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Sexual Chemistry
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The Science of Attraction Fashion Who will you be tonight? Spike! The Stiletto Extreme Footwear Accessories Love Tokens – Jewellery

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Cover Photograph ©Bob Carlos Clarke • Panic 020 7978 1222,

Brighton BN2 3QF Art & Design Ray Leaning Editor Carol Milligan Printed by Wyndeham Heron Ltd 42 ER TIC A • . Romford.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 2 68 52 89 contents 23 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 76 78 90 92 2 White Wedding Happy Hormones Sex Scents – Pheromones Massage 46 79 Women on Top Swinging Cybersex Top Ten Buys for Better Sex Enhance the Romance Sex Toys A Fictionary of Sex Art & Photography Bedtime Reading Magazines & Films Published by 58 EROTICA Ltd Secrets House. Essex RM1 1AB 01708 768000 Produced by MUSE Fine Art & Design Ltd 12 Newmarket Road. Angel Way.

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SECRETS HOUSE.48 per person per show ZÉÄw the five years that your Erotica Gold Card ZÉÄw VtÜw fill in theVtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw over VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw is valid. limitedVtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw membership entitles you to: This VtÜw ZÉÄw •Admission everyZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜwLondon and Manchester ZÉÄw VtÜw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw day at every show in ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw years VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw for five ZÉÄw for you and a guest* • VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw Fast-track admission VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw •Gold Card holders VIP bar ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw • VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw Discounts and special offers from exhibitors. Secrets House. Fair Play usage means one admission per day EROTICA. ANGEL WAY. Essex RM1 1AB VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw or sign up today at the Organiser’s Office. That works out at just £2. Angel Way. Simply ZÉÄw form below. ROMFORD. Si gn up at th e ZÉÄw `xÅuxÜ sh ow ! *Subject to fair play usage. ESSEX RM1 1AB Gold Card Application Form Name Address Post Code Telephone: Home Email Work Mastercard Expires Date Switch Issue No AmEx Switch I enclose a cheque for £149 made payable to Erotica Ltd or please debit my card: Visa Account No. much more VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw The cost for all this is just £149. We ZÉÄwlook forward to welcoming you to Erotica for manyVtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw years to come. Romford. VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw not just at the show but all-year round ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw and much. VtÜw privileged admission to the world’s biggest VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw exclusive. cut out and post to Erotica.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 4 WELCOME ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw Become anVtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw Erotica Gold Card Member and enjoy VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄw VtÜw ZÉÄwadult lifestyle show. 4 Signature 4 • .

If you need some time out. ER TIC A • 5 . Our theme for this issue is Sexual Chemistry. HENRY COBBOLD Floor Management: PETER BRAMELD. books for the inquisitive. Savvas Christodoulou (centre) with Christine and Neil Hamilton at the opening of Erotica London. Cake & Kink in Covent Garden or hop on a train and treat your lover to a break in Brighton – first in our sexy city series. and what happens when the chemical high of being ‘in love’ wears off. feel fantastic and maybe even live longer! May Erotica be the cauldron – let your sexual chemistry simmer! Carol Milligan. pheromones and enhancers in our efforts to help you keep your passions alive. Brighton is the perfect place to stoke the flames. Laughter. Della Smith refines the art of ‘Flirting’. oils and lotions. head for Coffee. PBA EVENTS Stage Show Producer: TORTURE GARDEN Technical Production: DEREK HALLIDAY Admin: NADIA GIRARDOT Media Agent: INSIGHT MEDIA/MIND SHARE Showguide Production: MUSE FINE ART & DESIGN LTD Erotica’s MD. pills and potions. so explore our art section together to find what provokes your partner’s passions. Fantasy fuels the fire. The Magazine. We tackle hormones and endorphins. Editor carol@musefineart. and a style and energy all of its own. Bob Carlos Clarke explores the pursuit of perfection in ‘Cult of The Living Doll’. We examine the science of attraction and ask if is it possible to fall in love at first sight? We explore what happens to our body chemistry when we become infatuated. Lavish some attention on your relationship. Susan Van Scoyoc gives sound bedroom advice in ‘Women on Top’. Chartered Psychologist. and delves into the history of that incredibly sexy icon of fashion. We recommend toys for the adventurous. Thanks also to the crew of the EROTICA BUS and all the rest of the team too numerous to mention. Sex is playtime for adults. the when we bond with our mate. love and sex stimulate your endorphins which will make you look better. November 2003. With the largest percentage of gay people of any city in Europe.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 5 welcome “ Welcome to Erotica. Screen Seductress argues the case for cybersex. And Mary McMillan Sloan provides light relief with her ‘Fictionary of Sex’.uk ” THE ER Chairman & Managing Director: TICA TEAM • SAVVAS CHRISTODOULOU Operations & Sales: CHRIS CHRISTODOULOU Press & Public Relations: UPFRONT TELEVISION LTD Marketing: HOWEY WILLIAMS Consultant: HON. whatever your persuasion.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 6 . • 7 .EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 7 SEXUAL CHEMISTRY hormones pheromones lust desire attraction seduction infatuation stimualtion arousal orgasm obsession attachment true love? ER TIC A ©Bob Carlos Clarke • Panic 020 7978 1222. www.

Testosterone and estrogen together stimulate the release of dopamine. We tend to choose partners from a similar background and ethnic group who have a similar level of education to ourselves. the testes and the ovaries. Of those we know to affect sexual desire. W Lust – A Physical Desire The biological urge to get it together with a member of (usually) the opposite sex. but their presence does increase its urgency. www. a chain of chemical reactions is released in the brain. If your date tastes as good as he/she looks and their pheromones push all your buttons. looking at neurotransmitters which govern our moods and emotions. The object of our desire need not be present for us to experience lust. So. Produced in the brain. this is the key hormone of desire in men. breathe deeply of their pheromones and test their saliva. though equally skilled. how do we go about finding a mate? Attraction – Falling in Love Undoubtedly visual stimulation plays a part in attraction. we can detect from a person’s pheromones whether their immune system. Though this happens at a subconscious level. has been studying the brain chemistry of young adults who are madly in love. and feeling horny. pheromones and rising testosterone levels can be detected in saliva. only about 50 have been identified. Brain Chemistry Helen Fisher. leave us wanting? In the ongoing quest to uncover the roots of desire. assuming we are healthy.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:06 am Page 8 FASHION the science of hat is sexual chemistry? Can we really fall in love at first sight? Why do some lovers put us on cloud nine and others. Perhaps that’s not surprising – we can relate to these people. and their genes. Depleted levels of testosterone in either sex leads to a loss of desire. the most important is playing the mating game attraction 8 ER TIC A • . Psychological factors also play a role. Estrogen regulates ovulation and stimulates women’s (and possibly men’s) desire. a prominent anthropologist at the University of New York. Not so much soulmates then as smellmates! Kissing allows us to move in close to a potential mate. Attraction and Attachment. the ‘feel-good’ chemical. When aroused. Of the many complex chemicals that we produce. three distinct phases of love have been identified: Lust. And we do this by smelling their pheromones. preoccupies us from the onset of puberty. What’s more interesting is that scientists have discovered that we tend to choose mates whose genetic make-up complements our own. healthy children. Women convert testosterone into estrogen.lindsaymcdermid. to produce strong. Pheromones – signalling chemicals that we produce through our sweat glands from puberty – have a major role to play in helping us select biologically compatible breeding partners. Her subjects show raised levels of dopamine and norepinephrine and lowered ©Lindsay McDermid. would complement our own.

