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What is Advertizing?
Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Advertizing Objectives
Informative advertizing Persuasive advertising Comparison Advertizing Remainder advertizing

Advertizing Budget
Stage in product life cycle. Market share. Competition and clutter. Advertising frequency. Product differentiation .

Advertizing Strategy
Creating advertizing messages Selecting advertizing media

Choosing the Advertising Message

Message generation Message evaluation and selection Desirability Exclusiveness Believability Message execution Rational positioning Emotional positioning

Selecting Advertizing Media

Deciding the reach,frequency,and impact. Choosing among major media types Selecting specific media vehicles Deciding on media timing

Major advertising media

Television Newspaper Direct mail Radio Outdoors Magazines Cinema Internet

Advertizing Evaluation
Communication effect Sales effect

Organizing for Advertizing

Advertizing Agency A marketing services firm that assists companies in planning ,preparing, implementing and evaluating all or portions of their advertising programs.


International advertizing decisions

Nike Gillette Parker Kellogg's frosted Flakes


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