anyone. “You can go see him. something like a deep pain . But her friend looked at it with much sadness that she remained silent. . kindly. "Dude . looking at it. up to two times per week. because I read what was below. but a statement pure and simple. It has a muscular problem and can only ride a wheelchair. Dermott and letters to the outside? “Vivienne reflected smiling. get a letter.and now . It was signed: Colby Trent. Vivienne flatten the folded paper. Came the first letter. “Read.. between them. but . as if recalling the first letters we exchanged. “Lucy “Vivienne interrupted gently “you're telling me it has responded with . he added.”I do not know else to do. “Do not you understand? I can not! “Lucy exclaimed. trying to understand. Lucy agreed. Lucy agreed. and the crumpled handkerchief with sharp fingers. then you become friends? “Vivienne asked. Do not Miss Blyth realized immediately that the letter was addressed to her. Vivienne saw the smiling face of a young blond. and then. “Do not you understand! Robert will die. He wants to meet you. “See the picture of Robert. if you love it. I remember. But then. looking at her friend with anguish.. Then with a sigh. “Almost tore the handkerchief with nervous hands.. encabulada: “Contains nothing for you. “Vivienne tried to cheer her.

“But I had to write as if Vivienne Blyth. and it was always me who had the cards for you. Then. “Yeah. “I? “Vivienne was amazed. the easy laugh. “Remember that you gave me for Christmas? A leather frame? Yes. Robert said it was the following letter. is not the end of the world. “You are a person as sweet and kind that I know more. to work instead. Otis tells us we should always save a copy of everything. But we were not going so well that I would ruin everything. Furthermore. His signature was there. I wanted to read what I had written when receiving your response. Led to my room the letters of Robert. Vivi. “You mean this whole time he wrote to Robert using my name? “It is .. only forms and circulars. “Lucy. “Yes “a friend said with firmness. “But an idea is absolutely crazy! You can not go right. smiled at Lucy. “You're doing a favor to Robert. so there is only one exit. You can stay with them. with some kind of license to you. But does not realize that I do not know anything about the relationship of you two? About what we talk? “I have all our cards. You have to go see him. I understand all this confusion and I think it would be unthinkable to tell the truth to Robert now. “How is that committed the cruelty of destroying everything that Robert built the head.. “She began to wail in the plunger handkerchief “I can not .. Although a little confusing.. I wanted to tell him what I had done. and so little time of life? No. “You never get much mail. Vivienne. “Of course you knew that would not go right. The machine had captured the smile on their lips but not the shadow that was behind. Vivienne remembered. . “Tangiers! “The ground seemed to open before Vivienne and she felt as if I were on the verge of a huge hole. Lucy made the dry eyes furiously and Vivienne began to understand. a kind of nervousness. have seen a change noted in subtle Lucy in recent months: the animation that was sometimes on his face. We can not destroy their happiness now. remember. I am confident that Robert will not bother you when you know that the girl who was writing to him all this time. “Lucy seemed devastated. “Robert is going to die. “He believes that you are the lady who wrote the letters. Vivienne began to reflect. “She seemed to have taken a decision. “You can read everything you write.. you should go to Tangiers. and will be knowing how to act. what I did when I wrote to Robert. “Lucy straight body. “Bought new wave of tears. Well. Tomorrow. “Well. “Shyness led the prayer.. decided to air. It was a beautiful picture . and not by me. “Lucy fungi.. “Just a little. “The freckled face seemed more hopeful. Now that you know. “We can not tell it now! “The voice of Lucy showed her horror. “I knew. Will be the end of Robert if he finds out! You do not understand? He is in love with girl's photo. She also recalled that there was an inscription written in a lively song and signed. And for me too. Am I entitled to a month's vacation. “The Mrs. “But why? “Kindly asked the friend.told him his picture! “My picture? “Yes! “Lucy suffocated a hiccup. I really intended to tell the truth and now . Lucy! “Embraced the Vivienne.. more! “Oh.

“Was so sure you would agree to help me! I know I made a silly sending your photo. claims that the state of know Robert. Young. While struggling to rebuild their lives away from the allure of exotic places.“Yes. while loathe to agree with the plan. “If there was another exit.. bending it. but the tender relationship that had arisen between the two based on a lie. It has a very nice town . “I can go to Tangiers. The cobalt-blue sky. seeking to dispel the memory ardent Gary Thornton and idyllic months now together in that place. The next morning. and since the beginning. officials of the customs bored. despite the unhappiness of his unfortunate friend. but failed to see the courtyard of the factory barely illuminated by the light of lamps. told with the same air of supplication: “You do not know what you're asking me. The flight was calm. madly in love. Tangier! The city tried to forget it for four years. who anxiously waited to find the girl of his dreams. Robert lives there with his brother. but how could I imagine that things would end like this? Feeling pity. in front of you. But when they were landing at the airport of Bouhalf Souahel. She met his eyes wet with tears on the other side of the bed. Vivi! “The tears started again. in their tenderness. He is very rich. “Raised the chin. of the Arabs picked up. He spent the rest of the night was overturned in bed. excluding the idea of a novel or any contact with the opposite sex. Entered in the race riot and that the door to Africa sweaty boots and tattered by travelers dark clothes with native. depth is something obsessive and at the same time respect. The silence in the room was oppressive. Lucy helped get the bags. has a casino. parades alleys full of people and golden beaches. Lucy wanted for things like a flower in search of sun. out of his life. solved all problems and tearful farewell to. Vivienne was the way to the airport. before he was fired quietly. Vivienne looked at the head tilted. sent a telegram to Robert's house in Tangier.. Vivienne felt cold. and facing a painful mental conflict. Will could replace Lucy so convincing? Especially when your heart seemed made of lead . said voice with negligible: “Where are the letters? Vivienne spent almost all night reading the letters. full of life. was to end in suffering. “Oh. the distant minarets. “I know. He was an intruder invading sacred ground to witness the outflow of two young hearts. veiled women in the face and with typical native clothing. fearing that it back off if you do not agree. would request you to do this for me. Mal hear the last words. illuminated by the light pink . obsessed with the idea that Robert discover everything at the moment see. he was breaking his heart in a closed box of steel that would not be opened by any man. To write to Robert. met a need pathetic. Know that by merely matching Robert and Lucy had been in love only increased the concern of Vivienne. “I think the idea inconceivable. And why was his friend Lucy. I was upset at the irony of the situation. Vivienne thought the couple unhappy in Tangier.. turning his face pale. Lucy “said. Lucy. And around noon. a relationship that began with their typical. Vivienne stood up and was spying through the window.. winning with the enormous difficulty reluctant to put their feet on Moroccan soil.

But you need not believe. Walking without paying attention to anything. paper and stamps. “And making a signal to the employee high aquiline features that followed. “Ms. with hands outstretched. away from it like a dog called back from their owners. she tried not to look at the landscape. “You will write with great regularity. insightful and somewhat obscured. ending with a loving kiss. you understand? It was impossible to ignore the strength of personality of that man. near Christmas. Recompôs up. pointedly. “A start for a novel and strange. The vision of palm and red clay houses of a revived ancient pain. “I do not believe it “he said briefly. evaluating it with his eyes cold. When after a few seconds away from the airport. moving them with his air of icy indifference. completed: “You are here because Robert asked.from the sun in the afternoon. Noticing a few minutes after that was being observed. Mechanically. Suddenly an order sounded sharp in terminal air tired and figures. Every time you want to go back. I do not remember! That slim girl of all-green leaves and white blouse. The car is waiting outside. “I myself “she said coldly. He had reached that stage of authority that is revealed in its air decided. why trust you to do so happy as he deserves. I have a lady in my loving arms and not by proxy. She noticed the grimace skeptical in his mouth and said: “Almas sisters do not need physical contact “she said. Vivienne came in the back seat. Vivienne Blyth? “Although the voice was clear and deep blue eyes looked skeptical as it is to compare the photo sent by Lucy. no? Pen. “Vivienne repeated the words of Lucy. he passed by those nasty men. Since we met. Poorly paid attention in the man who sat by her side. the staff providing transportation. “Rob talks about you all the time “said Colby Trent. brother of Robert. the aroma of mimosa flower and lemon sharpened their pain. His blue eyes were penetrating. “You did not approve my coming. is not it? “Every week. male. Especially when the two never met. employees of hotels. Blyth? Srta. Abdul. “I believe in love at a distance. She would never forget. I do not want Robert is hurt. “Robert and I knew we had been made for each other almost from the beginning. noticing only that seemed too big in his impeccable suit. straightening the body. as a man who hides his pain. as he light a cigarette. The four years had not advanced. “This does not help to slow it! “She noted. his presence was causing confusion. it was inevitable the guides stuck elusive. huh? “Vivi asked coldly. give up. recalled that he had scared a role to play. “Getting it by the arm. And while it does not pay attention to those men with dark clothes and dirty turbans of wool. And. Stopping in front of the huge black car. “I Trent Colby. When I was the age of Robert. dressed in gray and wearing a red has opened the door. but it is always green in Africa. In light of the sun that he. upholstered with great luxury. ripping the heavy veils of her memory as a kind of sword. fixing his eyes on it. which is offered screaming and weeping. Had to endeavor to fulfill its mission because of Lucy. a man face close to awful. . Across the confusion. he added: “Abdul will take care of your luggage. stop everything because you think made a mistake.

without forgetting that we never speak of his illness. and men too. It has the appearance of a girl who knows the life. Seeing her look. “The Trent hoped that meant that it always sees the hand of his brother. You do not have time for walks. The floor was carpeting and the seats had their arms covered.. examining it closely. Vivienne has said: “You were terribly wrong that can be a... lived just like a hermit. Vivienne. Thinking of Lucy and their tears last night.. the great mosque. or better. before his illness. barely noticing that they were entering the city. with all its cynicism. It is up to you to provide the company you need. Rob can not leave the house and he expects to be at his side. Despite having decided to remain indifferent. with white walls and red roofs. my respect? Women tend to love letters ... While up. perhaps because there was also the pain of it “but not regrets. It was obvious that she and Colby Trent were not to be okay.. very luxurious. . Abdul ran with all the care.A smile threatened unpleasant appear on your lips.. as will now be part of the family! “Mock him. How come. . the minarets and domes. “Why the connection with Robert? You do not seem the type who meets with a novel on paper. Vivienne looked through the window. Protecting the very patient brother. She noted with disapproval everything. The wrists were tied by the shirt with gold cufflinks and a watch also partially covered with gold. “It would stop arguing with that man negligible. this fatal disease . with sarcasm: “I advise her to get the most out of sight. Well. He was at his side with his invincibility hateful. giving orders quietly. Colby Trent said. and going to the suburbs. The suit of Colby Trent was one expensive fabric in a beautiful shade of blue. In sloping land had a house in Moorish style. “Not yet had the opportunity to express my regret at the state of Robert . the feeling was mutual. “But you must have taught him everything I know. Blyth . “Ms. when it comes to dealing with flighty temperament of women.. Do not advance anything. The car changed direction and she saw that they were leaving behind the wide boulevards. They were passing through the gates of a property located above the city. “I count on you. arches and stairways in snail. when you know . Knew how he earned the life and thought that a man who used to live the rich deserve their contempt. Bitterness was something that had to spare. you will not be here. saw the glance ocres the walls of Old City and Casbah. he thought. because of Lucy.. “If he had heard me. Despite the authoritarian attitude. “I can say the same about you “said. “Rob knows that life is short “his ramblings were interrupted abruptly. “Naturally. anyway. he was cagey about to clearly express their dislike for her. The landscape that tried to remove the memory for so long made to disturb it. I always knew I faced his illness and that things continue like this. so macho. He gave a look at the interior of the car.. Behind the division of blue glass. you will have to continue what began with Rob and love. Vivi shook up enough to respond: “I do not believe that Robert. “The words seemed trivial and false. thought she should say something. as similar to those of any other city. “My brother has only twenty-four years “he said. smiling slightly. “A child.

Come dinner in an hour. asking a French intonation: “The need to miss anything else? “No. thank you.“We call Kouda “Colby Trent said with abrupt way. with all the refinement of decor. which was stowed a table with glasses of crystal and silver shiny. she felt the scent of wood from your lotion to shave. It would be difficult to steer. The food came in a silver cross. After you get your things. get ready for dinner. so I got a job nearby. “I would have to be very tough to complain of something “she replied calmly. “Have you ever lived there? “I was born elsewhere. you can hire a girl to help her. but she noticed the contraction of your smile. But they were quiet and discreet. to see the rich carpets and old furniture. and slightly tilting the head. “Good night. was taken to a spacious bedroom. The carpet was red. Your nerves are tauten while paint. left the room. heat it had dark eyes and a smile outlined in their lips thin. Was to calculate the value of the decoration of the house. Work it. “I think that Rob used to write letters to you were sent to a town called Ayleshurst. “Means "The Hill". Inside the house. He dismissed one that I had sat. he returned with an unfriendly smile: “Rob throws up to six. “From what I saw when I went there “he said with a smile of doubt “the city seemed unable to keep up. pulled the curtains. which was the main entrance. Abdul. his brown eyes looked a little clearer than his hair dark. “I hope you found everything in order in your room. I went there a few years ago. Colby Trent was waiting. The finely carved chairs had high backs. but on the other side of the staircase has a room illuminated by a light pink. the more job offers. You will have to wait until tomorrow to meet you. Through the mirror. “As she climbed the stairs behind Abdul. Entered the room without realizing that the light highlighted her hair and pale in his arms naked. with a waistcoat and striped trousers bufantes. The time passed quickly. and taking your purse. Without much interest. You can leave! “Despite the daunting air. he added. “Do not worry. “There is a huge company for reimbursement in the postal area. as if it just remember: “In this house there are only men. Abdul stopped the car on a terrace in front of the house. “There was sarcasm in his voice again. thick and soft. I can take care of me. The calm of Vivi continued unchanged until climbed the ladder. “And it is true “Vivienne replied in the same tone. “He served again for food. he entered one of the doors that were below. where the dark floor reflected the soft lighting. “He spoke as if they were old friends. and this only served to increase the aversion I felt for their owner. After passing through a corridor tiles. During the dinner. The waiter lit the lamp in a bathroom with reddishbrown tiles. “With your family? “No. . Vivienne. they crossed an orchard of plum and orange and passed through a grove of cedars. “As you wish. The bed was covered with a quilt adamascada in Moroccan style. Trent Colby had a friendly conversation that Vivienne would have preferred to avoid. brought by a gallant figure. which was called Momeen. near Oxford. return the smile as she went Abdul. If you want. I know it vaguely. “After this concise information. I like the place. afraid that it could be a sign of lying. Of marble steps led to the lower arch.

After dessert. “You do not seem the kind of girl who only meets with it. grabbing the opportunity to make a monotonous job and using Robert as an excuse. “No way. The desire to experience life in a house Moorish luxury and spend carefree time. You will be disappointed if you do not follow. with a bright eye color of hazelnuts “I am sorry if that disappoints the.. But I think you are not able to advise me as to what should be your brother. “I swim well . He can swim well. full of force. replied.. She left a note of mockery in his eyes of steel. If it were not for love. Rob spends almost all the time in the pool. recumbent on the chair with a bored expression. What would Robert think of her? Will find out anything? Trying to control the nerves. Poor Lucy! With a cold anger. “He shot the smoke of cigarette. commenting: “I think you will enjoy your stay in Tangier. “Then he added. “She replied a little uncertain. “But it is true. There were the roofs of Casbah of the fibers to touch your heart. lightly “I'm just a girl that works. she began to observe the night. The ground was getting dangerous.. is not it? “Do not tell me! “He continued. This kind of interview with Trent Colby was becoming very unpleasant. Then he relaxed and throwing the tip of the . and also realizing it. “An opportunity to live somewhere exotic. But the worst was still to come. so I had stood up and was no hurry to look for the windows. “Stop thinking that Rob is invalid. “I am here because Robert needs me. The brightness of steel eyes seemed slow. “So you heard that I have a casino? “He put his hand in the pocket of black pants that look sharp and immaculate still focussed on the question: “You do not approve? “Not interested. she said with a tremor in the voice: “I am confident that I will find Robert as attractive in person and in letters. a mousse light and delicious.. “She made a gesture for mobile workers in addition to terraces lit windows. Colby Trent came to his side. Vivienne felt his face burning. maybe.. “I came to ride. So that was it! Ali was the origin of his sarcasm veiled and their suspicions! Trent thought she was wanting to lead a good life. “She continued eating.“A fish in the middle of the ocean! “His eyes were frankly asked. I thought . The blue eyes are slightly narrowed. She felt observed by the smoke. His illness allows him to devote himself to all activities enjoyed by other young people. “What will be interesting to see you before you react. with his usual hostile air: “What's wrong? Afraid to think in physical contact with a boy who never saw? Retrieving up almost immediately. he added: “You will find much to do in this house. Noting also the Grand Mosque and the city spread bathed in a light greenish-white. offered a cigarette. the thin minarets pointing to the fluorescent blue of the sky full of stars. shrinking the shoulders. using all his calm: “I think that impresses me. that would travel a distance so great? “For many reasons.. but . lowering the cup of coffee. It is more or less what I expected “replied. “I do not want to associate myself with such wealth. Trent said. dropping it after the white teeth closed.

“Is that why you chose? “She is amazed with his courage in challenging a man that is wanted. Vivienne. “Tomorrow you will have a very full day ahead. Later.. who behaved like a leopard taking care of a wounded puppy. modern disks and stuff. the buildings tall and white and the hotels in Tangiers on verge of golden beach. The revival around the pain in your heart still hurt. illuminated by light pink in the morning. accepted by the royalty and the wealthiest members of our society. I was in a strange house in Tangier. would remove too sweet memories. When the curtains opened. speaking of work. listening to the car to depart while puxava of the covered bed. She would have to be careful. jasmine and dust of the streets. The first thing I felt was the familiar smell of the city: spices. it was as if you were still dreaming. he ignored the provocation. when agreed. she could see a room similar to that at dinner the night before. What had done to deserve such punishment? The feeling of desolation lasted little. I have to leave. and thus with the head up and go strong. mainly to protect Robert's true. Vivienne knew why. but had not taken into account the presence of his guardian. Trent would be ruthless with anyone who did his brother suffer. Closed his eyes as if. Good night. On each side. Will had done well? She had agreed. Using a striped dress and straw sandals. but the door of the tower farther away. and the avenue Pasteur Hotel El Riadh. almost hidden by palms. if I were you. The sea was blue in the distance. The Casbah. but I'm tired. sandalwood. representing the role of another girl in a tragic and dangerous. Those who remained beneath the arches appeared to be apartments for guests. And somewhere down there. Vivienne. “Incidentally. Vivienne made to feel afraid. There was only a bit of antagonism in their expression severe. appearing between the tips of dark cypresses. spoke with familiarity: “You are old. The training of four years was not in vain. there were two white towers with the main rooms of the house. “Surprisingly. There are books in the library and music . could crush her simply by the force of his personality. Jumped in bed knowing that it was easier to relieve their misery in the cold sky and away from England. was to bathe and get dressed. dotted with boats near the port. “She realized that he wanted to always have the last word. The large desk was shaded by a row of arches similar to the ground floor. with that. Will some day she would remember that night where he met with Gary for the first time? His fingers tighten the curtain.. He heard the sound of the engine that became more distant and felt his heart beat discomposedly. CHAPTER Two The sleep was restless and. go to the glass door of his room. “Back up. Rob is the expected and should not be anything that disappoint. The decor . On the right. “Thanks.cigarette in an ashtray. the square houses with their facades of pastel colors. I think going to my room. It is a kind of profession. “It would. “Have fun as you want. showed the house with your hand. “Maybe. The game currently is a fun respectable.

Imagining that the pool was that way. “This is Haroun. There was no sign of him now. A vein in his throat began to throb. Inside. His hair was very blond. if Trent would not have planned it. To save time. without any constraint. “Vivi! You finally came! “With hands held by surprisingly strong fingers. confess that it was an impostor. the heart of Vivienne began to beat hard. Robert described it superficially. He smiled. following the sound of voices. but with a masculine touch in Mouriscas filigree lamps in carved chests and accessories of leather color. . There was an external staircase at one end of the counter. even beautiful! “I give my opinion on you not to let him vain “Vivienne said. eager to make the most of his last moments of happiness . full of tears. you may e. His sandals barely played in colorful mosaic. creepers and shrubs around a swimming pool blue. When approaching the boy sitting in a wheelchair.. The . And with a laugh. She asked. “Your hair is like the photo! “He extended his hand and let the wires pass through the silky fingers. a clear coat and a turban. similar to those of Trent. a guy in a wheelchair.was mostly French. feeling the heat of the sun on the head and. the palm trees and rose. laughing. and then go. thick and smooth. but the smile has not left his lips or his eyes. she was there and now there was no more escape. which led to the terrace where the car had left the night before. Trying to calm down. curiously. Swallowed the tears. added: “Funny. an employee. Fitou her a pair of blue eyes a little darker than those of Trent. Naturally. a step that led down to another terrace. I was being sincere. An incredible distance to cross! And no presentation.. Robert was there. Walking with a natural grace. irritated. Vivienne had noticed huge man and thought he was an employee. all that plan seemed very crazy. feeling powerless. and another. All this was only found in very luxurious homes. and see if discovered something to say. is appalled by the cruelty of fate. but his thick thighs and muscular arms were full of depressions. turning slightly to the wheelchair to present the man who was standing behind. so there should be a garage somewhere. made no effort to agree on the role play. Abdul was bigger than the biceps almost the width of the waist. He was very burnt. in the style of Versailles. Where would find courage to go there? Suddenly. but she understood that Haroun was to take care of him night and day. there was next to the sound of voices. a wheelchair. But inside it was the image of Lucy's face sad. The air was clear and smooth. but softer. There were people there. “Robert! I both know it! “Strangely. he looked with wonder and joy. No use. there were a number of palm trees and bushes in bloom. Separating the terrace from the rest of the property. a genius with air reminiscent of the gym instructor. she studied the young to shorts-suit with a look that reflect expected affection.. as I had won time. waiting impatiently for it. How can you think that would go right? Was willing to seek Trent Colby. He carries me to the water when I swim and put me in bed at night. as if it desintegrating inside. she was sure. they moved away timidly. but you are exactly as pictured. framing your features square. and life. After the grip of hands. Impeccable wore trousers. and down from his room. He felt a tightness in the throat. where high foliage. it is forced to remember. visible in his face.

