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Specialty Business

Specialty Business

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Published by: Pat Palmer on Aug 22, 2011
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The Most Profitable FREE Way to Promote and Build ANY Specialty Business on the Internet

…and other GREAT Internet Wealth-building Secrets!

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How a Little Known Greeting Card Company in Boulder, Colorado, Turned a Simple Free Service Into $780 Million Dollars!
Now we’re going to cover specialty services and actually give a success story that we think is fascinating. It’s called “How a little known greeting card company in Boulder, Colorado turned a simple free service into $780,000,000.00.” This is a fantastic success story. These two people, Susan and Steven Shutz, who back in the early 70's founded a company called Blue Mountain Arts. They created poetry, they created cards, and they wanted to be something a little bit different. They wanted to promote a different kind of cards - not like Hallmark or some of these other large companies - just something a little bit different, so they could carve out their own little tiny niche and focus on that niche. That’s what they did for a long time. They just kept focusing on their little tiny niche. And certainly they weren’t becoming a multi- million or multi-billion dollar company along those lines. It is very difficult, as anybody in the greeting card business knows, to really wrestle with the big companies like Hallmark and Carlton Cards. But they kept plugging along. The Internet was an absolute boom for these two people. They were able to get out onto the Internet and, like we have talked about before, the Internet is the great equalizer. Previously they weren’t able to compete with the Hallmarks and the Carlton Cards. Now with the Internet they were able to. And they set up a website for their cards, www.bluemountain.com. Instead of charging for their cards, they had free electronic cards. They still sold all their products - they still sold their print cards, and their poetry books - but on the Internet you could go to their web site and you could design a card or take one of their cards out of their selection, and they had a card for virtually every occasion. You could have it sent to anybody on the Internet. This service grew incredibly. When someone would get a card, and they would find out that it came from Blue Mountain, they wanted to send cards to all their friends and family, and everybody that got those cards wanted to send cards to their friends and families and after a while their hits were enormous. In fact, recent numbers say that Blue Mountain cards gets 9.2 million visitors every single month. And in fact, they have consistently been listed in the top 15 web sites in terms of traffic. In a recent list we saw they were number three! Only after Amazon and Ebay on the Internet. And what are they doing? They are offering something free.

you really can get rich with specialty services on the Internet.00. excite@home. they were able to become one of the biggest and most widely trafficked web sites on the Internet and recently pocketed a couple hundred million dollars for all their work. That’s eleven million shares of stock worth $430. One of the reasons why we brought this success story up is if you go out there and find a success story on the Internet.00 in cold hard cash. if the Internet wouldn’t have come along.And it’s been a real boom for them because they’ve recently had an offer from a large web site.000. as are people who live in New Mexico. There are so many great products there that people in these regions can now.000. and millions of dollars. We want you to consider products that are unique to the city. with their little niche company.000.000. one of the best ways to get started yourself isn’t to copy exactly what they’re doing but to model their success formula. and millions. They’re how to get rich from the treasures in your own region! How NAFTA Can Help You Make Thousands of Dollars! Southern California is close to Mexico. But because of the Internet. go into Mexico and bring out these great products. Colorado. These two people who started back in 1971 with a little dinky greeting card company sold their company for $780.00 and an additional $350. too. If you model what these people are doing. maybe this could happen to you too! _________________________________________________ How to Get Rich From The Treasures In Your Own Region! We’re going to leave information alone for this article and talk about products and services that can be sold for super profits. Now you can see the power of the Internet. which is a popular Internet portal and web site. these people would still be in Boulder. It’s a great success story and these are happening all the time. Remember.000. You might have a different type of a service that you could fit into the mold that they used and have a company that can either a) pull in a lot of money for you or b) maybe in a couple of months or a couple of years. Having a great time! They loved what they did. and Texas. 4 . but they certainly weren’t making millions. you sell out for maybe a couple million dollars in stock and a couple million dollars in cash. and loving what they did. especially in regards to specialty services. We wouldn’t argue with that. That’s really what we wanted to share with you. or the region in which you live. the state. and Arizona.000. thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). So.

again. Last. I own a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. There’s the heritage of our southern states. but not least. We’ve done that a couple of times.” And. and quilts. and rural Kansas at that. You could probably strike a deal with these types of people. Minnesota is big into winter sports including hunting. This is definitely something to consider. including of course the very popular memorabilia and collectible items from the Civil War. That could be a great regional item. Let’s look at another example. That’s another thought. In Pennsylvania and some of the New England states. that’s like you are putting someone down when you make a statement.You can set up a great web site that will make you all kinds of money from this type of Mexican art and hand crafts. below zero. and other interesting things. but still make a lot of money. the Colonies. They have all kinds of crafts. New Mexico. we think you should take advantage of unique historical opportunities in the area that you live. “Well. That gives you the chance to not put up too much money. or anywhere there are Native Americans. there is so much rich tradition with the founding of America. North. Someone could set up a great site with Wizard of Oz memorabilia. 5 . you can go and start making deals with some of the craftspeople. fishing. there are also Amish people. You could set up a dynamite web site to sell these types of regional items that are in demand across the whole country! Now we live in the middle of nowhere . in a little hut the size of an outhouse dropping your line down into the ice that you dug three or four feet deep. and all sorts of interesting things from maple syrup from Vermont to all sorts of unique products. if you believe that.Kansas. by the Native Americans. and ice fishing. Native American artifacts and crafts are so big now. So if you live in the Southwest. We think you can make deals with people who are producing them. Also. of course. We’ve all heard the saying that goes something like. Minnesota is also noted for its wild honey and wild rice. many think of the Wizard of Oz. or South Dakota. It’s not that fun because you are sitting out there. The Possibilities Are Endless If You Think About The Treasures In The Region You Live! What’s really great about this is that you don’t even have to buy all these products to resell them. The South is rich in so many things. Also in Pennsylvania and some of the New England states. But there are people interested in that type of activity. much of it cultivated. Arizona. If you’re in New England of course. There are also many Mennonites and Amish people in Kansas. But when people think of Kansas.

6 . We’ve said it time and time again . Paul Hartuneon asked for and received. absolutely free.but you can actually make a fortune by focusing on the tiny little markets that these huge corporations can’t touch. and it just comes automatically because you’re excited about it . and we are going to tie that concept in with this subject matter and show you how you can make it work. They have too much overhead to deal with tiny. If you find something you love. and what historical things are taking place in your region that people all over the country might want? You could make a fortune with them! _________________________________________________ How to Make Huge Profits and Huge Amounts of Cash With Tiny Little Markets and Gain a HUGE Advantage Over Fortune 500 Companies! Fortune 500 companies are just too big. little markets. Put on your thinking cap. we have one in our living room. He only had to pay for the truck to haul it away. huge wooden pillars and other material taken from the old historic Brooklyn Bridge that was torn down. you wonder. They like to make lots of profits. and he had to buy some space to keep it. And a very sharp entrepreneur and publicist. Some other entrepreneurs have done this in Germany when the wall came down. How To Decide Which Market To Get Involved With.” That’s very true.after all. What unique items do you have in your region. We firmly believe that.Well. Instead you will find that they tend to go after the huge markets that can make them big profits in a short amount of time . you can make money at it and have lots of fun. guess what? Several years ago they did tear down most of the old Brooklyn Bridge in New York. There’s a quote that says something to the effect of “Do what you love and the money will follow. it is something you are interested in.and they’re in it for the long haul. how do you decide what small niche market you are going to go into? Our suggestion is to work with someone with a subject or a hobby that you are already interested in. Several entrepreneurs have cashed in big by selling little slivers of the old Berlin Wall. In fact.Internet auctions are one of the greatest ways to get rich. He cut these up into little tiny pieces and he made a fortune by getting millions of dollars of free publicity from that old Brooklyn Bridge. He sold it piece by piece. How to Get Rich With Your Niche! Those companies have to work with those big markets . It’s how to make huge profits and huge amounts of cash with tiny little markets and gain a HUGE advantage over Fortune 500 companies! So.

for some reason.say you’ve got thousands of sports autographs that you have collected over the years. We 7 . Maybe you like Beanie Babies. Maybe you like Logenberger baskets. it’s probably something that’s not going to make money for you either. After you’ve picked a market or a subject matter . Maybe you like to sew or hunt. We’re going to give you three. Find another hobby that you have. If you don’t see it advertised on the Internet auction sites. If other people haven’t figured it out already. that other people are selling those same kinds of products. Just about everything is available there. then you probably need to pick something else.literally anything you’re interested in! Maybe your spouse has something that they like to collect that you can turn into a money making venture. you have a very squirrelly subject matter. First.Boyds Bears maybe. Anything you’re interested in you can turn into a money making opportunity for yourself. Even if it is something that you’re not interested in. Maybe this could allow you to get your feet wet. Maybe you’ve got a collection of something . Maybe it is golf. There are rare exceptions to that. a hot subject matter that people are buying is a lot better than a hobby of yours that people aren’t buying into. you can sell your own products. If.what we would suggest you do is search the Internet auctions and find out. It might be gardening. Maybe you like collecting teddy bears . Maybe you like to collect sports collectibles and autographs from different sports events or famous sports figures. that we believe are some of the most important.something you are interested in . if you find something that lots of people are marketing. But. or wherever you decide to market. that tends to not be the case. There’s rarely an item or a subject matter that won’t be represented on the Internet auctions. Three Powerful Ways You Can Make Money With This Concept! There are many different ways to make money with this idea. briefly. We’ve heard people sometimes tell us that they like to search out things that they don’t see advertised anywhere because obviously no one else is doing it so they can make lots of money in that. but in most cases you’re not going to have success with it. then it’s obviously a hot subject matter and something that you can make money with as well. you’re probably not going to do good marketing it.The first thing you need to do is to decide what market you are going to go into. Anything you enjoy or your spouse enjoys you can turn into a niche market that can make you a lot of money. You’ll find most products that are for sale on the Internet auctions. There are many different subjects . On the other hand. to make sure. You can go into a hobby of yours if you have a favorite hobby. some strange subject or some strange hobby that you have that just isn’t available.

An example of autographs: you could buy new autographs or get new autographs to sell as well. some of them were on 3 x 5" index cards. the third idea . Buy as low as possible and then sell for as big a profit as possible to make money that way. or you actually tell them what you’re doing with it and offer to take a commission on the sale of the product. you can actually find products in that market area that people are selling for less than you know they could sell for on the Internet auctions. The point we are trying to make is if you have a collection of something that you’re interested in. you either just get the lowest price they’re willing to sell it for. or just turn your product and your inventory over. Become a broker for these products and actually go out and search for other people that have the same hobby or that maybe collect the same product that you’re talking about selling. It didn’t really matter much to him who they were. to sell your own products that you have to get your feet wet. although we don’t recommend doing that. Now. Maybe 20%. Turn around and make a huge profit when you sell them! However you do it. You can just get rid of yours and use those profits to buy new products. Some of them were on sports cards.actually had a good friend we haven’t spoken with in a few years who. He had huge notebooks full of these autographs that he had collected over the years. 30%. He had books and books full of them. Maybe you have to buy an inventory. you could start by selling off a few of your own products to get some experience and get a feel for how it can work for you. He was sending away all the time for sports autographs from various sports figures. It had probably about 15 years since he had started collecting these autographs. and convince them that you can turn it around for a profit. This way you actually become a broker for them. the key is to make sure you always buy low. had just written away. He just wanted to collect autographs. The second idea is to buy low and sell high. Depending on what market you’re in and which niche you choose.and this is one that we really recommend because it requires little cash outlay. That is the first idea. or wherever you end up selling them. actually broker it for them. With this technique. or maybe only 10% depending on the product. Maybe you’ve decided to get out of that market altogether. Then. but you can buy them for less than you can sell them for. since the time he was very young. Maybe you work with one exclusive vendor or person that has these products that you can sell and you help them sell all of their products on the Internet. You don’t have to put any cash up front. 8 . You tell them that you can sell it for them. You could search out these products and buy them low.

But how is he making any money? He is making millions of people laugh and he’s not making any money. One man had the idea that making people laugh might be something worthwhile.000. In the end. and you can go to this site and read it.” No one knows for sure. just find a hobby that you’re interested in . It doesn’t have to be short and snappy. So everyone started sending it to each other. and he even has dashes between the words. who is the CEO. And that’s why most people go on the Internet. then the money will follow. it would help me keep going. If everybody would just send me a dollar. “I’m going online to buy something today. That’s a long one. by golly!” You turn it on for entertainment and fun.00 in the mail in one week. He gives away free jokes over the Internet . people would go on and surf. Then. Pretty soon hundreds of thousands of people were reading these jokes every day. That shows you one thing . and the joke would show up in your email.com. People are more and more specialized in what they like and what they want to do.You can work with dozens of people and help all of them sell their products and just take a percentage of the profit on each one as it sells. But now they’re looking for a specialty niche.something you do and. 9 .v. “Boy.” When you turn on your television you don’t say. but the rumor was written somewhere that he received $62. technology progressed to where they could automatically send you every day if you subscribed (called opt. “I’m going to watch t. and you know how fast a rumor can zoom all over the world on the Internet by email. so I can see some commercials.in actually) the joke.” And it is all free. this is getting to be a lot of work. There are so many people on the Internet selling things and very few of us go. At the beginning he said. Just about everybody with email was starting to get these jokes. is really funny. Every day he has a joke.you can have a long name on your web site. and that is what they go on the Internet for.” There is a company who really set the model for making money with a niche and it’s fun and entertainment. When the Internet first came out. because he told people it was okay to forward these jokes. _________________________________________________ How To Laugh All The Way To The Bank! There are many “me too” web sites out there don’t have their own niche. “How to Laugh All The Way to The Bank. if it’s something you love. Eric. “You can forward them to your friends as long as you leave in the information that tells them how to sign up. It doesn’t require you to spend any money up front.it’s called Joke-of-theday.

