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Openquest Rules

Openquest Rules

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Published by: galliard1976 on Aug 21, 2011
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There are three basic ranks of sorcerers
Apprentices. Students of sorcery who will only know
a couple of spells, usually including Mystic Vision, at a
base of 40%. As well as being taught the arts of sorcery

they are expected to spend 60% of their time working

for their tutors, performing menial tasks in their magical
laboratories, or other jobs that their masters consider
beneath them.
Adepts. Graduates of the schools of wizardry. They will

know between fve and ten spells and will have a Sorcery

Casting skill ranging from 50% to 90%. If a member

of a school of wizardry they will be expected to spend

30% of their time performing duties for the school,
such as teaching apprentices or recovering lost magical
Magus. Acknowledged masters of sorcery. They will have
at least ten spells and a Sorcery Casting skill of 90%+ If
a member of a school of wizardry then they will serve
on its ruling body and have the complete resources of

the school at their command. In return it is expected that

they spend 90% of their time researching, teaching and
performing missions on the school’s behalf.

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