Trent brought it to Marrakesh. of course. Vivienne! “His eyes met her before moving to a wheelchair. not show self-pity. Vivienne thought he was trying to westernize. so that the sun shone with a bronze reflex. “Do not bother me. “Vivi is everything I expected and more. of course. told him to Vivienne: “Haroun is teaching me Arabic. “The couple said good-tempered. “Turning up for it. as promised. However. He lives alone for so long that does not like to invade their fields. Should be at least ten or fifteen years older than his brother. with furniture for outdoor meals. the conversations that were unpleasant. They were chatting happily when she saw Trent from an opening high in some hibiscus. but in a rude way. passing over. Momeen wearing a white jacket with his gummy silk trousers. His hair was just a spark of the bay of Robert. Trent does not trust her. and the two laughed. she reflected with a bitter smile. Pair of clear. explained: “Trent was not very enthusiastic about the idea of a woman here at home. The difference between them was obvious.two were talking before we came. “Morning. pulling a chair for her. while Robert was courageous. However. was all hands to be a smart man. but to sit next to the brother. Surely he had been walking around. I am not exactly a lightweight and nobody wanted to accept this job. on the opposite side of the pool. like a maitre d'hôtel very stylish. muttered something to Haroun. while the other half was indescribable. . ostensibly disguising your tone cold. lord. Rob “said in tone of joke “this was full. I sounds like a camel clearing his throat. showing affection. As part of the pool nearest the house had a large circular platform. Robert wanted to know everything from that Vivienne arrived and brought them. “Try not to interfere “she replied. Shouted something to the large Moor. How do you feel now that loosen the string and gave a look? “Beautifully! “The young man extended his hand to get in it. There was no doubt that was an attractive man. Instead of flashy jacket he used the night before. Apparently. Haroun? Clear that the giant had not the slightest idea of what were talking about. I am about to admit that a woman decorated a place “Trent said softly. “The tribe believes it clear that all people are descendants of the Prophet. Robert explained: “The English of it is as bad as my Arabic. but was still attached to its eastern habits. was a perfect Arabic. so that's half up. probably to see the distance his meeting with Robert. “So. “I note the title “Robert said with a bright blue eyes. There is. while talking. first of anxiety “would have represented well their role? “After irritation. he had the relaxed air of a man but insightful self. With so little time! Vivienne took care not to show their reaction. Then got one for him. but had to admit he had something wonderful to come closer. but I get the way to get know a little of his life. well cut and silk shirt. and while talking. Robert them looked as if he had noticed some disagreement behind their smiles. Abdul. Abdul and the employee who served the dinner brought the breakfast. maybe "good morning" in Arabic. Of course she has not shown anything of what I was thinking and tried to appear at will when he approached. His face burned. But responded promptly with the deep voice of a genius friend: “That's it. but we understand.

struggling not to be stained. . Get up. This time. Vivienne. followed Vivienne Trent. “You know what was it done? Up a bundle of hay to the top of a crane to repair the pulley. While they were delicious. unable to face the look of it. “E is not alone. Haroun moved away slightly. And that time you got suspended in the air in a bale of hay on the farm of his father? You told me one of the letters. she made no effort to blush. the robe.The arrival of a tray with a silver teapots indicated that they were bringing the tea. you should be delighted with what we have to offer in Kouda. pushed by his assistant muscular. as he milk in tea. Fortunately. by the way they wrote. She is brave! “Robert said with pride. But. “We are not higher than an anthill. sat at a table and began to examine some papers that has a folder that brought Abdul. “But that birdie. “As a woman. openly examining your delicate shoulders and wrists while she took a fine roasted. honey was in Valencia. “You speak French very well. the long black dates of southern Morocco. “Miss. But to his dismay he accompanied to the pool and. Trent to face. I was so nervous that even where there was thought pitfalls. Momeen. “Do not like heights “Vivienne said. perhaps? Or duck fat? She talked happily in his native language. chose a seat where it back. He talked about everything. with great animation. it was late. If realized. as if it were routine. she thought Trent would disappear from view. is not remembered? “So you're the daughter of farmer? “Trent asked with sarcasm. but imagine how may have been. The table stowed on the roof was decorated with lilac and botõezinhos of pink. green figs and tangerines. And just so that she relax a little. Momeen was around to provide what was needed. but I do not think I can eat anything. Vivi “said Robert. Vivienne noticed immediately the breathtaking view. Rose by a ramp alongside the steps. What was wrong with being able to converse in the language most used in Tangiers? A lot of people currently speak French. Besides scabbardfish and other grilled dishes of seafood. a turkey. he had to decline the dates that he brought a second time. while Robert. for example the wonderful view of the Casbah and the boats in port “Trent said with a sardonic smile on his lips. After breakfast. to more than fifteen meters from the ground. “They are a wonderful way to start the day. He gave much attention to Vivienne. and so Robert was installed on the table. “But the lady ate less than one bird needs to fly by your garden. eager to leave it at will. to lamb and chicken liver. “Thanks “replied politely. “You're kidding. realized it was not representing their role well. She did not flaunt it. unfolding the napkin. “I have worked more on the farm “Vivienne said quickly. showing a gesture and a smile made clear that she expected some time pass between them. the arrival of a cart with the other dishes of the breakfast distracted the attention of all and then the conversation turned on the light prose that always accompanies a meal. “What courage! “Trent agreed. Instinctively. let me put on your plate a few more drops of the sun. came in his wheelchair. Vivienne thought that the dishes were to try any of the appetite Robert. investigating it with his blue eyes.

how I need you here by my side! “He pulled. “Do not worry “Vivienne replied. In oranges. Vivienne felt his heart beat rapidly. To hide the tension in his smile. but another man. in Moorish style. Vivienne could see women working Berbers. but looking at his brother. A source well sweetly in the center of a lake of tiles. I can help. surrounded by banana trees and palms. But now you can handle it. Robert asked: “He lived it. vines and jasmins. Vivi. but for now serves. The lips of their roçando Gary. others by cedars so beautiful as those ladeavam the way in .Vivienne sat next to Robert. hand in hand. was too much for her. Trent looked with air of doubt. “We are together. . Finally. but it was extremely tiring to have to always be on guard. finally. she noticed something deeper. said. Rob. On the other hand. But need not have worried. Neither is well accommodated. There were slopes covered with azalea flowers and white as snow. after so long. You know how long wait for this moment? For the first time. Passed by a white flag. live from the casino revenue. There seemed to be problem for him. Oh. But his smile was bitter. It may be too much for Vivienne. She would have driven a tank. but said something and Moorish disappeared. taking his hand. I need your love. examining them. Then passed through a shaded spot. “Kiss me. Maybe I will show her the property. turned up. a stranger. Looking at it with curiosity as she is away. but Robert was not interested in sight. the garden was more beautiful still. a quiet place away from noise of the city. then crossed several lawns and beds on platforms. “Vivi “he said. when he said with a smile: “I think I lived and I will do a tour. The torment of knowing that it was not Gary. a request for help that both touched his heart that she responded warmly: “Robert. Skewing the look of paper. smiling with his child. Haroun was pushing the wheelchair. Stopping the wheelchair in a place where the sea via a piece of blue between the trees. with plants in pots under vines of flowers. asking: “Who cuts your hair? You seem like a castaway! “Haroun. I had noticed a glimmer of fear and uncertainty in his blue eyes. some surrounded by extremely high Aroeiras. Vivienne is back inside. and are of the chair. But. Now that were alone. The sensation of the lips of a man. She noticed the look of it. just to get rid of Trent! Robert led the way and they surrounded the pool. Trent. willingly. Promise is still well in the chair. when it began to enter the eye in water. he would open his heart. Understood that Trent wanted to spend most of his time with his brother. Robert was also thinking that other people had in the pool. through the trees up the garden path. she moved the fingers in the blond hair. “Not as promising as the letters. Trent said dryly. with its mosaic dome and hidden by banks of flowers. had the effect of a lashing. Gary recalled was making a comment and hugging after. looking lips with a passionate intensity. “You and the chair weigh a lot. through the opening around hibiscus. the release Robert. Would have given anything for a break. just want your happiness. with a grimace of mockery in eyebrows: “Do not worry me. Trent should be very satisfied with their position in Tangiers. “There was malice in his eyes.

Hardly had time to relieve their stress. changed the subject. The silence was oppressive.With a shake in the heart. Hear the lark begin his flight. tried to talk about other things. no doubt! “I training. but Robert seemed not to have noticed. the dark waters of a lake reflected the high foliage of some vessels of stone covered with grass and on the other hand. “Really? I think it's all your invention. Vivienne match the look playful. hiding his emotion with a smile. And Vivienne listened carefully. saw it the thin pillars with arches of another flag in ruins. Vivienne delivered to Haroun and Robert went to his room. exhausted. He seemed disappointed. We will be very happy together. my dear. She roçou the lips on his forehead. Robert spent the arm on your waist. When? Desperately trying to remember. I do not want you to change. replied cheerfully: “Oh. where there is not standing. Looks like you told me one of his letters which are not maintained very well in water. he realized that he said the wrong thing. were at home. Only Robert. is not remembered? And you saved along with lavender and then sent me back a book of poems . “You can not forget that week! I sent you a flower of orange. Vivienne... “When you saw that had cared for me? Vivienne hoped that he felt their blood throb.. but the effort to say and do the right things. The sun was already high when they returned home. made the two of them talk. and singing. Later. I had managed to talk about what they would do in the future. convinced that. You may not grab me “joked. I am not as well “looked at the wheelchair “but I want you to see me in the pool. “Of course! But now I'm here and this is what matters. so you better be careful! “I swim well. very fragrant. I had no idea where they would eat. “For a girl so beautiful. where old and very high walls covered with flowers surrounding a flag in ruins. But is not important. and with all the calm. “I like his way. Not to have pushed the wheelchair. I like you anyway. But it was too dangerous. with a satisfied smile. Almost from the beginning. partly on relief and with a strange feeling of affection. Taking her hand with his fiery way. it could not hurt Robert. laughed perplexed. you have bad memory. the dark night surprise “he sweetly. took a shortcut between a clump of mimosas and soon after. “Fortunately. because once the house resonated the bell announcing the lunch. “Struggling to find the right words. Now swim well. “Really? “He looked haunted. The water reduces my weight and I can move as quickly as anyone else . Robert talked about the property. thus avoiding other errors. very early. Still holding his hands and pulling it gently so that it sat on the arm of the chair. that Trent had only wanted to deal with that business lunch or elsewhere in the house. which would of plum blossom and narcissus purchase a special. said as the controlled emotion: “Vivi. Why not ever remember the letters of Lucy? His memory was bad. Finally. who had never heard these words. Robert showed another path that led to a mysterious but charming place. But for a few moments. finding it difficult to control their content by being there.. . While the conversation was about general matters would not have to worry. saved the situation saying that it occurred at the time. whatever happens. but his smile was forced.

the heart of Vivienne guess. The banks can earn as you can lose. “To disguise the disharmony that was between her and Trent.. In other words. “You must respond to all. said crossing: “In the Cafe Anglais you can take anything from a cup of tea to a French cognac and stir it in the game rooms with sheets of all prices. “Everyone has equal opportunity. “I call it the subtle exploitation of human weakness. “Except. While for the man. Does not force anyone. he seemed quite excited to play with his brother: “How was business last night. he sent a gracious smile. say. I was there when we arrived. with that calm air. And the clientele is a mixture of Arabs from tunics and European royalty dressed in denim. she thought. “His breathing was wheezing. the constant change of scenery to compensate for the fact he can not leave the house. Unfortunately. because of Robert. had to admit. “What is that fools and their money are soon separated. while puxava the chair for her. The food. it's women. It would not bother with what it concerned. not lost its flavor in spite of coming from the other side. When entering the room. round a richly furnished room overlooking a garden full of roses and garden. Trent Why was that? He is not bothered to take money from gullible players and. But I found a guy with a turban of a driver of camels “Trent replied with a smile like the brother. perhaps. Across the hall to the front of the house accompanied by a tower of boxes Mouriscas via chests painted sculptures and Berbers. Lunch would be served in the left. answering with a smile: . Anyway. “Playing with food. although he thought that Robert was not easy to fool. “And is not the principles “continued Vivienne. “A smile hid his antagonism. Vivienne. was so concerned about what could arise in the conversation or feel that your taste. to common sense. “What comes directly to the coffers of the family. caring brother of a patient with a tenderness and affection. I think Tangiers is a place too beautiful to be spoiled by that kind of fun. the game has appeal to all senses. He shook his shoulders. the center of scented flowers and imagined that it was because of Robert. of course the best of French cuisine. Fortunately. In the casino all you do is provide entertainment to players. “Despite its efforts to brincalhona opinion. expenditure saved is not to provide distractions. And the fragile sex always finds a club to play a house of sin . It irritated.. “And passed the morning? “Trent asked courteously. Trent retorted the coup. “Do not worry. almost moving. the trap of a magician to capture souls.Robert hoped it below with Haroun. however. Vivienne noticed the elegant storage of dishes and crystal. “The game is part of human nature. was disturbed by causing Trent. only more experienced. Trent? Duchess discovered some disguised in Café Anglais? “None. Vivienne. The walk in the morning happy Robert. the cheerful touches to cheer “it. with ruined homes or in bankruptcy. naturally “said Vivienne. said laughing: “And I insist on having the last word. with flaming eyes toward Trent. “The casino of Trent is typically Moroccan “said Robert “with cages of parrots on the wall and the table lamps with fringes.

“Until tomorrow. before you install the side of the pool. Trent insisted that Robert was resting. I can not wait for sunrise. but strangely mild. but not what he suspected. Until later. he said. Robert was in the water. Now there was no reason for concern. And she had no choice but to leave their things in a chair and into the water. called it: “Come be dry. but the formal voice of Trent reminded him: “Dinner will be served at the same time. Vivienne could go to the room. close to the sun umbrellas. Vivienne down to the pool. he kissed his lips. quietly consulting their roles. She had reason to be concerned. “After that. turn up and lose all the races. Muscular arms raised in the air and playing in the water sparkling and she smiled to bet a race with Robert. need not be afraid to give any wrong answer or make one slip. Was ready to give an answer to the disarmament. which inevitably included several dives. the evening ended. Trent up and. But Robert. Although she nadasse well. agreed with a bitter smile that he would not stop to examine it microscopically until we all knew it. It seemed that Robert was determined to show her everything we could do in water. and a bathrobe. It appears that you have Robert in the palm of your hand. was he who got the last word. perhaps because she did not want to see him in carrying Haroun lap. He was already dressed to go to the casino. I lived. When the sun began to call. the conversation was less unpleasant. as it always was after lunch. but . Vivienne. What an amazing man! Why the left so nervous? Fact that she was representing a role. After being chased. Trent put the robe on his shoulders. but the time passed quickly and. Vivienne. had not yet conquered the fear of dining alone with Trent. Their eyes met for a moment. Robert then spoke. where they had dinner the night before. The day was wonderful. Trent. In the fourth. she was exhausted. Within the water. Haroun had placed Robert in a wheelchair and was approaching. Vivienne and Robert resting on chairs inflatable in pool. Robert was happy but a little pale and resigned to go to the room. I want to show the movement and how I lived in the pool. especially since Trent was also sitting there. obedient left the chair and swam to shore. called Robert. His tone did not accept defense. and he seemed exhausted. “And with that. Vivienne was constrained to take the robe. and your fingers to hold firm. Its strength to surprise. Trent in the waiting room that was illuminated for the roofs of the smoothly Casbah. calling attention to the time: “Almost two hours! Tell Momeen right to bring the dessert. holding it as if you wanted to dry it. with a sharp smile: “Congratulations. insisted. Wearing a green bathing suit that emphasized clear lines of his body. Vivienne. if wanting to show. The resentment took of her. And in time for fall. “Pulling it. His simple dress seemed moved along so much elegance. I had felt throughout his life. Once we sat down. When she returned. He extended his hand to help her up. But like all good things. but do not let that interfere. On entering the house. When Haroun again. And that was just the beginning. taking his robe. while upside down in your things. long before he arrived and has given good laughs while trying to get rid of your strong hands. It begins a half hour to cool. crossing the pool quickly. of course. Vivienne is expected to retreat into his room.“Every paradise has its serpent. at least for Vivienne.

“Of course. I have twenty-three. It was after. although it had. mainly because of business. Your head has to work. Thirty-five. staring it with your eyes live. Is not it? I thought the girls these days to enter the marriage market much sooner. “So far my life has been filled. “And. he became a taunt it: “You all wonderfully well. The memory of Lucy was the only thing that helped keep the smile intact. “There are ranchers and farmers “said only. measuring it with the look. “While he served wine. Throughout the dinner. While the dishes were exchanged. Vivienne had to face this kind of conversation. but was determined not to disappoint Lucy. according to modern standards. Examining his simple dress. Two languages are used much here in Tangiers. Vivienne! Seems like a long time lived near the water. “At least this was true. And. trying to master. “Not all men are behind so drop the books “said. wishing a little peace that reigned outside. added: “I would say that you have more or less the age of Robert. “And so “he agreed. calmly replied: “Glad to be approved. although it was not only the friend who gave the right answers. said lifting the chin “and I speak Spanish. Vivienne did not want to show that most spoke French perfectly. as it had nothing to fear in the presence of Trent. I was at ease in front of Trent. say . The worst part is that he had the impression that Trent thought the same thing. with the shoulders. . And there was also studied French. “You surprise me. said hastily: “Some people are very good at languages. “Thirty-seven “corrected. I had noticed the ironic brilliance of his gaze. “No. Vivienne breathed the fresh air. And. Looking at him. “I learned everything I know in college “replied. There was something about that man that would their aggressiveness. would give anything to be locked in the room. Momeen in an oriental jacket was perfect to bring dishes that is proud to serve. The big windows were open and the whisper of the waves on the beach and the song of birds in the garden at night the muffled noise of distant traffic on the city. Approached Trent and. She felt a mouse in the claws of a cat very smart and smiling. “And it looks just the daughter of a farmer! “His voice showed irony. excited with the idea of provoking him. offering his cigarette cases of gold. added: “And you? Has passed the stage that pleases women. barely disguising his irritation. and now could not do anything to remedy the situation. “A little late. as replied quietly release the smoke: “I am old enough to know what I want. said: “What did your father think of you coming here? Lived while he bent his head to light the cigarette. the skill with which she had framed it. there is. After dessert and coffee. her hair without complications that did not require expensive visits to the hairdresser.. he commented: “Yes. or thirty-six. was admiring the panorama. How easy he embarrassed! Confused. She was rubra. talking in French about the excellence of food.remember to Lucy. too. Am I right? “Almost.. But their good sense and it recommended that. Lucy's father? She doubted until they know the letters.

this. given Trent. He is young and ardent. I spent almost all day with Robert. “Then I believe that women are players? “Vivienne pretended surprise. Was that a book could distract her. The library. leaving with him. He tried not blush. No wonder such as a casino. then “muttered politely. and there are many good books in the library. some minutes later. “Vivienne is recovered enough to say “I love Robert. “But perhaps you have more than I can. “Over time. she heard the sound of the huge black car. Haroun. but almost all the time in Kouda. was a slow and patient teacher. “You will deal with it. I have the impression that you always see what you want. but he is a little too absorbent and that flummox me. “And as I bear no more. CHAPTER THREE While Vivienne sometimes wanted to escape the lie that was living the first days of tension began to decline as would be used to the routine Kouda. with his open smile. The magic of cooking was French and was called Maurice. who was in love with him. with some relief that Robert had accepted as a girl of letters. “No need to stay locked in the room. he noted: “The purpose is not the time to go count your chips? “Thank you for remembering me “he said dryly. was discovering something about the people who lived there. Every night. and little by little. “She put the cigarette in the ashtray that he offered to continue “and its numerous evasive. could not alleviate the tension that torn apart. and I think you would be more relaxed. What a day that! Recalling it concluded.Why women always had the distance. “You can be “Vivienne responded with neglect. But Trent? Could she was able to trick him? I would love to know. would not be a good idea when you show more warmth to the kiss good-night in Robert? Vivienne was surprised at his words. but the image of Trent. surrounded by several elegant women to irritated. “She did not like the direction the conversation was taking. First door on the left. “Every paradise has its serpent. Every day the Casbah Momeen would bring money to his wife for her to buy food for their children. “I did not know why. “Enough to make life interesting. “I will be there. I wrote him a long time but have not yet know personally. no doubt. and soon learned the greetings Vivienne Arabs. muttered an apology: “Today was our first day. but could not avoid it because he once said: “And since we are talking about it. the casino. Trent farewell to the hall and. “Funny! Robert seems to think so. then she could do what I wanted. but the words danced before his eyes. The house is yours. although the environment was very pleasant. Abdul took Trent to the city in the huge black car. long and . Vivienne. lived in a hotel.

covered with dust. When talking about Robert. as his kindness was touching. while dealt the landscape. without anyone to bother with it. the view of the city lit up with its wide boulevards was no longer enough. making it more mature. The afternoons at the pool were very nice. as had two lives: one that gave close attention to Robert and the other dreamed when contemplating the city.complicated. until the time of going to the casino. Robert was in the room with Haroun. The tranquil beauty of the place. he behaved like a very loving big brother. branches of jasmine sold in tents. What I had feared most was dining alone with Trent. giving him a cigarette after dinner and getting to his side in the window. Playing in water with Robert. It was inevitable that they end up like Robert. with baskets full of donkeys and the tables of cafes. And she dared not have their suspicions shown to be indifferent. looking at the buildings of the old city. Never spoke of the terrible fate that expected. Gradually. who . I suspect that Robert should have been and therefore did not Trent. She wanted to participate in the life of the city which extended to the feet of Kouda. Once a week. However. he realized that would have freedom to do what he wanted. full of palm trees and cedars. They were seated near the orchard. why not? One night. or at least Momeen. always tense calm their nerves. in his prematurely gray temples that showed their frustration and their pain. raising his eyes from time to time to see them.”repent of what he said and then changed the subject. Vivienne way as the sun illuminated the white buildings of Tangiers. The disease seemed to sharpen his sensitivity. desiring to find Gary violently. It was small things. I feel Gary in narrow alleys of the Casbah. in case you need anything. except once. The rest of the house was almost completely dark. it was impossible to forget the presence of Trent. free from the skin of Lucy. I spent some time in the balcony of your room. thought the nights very long. There was a sports car wine. could be herself. As Vivienne Blyth. Where was the danger of giving an answer that does not coincide with the Robert Trent was there waiting and watching. but thought that Trent used these moments to see how the day had passed. Often you have the courage to say he would rather make a meal in the room. “Trent would “Robert replied. Robert spent the day in hospital doing tests. the memories were too painful. adding: “The doctors think I have more time to life with fresh air and peace of Vivienne Kouda . Discovered the garage behind the house. But now your thoughts turn often to the wonderful moments that happened that summer. Vivienne then used to walk the property. sitting in front of the table near the sun umbrellas. Once delivered to the Momeen. the deep lines in the corners of her mouth. His fear that he discovered he was an impostor was unfounded. when accidentally touched on the subject. so he put in the mail when the city was. Trent treated her with courtesy. four years ago. His biggest concern was when I was alone with Trent and Robert. Benefiting from the time that had locked in the room and wrote long letters to Lucy telling detail what was happening. the smell of coal stoves. Initially. and hear the distant roar said without wanting to: “It's a pity we can not take it walking in the city. Well. Only when heard the noise of his car away is that I had really felt safe. to vary a little. laughing at everything he did.

