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Hey. Ready to cut you down.From Bob Marley’s “Small Axe”. I'm writing this to you from TSB's War Room Headquarters… Just had a heated hour long argument with Mike Stoute who basically forbids me from continuing with these reports … We compromised… TSB Magazine Presents Page 2 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .“If you are the big tree. we are the small axe.” . Sharpened to cut you down.

sit around with cool people roasting marshmallows and getting shit-faced in the middle of nowhere (plus something about being out in nature like that just gets women's panties in a frenzy) So what I'm basically getting at… Be cool with this stuff. shenanigans.mp3 The Chameleon Report: http://www. Use this stuff to pack your backyard with bikini clad women looking to play some naked Marco polo in your pool… or to grab a gaggle of hotties and head down to the shore for the weekend for some good old fashioned beach blanket fun… hell. even tsbmag.There will be NO mention of The Howitzer.tsbmag. I just like a little edge… If I really thought you were going to use this stuff for anything but won't publish this stuff and I'm a co-freaking-owner) I also ask that you please DO NOT forward any of these reports or podcasts to anyone that is not a current member… (Especially the report where I'm wearing the Zorro Mask…) If my girl finds this stuff things could get sticky… If you are a member and missed the previous programs you can find them here: The Howitzer download: http://www. or creepy stuff like that… I assure you I'm not. So what I'm basically saying is I trust you guys… So don't let me down. the summer is coming and one of my favorite things to do is organize a giant camping trip. TSB Magazine Presents Page 3 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . or anything related to the "confidential social intelligence manuscript" to anyone but to our current members. or debauchery I would never have released it. The Chameleon Report. Which is why you will NOT read about this on other blogs or websites (hell.greatseducer.pdf The thing with this shit I'm passing along is that it could be construed that I'm preaching mind control.

we feel uncomfortable and our attention remains drawn to it until we can find some kind of resolution. If the person forcing the break-up is unable to provide a satisfying reason why (and let’s face it. and really leave it up to you to determine just how these concepts can fit in with the rest of your artillery.Jedi Mind Tricks What I'm going to be discussing does not involved NLP or hypnosis so don't get scared that Bobby went all Ross Jeffries on you… This is simply principles of persuasion and influence that we're all powerless against… it doesn't involve reciting patterns or sub modalities… or any of that hoopla… It's just simple and effective mind fucking. the rejected party often desires to know the reason “why” the relationship came to an end. authority. I would be using The Zeigarnik Effect on you. and consistency and commitment. there seldom is one). If a person ends a relationship with another. One of the effects of that incompleteness is that you would be curious about the end of the story. The information I imparted through the story remains uncomfortably in your mind like an itch that you want to scratch. I'm going to simply present some concepts. Most of the time that we really lose our shit over a girl is not because we find her TSB Magazine Presents Page 4 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . For example: If I were to tell you a story and depart without finishing the end. So I'm going to stay away from "the sinister 6" here and spend some time talking about some other powerful weapons of influence that I left out of the upcoming manuscript. liking. I really believe that the Zeigarnik Effect is the true cause of "the sickness" that I often write about. the rejected party experiences frustration and confusion over the lack of closure. social proof. scarcity. ZEIGARNIK THE ZEIGARNIK EFFECT This principle basically states that when things are left incomplete. really… No…I'm only kidding… In the "confidential social intelligent manuscript" I focus on what my friend's and I used to lovingly refer to as "the sinister 6" which consist of reciprocity.

) Sometimes I use this principle just to fuck with my girl for my own amusement… I'll randomly send her a text that says. "Oh. This keeps your audience's attention focused on you. She'll stress out like crazy for a couple hours dying to know exactly what I wanted to "talk" about.particularly special… but more often because it ends abruptly and our mind cannot handle the lack of closure. "Call me when you get a chance. I'm not going to tell you… It's a lot more fun when you figure it out for yourself. Our minds absolutely hate not knowing the ending to something… (Even if it's something that we had no interest in to begin with like an episode of 90210. We become almost fixated on "knowing" So the million dollar question is: How can use the Zeigarnik Effect to keep the minds of those around you focused on you? No. I just wanted to know if you wanted Chinese food or pizza for dinner?" It drives her crazy. And that's when things can get ugly. This is partly why I suggested in the Howitzer program that you create a character that has various story lines going on at all times. Cause when we don't know the answer… our mind starts searching for it. Have you ever found yourself flipping channels and you accidentally land on some Hallmark movie… and you watch a few minutes of it… and now you're HOOKED. Finally I'll answer my phone and when she asks what I wanted to talk about I'll say." And then I'll turn my phone off. we need to talk. TSB Magazine Presents Page 5 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .

Just as we like to share opinions with the rest of the herd.CONFORMITY TO EMOTIONS Conformity to Emotions is similar to Conformity to Group Norms. The idea is that emotion comes from a combination of: TSB Magazine Presents Page 6 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . we also tend to match our emotions to those expressed by others around us.

