Dhan, your career personality type is ENTJ

That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, you live outside traditional boundaries and need to think ahead of the curve. When others focus on limitations, you create new possibilities and ideas. You focus on how to take a project or ideas through to completion and put your concepts into motion. You are a doer and not just a dreamer. You are well grounded in reality and use logic and analytical thinking to create new ideas. Given your ability to learn quickly, you rapidly ascend the career ladder. You enjoy meeting and working with other intensely creative and ambitious people. With your people skills, you have the ability to become a fearless leader and who expects others to keep up with your head-turning pace. The reason employers and recruiters might be on the lookout for you is that only about 3-5% of the U.S. population shares the unique characteristics of your personality type. Research shows that businesses succeed when employers create a good balance of personality types in the office. And since only 3-5% of the U.S. population shares your type, that means employers are looking for you.

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