Sit in a coffee finally. During an interval. Vivienne always thought that if the refusal to surrender completely to him had something to do with separation. his life became easier. Did you know that there is no point attempting to deceive. and never close your eyes at night without reminding you of your smile. it seemed never out of Tangiers. reviewing the pictures of dirty clothes and turbans that are offered to show the city. Traveled with a group of tourists and he played saxophone in the hotel. Taking the path going through the orchards. where the business was made to fashion the febrile East. Deciding is changed shoes. Gary showed him the nightlife in Morocco. And now. He was only interested in making money to live in Tangiers. It is true that there was always the effort to represent the role of Lucy next to Robert and have to talk to Trent. took a light jacket and purse.. And she decided to leave because it was late. hear is a mixture of Spanish. Vivienne closed his eyes knowing that. It was there that she first thought. and when they had time. Gary was happy and adventurous. How would face a life alone? It was some days without knowing what to do. At night. with the heart beating. Nobody noticed their outputs. but something inside her resisted. who walked the face of people watching. Below. it was stunning. But now. And one day. when agreed.. But the presence of that girl alone in a coffee table began to attract the attention of men ill-treated. I was so in love with Gary decided to stay. his air of serious. if Gary appeared at that time before it would fall in his arms. Vivienne is estimated that the city in half an hour. Extended passed the summer at the beach. Fled to England to try to forget it. The four years had not erased the memory of Gary and now she spent the night through the city . I was on vacation that summer in which Gary found. although I had ask you to think more on it. In the first shot that gave the vermouth that asked. which means no reason to continue together. But never regret to have stayed. Gary was his world. part of the house reserved for employees. Then everything changed. stilly . visiting the exotic places in the area. This all numb the senses of Vivienne. invited her to dance and it was then that everything began. Began to get testy. through the streets for their demand. it lost in the traffic and crowds. During the dinner. is trying to master his agitation. Gary lost his job at the hotel. While he was out in the crowd. It was she who left the city. She liked his face dark and handsome. Got a job at a tourist agency. Soon after. knowing that there is no point calling it back. his eyes were filled with tears. Gary was not very delicate. Then pack your things and flew to England and the forgotten. After that. Vivienne. were people of all nationalities and in the air. Gary was the perfect companion. She and Gary always took vermouth. the lights illuminate the empty hall. while looking at the people who went. the narrow streets filled with little shops. But soon realized to be wrong. After a brief farewell. What if you found after all those years? Gary always said I never would Tangiers. I wanted her to be living with him in the room where he lived. cheap rented a room and the group left without her. told her on the street. and waiting. she fervently hoped the time to leave at night and find Gary. he left. Told him to learn to play the saxophone alone and she thought it was so that their land had not much feeling. concentrated. When its two-week vacation ended. But unable to forget. Arabic and French. Now.was stuck in television.

after a while she began to explore the avenues of the illuminated part of new Tangiers. but the time was passing and the alleys have become deserted. I did not know at what time Trent returned the casino. Do not remember well the way and had to make many turns to reach the door Marshan. Estimated that would take longest to reach. with tremulous hands.. People who lived in that neighborhood native appeared to be part of a large family. Once or twice passed the avenue Pasteur. Vivienne began to think it should not have been to the Casbah tonight. I could not go before you arrive in a square where the cafes were Moorish. Once inside the walls. realized he was scared almost an hour. but thought to be at dawn. But that time of night! The boy was persistent and continued to accompany her. intellectuals. full of crooked lanes biblical characters. Had not gone to the Casbah. but every night after we left Trent. and men with long gray beards. Women in black robes and veils sneak in front of the doors in vain. Arriving in the square. with turbans. “He played the drum for one of the boys on a bicycle and said something in Arabic before making a move to the monitor. the real East! Gary loved the Casbah and had always said would die there. But the boy saw his indecision. It took longer than intended to get the Casbah. but smiling answer: “The Casbah is my home. with its ancient Moorish palaces. solving the problems of the world. When looking at the clock.. Very few people were sitting at the tables of coffee and place it seemed entirely changed. but would be more or less safe to midnight. I needed to return immediately to Kouda.smoking a cigarette after the meal and struggling to appear calm. Did you know that tourists should not come alone to the Casbah. as not to lose in that tangle of alleys? Turning up impulsively to the boy that was still by his side. getting into his clothes. thinking that something amazing would happen that night. But . foreigners who lived in Tangier and there was the possibility of . But the floor was more modern avenues tiring and when he sat somewhere was invariably addressed by any individual air doubtful. said: “You know get out fast? I need to find my friends. looking at the lobby of the Hotel Riad. She had not seen a single face west. were seated on the steps of old hostels Mouriscas. but I knew that the square was the meeting point for all kinds of people. and one night it occurred to him that it was there that should go. Vivienne could still feel the smell of exhaust fumes from the huge black car would be half an hour before. ran around them. Hurried step. . he was plagued much. On the road. although she refused to give him attention. Down worried. so excited that I could not think clearly. Still continued to walk. In one of the lanes had a sign: "Rue de Riad. could go ahead. Some guys went in very old bicycle. but without reason. with eyes bright as the day. Behind those walls. Although prefer to go the old town. The house was empty. His heart began to beat faster to think of Gary and is scared when someone approached. Its narrow streets are like the veins of my hand.. their first reaction was of disappointment." He recalled that it was there that she and Gary arrived in the small square in the Casbah. Children thin. and then waited half an hour left.. After that Trent was going to the casino. And also felt closer to Gary in the narrow alleys of the old town and the Casbah. “Pretend that it was not alone to protect itself. But it was just a boy who wanted to sell a typical drum. It is carefully arranged.

shaking the bag. He pushed for the library and Vivienne. but trying to control. There were people around who obviously did not want to take note of the incident. once realized. “Dollars. But they do not bother. “She felt pain in the wrist and his heart almost stopped when he. seeing that there was no one waiting for you.. are dispersed. said: “You know very well that is unfair. Lighting a cigarette. “You say that I want is to impose a limit on their freedom? “His voice was still controlled. which expects more of me? . Vivienne. Vivienne regretted not having returned sooner to Kouda. with Abdul with a brief good-night. said dryly: “I always said you get what you wanted.. dollars . outraged by the way was being treated. She was paralyzed. She knew that Trent felt by brother. saw that there were more people there. but what could we do? What they both could do? Waver. Returned in silence to Kouda. disappearing. “Thanks. grabbed his bag with a quick motion and threw it to one of your friends. Continued walking. He grabbed the bag “another error. “She felt annihilated by the glow of fire in his eyes blue. who led by the dark streets to where the car was parked. and with the ability of nocturnal creatures.. Vivienne was furious. his face glowing. Cars passed on the streets and some houses were still open. “And Rob? He does not deserve a little consideration? Vivienne tremble inside. American! “Said ironically. how to balance anything in it. which has softened the knees of Vivienne. I have heard it before . and after taking the money. examining it with eyes ironic. a bit ago. Was about to cry when an authoritative voice spoke a few words in Arabic. Trent was also angry. But it was the vision of an elegant man with a highArabic.. but now it was too late. It was obvious that the casino was nearby and that he found by accident when returning home. When reached. “Not really. It also saddened and worried about the state of health of Robert. seemed about to be a stone from lumps. “I think this is your bag “said Trent. Vivienne had never seen a man so repressed violence and was scared when they tried to shake him down the stairs: “It's late . Trent said something to Abdul. have to provoke it.. Trent was the first out of the car and. while the other young people closer. she felt relieved to return to the dark alleys until he noticed they were being followed by the boys. face it resolved as soon as the door is closed. I am all the time with Robert. Why insinuate that he was taking a lot of money when all we had were some coins? Your guide gave a smile. but they continued to laugh. hoping to get rid of them soon. “She raised the chin. took the initiative. “Give my bag immediately! “Called. with the voice dangerously calm. challenging him to look. said roughly: “You were not going to get tired out there. Abdul driving behind the glass and Trent sat by his side.. Let's talk. Wanted to give a small reward to the boy that the guide. held by Vivienne pulse and took it home. To pass a monument old. but he. Vivienne has to scream.Across the square. Now. I am very tired. the terminal air! The youth turned to the side from which came the voice. I bet you is not the first time leaving alone. With a sigh of relief. “But I did not know he had a guard.

. Gary .. “We know how the world and what happens between people who live there. Loved it. But most will not leave alone. with a quiet threat. Leave . let's be reasonable... Fulminated it with eyes. as if for the first time.. And you know he needs a lot of rest. took a step forward. “Yes “he agreed with his ironic gaze. Trent.. you and I. with their night walks . but it only existed for Gary . but was thinking quickly. He was a little stunned. Vivienne took care not to show their reaction. okay. What Lucy would have done in these circumstances? He would have spent the nights of preaching buttons on shirts and arranging Robert excuses to go to his room with books and hot drinks.. the type that is not here. lowering his dark eyelashes: “What happened today was a chance. is not it? “We are adults. On hearing this.. with a bit of sarcasm: “Okay. because going to the casino every night. Not have to stay at home counting the hours to go to bed. “I believe he imagine that the streets of Tangiers to attract more. remember what had happened.. I need an Arabic guard following me every time I go out to take a walk. We had fun during the day. Trent smoked whole draft for a minute before saying sharply. If you like take a walk. I do not even “he continued. said hot: “To you all is well. . “Of course! You could well face alone those bums! Vivienne quake. she could only mutter: “You have a bad opinion about me well. “Tangiers is a tourist city. Then. Nor did Robert. “The property is large enough for you to take the air at night. but never so angry as now. Maybe you too want to be at home every night. “Trent was angry. “His fingers sank into his flesh. Sensing his strength. Vivienne was pale. During some moments was building. “Yes. through the fine farm... Abdul will follow it where you want to go. trapped in your room with a bad boy put it somewhere on the other side of the house. Got lost and asked for information. as if giving him a slap. “Then. Maybe something in your eyes semicerrados has made him drop it suddenly. Trent had seen in many ways. “Your hands to hurt. But hold it by Trent shoulders.. You must have been knowing the city very well. How could meet with Gary Abdul behind her? But replied coldly: “I am an adult woman. “Your smile was significant. trying to free himself. But may not have been planned so you stay in Morocco . “You are mistaken in thinking that fascinates me Tangiers. “What if something happened to you? “What could happen? “She challenged with the look. tied to a wheelchair. But it was not Lucy.“£ is clear that all the time with him. “I feel prey to Robert. “He would like you to stay close by. the lines of his face and force that was it. Neither came to be concerned . he added. There is no danger of going out at night for a walk. I had felt trapped by his blue eyes and saw. “But I am the brother of Rob and not the girl he loves. encouraging him.. “You are young and healthy and needs of busy life . Gary. “Do not discuss “he said.. Vivienne. because it is something to do. Vivienne tried to calm down.

later. joked: “Do it again. “Supplemented and rudely: “For the sake of it. slowly opening the door: “If you wake tomorrow with a good appearance is always better to go to sleep. he did not. he launched a playful look. Lifting with a mild sense of guilt. but something inside her that would not soon agree with that man. “Do not think that I do not know play sketch. he said. caressed his golden arm. While driving to the terrace. kissed his face. Rob is the way.Now. now. I know what went through his head. rubbing the bruised shoulder. Trent. if you want the brightness of lights. “I have to confess that he hit some balls. “These guys do what they want in the water. Robert had his reasons to be cheerful. Trent had the idea to sketch a field close to home. “He thinks that here in Kouda there is enough to distract her. There is a field sketch of the hospital. saying with joviality: “Excuse my delay. “While in Kouda will give up that luxury. Already played some matches with the convalescent. with air conspirator. Vivienne went to balcony and stayed there until they calm down. Rob I want to be happy. When you reach the room. is very amusing. it was impossible not to perceive the lightness of your floor. and good-humored reply: “It seems the sport for those lazy right edge of the pool. Vivienne looked at Trent. Vivienne has not advanced that argument. Vivi. I am responsible for you. it sought to get care. I will not let anything to happen. The sun. “Help! “Vivienne yelled and gave a laugh. Trent. “Guess. she gave him another kiss and it reciprocated. Robert and hold it. “Trent already saw me. Trent played with his brother as usual. Vivienne did what could to be funny. A little skill with a ball and some arms will put them in their place. I like to solve everything alone. Abdul will close. But do not try me. The sun is making me very lazy. She sat without looking at Trent. “Eating the fruit. Thinking of Lucy. Then looked to his brother. the sketch is no fun for old. already strong. Take the bat is not as simple as giving broths on defenseless women. Raising his head. “Robert gave a menacing smile. There are even some champions in a wheelchair. “I think I prefer the pool! The game continued after the three have settled beside the pool. Approaching the Robert. You will have time for that. while Vivienne spoke cheerfully of the beauty of the day and the scent of orange blossom. has her hand on the arm roçou the lips and the tip of your nose. continuing to play. “It was what I thought “Trent responded with his tense smile. Tell it. saw that he was right. He served him a cup of tea ware. The breakfast was being served when she arrived. Vivienne woke late the next morning. She had almost ruined everything that night. extending it to the face. But Trent had to be so authoritarian? If found dangerous conflict with him. They could create a joyful . “You know. “You should oversleep more often! “Malicious. “Noting with irony his hair disheveled and his slightly messy. added: “Maybe you are used to direct the life of Rob.

the men who came away her importunate with his penetrating gaze and a few words in Arabic. but did not know it for a while. I had had the courage to say that Abdul wanted to leave. Abdul was the only employee of the house she did not know well. and saw that it was a very unpleasant. delighted. with his hands full of flour and cook for his hat down the side. Naturally Vivienne Gary continued looking all the time. When the fourth down. but along with Abdul. he thought. She had no importance and Trent did not make good. After a week. smell the drink hits and Turkish cigarettes. I continue to seek both Gary . not the happiness of Robert. and saying he wanted to take a drink. Nothing was important. Sometimes thought it was crazy. Vivienne watching the movement of your balcony. It was a nice place to rest during the day and soon became a point of attraction for employees. Trent only had to snap his fingers to his orders were obeyed. very funny Robert. Vivienne hesitated. Arriving in the city. he followed quietly. waiting with Abdul. The days ran nearly equal. Then started to think that if we do not leave.. All we could say is that he thought he had arranged a job at a nightclub near the port. entered the lobby of the Hotel El Riad. He had played there. Began optimistic. They remember Gary. a few steps back “and she had to admit that Abdul was very useful. leveling the ground and prepare the lawn. The field was ready in less than a week. Kouda came . Yes. man is reminded of Gary. And thus continued to seek Gary. Had spoken with someone who knew Gary. The work began the following morning. Now would find him soon. went to the reception. Once. The car was black on the door. Suggested a walk through the avenue Pasteur. while Abdul seemed distracted. That summer he had said several times that would never get married. the car was waiting with the engine running. her discouragement. because many people find that remember him. the arc in arc. had taken care. And the money the casino paid everything. Haroun pushed the wheelchair of Robert. But as the track did not result. but then thought of a cafe where he played Arabic music. would find that Trent was hiding something. Could give only an old address. Later. counted as the Americans took the game seriously. Beat on the ball as if breaking the shell of an egg and had to give several strokes to reach the nearest arc. Vivienne walked the avenue. Furthermore. if your smile could hide a violent clash of personalities.. Employees Berbers have transplanted the ornamental. Initially. the nightclub that was the receptionist had mentioned. He did not know what she wanted. But considering it was difficult. Momeen was the first to try to hold the bat.atmosphere. It was the right arm of Trent and now wondered how it would get him. so that after a few nights in his company. Abdul opened the car door for her in and then gently asked where I would go. Now Trent mandar wine get the car from the garage and went with him to the casino. On another night. Vivienne was too nervous to leave the room. She quietly took the paper and was rushed out. It was better. Maurice. I had begun to imagine it could try to make some discreet questions. every night. but now no one knew where to walk. trying to give the impression that he had chosen the wrong place. because the giant holding the bat as if to throw the ball in the sea. with a bitter smile. After four years he could be married and have children.

and therefore not tried to blush. sending a message saying that it had changed his mind. A full day with Trent. And Trent always seemed suspicious. She looked worried with air. in the room. Regretted that no camaraderie between them. I do not know if she would walk with me. But it was a challenge and turn back. “You deserve it. avoiding looking at him. “I think a good suggestion. suspected of Abdul. She . While not knowing why. then ask her “Robert replied. “The day is so beautiful that it is a shame to stay home. had no effect. because I had to think of Robert and Lucy. He had been ill and now a doubt the tormented. Vivienne did not know if it's suspected that there was disharmony between her and Trent. Vivienne was alone in the car while Robert was led inside. and had a surprise with the suggestion that he did that day. Doctors arrested me more than usual. he went to his room. while taking the breakfast. and suddenly. “Vivi's who you know. “You know what I was thinking? “The sun illuminated her hair blond and he has a slightly anxious look for his brother. both the old and the new. heard the noise of a car coming.shortly after midnight and. But as to not to resign to do Gary? What would we do now? While launching a look at room. is arranged with all the care. Some time later. But Trent knew. Trent suspect anything? CHAPTER FOUR Robert used to go to the hospital on Thursdays. However. none of this was evident when later passed the door Bab el Fahs. Later. “She looked for Robert. mad “What do you think. but at the same time. Reckless and out! Had taken careful when asked by Gary. “Well. Abdul led them to the hospital. Rob. Trent? You two can leave me in the hospital and then I get to six hours. We do not know where to look for more. if would not talk about the letters of Lucy? “I am without anything to do here alone. He did not know of his nocturnal excursions to the city. “I make you wait. thanks to Abdul. Why do not you take Vivi for a walk. Vivienne? Let us do the will of Rob and out a little? The heart of Vivienne began to beat. Tangiers had traveled full. The idea to be fascinated. but if and Abdul were not as discreet as it seems? And you would tell everything to the boss? A vein began to throb in his forehead. Trent returned. Have something to do with Robert? So slow? But his face revealed nothing and I had not had no courage to ask. did not know that had agreed to bear the company of that tyrannical man several hours. which led to the Great Soccer. “Stay away from Kouda and me will do well for you Vivienne eyes remained low. She refused to be afraid of him and this could be a good opportunity to demonstrate. the left terrified. “Robert held his hands. But what could we do? Not dared to be herself. But why should he bother. grateful smile.

. sprayed with water and taken to break the spell. I can also rent this snakeskin for a day. “It is a shop of witchcraft! “Vivienne exclaimed laughing. said while the profusion of things that were in trays. “Get out of here! “I was away when Trent stopped laughing. his face glowing.could not fail to notice their naturalness. Finally. “I'm sure they need something. “So you need me This leopard dry . are irresistible and very cheap.. stopped in a place full of stuffed birds. These serve issis of fox for the love potion. Abdul runs well in the city. something in your attitude. “Trent spoke. Vivienne was no air. if another man is behind his girlfriend . Gradually. between the stalls selling all kinds of articles. “Here the magic potions and mysterious even after exercise great influence on the population. Has the power to take all the pain. If someone put in your tea a potion of love. shot my conclusions. listening with a smile.. “Imagine “muttered Trent humorous. while the hair out of his face. Trent said quietly that they had no “Oh! “Exclaimed Ahmed. skins of animals. “So now we will not have drivers in the afternoon? “Of course we will! I! “Trent joked. looked at them with sympathy. being happy. You have nothing else than to cure the evil of love? “Of course “Ahmed replied smiling . Although it knew. that did stand out in the crowd. This eagle drought has a very important role. the delicious dishes of the orchestra and the dancers took to the dawn of civilization. “How many children do you have? While Vivienne wished again that the earth open and swallow it. Trent accompanying the patient and she almost forgot that there was a disagreement between them. Now. presenting himself as the great doctor Moulay Ahmed. felt the ground disappear from your feet. the owner of the shop put the head outside the door: “You would like a potion? “Not now.”When a man comes into my store with a woman. but on the road. moving the arm backward from the shoulder Vivienne. “It is incredible! They still believe in these types of healing. “He was . Here I hook a little wolf of the desert. While talking. in the company of Trent she felt more than ever the magic of the place. snakes and lizards dry. “Thank you for demonstrating. I will explain first. laughing. Lunch in a restaurant whose atmosphere recalled the Thousand and One Nights. But Trent interrupted: “Wait a minute. Vivienne. The owner. “We only wonder that serve these things. on the lines of your profile. If you have an infection. Ground and mixed with the lizard skin powder. Now we go. “You'd be surprised “Trent agreed. Vivienne has been relaxed. he guided the bustling atmosphere of the market. a little meat this eagle dry. an unconscious gesture. the car as a guide line of camels and we would end up in the middle of the desert. There was a magic in everything that could be simply caused by sunshine and blue sky. “Wait! “Ahmed called while they were passing baskets of dried lizards. Holding his arm. When Abdul arrived at the place where the left. But if you want. put the skin on fire and let the smoke reaches the infected. Vivienne was surprised to see the sports car stopped. Ahmed..

intrigued. has a lot of special friends. In the West. He offered a cigarette and then switch to it. and soon after. near the border south of Morocco. try to give the impression that it is primitive. trying to recognize the odor that he felt when he realized that Trent was by his side. but was embarrassed. “And what were you doing in a place like this? “Something like that. asking: “What's wrong? You can not imagine me taking sand from boots? “How are you now. But the subject and the attitude of Trent not to like. “Men only “Vivienne replied. how could not think of anything else. always blue. Everywhere there were birds and an incredible variety of wild flowers. He worked for a fellow man. The breeze that entered through the window wearing the perfume of flowers that grew beside the road. When he returned to France. observed: . Cows grazing in the fields and trees cover the slopes of the mountains. as always. “Do not let my appearance fool you. Then entered a dirt road. when you dress to go to the casino that you say nobody has a life full of adventures. So Trent was also on his personality. There was also the inevitable stalls out. which used to roam where you want. could see the coast of Spain. Certainly was a contrast to the elegant life led to now. which can be seen a forest of minarets. “It was there I met Abdul. Now. As Haroun. saying good-humored: “For now. Vivienne was willing to talk. a veteran of the French patrol of camels. “Man is polygamous by nature. were traversing the narrow streets of Tetuan.kidding. weird article. in areas depopulated and harsh. During lunch. but everyone is jealous. of course. and the distance. They took tea in a café and later passed by the Moorish quarter. The East recognizes that. woolen belts and jewelry of silver glowed in the light of the sun. Richly embroidered fabrics. so thought better to say: “Zamora is very far from here. How. With eyes closed. said: “Abdul is married? “I think he has one or two women somewhere south of Zagora “Trent replied. had spoken of food. “A French patrol of camels? “Vivienne looked at Trent. “After a few moments. After the alleys of the city rose to a high point. But at night. Abdul came to work with me. showing teeth strong and white. music and view. it was the Mediterranean. The car left the city. Later. maybe I could. “You speak as if agreeing with that “accused Vivienne. the real Trent? But that does not matter. The landscape had nothing to exotic. thought Vivienne. Have lived in many rustic. just a shop of witchcraft. Vivienne took the arm of Trent and away from a door decorated with skins of snakes and other animals. “It would be better if he took their women to live Kouda and respected? Trent laughed. then. “You mean floor between the tribes and nomadic camp of those strong red clay in the middle of the desert? “He agreed and she wanted to know more. “But do not think that he lives alone in Tangiers. They had no common topic to talk. Vivienne sat in a Muret and let the breeze scented playing on his face. Vivienne has a look at the landscape. where was the market. “You are not interested in what is the potion of love that is fashionable in Tetuan? “They just laughed and walked hand in hand. Instinctively. in thinking that had just heard. he smiled at her.

