TUTORIAL 11 – TEAM 3 Kim Yun Jin s3246098 Nguyen Thi Thach Thao s3245942 Nguyen Viet Kieu Giang


The first scene: the appearance of three different situations. There is a couple who are kissing each other at a romantic place. (romantic music) An obese guy is eating in the restaurant. Two old people are walking in the park. Everything in this scene seems as normal as the other days.

The second scene: fast music from this scene until the light is off.

Suddenly, all of clocks ring at 6:45pm. This is a kind of unusual emergency. Everybody starts to run fast and hurry like in emergency situations. Divide the screen into 3 parts.


The 1st part (kissing couple): the boy suddenly stops kissing and pushes his girlfriend to run.

The 2nd part: obese guy suddenly stands up with his dish and runs while he is eating.

The 3rd part: The old couples run together. Suddenly, the woman falls down; the man wants to stand her up. However, she strongly refuses and says “YOU HAVE TO GO WITHOUT ME.”

The third scene: The screen still is divided into 3 parts.


All three people: the boy, the obese guy and the old man do the same action is that open the door and turn off the light.

The last scene:

We will show the name, the time and the website of the campaign: EARTH HOUR.

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