And it works great! Speaking of matchmaking. It is like the joke-of-the-day where you reach them 365 times a year. so rather than make people subscribe. So this sale was to buy this up and running business with the cash flow.000 customers a week. That’s a lot of impressions . and it was selling a matchmaking service! I believe it was $39. No product delivered. It was nothing to do with humor. so it’s not the end of the world to have to do all of that. he decided to sell advertising. But it is entertainment and fun. A friend of ours has a website where he reviews wines.. he pulls out a disk. and they were signing up 10. and it’s part of business.000. It doesn’t talk about how today is your day to get a raise.com and matchmaker. but some of the other entertainment and fun services and markets that we have noticed are 1) horoscopes.But that couldn’t go on forever. or make more money.000. packaging. but they just put the horoscope on there as part of the site. match. and they put that on their site just so people will come back.com. and all of the tasks you do when you sell a product. he loads it into his 10 . UPS. I know people that check their horoscope every single day. We do it here. One sold for $70.The specialty market and service is making people laugh. He is making a lot of money in the niche of humor .something that makes money without all of that baggage. There are two web sites. They have a horoscope on there that says.” There is a bit of a slant. You and I and anybody else can run a small ad that rides along with the joke. Nothing serious about it. for example. Some of the people reading it will click on the advertisement. which he bought it at Office Depot. That’s how these advertisements are. merchant accounts.. “Check your love compatibility horoscope. You just have a few sponsors you deal with.00 . or anything like that. It is very wholesome.95. is a match site where you match up with people. All electrons. He has the Sony Mavica camera. They don’t necessarily have an astrology site. You don’t have shipping and receiving. There are really no customers. A lot of people are adding this to their site. that both sold recently. How to Make Money With NO PRODUCT! The beauty of selling advertising is there is no product. We sell products. One site that does this. It’s amazing! You can do this! You don’t have to have a joke-of-the-day. It’s a romantic horoscope. He snaps a picture. There is software that you can get for free or almost free that will put the horoscopes on your site. But the dream of every marketer is to have some simple product . He’s finally loading the photos in there. It is not an adult thing in any way. returns. And the one I saw on there today was for a diet product. You are basically selling electrons.and you can sell advertising.

000. or maybe review some wines or films. I can make you rich. “You know what? The biggest money is in humor.00! Our friend thought. “Hello! Here’s another site you might want.00 and he’ll say. They are billion dollar ideas that you can now transfer over to the Internet! 11 .00 a year. if you can make people smile. “Wow.” and see if it gets gobbled up by the big guys. and BOOM the photo of the bottle of wine is on his site.is the way to go .com. and you can laugh all the way to the bank! One author’s agent told me at a Maui writer’s conference. you can make a lot of money. But he did an entertainment site. and he has thirty thousand subscribers and makes over a million dollars a year just writing about how tasty these wines are! And. They can be your hobby.000. He got to sit with all the famous movie stars. Our friend’s site will be like that but it won’t be in print. So. If you can make me laugh. They can be entertainment.. One man has a newsletter about wine.serving the niche markets .. One is very simple and works on any site. We’re going to show you three easy steps to online wealth. let’s go over a brief overview on how you can make the most money with specialty markets and services. all the wineries send him the wines for free. whisked there in a limousine. They can be something you love.computer.” Everybody in the audience was just electrified by that. they don’t have to be anything you see in the phone book. After it gets several thousand members. he’ll find out who bought matchmaker for $70.000. The wines are written about in many magazines and newsletters. these matchmakers are doing so well. Same idea. but he’ll sell advertising.000. or help them find the love of their life. The idea that we want to get across is the specialty markets and services don’t have to be serious. Specialty markets and services . He’s going to buy the simple one and install it on a web address he reserved. There are two kinds. They are very easy. This guy has a site that reviews films and it has become so popular that now he was invited to the Oscars. It is $40. One is very complicated. Our Friend’s Plan To Sell His Own Site . It will be free. personalwantads. They can be fun. Then he writes a short blurb. _________________________________________________ Three Easy Steps To Online Wealth! Now. the money can follow. and he’s going to build that site up. Why don’t I make one?” So he found some software.And Make Up To $70. There’s a guy who is a film critic. If you do what you love. and he is just some Joe Schmoe. They are proven.

12 . Before we ever got started in this market.. People want solutions.It is very simple. in the right way. . If you have the same hobbies or the same interests as these people.. . The customers have lots of problems and they are looking for certain things... We knew the solutions that our market wanted. The Internet . These three principles that have made other direct marketers billions of dollars.. all of us are in the business of selling solutions. The right message to the right market . They’re not buying the products and services to buy the products and services . The easiest way to start is. The principle is that you focus on: 1. 3. Remember. then you’ll know how to reach them to sell them the same kinds of things that interest you. You sell something you love. Your challenge is to communicate that in the right way through the Internet. and we made millions of dollars . You know their language...to the right market .it’s what those products and services do for them that warrant their purchase. So what is the best niche for you? The answer: You do what you love. easiest formula for success. You know what they’re interested in. Remember. it becomes even more powerful. That is what we did.and many other people have made millions of dollars.. A Niche Marketer’s Dream Come True! The Internet is a niche marketer’s dream. the solutions that those customers wanted. And. That’s the closest. Every niche has its own language. also. on the Internet. Our success was built on a niche market. to the right market. you can use these three simple principles of the right message. we knew who the customers were.that’s where the niche is.. You know what their problems are. It is just a matter of asking who is the ideal prospect. Now. 2.. We knew who the competitors were. Sell something you love. You build your personality to develop a bond with those people. We knew the problems that our customers faced because we had those same problems.the right way. Each niche is a little bit different. and only speaking to that person. there are millions of people that are just like you. getting the right message . you can know these millions of other people. It has its own voice. We knew. since you know yourself.

easiest. Add a special “members only” section to your web site. What are they doing that is good and what are they doing that is bad? Then you model your company after those companies. They’ve turned those small markets into big fortunes.just bear with us . You learn their secrets. We’re talking about memberships here they’re how to swing a club that will literally knock customers through your doors! Yes. and simplest way to make tens of thousands of dollars a month on the Internet. There are plenty of profits there for you. It is the fastest. J. so bear with me here. That’s kind of a play on words. Small equals big.. you want to look for companies that are very successful .companies that are in the same area that you want to be in. You find their strong areas. the more you realize there really is a legitimate market there for you. and I always like to end things with a bang. _________________________________________________ How to Swing a Club That Will Literally Knock Customers Through Your Doors! All right. We recommend you form a club.. 13 . They’ve gone for those small markets that big companies couldn’t even begin to think about reaching because there’s not enough profit in these small markets for the big companies. very clear what they’re missing by not being a member. that’s a play on words .. Remember. T. Make it very. Why Small Markets Equal BIG Money! Forget about big markets. Let people who visit your web site for free know that there is a special “members only”web site.they’ve turned those niches into riches. You want to get on their customer list. The truth is. It really levels the playing field. The bigger the market the more generalized it is. The more of those companies you find. Think small. Small markets are easier to reach. They’re cheaper to reach. Study the successful businesses that are marketing to these niches. Sometimes people get the feeling that something totally unique is really going to make them money. They’re more responsive. the same marketing systems that are working for other niche marketers will work for you. Don’t be a pioneer. and the more generalized it is the higher it is going to cost you to reach that market. So I am going to tell you how to swing a club that will literally knock customers through your doors.They’ve done what Russ von Hoelscher has always taught . but not nearly enough profits for the big companies.

You can offer wholesale specials on prices. Every free magazine we ever published had a cover price. and then give them the password. and it was a higher price than you would normally pay for a magazine at the newsstand. Why Your Price Of Admission Should Be High .. So. Only the members of the “members only” section can chat among themselves in a special chat group. We have been in the publishing business long enough. you want to put a high price on membership to join . Or you could enter passwords into an area that lets them in. the more people value it. It is not available on the front end. Add it in as a bonus. you got it for free. We used to do a little flyer that we handed out as a newspaper that said across the top. follow the lead of people who are out there winning already. If you’re running low tech and want to do it the simple way. For example. People aren’t going to do that and sign up and want to sign up if you don’t put a value on it. and you answer their questions . Most worthwhile Internet service providers that host web sites can set up an area that is password protected for you. We have published trade magazines that are given away free.. you can just set up this area at a special different address that you only give out to people once they’ve earned the privilege of being members. “FREE” and people literally threw them away. put a high price on membership. where the consumer who visits selects their own password and goes in.This area can be password protected.and we mean a high price. Next. You have to do a little work and add some real value to this “members only” section. We recommend $100 plus. You can add news and information that is only available there. We are thinking in terms of American Express. the bigger the value of this bonus that you’re giving people when they purchase a product or a service from you. That’s how this works. You can set up a little chat group. which is very easy to set up. Next. Add some member rewards for remaining 14 .but you only do that for the members in the “members only” section. even though. VERY High! Next. by subscribing and giving me demographic information. you could add the only place where people can literally leave email messages directly to you for online consulting. The higher the price you put on it. so people will literally pay to get in it. cut to the bone prices on some of your products and services that are only available if you have access to this “members only” section. and we’re serious about that. The higher the price any item is. give memberships away with a minimum purchase on your regular web site. You could even stage contests that you can only enter by them being registered and having access to the “members only” section. They valued it at nothing because you valued it at nothing.

The real advantage of a club is the fact that it ties your customers to you and gets them to make continuous purchases. all the way to frequent flyer miles are essentially a membership . supermarkets. Give it away for purchases and you will literally knock customers through your doors like crazy. “I value you and I value your business. after they’ve made a purchase from you.” It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. the profit is in subsequent Then you don’t have all the cost of acquisition. For example. One of the chief advantages of a club is that you build that second sale.” your “Players Club. after they’re on your list. Why Customers Who Buy From You A Second 15 . Everything from grocery stores. We all know that the big expense is getting the customer the first time. Clubs are very common.a membership designed to build customer loyalty. Build this up into a club that people want to belong to and value.a member.” your “President’s Club.” You want to call your club your “Preferred Customer Club. Discounts. as they make more purchases from you. You have that cost of acquisition. _________________________________________________ How to Tie Your Customers To You So That They Buy From You Again and Again. and keep them coming back. But then. The cost of getting that customer to make the first purchase.” your “Inner Circle. towards either special free gifts. That’s how you should look at your organization. You don’t even have to be as elaborate as Alan’s good suggestions in order to have a club that will build you repeat buyers. It identified the customer. Points for purchases that are added up. or when they reach a certain level or number of points it actually moves them up into a higher level of discount. for example . But you want to fill that area with information. Rather Than From Your Competition! We’re now going to discuss how to tie your customers to you so that they buy from you again and again. Choose The Right Name To Make Membership Even More Attractive! You need to give them a good name. but what it really meant was “frequent customers. rather than from your competition.additional discounts in addition to what they normally get. How can I put this part of my web site to use to build customer loyalty? You can use a password. It’s getting the customer to make that first sale. “Frequent Flyers” was a great idea.” Give it a name that has some appeal and some stature that says to your customer. or an extra site with a URL you distribute to people as they join is a good low tech solution.

Every marketer has some product that didn’t move as well as expected. If they spend $100. The second sale ties the customer to you much more than the first one. and again. particularly if you’re selling informational products. there is such a margin for profit that you can make discounts to your good customers to keep them buying from you over.Time Are Very Valuable To You! There’s another thing to take into account.00 with you. _________________________________________________ How to Make a Six Figure Income Simply Surfing The Internet for 30 Minutes a Day Or Less! Here’s an idea that puts together memberships and niche markets. We joined a membership on the Internet and it is fantastic. too.publication offers that you make to these people. This way they are always sitting there with a coupon in their hand that is good for a decent discount on anything you offer. This secret is called “How To Make A Six Figure Income Simply Surfing The Internet For 30 Minutes A Day Or Less. very deep discounts to these loyal customers. That second sale is very important to you and you can use your club to encourage that second sale. Let us give you an overview of it. “If you purchase item #1. The Power of Discount Coupons! Another thing to look at is to issue discount coupons to your good customers for every purchase they make. and then I get a coupon for a discount on the next one!” It’s a very effective way of getting a buyer to buy again. Close outs. I will give you item #2 at 60% off. too. It’s loyalty and longevity. They tend to make more frequent purchases. you give them a coupon that is good for 25% off on their next purchase. The second sale is very crucial because a customer who buys the second time from you is much more valuable to you over the long haul. and this is a good place to offer very. They also tend to stay with you longer. It’s pre. Reward them for their business or tie that into another purchase.” The way we got this idea was actually from a product that we purchased. It’s like a chain reaction. and over. We would recommend you add advance announcements of products that you can offer. “I buy this one and then I need to buy the next one to use that coupon. and over again. They have a longer lifetime value. 16 . and again. but.” Now. we’re not one to believe in building a business based on cutting prices.

especially good companies that are reliable . We will give you an example using this company’s pricing. It has been difficult and we don’t have time to do that. and they have all these links on their web site. Some days you might find two or three that you can add. It was $50. thousands.00. And with more and more web sites popping up. to keep it updated you simply have to spend thirty minutes a day or less checking the current links you have. As many of the search engines get clogged with hundreds.00 to become a member . Basically. We immediately paid the $50. Just make sure they’re still working and go out onto the search engines and do your own intensive searching. even a hundred dollars for one of these memberships to a directory like that. and a lot more people are finding out that they don’t have time to do that. searches have become more and more difficult. Now let’s say you create your own directory and sell memberships to it for $50.Basically it’s an online directory of sources for our particular market . you have to pay $50. Find maybe just a link a day that you can add to your directory. Some days you might not find any. Getting out there and just trying to figure out what key word is going to bring us the right information is mind-numbing. fifty. And believe us. Here’s a profit example. and the sources that we would be interested in as publishers and as Internet marketers. If you 17 . Just 30 Or 40 Minutes a Day You Could Build a Collection of Web Site Links People Will Want to Spend Their Cash To Use! We think there’s a real opportunity for people in specific niche markets where people would be willing to pay twenty. thirty. find sources for products and services that we needed. But in just 30 or 40 minutes a day. But to access the links.it’s a lifetime membership. it was. They’ve put all these links in kind of a membership package. get off the Internet.has become an enormous waste of time. you can find some great new links that you can add to your directory and really build value to your members. and millions of web sites. searching for things on the Internet .publishing and Internet marketing. Now there is a company out there that has gone out over a certain period of time and for only 30 minutes to an hour a day they have researched some of the best companies that offer products and services of interest to publishers and Internet marketers. once you have a foundation of links that would be of interest to a particular market. and get back into business. We were able to instantly go in.00 because we knew that we would save so much time using their directory that it would be well worth that $50.00 for a membership to their directory.00.

or The American Astrological Association? The answer should be pretty obvious. and that becomes the International Living Society. really go all out! That’s How to Make Huge Money With Memberships! Have a certificate that people can put on the wall. or such. The power of clubs and memberships lies in the fact that people love to belong to something where they are with like minded people. But instead of just calling it Suarez & Company. they successfully used the club or society concept. Take the concept and expand upon it so people really believe they’re a member of an exclusive group of people. But if you go to a niche market. Also. Therefore.00 in sales a year. in Canton. or a society. Ohio. people who instead of going to the search engines want to go directly to your site. He started to sell personal astrological charts. Ben Suarez. is a large newsletter publisher. it would be worth their time to spend you $50. They publish newsletters. Ben Suarez. Maryland. which we think was its original name. sharp marketers have used the power of this idea to make a lot of money even before the Internet came along. It is a simple idea. 18 . Russ von Hoelscher. So when you create a club. Who would you rather buy an astrological chart from? Joe Johnson.sell just six memberships a day. he created The American Astrological Association. International Travel is one of their newsletters. They have a group of people that are the members of the Oxford Club. Just signing up six people to your small niche directory.00 instead of spending hours on the search engines. For a long time. They even have a clubhouse in Baltimore. and The Oxford Club for investments. For example.000. This concept works very well. Shakespeare . they had the Highlander Club for business opportunities. You may have a great idea for a membership package that could put a lot of cash into your pocket! _________________________________________________ Make Huge Money With Memberships! We’ve discussed clubs and memberships. “What’s In A Name?” Hush. and investments among others. Instead of just publishing newsletters. That feeling of belonging is so important. you could pocket over $100. After all. business opportunities. travel. Business just quadrupled when he did that.. And you can keep it updated and keep it growing in as little as 30 minutes a day or less. or an association.. There’s A LOT To A Name! We remember a great entrepreneur. Agora Inc.