the golden moonlight. I know the streets of Tangier. “Four years ago. although slightly. she did not hesitate to comment: “Men give so little of themselves in everything they do . smiled. Not now. Then he noticed that nothing much to impress. Trent was so close that she was suffocated.. “It's different. “Where to go Trent this season? Imagined. “Must have done something? I just enjoy traveling. anything here. that night. but could respond wheezing: “I remember very well what you said when we met for the first time. “Building up the situation. Abet in the back of a camel? Or preparing to explore the bright lights of a city in northern Africa? I had been imagining. Vivienne looked to the sea. “Guys. reflected: “I can think of Fez. What have been here four years ago? “Trent wanted to know. I think I would have deviate from those men. with my age . “He shook his shoulders with a smile “well. or the letters. very white. I have been in Morocco before. and I learned many things about the Moroccans during the six months I spent here. Have gone too far? Adopting a playful air.“For a person who is here is so little time. “I was not much. but as someone who was . “You are old enough to have half a dozen novels. you are well traveled “Trent commented. “How strange! They say that Morocco is more east than the East. Vivienne felt a shock. She smiled looking at him. if you had not appeared. “You are a mysterious creature. she added boldly: “It would rid me of those boys. that had never loved by proxy. flatly. “And you never wanted to come back? “No “she replied. I would not think of Lucy. right? “Vivienne stopped smiling. “Yes. examining it with eyes. She smiled. Trent continued. glowed against the blue sky. But to respond: “Well... beside her. Considering that air of male superiority. “He said you were not such. as if reflecting: “I remember the day when I first saw at the airport. Usually not be scarred as women. I thought you did not see Tanger exactly as if the African jungle. as the strong and the mosque on the hill of El Jadida. Lowering eyes. but felt a knot in my throat. “Trent not quit. and you then? “For men it is different. “Trent is tauten. “For a daughter of farmers.. bums. I always thought there was something in you not convinced. even without my help. answering lightly: “The explanation is very simple. does not seem surprised at the answer. you do not seem impressed with the landscape. do not say? She did not want to remember to Lucy. “Depends. His gaze gelava to pester those who approached it. by . “Maybe.. I always thought you had been bitten. As if dreaming. And not all were young.. They were approaching that point again. I came back. “How long was that? “He supported the foot in Muret. do not.

he learned to love nature. but Vivienne realized that the magic is broken. A year ago. Stuck in a wheelchair. She even liked that antagonism that had to make each time they thought it. in fact. “Good! “Said Robert. Lucy knew what to say. “Not like that time. she also had this affinity with nature and love for the poets. “I have found my boyfriend in the flesh. the answer to all the poems he quoted. Vivienne felt better because it had very little in common. and sometimes feel that I could not match your mood. spent much time in the gardens of Kouda. She stood up to give more credit to his words. “Let the market and then we went to Tetuan. talking to the horizon: “Four years ago. I saw a lot of . “But .. The conversation about Rob brought a sense of melancholy. watching the traffic. Not so fast. “He became a professional? “More than that. played on the table and the side of the pool. we thought it was just a strong flu. Ugly. In principle. Trent to face now. received them with joy. “He was physical for that. He then appeared that disease in the muscles. The trip was fun? “Splendid! “Trent replied. Soon after. “It has a beautiful physique. with its simplicity. said abruptly: “Time to go back to hospital. is hardly spoke. good to hear that from a big brother. His letters to Robert contained.. he said: “You know. “And then? “Asked when the installed in the car. sure! “Vivienne hurry to respond. pay attention to small things that went unnoticed at the time when playing rugby. Trent is straight. in his words. had transformed the nature in music. “Wonderful! “Vivienne agreed.drowning. Do not talk during the return to Tangier. “Sure Rob already said all this in a letter. but never on an island. Trent remained the same in front of Robert. Robert. An older brother can be a comfort in some occasions. Vivienne knew it from the letters that read the verses he used to quote Lucy. but he smiled. It was a giant. but had other things to worry about. His eyes examined the detail. I saw the sea . Vivienne felt it indifference toward her.. and the rest of the week. In appearance. Trent looked at the clock and getting into his arm. Robert was becoming increasingly dependent on it. looking at her and then to Trent. “I got lucky “what has been said. “Not so. “Could it? “In his voice there was a world of implicit and some skepticism. Not only sarou more . nothing had changed. “Oh. he was still traveling the world.. “Trent made it look with some skepticism. “I like knowing that my girlfriend and my brother can be understood well! But there was no doubt that still remained a barrier between her and Trent.. The atmosphere of camaraderie was gone. looking more pale as the day the hospital had been tiring. it's funny. but delicate and sincere. but answered roughly: “Of course. I could knock anyone in the field. while looked at the sea of your favorite corner. clung to the only argument that could save it. One day. Although it looked. “Must have been a shock. His only ambition was to become a professional rugby player. Your room is full of trophies. except during meals or at the edge of the pool. And this love was his avid interest by poets who. Rob was a healthy boy. Now. What did the casino unless you hate that way of making money? Naturally there was no apparent disharmony between them..

Then. Despite its reservation. then these walks agitated. His face was serious and something told him it was not for games. That day. While Robert was the lotion on your body. then put the robe and Vivienne was a ride.. Moreover. Still. trying to convey the passion of his muscular body. she sought to do everything we could when went to the pool. Once the saw. “Not a bad idea. regretting it. But that afternoon. Once I went to the Isle of Man Only I know that gives a feeling of incredible loneliness. I was interested in convincing Robert. “I love to sunbathe. holding the hands of Vivienne. decided to show its charm. but Robert did not quiet until it entered the water. After that he just passed the sunscreen. but the belly and white? I have to have sun again. Vivienne had to agree. not looked at Trent. Robert is distract the water. The advances of Robert was becoming increasingly difficult to control and although at first she did not like the company of Trent. It was a success. casting a look at the . I needed to escape some of the responsibilities that weighed on his shoulders. “Robert embraced the hard. Soon after. left the pool to make the drinks that Haroun had brought. on arrival. Dinner would still take. they are fun. Stopping under a palm tree. Lately Robert grew tired early. To compensate for the disappointment when they were alone. Vivi. right? Although she was already accustomed to their asperity. “England is an island! “Vivienne joked. What's bad about it? “There is no harm when they are decently dressed. He always concentrated. showing that the more exotic plants were in flower opening. so she was not surprised when he said he would enter.. Let me pass sunscreen. the happy wonderful evening they had spent together. Robert raised his face to her the kiss and Vivienne followed with the eyes. When returned to the pool. But pretended indifference and. there was something in his voice that irritated. looked at his body. something that scared because I did not know how to address it. He eagerly kissed and she had to overcome that feeling of disappointment. Kiss me . but never knew what is being surrounded by water. pensive said: “I understand what you mean. And also tried to not think about it while walking to the pool. In a wheelchair. checking the accounts of the casino. Vivienne has spread to burn the rest of his body in the delicious heat of the sun. Then. said: “You said that already was in Tangiers. “He turned. I had been disposed to take sun. now felt a relief it is there. “Maybe you are right “agreed. Instead of putting the swimsuit ever wore a bikini that Robert had given him. Vivienne was more comfortable in the pool. he spent some time at his side. Trent had the evil eye of work. lickerish muttered: “As you are adorable. And not only that. You should have gone to the beach that summer. And Robert was thinking about that afternoon. he began to whistle and I had had to walk to the pool listening to their enthusiastic shouts. Finally. Trent was by his side. an insistence I had felt lately. she could not enjoy that moment of tranquility.them. not to leave while you were hiding the truth. when they were so exhausted from play. “The bikini is fine. In his arms.

Without bothering with the robe ajar. His face . Vivienne wanted to have the courage to stay in the room. “She did not know what to say was that. I use the other bathing suit until he rip entire .. For your own good. you played against me . “So there will be blood spilled. Sometimes she wondered if not lived so tense and irritated with each other because of Robert. Vivienne felt a heat that began in the waist and slowly rose. Although not want to admit. “All are concerned “Trent said. “Do not be fooled by appearances. His eyes shone dangerously cold. “Not only is Rob said abruptly. “Really? I thought that only an interest in who wins the casino. “You solve everything with money. “This is accepted in the intimacy of the family.. I suggest you go to the room and that view. “Mandar buy a dozen “Trent said sharply. I would have to be fat and be rolled into a veil for him to come look at me. physically. The giant Moorish not give the slightest attention to it. thinking about Robert. With a smile. it had a certain masochistic pleasure in moving an hour in his company. claimed: “You like to devalue everything I do. Decided change. For those fights with the left so devastated Trent? CHAPTER FIVE The dinner. but he responded with calm voice: “This shows how badly you know me. his heart beat mismatch and her eyes were full of tears. But do not worry. said: “Haroun is not interested in white and taste of the West.. “With a smile. But there Haroun. but seems not hit ever. Moreover. with the teeth closed. his eyes travel through the dark skin of Vivienne. Another day. “Perhaps it is difficult for you to break the habit of using two strips of linen! So that was it! Tremble without knowing why. I know. why not say so? I have to do everything possible to make Robert happy? “But it has to offer in a tray “Trent said. which will not take long. I realized that lately he seemed weaker. that night was embarrassing. but was pleased to see that hit the target. I'm going. she observed: “If the bikini so bored.. with an expression of disdain. “She moved away. shaking. “I understand that you think does not provide. hiccups. I am a man.opening of the robe. tied the belt of the robe. It was a kind of self-torture that attracted. Now tell me that I use a more decent bikini! “Decent! It is a matter of opinion. “Do not worry. right? “Do you know of something better? “Was the answer. is not it? Not bothered by the same May I use today. “To tell you the time. He is in bed. “Irritated. but would be subject to the tyranny of Trent. How do you think he feels you are viewing as a siren under its nose? “Haroun? “Vivienne was amazed. The front of the Trent was pale red. just because I decided to put a bathing suit different. When he got to the room. Vivienne.

Walked from one side to another in the room. Just noticed that was running . without realizing who was calling Trent. “He has asked for you. “Well. We are here. Vivi. Then she sat beside him and were talking about the ship they saw in the port... Within a few days he will return to the wheelchair. and the whole conversation was in charge of Momeen. she became the property. when Trent appeared. had his face in the suggestion of a smile. The view from each window and the breeze was wonderful hampers that contained the scent of cedars and palms. Vivienne pushed the wheelchair up to the place where you stay. Only during meals.was pale and thin. he wanted to take a walk. Vivienne was paralyzed Robert to see extended to the ground. Vivienne noticed that the rooms were ideal for an invalid. We could travel. with this wonderful view . Rose in the elevator that was installed to accommodate the wheelchair of Robert. always at his side... So it shocked him. but his hands remained firm. smiled.. trembling and his face wet with tears. if we could be like the other couples . Trent was in the house. There was more joy to the previous week. see the world together.. “You know what I mean. ran out... can not endure more. . Abdul. “Miss Take. But Robert was thinking of something else. trying to give you courage. seeking embrace it with zeal. while Robert was out. approached. always chattering in French.. told him what had happened.. Trent pale. Vivienne was relieved. “Hello! As the fainting? I have not scared her. but for sure Robert will prefer someone else has linked to stay in bed all the time. Trent still hold for a while. we are not so bad. “Robert do not be fooled. “Haroun is very dedicated. the next day. There was no time to prevent their arms. supported by pillows and very pale. Seeing Vivienne. Finally. “If you want “Trent agreed. If it were not stuck in this damn wheelchair! “While trying to approach it.. that came from the opening of the pool fence. After lunch I take her to his room. Finally. Soon after breakfast. Vivienne saw the arrival of doctors and it seemed an eternity before leaving again. On Thursday. “I would take care of him “Vivienne has offered promptly. which was to find out the stress and anxiety. From the desk of the room. Trent and to hold her.. then moved away quickly. I feel it in my arms . was frightened and often thought Trent noted. running toward the house. where he guided the long hall and left the house. Despite the fatigue. The afternoon sun seep the arches in front of the house. “Vivienne pretended it was not understood. “I want you to stay right near me. opened the door and I went out to get news of Robert. Before she even opens his mouth. said with emphasis: “I lived. It was almost a relief see Robert again. When I thought about it. Rob will need care for some time . Blyth to the room and give you a drink he said. What she feared was the next day to visit the hospital weekly. continuing to explain: “It was a collapse passenger. Holding the hand of Vivienne. Book a car in one of those vessels . The morning passed slowly. when they had left together. gave a sigh and fell forward. Trent led her to a couch covered with tapestry. in the hallway. he said: “He is good. Robert was sitting in bed.

after Robert returned to bed. Vivienne will keep you informed of what happens in the rest of the house. “You can be quiet. Get back soon enough for the pool. “No. a place whose name was then the Belgian Congo. “I got a nurse! Yes. after the dinner.“I was a little scared. “Contrary to its customers. and she had that much work to keep you happy and relaxed. we have nothing to lose. “Haroun can do the job more cumbersome. after Rob was reading to or playing cards until the time that Haroun had prepare you for sleep. Vivi? “Not a question of liking or not. Then. and if asked how could a man have a very contradictory character. “I know what a bore. “At least france is. tried to fix the mask covered. leaving it for some time in the afternoon. “He called: “Come sit here next to me. “Okay. his face red. unless he . There was a moment of silence after the door is closed. Sometimes. “His voice trembled a little. Trent? She will stay with me until I power down? “It's what she wants “Trent said. but she wanted to control opinion. In turn. Vivienne was not easy to take care of him. But it is wrong. Then go to the door. The main thing is you now be well. already dressed to go to the casino and ready to seize the money of players. Therefore. sitting in a wheelchair at the head of the table. He is your brother. I have to accept. They tried to give the impression that it gave and because of Robert. Vivienne “farewell to Trent. I remember those years well. but could not do anything to avoid this situation. who was the guest of honor. I play a little deck with Vivienne. Seeing that he was resolved not to change the subject. In a night. Vivienne has left the deck on the table and was sitting in bed. tenderly. Trent. “Say not approve the way he earns money. “Good night. And no use saying that it is not hungry! Perplexed. with a critical smile. as she put the game table. you is who has to say. Vivienne. it was caring for me. when he rested. “Never mind! I aborrecidíssimo! Imagine. Robert looked at her and then to Trent. she and Trent dinner with him in the room because there was nothing that Trent did not by his brother. then go to sleep. but is not important. added: “Watch him! “We will not play for money “she answered quietly. out at more interesting! Very attentive to the presence of Trent in the room. On these occasions. “Robert looked at her curiously. I spent the morning at his side. Trent was sixteen years. “From now on you need to have legal proceedings. And I appear from time to time. they did everything so that the atmosphere was lively but lacked naturalness. never had much to say to him. The money was for him to finish his studies. Robert was very sensitive and Vivienne sometimes feared that he had discovered that the disharmony between the two. Trent said: “Do not stay up too late. Vivienne the way. Trent was still distant. it is not. so tell me why I am upset. Vivienne wanted to know: “Okay. “I had two years when our parents were killed in a revolt of the natives. Vai have to endure him giving me medicine and serving their food. So Robert asked: “You do not like Trent. when not looked with skepticism. Robert needed much help now.

“Let me finish “Robert said. Trent was not always the casino owner. “Oil? “Vivienne was surprised. did everything they could to help me and if they could not waste time. huh? “Yes . when I was more. I think Trent inherited his sense of business. he seemed very strong. has something to do. No way she wanted to show that had a knot in my throat. it does not fit? This home with its decor and its treasures of French art “she had always felt that the brand personality of the Trent. “The conversation was long. always polite. interpreter. “Looking to Vivienne. Trent could say it was all my fault. “Remember that we were in England. right? Remember that our parents liked adventures. who were experts in my illness. not to say . making long journeys to attend the important matches that I played. As you can see. perplexed. Mainly because of oil and copper. Vivienne the kiss of light and arranged to cover while he accommodated. Now I sleep. Is now very rich. so sleepy he added: “Let's leave aside the letters. at times. At the exit. After all. Lost time. Vivi. He was disoriented. the exploitation of minerals and oil and was in front. Despite the illness. But the way it is. but did not open his mouth. Later. which has a name too complicated. “Oh. Robert shook his head. knocked on the door of the room Haroun to warn him that he was leaving. I felt a kind of nakedness without their armor of hatred and. . explorer. Robert.. offering wine or chatting with Momeen on the quality of food. but Trent did not want to know. “But the casino . Trent has been many things in life . It was quite strange dinner with Trent now. of mine prospector. I think I'm stretching too much. it was “Vivienne replied. I need to convince Trent that I am good for him to let me return to the pool.was always around when I needed something. Vivienne was impressed with what Robert told you about. He did not like a lot of rugby but.. “You deserve the best. Just because all that “she made a gesture showing the furniture expensive “comes from the pockets of players. hoping that I curassem. all those that fell and heavy equipment. encouraged me to do what I wanted in my life. Kouda bought the way it is now. Dad held the trade in northern and central Africa and in the end.. to work at night while I was asleep and have the day off to go to my side. Vivienne shook his hand. Trent sold all his business to devote his time to me. It was the fourth in thinking that Robert told you about. “It is what it was trying to say. yes... it is clear that Trent makes money.. he smiled: “You are surprised. It was what you thought. When we came to Tangier. was thought to look for him. soldier.. Trent was looking for a house where we stay. and had hired the employees prepare this part of the house for me. recline on pillows. So bought the casino. but had to have much free time. Nobody can imagine what he spent with doctors and the hospital Vivienne was still holding his hand. In time. “Then he heard about these two French doctors here in Tangier. gently. He took me to all physicians who understand the disease. But it was getting the knitting of an old. knowing what was in my blood. Began this problem in the muscles. He saw the potential of cities to expand.

meet his court between the tables of green cloth “he continued. in person. showing the tables where people hooka. Trent came to receive it. The car is available. Trent noted: “You have to entertain a little. The Café had white walls. Speaking his eyes are narrowed. As if in quicksand. Waiters in turbans served to patrons.. Vivienne looked around. “Her smile was slightly ironic. Come see the casino. After a few moments. In a night that she had eaten very little for dinner. challenging it. “Where the witch. His features were more marked and remarkably enhanced by olheiras deep. “As you noted. The idea to let the indecisive.. lamps with soft lights and doors finely worked. Soon after. “No way to leave alone “he added. and in an atmosphere typical. worked in cages. It would be a new experience. In that time the house is in full activity. suggested: “I know where you have freedom to be at ease without being bothered. with great sacrifice. “You came right! “Vivienne felt cramped next to Abdul. “Why do not you go to Cafe Anglais? You can take something and walk between the tables of roulette with all the security. we both know that. she sought a more solid ground. “Well . until I need a diversion from time to time. Abdul Trent moved away and took her to one of the most distant arcs. Abdul came after her. Rob is sleeping better. Tangiers has its limits even for a tourist. “Exactly. Often Trent reviewed the eyes. “In the casino! “She looked shocked. Abdul was waiting for you with the car in time.. so you do not need the twenty-four hours a day. I wanted to do everything we could to make it back to normal. “In Tangiers? “She seemed not to believe.She was also more vulnerable to the tension of recent days. but Trent seemed at ease. “You is not a tourist. now he spends his energies back to the pool of home and life back to normal. to the employees that compliance with real disdain Arabic. holding his arm. came to the city and entered a narrow alley which recalled the incident with the Moroccan boys and intervention of Trent. Abdul parked the car and led to the Cafe Anglais. The problem is that Abdul is very much in view in the most sophisticated . Rarely dinner with Robert. The description of Robert had been very precise. which eventually succeeded. which was opposite the sea. “Do not be worried “joked. Vivienne back to the window. with arches in the Moroccan style. with the heart beating. “There is nothing to see. Why do not leave some? “What do you suggest? A walk in the field or a club night in bullfights? “Just choose. Weight loss. I could not imagine that it is in place with Trent that such contempt . “Ask Abdul to get her around half past ten. “I promise I will not let it fall into the clutches of the children of hell. But it would be so bad so? He knew now that Trent ran the casino to spend the time and she needed to leave a little Kouda.. After he left. There were even parrots on the walls. Some Europeans playing chess. while loosening the smoke of his cigarette “Abdul told me that you do not leave some time ago. On the other side . The collapse of Robert left her very worried. It was so hearty and nobody could involve an incurable disease in its rugged looks..

“While she looked the dealer and heard the noise of the ball that turned the wheel. asked humorous: “What do you think of the House of Sin? “You can mock at will! Sometimes I think the game a disease “she said. iran to any other place because it is in the blood. Across an arc. The office of Trent was a long room. he said. showing a safe. There was also a huge desk. Trent went to the bar. with walls lined with black and gold tacks. passed through another archway. when there are compulsive gamblers who feel a morbid pleasure in losing. into a busy room. accompanied the game. “Andrew hit the heels. finished his drink. using a term from game? “Naturally. It was irritated to see that it need never be justified. “Men always find a way to take advantage of all the discussions “Vivienne observed with air frustrated. the man Abdul take it . betting. Today we spend more money on care. Vivienne greeting. A beat on the door interrupted the conversation. where the noise came from conversations and smoke of cigarettes. divans covered with silks and a bar at the opposite wall. “It's time to move between clients. “He wrote a note on a piece of paper. with a dry voice: “It was for someone who broke the bank. went through a lobby with palm trees. “Looking at the clock. the head of the dealer. without windows. but we are taking something. Some were seated at the tables. Trent made it: “André. taking a sip of the drink. told him: “Take it in the box and ask how many chips you want. went to the bar and then to the amazement Vivienne. When you get tired. “You're talking about a time when it is earned and lost fortunes overnight. Vivienne reminded that Trent has always been fun when she showed the insult by sending a casino. But if you do not have the Café Anglais. Around the table of green cloth had a number of people “men elegant. Trent agreed. then turned to talk in a low voice with his boss. “Looking toward the rooms of the game. but enough to amuse those who like to flirt with fate. After the dealer left with the money. “More or less as-of-home owners lose all the money in the Sunday bingo club? “On a smaller scale. Came an old man. “Nice. young exotic clothing. After I served the drinks. tell me. As you can see. Across the area with mosaics.was an area with mosaics and pots of palms and new arcs. “We are trained since birth. bringing a bottle and two glasses. while others on foot. The decor was very different from the rest of the casino and Vivienne had been imagined by the previous owner. Unlocked it. Following this. continued: “I think some people out there have much to worry about than the little that is spent per week on a house. Is no longer so. “You trying to tell me that no one else loses his shirt. and Vivienne walking to the door. took several sets of notes. opened a bottle compartment. “Not quite Monte Cariou. yes. he continued: “Later I will give you some chips to try your luck at roulette or the letters. not the casino always wins. Moroccan official with turbans. using the blue jacket of the casino employees. “He gave a laugh. women dresses with dazzling costumes and Arabs in Western and red turbans. “Yes “said Trent.

