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AH cProjects 45 SP05 En

AH cProjects 45 SP05 En

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Published by: Vamsi Kothapalli on Aug 22, 2011
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To be able to staff project roles with resources, you have to create the resources as business
partners inProject Resource Planning.

You use this function to create resources or organizations as business partners.

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Collaboration Projects



You need structural authorizations (see Customizing forCollaboration Projects under
Resource Management Organizational Management Structural Organization Assign
Authorization Profiles to Users). In the application, you can only create business partners for
project role types that are not relevant to the WFD Server.


Creating a business partner from the SAP menu

You first have to create a new business partner as ageneral business partner.
Secondly, you create the new business partner in theemployee role. Only then
is the business partner available in cProjects.

If you are using HR integration, note the information under “Creating a business
partner with HR integration”.


1. In the SAP menu, chooseCollaboration Projects Master Data Business Partner
Maintain Business Partner.
2. ChooseCreate PersonorCreate Organization.

3. Enter the required data.

4. Save your entries.

Creating a business partner with HR integration

If you are using SAP Human Resources, you can transfer your master data.

For more information, see Customizing forCollaboration ProjectsunderResource
Management Basic Settings for Resource Management Application Link Enabling (ALE)
for HR Integration and the SAP Notes 312090 and 390380.

If you want to create extra external resources, you can do this in the SAP menu as described
above. In this case use the business partner roleresource.

Creating a business partner in the application

This function is only intended for cases where you want to assign a business partner in the
application and notice that the business partner does not exist yet in the system. To avoid
having to exit the application, you can enter the business partner directly from cProjects. Note
that you cannot enter all business partner data (for example, address, gender, or form of
address) if you do this. You have to complete the missing data later on by choosingMaintain
Business Partner in the SAP menu. Therefore, we recommend that you always create
business partners via the SAP menu or transfer them using ALE.


1. In theProjectsinitial view, choose theResourcestab page, then theStaffing view.

2. ChooseShow Search and thenCreate.

3. Enter the required data and chooseCreate.

The system creates the business partner in theresource role. You can use it straight
away as a resource or candidate.

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Staffing of Project Roles with Resources [Seite126]

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Collaboration Projects


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