Regardless of what product or service you have. even $199. Or “The Internet Advertising Association. This name really helped their business quadruple. 19 .00. consider the club.How To Triple Your Profits By Limiting The Number Of People You Let Into Your Special Web Site. that’s your name. We recommend over $100. Restricted access . Russ. Well. We’ve talked in the past about the power of making money on the Internet selling advertising. Don’t underestimate yourself. You could do a $99.00. people still won’t place that high of a value on it. Newsmismatic Society. triple. and you do absolutely want to place a value on it. Well.00 value. Don’t use a $29. that’s okay. Then they decided to sell by mail. Many times this will double. But don’t make it cheap. The concept is so powerful and so valid! There are opportunities available with almost anything you are selling products or services . I’m going to title my talk here “Restricted Access .how to triple your profits by limiting the number of people you let into your special web site! You could give away a free membership to your web site or a portion of your web site. but nothing to write home about. Put a high value on it so that people don’t just deem it to be free and worthless.” Because these types of names ring a bell and get people far more interested in what you’re doing.00 value.” This can work like magic! We’re going to show you how to actually make more money by limiting the number of people you allow into your special web site.S. that’s great.Recently two brothers in New Hampshire owned a small coin shop. or $149. or association concept.The U. Whatever you choose. or maybe $129. society.How to Triple Your Profits By Limiting The Number Of People You Let Into Your Special Web Site! Well.00 value if you want to.to create this great club concept.95 value. or quadruple your business! _________________________________________________ Restricted Access . Your name is Charles and your wife’s name is Jenny. Business was so-so. But. let’s say that you have a company and your name is C & J Sales. what if you were going to put together a group of web sites and you make deals with them so you could then sell advertising on a whole bunch of web sites and sell a package deal? Wouldn’t it be better to come up with a great name like “The Internet Advertising Society” as opposed to “C & J Sales?” You have to think along these lines.A. (and also now on the Internet) and they gave their little operation a great new name .

you’re going to collect all their information their email address. People love belonging to something private. use the password. It is a great way to get people back to your site over and over again. The advantage to giving away the free membership is that you can get a large number of people to visit your web site more frequently. Get them to feel good about doing business with you.people who are actually getting this information free with your web site through this membership. Then you will in turn give them a secret password that allows them to get into that special web site or page on your web site for members only. They should be tips that aren’t available to anybody else. For members only. Get as much information as you want from people. obviously. They love to belong to a club. you could actually sell banner ads on that page. you can have them coming to your web site more frequently. and the more exposed to it they are the more likely they are to buy your products. you can actually build a huge list of subscribers . the response just goes through the roof. of course. You can have a special place on the web site for members that gives maybe your best marketing secrets or whatever your web site happens to be. If you are giving it away free. The advertising is just icing on the cake! 20 . first of all. as some people call them. tens of thousands. maybe you also have it where they can come to your web site. If you are actually charging for this you still could make a lot of money and you could do really well for yourself. even hundreds of thousands of people in a relatively short amount of time sign up to take advantage of your free membership. instead of actually sending it. Now. Just as with the Highlander Club and Agora. One other less obvious way you can benefit is to sell advertising to other businesses so that they can advertise on your web site. but it might take a lot longer for you to build up a member base. their name. You could have thousands. So. it has been proven time and time again that when you actually change your offer to be a club or a membership. It is going to help you double or even triple your profits really quickly. even their mailing address so you can send some postcards about offers to them and such. If you have a special “Members Only” page. the more money you’re going to make because they’ll buy more products and they’ll spend more money with you. just by changing the wording and making it a club. There are lots of ways to sell advertising as well. So when they’re coming to your web site. they can see the products.Then when people sign up. If you have a newsletter that goes out exclusively to members. something that they can be proud of and feel like they really belong in. We recommend giving away special offers not available to anyone else. They are part of something elite. Or maybe you could send it to the people. the benefit to having that is. And the more comfortable you can get people with you and your web site. you could sell advertising in that newsletter or ezine. you’ll benefit that way. Maybe you could have a weekly newsletter that you could have available. and each week they can log in and receive a special newsletter right over the Internet.

A group of friends actually. Like what Russ talked about.00 in gross sales. We think a big part of it was the association . the other people have this club. But once you go in there. take good care of them. Gather them all up. Years ago a friend of ours was giving a talk on publicity. It was doing well. Everywhere you go there’s a SAMS Club. It’s a group and you might as well tell them it’s a group and make it a membership. He would be paid $1. and over. It costs $995.95 just to join up. and communicate with them. Look at SAMS Club.the club. All they are is a group of buyers. And you can tap into that need. And you’re standing up and talking. and then he came up with a catchy name. But then one day we told him.500.000 memberships at $29. Russ puts his information into a package and sells thousands of them.000. Russ has written us a letter that has made us millions and more. you can ask us 21 . That made his sales just go through the roof! The idea of belonging to a financial freedom association was very appealing. had him speak to his different groups over. It’s a deep human need. to be a part of this group.95 and had $3. for example. You have to pay to be a member. talk to them. “You know. You get discounts! Everybody wants to be a member of something. you wrote a letter for us that made us several million dollars. and over. They want to belong. But look. They didn’t really care what the book said. You need to think of these people as your group. and he called it The Financial Freedom Association of America.00 to come and speak for the day in various businesses. so he was really flattered. and that club. At least once a month he would drop in there and speak for one day to his people. People call us about lists as if they’re something from another planet. Why don’t you put it in a book and write a letter like you wrote for us?” He did that and he started mailing that out and it started selling that book.000. We are speaking from experience when we talk about associations. which is fine. They’re your pals._________________________________________________ How the Association Concept Can Help You Make Millions Of Dollar On The Internet! A lot of people make the mistake of thinking the customer is just a name on the list. but look at the benefits of membership. We just set one up. We think some people sent the $29.00 to get the password. These were Harvard Business School graduates. Ted Thomas. This is how The Association Concept Can Help You Make Millions Of Dollars On The Internet! He sold 100.000. They just wanted to belong. It was like an extra gift to them. One way to do it is to have a private discussion group.

and then we’ll see it later and we’ll answer it. Stock tips. It is like you can talk to us anytime you want. lots of people are paying it. Some good examples of fear tactics used in marketing are: 22 . even if it’s late at night and you have a question. We are signing up people right and left. the fear marketing inspires is used to threaten to take away something the prospect may want. but every day you go there and they talk about what stocks they think are going up and down and what not. Instead. It can help you make millions of dollars on the Internet! _________________________________________________ Million Dollar Electronic Marketing Secrets! _________________________________________________ How to Use The Power of Fear to Get People to Buy Your Products and Services From Your Website! The More They’re Afraid.questions every day for a year. It’s a big. you assign them a password. And it is because the public ones are just an open forum. Think about a private discussion group. are being given out on one site. we’re not talking about things like threatening safety or anything like that. A lot of sites are going to this model now. Because of the association concept. They are wide open and anyone can go there. big concept. and there’s also password protection software you can get. This one is a private consultation. you’re part of this association that other people are not part of. “Who in the world would pay $995. It’s an amazing concept. You can download products that we have and sell them yourself. You can type it into your email. The More They’ll Buy! One of the most powerful emotions you can instill in prospects who read your copy is FEAR! Now when we talk about fear. You get the rights to them and you’d think. And we’re making a fortune with the private discussion group. Now there’s discussion group software out there you can get for free. for example. or rather post it. and you can’t really talk in confidence there because the whole world might see what you’re talking about. When someone pays you. You have to pay to be a member. or be very open to accepting.00 to go to a discussion group when there are all these free ones you can go to?” Well.

along with people using it and enjoying using it . So. .The more urgent it will be to that prospect to buy what you have to offer. These are a couple of good examples of fear tactics used in ad copy. the more they’ll buy! _________________________________________________ How to Get Your Customers to Imagine Themselves Owning Your Product or Service. consider using “fear copy” very seriously. They might include pictures of the product doing whatever it is it’s supposed to do. and enjoying the benefits of using it! Visualization can also be inspired with copy . they might miss out on getting one of their own. living in a beautiful home. no matter what medium.1. when it comes to creating the sales copy for your website. Once They Take Mental Ownership. 2.a feeling of dread. sending your 23 . “Only a limited number of these will be produced. Typically. . . The idea here is to use copy and photographs to give that potential customer the ability to picture themselves enjoying the benefits of owning and using the product you have to offer them. . . You’ve Got Them 99% Sold! The concept we’re going to discuss here is visualization . By using these sorts of messages in your copy is how to use the power of fear to get people to buy your products and services from your website! The more you’re able to create a sense of fear in that prospect .and it’s how to get your customers to imagine themselves owning your product or service. that if they don’t do exactly what you say they’re not going to get that great product . we may have to drop you from the list!” This is used to instill fear that they’re going to lose their connection with getting products they want if they don’t order something from the current offer. and if the potential customer doesn’t order immediately. . Order now to ensure that you get one of your own!” This conveys the idea that there is a limited number of product. The more they’re afraid. “We have to shorten our mailing list! If you don’t order. “Imagine yourself making more money a week than you used to in a month’s time punching the time clock . marketers will utilize visualization by placing photographs of the product in the copy.

usually. .as if they already own the product. it has helped marketers bring in many thousands of dollars in direct mail . Presenting the benefits is key with most products. and knowing you won’t have to worry about the cost of their college tuitions when the time comes. you’ve got them 99% sold! How? Because you’ve already overcome a tremendous hurdle . You might have constructed it and directed it. . tailoring a sales message for one specific customer or prospect.just a calm beachfront at sunset. the only things moving the wide. there are some very simple tactics that can be used to keep the level of personalization high with high-volume media. You see this quite often with direct mailings. And once they’ve put themselves in the place of o wning and enjoying the product. address them by their name. Use visualization on your websites . “Yeah. You have to show them what they can get from using the product . It’s only imagination. they’ve almost totally justified buying it to themselves! You want to fill those prospects with a sense of mental ownership . the harder this can be. no bosses staring you down . So?” You have to show people using it. Typically. 24 . the more mailings are sent out. They will have a romanticized image of themselves owning that product and all the benefits it will bring them. broadly defined.and enjoying the benefits of it. holding hands . Once they take mental ownership. When used correctly. blue ocean and you and your spouse as you walk in the sand.the hurdle of skepticism . and when you address them in the copy. “ Visualization’s job is to fill prospects with desire for a product by inspiring their imagination to see themselves owning the product you offer . showing the product simply isn’t enough. people enjoying it. . This Can Really Multiply Your Sales and Profits! Personalization has been an extremely powerful marketing tactic since its inception. and it could do the same on websites and in electronic media as well! This can really multiply your sales and profits! Personalization is. it’s a big lump of metal.no reprimand. and it’s paying off greatly. and people enjoying the benefits of having owned it. Imagine being able to take days off when it suits you .children to the best school.by putting THEM in the driver’s seat of the fantasy.both copy and photos if you can! _________________________________________________ One Thing You Can Do To Your Website To Make Your Customers Feel Like You Know Them Personally. but it can be extremely effective at getting prospects to buy what you have to offer them. . Use the customer or prospect’s name. But. but they will not notice that.

. you would never see them! 25 . . . they are welcomed back personally. Stop and think about it.000. so whenever they come back. But personalization gives that sales message extra power to break through that wall of resistance by painting a picture of you dealing with that person as an individual rather than as a name on a mailing label. So why does it take all of this extra work? These sorts of things are called involvement devices.” they start out “Dear Harold Feeblefitzer . Mr. as a person to be communicated with and dealt with one-on-one. so forth. “ E-mail would be simple to personalize in this way.and it’s a bit of ego stroking. They’ll know you don’t. Then. that prospect will still regard your message seriously even though he or she knows it was created to go to thousands of people. so on. and so we believe we have a terrific offer for you!” Sales letters don’t start out with “Dear Sir. instant personalization! In fact. every time without re-entering it! Personalization is a very important marketing tool. Personalization is the one thing you can do to your website to make your customers feel like you know them personally. you’re just a short hop from making the sale. with their name .000!” “We know you’re a man who loves his music. many people in mind. fill in blanks. when the surfer enters the site. It identifies the person receiving the message as an individual.Sweepstakes offers and video/music clubs tend to use it in their copy.and if they didn’t work. the package requires you to shuffle stickers around. the sites we’ve seen with this technology actually store the names of those who visit. That prospect knows in the back of his or her head that your sales message was concocted with many. All you’re usually doing with these is ordering an item or two. JOHN DOE. and when you can gain a prospect’s trust. . rip off perforations. With good personalization. might have already won $1. their name will appear in the copy where it’s supposed to . They’re a powerful tool used for getting sales . The More Involved They Are. the More They’ll Buy! You might have noticed that. When it comes to websites. lick stamps. It will give them a feeling that they are independent and important. there is technology available for webmasters that allows the Internet surfer to enter their name before they enter the site. put stamps or stickers in certain places. but they’ll FEEL like you DO! Therein lies trust. “You. with most direct response or mail order offers you receive. Doe. . . _________________________________________________ Do These Three Things to Get Your Customers Involved. It’s subliminal .

and ultimately serve to lead them to the end situation of ordering whatever it is that’s being offered. why should your offer get so much of their attention? This is the point of view of the average prospect. They can look for certain things and make a buying decision instead of having the light from the screen glinting off their eyes. . yet at the same time breaks the monotony of the offer itself. . You can have places where people vote on a particular product. jobs to go to.People have short attention spans. They can actively surf it. . Here’s something a lot of you might think you can’t do . keeping the prospect involved in the offer by having them do something that both physically and mentally requires them to concentrate on it. keep it fresh in his or her mind. Involvement devices keep the prospect involved in the offer. games to play . You can have different types of products where people can actually click on a spot and decide what they want. and we have seen them all over for years. people are busy. and these are only examples. hobbies to indulge in. It’s as simple as that. They’ll read through a sales letter or an offer. You can do these three things to get your customer’s involved. . After all. and what the product is. if you’re crafty. Involvement devices will pop up sporadically throughout the offer. but. They have children to take care of. That’s why involvement devices were created! In order to gain that prospect as a cash-paying customer. and they will treat it as such. We see them all over. there’s a decent chance that you can! It’s celebrity endorsements! Celebrity endorsements are nothing new to advertising and marketing. it is necessary to keep them interested in the offer long enough to reach the end and order it. This is the task many marketers assign to involvement devices. They see an offer as an intrusion upon the schedule of their life. what color they like. television shows to watch. The more involved they are. and many end up setting it aside and forgetting the offer that was being made. _________________________________________________ The Next Best Thing to Getting Ed McMahon and Dick Clark to Endorse Your Website! You Could Get This Special Person . the more they’ll buy! Involvement devices can be used on the Internet in a variety of different ways. . You can have forms where you actually ask people to fill things out. . There are a lot of different things that you can do instead of having people go to your Web Site and passively look at it. Michael Jordan 26 . making decisions along the way.