. not paid attention to the huge table in the middle of the room camper. Vivienne out mechanically. it said. looking intensely for letters he had in hand. How life was funny! Mal has to sleep and the next day. But he was listening carefully to the voice of the dealer. Away from quickly. huh? “I am delighted “said and laughed. Said. was to meet Trent. But it is the type of entertainment that attracts a certain amount of people. There was something familiar in her hair . Gary. she began to imagine a way to return to the casino. pretending naturally. Gary had found! In your room. so she said doddery: “I would be surprised if I said that you tried to Tangiers full? Something failed again. With eyes bright. it was difficult to hide that feeling to be flying. The blood rose to his head. Imagine! Search the whole town and he had to be at the Cafe Anglais. That skinny man with a used suit. hoping that Gary pay attention: “I gotta go now. tonight? Recline in the chair. visit the .. but one thing was certain: it was not money. Abdul is waiting for you.. Prefer well. Only interested in the only game you know. They arrived very drunk and some people think you better go. He looked at her distracted while trying to locate it. Trent said with a smile: “The Café Anglais is never very full. I did not know what that night. Interest that is sought by the way. The rooms were full of game now and Vivienne walked between the tables a bit. after a sketch from the bath and a swimming pool with Robert. I hope you raise your eyes to be able to laugh at their surprise. without connecting to anything else. but soon saw that the atmosphere of the room not changed. Do not bother to get the chips. whirl delighted. “I was their demand. close to the table. watching the letters: “You are Vivi. At the end of dinner. mumble: “Not now.home. “But he was worried about the game and she had no courage to stay. his heart stopped. We have a regular clientele.. In late afternoon. almost blinding her. observing the faces of people and impenetrable way played. Looking at the players who were around. delighted to be so close to Gary that he could touch his sleeve. All her attention was turned to the gambling table. trying to convince them that at least was better than staying in your room. It was so long in that position she decided touching her arm and said timidly: “Hello. He cursing. When I was about to go try to say that Trent wanted to go. How long have not we. the wheel. and with the approach of summer. asked for Trent: “Are you expecting a full house. not knowing where to go. “You still remember my name! He was not listening. It was there. because he saw Trent demand. and looking at the mad. as she now hoped to. with eyes stuck on the letters. Do not you see I'm busy? Vivienne has not had time to answer. Gary! Gary! It was Gary! Vivienne quickly looked around. “Getting the glass. though disappointed. Maybe . nerve at the tip of his chin. many tourists. Then he said. Was sure that Gary is one of the gaming tables. thinking that everybody had learned their happiness. something happened that left paralyzed.

Please continue. While Trent explained something. Apologies for the interruption claims. “He held with both hands. “His name was making rounds and rounds in my head “he continued. leaving after their eyes to look. I thought I had dreamed. “Is that what you have to do. Entering the casino. “Also.. “Oh. then said quickly: “Good evening. “Very nice . Entering the office. If Gary was not looking for tables. well. “She quickly lowered his eyes. But when served a drink. I was recently arrested e. so as we both are happy. . leaving her embarrassed. What more could we do? Not that I understood what he was in his head. “Go to the casino where you want. Close to him easily. please! Do not bother me! I am pleased to be walking between the tables. I found fascinating to see people around the table. Looking divert your attention from the roulette ball. But if you have a problem. then. “I agree.... can I then? I mean . But I want all your wishes are met while under my roof. but did not want to go through the pain of waiting for the right number. he got up and pulled her a chair. his heart started to beat. because there were many people around the table. so good to get out a bit. I take a walk. “As Robert is sleeping well. Gary.. “It is four years. “Ending the wine. Now the only thing he could do was laugh at their stupidity. Trent went for a bottle and two glasses on the bar. “Well . I need to Abdul the casino. no reason for me to stay at home. as if he had not . saying air-worried: “You can walk freely through the casino. she would have seen. was one of the waiters of the bar with a list in hand. Fortunately was not playing. Andrew entered.. Vivienne. It looked long. And you're more than a scented garden. eyes shining. See you later. I see it later in the game room. Look at all the tables. I am going to the office I think we have time to open a bottle of anything before the casino stuff. “Trent looked to. is almost shocked with Trent. What kind of owner of casino would be if I could not do it by his girlfriend of my brother? “Trent was very close when she stood up. saw the boy near the wheel. “Oh. And Gary is not found? And if it is wrong to assume that he spent the nights in the casino? He felt that would not bear the disappointment. Vivienne agreed containing their excitement to hear the sound of the car away. I will do everything possible for you to enjoy. joking. Betting too? Gary does not seem like the joke. he turned to talk to Trent. you need to return. When passing through one of the arches of coffee. with an ironic smile. Vivienne interrupted him to say: “You are very busy today. his clothes. But. “I heard you did not get the chips. He followed to the door. Vivienne spoke firmly: “Hello again. Vivienne Trent had hoped that much to do in the office to get in touch with Gary. you liked to have gone to the casino last night? “Of course. hoping to find it any minute. “It seemed a dream? “She asked. if like this. said: “So it was you who was here yesterday. talk to Abdul. So he left. “With great honor “she said. After you examine it with air absence. Upon arrival in cinemas of the game. looking for an excuse. “I believe “said Trent.night before: “So.

“Now I am photographer. “Why not play the number that gives you luck? The day of your birthday or something.. “Vivienne would respond when he took some chips. she asked: “In life. While it was presented. people in society. is prepared to meet new people. “I never trust in luck. Waiting him out of the gambling table. he said: “The place is getting full and we have some kind of society that likes to be seen in the famous Café Anglais. . Vivienne suggested: “Here is the place to talk. observed the smiles and the glances of the group that was near the bar rooms of the game.. His heart began to beat. which is closer to grappling with Trent... “You must calculate. Hiding his disappointment by the coldness of Gary. Then he said with impatience: “I follow the game. Think about what could win. he divided attention between it and the table. with eyes on the table. yes. any time these “he agreed. The other players spoke cheerfully. as is treated? “I can not complain. “Studied the small stack of chips and carefully spread to half of the table in several numbers. moving in its latest chips. Meet some of them. Would he had seen talking to Gary? CHAPTER SIX Vivienne Trent was to meet in the middle of the room game. Doing calculations again and Vivienne opportunity to look around. “Then I remembered! Vivienne Blyth. “He began to rummage in the pockets of the jacket. Vivienne relaxed to see that Trent was happy. “Trent. “Wait a minute “Gary moved in chips.heard. “He followed the ball. indeed. Holding the arm of her. “A man bigodudo examined Vivienne. Why not . Other people. The voice of the dealer's cut the conversation again. “Come on. I left the music.. under the arch. “What were you saying? “Oh. nothing! “She said. . then warned that while the dealer would spin the wheel now. “How are you? “I. The ball stopped and his chips were gone. judging by stylish women's dresses and suits for men and carved. Is not intended to overlook the Trent and there he was. the time of the Hotel El Riad. studying the gambling table. What Gary does not feel disappointed.. “He shook his shoulders. commenting after the numbers he had chosen.. muttered: “One moment. my dear! Cynthia was saying to . But do not bet and Vivienne become the talk: “Why do not we take something? We could talk about the old days .

Robert was going to the hospital. “I know a man who earned a fortune. When looked at the clock. Gary. to say that Gary found in the city in full light of day! And if someone saw . approaching the bar. if we can not talk now. Trent is getting closer. the actual boss. “Hello! “He said smiling. then: “It's getting late. Generally Trent stayed at home. it was easy to participate in the conversation and time spent with it understood.. “He asked for a drink Vivienne. saw that it was almost an hour. I was listening to the conversation of two men. almost without breath. Not thought about leaving until the time the group went to the tables of play: Trent said. And we would not even talk about the old days? Vivienne looked to the arms in panic. She refused. “It was thoughtful and then. What madness. he said: “Sorry. “In this case. Getting on his arm. Vivienne farewell to the Trent and was in the car with the Arabic. I sent it to the coffee. Away from him suddenly. to end a confusion that was there. With the arm of Trent around your shoulders. A group of sailors drank too much. “I love to hear stories. said: “The coffee is still confused. “And lost everything in the following night. “We eat French food at Hotel Eiffel. but I have to go. “I agree with Trent “said another person. should be called Moroccan coffee or something “someone joked. “Everybody laughed. “Won anything? “No. “But I'm learning to be a good loser. “But not before baccarat. I'll see if it has solved. for three hours? Vivienne thought quickly.. just take a “Vivienne replied. he suggested: “Well. “How do you know so well? “Gary offered him a cigarette. Derek “Trent said with kindness. as if you wanted to secure advice. Then with a sorrowful smile. of course. “The Cafe Anglais was famous for it serves local dishes in a typical environment. “A mature woman in a dress of satin. Gary looked a little. thanks.“I said to Cynthia “continued bigodudo man “you should install a French restaurant here. A charming woman asked: “If I missed you accept my bracelet of bright as collateral is not Trent baby? “None of ornamentals in the gaming tables “Trent joked. I will follow it up outside. who enjoy the sophistication of the group. . looked forward to the halls of the game.. That could be? Will dare? Hastily. The next day. Abdul was waiting at the door. he added with a smile: “I saw you with Colby Trent. my dear. Doubled their bets thirty times e. You prefer the dishes. “Rule of the house. as we have in Cannes. when a hand touched his wrist and she realized that Gary was at his side. It would be a success! “We are in Morocco. Abdul will take her home. I lost everything. agreed: “Okay! “And moved away. Vivienne agreed distracted. I guess so. “May I offer you a drink? “No. that we meet tomorrow in Scheherezade . He is your friend? “In a way. “Gary shook his shoulders. saying with a sigh: “Long story. Trent arrived soon after. but at the same time felt panic and grief by returning Kouda. I was very happy.

saying: “What do we ask? Nestled against the division of the reserved.. looking at it with curiosity. “Got a cigarette. The cafe. not to have to find Trent. Vivienne asked for a lemonade. “He finished the beer. It would. was not willing to take vermouth. Gary raised his glass in a toast fast. he was relieved when he saw the gates of Kouda. the man who did four years ago.the? Despite the danger. with Jibaldi. “And the casino? “It is the only place where I can still get a kick. “Are you saying that the boy has no idea or the exchange? “None “Vivienne replied. “The eyes of Gary is narrowed between the smoke. Around half past two. Once the drinks arrived. Vivienne was a little shocked by the appearance of it. was in the room. Sometimes it happens . “Speaking at the casino. But it was Gary. of course. but as the day was warm. So began the story: “Well. is a long history. Vivienne noticed it a gesture of impatience. He is on the streets of Fez photographing people and I reveal. because usually go after lunch for a walk by the property. not afraid to find Gary in the midst of so many. But there was something in doing that leave worried when thinking about Trent. “Trent get Lucy when he knew there was more hope and I . four years older. “I understand. after drinking as if with great thirst. Five minutes walk and could take a taxi. but Gary was special and she ended up telling the whole story. I am anxious to know what I been doing while in England. “He added with a smile “is not every day that is a friend of one of the richest men in Tangiers. it all started with Lucy. “Tell me about you.. “Vivienne would not reveal the secret to anyone. “Nothing much. with a smile. moving in their things. near the Grand Mosque. would you tell me yesterday was known as Colby as well. I do not want to spend the entire life showing negative for Jibaldi. Saw that Gary was being discrete. nostalgia: “Why not take a vermouth? “With this heat? I prefer a cold beer. “As I said. she descended the stairs quietly. the effort was not too large. Vivienne looked forward. arriving just before the Scheherezade three. Tried to convince them that. Therefore. when the house was silent. but Gary just said a chair. a friend of mine. He moved up and Vivienne. then with a smile saying: “You will not believe. I'm working in photography. Already told y'all yesterday. Thought he could have praised her dress. even before her to suggest. the casino that she had not noticed. “Try. Nothing very exciting. Was not so important. With Abdul Momeen and moving. but it is a way of life. with the heart beating in fear of finding Trent. the meal was served outdoors. Could not avoid the lunch. but he was booked in at the inside. The hair began to be scarce and there were wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. the decision was taken. Vivienne said. Vivienne he hoped the lights. How could you avoid? The following day. “We have the whole afternoon. was full of tourists.

I need to run. “How is that life can be so cruel? Robert should live. He came back very tired from the . Vivienne was very courteous with Robert. have fun in company of other men. gave a smile of apology. was blatantly flirting with her and Trent did not find anything else. He put the cigarette and seemed immersed in his thoughts. Gary.. Robert can still swim and there is nothing he likes more than . After looking at the clock. Robert is well. “Colby so much like his brother? “Much more than that. but not today.. but just responding: “It is very risky. Should Trent stay knowing the truth . Gary said. Now would be a long time. Gary wanted to review it and were understanding about Robert. He is so good. and nobody will notice anything. “Gary moved the fingers in the mouth of the glass of beer.. “His eyes showed affection. indeed. “So early! “Vivienne could not hide his disappointment. “She shake. I can not show me very friendly with other men in the casino.. “Gary shook his shoulders. “Spent most of his time outside the home. before they change their mind. so delicate . “I heard you say that we had the whole afternoon. “I noticed “Vivienne said with simplicity. “And thinking that he had not understood the situation. “That is why I took away from you last night. when they are alone. “I do not know what he can see bad about it. But had no importance. “She saw that Gary was not listening. but if Gary did not bother with the illegal meetings.. When leaving. had not realized that talked about the old days. He does not need to know the truth. I am usually a bit with Robert when he spends all day outside the home. Tomorrow night. “Okay. has to explain: “Do not forget that Trent thinks that I am passionate by his brother. I need to return to the laboratory. Still getting the cup. “After Gary left. with his immense whiskers. So agreed. The night before was not so? The inimitable Derek. We expect that the casino is more full. “Fair enough. Everyone wants to protect him. I do not want to do anything to hurt him.. around eleven. “He got in his hand and said with emphasis: “I see you again. “I was being very generous. They say it is full of works of art. I love it. do not notice the tourists who were in the cafe or the movement that was in the street. Actually. He loves his brother.arrived at her place. Vivienne noticed that he had not paid the bill. Spend all the time looking for spare him any hassle. “I'm noticing. “He is much weaker now and always exhausted around the hospital. All of us. “His thoughts away. While called a taxi. with forced smile: “But should not be that bad living in the wonderful town that everybody sees out of Tangiers. then asked: “the same disease the boy is incurable? “Sorry. said: “I gotta go. How about tonight at the casino? Vivienne was very happy. Robert is very happy and that is all that matters. “Ladies bridal and even married. What's more natural than talking with someone from time to time? He therefore concluded Vivienne. His face shone with happiness while looking for the coins in the bag. “Vivienne sighed. “She knew that was asking too much. What could she want more? That night.

The shirt printed that Trent wore emphasized her skin burned and his hair prematurely gray. Fortunately. Embrace me much. ate well. Arriving in the room. The breakfast on the terrace was almost happy. Robert was depressed to see suffering. after dinner they went to a desk covered with creepers. because we go to the same place. Before the Café Anglais.. When the sun shines in a clear sky. Trent has never led to the casino. Their proximity in the shadows made it more aware of the promise he had made to Gary. Down a few minutes before ten o'clock and I would call Abdul when Trent appeared. When Trent has to enter the room. Vivienne went to the room. was his role representing the best possible way. knocking down . One of the men shouted. If life could always be so! If Robert . As the night was hot. Trent had to drive very slowly until you reach the casino. “Great! “Vivienne agreed. he commented. I knew that Gary was the casino. She and Trent dinner that night in silence. in company of Trent and Robert. he pulled closer.. without knowing why. it is very fun in the pool. resolved to throw early. choosing a dress that enhances the burning of your skin. Robert embraced the. Vivienne just thought about the meeting with Gary when he was to dress for dinner. spoke on the subject ever. sitting in cafes or on the way the various cabarets that attract tourists. Feeling the eyes of Trent while walking the room. but not made a comment. After all. It was the only dessert he said softly: “You look very nice today. sinking his face into his shoulder. Is right for you and find different people prefer to be in the Cafe Anglais. but had to think of itself. walking the streets. Vivienne. The City was full of people dining outdoors. looking at a row of glasses of medicine at his side: “All these drugs and none of them contains new life. Tried putting it carefully. watching the lights and hear the distant roar of the waves. all the fears of the night seem to escape the darkness. Trent used the car wine. Corpos engalfinhados rolled on the floor. but was not in the mood to find it. Closer. He looked long. Even so. Vivienne followed until the hall and then went to the room to touch up makeup and put a bit of perfume. put some books of poetry on the table-to-head and a bottle of glass filled with fresh water. Vivienne Trent felt his arm tight. more rested. Recline on pillows. Then everything happened. Trent expected in the dining room. there was a group of Moroccans who seemed to be discussing. Vivi. Thinking about going to the casino? “You do not mind? “No way. By Momeen seemed sad. she and Robert were walking and in the afternoon. seemed perfect. “Embrace me. She would do anything to dispel the fear and despair that was in their eyes. I passed the time that used to leave. Smoked in silence. During the meal. and his eyes looked more blue than ever. managed to control the surprise. After we left Trent. I thought we could go together. he explained: “Abdul Mandei ahead. so she and Trent rose together in the elevator. had not wanted that feeling of guilt. starting a fight. but his heart was stirred. Vivienne sat up in bed. Robert. suddenly. That morning. When you entered the courtyard of the casino. Vivienne felt happy.

“He went to the bar get two drinks and Vivienne did not know what to say more. upstanding. Trent put his hand in his pocket and gave him the keys to the office. Vivienne was carefree. Trent cursing and pushed it gently. “I can not even be indemnified with a new pair of socks. but were not filled. “Once the door is closed. has contacted the office of Trent. she examined a map of Tangiers which was hanging above the couch. washed the wound and is arranged. he seemed worried. Vivienne crossed the Coffehouse Nobody had noticed the incident and she could spend the tables with a relatively calm air. In this time of year there are people of all types. removing all signs of the fight. It was still early and the game rooms. Vivienne sat on the couch and he kneels by his side. “But why? A leg is not scratched. We have had some unpleasant incidents. “Maybe. Notice the brightness of your shoes and the glare of bronze of her hair. “You okay? “After examining the wound. Finishing his drink. Vivienne close to a table to . A few minutes later. When Trent came back. to the jacket and the hair out of place. but she smiled. There must be something interesting happening on the gaming tables. Vivienne said: “I take a walk. But the port attracts troublemakers and many come here to stop the casino. began to talk with one of the waiters. to realize that there were people waiting to be served. I do not want a woman involved in my family about it. “I do not want you to mix with staff that has appeared here. coming from the hills or the field. protecting it from the worst and shouting in Arabic with the Moroccans. After I washed my hands. Drums rolled. The game had more room to move now. sitting in a high banks to pass the time. As was already known. “Nothing. There was a small toilet next door. “After what happened today. asking: “Be sure that your leg is not bothering? “I do not remember most of it. “Go get it. “This solves. he asked with a smile: “Are you still full? “We were lucky to find a refuge once “told with a laugh. I will think twice about their coming to the casino. several people began to enter the office to talk to Trent about the measures that were taken that night.everything. Went to the coffee bar. Vivienne retreated to feel an object pointed scratched his leg. “In your leg had a small purple spot. Trent went to the cupboard above the sink and picked up cans of an ointment. They come seeking employment and selling crafts to earn money and sometimes rises to the head. She noticed that the lapel of his jacket opened up due to the width of your shoulders. Almost fell to enter the cafe. I'll call someone to clean it up here. The yard was now empty. and though it was nearing the door. were relatively empty. He followed to the door. When raised. Vivienne Trent held. seeing that it was only a scratch. Across the arches. moving gently in the ointment hurt. looking after your legs for brunettes. “I'm sure that will not happen anymore.

Because I'm crazy to embrace it and all I can do is offer you a drink. trying to find that he was not important. “Of course! “She gave a laugh. I was very upset to have it left as quickly that day. They are more exciting. In a low voice. I went to all the places we used go . “We seek a hidden table in the Cafe Gary pulled her gently and she finally agreed. Now we are together and that is all that matters. as well find it again. their first reaction was shock. The head of Vivienne turned. She wanted to feel the happiness that invading always thought that this time. “Honey. “I was counting the hours until you can see it again. Gary. In a dark corner.. Entered the gardens of the casino. I explained the situation. a little worried. Perhaps everything had happened very quickly. Once the drinks arrived. he shook his hand. Gary has led it to a door with grade of iron which had later. Thought you understood that Robert . do not leave your head. Could hear the roar of the waves. It was the moment he had waited for four years. said: “I thought we were expected to stay home full. passing the ointment on his injured leg.. “Vivienne took a sip of the drink and then told he had gone to the Casbah and the old town and walked the streets and the parks. “Get up. After a .. “Do not misunderstand me. “We need that? “She must have given the impression of being lost before both burning. there was a table with a small lamp. because he continued. Looking around. Not thought about it. saying: “Do not the game. You excuse me? Vivienne did not know if it was a tension that left numb and a little confused with the courtesy of Gary. Gary hugged and she felt the lips. and a range further away. “OK “as if he agreed very interested in the distribution of chips on the table. before they become accustomed to the darkness. Gary got in your hand. Vivienne suggested: “It is better to go back to the game room? “I have a better idea. that was funny. They were talking for more than twenty minutes. looking for a convenient table.. Sooner or later some of them could offer you a drink? Trying to convince them that was worrying for nothing. I was thinking of Gary and a voice at his side said: "Hello. is not it? Vivienne's voice was full of remorse: “Sorry. The truth is that the image of Trent kneeling by her side. Riu to remove the memory and consoled Gary: “Do not bother. through the lobby next to Gary and entered the café. I was your search". Perhaps the concern about the sweetness Robert was perplexed “she did not know. But I was too tense. but all the time had the impression that Gary was not listening. changing the subject “where did you sought me? How do you know that I was still in Tangiers? “Well. Already knew many of the frequenters of the casino. Gary wanted it back. When finished. “Explained that you had to go back to work. if that helps the sick boy. The air was scented by lemon and palm trees shaken their leaves against the dark sky. I do not want to create problems. And now we have to do so. A kind of hide-and-seek. “So you thought no more about me? “He looked hurt.

found that worried about the danger they ran. Gary the hugging! How many times had imagined this moment! It should be vibrating in his arms. Trent was in a group near the bar of the casino. “She believes math and have a system that works reasonably well. then resumed walking. “Gary made kiss her and she tried not to think of anything else. There was a fight at the entrance when we arrived. I only wanted to go Kouda. kissing him. Finally. “Some old garden walk this afternoon. At the baccarat table. but could not take his eyes from the lights of the game rooms. Shortly after. “The leg is hurting? “No. “But you did not bother to make it so? “Vivienne asked not believe. When he made the talk. “Exactly. “Do you think he suspects something? “I'm not sure. “And are not all geniuses of mathematics “Vivienne observed. Remember the moments spent with Trent. shook his head. he muttered: “This is better. Walked a little. showing a lady. Gary. After a few moments. Someone might see us. Gary. I think he suspects that I am not so in love with Robert look on. Gary smiled. “Are you an angel. “Probably it's just imagination. And do not worry. Glad you understand the situation. Fortunately we are safe. but now is not nobody. which were now full. Gary. has come close to the bar. “We must be careful. but the joy of the beginning of the night seemed to have evaporated. We come now separated. a lady appeared to be gaining much. Once again. without giving her time to calm down. . It was your imagination or Trent to examine deeply while excuse? Vivienne was afraid to fail. honey! I think the story very entertaining. “It would appear more convincing. He seemed to take an eternity to release it. Vivienne was repairing as the chips are multiplied when Trent approached. It is a good advertisement for the place. Like old times. “Is not nobody here at this hour of the night “responded by continuing to embrace it. but. he dismissed the look. concerned whispered: “We take care. but we must take care not to ruin everything. The casino is now very full and it is late. but it could be that I take home? “You okay? “Trent stopped to look at it. After I walked a little around the tables. “I do not know whether I can return to the casino. finally. Trent said that it is not like the idea. I find him. “Abdul was here right now. “Our best customer “said in a low voice. he went to the rooms of the game. Do not want to know anything else. “She bit his lip.few moments. “Not really. Vivienne felt relieved to return to the Café through the darkest places. Vivienne said casually: “I know that Abdul is in demand at that time of night. saying with a little of desperation “I would like to know both! “Walked a little more thought and she added: “Sometimes. Vivienne did not know if he turns or not. Vivienne wanted to come but did not know how to suggest it without appearing rude to Gary. Apparently he does not want me to come here anymore. The clandestine meeting with Gary to let a little irritated. worried.