Using these two factors. he always came out looking like a winner. And he ALWAYS had the one of the hottest girls around. You can find a good example of this on TV… Did you ever watch a show with one of the ridiculous laugh tracks? And did you find yourself laughing at something you normally wouldn't have just because the laugh track was in full effect? The basic idea is that you can control the emotions of those around you simply by having the most dominant emotion in the room. For example: A couple people are in a room surrounding a guy.1. An implication that can be made is that to some degree. the person is able to describe what kind of emotion they are feeling. and happiness to you. if we are feeling an emotion and we see that we are surrounded by happy people. He was never hesitant to recommend a new trendy hip spot… And even if the place wound up sucking. unanalyzed and unlabeled) 2. TSB Magazine Presents Page 7 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .. And giving others permission to follow your lead… I had a friend who excelled at this… and in turn was ALWAYS one of the most popular guys in any social scene he entered. excitement. adventure. Use in Socializing The entire objective of taking this principle and relating it to your social life is to figure out a way to anchor the feelings of fun. All this happens very quickly and we are not aware of the process taking place. The mind making sense of the situation the person is in.. So. The guy in loud and wildly telling inappropriate -but funny jokes. His Secret He had a unique power to always make wherever he was the most important place on earth. A woman is having a weird sensation as she doesn't know what this feeling is that she experiencing listening to this off kilter humor… when she looks around everyone else is smiling and laughing so she naturally concludes that she must be feeling happy. we are more likely to interpret that we must be feeling happy too. we use our surroundings to interpret how we are feeling. based on the observations they have made around them. “arousal” (the feeling or stimulation in its raw state.

The same thing would happen when we walk into a bar only to find out it was completely empty. I remember one time he kept telling me how good this burrito joint was in Hoboken. And as he stuffed the burrito into his mouth commented how good this place is I slowly found myself agreeing with him.. Our first reaction would be to think "this place is dead… let's leave…" But not Scot… He would simply say "This is exactly what I wanted tonight… A nice quiet night to chill with some good people. No crowds. But then I looked at him and he seemed so genuinely pleased as he dug into his burrito that I thought I must just be missing something. By the end of the meal I was texting how good the burritos were. It is a gift he had. TSB Magazine Presents Page 8 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .. When I finally took my first bite of the burrito for a minute I was disappointed.Why? Because he was able to control the emotions of those around him. For months he told how much I was going to love the burritos. Just good beer. and better conversation" And by the end of the night. So I took another bite. It was amazing. And it tasted a bit better. We would all feel that exact way. No noise.

And in her world you're some random dude with sub-par game trying to talk his way into her panties… If you want success with that you need to reframe the entire interaction… And you do that by taking the more dominant frame.REFRAMING If you've been around the seduction community for awhile you've probably heard of the concept of frame control… Well this is very similar. In frame control you're basically having the more dominant frame (sort of like we talked about above in regards to controlling emotion) A very simplified example of frame control would be changing the frame of the situation while hitting on a beautiful woman at a bar. TSB Magazine Presents Page 9 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . You're not dateless on a Friday night… you're just in the mood to chill with the guys… She didn't dump your ass… you both decided things were moving too fast The more persuasive of a person you are… the more powerful re-framing can be. But reframing also has other implications… You can change the entire meaning of something: The bar isn't empty and dead… it's intimate and exclusive You're not lazy… you're laid back. Like I said this example is super simplified to prove a point… But what you could do is reframe the interaction by having open dialogue with several people in her immediate vicinity… Now when you turn to talk to her. you've been reframed as simply a social guy conversing with her just as you would with any other human being in the bar. I have a friend that is nearly 37 years old and still lives at home with his mother. Her frame is her immediate world….

... TSB Magazine Presents Page 10 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . you put the frog in cold water… and let the water simmer to a boil.But his frame is so dominant though that when you try to rip on him for it. BOILING FROG This is basically the idea that if you stick a frog into a pot of boiling water -it will immediately jump out. and you say "what the hell"… And then over the next month or so every once in awhile you'll hang out with her… no pressure or anything… until one day you wake up and realize this fat piggy is your girlfriend. If on the other hand. That is a perfect example of boiling frog. Let's use an example you can relate to … Did you ever hook up with a girl you weren't really interested in? And then a week later she calls out of the blue and asks you to hang out.. he easily twists it around to the point where you're agreeing with him that it’s a smart decision to still live with mommy… You're not still living at home… you're about to buy your dream house Get it? If you can mix this along with the conformity to emotions you've got a gun packed with some powerful powder. the frog will never make an attempt to escape.

Had she come right out and said "I want something serious" you'd have run for the hills. This is something that I've spoken about before. but because she roped you in really slowly over time. eventually it was too late to escape. This is a super ninja technique to lead people to a destination you want to get them to. I've also said that one of the biggest reasons men are not successful with women is because they lack the patience necessary to let a seduction run its course. by this time they will be dying to meet you in person. Say there are a circle of girls that you're dying to break into. Here is an example of way you can use the boiling from to build a social circle.. But right now you don't know them nearly enough to invite yourself along with them… Here is where patience comes in. but it is worth repeating… It involves Facebook. It might start out with some random Facebook comments… then escalate to the occasional message… then a friendly text message… maybe you catch them online and chat a bit… all the while you're doing nothing that can be construed as intrusive… Before they know it they feel like they've known you for years… And when you invite them to a party they feel really bad declining. In fact. Over the course of a month or two you to slowly escalate your interactions with them. TSB Magazine Presents Page 11 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs ..