Then you could put a picture of the celebrity on the web site along with the positive quotes. Celebrities are hired to endorse products based on how the company’s target market perceives them.a person that literally everyone has heard of. That’s the key to picking a celebrity to endorse your product. Then. and it isn’t going anywhere soon. retired and still active sports heroes pitching beer . Jay Leno pitching nacho chips. McDonalds’ picks Michael Jordan. and trusts. a big. Due to the fact their market is smaller and has a more specific type of interest that’s important to them. and ask them for a review or any comments about it they may have. so they’re going to hire someone who is a household name . hot dogs. Companies that serve smaller markets have to be much smarter when it comes to picking celebrities to plug their products. they give your product a positive comment or two. What’s your market’s core interest? Who i a respected and famous person who is s heavily involved in that market? Let’s say. you could print their good remarks in your ad copy! In fact. admires. and McDonalds’ food. Therefore. you company builds electric guitars. when you get a reply. For example. for example. because t eir mass popularity has died down h but their position as an influence on guitar players would make them an invaluable spokesman. You’d be able to get them cheaper than the hottest acts on the stage. You could find a guitarist held in high esteem by the market. . and you could pay them for it. There are other ways of getting celebrity endorsement. The expert is a special person . if you want to hire a celebrity as a spokesperson for your product and/or your company. celebrities are picked based on their familiarity and trust within the people of that market. it becomes important to really look at your market. It’s all about experts.they may not even record anymore. . . It’s all about who your market trusts.and he or she can help you make a fortune! He or she is the next best thing to getting Ed McMahon and Dick Clark to endorse your website! You may go this route and find that the money the celebrity wants is too much. and you’d have instant celebrity endorsement! _________________________________________________ 9 POWER-WORDS That Will Instantly Add SIZZLE To Your Website! 27 . batteries. . American Express picks Jerry Seinfeld. national fast food chain is trying to attract everyone. it’s been here for years. you could probably cut a cheaper deal with a celebrity .selling shoes. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and try to get the attention of the hottest bands currently recording there are many guitarists that are held in high esteem that aren’t even in bands anymore . Simply send them a sample of your product.

IMMEDIATELY! Some marketers will establish a set deadline for an offer to end. and staring them directly in the eye. being vague about the deadline! “This offer won’t last long. FREE grabs attention like 28 . . it’s URGENT! 4. and demands to be read and acknowledged. it becomes important to order that product today.namely. ordering immediately becomes an urgency! 3. because it’s the literary equivalent of pointing at a person. the prospect will have no idea when the offer is going to end . shove a concept down their throat.a perfect fit for prospects that are impatient naturally! 5. To come across it all of a sudden in full caps with exclamation mark is like hitting a brick wall. so if they want that product.YOU! “YOU” is an attention-grabber. IMMEDIATELY! This word gives a strong desire to do something and do it NOW. we’ve found that setting a deadline in stone typically ends up bringing in less money than another little trick we have learned to use in our copy . right now. 2.It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a direct mailing piece or an Internet page . you’re putting a limit on the availability of the product . Therefore. . .you’re pointing out the fact that the product and/or the offer is a very special one. and it will only be around for a short period of time.you need “sizzle” words in your copy! What are “sizzle” words? They’re words used in copy to INSTANTLY grab the attention of the prospect and. . very exciting to the prospect. It’s a word that grabs prospects right off the bat. It’s more than important. it may end today for all they know . and the highest profitable. In our experience. FREE! Of all the words we present here. basically. What are some sizzle words you can use? Here are 9 power-words that will instantly add sizzle to your website! 1. this one is probably the most powerful. with the tip of your finger only an inch from their nose. They add sizzle to the copy . It’s bringing up the importance of time .they make it very emotional. or a concept that the marketer wants the prospect to perceive as important. puts the mind in a chokehold. the most stopping. They’re used to present an important concept. DEADLINE! By using the word DEADLINE. and the DEADLINE is fast approaching! Order TODAY!” This way. URGENT! This word is an excellent attention-grabber. It catches the eye.

regardless of media. . . This is where the power of the word QUALIFY lies. money saved on products in the future. that there’s always a trade off. IMPORTANT! Another good initial attention grabber. Advertising can very easily sound too good to be true. and it always will. “Beat the deadline to QUALIFY for our free gift!” By giving people a way to “qualify. I’m better off . . The word FREE grabs the imagination and the emotions. and is a very. or set apart from the rest of the population in a positive light. It is the ultimate promise to get something for nothing. . the more the prospect stands to gain from failure . . . QUALIFY! People are attracted to things that make them feel special. 29 .no one else has one like it . .” you are giving them a way to set themselves apart from the pack. very enticing offer. . .” 8. or whatever might be. .so by getting it. . 9. be it a refund. . the issue is presenting people with a way to set themselves apart from the others. they have that product EXCLUSIVELY . and when that happens. “Ooh. 6. . I’ll be getting something no one else has . “Not everyone will qualify . And the more risk it takes off the prospects’ shoulders . EXCLUSIVE! Once again.” These are nine of the most powerful words in the history of marketing. . the more attractive that guarantee is! 7. If I do. and a sales letter finds itself quickly headed for the trash can. GUARANTEED! This word’s power comes from the fact that it’s justifying the offer with some sort of recourse should it not work for you. It works well as an “eye roadblock. the offer bounces off of that wall of skepticism. . . People know that nothing’s free.it always has. And they could do the same for you! _________________________________________________ One Fast and Easy Thing You Can Do to Give Your Website Instant Credibility! One of the biggest challenges direct marketers face is the simple fact that each and every prospect out there has a brick wall of skepticism that sits around their brain. the more the guarantee is to your own disadvantage . . But that’s a logical deduction.” basically burning some point into a reader’s mind so that they won’t forget it.nothing else . They’ve helped thousands upon thousands of marketers build fortunes over the years . to rise above the rest.

There are a lot of customers out there in the business opportunities market that face this life .written by the man’s wife! In her piece she said that she used to get annoyed at him for his “laziness” . etc. and how it had made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.The only thing that differs about a webpage is that the Internet surfer will simply leave.admits she was wrong about her husband’s passions and is now very happy.who constantly tell them to “quit dreaming and enter reality.all the great things the product can do. The point is. He went on and on about all the things it could give those who bought and used it. . You could have a product reviewed by a trade publication. This being the case. etc.they’re looking for something that can allow them to make a lot of money without needing a regular. . They end up facing the criticism of their spouses. Second party endorsements are a great way to do that! 30 . rational piece that is centered on justifying the claims of the offer. their families. one person has written all of this exciting copy . anadulterated logic. The second party endorsement is presented as being from another person it is a logical. it’s crucial to the success of your offers that you find some way to justify your claims in your copy. Basically. you have to counter that logic in order to justify the purchase with the prospect. One of the best utilizations of this technique we have seen was in an ad for a business course. You could have an expert give his or her opinion on its performance. . The exciting words and parts in your offer will pick up people’s emotions. You have to provide PROOF that your claims can really be true. and they instantly identify with him. One fast and easy thing you can do to give your website instant credibility is to get a second party endorsement. Then they had supplied a second party endorsement . Ultimately. you need to justify those claims somehow to appease the logic circuits in your prospects’ brains. Then they read that a major skeptic . there’s the main skeptic of the man’s money-making methods and she’s admitting that his program worked! There are other ways to use second party endorsements. never to return and become a customer. she was always nagging him to get a regular job. and it instantly takes care of any questions of skepticism! After all. but that skepticism will remain. The skepticism is powered by pure. A man was stating how great his home-business opportunity was. their friends .” They see that this fellow went through it to. nine-to-five job.then he came across this and she was proven wrong.not unlike their own spouses and families . why they should buy it now.

.it will increase the worth of the offer. . This gives it the image of being VERY valuable. it would simply be the typical “oohs” and “ahs” of coming across something very interesting. the prospects have to BUY IT FROM YOU! If they don’t pay for it. buy purchasing the product. it’s a secret reserved only for special people to know and use . the offer will be much more a ttractive to more people than had you simply not used such a phrase . . . . they don’t get it! In other words . they stop for a moment and roll that over in their head . there is a qualifying factor to getting the information ._________________________________________________ Two Magical Words That Will Instantly Make People Realize Your Offer is Extremely Valuable! More People Will Send You More Money! Here are two magical words that will instantly make people realize your offer is extremely valuable . . they will stand above all their peers with exclusive knowledge not meant for the general public! Therefore. it can be a justifiable statement. It gives them the perception that. what exactly makes this phrase so powerful? When prospects read that the product being offered has PRIVATE INFORMATION. “This isn’t something most people are supposed to know .something MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF. only those “daring” enough to spend money on the product will receive the information! 31 . . if you could hear what most of them were thinking. After all. One of the most attractive offers you can make to people is that of privileged information that only certain. It gives the prospects a feeling of being unique. This phrase suggests that. and more people will send you more money! Is the information really private? Actually. . . special people are allowed to have. . very attentionworthy. they will get insider information . “ they’ll think. by gaining what’s being offered to them. . and of standing apart from the crowd. PRIVATE INFORMATION! So. .

All people would have to do is direct the police to your website. you’re giving those prospects a glimpse into your own life. why your prospects can put their faith in you and your products if you ever hope to sell any. _________________________________________________ Why Most Websites Don’t Make Any Money. This was something totally new. How are people supposed to know that this isn’t some fly-by-night scheme? How do people know that it isn’t some attempt to collect as many checks as possible then disappear just as suddenly as the letter arrived? By adding your photo to your offers. And you’re showing a certain amount of trust in the prospect. many marketers fell into a sort of panic. . some reason . Most marketers out there simply fill their advertising and promotional materials with copy and perhaps photos of their products. You’ve got to come up with some way . If people don’t trust you. You’re proving that you’re a real person. After all. and they’d have pictures of the suspect or suspects! Your showing of trust will gain you trust with your prospect . not some computer sitting there spouting type whenever someone logs on.and they’ll be much more open to accepting your offers.but also presented new challenges. How could they market in this new digital frontier? Would they be able to use the tactics they used in other media. where millions of people could potentially see it? If you were planning to rip people off. they’re certainly not going to buy anything from you. a media that presented a lot of opportunity ._________________________________________________ This One Simple-to-Use Image On Your Website Will Immediately Add Credibility to Your Offer! Place a photo of yourself on your webpage! This one simple-to-use image on your website will immediately add credibility to your offer! The concept here is one of trust. . . if you were a shady dealer. or would they need to learn something new? 32 . . and You’re On Your Way to Major Success! When the Internet first started exploding as a viable marketing tool a few years ago. would you be so willing to publish your photo on the Internet. Avoid Doing This One Wrong Thing. it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

but you should remember . .com.one that few marketers realize. So give them all the information you can! Website and e-mail marketing presents one very special advantage over the other media. or twenty page sales letter to ten thousand people.com. in most cases.msnbc. . you don’t have to limit your sales letter’s intended audience to make your bottom line! The lesson here is. in order to succeed with Internet and website marketing. the more you sell. though . www.headlinenews. or www. Why do you think they surf the web in the first place? want MORE For most people who surf on a casual basis. Therefore. They have a set amount of time . we hate to burst these people’s bubbles .cnn. just because something’s new doesn’t mean you should try to play using all new rules. But there is no such cost over the Internet! A webpage may only be a few inches.short and to the point. when you’re sending a twelve page. Keeping copy short and to the point is. they information. Take a look at your major network evening news programs. then the text can continue on another webpage you send them to with a link! You don’t have to cut pages or cram text to cut cost . and one thing we keep hearing over and over is that. The people who surf it want to have all the information they can have.half an hour . In direct mail and direct response marketing. The old tips and tactics that have brought direct 33 . or it could go on for foot upon foot. and coverage than is presented on television or even newspapers! The Internet is known as a source of INFORMATION. .com. be it professional or amateur.to go through the major stories of the day. the Internet becomes more than simply a utensil to look at flashy web sites. and you’re on your way to major success! The same rule that applies to sales letters applies to Internet marketing the more you tell. the cost of printing and postage can get expensive. you need to keep your copy . you quickly find that stories are wellexpanded on. Avoid doing this one wrong thing.but THAT SIMPLY ISN’T TRUE. with a lot more information. actually detrimental for sales! This is why most websites don’t make any money. such as www. It offers just as much information as the other forms of media . but more in depth. every story has to be trimmed up and edited to fit within a time limit.on webpages and e-mail . . . But when you visit an Internet news site. speculation. Internet surfers don’t want less information. fifteen page. it’s well-known that long sales letters to qualified prospects or customers is one of the best ways to get products sold. Well.There are people out there who do offer Internet marketing advice. The problem is. .

but they still stand solid . They wonder whether or not an advertisement or offer is really true or simply an attempt to earn their money through trickery and dishonesty. 34 . his Rolex watch. as marketers. and they may need to be applied somewhat differently. The rules simply have to be modified slightly to fit into each type. what they desire . print. no matter how much excitement you instill in a prospect. how do we do that? A person’s logic tells them that all of the exciting claims and statements in your copy is simply exaggeration used to get you to buy something. Everybody wants more money. They’re cynical. So. and radio. for example. Advertising and marketing appeal greatly to people’s emotions . you have to present some kind of proof that what you say can be true. So. and telling someone you can show them how to make a lot more money is very exciting to them.selling products showing people how to make more money .what they want. his various luxury and sports cars. to satisfy that little logical voice. and satisfy that inner logic! It’s by providing PROOF! When it comes to money-making products.the level of skepticism we face is very high.what would make them happy! But. The old rules apply to the Internet just as much as anything . It is this voice that we. For those of us who serve and sell to the opportunities market . the gentleman who created the program included photographs of his expensive home.they may need a little modification. across the media landscape of television. and they are still the key you could use to build your fortune . and his swimming pools. there will almost always still be a little voice of logic and rationality in the back of their head casting doubt upon your well-designed sales copy. But people know that the amount of money they make is a weak point emotionally. Sales letters become infomercials. the simplest yet most powerful proof you can supply is including real success stories in the copy! In one great sales letter we came across.applied to Internet marketing! _________________________________________________ How to Instantly Prove Everything You Say! Do This to Your Website to Give Instant PROOF! People are skeptical. .marketers millions of dollars over the years have proven themselves to work time and time again. But there is a way to overcome that skepticism. . have to find a way to satisfy if we truly want to attract the best customers. so they’re that much more skeptical. what they think they need.