. Vivienne was almost crying. but his face white and tense of the Trent did forget to itself. I would be sensitive to answer. the nightmare seemed to have finished. Robert helped to engage in robe and followed him into the room. Vivienne thanked. Vivienne was relieved. by dismissing it. played sketch. he felt that the eyes of the accompanying Trent. while Trent called the doctor. At the end of the game. Trent was part of the game for the first time. The employees moved up silently and no one spoke. but he smiled. Leaving the pulp and paper on the table beside the pool. Do not imagine that he still had energy. preparing the drinks. wet your hair away from your face and packaged as if it were a child. Robert down for breakfast the next day. Vivienne prayed that night. before going to bed. The house was very quiet. when he closed his eyes suddenly and sank like a stone. because Robert would be outdoors.“I told Abdul that you want to go home. Always felt perplexed when he recited to her. where hammocks were armed in the shade. after the table was stowed and the three sit in front of the lights of the city. “Robert got a bunch of her hair. Haroun and immediately plunged. His face was pale. Vivienne nadava alongside. Vivienne quake. the doctors were away and Vivienne came to the upper left. Vivienne does not play well with him watching. “You are so perfumed as a flower. a very pleasant time of year. Robert seemed tired. but Lucy and I was not sure he would be disappointed with that. so was surprised when the boy went into the arm and pulled his belt. saying: . During the morning. Trent was more relaxed. CHAPTER SEVEN Robert had another collapse the next day. Robert was delighted to compete with his brother and that she left jogassem alone. Looking Trent and Robert disputing a happy departure. smiling. He found Robert sitting in bed. “He looked at the sky look as inspiration. and in the afternoon.. and continued: “I can see that flowers are my feet. Was still more embarrassed with the presence of Trent. they went through their favorite places. While away. Looking disguise their embarrassment. Vivienne has wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and tenderly dismissed the blond hair that insisted on falling in the face. and delicate fragrances that exude his arms . which ended tied. got up. was more pleased than if you were playing. but knew it was just a way of expressing your feelings. Suggested that all of the dinners in the fourth brother that night and. Finally. went to a forest of trees. but the view of the room was wonderful. The doctors did not see any reason for him to stay in the room. “You know what it? A lily-of-valley. but not bothered. bringing it out.

I thought it was your room. Before he could react. hearing the distant noises of the city. But Trent said quietly: “You may not Vivienne tune with the poets and their words. Vivi is very poetic heart. Me. wrote long letters to Lucy. In his room. With Trent could never be sure. scared. he heard a voice: “Do not be afraid. who need the poets to tell how to behave? Robert took it to the wrist and pulling the face of Vivienne in with your said to Trent: “Do you think that is the air that leaves Tangiers so prosaic? “Ensure that it is. Trent not prohibited from going to the casino. I was suspicious or knew? As always. Recovered was taking a sip of your drink. Dropping the book. She looked then. said to his brother: “You do not think women are changing. Vivienne was now in the room with the door open. Gary. but she had no desire for peace in exchange for nothing Kouda. when I would rest. Bad start to read. looking disappointed. Abdul said that the would not leave and he went to the casino. When we wrote. Vivienne could see your smile. and in the darkness. Robert was saying: “You're Wrong. She looked around. Rob “Trent replied. While that Trent took the cup offered him. but his heart beat when he saw a shadow was moving. but did not see anything. “Gary here! “Vivienne suffocated a cry and fell at the stairs that were on the side. Robert. with Trent could never be sure. Vivienne was the whole day with him.“I think we need to cut your hair. Gradually. Their eyes met. After the dinner. . it was the only illumination. after they rose to see if Robert was not needing anything. it was used to entertain in the huge house. his face was a mystery. we used our cards with verses end. It was all dark. but Robert has not had the same vitality. It was annoying having to tell her that Robert was becoming increasingly weak. Trent? There was a time when they pass out of pleasure at the sound of a guitar and a voice mutter things romantic. but although she thought that had gone well. while reading a noise drew his attention. Trent. listen to the noise made: This time. The nights were warm and fragrant. She felt very vulnerable when their identity was called into doubt. Was to see if the bolts were well sealed. That is it! . It seemed something hitting the window glass. was sure that was not imagination. He came to meet her. “I was wondering when you would hear the pebbles hitting the window. But when the person is on the side. One night. pretending serenity: “Nobody seems to realize that the poets must be in its proper place and that the reality is more interesting than a musty past. went to the balcony which accompanied the top of the house. but knew her friend wanted to know the truth. She immediately replied. boy. The days went down. Writing letters is one thing. leaving it only at night. What we see now? I just whisper words of pure gold for my girlfriend and she will tell me I need to cut your hair! Vivienne felt better look at the glass.

convinced they were making noise enough to attract the attention of all guards. “He suddenly embraced. “I am not boring you not have gone more to the city. After he disappeared. Hold your breath. she started to think. Gary. expecting the worst. Relieved. Vivienne quickly returned to the house. I never imagined that I could find unpleasant the prolonged hugs Gary. It was very easy to find it. making kissing her. he released. Vivienne heard horror. Lost a few minutes trying to shake the branches concerned that their dress and their blood froze when he heard a bark. then fired “Bye. “He tried to hug her. “Let's see. “But it is very risky? So close to home? “She tried to disguise their fear. Everything is going right. This is much better than the casino. Seemed pensive. Gary wanted to leave soon. “Come. freed up from your kiss. “You're scented like a go for the harem odalisque. Nobody saw me. as if she had no choice after a while. Gary seemed to have not noticed anything. “She tried to not sound harsh. This business of him wanting to pursue a sort of monopoly and the irritated. He followed in the darkness that led to the shortcut flag in ruins with a pitch so slow and carefree that irritated. “I just wash it. Your hair is wet and odoriferous. “She pulled the. she muttered: “In addition. Not discouraged. “The house is in silence. But when it started to strive to remember that was with Gary and to be happy in his arms. but he is not disturbed.“Gary. Vivienne did not understand what he meant. trying to be sensible. “Do not worry. “But there are employees “she said. beginning to walk with impatience. And we could see them from outside. but not lost time with that. I know the way. and close to your face: “I came here this afternoon. there is a shortcut quickly through the orchard. stopped. it looked before. It is very risky. wheezing. May feel their absence in the house and want to be seen in the casino. “We expect a few days. to return to the room before they were discovered. . But Vivienne was thinking in the home and guards and his neck began to hurt. Outside the pavilion. “Do not worry. Continued holding his waist. and then an idea. went to the house. “I know where we can be. Vivi was so shaken that wanted him out. The flag! Nobody there to see. There is nobody here. “His smile seemed forced. Vivienne was bored with the flock of birds when passed through a door collapsed. in the light of day. And if any of them appear? Nervous. The house was filled with objects of art and she knew Trent had several guards around the property. “I better go. honey. Find a better solution. Wanted to return to the stairs outside the room and was already around the house when the lights were kindled and Momeen appeared. “Your lips have become insistent and she had to yield to his demands. trying to convince it that it was absurd be angry just because Gary wanted to see it. but he embraced again. but against their dreams. you should not have been here. He was saying. but the dog stopped. “Do not worry. then criticized it: “It should have been here. trying to hear some noise when Gary got to the arms and forced her to kiss him. then I saw the location of the orchards and the home. With the heart throb. trying to match up kiss.

avoiding any more social conversation: “You are not feeling well? Seems to be the limit of its forces. Very elegant. He felt that he looked as puxava the chair. a change of scenery? That is. “I think guys were playing something close to the gates. with a growing idea in the head. Where are the guards? “I heard something. “Vivienne supported on the table. A few kilometers more will not affect you. “Robert told me that was never an island. Vivienne has barely sleep and next day was one of the worst since his arrival in Kouda. was not thinking of us! “Vivienne said. Nor can relax in the pool or in the field. but as always. He was pale. Trent looked with a curiosity and saw that she was defending his argument with great force. already ready to go to the casino. Trent was thinking. when you count “Trent said dryly. Good night. but controlling it. You may not be very difficult to visit one. Momeen. if he has strength. Perhaps the people become more aware of their disease. he asked. trying to hide his excitement: . was in the room. Koud. Trent. “But think how it would do well. and to climb the ladder. he wanted to go straight to bed. felt a terrible fear of seeing Gary in one of the shortcuts in the garden.. Moreover. talk to Rob. replied: “Fine. said: “It is all calm. “You okay? I heard noise. “Robert will not bother with people and the small islands are better. Nothing serious.. She could not find a convincing answer. but you have to settle with him. “Who knows . maybe. But it is a very small world for someone of his age. “If you are running out. gaff hook. “I guess. he said hurriedly: “Many times I thought his brother needed something besides . “Looks great. “Vivienne now talking with animation. “I tried to encourage Rob to bring new people here to home. She was alarmed. and afraid that he wanted to deepen. but was afraid to draw attention with this attitude and gets ready for dinner as usual. A little tired. I know he has a wonderful swimming pool and the field of sketch you had done. and are distracted in the house. I would say that I was tired.. I'm sure that a change would be great for him. And then everything will be new. he said: “There Tahad the island in the bay of Tangier. She knew the Trent looked. He will love the idea. Were still taking soup when he asked. because every time I raised my eyes. Hoped that this could be attributed to the disease of Robert. it could not remove his nervousness. “Rob goes to the hospital every week. Can I convince you to lend me his house in summer. which meant that it would have dinner alone with Trent. He meals a terrible agony. It is a private. when raised.“Miss! “His eyes were staring. if believed could be that Lucy Miles. and although quite Risse and are very active.. but I know the owner. Trent would prefer a delay. Down decided to go ahead. “She decided to enter the house. He has much effect on the water and forget that a girl is not so much resistance. “Oh. Without taking his eyes from his face ruddy and his eyes bright. “Vivienne tried to give the impression that was just left. She was too excited to watch the rest of the dinner and. thinking that at any time Momeen would make a vibrant description of the noises heard that the night before. but he has shown no desire to leave Kouda.

Robert shouted: . “You mean we can go soon? Holding the chair. The wheelchair was back. owner of the island? “Maybe tonight. Vivienne helped plan it and. a tip on the hill. should do all the exciting things that could before . “Can we talk to Robert in the morning and if he can like leaving after lunch. I thought I would need something to use here on the island. Lowering his eyes. They have not fought more recently. While Haroun was dried branches seek to secure the land. Robert was very excited when she told you everything the next morning. Heard on the car and. After looking at the sea for a few minutes. closed and deserted. to prepare the way of dried leaves. She was looking at the sea. Trent was sitting next to Vivienne in the sand. If it had not much time for life. Vivienne turned their eyes happy for him. so they had to invent a way to take Robert to the beach. excited. “In this case “she smiled.. Once discovered they could not push a wheelchair in the sand baby. and agreed. before . a small tip of the island. although she knew that he examined closely: “When you want to go? “Oh. now that Rob won his island? She thought about Kouda. convinced that he needed to make this trip. It seemed so far away now . away from everything. thanked: “Well. Robert was very excited. Despite not have the grandeur of Kouda.. later. Although they could see the white buildings of Tangiers and even Kouda. with the guards guarding the property.. tomorrow! “The idea was so good that it does not bother with what Trent could find. especially when he learned that the island was a natural saltwater pool and a private beach. Trent already had everything right and in the middle of the afternoon. “More happy. we explore the silver. The sun was very hot and the breeze coming from open sea was refreshing. “A gift? For me? “You get threatened tatterdemalion not remember? I thought that for the good of all. so did not expect to experience the way they had done to him. with her hair disheveled. Yes. with the sea green around the canopy of pines and carpets of wild flowers. Then they moved away. Haroun and called for a spin. Can we really? “I make it happen. Trent said calmly. while working. The beach was a long strip of golden sand. they were already installed on the island Tahad. No use thinking of the future. It was an ambitious project and was exhausted when finished.. while upside down in their drawers. thank you. Vivienne reminded of the discussion because of the bikini. It seemed strange seeing him in shorts. He always goes to the casino. I was happy.. Trent said: “You will find a package in the room. thought of Robert. with lips ajar even a smile. Trent planned a path to the edge of the sea. it seemed that were in another world. And then that Robert rested and get all of that finished. I go get my stuff.“When you find that your friend. Waving. before you depart -. the house was very comfortable.. enjoying the freedom I felt delicious. to do something unique for that swimsuit.

looking at the bookshelf. surrounded by palm trees and foliage. Clothes were beautiful and Trent knew choosing the right size. Walked the beach in silence. not Abdul. hearing only the squeak of wet sand which accompanied their steps. really a great idea. as he had for what Trent had seen. Vivienne tried not notice that he was stunted. Also swam in the sea. Even Robert. to leave out Kouda. She was happy and. And Abdul knows the routine of the office. “I brought. Trent seemed very dark. Vivienne Robert was with the birds look across the beach and just at sunset could open the package that was in his room. with smell of sea. “Maybe the owner of the house find the island an ideal place for this kind of reading. messy hair. seemed immersed in a book. They burned a lot about life in contact with the sea and the sand in a landscape so different from the luxury of Kouda. while Trent read the newspaper. because it served perfectly. He went to the hospital with her type resigned. Lying by his side in the hot sun. with the windows open and the waves breaking on the rocks slowly. “I would rather read something more fun “Trent said. and were then dismissed to their rooms. or at least was what appeared. The left lanes of sea foam at your feet. He will in my place. Trent wanted to offer him a cigarette. with a knot in my throat. his eyes were filled with tears. a set of two pieces and two short caftan. I wonder why not bring binoculars! “Calm down “Trent said. After that doubled. because I would like to smoke now. She turned the pages of the journal. Found two JEANS with Indian designs. looking for shoes. The perfume of the trees mixed with the reek of the sea and the night was dark.“Hey! You should see the birds in a forest behind the rocks! Looks like a chicken. Trent carrying his brother to get a boat and then did tours around the island. The silence of the house was disturbed only by the murmur of the light sea breeze. Are there. aware of the noise that were dry when Trent suggested: “Come take a walk on the beach? There was light enough to look the way. Haroun came to get him little after nine. Robert Vivienne dined with them and was moved to see the shine of novelty that was in their eyes. on the continent. Swam in the saltwater pool. “You do not go to Cafe Anglais? “Vivienne wanted to know. a seat in front. Vivienne then extended to the sun. with nothing to remind you that civilization before them. rising up. Life on the island was wonderful. while the wind blows sweetly. trying to convince it that. Vivienne looked bright for the photos and the headlines without seeing anything. Vivienne sat on a sofa in the living room with a magazine. almost under their feet. Trent sank into the chair. Dinner in a spacious courtyard. thought happy with herself. Across the entire beach. with your hair when you flick . was making up the days he left. “I Andrew taking account of the gaming tables. insisting that no one monitor. Or. but to make reference to it. Trent. he closed the book and said with a smile: “I think here there are only police books. at least. Around ten o'clock. a lovely place beside the house. But he was sitting. Thought it was getting silly.

I heard that there is different qualities of fish. listening to the relaxing sound of waves to break on the rocks. That is natural. looking at the moonlit sea. “Trent prompted to purposely into the house and go to the bedroom.helped Robert to play the fishing line with their teeth strong and white. everything looks like a fabulous dream. when remava at sunset. with no difficulty. “But women are not. “Maybe “Trent said sweetly. so they could continue forever. “May continue. “Men like to repress their emotions “Vivienne said with impatience. for a shortcut that went down the beach. “You go by boat to the pond cypress. “Why? “Vivienne he returned to his eyes filled with tears. as if he wanted to dispel this thought. Distressed. Trent! I want so much that Robert is happy! Since we arrived here. “But there was. “You can cry. said with a gesture of discouragement: “Talking is no good. Knowing that he should be much more sad that it was shot in his chest. One afternoon. Moved. “He shook the shoulder. turned to him. Usually it recline on a stone near him. I do not want to spoil anything. Trent. While the days go smoothly. suddenly ending the delicious life on the island. If there was anything we could do! Robert is so sweet and sensitive! Does not deserve to have their lives cut so early. watch the birds. Vivienne has been with Robert for the woods beyond the beach. “He caress your hair. she and Trent knew what it could not last. without any interference from the outside world. sighing. “Everything is so perfect! “Vivienne lounge in climbing. chose a project that afternoon at his feet. “Why I do not want Robert die? “No. Should continue forever. she said with a smile: “Robert will love it. was something that none of them expected. then looked at it with a smile. a night in which the beauty of the sky caused her a torrent of words. I almost believe that he is all for you. Vivienne wanted to stop living. adding: “As I said before. a good open vociferation help. and both knew it. But we have to wake at dawn to enjoy the peace of the place. It seemed that nothing could break the magic of those long days of summer and those starry nights. And that was said to Trent. But seeing you now. “Even though he is not here to hear you talk that way “said Trent with severe air. then continued: “You spend the whole time spoiling Robert as a very dear sister. you are a strange girl. thinking better not make any comment. But what happened. and was already too late. They were in front of the house. saying with all my heart: “I wanted both to do something. Then sat down to watch the sea. Sometimes. but it will not cure Rob “Trent said in his self-control and Vivienne got mad at herself. bubble: “Oh. She felt angry. on the west side of the island? “Can we? “Yes I went and asked tour is very safe. She quickly lowered his eyes. shining. “Looks like nothing could ruin both welfare. Vivienne had often pushed the wheelchair. Robert was dreamer: . He looked long. and also wanting to change the subject.

she said happily: “The merit is not mine. when all of a sudden happened. you have to spend half an hour away from me. for some time. looking at the horizon. If it is too dark. Would raise. When you see the frightened faces. “It was my fault. “But his arm was twisted in a strange and his face. “Now you know how it is living in the middle of the ocean. Vivienne expected near the door. Living well surrounded by sea. Robert had managed to sit. she was estatelada had in place and slide the wheelchair. I was dark and Trent went to the boat to follow the doctor. Vivi. “I would do without you. He agreed. looking around. she said. Do not imagine that the projection of rock which could offer both sitting danger. On hearing his footsteps. They were little more than a meter tall and had bags of sand. Her screams attracted Trent. which often were looking at the moonlit sea. Vivi. And Robert . joking: “Well. “Could have been me! . You slipped and he tried to save it. rolava beating on the rocks.“You know? “He said. How much time would be for Robert? A week? Two weeks? Hiding your emotions. “Your eyes reflected emotion. Haroun and all employees. said with a grimace: “Do not worry. Now take a sedative and sleeping. Should not be criticized. “You two are now giving better “noted Robert pensive. Always be grateful. “Looking at the sun that would. “How come I could not I get along with your brother? “You are adorable. it was too late. “The eyes of Vivienne were full of tears. The fact is that in the next moment. “Trent and I were always friends “she lied. dismayed with voice asking: “How is he? “Better than expected. resigned. there was much excitement in the house. Trent who was convinced the owner that we could come here. he added: “And now we must return. “You are right “he sighed.. we will not hit the road. beyond the reach of the sea. Afraid that he was very romantic. “It means depressing even “Vivienne said. Ever. “But I was to blame for everything! “Vivienne cried.. Feeling slipping. “Trent CPR seemed to want it. “You got me an island. Trent had called the doctor and. When everything stopped. “Sat in a dangerous place and not see that the wheelchair was too close to the edge of the stone. beginning to think that we are really insignificant. or it has gripped the arm of the wheelchair. Perhaps Robert has extended a hand to hold it. he is already going through so much and still had to fall on the rocks! “She shook hands. “Never thought I would see so much water. gray. Trent seemed exhausted but said gently: “Rob told me what happened. But Vivienne nearly fainted when he saw the wheelchair and empty Robert fallen on the rocks. In return. Maurice promised me reveal the secret of his suflê of apple. When tried to secure the foot. has been steady. she turned. I'm fine. When they arrived. with Robert. “Rob broke the wrist and has some scratches. laughing.

But now you .. Rob has to take care of the wrist and can not stay in this island state. his face white as chalk. It seemed an eternity until you reach the flag with almost the Vivienne pushing all the time. Left to go to the room as late as possible. after he spoke with a voice more pleasant: “Well. Spent time browsing the books in the library or playing a disc. . was very weak. One night. His smile was cruel. and said testy: “You told me that would not leave. Vivienne went very late and I was thinking of taking a warm bath before you put between the sheets. remember. I would read how he wanted to hear. Actually think it was fun to come here and find the house closed? “I have not had time. of course not.. when he saw a figure behind the counter.. “We go back? “His eyes sought the face of Trent.“It would have been much worse “Trent said. Accidents happen. Intimate . with a vein throb in the throat. got on his arm. Hold it as soon as the flag came. comfortable . “It was resolved an hour to another. “She tried opinion resigned. “Extend the arm to calm her. a bed covered with a quilt of damascus. “Vivienne please seek it. Vivienne went to the door. “We can talk here. Gary had gone up the stairs outside and look at the room luxuriously furnished. “No. I could not warn you.. he Fitou furniture. It seemed that her heart would burst for both effort and anxiety. with a nasty smile on his lips. already at bedtime... He knows fall. his disappearance was very inconvenient for an hour to another. Sometimes Robert had read that high. muttered: “Gary! You should not have been! “Looking around. I had to have idea of how a poem should be recited and she was moved to the wealth of sentiments that were in his voice. Kouda went back and she could not tell that Trent was afraid CHAPTER EIGHT Robert felt a lot of wrist pain.. scared. was forced to stand. “It seems the ideal place for a conversation. As agreed with her. “Are you doing well as girlfriend of the brother of a man very rich .. “I know not. the shade of trees near the pool. but Gary did not give you time to breathe. or is there? “He considered. “Vivienne tremble with his rudeness. Then it was get your stuff. and her voice was much softer. “Control is Vivienne. especially his favorite books of poetry. Robert went to the room very early and she had long hours to fill at night. Gary began to descend the stairs with a smile as strange that the nerves of Vivienne rebelled at risk if they were running. “You know it's much safer. and one or two days after returning Kouda. after Trent went to the casino. The fall shook the very most of and I admit. but tried to show happy. “With an air stubborn. “The flag. But there is no reason why the life is less pleasant in the village .. “I guess. “Rob has played rugby. Vivienne read for him.