often find that the drug that makes them feel happier interferes with their desire. The natural chemical high of being in love lasts typically from 6 to 18 months. Men who have a particular version of a gene called a ‘serotonin transporter’ have very low levels of serotonin in their brains and tend to be very sexually active.gothic-image.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 9 like what you see? ©Lindsay McDermid. where endorphins kick in – morphine-like opiates that make us feel calm and secure. make love all night and write love poems all day. Corset: Fairygothmother • . But hand in hand with universal good looks goes personal preference. is phenylethlamine (PEA) commonly dubbed ‘the love molecule’. Dye if you need to! Luscious Lipstick Darling. A lady’s weight is less important than her waist to hip ratio – the ideal. before dumping us from a great height? Sublime but unsustainable.) Conversely. makes the heart beat faster. and men choosing women like their mothers. Dopamine causes elation. Blame pheromones for that incredible one night stand who turned your stomach over breakfast. but take heart in the knowledge that with a little imagination and effort (seduction). www. don’t even nip to the newsagents without it! Lipstick defines and gives colour to the mouth (a sign of good health) and mimics the swollen. High Heels Heels elongate the leg. At any age. and exaggerate the gait – thrusting the buttocks out by an average of 25 per cent and making you wiggle or you have formed a sufficient bond with your partner to want to stay together. Waist to Hip Ratio Women are attracted to men with broad shoulders and narrow waists – signs of strength and fitness. Brain scans of both love-struck couples and OCD patients show activity in a small part of the brain that produces feelings of euphoria. you can still be aroused biologically. It may be harder in this final phase to get in the mood with a long-term partner. How they relate socially is another matter. www. Serotonin dictates our emotional balance and seems to be responsible for feelings of satisfaction. first sniff. intense energy. raises blood pressure and facilitates arousal and orgasm. Some researchers say we look for features that we recognise from our first intimate relationships – women preferring men that remind them of their fathers as young men. So. arousal causes us to produce a gush of PEA that stimulates the nervous system causing us to feel energetic. Similar to an amphetamine. Some visual factors are universally appealing: • Facial Symmetry to Symmetrical features seem indicate healthy genes and are universally judged attractive. making it appear slimmer. A healthy. loss of appetite and focused visual attractors B • levels of serotonin. (Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to find yours). Attachment – Emotional Commitment Then what? Your feel-good dopamine and PEA levels return to normal and you find that either you have made a terrible mistake. Long hair Not called your ‘crowning glory’ for nothing. you might try corsetting to just this magic ratio for special occasions. it is thought that we produce PEA whenever we are aroused. glossy mane is another indicator of your general health and fertility. Another neurotransmitter involved when we fall in love. (They just can’t get no satisfaction.) Norepinephrine. research has found. being 0. Scientists in Italy discovered recently that couples who are falling in love show brain chemistry remarkably similar to patients with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). people on anti-depressants that boost serotonin levels. before brain chemistry returns to But for now we can say that sexual chemistry seems to exist between people who are biologically compatible. And yes. This is the attachment phase of a relationship. euphoric and optimistic – which takes us back to lust! eauty crosses cultures and certainly plays a role in attraction. Men (and many women) prefer long hair in the opposite sex. And what of Attachment? Is this true love? A love that lasts when the chemical soup of lust and desire has cooled? A love that will continue only so long as we bathe it regularly in PEA? That is for you to decide. If diet and exercise fail to achieve an hourglass figure.lindsaymcdermid. Model: ShadowJen.7. CM We seek a mate with a genetic make-up that complements our own 9 • ER TIC A • ©Gothic Image. (You become obssessed with each other. sleeplessness. Endorphins are less exciting than PEA or dopamine. (Activity is also triggered in this region of the brain when someone uses nicotine or cocaine). a natural adrenaline. it would seem you can fall in love at first sight – or rather. flushed labia during arousal. Can you be more suggestive? • • Love is Blind In future scientists may reveal that we use all of our senses to scan potential mates – that even the tone of our voice carries clues to our genetic make up and may be as individual to us as our fingerprints. but more balanced and also addictive. what of true love? Is true love the one that gives us the greatest high.



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who will you be tonight?
Hmm, I wonder?
hile changing fashions may be fascinating, it is very important to feel comfortable with your chosen image. Some people thrill to play chameleon – changing their look each season, or each day depending on their mood. Some find a look that they identify strongly with and stick with it. Others take a more relaxed approach, dressing casually most of the time but enjoying dressing up for nights out and special occasions. Whatever your type, we hope you’ll find something in our fashion pages that makes you want to try – if only for a little while. Let the different facets of your personality shine. Remember, fashion is one big dressing up box for grown ups.


London-based Catwalk Collection specialise in glamourous gowns, couture corsets and sensational separates for special occasions. This deep red and black, chiffon eyelet dress is cut to complement your curves.

©Catwalk Collection, Photograph by Doralba Picerno, Model Ellua

A flattering corset for those who feel more comfortable with shoulder straps.

10 ER




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To corset or not, that is the question. But you’d be mad not to look at the ranges now available: tight-lacing designs from traditional to modern, overbust and underbust in an assortment of fabrics: the softest satin, Chinese silk, beautiful brocade, velvet, PVC, leather and suede. Main pic and insets: from the Corset Culture range by Vollers. Free colour catalogue from Corsets available from Elegant Lacing and FairyGothMother.

lady of the manor

classic elegance




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accentuate the positive

Rawhide Corsets’ ‘Gina’ is shown here in ivory satin with beaded fringe. This corset is flat fronted with points on the neckline, a shallow curved, longline hem and heavy satin lining. Corset and matching hotpants can be made in different colours and fabrics.

12 ER


stockings and accessories from Rawhide Corsets.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 13 FASHION up Or perhaps you prefer the ‘Maralyn’ designer showgirl corset in black PVC with sweetheart neckline. pleated top edge trim. ER TIC A 13 • . laced back and busk fastening? Traditional satins or fetish finishes.

Hannah is the haughty but beautiful ice-maiden.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 14 FASHION sultry The Playful Promises Collection of flirty boudoir lingerie has playfully indulgent bows. ribbons and frills. ice maiden 14 ER TIC • A ©Playful Promises . Inspiration for the collection came from dreaming up different characters and designing to suit their personalities. the ‘seduce me if you dare’ girl.

Jasmine is an earth flower – vivid in colour but fragile and ephemeral. Inset: Jasmine chemise and G-string.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 15 FASHION Delighting in sensuality. Main pic: Jasmine front tying bra and G-string. dreamy ©Playful Promises desert orchid ER TIC A 15 • .

at Erotica London – a fabulous range of faux vintage lingerie and hosiery inspired by silver screen sirens of the 40s and 50s. www.rootofsilence. Genuine fully fashioned seamed nylons. Model: Von What Katie Did launch their 2005 catalogue. Collection waspies. satin bullet bras and a wealth of glamorous goodies Miss Bettie Page would be proud to own! 16 ER TIC • A .EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 16 faux vintage glamour ©Russell Coleman. cinchers.

What Katie Did’s Pinup Portal is a base for retro pin ups and their admirers and a one-stop shop for pin up girl merchandise.deadlycurves. chic Main pic this page & inset left & right ©Dave site building and e-commerce solutions. web ER TIC A 17 • . featuring seven retro pin up models including the Pinup Portal retro. Launching at Erotica.. www.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 17 FASHION If your passion is pinup. Model: Jami Deadly. www. you’ll want to collect the new What Katie Did catalogue. www.

Black is always in fashion.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:07 am Page 18 FASHION power who’s in charge? Latex is so versatile. but both dress styles can be ordered in a range of colours with contrasting trims. FairyGothMother shows a long latex dress with a keyhole bust and rising hemline and also a shorter. uniform style. 18 ER TIC • A .

ER TIC A 19 • ©David Hindley. starred in music videos by The Sugarbabes and The Honeys. Model: Esme . Her Candy Box Collection will not disappoint. Art Director: Gozra Lozano.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 19 play FASHION Velda Lauder’s corsets have strutted the catwalks of London fashion week with the likes of Red or Dead. Velda personally cuts and finishes each corset. featured in blockbuster and art house movies and toured with Marilyn Manson.

©Mark Bennett. This full length. adorning the Torture Garden performers on Erotica’s stage. lined leather coat will keep your outfit beneath a secret until you arrive at the ball. .EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 20 Luxury in leather from FairyGothMother in Camden Town. whose fantastical creations you may have seen in previous years. fitted. Below: Perhaps something a little more sinister? Full moulded leather masks are a speciality of Mark at E-Garbs. Bring your darker fantasies to life with E-Garbs’ bespoke leather masks and costumes.alchemicalshadows.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 21 FASHION mysterious play with your identity ÔMasks obliterate the human personality with all its frail quirks. Holes can be punched in the rational defences. These Venetian masks are made in the ancient craft of the old ‘maschereri’ in Venice and imported by Masks of Venice based in Chester. Made properly and used with skill on highly charged occasions. exotic feathers. Choose a traditional mask from Commedia dell’Arte or a modern design and you shall go to the ball! .Õ ÔEarth God RisingÕ by Alan Richardson Add glamour to any masked ball. fabrics and macramé and tied with silk ribbons. or even your living room wall. Fabulous creations. in the company of Gods. all its psychological imperfections. the effect on the consciousness of the celebrants can be staggering. and (the wearer) can be made to know that he is. they are decorated with gold and silver leaf. beyond any doubt.

videos and dvds. calendars. Clonezone have all a man’s needs covered. Shop for leather. condoms. music. plus mail order and online shopping.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 22 FASHION butch! Koala Swimwear proving that three into one does go! Essential handcuffs from Quality Control Currently with 10 UK branches from Glasgow to Bournemouth. Have I missed anything? 22 ER TIC • A . swimwear. toys lubes. underwear. magazines. books. clubwear. gifts and aromas. cards. rubber.

yet has a matt finish and is. Their success has been due to superb designs. But the big story is the fabric. a New York City fetish clothing brand. rubber and twisted gear. Model: Sam . As European distributors of Nasty Pig gear. has a guilty secret. So now you boys have everything – RoB’s own brand classic leathers for posing in and Nasty Pig gear in which to get down and dirty! As if you needed telling.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 23 Oh those nasty boys! RoB. Cut to fit snugly and show off your assets. The backing material is a dry Spandex – easy to get on and off (no need to turn your polished wood flooring into an ice rink with talcum powder). Europe’s premier supplier of leather. RoB are anticipating huge demand once word gets out that their new rubber menswear range is machine washable! Nasty Pig. machine washable! Ideal for all you nasty pigs who like to get dirty when you play! The smooth outer surface is a combination of polyamide rubber and an elastic polymer. ©Ray Dragon. has been designing and making clothing for the leather and rubber scene for a decade. excellent quality and some unique features. as I said before. Nasty Pig gear is made of a unique material that feels like rubber.

