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Lost in the Crowd

Lost in the Crowd


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Published by: live2roll on Sep 29, 2008
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I want to be Lost in the crowd, to never be found to speak out loud, but never make a sound.

My actions will dictate, a new life to discover, the thoughts I exassorbate, like a mime in color, (My movements spectaculor) like a spoken word without vowels, plunged into irony, wet without a towel, dryer outside than inside of me Emotions invisible truly unsensible facade impenitrable, operating on principle, (And principle alone) living to bend, walking to blend, feelings to mend, and trying to comprehend, How to get to where I'm going, How to become unknowing, How to continue this towing, How to show without showing, (How I don't care.) Shuffling feet among the masses, in perpetual silence, keeping consistency as time passes, my head fills with dents, The bones that try to jump from the skull, to defy the gravity of my imagination, knowing my brain does not want to mull, my impending calculation, (Do I dare?) This ruling indecisive nature, becomes confused with cowardice, my brain tries to nurture, my being to create suspense, This is not about individuality, my head begins to gather the sum, nor the impending conformity, no matter how to become one, (Never alone again.) I start to create and recreate, to showcase a new state, now there will be a clean slate, something new for me to hate, I am me that is not me,

some new vision, physically identical tee, leads my destruction, (It began with me.) I Have Lived Spontaniously, I Have Lived Outragously, I Have Lived Anonymity, I Now Live Insanity.

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