. . or standing at the doorstep of their three-story mansion . They can be the final clinching proof that gets your prospect filling out a check to Express Mail to your office tomorrow. This is how to instantly prove everything you say! And.it’s coming from an unknown person from an unknown place who wants to sell you something. . . but it’s still distant . These things provide prospects with solid proof that the claims made in the copy are really possible. Some marketers will go to their best. . The copy loudly proclaims “Want proof? Okay. photos of things they’ve bought since their income got larger. and ask for testimonials. showing he brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. . .” and the matter’s settled. .On an opportunity website we recently visited. . No matter how powerful the promotional material. . take a look right over here . ask for permission to use bank statements . just as other marketers have done it. well-thought-out photos can always add a lot more power to the sales message! _________________________________________________ 35 . you can do this to your website to give instant PROOF! _________________________________________________ Put This On Your Website to Instantly Make Your Website Stand Out Among The Rest! One of the most powerful ways marketers prove that the claims in their copy are possible is through using photographs! Put them on your website to instantly make your website stand out among the rest! You can have the best copy in the world. That’s what makes photos so important! Photos can be a vital link between the claims you make and real life! Ad copy is a lot of highly convincing claims even at its best. most successful customers. and that they do indeed come to pass. even an attractive offer can be turned down without much effort. Faced with this. the man actually had copies of his bank statements. But throw in a photo of someone who used one of your moneymaking programs enjoying a ride in their new Lamboroghini Diablo . and you’ve got actual physical evidence that will act as a bridge between the claims of the copy and reality! Photos can justify the purchase of your product. or swimming in their Olympic-size pool .

The more it’s worth. Then. 36 .” This is very enticing . You need to give your prospects some incentive to order immediately.they reveal what the bonus gift is. or easier to use. they do it whenever they can. the faster they’ll want to order. just that it’s a “secret. Other marketers go the opposite route . In these sorts of offers. why wouldn’t YOU order it? The idea of getting something free is one of the most e xciting motivational tools a marketer has in his or her repertoire.How to Get More People to Order Your Product Super-Fast! People procrastinate. People do it at work. they do it at home.the faster they’ll want to order to make sure they get it! _________________________________________________ This is One Emotion You Can Play to That Will Make People Buy Every Single Time! Of all the emotions people have one of the most powerful is GREED. marketers will state how much money the bonus gift is worth. And the more exciting it is. It’s a part of human nature to not do today what could be done tomorrow.it piques a prospect’s curiosity. go do something else. and you could get it free if you order before a deadline.they won’t say what the customer will be getting. This is a huge incentive for your prospects to buy as soon as they can! And there are ways even that deal can be sweetened! In some offers. the faster they’ll order it. they will receive a free bonus gift. The answer . should they order within 30 days of receiving the offer.a bonus that’s time sensitive! They’re how to get more people to order your product super-fast! A typical example of this technique at work would run something like this . decide they’re going to order what you offer tomorrow. It’s very easy for a person to read your website. they come across a little clause that informs them to the fact that.the prospect reads your copy on your website and decides that they really want to buy your product. Sometimes marketers will have “surprise gifts” . If it can make the main product easier to use and more productive. and that includes when they want to order a product. And the more useful that bonus product is .the more it’s worth to the prospect . and totally forget they were going to buy from you. the bonus product is something that can be used with the main product to make it more efficient.

here are 3 easy ways you can instantly prove that everything you say is true! 1. That is the emotion we have to inflame in our advertising. our sales letters. So. or whatever media. we have to find a way to activate that greed . people have greed when it comes to money. Greed is the magic button . We can provide pictures of people enjoying their new-found wealth . website. people aren’t going to believe your copy. and could bring you thousands and thousands of dollars in orders! _________________________________________________ 3 Easy Ways You Can Instantly Prove That Everything You Say is True! One of the most important aspects of creating promotional copy. whether it be for print. So. it’s going to be VERY hard for the prospect to say no to our product .because once it’s in full-blown operation. This is a 37 . proof of income can be extremely important in getting you that sale.Or YOURS if you can use it to your advantage! Copy is very exciting. If you can’t justify what you’re saying. the greater the chance they’ll buy from you. and a candle in the form of a norisk guarantee. they’re not going to want to take a chance and spend their hard-earned money on whatever you have to offer them. very powerful. television. A Golfer’s greed comes into play when he’s shown score cards with very low scores. PROOF OF INCOME When it comes to selling money-making opportunity products.Most people think of greed as a very negative emotion. full of opportunities and promise. or stringers with many fish. and our Internet sales copy. is justifying the claims you make. but it’s not always negative. It CAN be negative. Greed is simply an extremely strong desire for something.the better you can inflame a person’s greed. In the opportunities market. It’s one emotion you can play to that will make people buy every single time! Different markets have greed for different things. in our copy. A Fisherman’s greed is activated when he sees pictures in ads of other fishermen holding up larger fish. It’ll sound too good to be true. and you’ve got a winning website that’s going to fill that prospect with greed for what you have . and if you don’t prove otherwise. Printouts of bank statements showing how much more money those who use your system make than previously are also very.wealth they gained using your program. . . Add a free bonus as icing on the cake.

If you can prove that your product really can bring your prospects more money. There are a few ways testimonials are placed in copy. and in your products! _________________________________________________ How to “Pepper” Your Testimonials to Give Them More of an Impact! 38 . though. or come in contact with your product used in copy to boost it’s believability. TESTIMONIALS Another great proof tactic you can use is testimonials. no matter how they’re implemented in copy. you could use that material for proof. 3.and the best way to do that is by showing proof that someone who has used or currently uses the program has had success with it! You could take pictures of them with the expensive items they can afford now that they’re enjoying a bigger income. Sometimes they’re used as headlines or sub-heads. Sometimes they’re used as “blurbs”(blurbs are those star or circle shapes on packages that state something wonderful about a product). presenting a “before the program” and “after the program” difference. Over the Internet. you could link to sites that have your articles .much easier than searching for old magazines! Prospects will be nterested in reading articles you’ve written because.especially over the Internet! If you’ve written articles for trade publications and websites. testimonials always serve the same purpose .to supply prospects with proof that the product being offered can really live up to the claims of the promotional copy. they will feel they can better gauge whether or not you know what you’re talking about. A good article will really boost that prospect’s confidence in you . by i reading it. reviewed. Sometimes they’re incorporated in the copy. . You want to show potential customers that the claims you make in your copy really can come true . Ultimately. and if your information is truly good. . you will move a lot of units! 2. or you could ask permission and put copies of bank statements up on your website.market where a lot of people get scammed and many programs don’t live up to the promises they make. Testimonials are favorable statements made by people who have used. ARTICLES YOU’VE PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN This can be an especially powerful method .

The answer to this problem is to scatter your testimonials throughout your sales copy . Most of them say yes. When prospects look at a block of testimonials one after another. The company bureaucracy grows. . Eventually the customer gets tired of the aggravation of only talking to machines or waiting for calls that never come or speaking to employees that have 39 . “It didn’t seem I could ever get ahold of someone at their company. so the level of resistance in that prospect’s mind won’t be nearly as high. we ask them if they’ve ever bought from companies other than us. they quickly recognize what they’re looking at . much more powerful. And when I finally would get someone they wouldn’t know what was going on. They won’t be instantly recognized as an advertising technique. The testimonials will be much more influential. We ask them why they don’t buy from those other companies anymore. of course. . it becomes more and more difficult for customers to contact them and communicate efficiently. of course. But what many people don’t realize is that there is a tactic they can use to make their testimonials more powerful and more convincing! A lot of people like to section their testimonials off from the rest of their copy in their own little group. the impact of those testimonials will be much more powerful. a very powerful tool to incorporate in sales copy. and. and it can become very frustrating for customers.Testimonials are. the copy will be much more effective at bringing in sales! _________________________________________________ How to Give Your Customers More Ways to Contact You and Order More Products! Oftentimes when we have seminars or other events our customers attend. but it does bring up a problem.a load of things other people said being used to convince them to buy something.” It’s sad to say.as many companies become more successful and larger. and we almost always get the same answer . better than not having any testimonials at all in the copy. and now those testimonials have a tough task to accomplish. This is. and they help justify purchasing the product in the mind of the prospect. ultimately. messages have to travel through more levels. but that they don’t anymore. They provide proof that the claims in the copy are really obtainable. It was frustrating.to “pepper” your sales copy with testimonials to give the whole thing spice. but it’s true . BOOM! Resistance to the testimonials has instantly built up. This is how to “pepper” your testimonials to give them more of an impact! By doing this.

e -mail. The sales letter copy will be nice.and therefore receive more orders! _________________________________________________ How to Turn Any Sales Letter Into a Power-Packed Sales Letter. everything . . Then they’ll go back through the sales letter and edit it. . while getting rid of dull or unexciting aspects of the sales letter. this is how to give your customers more ways to contact you and order more products! Keep the lines of communication open. and you’ll keep a lot more customers happy .sales letters in particular . postal service .is to actually write the letter and edit it down. too! _________________________________________________ What You Can Add to the End of Your Sentences to Make More People Want to Buy! 40 . discuss bonuses. Fax machines. This way. for example.and all at length and very detailed. guarantees. . It is through communication that the customer will get what he or she wants. and they’re able to capitalize on them. We do this. and will remain satisfied with you.nothing to do with their particular situation . you might write twelve pages.but he or she will write everything they can come up with in a sales letter form. they’re able to recognize the things that are most powerful in the sales letter. then cut out four pages. voice mail. the marketer will sit down knowing how long he wants the sales letter to be . So give them plenty of ways to get in contact with you! Telephone. We cannot stress to you enough how important it is that you give you customers good access to communication to you and your company. For an eight page sales letter. and the ideas will all be at their most effective. and we strongly recommend you do it. neat. They’ll go through all the benefits they can come up with. This is how to turn any sales letter into a power-packed sales letter! Typically. and that company will lose a customer. . One of the most common tactics marketers use to build powerful sales copy . describe every aspect of the offer.

we do it very comfortably now. If it only costs you ten dollars to print out and ship a product. you can ask them for quite a bit of money. Questions add to the impact of the copy by making it effect the prospect immediately. . Price is no object as long as you build a super-high perceived value! A lot of people are afraid to sell things for too much money. This is 41 . far more than the price you’re asking.One of the most powerful techniques to use in sales copy is asking questions. We used to be so self-conscious about selling our different products and services and asking quite a bit of money for them. Questions are one of the best involvement devices you can use in your copy .and Your Customers Will Love You For It! Many times we see companies selling products for hundreds or even thousands of dollars that only cost a few dollars to print. a thousand dollar price tag makes for a huge profit margin! Turn $10 into $1. Questions can be used to accentuate your selling points. mentally interacting with it. However. It makes the copy feel immediately important since they’re actually actively thinking about what they’re reading. To the prospect.000! Why You Can Sell Paper and Ink That Costs You $10 For As High As $1. . and on a personal level. “Why can this help you make more money than ever before?” The prospect will ponder this question for a few moments in his or her head . why will it?” and then the copy follows up with the answer in the next paragraph. We used to be that way.000! It can and does happen! How is this possible? The price is only subject to what kind of value t e h product or service delivers. As long as we build in tremendous value and you’re showing people that the benefits that they’re going to receive can potentially be worth far. Questions are great for getting a prospect involved in a piece. It’s almost as if the piece is actually speaking to them and conversing with them rather than simply sitting there waiting to be read. it feels as if it’s speaking personally to them rather than to several thousand people.they’re what you can add to the end of your sentences to make more people want to buy! _________________________________________________ Turn $10 Into $1. adding to the power. “I don’t know. An informational product that supplies the owner with a lot of value and worth will be worth a lot more than the simple paper it was printed on and the ink on those pages.000 .

He’s bringing up the problem. you make the copy personally relevant to the prospect.a problem that the product is designed to solve. Every market has a ceiling and once you go over it. formula. as far as a certain price goes. and all of the headaches and hassles. “S” stands for solution.” Every product that is sold because the customer has a problem . When you do this. it’s agitating the prospect . They ask for far too little. However.find out how much products similar to your own are selling for . Then. for the “S” he’s offering the solution. T “A” part is he is kind of he agitating it a little bit by making you feel the problem yourself.we call it the P.and use that information to find yourself a comfortable profit margin for what you’re selling! _________________________________________________ How to Get Rich By Helping Other People Get What They Want! We have a formula we use to create great offers . Research your market . you start losing sales instead of making sales. all of the things you have to go through. So tell me what you can do about it.they get excited about the possibility. most people are far too cheap. Now. Don’t let yourself fall into this mindset.S.S. He’s using a formula that we call P. By bringing up the problem in the sales copy. He’s bringing up a problem. He’s showing an example of a typical direct response marketing business and all of the high costs.and your customers will love you for it! Most people underplay it. it’s logical in sales copy to bring up the problem. It’s how to get rich by helping other people get what they want! “P” stands for “Problem. you show the prospect that you have the solution to their problems . Therefore.000 bucks you can buy his program and he’ll show you how he’s corrected and found solutions for all of these problems. 42 .A. “Yep. and it frustrates me to no end. For $1. They always ask for too little money instead of too much money.your product can be the solution so they never have to suffer from that problem again! You show them that what you offer has the solution they desperately want .why you can sell paper and ink that costs you $10 for as high as $1000 . That’s the “P” part. and they want to buy what you offer! Another thing that he’s doing really well is on page #3 and #4. You want that prospect to be sitting there reading your copy saying to himself.it’s reminding them that they hate to have that problem and setting them up to be happy to hear you have something that could remedy that problem.A.” “A” stands for agitation. that’s happened to me before.

