Participants from NAYMET:
Haji Muhammad Latif Amer Yousaf Aisha Tasadduq NIMF Team Date: 29-01-2011 Venue: Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Jinnah Auditorium Lahore Topic of Conference: Issues, Challenges & way forward, Risk Management

250 participants including academia, regional business chiefs of banks, representatives of chambers relevant Govt officials. This is a very good platform for us it is not only help in image establishment but also for brand promotion of Naymet. It also helps us for better interaction with other organization. The participants showed their interest in stall of Naymet and our financial services.

Purpose of stall:  To inform people about of our Vision and Mission.  Promote and educate about Islamic Microfinance  Motivate donors and NGOs to finance the Naymet.

Purpose of Conference:  The only purpose of attending this conference is to develop and groom ourselves. To further polish our abilities and expertise to exhibit our full potential to our work. The major aim to attend it is also to further enhance our knowledge in Islamic discipline and linkages with business community for future funding in Islamic modes of finance. NAYMET AWARDED SOCIAL PERFORMANCE & POVERTY ALLEVIATION AWARD. Naymet Trust was awarded social performance & poverty alleviation award in this conference. The Executive Coordinator of Naymet Trust Ms. Aisha Tasadduq received the award & also given two medals for Naymet Staff for their services in the field of poverty alleviation and rehabilitation of flood victims namely Mr. Amer yousaf & Mr. Muhammad Waqas Afzal.

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