Marrybrown history: Marrybrown is a Malaysian based fast food chain started in 1981.

Marrybrown is the Malaysia¶s largest fast food chain with 250 outlets in 11 countries including India, Sri Lanka, China, Tanzania, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Kingdom of Bahrain. Half of its outlets are in Malaysia and others in outside Malaysia. It is the only fast food chain that satisfies halal food customers. Marrybrown serves the food in affordable price and first Malaysian fast food franchise in Malaysia. Marrybrown¶s core values are High quality food, Fast service, clean environment and Great value for money. Marrybrown is expanding internationally to become a global in fast food industry. Soon it opens in Syria, Azerbaijan and Iran. Marrybrown has been awarded Malaysia International Home grown Franchise of The Year 1998/1999/2000/2001 and promising franchiser award in India. Marrybrown¶s products: -Fried Chicken -Noodles -Deserts Marrybrown¶s competitors: -McDonalds -Pizza hut -Subway -KFC -Pizza Express -Local burger and pizza shops -Burgers -Porridge -Beverages -Seafood -Finger foods -Rice base products

Marketing Environment of Marrybrown: Marrybrown¶s marketing environment differs in Malaysia and other countries because of its brand image. Marrybrown¶s Brand image sounds better than its competitors in Malaysia but in other countries it does not have high brand image. Global competitors like McDonalds and KFC are targeting all types of customers in market but considering Marrybrown it highly targets halal food customers. In other case, Marrybrown is the only fast food chain serves rice base products and noodles in fast food industry which attracts Asians quickly. Price which separates Marrybrown from all other fast food chains because of its low price and high food quality. Globalisation of Marrybrown needs to be improved in various ways. It mainly concentrates in Asia and Middle East countries not in Europe, Africa and American countries. Marrybrown may think about its economy but when compare to Asians, Europe and American peoples eats more fast foods. So it needs to operate in these continents then only it gets global brand name. Marrybrown concentrates its customer requirements and culture then only it maintains its value in Islamic countries. Technically it needs more improvements on production and management sections. Marrybrown needs to change its restaurant modes depend on the location like eat-in, take away, drive thru then only increase its franchises will automatically results profit and sales growth.

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