Model: Sophia Landi. protect their ladies from passing carriages and to leave their right hands free to draw their swords. Catherine De Medici.1611. Or were they? In the mid-1500s extreme platforms. In the mid-17th In the 20th century. accommodating and downright boring. a swing on their hips. Several top designers competed to make the finest. the stiletto has varied significantly in shape and height. Before their debut. tight skirts. Charles Jourdan introduced the stiletto heel in 1951. This is possibly where the tradition arises of the groom standing on his bride’s right. Dames with red lips. T Photo ©Gothic Image. Walking canes became popular for obvious reasons. www. www. the heel has become increasingly tall and pointed – today. from 24 ER TIC • A . and those towering heels say it all. after the austerity and rationing of two world wars. most elegant heels. Fashionable ladies naturally followed her example. the notoriously short Louis XIV outlawed the wearing of high heels in France by all except the privileged classes. that bad girl of shoes that makes you feel so good. Rising optimism led to rising heels. some stilettos reaching the staggering height of seven inches. Stiletto heel first attested 1953.gothic-image. dim. was only 14 when she followed a courtesan’s advice and wore two inch heels during her wedding in Paris in 1533. His own talented shoemaker Nicholas Lestage made Louis shoes with 5 inch heels. of stilo “dagger. But it was Roger Vivier who is credited with developing the stiletto spike in 1953. called chopines.” from L. and because prostitites began to favour them.sophialandi. long legs. ‘Louis’ heels were popular with both men and ladies at court and remained fashionable until the French Revolution of 1789. stilus “pointed writing instrument” (see style). he stiletto.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 24 FASHION spike! the stiletto heel stiletto . French ladies of the time wore pattens – slippers that attached to the top of wooden blocks – to keep their skirts out of the dirt. to create an illusion of maturity. Since this time. Marriages could be annulled if an Italian groom discovered his bride had misrepresented her height by wearing chopines beneath her skirts. Chopines were eventually banned after some nasty falls led to miscarriages. there was a fashion backlash. stiletto. Originally 2mm thick and gently tapered. The woman credited with being the ‘mother’ of high heels. became the fashion statement for the ladies of Florence (the cultural centre of Europe). The cork or wooden soles of chopines were often as high as 24 inches. women’s shoes were comfortable. High heels are thought to have evolved from chopines and pattens as shoemakers removed the forefoot section of platforms to create a separate heel section. Stilettos first strutted the catwalk in Italy in 1954 and took the States by storm a year later. using thin rods of steel encased in plastic to support a woman’s weight. Male escorts walked on the right side of ladies to provide stability.

slim stilettos are our own sexy beasts. focused and in control as never before in Erin Brockovich. in towering. squashes it out with that dangerous looking shoe. steel yourself with this knowledge: stilettos will always have a following. Stiletto heels clicking on a sidewalk Stiletto heels bound to make the boys talk All legs and wiggling hips She doesnÕt need to speak a word at all For her figure kind of says it all. They talk about her in the neighbourhood For good looks get around SheÕs always dropping into Hollywood With the gents of the town She can turn Ôem into clay in her hand With the sound of her tiny feet SheÕll turn heads on Main Street. NYC.365. from the top of her amazing push-up bra to the tip of her stiletto heels became confident. groveling lustfully.Õ ÔStiletto HeelsÕ by Georg Kajanus FASHION The allure of stilettos is not merely that they make women look sexy. Her boyfriend Danny. After all it is not blondes who have more fun – it is a woman in a pair of stiletto heels. In more recent cinema history. it was commonplace to see bad girls. But most importantly she trades her flat shoes for a pair of striking red mules with stiletto heels. they actually make them feel sexy too. sophistication. When Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City donned her famous Manolo Blahnik stilettos we all knew she was going to swish and sway her way into some man’s arms. Starlets vamping across the silver screen in their stilettos were the epitome of femininity and style. toying with their equally bad men. Considered by some to be the most dramatic fashion a woman can wear. Della Smith. With a cool kind of look in her eye. For their glamour. SheÕs like a flash from a movie show. Walking in high heels has a physiological effect – making the buttocks undulate twice as much and transmitting sexual sensations throughout the body. Good girl Sandy decides to transform herself into a bad girl and trades her pastel full skirt and sweater set for black skin-tight pants and an off-the-shoulder top. exaggerated curves and stiletto (our Sex from the City correspondent) the girl with low and sensible heels is likely to pay for her bed and meals • ER TIC A 25 • . The most widely spread showcase for the stiletto was the Hollywood film. the quintessential high heel moment in cinema happens in the finalé of Grease. With their nipped waists. But. Someone all the boys know.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 25 ÔShe makes you turn when she passes you by. and then mock kicks her man in the chest with that same spike-clad foot. sexy and delicate stilettos. a metaphor for their own brand of lethal weapon. Julia Roberts. www. In 1950s cinema noir. Put on a pair of stilettos and see for yourself ladies! This notable Italian innovation raised the heights of women – and their posteriors – and has played a controversial role in women’s fashion ever since. seeing Sandy in all her womanly glory falls to the dirt. When you slip on a pair of these you temporarily trade the good girl for the vamp. Even television gets in on the act. flared skirts. She flicks a cigarette to the ground. the way they flatter the ankles and make the legs look longer. They make a woman’s posterior protrude by about 25 per cent. no man stood a chance against these femmes fatale. The stiletto has played a supporting role in so many of life’s more suggestive scenes.



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Alternative Footwear has a huge range of extreme, and classic footwear on its website, not all of it made for walking!


one step beyond
Revenge is sweet. Black patent Revenge boot with four adjustable straps for a perfect fit. 6" spike heel with platform. Available in UK sizes 4–13, £83. Above: A classically elegant look with a twist: Scream 2 in red or black patent with 6.5" spike metal heel, £47. Right: Chic diamanté-studded strappy sandal with 5" heel.



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Black stretch patent thighlength Ballet boots with 7" heel. Available in UK sizes 4–13 £159, also in leather, £254. Demonia Swat boots for the Goth in you! £49.

Order one size bigger than your shoe size when buying very high heels. If you have particulary wide feet you may need to increase by two sizes.



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Sparkle in leather and crystal collar, cuffs and mask by Bo’s Tit Bits. Their body jewellery and accessories, made from the finest Austrian crystal, comes in a range of 14 beautiful colours.

Crystal nipple covers, in various designs, from a range of intimate accessories by Bo’s Tit Bits.

add glamour
If you’re feeling totally outrageous, flash your falsies (lashes that is) available in a range of crazy styles and colours, also from Facefacts.
Photo ©MUSE, Model:Carmel

Banish bad hair days with hairpieces and wigs from Facefacts. Left to right, Carmel models: ‘Robin’ in henna red and black, ‘Concert’ and ‘Party Look.’

28 ER


co. 5/3/07 11:08 am Page 29 FASHION FA S H I O N STOCKISTS ABBEYLEATHER 01243 512325 E-GARBS 01273 748887 BO’S TIT BITS extras AbbeyLeather knows how to treat the ladies – this season producing some of its more popular lines in posh MASKS OF VENICE 08707 605428 CATWALK COLLECTION LTD 020 8961 0808 VELDA LAUDER DESIGNS 020 7253 3818 PLAYFUL PROMISES 020 8579 9851 www. cuffs. full hide ALTERNATIVE FOOTWEAR 01706 823283 ER TIC A 29 • CLONE ZONE LTD 0161 273 5246 www. discipline FAIRYGOTHMOTHER 020 7485 0365 ROB LONDON 020 7735 7893 QUALITY CONTROL 01905 797 228 WHAT KATIE DID HOSIERY 0118 9419072 www.quality-control. handcrafted leather roses and now a great new range of belts – what should AbbeyLeather call you? 07906 535181 Normally in tan or KOALA SWIMWEAR +001 818 789 7238 RAWHIDE CORSETS 0121 608 1220 FACEFACTS 01522 544727 its original designs are hand crafted using quality ELEGANT LACING 0121 422 6476 www. With collars.

precious metals have been fashioned into very wearable designs for your modern master or mistress. in various colours. Precious things for precious hearts. Brooches. 30 ER TIC • A . Lock your lover’s affections into a padlock ring or bracelet from Eroticgifts. beading.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 30 JEWELLERY love tokens for your preciousss D eep in the alchemists’ workshops. Madame Di Amanté’s bespoke gauntlets are made from diamanté and 9ct gold and sterling silver wire using a combination of crochet. rings and collars are all handmade. Sterling silver handcuff earrings (above) from £25. to handcraft affordable items of clothing and jewellery. • ©Richard Larsen Not pierced? No problem – Richard Larsen’s nipple shields will frame your pertness without the pain in silver or gold (Sunbursts and Open Ring designs shown in She also uses steel wire. handcrafted by Richard Larsen. lace-making and macramé. Choose from an extensive range of street-style body jewellery at Wildcat. Blow gently on your mistress’ nipples then capture their pertness in an intricate web of silver or gold. and Whip earrings in three lengths from £30. £70). bracelets. or play the sophisticate in Madame Di Amanté’s handcrafted gauntlets.

