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Enterprise People Tools 8[1].50 Release Notes

Enterprise People Tools 8[1].50 Release Notes

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Published by: skartha on Aug 22, 2011
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Page tabs are now set with cascading style sheets (CSS). To provide a greater number of
tabs and simpler user-level configuration, the PeopleSoft applications use the sliding door
technique for tabs. Cascading style sheets (CSS) have the advantage of layering background
images which enables them to slide over each other.

The default style sheet and the SWAN style sheet contain CSS tabs. You can change the
background colors of folder tabs and grid tabs. To change the background colors of tabs, it is
helpful to have a basic understanding of how tab definitions are built and stored in the

Sliding Doors Technique

The sliding door tabs employ expansion and contraction of the tabs based on the size of the
text with just two separate background images: one image to render the left side of a tab and
the other image to render the right. The images can be thought of as the sliding doors that
complete one doorway. The doors slide together and overlap more to fill a narrow space, or
slide apart and overlap less to fill a wider space.

Keep in mind that background images only show in the available doorway of the element to
which they are applied (content area + padding). The two images are anchored to the outside
corners of their respective elements. The visible portions of these background images fit
together inside the doorway to form a tab-like shape.

PeopleTools 8.50

Release Notes

September, 2009

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