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Marketing Research Ppt by Dang

Marketing Research Ppt by Dang

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Published by: Sumeet Steve Dang on Aug 22, 2011
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recording and analysing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services¶ .Marketing Research € µthe systematic gathering.

The Marketing Research Process Set objectives Define research Problem Assess the value of the research Construct a research proposal Specify data collection method Specify techniques of measurement Select the sample Data collection Analysis of results Present in a final report .

Terminology of Marketing Research Primary data .already exists. desk research € Quantitative research .subjective and personal € sampling .statistical basis € Qualitative research .studying part of a µpopulation¶ to learn about the whole € .collected firsthand € Secondary data .

Marketing Research Techniques € Interviews face-to-face telephone postal questionnaire € Attitude measurement cognitive component (know/believe about an act/object) affective component (feel about an act/object) conative component (behave towards an object or act) .

Purchase of precooked home replacement meals is on the rise.Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities Examples € Mattel Toys investigates desires for play experiences € Home cooking is on the decline. . € Number of investors trading stock on the Internet is growing.

€ Did brand image change after new advertising? .Analyze Marketing Performance € This year¶s market share is compared to last year¶s.

Performance-monitoring Research that regularly provides feedback for evaluation and control € Indicates things are or are not going as planned € Research may be required to explain why something ³went wrong´ € Research .

Potential Value of a Marketing Research Effort Should Exceed Its Estimated Costs Decreased uncertainty Increased likelihood of correct decision Improved marketing performance and resulting higher profits Delay of marketing decision and possible disclosure of information to rivals Possible erroneous research results Value Costs .

ALWAYS Remember €Marketing Research is a tool. €IT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MANAGERIAL JUDGEMENT!! . €It assists marketing managers in their decision making.

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