Every girlfriend I've ever had did this to me… In the beginning of the relationship they would always make comments that would lead me to believe they were bi-sexual… they would even hint that they were open to a threesome… then they would tell me that it had to be the right girl.. then as I started pointing out girls… they would always find a reason why she isn't the right girl… TSB Magazine Presents Page 12 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .. but the camel's nose is where you lead someone on with a promise only to rope them in and never deliver...CAMEL'S NOSE Similar to the boiling frog.

Finally I would realize I got hosed again. Presuppositions with little basis in fact are peppered throughout language all the time. I would talk about how I was studying Portuguese. simply by distracting them by other facts in your sentence. Although I would never actually tell any of the girls I wanted meet a nice Brazilian girl to bring home to mommy… I alluded to it. a presupposition is a pre-existing belief present in the background of a sentence. That's not what I mean. However. And regrettably I played to this my first time in Brazil. and old bobby wasn't going to bounce around the bedroom with his girlfriend and one of her friends anytime soon… Don't take this to mean be the guy always over promising and under-delivering. It is engrained in their culture. they are not often observed by the listener and therefore are taken for granted as being true. Everyone hates that guy… But if you allude to something… where you let the other person draw their own mistaken conclusion… then it really isn't your fault. Another word that may be used is “assumption”. in order for the remainder of the sentence is held to understood or held as true. And it usually wound up with them ultra-eager to please old Bobby. For example: TSB Magazine Presents Page 13 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . PRESUPPOSITIONS In language. you can get someone to believe a presupposition (which under any other circumstances they might question). because of the "quiet" nature in which they are presented. I would make statements about how much I hated American girls. A sentence that uses a presupposition is one which relies on a certain belief to be taken for granted first. is it? I'm going to talk about something I did my first trip down to Brazil… that I regret. How sexy I found Latin girls. How I love Brazilian cooking… Basically I let them jump to their own conclusion. Down in Brazil it is known that the women love the idea of getting whisked away to America with some young American stud. But it is a perfect demonstration of the use of the camel's nose. In fact.

I found it really hard to meet women. and the brain never mistrusts itself! A certain amount of "blank-filling" is necessary in order to function in everyday life (otherwise a simple conversation would take days to finish). After reading the game he discovered the entire online seduction community. Whenever your brain has to fill in a blank for something else. What does this sentence apply to you? Before I landed Beth. and was processed through your subconscious.Before I read The Game. He was probably always too shy to talk to women. or they just viewed him a friend. He studied for a year or two reading as much stuff as possible and probably posting on forums and maybe even attending a bootcamp… After a lot of struggle… he finally got good enough to score some numbers and close some girls. my confidence was complete shit… TSB Magazine Presents Page 14 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . Bearing in mind that all this would have happened in nano-seconds. but chances are it went something like this: He was a nerd in high school. because it's not someone stating it directly for you. The presupposition: I used to be a loner. it's your brain creating a reality out of implication. How to use this for social influence? Isn't it obvious? This is the kind of shit the Howitzer was built on. You're letting people form their own story in their mind. He would constantly get one-itis over girls. it is more powerful and more likely to create a belief in your mind. Do you see how I painted an entire story with one short sentence? The story that flashed into your mind may have varied depending on what your experience with the seduction community is. Then one day someone recommended he read The Game.

FOOT IN THE DOOR Basically if you're trying to break into a new social scene you start with a really small Bobby TSB Magazine Presents Page 15 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs . When I first wanted to get interviews with some of the bigger name gurus I would interview and ask them if they would be willing to answer a few questions over email… once they did that. A Y QUESTIO S? Over the weekend I am going to be doing an FAQ about the upcoming "Confidential Social Intelligence Manuscript. I'm pretty confident with women Had I said "I scored a really hot chick and now I feel completely I'm confident with women" I would have come off like a pompous bragger… Take some time and jot down some of the ways that you can use presuppositions in your conversations to get certain points across. you can assume a couple of things: 1. Beth must have been pretty damn hot… 2." So if you have any questions about anything you've learned this week… now is the time to email them over You can send the questions to Bobby (at) tsbmagazine.Without me making any direct statements.later I would hit them up for an hour long phone interview… the ones who I first asked the simple email request were about 5 times more likely to respond to the phone interview later on. Once someone has said yes to a small request on your part… they are much likely later to say yes to a larger request. In a social setting this could be used by asking a girl from your math class to stop at the cafeteria with you on your way out of class for a quick coffee and to review notes… Then a week or so later you ask her to meet you at your dorm room to study… since she already committed to studying with you once… she'll be more likely do so a second time.even if the request is greater than the first time. This is something I used with TSB.

TSB Magazine Presents Page 16 Social Ninja Smoke Bombs .

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