STOCKISTS EROTICGIFTS. from amber to Eroticgifts. from pentagrams to Medieval give a range of traditionally crafted jewellery a modern THE RALLY SHACK 01487 711158 THE WILDCAT COLLECTION 01273 725380 they have a host of kinky nipple danglers for their barbells and their padlock range will ensure her heart is forever yours! Wildcat’s wicked range of body jewellery is sourced from all over the world – from titanium to RICHARD LARSEN 07714 203628 ER TIC A 31 • ©The Rally Shack . from buffalo horn to acrylic – these are designs you won’t find anywhere else.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 31 JEWELLERY Gothic treats for gothic vamps – The Rally Shack is a treasure trove of unusual jewellery. clothes and MADAME DI AMANTE 0114 284 5493 www. goblets and chalices.ORG 01572 822405 www. Their rings have secrets inside.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 32 .

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 33 .

It is designed for professional 34 ER TIC • A . where is she to practise? Fire stations all over the country have been turfing out women in platform heels for spinning on their poles and contravening health and safety regulations. Venus2Uranus stock restraints. Once a girl has forked out for lessons at the gym or local pole-dancing club. It is light enough to pop in the boot of your car and take to a partner’s place in its own supplied Kitten Bag (below).co. to the full ‘hog-tie’ (above) for under £80. so you know that it’s safe. have fun with the girls. as well as lingerie. spreader KITTEN-KIT 020 8787 7010 www. £39. games and bondage play.solosexmachines. has one obvious SOLO SEX MACHINES 01455 446 712 www. • The slick. suspension cuffs and PLANET PLEASURE 01889 578459 VENUS2URANUS 01746 718050 www. sex toys. and can take up to 30 stone in weight. this collapsible pole can be used at home and adjusts to different ceiling heights. fun and frolics P ole-dancing.planetpleasure. Get fit. If you intend using it in different places. practise your moves and then show off your skills to your significant other. lotions and potions.funteasier. Bedroom accessories from Venus2Uranus for the light-hearted and the serious.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 34 INDOORS living style kinky accessories for fitness. From fun leather and faux leopard fur STOCKISTS FUNTEASIER 01754 767222 www. the latest keep fit craze.venus2uranus. Kitten-Kit to the rescue with their new Kitten-Pole! Both a fitness and a seduction tool. ask for extra fittings when you purchase your pole. chrome-finished Kitten-Pole is extremely durable and strong.

the Wildrider has needle roller bearings and rose joints to ensure a smooth and realistic motion. Latex Fun Cuffs are designed to be just that – FUN! The super soft latex cuffs with their Velcro fastenings give users comfort and confidence.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 35 Funteasier’s collection of Fun Whips come in different colours with a range of different pliable latex handles (that double as dildos). Dragging their soft latex tails over skin feels like being stroked with silk. The inclusion of a Vac-u-lock friendly adapter allows for a wide range of attachments to be enjoyed! I think our lovely model so ably demonstrates The Treble Pleasure Pillow. Solo Sex Machines brings to Erotica the ‘Wildrider’. with teasing spikes which can be used for clit stimulation. Planet Pleasure have a range of products in a wonderful flexible and waterproof material that is incredibly lightweight and soft to the touch. From a range by Planet Pleasure. All cuffs are easy to undo and make the Funteasier range a must for couples wanting to play and experiment without the seriousness of total restraint. No one will guess! Take the Love Heart Mirror to bed with you so you can really see what’s going on. The Love Heart Pillow (right) is one of a range of cushions for the bedroom in bold colours. A stimulation machine. ER TIC A 35 • . that further explanation is needless.

All locks keyed alike. Do not attempt to administer or receive pain without researching this complex subject thoroughly first. The Earl Pink Fur crop (right) has a flexible pink shaft and a leather keeper that leaves a ‘glowing’ hand-shaped mark after impact. using perhaps a whip. fully padded and bound for comfort. All stitched and riveted for strength. Two pieces of quality leather make a superb slapping sound and stop the shaft coming into contact with the target area. www. Wrist and ankle straps. In the hands of an experienced ‘top’. Fur Mistress (far right) is purely for 01905 797 228 www. Above: polished chrome padlocks from Top to Bottom. Velcro fastening). collar. or hot wax. allows the bottom to perceive pain Luxury leather by Top to Bottom. A beautiful finishing touch for all locking items. a ‘bottom’ can experience intense pleasure through the gradual intensifying of pain.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 36 INDOORS do not disturb! for serious players C hemistry plays a major role in sadomasochism (SM). Ideal for gentle warm • Quality Control have been manufacturing premium quality fetish equipment for over 10 years and produce some of the finest handmade equipment available: Their Short Black Dressage Whip (left) has a rubber handle for extra grip and a stinging 15cm cracker at the business end. Some people can experience orgasm just from being flogged. as their body creates endorphins – natural painkillers many times more powerful than morphine.’ a sensation of intoxication. Black with a choice of edging colour. fully lined with lambskin. • 36 ER TIC • A .uk • Quality Control’s beautifully crafted Horse Hair Whip has a black leather cover shaft and real black horse hair tails that give a light stinging sensation. The ‘endorphin high. with bevelled edges.quality-control. 07906 140929. More in our recommended reading on p90. or have their most intense orgasms fuelled by the endorphins in their system. nipple clamps. Its large keeper (19cm x 6cm) has a leather spanking side for administering punishment and a luxurious fur side for gently stroking the sore bottom. leash and blindfold (beautifully soft leather. Two keys supplied with each lock. So now you know. Turn it over to stroke the sore bottom better with luxurious fur.

Fetters has relocated to Warwick. 01926 491676. feel the quality of the products and be able to discuss any specific requirements with us. Their new two storey premises is in a waterside location. With production and manufacturing on the ground floor. ‘For some time we’ve wanted to establish a showroom with an atmosphere more complimentary to the type of products we produce and to create a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for our customers.fetters-leather. www.’ The showroom showcases furniture. in the shadow of Warwick castle. A Fetters Europe • ER TIC A 37 • . New items include the flexible bondage pole and the ‘bondage trolley’ developed for a customer who likes to be wheeled around by his mistress. it’s still important to provide a facility for people to browse. world renowned bondage equipment company.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 37 fter six years in Coventry. Whilst we are primarily a mail order company. including signature Fetters’ pieces such as the leather covered revolving wheel and whipping benches. the second floor houses a 2000 sq ft showroom displaying the complete Fetters range of over 600 items of furniture and equipment which owner John Bannister believes is the largest in the UK and probably Europe.

and discreet and. The slightest touch is an innovative and more sensitive and subtle addition to other ‘electronic’ style devices currently available. The sensation is that of being stroked very gently by fur which slowly travels up the middle of each leg towards the pudendum. masturbation and adult play. ICT Consultant. The gentle pulsing frequencies are similar to the body’s own electrical signals that communicate sexual arousal. It does not activate uncomfortable muscle ‘twinges’. Unlike other sex aids available on the market.sensualessentials. compact. The ‘Slightest Touch’ is an appropriate name for this product. This stimulation comes from very subtle electronic connections to meridian points just above the ankle where the electrodes are placed. it neither vibrates. Overall this product is easy to use. It rises gently up towards the thighs and the pelvis. Cyberculture Lecturer and Author For more information please contact: Mimo at Sensual Essentials 08701 211440 www. and also during intercourse. as a suggestion. flooding her pelvic area with warmth and heightened sensation. 38 ER TIC • A . this device would be ideal. The main criticism is the lengthy wires that when attached to the ankles from the device. the sensations can become so acute that the user could possibly feel orgasmic at the ‘slightest touch’ surrounding the genital area. •Trudy Barber. say twenty minutes or so. BA PhD MRI FRSA Cybersexologist. What it does is stimulate. This stimulation is very closely followed by an increased awareness within the vagina and around the clitoris. nor penetrates. as part of intimacy and arousal foreplay.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 38 INDOORS the slightest touch! electronic foreplay his device is interesting. As a compliment to intercourse. may be used prior to T Electrical pulses from the battery-powered unit excite two acupressure points above a woman’s ankles. can be a little awkward. Over a period of time. It is this internal stimulation that starts the arousal process. It is as if the stimulation is coming from an internal source rather than a more traditional external source such as a vibrator.

co. Birmingham B29 4LF e-mail: info@quality-control. l Fully secure online shopping at Quality Control www. (photographed by the famous fetish photographer John Dietrich) ©John Dietrich QUALITY CONTROL PO Box l Mail Order catalogue with new product inserts £6 UK and £8 Telephone: +44 (0)1905 797 228 www.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 39 Quality Always Leaves Its Mark Our master craftsmen use premium grade materials to manufacture the world’s finest handmade bondage and discipline equipment.quality-control. We are so confident in our ability to deliver superior products that we guarantee them for 12 months and offer the unrivalled customer service that you would expect from such a world-class company. Selly .co.quality-control. giving you the confidence to leave your mark again and again. Our exquisite products will serve you reliably for many years and will out perform all others.

as is friendly yet expert advice. Cake & Kink is a unique hybrid of café. toys and adult merchandise. Covent Garden. 61 Endell Street.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:09 am Page 40 OUT & ABOUT capital pleasures coffee. workshops and private functions to suit all. Those who know what hides behind a tiny frontage head straight for the basement coffee lounge. With its Covent Garden location. A welcoming. •020 7419 2996. Coffee. Erotic writing classes are held. books. business people and theatre goers and hosts events. Club leaflets and event tickets are available. the sexy no-one-will-find-me space. For event listings visit Coffee. delicious cakes and much more. yet sheltered from the hassle and bustle of nearby Neal Street. shop and erotic art gallery and an ‘Innovation of the Year 2004’ Erotic Award Winner. Art portfolios are on display in the lounge and exhibitions change quarterly. Cake & Kink is a perfect meeting place for 40 ER TIC • A .coffeecakeandkink. cake & kink P raised by Time Out for its excellent coffee. furnished with carpets and comfy red sofas. stylish space. There are lots of romantic knick-knacks to buy – gifts. next to hen nights and birthday parties and Shibari bondage workshops next to corporate promotions. so snug up in the coffee lounge and allow sexual vibes to twirl and blend with the fumes of freshly brewing coffee and the rumble of emerging fantasies. fashion. cards. www. Fri/Sat 11am-11pm. With almost everything you see for sale (with the possible exception of the personnel) CCK serves excellent coffee. London WC2H 9AJ Mon-Thur 11am-8pm.’ Coffee. Evening menu (available after 6pm) features Wild Shag and Foursome Pizza and you can bring your own choice of wine to wash them down (£5 corkage applies). Coffee. Cake & Kink attracts a mixed crowd of kinksters. prints. and hailed as ‘the best thing since strap-ons and sliced bread. Cake & Kink.

