AIM: to make a light detector Components required:
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resistors: 10k, 47k, 1M ×3 presets: 100k, 1M capacitors: 0.01µF, 0.1µF, 10µF 25V radial transistor: BC108 (or equivalent) 555 low-power timer IC LDR (light-dependant resistor) bleeper 9-12V on/off switch battery clip for 9V bread board

Circuit diagram:-

Working: The circuit detects a sudden shadow falling on the light-sensor and sounds the bleeper when this happens. The circuit will not respond to gradual changes in brightness to avoid false alarms. The bleeper sounds for only a short time to prevent the battery running flat. Normal lighting can be used, but the circuit will work best if a beam of light is arranged to fall on the light-sensor. Breaking this beam will then cause the bleeper to sound. The light sensor is an LDR (light-dependant resistor); this has a low resistance in bright light and a high resistance in dim light.

As the resistance of the LDR decreases. And any where if detecting light is useful for us. This produces a voltage-divider made up of the LDR and 47k resistor. The lower-part of the voltage-divider now has a larger resistance and this is in series with the LDR. the voltage across the 47k increases and the circuit is activated.7v will activate the circuit. § § § § § ¡£ ¢¡   § § § ¦ rking: - ¥ § ¤ . a large amount of light must e detected y the LDR for its resistance to e low. 2) Can e used as thief alarm. Less light is needed on the LDR for it to raise the voltage on pin 6 to turn the 555 on.Princi le is circ it detects light falling on the Photo-cell (Light Dependent Resistor) to turn on the 555 and create a tone that is delivered to the speaker. Any voltage a ove 0. When the sensitivity pot is turned so that it has the lowest resistance (as shown in red). Pin 6 must e held elow 0. When the sensitivity control is taken to the 0v rail.7v to turn the 555 off. Uses:1) It can e used to automatic control the street lights. its resistance increases and this effectively adds resistance to the 47k. The adjusta le sensitivity control is needed to set the level at which the circuit is activated.

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