Prepared by: Johnny Lim

‡ Plant-based and low in harmful saturated fats.BENEFITS OF SOYBEAN OIL ‡ Contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. ‡ Contains Vitamin K. and six percent of Vitamin E ‡ High in polyunsaturated fats ‡ Delivers complete proteins . contains no cholesterol.

SOYBEAN OIL ‡ Produced from Animal fats or Vegetable Oil ‡ 1 Metric Ton of soybean yields=195lof biodiesel. ‡ (Metric ton: 1000kg) .

This causes 2 main products: Glycerin and Biodiesel (formed by removing the glycerol molecule from vegetable oil) .PROCESSING SOYBEAN OIL REACTION: The mix of Methanol and Catalyst and oil/fat are heated together. producing a reaction-trans esterification.

Biodiesel Glycerin .PROCESSING SOYBEAN OIL SETTLING: ‡ Glycerin is denser than the biodiesel and hence can be easily extracted when the Glycerin sinks.

PROCESSING SOYBEAN OIL WASH: Biodiesel will then be washed with water. removing contaminates. Biodiesel Water . Using the different densities that these 2 substances have. the water will be drained from the bottom.

boiling pt. (distillation: separating mixtures based on their diff.) .PROCESSING SOYBEAN OIL METHANOL RECOVREY: Excess methanol are removed from Glycerin and the biodiesel through distillation and recycled.

lotion. ‡ By product (Glycerin): used as food preservatives. confectionary anti-freeze. emulsifiers.jpg . to be sold as pure biodiesel/blended with petroleum diesel.natbiogroup. printing ink etc.FINAL PRODUCT ‡ Main product (Biodiesel): Shipped/ 0overview. Acknowledgements: http://www.

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