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Published by: ashmah24 on Aug 22, 2011
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What’s important about connecting on any networking site is not to
waste your time (or anyone else’s time) connecting with people who
don’t have a clue who you are. I turn down any requests for connec-
tions from people I don’t know, or who aren’t recommended by
someone I know. Why? Because, unless I can see that we have
someone in common, there is no need for me to join their network or
vice versa.

The key is to have “real” contacts, people who know you and are willing
to help you, rather than hundreds of meaningless connections. So,
please don’t invite everyone and anyone you ever heard of—you will

Internet Your Way to a New Job


annoy some of them, and the others aren’t going to be much use to you
if they can’t recommend your work or candidacy for employment.

Think relevancy when you’re making connections. How do I know the
person and how might they be able to help me and how can I help

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