Oct 15 Annual Rubber Awards. In the sultry breezes that sweep the Jamaican coastline. 2005 dates and themes: Jan 15 is Fur. Hedonism runs the gamut from mild to wild – with swinging hammocks suspended from palm trees on ‘prude’ beaches to swinging guests enjoying the time of their lives on nude beaches. And the Jamaican resorts of Hedonism II and III exist for one sole purpose: to provide pure. • •www. but not Kim. Jun 11 is Medical. sea. Hedonism is Super-Inclusive. Sep 10 is School Days. Think bling bling – the superglittery. means the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of principle. now in the City of London and more fabulous than ever. is first and foremost a fetish C ©Club R.. leopard skin and velvet – she’s different and more gorgeous each month. Find more information and pictures from Club R.T. It’s dressup-and-party fetish heaven at London’s monthly fetish favourite. That’s what the R.U.U. Kim is the queen of the theme and each month there is a different theme. Mar 19 is Leather. body. unadulterated self indulgence for the mind. This is a lady who dresses to thrill – silver leather. drink it or do it.B. That’s Club R. Some on the scene may take the view that fetish activities should be dark and brooding.B.B. You are required to wear fetish clothing to gain entry: rubber. spirit and soul. hat) or totally O. Club R. It’s positively forbidden! 020 8339 4150. Remember Club R. The pictures speak for themselves on that score – R. sand and.. transparent.U.U. Feb 19 is Tartan Tarts.U. on the web Review by Jezebel sun. For this they are legendary among pleasure-seekers worldwide.B – pure kinky bling. Apr 16 for the Birthday event is 1950s theme. make-an-effort.U.U. is pure kinky bling.B.B. which means if you can eat it.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 41 OUT & ABOUT club R. fliers artwork by Vince Ray lub R.B. vibe is – collective delight. time out H edonism. Aug 13 Bikini Beach May 14 is the May Ball.B. And like every SuperClubs resort.pipex.T.B. The only thing that’s not permitted at Hedonism is tipping. is all smiles.U. Jul 16 is Sheer night. show-off style the rappers love – and add a kink. spray-on rubber. Nov 19 is Uniforms and Dec 17 is Xmas Outfits.U. PVC. full uniform (inc.U. Glam R. photos by Jan (fetishclubpix@dial. water or after hours in the bar – our guests can always find what they are looking for. TV. leather. They are for those who work hard but haven’t forgotten how to play hard. founder and hostess Kim sets the tone at the Sport takes place on land. it’s yours for the taking and won’t cost you a penny ER TIC A 41 • © Superclubs . Absolutely no fabric trousers or street wear. www.

And why not. the population of Brighton has learned to endure their city’s growing status as a media playground. The truth is that Brighton has been the focus of delicious indulgence for decades. but Brighton residents have fought tooth and nail for their sex shops. Our Elvis impersonators shop there on a regular basis because it’s the best place to buy facial hair and platform boots. Spank me if I’m wrong. avoiding Tony Blair and his throbbing security entourage or constantly dodging TV cameras. The fabulously glitzy Cissy Mo across the street is a veritable emporium of kitsch. Treat yourself and your lover to a break in Brighton. Take a right turn into Sydney Street and check out the wigs and dressing up costumes at Revamp. Staff are very discreet and helpful and men are welcome to shop if accompanying a lady. an indoor flee market with everything from Star Trek memorabilia to cheesy romance novels and retro clothing. W As you walk out of the station you will notice Trafalgar Street. Pussy Boutique is a must for designer items by Paul Frank and sheer interior indulgence but perhaps shopping online will keep those hands free for testing out a wild selection of vibrators at Tickled. the city that likes to say ‘Oh yes please!’ Although the council haven’t got back to me yet about my proposals for an official red light district. Julian Clary once confided in me that he loved to come down to Brighton for a blow on the seafront. Brighton’s North Laines overflows with quirky. Crossing the pedestrianised end of Sydney Street into Kensington Gardens you will find Snoopers Paradise. there are plenty of other things to keep you busy. juice bars and coffee shops. The heart of Brighton is best covered on foot and when you’ve shopped till you drop there are boutique hotels to die for. disappearing under the pavement to your right. in Gardner Street.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 42 OUT & ABOUT Brighton rocks! shopping and spanking by the sea! hether wrestling Madge. The shopping is divine but our city isn’t car friendly so leave yours at home and hop on a train.) Tickled also has a website but there’s nothing quite like trying before you buy and it’s inspiring to see the toys piled high and hearing customers squeal with delight and surprise. (Missing from some online maps Gardner Street is found between Orange Row and Regent Street. it’s what we do best – Playtime! But let’s not pretend that it’s the celebrities that have given the city its saucy reputation. original independent traders – sadly missing from 42 ER TIC • A . Britney or Jordan in a shopping queue. the next road due south. fetish clubs and openly gay-friendly environment and they bend over backwards (and forwards) to share it with likeminded visitors so why not indulge your playful side. The bolder it gets the more celebrities it attracts. Trafalgar Street is the furthest reach of Brighton’s North Laines and is the best starting place for a journey through Brighton’s labyrinth of independent shops.