Paint yourself to be just like the people you’re marketing to on the Internet. 2. It’s captured your curiosity and you’re willing to pay $30. . since it’s coming from such a reliable.“This man made $1. and buying point! It doesn’t take a lot of questions to really build up someone’s curiosity where they’re willing to take that chance and say. Being an expert makes your product very valuable. To be considered a great expert. I’d be foolish not to pay $1. “Look. .it’s capitalizing on the prospect’s curiosity! Use this technique to build up your customers’ curiosity to the boiling point . $50 bucks just to figure out what in the heck those three words are! This is a powerful technique in marketing . not just someone trying to get a few bucks with a sale. you want to know what those three words are.000 in one week through selling his book . This is typically used most effectively when you use specific examples and follow up with a question as to how the results were obtained. and Buying Point! Let’s say you get an offer that says something like.and it cost him nothing to advertise it! Why? You can find out in our new book!” If you are able to capitalize on your prospects’ curiosity. For example . “What are the top three words that if you tell it to someone they’ll immediately hand you a $100 bill?” Immediately. you will grab their interest from the word go. Use this technique whenever you can! _________________________________________________ These Are The Best Two Methods to Get People to Buy Everything! We believe that the best two methods to get people to buy everything today are: 1. When you paint yourself in the position of an expert in your copy. $40. you appear to be someone who truly knows what they’re talking about.000 for this information!” That’s the key secret. successful source. 43 . . even if just one of these things that he’s talking about really does what he says. . and make that product very very attractive._________________________________________________ Use This Technique to Build Up Your Customers’ Curiosity to The Boiling Point .

in our opinion. Even though you’re just like them. plain and simple. they’re not going to buy from you. This is how to easily make your sales letter “offer-driven” for maximum results! Always remember. This personalizes your copy. . Discuss the aspects of the offer continuously and dramatically. be sure to mention what a great value it is.start creating offer-driven copy today! 44 . if possible. . the more you’ll sell . how it could help your prospect. The solution is simple . the prospects will identify with what you say and the situations that you’ve been in. Point out how useful your product is. If you cannot successfully convince that prospect that you’ve got something great and well-worth their money. and gives them the belief that what worked for you would work for them. or you’re just like them. If you take selling to its basic. too. and. your ability to show your prospects “what’s in it for them” will determine your success. _________________________________________________ How to Easily Make Your Sales Letter “Offer-Driven” For Maximum Results! “Offer-Driven” sales copy is the sales copy that makes the most money.By setting yourself up as a common member of your market who just happened to find an answer that worked. how it’s helped others in the past. now you’ve made a fortune if you’re selling money-making or financial information. but you’ve found some ways to make excellent money or you developed a great product. Those are the two best ways to make money. Now you can help them with the techniques that you learned. the whole process is based on “What’s in it for me?” What are they going to get for buying your product? What are they getting in exchange for their hard-earned money? The better you’re able to answer this question. you have to focus on what the prospect is going to get for purchasing your product and point it out in detail to the prospect in the copy. If you’ve got something you’re offering as a free bonus. and the more money you’ll make! To make your copy offer-driven. bottom-line concept from the prospect’s point of view. Either you’re the ultimate expert and they just have to have what you have because you’re the master who can teach. You can charge good money with either technique.

and they’ll throw it away. Don’t want this to happen? Then tell prospects specifically about everything you can! Explain your offer! Give them the exact steps of every different way they can order! Leave no room for your prospects to have to think or work anything out on their own . Ordering a product is no different. it’s going to cost something to produce or purchase them. NO Shipping. when they’ll be cleaning house._________________________________________________ This is One Fatal Mistake You Must Avoid In Every Sales Letter! Don’t Commit This Marketing “Sin!” When it comes to writing sales copy such as sales letters and sales letter websites. The more work it takes your prospects to figure out your offer and send away for your product. These can be difficult for marketers just starting out to come up with though .explain it all to them! Not being specific is one fatal mistake you must avoid in every sales letter! Don’t commit this marketing “sin!” _________________________________________________ How to Deliver Hundreds of Pages of Information With NO Printing. and NO COST Whatsoever! One of the biggest incentives to get prospects to buy from you is FREE bonuses. The more work something requires to get done. 45 . the more likely they’ll be to say.” They’ll go sit it on a shelf somewhere and it won’t get touched again till six months later. And if people can. the more people will want to “put it off for later.” Procrastination is a very strong human trait.they won’t. “I’ll do it later. Don’t ever expect customers and prospects to take initiative to think on their own .after all. The more your offer requires them to do. one of the most important factors you need to remember is that they have to specifically tell your prospects what they need to do in order to obtain your product. they’ll put off whatever they can for as long as they can. the less the chance they’re going to order.

With e-mail.and use to your advantage to bring you more sales and more money! One of the biggest ways clever marketers capitalize on this is through use of the word “Insiders. NO shipping.with NO printing. But what if you’re just starting a campaign and don’t have that money for free bonus items? There is an answer to this problem .E-MAIL! E-mail is how to deliver hundreds of pages of information . supplying you with money to use.and it wouldn’t cost you a cent! You could either send it as the e-mail itself. 46 . etc. insider secrets. exclusive benefits! Using “Insider” in your sales copy gives prospects the impression that the benefits presented by your product are typically r eserved for “special” people and not just the general populace. or. and they’d have their free bonus product .It’s one thing to have orders coming in. they could get the free bonus product via e-mail! It costs you nothing for printing or sending to your clients and all it would take is one document! You could simple forward the same e-mail to all of your new customers.and profitable! E-mail can be more than a messaging system . if you had something longer. Exclusive Benefits! One of the biggest issues people tend to be insecure with is their own social standing. They have the potential to be very powerful . Using the word “Insider” is an “insider” secret that increases response! It’s power lies in the fact that it’s the one thing you can say to make people know they are getting private. creative options like this are quickly becoming available. but give them a much bigger bonus product than most e-mail formats will allow as far as size is concerned. insider information. Everyone wants to be special. This is something you can capitalize on in your marketing . say.Insider strategies. simply type it up in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Corel Wordperfect and send it as an attached file to an e -mail! This way you could still forward it to all your customers. and NO COST whatsoever! For the clients who buy your product online. a lot of new. on a weekly basis. everyone wants to be someone important in this world in one way or another.” You’ve seen it used .it can be the key to supplying the bonus products that will attract many more customers to your business! _________________________________________________ This Insider Secret Increases Response! The One Thing You Can Say To Make People Know They Are Getting Private.

You’re giving an impression that it’s used by the elite. i. How do you do this? The answer . 47 . though. so they want your product! No matter which of these two responses it causes in your prospects. if you have a successful product. and give them titles like “silver. The opportunities are endless! Curiously.e. Now.” They don’t want to be left out. or a revised edition could state which revision it is.advance the product! It’s how to instantly make more money from each online customer who reads your sales letter! The original product could be the basic version. granted. Video games that have sold very well will typically end up after 6 months or so with a few new levels added to them and a few gameplay improvements coded in. by the skilled.” “gold. they are estranged from success and from the “elite. this technique is seemingly used the most in the entertainment industry. You’ve got a successful product. by no means should you stop selling it .you should capitalize on it as much as you can! What most marketers miss out on. A version with more information could have a plus symbol on the end. You could have versions with more information and/or bonuses. the adjective “insider” still leads both to the same conclusion . and they get the name “Gold” added to their title. is the fact that a successful product opens up a door of opportunity . You might have a version with more examples of the product in use. by people who are SPECIAL . Now you want to capitalize on its success so it makes you even more money.” It could have specific information dealing with other topics. by not having these special “insider” secrets.” “platinum.and that by purchasing the product.to expand that product into an even larger moneymaking opportunity! Here’s a good example of this concept put to use.that they should purchase your product! _________________________________________________ How to Instantly Make More Money From Each Online Customer Who Reads Your Sales Letter! Many successful marketers are building their fortunes selling just one product.” or whatever.a belief that. they too will join the ranks of the “insiders!” Use of the word “insider” can also create a reverse psychology in prospects . “5th Edition.

better interfaces . When they get a sales letter that has huge. it’s previous version was a success .typically a couple of inches are cut off on either side of the film in make the movie fit on a television screen. You’ll find versions of movies that have been digitally restored. the same basic product remains. they could have hidden songs . which restore the width the movie had in the movie theatre .so why can’t a newer. Some are widescreen editions. with just a little work you can create a new version . and an hour of extra footage has been added. because instead of selling that one product once. throwing in new improvements. by building up on it and adding new bonuses . it looks boring. unbroken paragraphs of continuous type. more tools. You’ll find versions that have footage originally cut from the theatre release restored and put back in the movie. digitally re-recorded. they could have commentary from the band. which has a different shape than a movie screen.and sell the product to them all over again! _________________________________________________ This is The Most Important Thing That Will Give Your Sales Letter Instant Sizzle and Selling Power! One of the most important concepts you should remember when it comes to creating sales copy is the fact that people are lazy. it looks like a lot . After all. This is a product that stands a good chance at success. This is not meant as a huge slam.you are creating yet another product. When people read through sales copy.or the more chance there is that they’ll put it off until they have to do it. the less chance there is that they’ll do it . “It’s a Wonderful Life” is still “It’s a Wonderful Life” whether or not it’s been colorized. they don’t want to put any work into it. 48 . they could have songs added that were originally cut from the a lbum. The more work something presents them with. The same is true for any product you sell.Look through the video rental stores .it’s simply the truth.and. also known as “Letterbox” editions.creating new editions. 24 karat gold versions albums! Underneath all of the gloss and glitz. They could be digitally mastered. mind you .one of the wilder ideas we’ve come across is selling special. The basic architecture is the original product. since there isn’t any variety in the size or color of the font. Check out the music industry. better one succeed? And the customer who bought the original version and found it good will definitely want the new and improved version! You could double the money you made.you’ll see various forms of the same movies. But. CD’s that have sold very well over the years find life in a variety of formats.

dramatic benefits of owning the product . your prospects aren’t usually going to take the time to read through it . They’re bold and they’re larger than the normal font. and entice them to read the copy underneath to find out more about the product. we know. They can turn dull. it’s as if people trust something that might be spoken word over a typed message. and there’s usually a double space between it and the body copy following. headlines WITHIN the ad copy.they’re going to pitch it in the trash.If that copy looks boring or looks like a lot of work to get through. . and they will think that someone stated the headline at some point. They are usually used every paragraph or two. This is one of the reasons why every sales letter you write should have bullets! Bullets are. They present big. essentially. and therefore they’ll be more open to buying what you offer! This sounds strange. bullets are one of the most powerful tools a marketer has at his or her disposal. 49 . Why? Prospects will look at the quotes. This can be more believable. After all.and they could do it for you! _________________________________________________ A Headline Secret of the World’s Richest Marketers! Do This to Increase Your Response Instantly! One very successful technique you can use to increase your response immediately is put your sales letter headline in quotes! This is a headline secret of the world’s richest marketers! After years of extensive testing of all sorts of variables that can be used to make headlines more effective. but they also have other great uses in sales copy.and those big black words will stick in people’s minds easier.typically by presenting a benefit very dramatically. . but it doesn’t matter . stuffy copy into a major seller . Bullets are the most important thing that will give your sales letter instant sizzle and selling power! By fulfilling the function of both breaking up your copy and enticing your prospects to keep reading with incredible benefits. marketers found that putting a headline in quotes does increase response substantially. Bullets are a great way to break up body copy. They introduce the reader to new ideas that are being presented . no credit for anyone saying it is put after the headline like this.

They can’t just walk in.and Blow Away Your Competition . So.Whatever the logic behind it. Therefore. If that product doesn’t turn out satisfying the prospect.and blow away your competition . “look. risk reversal is an important factor. a marketer is saying. In direct-mail. marketers want to find a way to take that risk off of the shoulders of their prospects. Your prospects can’t see your store.By Changing Only a Few Simple Words! Guarantees are one of the best marketing tools ever devised. . When it comes to attracting prospects and helping them justify purchasing a product. it certainly doesn’t stop you from using it . take a look at your product. They might see a picture of your product. what’s so different about the offer? What makes it more powerful than simply offering the customer’s money back? The answer lies in the wording of the guarantee! 50 . the risk has been taken off of the prospect’s shoulders and placed on the marketer’s. guarantees are extremely powerful.with no positive proof that they’ll ever get the product at all. we will refund your money. And guarantees are one of the foremost ways of doing so! Through a guarantee. should you be dissatisfied with it. the lower the chances they’re going to buy what you have to offer. and they have to send you their hard-earned money . and enjoying the money it could bring you! _________________________________________________ How to Use a Guarantee That Will Make People Buy Now . Guarantees are what we refer to as a risk-reversal tool. maybe try it out.” In essence. . In order to buy your product.by changing only a few simple words! You may have noticed that “buying back” a product is really no different than providing a refund. And the more risk a prospect perceives an offer presents. But there are ways to make guarantees even more attractive to prospects one of which is to offer to “buy the product back” from the prospect or customer! This is how to use a guarantee that will make people buy now . and we have enough confidence in it that. that prospect has to put themselves in a position of taking a risk. It costs the same amount of money either way. the marketer will lose the money. we promise you that this product will help you. and both end up with you getting the product back. and decide whether or not they want to buy it.

“Three foods to help fight Alzheimer’s Disease (Answer on page #130). It can call in mind a grudgingly slow wait. “Breakfast foods that will keep your energy level up and your drowsiness LOW (Answer on page #560). but it won’t be perceived that way. It also sounds more impressive. then follow up with a statement stating what page in the book the answer’s on. there’s another good technique at work here. we’ll buy it back from YOU!” In your offers. they end up with a strong urge to buy your book! Also. . and see where the answers are . It sounds friendlier. and the company doing whatever they can to keep that cash in its checking account. By picking an example question from so far into the book. . When you buy something you tend to lose the money instantly. as if it’s a more daring operation . the prospect will determine that the book is large and full of information . .“If you don’t like it. leading them to believe that they’ll get their money quicker. “One little vegetable that can boost your memory (Answer on page #22). BUT THEY DON’T HAVE THE BOOK TO GET THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION! Therefore.“We’ll refund your money.” This is INCREDIBLY enticing to prospects! They can see what sort of information is in your book.and is therefore a good value! 51 . On the other hand. let’s say you’re selling a book full of remedies for common little maladies. tell prospects that you’ll buy back their p roducts. Prospects will feel much more positive about spending their money on your products and. The sales copy might have either a section of these or have them interspersed throughout the copy . Selling a book? Beef up your sales by using this simple technique! For example. It may be no different from a refund guarantee. as a result. . the picture called up by offering to “buy back” a product can be very different. it has at least 560 pages . The third example above states that the answer is on page #560.after all. and less grudging.” can sound negative to a prospect. you could potentially make a lot more money! _________________________________________________ Selling a Book? Beef Up Your Sales By Using This Simple Technique! One clever tactic smart marketers will use in their sales copy to make their books much more enticing to their prospects is to place a question.