“Have you ever been Puritan way. say.”Forcing a smile. honey.. You and I have to resolve some things.. There are thousands of people like me in Tangiers. she moved away slightly. We could have closed the curtains and spent the night there. But it is what I think is best to leave as soon as possible! She saw a glow in the eyes of Gary. “But I can not promise that your dear Robert has not disturbed their dreams. and so romantic. “Okay. “Making embrace it. So in return. Came to that sad story of the boy in the wheelchair and now we want to remember the meetings we had. That smile was still uncomfortable in their lips. “You are very upset and does not help their condition. with force.come back. “The face of Gary was hard. “He kissed with a brutal sort of satisfaction. as asked: “Did you miss me? “Well . “So. muttered: “Not that we know of your room. Well. knowing that there is a patient at home. then slightly raising his head. approaching the door. Gary. Vivienne has been away from. “It was all very confusing and Robert had an accident. and said shocked: “Actually. “With all the pleasure. “What Robert is with that? “Vivienne asked concerned. “No. I'm weird . Let's play forward. “But now older and older girls often change. Vivienne's voice was weak. as a Romeo despised. His hands go now bluntly the body of Vivienne. let's talk about the same boy. “Our little Vivienne cooled suddenly? “Muttered. but she could not say clearly: “I do not understand it. I have not had much time to think . we will relieve you of a bit of their money. so be it. my love. if I fail the memory. “He smiled with lust. because he was in love with you? “It is better to explain law “Vivienne spoke calmly. waiting a chance to get a kick. . but now it was time to think about it. you better not be a hurry to get rid of me. have a plan. the departed. And I prefer not to hear more. He would not want his brother was aware of everything that I know. “No. “I do not know why! “Responded immediately. revolted: “I changed that much! I do not know what you expect coming here this time of night. “That night in the table found in the casino. That is why we return.. Gary! I do not know how you can suggest such a thing.. almost joking. “He hugged his mouth and crossed the neck of Vivienne. You better go. There was something that Vivienne had been asking in recent days. you had no great hurry to leave the game . he added: “Anyway. not help it “Gary said. my turn came. is not remembered? Turned the city-edge head. but started to feel a tightness in the stomach. “What kind of accident? Is he right? She thought the voice of Gary was rude. You know. “He broke the wrist “explained. Colby has lots of money. I have not even a penny.. “He shook his shoulders. “Gary to look very safe. “I have no money to live decently. “Of course not. how can we get money. honey! So you think was the main attraction of all this history of cover and sword? You think I tried to engage openly with friends of Colby and the casino that I was waiting for the opportunity. “You went looking for me.

but Vivienne still picked up a dream. “I do not. Does she know that endure. “There should be two sets of keys. “Well. While other young people with ease through the first disappointments of love. Tonta of fear and horror. bringing to the fourth floor. Now. you should know where his room. knew that he changed. We should not be disturbed while the relief of the casino profits. my love. “You're crazy if you think this could work! The money is in safe and Trent has the only key. sure. Vivienne did not know how he returned to the room. Always a bit lewd. Vai be worse for the man's wheelchair. lascivious was more than ever. was an impostor? Someone who agreed to present a paper to let you happy just because Lucy is the real thought very ugly? He . in the gardens of the casino when Gary hugged? It was in panic. How to track everything clearly now! Or is that already had learned anything from the first moment. I have noticed and discovered that he leaves the office at around midnight and then is almost all the time in the game rooms. Let's meet tomorrow night in the casino. That is why you do what I say. He loved her. baby! “Gary said with a smile. when what he believed was love. Think about it that way now? Had been irreparably compromised with Gary. the man who thought love “oh. Have courage? Shook hands in the mouth. Vivienne suffocated a cry: “You can not do that! He would die! “I know. No more wasting time. Tomorrow night. yes.. no doubt because his pride was hurt by something that never happened to a boyfriend on holiday. You are known in the casino and knows the habits of Trent. Sweet dreams. He also once again. Vivienne was paralyzed. Will not have problems to find them. It would be a hideous nightmare? Would not agree with a sigh of relief? If you could . “Later. my love. she stubbornly picked up. Gary. “You think then that I will seek the keys to the safe in the room of Trent? “Asked Vivienne tremendous. baby “said Gary lightly. thinking it was Lucy and had written all those letters. taking two fingers to the forehead.. And if you're thinking about missing. that is with you. because sometimes he goes to the casino. I lived. Gave him. “You think I will participate in a plan so devious? “The truth is that I am ready to tell you Robert is in place that Lucy does not know what “said Gary displeasing. the dream of how it had felt to nineteen years. forget it.The blood froze Vivienne. he threatened to seek Robert. wondering. telling him the role in representing Kouda. Looking for where insured. Now listen. “Gary's voice was harsh. “You like both of Robert who will not want to hurt him. at half past eleven. Thought of Robert. I want to solve everything at once. Vivienne. He always locked the door of the office when you go to the halls of the game. I have to go and you need to return to the room. she did not want to admit. not to feel its absence. grabbed up the curtains. the lights turning while trying to think clearly. making a sign oath as gag her. “I lost a lot of time waiting for you appear. “And it was gone. now you know that since that first meeting at the casino. Shot in a chair unable to believe what had happened. you and I will find an excuse to go to his office after midnight. Of course you would! It was a cruel man. Living in the same house. Now.

I wanted it to continue so. given the key to the problem. agitated. . when the well-being was threatened. It seemed that Trent was waiting to hear what she had to say. as a spark to a flame compared doddery strong and everlasting. sweated cold. Trent. he realized that no man meant so much to her about Trent. After a night in the clear. All this came to mind in a flash and she realized that her eyes were still trapped in the Trent. and all the time drop the fork and knife. when I was going to the pool. Talked with him without knowing what they were eating. and from that time on the island of Tahad. But at that moment. she stood up. As for lunch. but dared not let Trent understand. And just to remind it already felt reconfortada. “I rest a little. I had to go to the casino tonight. unable to speak. watching her commented: “You must rest in his room this afternoon. must rest “he said. she would give anything to feel the comfort of their delicate hands. Later. who approached the table with a folder under his arm. but his voice was horribly wobbly. realized that Trent is out. Trent after a deck chair under an umbrella and she felt so nervous that almost took a shock to find him blue eyes and listen: “Best way? Vivienne has agreed. He recalled that night in the casino office. knew that he had not choice but to do the will of Gary. when Trent kneels to pass ointment on his wound. It was indecisive. One hour. Robert could not know. Fortunately it was day of Robert go to the hospital. Semicerrados eyes. It was not difficult. “Anyway. nearly toppled the glass of water. away forever by this new emotion. Even to plan a vacation on the island forced to dodge a little. when something horrible too would blow it completely. But how? I could not stop the trembling of his hands. His head turned. and fell for breakfast. looking unconcerned: “I will rest awhile in the shade. so that only that store had a smile during the meal. because the Gary plan to empty the vault of the casino looked fantastic in the light of day. With the head held in fl pad. with the shutters closed. “I'm fine now “the Vivien faced. With the torn heart. For me. but then lowered his eyes. firmly. I guess. train of anxiety and nervousness. while asking their eyes examined his face done: “What is it with you? Mal opened his mouth today. But to think that would get the keys to the vault before that night. Trent does not feel lack of money in the safe and secret from Lucy would be intact.does not hold. Definitely going. The truth emerged only now. “Too much sun. held it. Had to search the room of Trent while he was busy elsewhere in the house. where he caress her hair while the embrace. Luckily Robert was saved in hospital. “Try opinion cheerful. the enormity of what had to do it shook so that your knees fraquejaram before arriving in the chair. While the fog of the past and his involvement with Gary is distance. Of their hands. felt the need to tell you everything. sitting up from the table. this is much more than sun. What felt by Gary seemed insignificant before the power of his love for the man who was by his side. Trent.

With white face. for the night. Vivienne is not allowed the luxury of the fourth floor of Trent. The problem was knowing where to look. Can not rest with the light of day. Try. “But. Next to a commercial book and a dictionary of Arabic was a locksmith with three or four small keys. Could not do anything. But I think one or two hours of rest will prepare me . Vivienne fought the nausea that invaded and crossed the hall. It was only a few minutes in the room. I was cold despite the heat of the afternoon. If it were not so much with fear. but the birdie . going to the room of Robert. praying that the drawers were not locked. Trent.. saw Trent climbing the ladder. There is a beautiful green bird in the tree before my window and I wanted to know his name. then opened the door silently and left. which was the apartment of Trent. For one of the corridors. “Obedient. could reach the left wing. Arriving there. And. but was tempted to move the hand in a tie game in the chair. sometimes. Felt that the eyes of the Trent climbed the ladder attached while. think! Without doubt. As Abdul was lunch. by Abdul seeing the clothes of Trent in the arm. went to the room. when lifted. I could do what you want in the house. would have seen much more interest in the apartment of Trent.. passing time with Trent in the library. fell in bed with the keys hurting the palm of your hand. But the danger passed and Trent was saying: “I told you to close the shutters. She would have time to search for the keys.. the books on the shelf near the low bed. When opened the latter. he felt a heat wave. It took several minutes to orient. Looking at it further. He then had an idea: a desk that way in the other room. One last look to see if everything was in order and was on the outside. but I knew where the door was left of the stairs. Vivienne tateou in panic. Never make to do . His forehead was sweating and cold at the same time. she frantically asked if he had seen leaving the room. Quickly. turned the knob and entered. “His voice failed. so he added: “I had a bit of a headache this morning. The controller orchard was waiting in his hall. saying: “I thought you were resting in the room. Trent has a hand to hold her and accompanied her to the door. below that of Robert. Scared to death of what was done. He then came a wonderful opportunity. Is good for the nerves.. came once a week to account for service. when sent to the port. Generally. He had noticed she was shaking like a leaf? Maybe not. and to alleviate their distress. in drawers of a dresser drawer with shirts and worked a table near the window. Trent was with the keys to the casino. Had passed through there several times. “I . “Probably is a beekeeper “Trent said. but should have duplicates. Took care not to leave anything out of place. His heart seemed to want to leave the mouth. Mal had been removed. It was all there before your eyes as she tried to think.. She wished fervently be transported across the world. “Yes. Vivienne thought he looked closely.Vivienne did not want to discuss. except wait for the better.. Through the drip on the mat room. almost fell. in the pockets of suits hanging in the closet. or if you had the chance to leave only a second before. carefree said: “I just go to the room of Robert to see if he thought the book of birds. But the drawers contained only papers and more papers.

I knew it was Gary. she muttered an excuse and went to the room. leaving Trent alone. Rob said that he arrived very tired and out of the hospital straight to bed. “Of course it is a joke. the other side of the glass division. but he agreed: “Okay. because the legs not supported. only for everyone to see I am your friend and Colby too. please. Once the left Abdul. maybe Gary had not courage to execute his plan. Abdul found waiting for you and while your knees shake non-stop. “If it does not bother me a laugh now. we will get there as if we were to take something with him later. a joke. find the room of Robert. I say to Abdul to take it when you want. very seriously “and treat me to comply. if you said that was all . who had not taken her eyes from that sat at the table commented with severe voice: “If you stayed at home. Vivienne wanted to give the impression that it was appetite. no doubt obeying the orders of Trent. he suggested: “We find a table? Vivienne followed the slowly to a table near the bar. for travel between customers. Trent sighed. After the dinner ended. I need to change the air. When a hand caught his wrist. At least it was comforting to the idea that Robert was safe in the room. Kouda knew he knew very well and. but sought to calm opinion. It seemed an eternity before the car left the casino. if that is what we want. tried to say cheerfully. darling! It will be with Colby when emptied his safe. although the night is hot. Down. which is usually some employees of the casino. We go once or twice by the vestibule. It does not seem capable of giving two steps beyond the door. There was no other option but to go to the casino. She waited. When Colby leave the office at midnight. walking from side to side with the heart beating up to eleven hours. But that would not stop Gary. The sea was choppy and. Just dropped in time for dinner. Vivienne for the next half hour was a succession of excruciating moments in a pandemonium where everyone seemed to laugh too much. so he could eat the Once we asked the drinks. The head and shoulders of faithful Abdul. Vivienne walked by tables without paying attention. “Gary. was encouraging and she was willing to request that led to another place. fighting to stop the tears. dead of fear that their pallor Trent notice. Trent. if necessary. “But I'm fine! “She begged with his eyes. talk too much. “Hello! “Greeted as if meeting an old friend. “I will not stay long. Evil forces had to face what was to come. Now give me the keys “he asked.. pleading. where the . He spent the whole afternoon lying.. to enter the Cafe Anglais. say that everything is a terrible mistake! “She looked at him. Got the keys? Vivienne took the bag. Just to have something to do. Had a dress of silk and. “I think tonight I go to the casino. shake the cold and fear. Otherwise. then with a small smile. Gary said: “Glad you used the head. Vivienne was relieved he had not been offered to take her. And while taking coffee. Began to open it then close it quickly. Abdul was at his side. His expression was still severe. I riria also very happy. to go in the car. Within a few minutes we will take a short walk in the halls of the game. Unfortunately the casino was full.

Shortly after midnight. while their hair is Vivienne felt chills. Vivienne thought Gary was very optimistic about their plans. but when. “Good night. perhaps because his subconscious was need to combat the fascination he exercised on it. Gary seems to know where was safe and as Vivienne looked paralyzed beside the desk. But what he could do was see women seeking draw your attention. and their nostrils. Gary tried to tackle the situation with arrogance. Gary played the keys in the desk.hum of the rooms of games was its head throb as if it burst. “It is a pity that. “Yes “said once. “Vivi and I are friends for a long time. because no sound came out of his throat. Serbia not seen that and tried another. Trent was open the door. Vivienne. With all the coolness. as commented: “I spoke to you? No problem. After the door is opened and the Gary pushed firmly inside. crossed the hall and arrived at the door of the office. was aware of the silence that reigned in the room." That was the time when I criticize Trent. Gary tried sneak a key. Vivienne wanted to get something in return. “The boss is well monitored. Perhaps the authorities are to your search. Well. as he was giving to these women. Vivienne would not have. soon after. As is understood not as a man advanced face Trent. She followed the movements of Gary as if hypnotized. He was even a little short “I will not make your friend? He was aware that four years ago in Tangier? He locked the door silently and Vivienne wanted to die. when in fact wanted to be by his side. Gary tried to smile. He quickly closed the door. “But we will not talk about it now. the contact of your arm on the shoulders . but I expect that. I have the keys. before his horrified eyes.. Noticed that the front of Trent was pale and tense. And if you do not try again. he has to try the keys. Just a look to see who was full of bundles of banknotes from various countries. “Trent said calmly.. very pale. and its numerous evasive. Trent took some notes from one of the packets. In passing by Vivienne. Gary opened his mouth as if you wanted to say something but thought better get the money. “You have an hour to leave the country. She felt the hand of Gary in his wrist. While seeking to rely on the table. “Come on now “he said in his ear. He took a bag of folded pocket e. still holding onto the desk. I would say something when he heard the sound of another key turning in the lock. There is a plane that leaves at midnight and forty-five. After you get them. after opening it. Trent had discovered that the casino only to pass the time. the door is opened and Trent entered. But she would have loved it anyway. The women were back to their slim and elegant and reminded of what she had said: "Every paradise has its serpent. began to fill it with money from the safe. There was one moment that he saw everything clearly enough to feel the weight of their emotions. then went out and the door was closed behind him. Vivienne. no one interfered. Did you know that now. However. some of which were being observed. as the fight . Vai is very easy. not said anything. if you do not bother. “His face showed no surprise. But they still had to enter the office. Only a smile. locking it. saw Trent talking to a group of friends near the bar of the casino. the door is opened. Too bad she did not say anything of our dating. warning that it was approaching the time feared. A few seconds later. dilated. Even if you wanted to persuade him to turn back.

Vivienne spent several hours in the afternoon at his side. carefully hiding his fear and despondency in the face of the haggard face. but sleep did not come. you will have to continue what started . Mal relying on your legs. hot in the afternoons when the insects hum lazily and the red hibiscus flowers glowed in the dark. The conversation was always pleasant to Trent. sometimes. White as a ghost. As I said on the day of your arrival. looking at them as demented serbia dinner. “He spoke quickly in a phone that was in the desk. Arriving in the room.against rabies. Vivienne knew that he despised. he showed nice and polished. Abdul ran the Café Anglais. Was sure now. . His clumsy attempts to steal the keys did not pass unnoticed. She knew. because we spent the nights awake and not because he went out of his mind. an icy tone: “Abdul will take her home. He approached. Since the state of Robert worse. During the night. Planning everything perfectly. They knew. all I could see was the face of Trent. and like.. Although Risse. cutting of contempt. Nevertheless. Vivienne sent for the door. Momeen. Near the door was then opened and he had to leave. the smiling faces of people on the streets seemed to mock their senses blunted while the car led to Kouda. and play cards with some available. no doubt with the help of André. impeccable. Now he was more the casino. Trent has not talk about the fatal night in which the match with Gary in his office. Trent has provided for it was not disturbed in the casino. and their modes. When you were with Robert. He was not recovered from the last visit to the hospital.. accompanied by Abdul the car. Vivienne Trent realized that the nights spent walking in the room and. Robert nap and she was very holding his hand and moved to looking at your face. leaving him in bed most of the day. The movement at night. despite the wrist plaster. always effusive and eager to cheer the environment. His problem seemed meaningless when Robert wondered what was passing. CHAPTER NINE Robert no longer appear in the pool. fell into bed exhausted. play. but the closely watched all the time. through the ritual of dinner in the room. he was back to the office and Gary caught before the open safe. where you the Casbah. At night. All they knew. which was full. with eyes shining coldly. The only sound you heard was his voice. or at least suspected. she crossed the bar. walking alone by the property. the head of the dealer. His voice showed all his contempt: “Robert believes in you and for me that is all important. tense with rage and grief.

. in your state. It was not easy. knowing what Trent thought about them. “She was thinking of Robert. Believed that it was Trent. “Trent said. so sent my picture. see in front of a girl completely weird. reminding him painfully Tahad the nights on the island. not I. Vivienne Trent saw near a grove. and not bother with the humidity and your dress light. who wrote those letters to Robert. “His voice . Trent's eyes are narrowed. Thus. indoor pool and went through some of the hibiscus. Had fallen from a summer rain and the smell of wet earth mingled with the perfume of flowers. stoicism would have continued to play its role. You were right about me . While approached. “Noticing a slight change in the expression of Trent. Still said. I did not want but had to agree that it would be a terrible shock to Robert. walking from side to side. feel and love as Vivienne Blyth. His eyes were full of tears the night it fell from the ladder rack.. with all his loyalty. Gary and wanted to flee with the money. “But that plan crazy! “You do not say that Lucy is known “said Vivienne. “She raised the chin. without bothering with Robert. Vivienne was clear in the evening. There was a deadly silence. It was meat and bone and could not continue like this. “How did you come in her place? “She asked. without knowing where to start. I am not the genuine product. with the teeth closed. with tremulous voice: “Do you believe if I told you that Robert means to me almost as mean to you? “Of course! I believe in everything you say. “I am well “responded with impatience. Trent's eyes were brighter now. that night.. but it felt very ugly and too simple for the likes of Robert. Vivienne was concerned. Vivienne closed his eyes for a moment. But it was not heroin. looked pale. as he commented in a low voice: “But this is madness! “I agree “said Vivienne immediately. with an ironic smile. with eyes full of tears. it added desperate “Do not ask me why! Lucy is a sweet girl and good. “Trent shook his shoulders. then continued. A piece of moon in the sky washed by rain launched a brightness of lead into the sea. I therefore persuaded to come.. who had planned everything with him in recent weeks and. But you said that Robert was not counting going well and she was devastated. “It all started sending your picture and then asked you to stay at her place by Robert . His face. The night is cold. he spotted. She knew Trent was walking outdoors. She was Vivienne Blyth and I think. with faltering voice: “I better start at the beginning. but was she. “You never heard of a girl named Lucy Miles. Not even by Lucy. It was clear that Trent thought she was in love with Gary. If the heroine of a book. protecting those who protect jurara. so it would not be disappointed. illuminated by moonlight.It was cruelly unfair that I thought about them. speaking sharply: “You should not have left the house. because Trent is showing serious and reserved. “Lucy wanted to confess everything later when her relationship with Robert was very strong for him to bear the blow. Until no longer supports it.

“Are you speaking from experience? “Trent asked with sarcasm. which is then deleted. When we kissed. And I was scared with the idea of talking to Gary Robert. He threatened to tell everything to Robert if I do not give him the keys to the vault of the casino. Will Trent also loved? There was something wild in the way that it requires your kisses. “She shook his shoulders. “But I had to think about Lucy. with eyes full of tears and more desperate than ever.was very soft. “But I am not prejudiced. “What madness! “Trent held on his shoulders. seemed decorate it and it seemed nothing more natural. She has to feel uneasy. was increasingly dependent on the company of Vivienne. the sense of torment and despair that was part of daily life. “Your fitaram eyes the length. But Gary was waiting for me when we return. Once I realized I was behind a myth that Gary no longer meant anything to me. after weeks in which had been close to each other in ways so different. and turning their backs. “I thought I was in love with him. she thought she saw something in the eyes of Trent. “He just got what he deserved. What ended up happening! “Trent said with severity. wrapped in shadows. While talking. . . This guy could take it very prejudiced. “Yes. than so be at your side. “I guess. Vivienne felt faint. but Vivienne he was troubled by both colorful. well. For Trent. “What could I do? “You should have told me everything “he said with asperity. with grave voice: “Concluded that you were afraid of something. “I thought there was something. dominated by their emotions. “I wanted to flee. and spent most of the day in bed. She felt that his hands caressed his shoulders bluntly. it belonged to Robert and nothing would change my mind! Fell a storm and then the next day. as you may have imagined. he departed suddenly. His face. “I thought about it. “He looked at Trent. I just find it everywhere after we came back to Tangier. But did the imprudence to tell him the story of Lucy. the sun has come out in all its glory. The days were beautiful. E. Robert hardly left the room. I decided to leave it free to betray you. Trent's eyes shone as a stranger and suddenly she was up in his arms. “Are you referring to Gary Thornton? “Vivienne wondered quietly. Why? She asked snatched. “You went through all this alone. It was as if the world was mockery of the desolate atmosphere of the town. I found it on the first night. It was in silence and he said. But when she would be leaving invade the sweetness of the moment. “She smiled with distracted air. Trent seemed distracted while covering your face and your neck of kisses. highlighting the blue of the sea and the bright colors of flowers Khoudia. caresses of your hands on over your dress fine. and we headed for the island Tahad. “You must remember that Robert Lucy loves deeply and passionately that people do strange things.. now you know. “But still. now I know. It was not difficult to show a happy face. with hoarse voice exclaimed: “Get out of my face! Vivienne back at home. “I found that Gary attended the casino.