jentheroo. Wildcat has the most tantalising range of jewellery and adult toys imaginable. The Royal Pavilion. If shoes are your thing you won’t be disappointed. boas and boots. A diamond in the bellybutton of the city. Theatre Royal Brighton can be found around the corner in New Road and is Brighton’s oldest and most stunning theatre. www. accessories. antiques and glassware shops as well as restaurants and ©Strawberry Seductress. Come away with your privates pierced at Penetration! Elir Boutique is a must for the lingerie-driven amongst you. the more determined treasure hunters among you will find She Said Erotic Boutique. veer to the left and enter the (posh) Lanes through Meeting House Lane. She Said is small but beautifully stocked with corsets and stockings. Mail order too! She Said: Ship Street Gardens.strawberryseductress. Jentheroo (above right) takes a break from her stiltwalking and anglegrinding to show a friend the sights at a more leisurely pace. Gardner Street is also home of Brighton’s fabulous Komedia cabaret and theatre club. I had to be dragged out of the shop by the scruff of my neck but then we conventschoolgirls are all the same! There are over a dozen tattoo and piercing studios in They have a delectable range of designer undies for both men and women so have a peek. Model: www. this shop attracts customers from London and further afield. Like her owner. This area is packed with jewellery. and hosts glitzy musicals and star studded West End plays as well as probably the best panto on the south coast. buzzes all year round and is host to the highly successful Brighton Festival each May and Paramount Brighton Comedy Festival each October. in Church Street. www. She Said Boutique N • estling in a tiny alleyway that runs between Middle Street and Ship Street. Nobody does glamour like these guys and I defy you to find a better view from a theatre bar. Brighton Dome. Crossing North Street. It hosts innovative music and comedy throughout the year including Tina C’s legendary Screamers cabaret.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 43 OUT & ABOUT Local performance artist. toys and a host of romantic goodies for sophisticated women. If you are looking for a new steel collar or a Vince Ray mug for your favourite slave then this is the shop for you. It sits opposite Brighton’s most infamous love nest. Nic Ramsey. Komedia’s Curve bar and restaurant are open throughout the day and they serve a satisfying cooked breakfast. Check out Bond Street’s Velvet for all things pink and girly and Lavender Room for boudoir shopping or you could hang about outside Theatre Royal Brighton’s Stage Door for a bit of celebrity spotting. lingerie. There are three shoe shops on Gardner Street. The Royal Pavilion is definitely worth a visit on a rainy day – its Indian inspired exterior hides an overthe-top oriental glamour and a decent café to ER TIC A 43 • . 01273 777811. Dorothy’s Drag Emporium 14 George Street. 01273 624091 The Honey Club 01273 Lacies 164 Portland There are great little galleries under the road too. Brighton’s sauciest stop OTHER USEFUL WEBSITES: Brighton Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 01273 Castor and Pollux Gallery has an array of witty prints and pottery. Their latest room launch. Potter Mike Levy does a great line in quirky erotic ceramics with a maritime feel. 01273 has some fine contemporary jewellery. Amsterdam Bar and Hotel on the seafront in Kemp Town serves a great Hotel Pelirocco H otel Pelirocco. hotel. champagne. Kemp town boasts some of the racier shops in town and you can buy anything from leather slings and g-strings in Clone Zone to exotic headdresses and wigs in Dorothy’s Drag Emporium. a sculptured ‘ball chair’ by designer Finn Stone and lashings of black satin.00 for a single or £ HOTELS: Alias Hotel Seattle Brighton Marina.elir. 01273 727766 www.clonezone. The Nookii Room (above right) features the Kinkybed (a stunning ironwork creation with subtle shackle fixtures for saucy shenanigans).co. a box of scented silk rose petals. 01273 Pussy Boutique 3a Kensington Mexican: El Mexicano 7 New Road.komedia. on Market Street. They sell everything for the discerning cross dresser including breast the grown up game for playful couples. www. Prices start from £55. 01273 263565 Tickled www.hotelpelirocco. below) Hysteric Glamour. 01273 718588 www. Hotel Pelirocco: 07734 Elir Boutique 40 Gardner Clone Zone 32 St James Candy Bar 129 St James St. along with antique erotic Japanese prints (like the one above) that have been banned by eBay for being too saucy! After following the Lanes down onto the seafront you may well be ready for coffee or a stiff drink in one of the many bars and restaurants at Kings Road Arches. 01273 Velvet 27 Bond Street. music or art with names like Brighton Pride has 19 bedrooms – each one themed around subpop www.tickledonline. • . 01273 729051 www. 01273 723956 www. 01273 608060 01273 626442 01273 719195 Goodman Morris 48 Market Street.hotelduvin. 01273 607234 designed in collaboration with RESTAURANTS: Visit www. 01273 623839 Pink Pamper 1 St James Street. which takes place every August and has outgrown Pride in London – that’s Brighton for you! If it’s transgender shopping that you are after then hop on a bus to Portland Road in Hove and visit Penetration 29 Sydney Street. 01273 680332 Komedia 01273 Doggy Fashion 1 Grafton Street. Discerning art collectors will find beautiful oriental antiques at Brian Page Antiques in Regency Brighton Dome www.revenge.brightonpride. Alias Hotel Seattle Dorothy’s is the place to shop for outfits for Brighton Pride. Items on the menu can be pre-ordered on the hotel web site or from reception when you Castor and Pollux Gallery 164-166 Kings Road Brighton Registry Office www. 01273 607777 Theatre Royal Brighton www. and Asian Dub Foundation. Kemp Town. 01273 3679799 Blanch House 17 Atlingworth Street. a naughty toy.seaspraybrighton. Cissy Mo 38 Sydney Hotel du Vin Ship Street. Hove.brighton-dome. Rough Trade Rough Nite. Virtual Brighton Magazine for all aspects of Brighton life Revamp Fancy Dress 11 Sydney 01273 773388 Japanese: Moshi Moshi Bartholemew Goodman Morris. Betty’s email Jane at for a double room. Europe’s number one transgender Sea Spray Boutique Hotel 25 New Steine. a raunchy DVD and condoms – all at specially reduced prices.doggyfashion. www.brianpage. www. 01273 326007 Wildcat 6 Gardner B+Bs and www.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 44 RETAIL DETAILS: Brian Page Antiques 18 Regency Arcade. Whether you walk west towards Hove to watch the sunset or east towards gay-friendly Kemp Town there are more treats in store. 01273 623288 Taboo 2 Surrey Street.lavender-room. Vegetarian: Terre a Terre 71 East designer clothing boutiques. 01273 220380 for a comprehensive eating out guide Cocktails: Havana 32 Dukes O2 Bubble Suite (8ft round bed with mirrored Revenge 32-34 Old enhances the experience of playing the game with ambience and accoutrements for the ultimate dirty Vinylla 01273 605789. Pink hologram lighting effects glow with a sensual ambience and the ‘Something For The Weekend’ room service menu offers: the Nookii game. Lavender Room 16 Bond Envy 8 Marine Parade.theambassadors.blanchhouse. www. Pussy. For more on Nookii call Nikki Graham on 020 7243 6662 or email nikki@double-g. sauna) 11-12 Marine NIGHTLIFE: Amsterdam (Bar. 01273 738784 www.vinylla. St James Street meanders up to St George’s Street and side roads provide a host of great gay friendly shops.

If you need an outfit then visit Taboo near Brighton station. Whatever your reasons for a visit to our fabulous city.. Brighton Registry Office performs weddings and commitment ceremonies all year round. Heading away from town to Brighton Marina you will find Alias Hotel Seattle. ay I be so bold as to suggest the ultimate souvenir of your romantic break is not a stick of Brighton rock. and boasts a sauna room that is open to non-residents.. we hope they are naughty. We have lovingly provided all website details for our favourite shops. If you bring your pooch with you then treat it to an exclusive pampering and a new outfit at Doggy Fashion at the top of St James Street and then spoil yourself at The Pink Pamper which offers everything from Botox to bridal services and is a five-minute walk from the registry office. There’s something for everyone. between St James St and the seafront. . By Strawberry Seductress.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 45 OUT & ABOUT All photographs this page ©Strawberry Seductress. It is a pleasant change from some of the dilapidated accommodation along the seafront and the walk is an added bonus. aka Petra Joy – recently named Erotic Photographer of 2004 at the Erotic Oscars. Her motto is. If you are looking for a fetish club then the Hanbury Ballroom in Kemp Town hosts a fetish lounge Vinylla on the first Thursday of every month. She has a huge dressing up box of outfits and props to help you create your erotic fantasy portfolio. a spacious gem of a hideaway with great staff and balconied bedrooms with sea views. I can shoot it!’ Celebrate your love again and again. enjoys splendid views of the Palace Pier. we loved Sea Spray for its playfully decorated themed rooms.brighton. theatres and hotels so that you can do your homework and book before you come www. ‘If you can dream M • Above: Create your fantasy portfolio with the Strawberry Seductress. Revenge is a great club for trashy party nights with screaming nuns and divas a go-go. Brighton’s rock ‘n’ roll hangout in Regency Square or try sumptuous Blanch House in Kemp Town. but a professional photo session with the Strawberry Seductress. 07960 346736. Of all the B+Bs in New Steine. Although commitment ceremonies have no legal status gay couples have welcomed this interim measure until they can sign up to get married when the law changes.strawberryseductress. There are an overwhelming number of hotels in the city but if you want something less obvious than The Grand Hotel then consider spoiling yourself rotten with a night or two at the divine Hotel Pelirocco.. Have a look at Envy and Candy Bar’s websites too. Below: Visit in August and do Brighton with Pride! beer. • Mary McMillan Sloan is a freelance writer and Comedy and Theatre Editor of Virtual Brighton Magazine. www. Petra shoots intimate photos and films for individuals and couples (straight or gay).

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 46 OUT & ABOUT SHOW lensman Steve Hopkins captures the stage show 46 ER TIC • A .

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EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:10 am Page 48 behind 48 ER TIC • A .

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 49 the scenes Bob Carlos Clarke at the Erotica stage show 2003 ER TIC A 49 • .

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 50 OUT & ABOUT ON 50 ER TIC • A Steve Hopkins .

And. Jewellery – precious pieces for all parts of the body: clit pendants and cock rings from Erotic Ribbon. bullet.. belts. Sextoys. Top Cat. crops and restraints for serious players from Quality Control. join a fetish club. condoms. So. our hardcore is contained discreetly in The Video Village. boots. labia clips by Richard Larson and costume jewels by Australia’s House of Fetish. have a massage. dvds. Alternative Footwear and RoB of London. Manchester. the latest in leather and latex and the utmost in undies. Pink Piranha. 1 – 3 April 2005 with every conceivable rabbit. while you’re browsing or refuelling. if you missed this year’s show. body casters and see the artists in action giving live demonstrations of their talents. Costumes – cloaks from Fairygothmother. couture corsets. Toys – All the big names are here. and dangerously high heels. Mantric. Torture Garden will be entertaining you with four stage shows daily. An exhibition for free-thinking adults who are comfortable with their sexuality.. Or come with a friend (!) and have a fun-filled day to remember. Enter if you dare. flirtatious. • ER TIC A 51 • . bondage tape. book a holiday. G-Mex Centre. Abbeyleather and Masks of Venice for those who like to roleplay. insertible and more besides to make your sex life purr. The biggest adult lifestyle event in Europe. Elegant Lacing. Furniture – bespoke dungeon equipment by Fetters and portable poles for dancers by Kitten-Pole. join in the fun next year. Ask about private commissions to have your lady immortalised in paint. luscious • You can be pierced. Olympia. pick up some crazy clubwear. fantasy uniforms. Hardcore – view before you buy. and have borrowed this magazine from a friend. collectible movie posters. painters. stockings.. moulded in plaster.. • Fashion – fabulous frocks. celebration of all things sensual. sculptors. collars.775 visitors to its three day London event – footfall per square metre that’s bigger than The Ideal Home Show! Treat your lover to a day or a night at Erotica – explore its delights together. There is much to explore.. What can we tempt you with this year? lingerie. vibrators.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 51 OUT & ABOUT SHOW! over 250 exhibitors under one roof! E • • • • • rotica is a fabulous. 18 – 20 November 2005 Ticket Hotline 087073 69 0 69 (calls charged at national rate) www. if you’re lucky. magazines..erotica-uk.. and masks by E-Garbs. last year Erotica welcomed 69. lubricant. spectacular performers. or shot by a leading glamour photographer. Art – Erotica proudly displays the largest erotic art gallery in the country where you can meet photographers. Cherry Bliss. handcuffs. Catch big name porn stars mingling and signing autographs. Look for Catwalk Collection.

