Item: Frozen Fish Me • Introduction a. Background b. Overall context c. Objective d. BD environment e. Environment of Exporting country Report Outline a.

Bangladesh market analysis and evaluation b. Economic overview c. Market analysis d. PEST analysis e. SWOT analysis Manufacturing facilities and products or suppliers information a. Main suppliers b. Supplier selection c. Suppliers information Bangladesh Export regulations a. General provision and tariff b. Administration of exports Europ’s market analysis a. Market overview b. Country or region introduction c. The market d. The competitors e. Marketing strategies f. 4 p’s of marketing Europ’s Import regulations a. Procedure b. Certification Logistics a. Shipping or air b. Shipping route c. The selected Bangladeshi ports d. The selected logistic company (forwarding agency) e. Shipping line f. Container information g. Shipping time




Estimated profit e. Transportation cost analysis d. Cash flow estimation • Abstract a. 10-15 lines b. Product cost quotation plus insurance and import duty c. BEP f. Financial overview b. Keywords at the end of the abstract • • • • Conclusion and recommendation References Appendix (Mind mapping can be included) Certificates .h. Shipping cost Shuvro • Financial analysis a.