the heart of Vivienne is tight before the change he saw in his physical. If at least be allowed that! One night when it seemed no more endure the tension. Vivienne he was mad. There was no sign of life at home. Trent took his cigarette from the pocket and light cigarettes. He scrupulously avoided his gaze. “It's the boss “Trent stutter when approached. to get the flowers in the rooms that gave to the terrace. were very affectionate. Looking through the door. But sometimes his eyes were for a second and then she felt a wave of tenderness. she swam. but playing as always.. To Vivienne. They do not refer back to the night near the trees. even for a look. followed the ritual of smoking who smoked together. in the balcony covered with climbing next to the room. as if they are kilometers away from each other. under the direction of Abdul. she could not understand what they said. shot. looking agitated. With the throat hurts terribly. but the operation and passed. But when his eyes seemed waver. Vivienne did not want anything else. loving Trent and also knowing that he loved? Even the delicate touch of his hand in hers. The next morning. How she could endure. Nobody wanted to admit that there was something unreal in the happy atmosphere of the apartment of Robert. The provision does not admit of Robert melancholy. Haroun was stopped at the door of the hall and went not Momeen between the sleepers of silver from the table. yes. Knew Trent was going to the pool very early and waited for him to come down. “About. “He wants the merengue of dates of Mr. Vivienne went to his room. The chandeliers add a soft glow and the lights of Tangiers spread out beyond the open windows. But the barrier was so big . A table lamp with crystal and the silverware. What was . Maurice. but he seemed very excited. although the barrier between them was much more evident now than in the past. closing the door. chatted briefly with the doctor and then went to the library. if that is what he wants. for an hour. Vivienne shake hands while looking to get the carnations and honeysuckle in the pot. “Well. While the perfume of the flowers of the rose garden. Later.. dismayed. It would be one of the last wishes of Robert? Trent wanted to know: “About the meringue dinner? Momeen examined the dishes and then waved his head vigorously. It was difficult to bring the unit up with the three necessary technical. But behind his smile. Vivienne. Vivienne felt a tightness in my heart. there was some excitement in the house. On a night when he has dinner on the table. But the doctor appeared shortly after. Down the stairs. the occasion was celebrated in every possible way.because he was always excited. In the afternoon. He crossed the hall curious. running to the phone. the occasion was even more impressive because Trent. then setting it in the flame. Trent was standing at the door of the library. thinking that everything would be quiet for some time “at least until the technical fall. then send “Trent said with the same serious voice. Served are the dishes that Momeen had their hands and sometimes almost joined pegavam when something on the table. She and Trent spent much time with Robert to distract him. a doctor still young Moroccan has brought a portable X-ray machine to check the progress on the pulse of Robert. On other nights dinner alone in the floor from below.

heard voices approaching. Paying attention at all. Trent. walked by the pool. he said: “Let's sit down somewhere? “She wondered where he could leave the flowers to carry. The heart of Vivienne beat faster. “For doctors. . but had to much control to not run back to the room of Robert. rushed.. It sought to collect some flowers to brighten the house. “He waited a bit. and help her while she mechanically took the flowers.. “What is it? I was so worried that neither knew what to think. aware of the song of a bird in a tree on the side. nice and gray.wrong? Something horrible about Robert? Finally. holding no more be in the house. giving the windows to the terrace. Behind the tiredness from her face. then continue. near the house. He entered the house. returning to the house. “Looks like the pulse of Rob is getting stronger “he said. But. when expecting to see any movement on the ladder. When he arrived on the terrace. the roof and worked lambris wall. “He what? “Vivienne placed the flowers in the neck with an impatience that led to a tolerance of brightness in the eyes of Trent. but . no! “He bent his head. He approached with a smile. Trent then moved. Vivienne then realized it was with his arms full of flowers that catch the fly. “The problem with Rob is muscular. Abdul and the accompanying Vivienne was again surrounded by silence. said: “We change clothes. taking her by the arm. it seems important. He was a stocky man. Finally. the two men left the library and rose. but he added: “No. She walked across the room without seeing the fine furniture. stay with the flowers. After you sit down. “But that was not expected? “No. “They want him to go to hospital tomorrow for some tests. Led her to a bench in a garden next to the field of sketch. “You only need a straw to be confused with a Berber. Then. went to the garden beside the pool. reflecting light signs of hope. thinking well. Vivienne looked anxiously for him and for the ambulance to leave. “Your skin is very clear and his little pecker is not Moroccan. turned to look at it. Trent said: “It was the X-ray that started it all. Vivienne did not understand. “But what? “Vivienne asked. It is a nice for someone who has passed the worst lately. You hear the hum of insects to fall afternoon and the thin trunks of lime seemed new silver against the sky. she tried to guess anything. it was one of the French experts who took care of Robert. A car stopped beyond the dark arches and she recognized the man coming. and finally the departure of the car specialist. Then. Although examination of the drawings prepared and took consolation in the handles of drawers decorated not see anything because your mind was turned to the room of Robert. With all the calm he could find. but Momeen will not find anyone in time for dinner. men with the X-ray machine was just left. “Trent shaking your head. Trent did not respond immediately. They sat long in silence. is surprised to see that the noise came from behind. almost mindlessly. His eyes were still trapped in the Trent. which followed.

Then saw the car around the trees in the village. Trent was there.The night seemed to be dragging and hours until the morning were the longest that Vivienne lived. Looking for something in which to hold. Robert! I am happy! “She embraced to hide the tears of joy in his eyes there was only achieved after the lifting control the emotion. not well looked at him. They were on top of the fruit to boot escadinhas lower. and hide their faces when Vivienne tentatively passed by them. Vivienne saw the black car that was going to the city. look for Trent. mild and sweet. She sat between them in the shade of an old walnut tree. The women had brought the goat cheese. He changed his position. I think not. said: “Tell it. black bread and dates for lunch. Vivi? “There was insistence in his voice. looking at his brother. His blond hair. I knew immediately. Trent. “What we expected yesterday. The question should be written in beating his face. speaking with quiet voice. “Oh. perhaps to hide his emotion. dared not expect too much. even if she does not see the smile that formed on his lips when he saw her. avoiding looking at the road through the orchard. she ran home. His gaze turned to Trent and not only was it the same blue. touches of marble fireplace in front of the door. When entered. Tremendous heat and cold. And. but mindful of the noise of an engine. As heard those magic words. “You know what that means. Vivienne felt that the room and turned it fell into a dark hole. saw that the room had been arranged where the flowers the day before. Berbers women wore long dresses printed. Abdul should be in direction. and Trent and Robert ago. The women were getting their things to go with children stuck in their skirts. because he. Vivienne noticed. Through the arches with a vein throb in the throat. but anything else. Vivienne felt his head spin and. he saw Robert in the wheelchair beside the couch. opened his arms. There was much movement now. I could not believe it and that Trent now. The sun was already on the other side of the bay and the men were preparing to irrigate the trees. “You mean we can get married. Robert smiled at her. It quickly turned. but we were afraid to say happened. because the trees were loaded and the men took steps to protect the fruit. and if fired from Vivienne in Berber language. when the eyes of Vivienne is momentarily overshadowed with the reflection of sun on metal. According to the doctors. and timidly offered to Vivienne. will be completely recovered. Rob will heal. His blue eyes reflected the glow of the sky of summer “although there were no visible sky at that moment “and we showed it. disheveled and charming. heading out to the orchard. He heard voices. entered by the shirt collar open. with children around. because Abdul had to have it taken directly to the garage. There was no sign of the car when she arrived on the terrace. in a few weeks he could leave the wheelchair and in six months. But his knees were weak and she thought provoking have to go through the shortcuts. with eyes full of tears. Return their smiles. a fiery glow in their eyes. at the room. and to note that the contraction was in his face and his . catch the fruit that fell. and the doors and windows open. burning. She got up very early.

you stayed too long in hospital. Vivienne was wondering. “I said nothing at the time. he had to rest. they came. Trent was sitting next to Vivienne. something came to mind of Vivienne. When I heard it. “On the day we went to Tetuan! “She turned to him. or later. Some time ago. “Yeah! “Trent agreed. it could be someone you feel totally happy and painfully sad at the same time. and he reminded herself. Exercise that Robert was in the past had been recommended to assist the treatment. talking and helping as I could. Although wet day. Will not be easy. There was no escape. and with the same feeling of the inevitable. and said: “I knew a little of what was going. because the treatment could not go right. But it was at times like this. but find a way to reciprocate. things. Vivienne has a butterfly opening its wings to a rock. “That morning.. beside the house. “Well. “You want to something special? “She asked. seemed to suffer the heat and Vivienne. she noted: “It's a miracle! Robert looked so ill that I thought the worst. smiling. The sun had become too hot next to the pool and there is more than a week had passed the afternoon of climbing down. Rob took a very expensive clinics. noting that they were talking mechanically. It seemed that she had left to live the day that helped women Berbers in the orchard. Continuing the conversation that had started some minutes before. The grass was yellow. I can donate equipment . Haroun took Robert to the room. as commented: “The doctors must have been very happy. But now I was going through a long recovery period.. crossed by the rays of sun. Although the trees that shade projects to light. and yet unknown two doctors from a small hospital that is able to cure it. with a knot in my throat. The field of sketch was abandoned. making up the sun that remained. Still moving. They had to protect Robert's true. when looking at . Trent agreed. “There is no doubt that I will be eternally grateful to Paul Lazare and Georges Mame. No one was more sweet sound of the afternoon before. compared the situation of grass with his glory in decline. looking at the chair.eyes. said with a laugh that sounded forced: “Yes we can! CHAPTER TEN Vivienne heard the grating of bird song. Asked permission to try a new treatment. “Get up. Trent got on your arm. Warned me that it would be very violent and there was no guarantee of results. the doctors said to me that perhaps Rob could heal him. the garden that twenty-four hours before seemed full of life and of hope was now a place deserted and sad.

“She hesitated. And I will tell you that I also have: a very old copy of Browning poems. that the pain became unbearable. “You will not ever. but felt that he sought his eyes. “She opened the bag. can do an exchange. and the faith of my childhood. Vivienne dared not look at Trent. a friend of mine from England. Lucy dear! Happiness as a torch to illuminate. “This is Lucy Miles. the smiles. But would it? Vivienne Trent and had not his life? Robert was swinging his head.. Outside the letter. with a spontaneous sincerity. Robert was in a wheelchair near them. of course. All were in silence. “Never seen anything like it. The letter said that provided that Robert would not die. She made the presentations. “Hello. this is Robert Colby. Lucy. Robert has bad time for her to feel. Trent. Trent. Vivienne began with a joke: “I love it with a love that I have with my lost saints . “You now. I have editions of pocket like this. “He looked at the thick volumes at the next table. I did not know that there were these booklets. making his face almost beautiful. Vivienne was sure. He was happy and that was all that mattered. produced a strange effect. leaves you impressed. close to: “Nice to meet you. but I have a biography of the Brownings. Well. then said with an anxious smile: “Looking good. adding cautiously: “If you like. It has a signature . “It is very easy. lifting up. Lucy in Tanger! She was no longer grow hair. confused.Trent. browsing books of poetry. which fell on his shoulders now. we know very well that poetry “Lucy admitted. I lived! I heard your voice. You do not mind. so close and yet so distant it. right? Vivienne was stunning. which had been raised to get a chair. you can keep it. “Well. taking a leather bound book. Smiling. “I can accept! “He looked. Was wearing a summer dress very elegant and it had a kind of brightness. but extended his hand. when he knew he was close enough to touch it. Vivi! “She was trying to repeat the verse he recited. “He read the words with feeling: “I love it with the passion aroused by my old pain. These words simply said. “It is on sale “the Brownings are a couple of great poets of the last century “Lucy said. And this is his brother. “I have all the Brownings poems that I read whenever I want. smiling a little nervous. if this was lost in the final words of the poem. exclaimed: “Lucy! The figures that was standing near it. “Where did you learn to recite well? You must have read those words a hundred times to be able to recite them without a single wrong syllable.. nobody is offering a chair for the lady? “Robert looked a fascinated. “This is how I read poetry. “Wow! “Robert picked up the book. and then a voice behind them said: “I love it with the breath. If I knew how difficult it was! “So that has to be. I love it better after death. Then. Lucy. the tears of all my life and if God permits. Vivienne turned up slowly. I spent two weeks on holiday in Tangiers and decided to come visit you.

on the first page and the cover is engraved in gold. Trent said to be very valuable. “I would see him “said Lucy, timidly. “You will see, yes “Robert seemed excited. Then exclaimed: “We are not offering anything to our trip! How about making a tea or something? Vivienne stood up quickly. “Of course! I see myself. “Do not bring that business to mint, Vivi. “Robert interfere “I think Lucy would prefer a good English tea. “Looks great “the response was sensitive, while Vivienne ran to the side door of the house. Haroun was dozing. Momeen was in the Casbah with his wife and children and Maurice had not yet arrived. Therefore, had to fix everything yourself. Prepared a tray with cups, then filled a dish with thin slices of bread and butter and one with the cookies from that found in Maurice crown. After the boiled water, filled the large pot of silver and took everything out. When he arrived, Robert and Lucy chatted merrily. “No, it was Elizabeth who first appeared in English literature. The first poems of her husband were very difficult and did not draw the attention of anyone. “Yes, but that was before getting married. Do not forget that Elizabeth Barrett was six years older than Browning. His talent was recognized later, that's all. “Yes, but in the fifteen years I spent in Italy, Elizabeth wrote a lot. “Still, Browning is today considered the best poet of the two. Trent came to get the tray, and this time, his eyes met those of Vivienne. There was a curious glow. The conversation continued and she served the tea. When finished the food, consumed mostly by Robert, had agreed that Elizabeth Browning was now less well known than her husband. Vivienne placed the cups in the tray and Lucy, his face stained, stood up and said timidly: “Well, I think I need to go. I arrived this morning and neither the litter bags. “But, and books? “Robert the look, his face a bit too colored. “A biography. If desired, can also lend the other. I would get it if it were not so stuck. “He took the arms of the wheelchair. “You know, just for some more time. In a few weeks, I will say goodbye to her forever. “I know where are the books. “Vivienne has offered. “And maybe Lucy please go to my room to cool a bit before leaving. “Good idea! “Robert smiled. Vivienne has accompanied. None of them spoke up as the stairs, but after that the door of the room is closed, all pretense is gone. “Lucy! “Vivi! They embraced, then moved away, laughing at each other. Lucy was the first to speak: “You're beautiful, Vivi! Maybe a little more lean, but lost that air severe. “And you, then? “Vivienne smiled. Looked for the elegant dress and the hair combed and the friend, exclaimed: “Does this really is my friend Lucy Miles? Lucy seemed happy, including: “Dad is receiving assistance from the government to take care of the farm, so now that things are not so difficult at home. I received your letter just before. After the read, I

came here immediately. Vivienne stopped smiling. “It was not easy to get along with Robert. “But he did not suspect anything, do you? “Lucy wanted to know. “Sure “Vivienne replied. “Never mind “said Lucy with simplicity. “Nothing matters now that he'll be good. “Come on, girls! “The voice of Robert came out. “What do you talk so much? They smile. Lucy has been putting as Vivienne get the books in the left wing of the house, then fell, coming together on the terrace. Robert had been with his wheelchair. Haroun and Trent were arriving. Lucy holding the book with letters of gold. Browsing it with all due respect, commented: “It is a marvel. Are you sure you want to trust me a book so rare? “I have the impression that you could trust my life, Lucy “Robert joked. She smiled tentatively, muttered: “Promise to take great care. Vivienne would ask for the friend how she would go back to the hotel, when Lucy said, hesitating: “Does anyone could call a taxi? “A taxi? “Robert back in the wheelchair. “We can not let her get a taxi. There is, Trent? Trent shook his shoulders, well-tempered. “Abdul is done washing the car. He can take Lucy. “He said something to Haroun, who is running away. As expected, Lucy looked at the road, commenting: “The place is beautiful. Those must be very old cedars. “We have some older even than the pool “said Robert by his side. “You can not see them here, but they do we will have to sit at your shade with a book. The car appeared, stopping in front of the house. Abdul, always impassive, went to open the door. Once Lucy Abdul came and closed the door to the car, Robert noted: “You will not invite her friend to come visit us again, Vivi? She can come whenever you want, is not, Trent? “Of course. The friends of Vivienne are always welcome “Trent replied with a smile. Robert turned to look forward to the open window, adding, as the probe: “That is, if you do not have other plans ... “I spend fifteen days here and I have nothing special to “said Lucy, his face illuminated. Shake their hand and they were waving until the car disappeared from view, a curve, then returned home. Haroun pushed the wheelchair by a ramp alongside the steps of marble, and while crossing the arches, Robert said dreamily, as if talking to himself: “Imagine! She recited one poem as if it had been done to her. “Imagine! “Trent said, with voice fun. Lucy returned the next day, just after lunch. After becoming a bit near the pool, Robert wanted to know everything she was. “I would show you the cedars. You're seeing those palm trees? We thitherward. Vivienne stood up. Would get a wheelchair, when asked Lucy, with diffidence: “Can I try? “Of course! “Vivienne said and laughed. After thinking a bit, added: “Actually, I have

some things to do in my room. Dropped everything lately, but now I take you here. “She let, smiling. The room went through a real earthquake. In the days that followed, she arranged the drawers, washed their clothes, poliu the mirrors and the furniture and put up the curtains of damascus to aerate. Robert and Lucy spent the afternoon beside the pool, or were sitting together, beneath the ancient cedars. Sometimes, by source close to the palm or examined the foliage around the flag. The terrace covered with climbing plants of the field before the sketch was desert. Often Vivienne and Trent were sitting watching the yachts and fishing boats in the blue bay. Once, when it raised the same time to enter, almost touched it. It would have been easy, then transfer to magnetic force that drew so much. The summer heat and spread his days were perfumed by fruit that ripens in the orchard. On the last evening of vacation Lucy, went to the beauty salon that gave to the arches. Robert was in a wheelchair near the door. Vivienne was sitting on the couch income preaching in a handkerchief. Trent had just come. Robert, given the noise of steps, seemed uneasy and embarrassed, as if to say something. Finally, he had courage. “Vivi ... need to talk to you about the day we came back from hospital. What I said ... was more or less an impulse of the moment. But we must not rush things ... well, you know ... as marriage. “Of course not, Robert. I understand “Vivienne said, continuing to embroider. After a moment, said with a smile on his lips: “Since then, much has changed. Lucy came e. .. “We like her a lot. At least, when we see it “Trent entered the conversation, speaking of cold fireplace. “It is a pity that today is the last afternoon of Lucy. Robert was red, then said with an air of relief, seeking to control the excitement that was in his voice: “You can not. She thinks that the father would stay longer in Tangiers, then wants me to know his home in Ayleshurst. She lives on a farm. Look what a coincidence! “What small world! “Trent said. Suddenly, Robert is animated, and screamed: It's her! “And, barely looking at them, he added: “You do not care I go? “He took the ramp beside the steps with all speed, calling: “Lucy! Stay where you are. See how well the maneuver a wheelchair! Shortly after, the sound of voices and laughter began to diminish. The silence of the room was marked by the singing of birds outside and the ticking of the clock in porcelain fireplace. Vivienne continued preaching income, temples throb with the effort to stay quiet. Finally, he had to raise the head and by doing so, met the eyes of Trent waiting for you. They were so for some time after he drew with his deep voice: “Come here. Obedient, Vivienne put aside his work and stood up, but not felt across the room. It was as if the arms of Trent in the same instant, with his lips kissing her hot. Give, finally, after those weeks of torture, having been so long away from each other, was out of a hell. There was nothing to control that first hug free of all concerns. Nothing to prevent the force of their emotions. Not Vivienne wanted. Trent which was finally lifted his head, saying with a laugh doddery:

We could do a double wedding. knowing how Robert felt. embraced. “They were contemplating the ceiling. “Something happened to us on the day we went to Tetuan. Furthermore. “They always loved. “No way! “The look of Trent was humorous. He loves Lucy and that is what matters. It was good to have found it again. “His lips sought the ear lobe of Vivienne. “I think someone named Trent Colby will have to swallow their words. I also felt. “I do not bother to count now. “Vai is great. “But he does not know the history of letters. he asked. Recline with your head on the shoulder of Trent. Of course! I might irritate it. “We need to tell Robert. “Trent smiled. “I spent a hell. I want Tangiers is full knowing my wife. “I got lucky. “I know what I.. “There was malice in the expression of Vivienne. “Robert will still have to wait several weeks to stay in shape. “He has eyes and is very smart. dreamily: “I was thinking . smiling. “He will eventually find and will not connect either. “He hugged harder.“We sit down? They turned. but still needs a feminine touch. “There is much to tell. but a little oppressive “Vivienne said. I tried to expel it from my thoughts of my mind. “She turned to look at it. Tell me about it. Vivienne said. “I just thought about Gary. “We can get some furniture and some smaller pieces “she suggested. it was good. “I bought a French diplomat. “I was going crazy You slowly. just a kiss away. But you were there. But I thought that loved him. I am ready. The house is needing more animation. seeing it every day in the pool with Rob. “I think he'll be very surprised. but I would have willingly done that night in my office when I thought there was something between you two. “Lucy may be his godmother and Robert will be my godfather. Vivienne recline the head on the shoulder of Trent. And that reminds me something. “Vivienne shook shoulders. for the couch. “Oh! And what I was doing with you? “She asked. looking at the room: “What do you think of living between French antiques? “The house is very beautiful. “That man? “The eyes of Trent made the dark. Trent's eyes are dark. In the beginning was convinced you were a tyrant unbearable. “He kissed his lips with delicacy. “In this case. Everything just for once. innocent. It was a kind of revenge for what you doing to me. After a moment. “He kissed the tip of the nose of Vivienne. or that I came in place of Lucy “Vivienne observed. What do you think? “Perfect! . So cards can not cause a deeper relationship? Trent capitulated soon.. I put some more pieces Moroccan and thought it was getting well. “Ate at me cruelly torment because the casino? “She continued. “He has to embrace it. “It followed the line of his chin with a finger. It was unbearable. “I agree with anything with you in my arms. every day. We also give some feasts. “I never meant nothing to him. “Vivienne smiled to remember.

“We spend our honeymoon on the island Tahad? “He suggested after a moment. And Vivienne was as if the whole world was proclaiming his love. the muezins began to call the faithful to prayer. “I do not know cooking as well as Maurice. But I do not want to think about working now. “Only we two? “Vivienne joked. “I get rid of it and get any other business. “Not all “he said. “How can you speak such a thing? “It's a good question! “With a smile. While the lips of Trent exploited his neck. she commented: “You need to work to spend their energies. “Train Colby! “Vivienne said with serious voice. I . Regan thought contemptuously when he learned that a distant cousin in Australia was coming to spend some time on their farm in Canada. “I get “was the answer. “There will be other things to compensate. that ridiculous name!.. he turned to get her in his arms. maliciously. END JULIA31 "The man who came from LONGE" Elizabeth Graham Barlram . they were going until the first pink clouds launched the golden glow of the city at your feet. “And what will you do with the casino? “Vivienne asked after a moment. From the top of minarets in the old town and the new. And while hear the sound of voices and laughter coming from the other side of the property.. “I better make a turn! “She pretended rebuke him. Passed by the garden beside the pool. embraced.

. mimada and selfish. But what Rachel could not imagine was that. this has not happened to Bart who has not thought of what her secret: a foolish girl. Could lick accept the protection offered by Cass. her own mother to appear in that world.could even imagine it: short. precisely at the time it began to make its future is rosy. But Bart Kingman came . How to forgive it its faults and love too? The most exuberant love story! JULIA 32 "THE GARDEN OF PARADISE" Elizabeth Ashton Rachel Cass Dakers saved from dying of cosia drowned in Corfu. . becoming his wife. and took her to his hut in monianhas rock. Unfortunately. which caused that his crazy dive in there to take.. she loved him more than anything in the world. and in less than a month. masculine. because the loved perdidamente. irresistible. Greece. short-sighted and wearing thick glasses and lenses. threatening to destroy all his happiness. Ali Rachel could forget the terrible incident on board the yacht of hateful Panos Simonides. He was attractive. and Regan had to swallow what I had thought. And that was what she wanted more.

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