All flirting requires is a carefree heart. Just think of all the couples who have fallen in love when they didn’t even speak the same language. have included: Jackie Kennedy Onassis. genuine laughter (the sexiest sound on earth). from ordering a drink. it’s not taxed ever. Jean-Louis Trintignant (and any French man). www. be yourself. smooth as silk. Joan Collins. in any conversation. For a 52 ER TIC • A ©John Dietrich / Lola Art. sports and politics – leave them shouting for more and prolong the pleasure). Alice in Wonderland (her naiveté was very appealing). James Bond (and any actor playing him). he was too pompous to flirt). your body is playing a melody underneath your words and actions. making immediate direct eye contact (it can ignite flames). A true flirt wakes up with just about anything on their mind except flirting. Contrary to popular belief. a most amusing sport among the sexes. Flirting can be done in any situation. Batman.’ is uttered by millions who have found the pleasure of flirting. Superman. the Ape Man and his Jane. doing a double take (it has the effect of staring but is 100 per cent better because in effect you are saying that someone caught your attention enough to double take). touching a hand. past and present. even Snow White and two of the seven dwarfs. smile. Alain Delon. Samson and Delilah. and then smile again (the demure half smile has driven countless men and women crazy). real. non-fattening and it can be downright titillating. Great flirts know there are certain triggers that enrapture: the use of flattery (it will get you everywhere). Cleopatra and Mark Antony (but not Caesar. men and women have been flirting: Adam and Eve. especially Dracula. And one does not have to be single to flirt. flirted. from the way you cross a T he mantra of the flirt. flirting pays interest. or just good at batting your eyelashes. reaching out. And like money in the bank. Coco Chanel. and always leave them wanting more (follow the pros in show business. You can draw on it far before .EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 52 RELATIONSHIPS look into my eyes flirting true flirt. and be yourself! Since the beginning of time. ‘I am. The judicious use of our bodies while flirting can turn a minor encounter into a grand amour. While you are saying and doing all the right things to put a prospective flirting partner in the mood. playing with a piece of clothing (the rhythm of the movement becomes very sensual). to be a great flirt it is not necessary to be devastatingly beautiful. Tarzan. Robin Hood and Maid Marian. It’s as much an attitude as it is a set of actions. The sexiest and most exciting exchanges between some work colleagues and friends is the harmless escape hatch of playful flirting. non-discriminating. Modern day flirts. rich. to removing your coat. saying hello with energy (it’s the electrical current pulsating through your body that is attractive). Zorro and any man who wears a cape. and there is no minimum deposit. therefore I flirt. These assets are just window dressing for the successful flirt and pale in comparison to the flirting basics: be yourself. holding it. because all your physical responses – and not just your gestures – need to be in sync for your words to be effective. Frank Sinatra. and the biggest flirts of all. squeezing it and letting go are all very sensual and tactile ways of shaking hands (it’s the power of touch). It’s nonsexist. Good honest flirting takes the coordination of a trapeze artist. Louis Jourdan. this comes naturally.

Dining together can be a very flirtatious affair. this non-verbal greeting is so fleeting Common (lasting about a fifth of a second) it is easy to miss. so women can be bolder.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 53 RELATIONSHIPS recognising the signals ©Gothic Image. her friend will lean forward to meet her. Though flirting well is a conscious art. Although subtlety and low-key flirting techniques work well for men. we hold eye contact for longer Our and we look intently at the mouth of someone we fancy. Never let an old romantic heartache keep you from flirting. keep flirting. a natural flirt knows the limit. But not too bold (unless you want to cross that line).sophialandi. and the way you say hello. www. Try a deliberate eyebrow flash with someone you fancy and see if you can illicit a subconscious flash in response.gothic-image. making them feel we are with them in mood and thought. • Pointing we point towards a person we are interested in – Subconsciously with our legs. Mirroring puts people at ease. A man likes to be sure that a female flirt is after him. using similar actions but not copying exactly. leg. down to their nose and mouth and back to their eyes – our gaze moving in a small triangle. But do be careful only to mirror positive body language. Successful female flirts zero in on a man. your eyebrows rise and fall. www. recognising the body signals will help you to decide whether that girl from accounts is just a consummate flirt and is naturally friendly to everyone. if you want it to be. triangle • The flirtingwith people we don’t know well. With someone we fancy. The Rule of Four Most body language experts favour the Rule of Four. or whether she has a special interest in you. only what they have B ody language experts have identified several key signals that we give when we are attracted to another person. Never take the short route home. www. Men who get the most from flirting tend not to advertise their triumphs. What makes a successful flirt? For men. Della Smith. Intense gazing • gaze becomes more intense. they’ll unconsciously mirror your blink rate to keep in sync with you. When you first see someone you fancy. unless there is someone waiting for you. or friends having coffee. Have fun. If the boss sits back and looks relaxed his employees will follow suit. Good flirts never regret what they have done. Watch your friends at a party to see who they’re really interested in. If they fancy you too. You may find a chance to flirt. they raise their eyebrows in return.xchng. www. Model: Sophia Landi. your choices are limitless. When we talk to friends. which means you should look for at least four positive signals that someone fancies you before you make a complete fool of yourself. Maybe they don’t want to admit that they are flirting. ER TIC A 53 • . we look from When we interact eye to eye across the bridge of their nose. While our pupils dilate. we look from eye to eye. wait around 50 seconds before following their gestures. and one day you too may be added to the infamous list of world-class the surer you can be they’d like to kiss you. If that person is attracted to you. Try blinking more often when talking to someone you fancy. if mirroring consciously. exactly the opposite applies to women. and then – run. arms or hands. The longer someone focuses on your mouth. which is part of the magic flirting formula. that triangle widens at the bottom to take in their body too.365. If one woman leans across the table excitedly with some news. to the way you play with your food. • • Blinkingto someone we fancy our blink rate increases and When we talk ©Christ Pacheco. hair • Thewomanflick someone she likes she tosses her hair. Obvious aggression and flirting conspicuously to impress usually have the opposite effect. eyebrow flash • The to every culture. take the long road. the first quality of a great flirt is to exude patience and an undemanding stance about flirting and courtship. feet. All successful flirts live by the following code of ethics: Never say hello when you can say hello and flirt at the same time. and flirt! Our Sex in New York City reporter • Mirroring to observe – watch colleagues at a Mirroring is interesting meeting. and When a spots runs her fingers though her hair in an act of self preening.stock.

www. to napkins. similar principles of lavish display are now applied to every component of the wedding. it was not uncommon for couples. Since co-habitation has been acceptable for more than a generation and no distinctions are made between children of married and unmarried partners. For example. bridesmaids’ dresses. weddings have become grander and grander affairs. especially if they W 54 ER TIC • A . according to those new trendy bridal magazines. The sheer amount of stuff you are supposed to have to make the perfect day has led to accusations that consumer culture has taken over what used to be a family affair. Up until 30 years hite weddings have become excessively elaborate performances.industrialbitch. push party planning to ludicrous levels. what is this whole wedding spectacle for? Weddings. to guarantee that the couple appear traditionally romantic. And as the number of marriages that fail and end in divorce steadily increases to nearly 1 in 2. Just as in a property make-over programme. to the favours and icing on the cake. The design of wedding accessories is an important focus of wedding preparations. from invitations. cute and modern. Putting one on is a substantial exercise in project management. the first Standing in front of an altar is more likely to be used for dramatic effect. and push stress levels higher than that. is to decide ‘your style’. While presenting the bride and groom at their glamorous best in costly one-off outfits is far from new. are no longer a social 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 54 RELATIONSHIPS ’s just a It ©Gothic Image. Huge efforts are made to ensure one perfect day in a world of temporary relationships. balloons. Such details create one of a limited number of appropriate images for a happy couple. these days marrying in a church is rarely a religious act. They are expensive (a medium-sized affair routinely hits five figures). Much energy and emotion is spent co-ordinating the colours of flowers. never mind white ones. Model: Industrial Bitch. serving a Thai food buffet and having a cake decorated with Love Heart sweets indicates that your relationship is funky. Throwing a wedding has become akin to doing a PR sales pitch on the happy couple.gothic-image. Every minute decision takes on a heightened significance. Or. ushers’ sashes and to matching the typefaces of the menus and the place name cards. www.