.but compared to h when you started out. . most of us marketers don’t do this.NEVER. That means that one out of every three or four people didn’t ever pay for the books that were ordered. according to big-time booksellers Prentice Hall. get it. D. . . is a way you could get 250% to 400% more orders! A friend of ours met with some people from Prentice Hall at an American Bookseller Association Convention in Washington. and scratch their heads when they realize that they just aren’t pulling as much as they’d like to. he would not require money with the order . To Get Rich On The Internet! Many marketers find themselves searching high and low for the tips and tactics that will bring them success. The good news is. Use Their Money . that’s a LOT of people when you take into consideration the number of people that start ordering when you start t is offer . the customers could order it. triple. . And so the search continues for the best.C. you’ll double. it can still be a lot more money. or even quadruple the responses and orders you get. What a lot of these marketers aren’t realizing is the fact that a lot of the time these great techniques they’re looking for are right under their noses . _________________________________________________ How You Can Cash-In From Another Company’s Million-Dollar Advertising Budget._________________________________________________ How to Instantly Get 250% to 400% More Orders! Here’s one of the most unusual tactics we’ve come across to get sales . But the bad news is. and then send the money later! Now. Not Yours . In other words.but one that. There’s several reasons for this. you’ll have to come up with an intricate billing system to keep everything straight. Now granted. One of Prentice Hall’s vice presidents told him that he would get between 250% and 400% more orders for his books if he was willing to sell them for no money down. most profitable marketing techniques. The vice-president from Prentice Hall also told our friend that between 25% and 35% of the people who ordered never paid . and there’s a lot of paperwork you’ll have to deal with. . They try all sorts of things.and they’re not recognizing it! 52 .

Perhaps they have good headlines. What we’re saying is. they wouldn’t still be running. big companies spend millions upon millions of dollars creating their marketing campaigns. you will give them the solution! 53 . When you see sales copy like this . You know what they have works .because there’s no way to patent an idea or concept.What do we mean? Every time you see a direct ad run in a magazine for months upon months . For example. if it’s been running for a long time. . we’re not saying you should copy word-for-word what these other companies are putting in their sales copy.you’re seeing a successful example of sales copy. That’s plagiarism.every time the same sales letter comes back to your house every time you see the same classified ad presenting the reader with a “business at home” opportunity . .you can model your own sales copy after it! This is how you can cash-in from another company’s million-dollar advertising budget. You could try a long letter yourself! There are all sorts of different concepts at work in a sales letter . not yours . They would be disposed of and the company would have tried something else. . And you don’t have to find out why it works for yourself . and it’s highly illegal. show them that by sending you their money. .If those ads weren’t making any money. They research. .if you can emulate what they’re doing. You could write your headlines in a similar style. You could model a guarantee that’s similar to theirs. Perhaps their sales letter is long. too! Now. and use their money . to get rich on the Internet! Every year. . their guarantee might be really good. you should borrow some of the ideas that are at work in the sales copy . you have a good chance of succeeding. they do everything they can to find something that’ll work for them. . they test.what situation has them dissatisfied . The truth is simple . .copy that you know is successful because it just keeps running month after month .and then show them that you are the source of relief .why not find a successful one and use it to find your own success? _________________________________________________ This is The World’s Greatest Secret to Writing Powerful Marketing Copy That Makes People Buy NOW! The world’s greatest secret to writing powerful marketing copy that makes people buy NOW is to present the reader with their own pain and suffering .

essentially. Personalization is. you’ll develop. you’ll shape. you’ll learn. etc. you’ll eliminate. use this “you will” technique.” then they will send you their money! It’s as simple as that. It will greatly enhance the personal.” The word “you” specifically refers to a person .and that prospect will be much more open to hearing what you have to say. _________________________________________________ How to Use One Very “Personal” Word to Make Your Sales Soar! One of the biggest keys to turning a prospect into a cash-paying customer ready and willing to purchase your product is through filling them with desire with your marketing copy. It goes on and on: “you’ll start. you could get rich ..” Put anything you can after the word “you” or “you will. you’ll master it. rather than to thousands of people.. it’s as simple as that. All they really care about is. and every specific market has things they want but can’t seem to find. and buying your product! If you ever get stuck and you need to fill up a letter and you get writer’s block and don’t know what to write. you’ll discover. Here’s a personalization technique that many successful marketers use It’s the “you” concept. . you’ll gain. There are lots of things about like that people don’t enjoy. And one of the best techniques y can use to create ou that desire is personalization. you’ll be given. “You’ll learn.the person who will read your copy will see it as speaking specifically to them. They don’t care if you’ve been in business for 200 years. you’ll renew.” a solution to their “suffering. you’ll change. . using copy to inspire the prospect’s imagination to create a picture of him or her owning the product and enjoying the benefits it brings. “what’s in it for me?” If you can offer people a way to get rid of their “pain.” This is how to use one very “personal” word to make your sales soar! _________________________________________________ The “PS” Get-Rich Technique! How to Instantly Get People To Read Your Entire Sales Copy In One Sitting! 54 .. If you can relieve that need. “speaking one-on-one” aspect of the copy .” They don’t care if you’re a huge multi-million dollar company.People don’t care if your company is “#1.

with a P.S. And the P.S. These postscripts are very powerful tools in your copy . get-rich technique! By using P. they can get a taste of what you really have to offer. and make it exciting again.giving that sales letter even more power! This is the P.S.S.’s. and that they should order i mediately.S.P. The reader will scan down the website looking for interesting things first of all. that explains that the prospect will receive a FREE bonus gift.S.P.’s.P. ZERO REFUNDS!! This is how to get virtually no refunds on everything you sell! By supplying that prospect or customer with a sample. P.and most of them keep going with P. you ask? Studies show that when people receive sales letters most of them turn directly to the back page and read the P.S.S. you could follow the P.S. They look to see who’s signed the letter. 55 . etc.’s.and could potentially bring in much more in sales .S. This way. Therefore. (postscript) . . etc. at the end will be interesting! This is how you could instantly get people to read your entire sales copy in one sitting! If you have some sort of FREE bonus or other exciting incentive like that as part of your offer.you should always include them in your copy! Why? Because in your P. technique. P. you’ll notice that it has a P. you condense the whole offer into a few lines of copy.S. and can zero in on the ones that are going to make you the most money with that product.’s.S. m You’ll have set aside one of the most attractive aspects of your offer in a P. and make it exciting and enticing. and in money! _________________________________________________ ZERO REFUNDS!! How to Get Virtually No Refunds On Everything You Sell! One of the techniques many marketers use to avoid refunds is to let prospects and/or customers have a sample of their product to try out. Many times when you look at a sales letter.P.P. first. and whether or not it’s what they themselves are really wanting to purchase. .S.P.S. and you stand a much larger chance of making that sale! The same is true for a website. if you do a good job of restating your offer in the P. in your sales letters and on your websites you add incredible power to your offers . It’s your biggest and most grand selling attempt in your whole sales letter! Why repeat your offer in a P. you will make that prospect want to read the whole sales letter. The sales letter can then do it’s whole selling job on the prospect. you better qualify your prospects and customers.S.Another very good technique you can use in your copy is the P. all its own .

Unfortunately. you need to spend quite a bit of time thinking about the exact sort of person that you are wanting to attract to buy from you. Typically. You should also keep in mind that you’re not 56 . the more specific these wants and needs become. while those who’re just looking for something free won’t want to pay for it. They don’t care what it is. Producing a sample product can cost you money. most people will quickly sign up for something that’s being given away for free.it should present the customer with enough information to try it out to a limited degree and see whether or not it will work for them.to try it out and see if it will work for them or not! Then. there are negative angles to some sample techniques. which wouldn’t cost you anything. but only a few might end up actually buying the product. This can be a very bad thing.and you’ll have justified sales coming in! _________________________________________________ How to Write a Headline So Powerful . One way you could curb the people who’ll get anything for free and qualify good prospects at the same time is to charge a small price for the sample of your product. Plus. you could simple create an e-mail sample product.That People Will Practically Salivate Over Your Offer! What separates a good headline from a great one? How can you make sure that your headline stands the highest chance of attracting business and cashpaying customers? For every product there is a market. a group of people whose specific interests and occupations lead them to develop specific wants and needs in order to fulfill the goals these interests and occupations create. This way. it can indeed be expensive to have hundreds of people asking for free samples. Many people could end up getting your free sample. If you are not in a position to do so. If you’re offering an informational product over a website or such. really interested people will only have to pay a couple of dollars to try out what you have to offer. That’s the whole point . they just know they’re getting something for free. once they’ve found that the sample was good. the smaller and more specialized a market is. A sample should contain a very limited amount of usefulness . When it comes to writing headlines for you website marketing. and they’ll leave you alone. they’re going to want to buy the full product . no matter whether it’s really interesting to them or not.

but that won’t bring you money alone . how much it’ll cost them. HOW YOU SAY IT makes a huge difference! Over the years. and that it wasn’t worth the money to buy the junk.” 57 . you will already have good knowledge as to what the market wants and needs. a few minutes of rational thought would lead one to believe that the snake oil claims were exaggeration. not playing with it as a fad . Success and riches aren’t built on onesell fad customers . It’s not without reason that the day the snake oil salesman came to town was exciting to people. what it’s supposed to do for them. that they themselves are customers of. They were selling some sort of oil in a bottle. You can tell them what you have. . So why did so many people buy it for so long? The answer lies for the most part in how it was sold. and how to order it. Ten cents a bottle. .people who will stay customers of yours if they’re satisfied with your product. To research a market that you’re not familiar with can take a long time but if you serve your own market.looking for people who’ll just buy once. and you’ll know what to say in your headlines to attract prospects into buying from you. something that was supposed to make seemingly any and all ailments a person could suffer from go away.they’re built by selling repeatedly to a loyal customer base. It’ll cure whatever ails ya. people who will continue to buy related products and services from you.it was how it was sold! The snake oil salesman didn’t just stand there and say. It wasn’t what was sold that caught the people’s imagination .that people will practically salivate over your offer! This is why we tell people they should serve a market that they themselves are deeply involved in. You’ll be able to talk to them as one of their own. Think back to the snake oil salesmen of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. you’ll know exactly what your market wants. This is how to write a headline so powerful . Clearly. You want people who are deeply involved in the market. some really ridiculous things have been successfully sold to smart people. “I’ve got this stuff for sale. Once you’ve figured this out. please. _________________________________________________ POWER-WORDS That Sell! These Amazing Words Make People Buy! It takes more than a statement of your offer to make a prospect a cashpaying customer.

The snake oil salesman’s pitch was more along these lines: “Yes, indeed! This amazing, unbelievable ailment reliever comes from the deepest, darkest forests of Africa. It was first discovered by the Yamaguchi headhunter tribe, who extracted it from the glands of the great anacondas. A great explorer by the name of Dr. John Smith nearly lost his head to the tribe in order to bring this great restorative elixir to the states, for you kind people to buy and enjoy. “And it certainly didn’t take Dr. Smith long to run scientific tests and discover just what a miraculously amazing concoction this is! This wonderful restorative can totally relieve the common cold . . . yessirree, ladies and gentlemen, it can remove any trace of gout . . . it totally cures consumption . . . it was used to stop a black plague epidemic in a nearby town not so long ago . . . imagine all it could do for you kind, God-fearing folks!” The snake oil salesman was a master of emotional manipulation. Through telling exciting stories, and using emotionally stimulating language, he was able to capture the people’s fascination . . . and afterward, capture their money. Now, we’re not telling you to invent some wild fantasy to try to get people to buy your products. That’s certainly immoral, unethical . . . and illegal. Our focus here is on the LANGUAGE of selling - which is the language of EXCITEMENT! In order to maximize the sales we get, we have to excite our prospects. We need to create marketing copy that excites their desire, and makes them want what we have to offer! We do this through our use of exciting words in our copy. There’s a huge difference between . . . “If the product does not meet your specifications, return it for a full refund . . .” And . . . “If you find that this incredible course simply cannot help bring your dreams to life, simply send it back to us and we’ll buy it back from you, no questions asked!” It’s through using exciting words and phrases that we excite out customers. Mr. Spock from Star Trek would not have had much success at marketing - we have to grab people through their emotions, their wants, their needs, their desires, their greed. And we are only able to do so by using exciting words and language. Exciting words are POWER WORDS that sell! These amazing words make people buy . . . start using them immediately!



W-A-R-N-I-N-G! You Must Do This Before Anyone Will Buy Your Product!
In many cases, before we can get someone to purchase something, we have to convince them that they need to purchase it. We have to show them that there’s a real need for that product and they should buy it - that it fulfills some of their desires. In some cases, that can be difficult. Instead of just trying to sell people on a product that they don’t realize they need, you need to educate your prospects first. W -A-R-N-I-N-G! You must do this before anyone will buy your product! Before you try to sell them on something, educate them as to WHY they need it. In some cases, this can be the most powerful marketing technique you can have in your repertoire. And on the Internet, you have the real opportunity to do this in ways that you can’t do in print media or sales letters. Now you have the opportunity not to give them a report, but an actual manual or guide or one-on-one instruction that lets them know, “Here’s a great opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about that opportunity. Now, here’s the offer that we’re giving you.” That’s a real power point in any marketing package!


How to Instantly Get People Excited About Your Offer!
If your product is a money-making opportunity, one of the best things you can do is put pictures of money on your website! This is how to instantly get people excited about your offer! When they come to your website, that picture of money will instantly grab their attention. Words take a few seconds to set in . . . but a picture of money is an instantly recognized icon, and is instantly exciting! Almost everybody would like to have more money, and do less work to get it. Indeed, money has become one of the most important, most coveted commodities of all time. It’s instantly recognized, and it’s instantly desired. That’s why something as simple as a picture of money on your website will instantly have most prospects excited and interested in reading to find out what you have to offer! And typically, the larger the bill denomination, the more enticing that image is! A one-dollar bill is common - but what about a hundred dollar bill? Or a thousand? Ten thousand? These are even more attractive because they represent more money!



The Power of “NO.” How to Use It to Get People to Say “YES!”
People are more savvy and cynical to advertising than ever before. Skepticism is instant, and everyone who reads an offer is waiting to find the catch that keeps it from being the ultimate opportunity the company wants to present it as. The copy might say, “You could make thousands and thousands of dollars a month!” The reader will think, “Yeah, if I’m willing to sell it door to door.” The copy might not have mentioned whether or not the prospect will have to go door to door selling product, but people look for catches in all offers, and even if they don’t see them clearly, they will assume their existence. You want to cover as many bases as you can in order to justify that purchase in the eyes of your prospect. This is where the power of “NO” becomes important. Yes, “NO!” Tell them what’s not expected of them! “No-Nonsense, No equipment to buy or lease, No face to face selling, No requirement to buy future products, No club to join, Not a con, No gimmicks . . .” This is how to use the word “no” to get people to say “YES!” to purchasing your products! By telling them what’s NOT involved in the transaction, or what’s not involved in order to make the product do what they want, you are eliminating the catches people are looking for - those things that keep them from buying your products and services! Sometimes the right use of the word “NO” can lead the right people to say “YES” to your products - and to sending you their money!


