Former WikiLeaks Spokesperson Destroys Unpublished Data Source:,1518,781352,00.

html The former WikiLeaks-Spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg stated that he destroyed over 3500 unpublished files leaked by unknown sources which are now apparently irrevocably lost. These are documents which were stored on the WikiLeaks server till late summer of 2010 and then taken by a group including Domscheit-Berg whe n they left the organization. He claims to “have the files shredded within the las t days to make sure no sources are endangered“, said Domscheit-Berg. WikiLeaks-Fou nder Julian Assange could not guarantee a safe handling of the material. This da ta inventory contained among other things the so-called “No-Fly-List” of the US gove rnment on which suspects are named who are not allowed to enter a plane. Assange said that this material also contained insider informations of 20 right-wing ex tremists’ organizations. Domscheit-Berg didn’t want to confirm this. Since the begin ning of this year Assange demanded the return of these files.

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