Deacon Ministry

a ministry plan for Summit Woods Baptist church

Biblical basis Implications Plan

Biblical Basis
Terminology Acts 6:1-8 Philippians 1:1 1 Timothy 3:8-13

Biblical Basis
the Bible is sufficient Church history and personal experience are varied Bible drives our practice

Biblical Basis: Terminology
diakonos used over 100 times in the NT literal servant (i.e., Matt 20:26) metaphorical (i.e., Government-Rom 13:4; Paul-Eph 3:7; Tychicus-Col 4:7; PhoebeRomans 16:1 general idea of service; a servant

Biblical Basis Acts 6:1-8
prototype for future elder/deacon model ministry of the 7 was defined by church’s need ministry of the 7 was driven by serving apostolic priorities ministry of the 7 was determined by unique contribution and spiritual qualification

The Twelve
summoned the congregation (v 2) proposed the plan (vv 2-4) put the 7 in charge of the task (v 3)

The Congregation
brought complaint to the Apostles (v 1) chose the 7 (vv 3, 5) affirmed the Apostle’s plan (v 5)

The Seven
in charge of the task (v 3)

affirmed the put the 7 forward for the congregation’s choice (v Apostle’s judgment 6)

Deacons are congregational leaders Deacons serve the congregation Deacons focus on serving needs Elders & Deacons are a congregational leadership team

Biblical Basis Phil 1:1

Biblical Basis: 1 Tim 3:8-13
Deacons serve only after being tested & affirmed in their qualifications Deacons’ wives must be qualified Character is the basis for qualification

church’s needs determine the deacons’ service elders’ priorities drive the deacon’s service congregation chooses deacons elders test, affirm, and coordinate the men chosen congregational need & spiritual qualifications are the basis for service elders & deacons serve the church together

Deacons release the elders to devote themselves to spiritual leadership by serving the needs of the congregation in a way that brings unity among the church under the oversight of the elders.

Plan for Summit Woods
elders propose & deacons affirm an organizational plan deacons organized to oversee congregational need deacon’s become point men for respective areas of service elders & deacons meet quarterly (minimally) for prayer and ministry communication

Immediate Needs & Organization
Facilities: Steve Patterson Ordinances: Kent Warner Missions: Mike Asher Greeters: Jim VanWormer Benevolence: George Gott President & Moderator: Marco Roldan Men’s Ministry: Dan Vansickle

Deacon Ministry
a ministry plan for Summit Woods Baptist church

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