The Power of “FREE!” How to Get Rich Giving Stuff Away At No Cost!
One of the most attractive offers you can ever make is giving away FREE bonuses with the purchased product that are worth more than the product itself! Yes, you read that correctly . . . give away bonuses that are worth more than the product you’re selling! We know you’re wondering, “Why would I want to do THAT?!?” The answer - to sell to more customers! Let’s say you’re selling a book for $19.95. You’ve also got some reports with cutting-edge information on something, and you’d sell them each for $10.00.

This is the power of “FREE!” there are few things in the marketing world that excites customers and prospects as much as the concept of getting something for free.there are a lot of successful direct response companies out there now with origins that aren’t much different than your own. What’s the layout? What fonts do they use? What offers do they use? What bonuses and incentives are offered? What words do they use? 61 .yours absolutely FREE with purchase!” By doing this. . .Throw three or four of those reports into the offer. . . But. . This Works Every Time! Many people find themselves scared to start in their marketing careers because they think they’ll have to start totally from scratch.In fact. you just have to know where to look . . Four free reports worth $10. They’re afraid they’re going to have to trial-and-error their way to finding what will make them the most money. . Thus.00 value . and they start to look at it as impossible.95 . you stand a very good chance of having a great selling product. . they’re the titans of the industry.00 each . so when the prospect buys the book. and telling your prospects how much the free bonus gifts would be worth if you WERE selling them. they’re getting a lot more than they’re paying for! Thus. But you can still learn from them . “. you are showing them that they’re getting an INCREDIBLE value for their $19. . There have been a lot of companies in direct marketing before you looked at it as an option . you’ve created a very powerful offer that could potentially bring you tons of money! This is how you could get rich giving stuff away at no cost! _________________________________________________ The Shortcut System For Generating Powerful Sales Letters That Can Flood Your Mailbox With Cash Orders.a $40. Don’t let yourself fall into this false belief! The gateway to success is already open . Now. when you show those same prospects that they’re getting more for free than they’re paying for. and their direct marketing copy! Study the copy of successful companies. . he or she will get . they become intimidated.

Agitate. When you’re using the P.A. . formula has been very successful. and it prods their emotions. Now. Formula can help you get rich. so in theory they become excited and order what you have to offer! 62 . unproductive. It works in copy this way . Now that you’ve mentioned the problem. You just happen to have a product that is really good at stopping the problem from happening! It doesn’t cost a lot of money. the P. Next up is the Agitate phase. And the same basic combination can work for you too! Now. and everything else. This works every time! _________________________________________________ The P. or use the exact same graphics that they’ve come up with. and Solve. or annoying it is.it stands for Problem.S.S. and it could lead you to court. Perhaps you could set your webpage up in a similar fashion.including us. This reminds the prospect how much he or she dislikes this problem themselves.A.S. and cost you a lot of money! We’re saying. is an acronym . . offers. Formula in promotional copy. you introduce the problem that your market has . . It could do the same for you.you might give specific examples of how inconvenient. and made millionaires out of many marketers .A. they’re annoyed at the difficulties caused by the problems. They’ve spent years testing variables.the problem that your product helps defeat. After years and years of testing and use.These are companies that have already found what works.A. .S. . .S. and so on. . Formula: How It Can Help You Get Rich! When you’re writing your promotional copy you should keep the P. and they see that they’ll actually get more than they want if they buy your solution.something that follows the same principles! Perhaps you can offer bonuses that are similar products to what they have.A. you are following a specific pattern. design something SIMILAR . you pop us with the Solve stage.first. formula in mind.A. you make the prospect feel the weight of the problem . P. By now.S. That’s plagiarism. and it comes with all sorts of free goodies . too! Here’s how the P. we’re definitely not telling you to copy their materials word-forword. This is the Shortcut System for generating powerful sales letters that can flood your mailbox with cash orders. They’ve come up with a combination that works for them . Now they’re happy to see what you have to offer.

and when they see that you’re selling all of that for the price of only the BOOK. faster.where the main product is one thing._________________________________________________ How to Easily Package Your Products for Maximum Sales! We all know that FREE bonus products are a g reat incentive to get people buying what you have to offer. and the free bonuses compliment the main product by either making it work better.and the bonuses were free! This is how to easily package your products for maximum sales! People will recognize deals like this . successful company was offering out their mailing list to beginning direct marketers in the opportunities market. But even FREE. This is worth a lot of money to people . Here’s a good illustration of what we’re going to talk about.A book explaining how to create sales letters that they could use to learn the skill. . or more efficiently.one that’s worth and value instantly skyrocketed! Why was it worth so much? Because the main product was packaged with bonuses that complimented it . chances are they’re going to snatch up that package! _________________________________________________ How to Instantly Make Your Customers Go Stark-Raving Crazy Over Your Offer and Want to Buy From You Immediately! When it comes to exciting people about an offer. . An established. can be set up to be even MORE effective at getting response .that actually made the overall plan much faster and easer to put into action . One of the most effective offers we’ve seen in the last few years was for a mailing list.A few resource books explaining how they could create products to offer the people on the mailing list! This was a tremendous offer . the company threw in a few “extras”: . 63 . the hottest word in marketing. one of the best techniques marketers have at their disposal is that of LIMITED OFFERS. . then send sales letters to the mailing list. As free bonuses for renting the list.

order IMMEDIATELY to ensure yourself the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible offer!” and your offer will become that much more powerful. something that’s right under every marketer’s nose but usually goes unnoticed. they will be special . they are going to miss out on something very special. We were sitting and banging our heads against a brick wall. Throw in a statement of time-sensitivity .When prospects read that only a limited number of people are going to be able to take advantage of an offer.they’ll get information and benefits that only a few people will have the privilege to call their own. . if they don’t order what you’re offering. . “This isn’t available to everyone . trying to come up with something new and different that would take our sales to the next level. We feel that it’s important that we divulge his wise words to you. it’s exciting. we were having a lot of difficulty trying to come up with products to offer our market. With only 250 to ship. First of all.” This makes a prospect feel that. really. . Light bulbs instantly went off in our heads. . . it’s a way to separate themselves from the pack. Second of all. and very enticing for several reasons. by ordering what you have to offer.“Orders will be filled immediately as they come in on a first-come. Once he gave us that advice. things changed. His advice to us was this: 64 . “First come first serve? Only 250 to sell? I’ve got to order NOW!” This is how to instantly make your customers go stark-raving crazy over your offer and want to buy from you immediately! _________________________________________________ This One Master Copywriter’s Principle is Easily Worth Millions of Dollars! Use It Next Time You Create a Sales Letter and Prosper! A master copywriter we know once imparted some advice upon us. and they won’t be allowed to break ahead like those who are ordering the product might potentially do. . first-serve basis. so you can avoid going through that same situation.a perspective that allowed us to create packages and offers that brought us the fortune we have. it will fill a prospect with a fear that. just the first 250 people . and we found our selves looking at the situation in a totally new perspective . oooh . At the time. It’s so simple.

cashpaying customers. We sell OFFERS. or the way an engrossing biography or novel grabs and fascinates an adult.add in the free bonus products.it’s through offering prospects what they perceive as the best value. . . working two or three jobs. they’d typically pick someone very poor. and able to live a life of luxury. . throw in free support. with a money-making opportunity product. and found themselves making more money than ever before in their life. If you’re able to bundle a lot of value and perks into an offer. or of the founders of the company. Sometimes they tell the story of a person who used their product and succeeded with it. . alone. literally. . most compelling.for instance. Now. 65 . There are a variety of different types of stories that are used by marketers. . It’s all about what you offer and the value it represents. This is what turns prospects into loyal. Our job as direct marketers is to come up with the best. we’re giving it to you! _________________________________________________ How to Suck Cash-Paying Customers Into Your Letter And Get Them to Devour Every Word! One of the most powerful involvement devices direct marketers use in their sales copy is stories. This sort of story is used most often when a marketer is trying to give a prospect a positive view of the company. and try to instill the idea that the company is trustworthy and founded on both moral and ethical principles. What’s this mean? The real money in marketing isn’t made through selling products . give great refund options. make it easy to order using a myriad of payment methods . . .In direct response marketing we don’t really sell products and services . has been worth millions for us . NOT the products we produce. most value-laden offers we can. that offer has a good chance of succeeding. . trying to raise two or three kids. then they tried the product. . It sucks them into copy the way a well-told fairie tale will suck a child in. Sometimes they’ll tell a history of their company. It’s all based on the offers we make. This one master copywriter’s principle is easily worth millions of dollars! Use it next time you create a sales letter and prosper! We have to create the most compelling offers we can . etc . . trying to make ends meet. That one principle. Copy that tells a story is very engrossing to a prospect. Typically they’ll pick the customer that had the most dramatic change for the better .

If no one is selling to them. they must know what they’re doing. especially if whatever they’re selling was instrumental to their success.and they have very specific interests. their interests are so specialized and their hobbies so particular in focus that it can be very difficult for them to find products they desire. this also adds credibility to the offer by giving the prospects the idea that the marketer is an “expert” at what he or she is doing. or “I did this” instead of “he/she did this. If you can develop products for that market. marketing to very small niche markets can be a much easier path to making a fortune! There are a lot of very small niche markets out there in the world . A simple rags-to-riches story could really bring you riches! _________________________________________________ How to Get Rich With Tiny Little Internet Niche Markets! Many beginning direct marketers believe that the road to riches is through selling to as many people as they possibly can. they found success after being like them. First of all. and gain that market’s trust. This typically follows the same pattern as the above example. you really can get rich! First of all. it worked for them!” The prospects quickly identify with the marketer. and they found what I’m looking for . . The prospects respect the marketer. you’ll be one of the only outlets for what 66 . and this leads to trust in what the marketer’s saying. Sometimes they don’t even exist! This is where you come in. Second of all. because they see it as the only way it’s possible to get rich. the marketer is able to paint a picture of themselves as a common person.” This is actually potentially much more powerful than just telling the story of a successful customer! Why? There are two reasons. They’re WRONG. just like his or her prospects before he or she found their route to success. Sometimes products for their market are very rare. and the offer he or she is making. and to build their trust in you and what you have to say. “They’re just like me. what they have to offer me MUST work. and with respect comes trust. Telling stories is how you could suck cash-paying customers into your sales letter and get them to devour every word! Use stories to get your prospects involved in your offer. After all. . these people will become loyal to companies that do serve their market. except for one important aspect: it’s written in first person context. Unfortunately for them. In fact. They want to sell their product to millions and millions of people.Sometimes marketers tell their OWN success story.

so they’ll be happy to pay for it! In the end. . They want to know what they’re going to get from purchasing that product from you. They’re not going to spend time reading through your copy trying to figure out how they can benefit from what you have to sell them. They don’t want to read a lot of stuff about how old your company is.immediately and dramatically! Benefit-based sales letters are a perfect example of a million-dollar ales letter that can make you rich! 67 . and cater to their wants and needs. They just want to know what you have to offer them. If you develop a product that your market is just ecstatically wanting. When it comes to reading sales material. niche market that is not being served adequately. even avid readers who will sit there and study something and spend a long time trying to figure something out will just skim over it. and they become loyal customers because you offer them things no one else does. we have to say that this is even more true on the Internet. These days. enthusiasm. And they continue to buy from you as happy customers well into the future! This is how you could get rich with tiny little Internet niche markets! _________________________________________________ Here’s a Perfect Example of a Million-Dollar Sales Letter That Can Make You Rich! These days. they will be willing to pay substantial prices for your products. this all comes down to one major marketing plan. or interest. You get involved in a small. They buy your products. From what we’ve seen. or how you’re #1 in sales in your particular industry. All people want to know is WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM. They don’t read it with the same level of intensity. and no one else is offering it to them.they want. and they will WANT you to succeed and stay in business so that you can keep bringing them products! It’s a win-win situation for both of you! Second of all. . and you have to tell them . We are becoming a society of people that want instant gratification. more and more. people want answers and they want answers NOW. presenting prospects with the best benefits the product can give them is how to sell them. Period. you could mark it up for quite a profit margin! And it’ll be something very special to those customers . You create products that the market desires. Supply and demand rule the marketplace as always. They want to know what BENEFITS there are to taking you up on your offer.

.and there will be a lot of prospects reading the sales copy. Sit down with a pad and paper and write out 100 different benefits that come from owning your product. Also. It basically said “Marketing Genius Swears His Latest Promotional Strategy is NOT Illegal!” That’s a WOWSER of a headline! It’ll stop prospects in their tracks immediately. . best. the headline will grab a lot of attention . most dramatic benefits of the product or service. if you were selling a weight loss product. you could have a headline like. Sit down and think on it at length. interested in finding out what all the excitement is about! Now comes the best part . you should deal with every pertinent benefit the product has to offer. Because of this. the fact that the program might have been thought of as illegal by someone suggests it must bring in much more money than is expected. It really stopped us in our tracks. remember this. Why? Because it pulls out a non-existent controversy . but you can use the concept behind it! So you could come up with other “NOT Illegal!” headlines of your own! This works like magic! Use this proven headline to sell just about anything! For instance. In your body copy. “(City Where you Live) Health Food Provider Claims his/her Latest Weight Loss Program is NOT Illegal!” _________________________________________________ Use This Dirt-Cheap Formula Now! How to Instantly Get People’s Attention .Every time you sit down to write a sales letter. Headlines should present the biggest.you too can use the principle behind this headline! You see.which is EXTREMELY interesting.and Draw Them Into Your Website! Why not actually show your product right there on your webpage? It really gives the person reading the copy a chance to look over the product. you can’t copy that headline word-for-word .the “illegal” bit . we came across an incredible headline. get a feel for 68 . Benefits are the ultimate key to selling products these days! _________________________________________________ This Works Like Magic! Use This Proven Headline to Sell Just About Anything! Recently.

it. If someone’s reading through your copy and they don’t see how it applies to them. and really think about how they could use it. or in the case of Shockwave. immediately they have an example in their mind of how they can use that product. 69 . and go through example after example of exactly how people can use your product.and draw them into your website! That’s another great thing that you have the power to do on the Internet. if the user downloads a free copy of Shockwave. When you do.the higher the chance that they’ll buy what you offer! You can draw them a picture. and doing all of these crazy things. With technology out there like Java and Shockwave. It’s fancy stuff. great product effect that you can get on a Web Site. Use this Dirt-Cheap Formula now! This is how to instantly get people’s attention . you can create “virtual” versions of your products that people can manipulate. Don’t assume that! Remember. and use. what to do with it. and what benefits they’ll get. it’s easy to assume that your prospect will know how to use your product. In many cases when you’re writing a sales letter or creating your Web Site copy. virtually open. close. but it operates in any standard web browser that supports java. It’s a power on the Internet that people just don’t have in sales letters. floating. It’s almost too cost prohibitive to put full-color pictures of a product in a letter. the more you’re able to inform that prospect . You can have full color pictures of your product and they can be spinning.the more you’re able to educate them . it just doesn’t have that 3-D full-color.

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