co. But the continuing popularity and. A second marriage or a marriage after a prolonged period of cohabitation is just as likely to be a glamorous. through which the bride and groom can specify exactly the gifts they would like. their status within it changed. to remain in one or other parental household. They were part of the re-imposition of ‘traditional’ gender roles after the Second World War. albeit ivory white.fetishdollies. It is not only the wedding but the marriage that has become a consumer affair. plates and to some extent. Wedding cake by Hot Cakes. The marrying couple asks friends and family to witness the ceremony then share food and drink at a reception as a way of showing approval for them. they now need to specify just the items they lack or the things they really want but cannot quite A return to respectable normality was signalled by a marriage between a male breadwinner and his virgin bride. hot_cakes2@yahoo. www. The fact that weddings are no longer a rite of passage to adulthood or a show of respectability. theatrical performance with a woman in a white. their life together and their successful attempt to make a home. Hopes for happiness are pinned on a perfect set of things. Anna Davidson Bride & groom by Nancy Farmer: www. Their wedding gift list is used to make their home complete. is demonstrated by the rise of the wedding gift . but a public declaration of setting up home • ER TIC A 55 • ©Gothic Image. Brighton. has a wedding present dress in the leading role. which had opened up opportunities for women to work in masculine jobs outside the home. it was a rite of passage to adulthood. Endorse is probably a more accurate word. The justification for this brazenly commercial arrangement is that since couples have lived together before getting married and have bought most of the necessities for running a home. White weddings only really came into their own in this country in the early 1950s. the re-emergence of the white wedding cannot be explained by people clinging on to an old ideal. Guests at weddings of cohabitees are often told that they are being invited to celebrate a relationship that has already proved long lasting. Marriage meant you were no longer to be treated as a child. Although staying in the same physical space. www. from John Lewis to Argos.industrialbitch. towels that match and a full set of cups and saucers. Model: Industrial Bitch. Every high street chain and department store.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 55 RELATIONSHIPS perfect day nice day for a white wedding were young and working class.

a recipe for staying together By your mid thirties you might have been sleeping with your partner for ten or more years (not continuously. The depression. Looking after her family is. did you ever have a crush on a teacher or a pop star – someone unattainable whom you fantasised about while your brain was being hijacked by a gang of pubescent hormones? A chance brush against your idol in the corridor made you blush. frustration. Having passed your breeding/ hormonal peak and with a clearer understanding of your emotional and psychological requirements. you both find you need more stimulation. the level of useable testosterone in their bodies decreases steadily. the romantic focus of my carefree world. never mind the biological urge to procreate while they still can! We should not be surprised that men in middle age have affairs with younger women. especially during her mid monthly cycle when she is at her most fertile. Men don’t experience the sudden drop in hormone levels that women do at menopause. But by now you may well have a young family eating away at your every spare moment and with no time to yourselves and no heady rush of hormones to keep your sex life simmering. biological default. Once she has her children. It is their built-in. Sexual high spots at this age may have as much to do with a heightened emotional response as with a physical one. By your late twenties. many women fall head over heels with each new relationship – our eager hormones and (over) excitement leaving us in a semi-permanent state of arousal. A man needs to give his lady regular orgasms. Sophisticated as we think we are nowadays. when the sparkly stars of romantic love have faded. obviously – you’d be reduced to a couple of greasy spots on the bed sheets). He was my centre. I had one partner whom I felt so passionately about that he could give me an orgasm without taking my jeans When you were in your early teens. you have hopefully made an informed decision and chosen a good one. irritability and general lack of contentment associated with lower testosterone levels must surely contribute to the male mid-life crisis. It is at this stage where men and women’s expectations often differ. mating is no longer her prime objective. working and running a home. you’ll find you still love each other. Humans are not naturally monogamous. Looking back that may have had more to do with my ability to abandon myself to him emotionally than with his prowess with denim. we tend to overlook these basic biological facts.fetishdollies. But a male is programmed to spread his seed far and wide to ensure the continuation of his line. And between Only about 3 per cent of mammals are monogamous. she’s often too tired for sex. gave you palpitations and left you unable to form words. 56 ER TIC • A . In our late teens and early twenties while at our biological breeding peak. If you are lucky. but from early middle age. A woman is programmed to be receptive to her mate in order to reproduce. (That’s one reason we’re so hard to keep up with). chances are you have tried a few beaus on for size and have settled on one.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 56 RELATIONSHIPS happy hormones A woman’s sexual and emotional responses change throughout her life and are cyclical monthly until her menopause. But can we use this understanding to our advantage? All images this spread ©Nancy Farmer. www. Learning to understand how our hormones affect us can only help our most intimate relationships.

having moved into the final. But new fathers do produce a surge of the hormone when they hold their newborn babies. boost immunity and slow ageing. endorphins flood our bloodstreams in response to exercise. but also when they are aroused (by anyone). The theory goes that in days before contraception. Ovulating women overwhelmingly preferred ‘masculine’ features (broad jawline and thick neck). Oxytocin’s effects on men are less well understood. raise self-esteem and may even lower blood pressure. It is believed that men produce oxytocin not only when they orgasm. It works by monitoring my hormone levels on the sticks that I pee on eight mornings per month. this is roughly how long it would take a woman to conceive a child and raise it (with the help of her protective male) to an age when she could walk away with her child and look for another gene pool. For information on how it works: www. committed stage of a relationship. The hormone oxytocin is produced in the pituitary gland. They lift depression and anxiety. sex. Couples who love and laugh a lot benefit from the effects of endorphins. Days 16 to 21 – Biologically fed-up that I’m not impregnated and should be approached with caution. stress and laughter. Dr Kathleen Light at the University of North Carolina also suggest that oxytocin levels rise. and to reinforce your bonds to each 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 57 RELATIONSHIPS A woman needs to turn her partner on regularly to reinforce his bond to her. A danger zones D anger zones for monogamous relationships occur after the birth of the first child. making her bond with her ER TIC A 57 • . Morphine-like opiates. like the problem. the ovaries and the testes. Days 22 to 28 – Forget it. This tells me and my partner when I am fertile (red light) and when it is safe to have unprotected sex (green light). In recent research. and plays a crucial role in helping her bond with her baby. So. This ‘bonding hormone’ is released by women during labour and breastfeeding. what women really want omen are most likely to be unfaithful during the four days around their ovulation.persona. may be biological. Get dressed up – men are highly visually responsive. DNA specialists estimate that 5 per cent of us send father’s day cards to the wrong men. Initial studies by psychiatrist. when we hold hands. do you keep the fires burning? The answer. I have been using the Persona fertility monitor for nearly a decade. Days 7 to 15 – Fertile and very happy to play. in order to stay together. Persona fertility computer is available from leading pharmacists. Obviously we want the rough and the smooth! W THE SECRET INGREDIENT How. In addition. in men and women. woman were shown photographs of men and asked to pick the most appealing. But during all other days of their monthly cycle women opted for gentler faces. one interesting benefit of this little computer is that it has helped us to understand my cycle of desire: Days 1 to 3 (bleeding) – Don’t bother! Days 4 to 6 – Fairly receptive to my mate’s advances. Intended as a contraceptive device. a woman needs to turn her man on regularly and a man needs to give his lady regular orgasms! CM monthly merry-go-round • woman’s moods and desires are greatly affected by the fluctuating hormone levels of her monthly cycle. She also releases oxytocin during orgasm. cuddle or watch romantic movies. studies have shown that women across different cultures experience a 4-year itch. the second child and after retirement.

Of the small number of human pheromones that have been identified. This relays chemical signals directly to the hypothalamus – the primitive. mate. and that women find these ‘Alpha males’ when released into the air. was that of the silkworm moth. bellybutton and ears. This salty sweat does not attract bacteria. bond and nurture their offspring. it is believed they are detected by an organ in the nose called the ‘vomeronasal organ’ or VNO. Described as ‘smellprints’ by biologists. These chemical signals. They produce a slightly acidic watery fluid to regulate our body temperature.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 58 RELATIONSHIPS washing away our primary sexual signals sex scents pheromones he first pheromone discovered. this protein-rich fluid has no odour of its own. cause behavioural responses in animals and insects of the same species. emotion and stress. in 1956. three seem to be effective sexual attractors. They trigger the physical responses of defensive behaviour and sexual arousal. groin. milky fluid from apocrine glands found in the armpits. but bacteria feasting upon it on the surface of the skin produces the distinctive smell of body . Released in response to excitement. Research suggests that men who produce greater quantities of androstenone are respected and treated warily by other men. Our eccrine glands cover our entire body. emotional centre of the brain. We produce androstenol from puberty until our early twenties when production declines rapidly. But it is only recently that scientists claim to have isolated human pheromones. Humans have two types of sweat glands. Pheromones influence how animals develop. where instinctive responses are stimulated. androstenol. Androstenone seems to signal male dominance and aggression. pheromones are supposedly as unique to each of us as our fingerprints and our DNA. www.Erotic-Art. 58 ER TIC • A ‘Transparent Bodyforms’ ©Matthew Slade. In humans pheromones are known to cause the menstrual cycles of a group of females living together to become synchronised. but rather than being ‘smelled’ in the normal way. and because we detect them subconsciously. pheromones may be the key to human attraction and sexual chemistry. The former two are produced in greater quantities by men than women. When we hit puberty we begin to produce a thicker. androstenone and copulins. Pheromones are also secreted by the apocrine glands. 01246 201548. around the T nipples.

It follows that she might choose a partner with whom she is not chemically compatible and with whom she may not be able to produce children. with a distinctly musky aroma. In modern times. pill ER TIC A 59 • ‘Formed Simplicity’ ©Matthew Slade. But it strikes me. if one’s love life was in the doldrums. truffles (a type of fungi). Then we block up our pores with antiperspirant and mask any remaining natural scent with perfumes. was patented in the early 1970s for use in the artificial insemination of sows. aftershaves and colognes. or the same sex. Thus we wash away our own pheromones and wear animal musks to make us more attractive to he pheromone Androstenol. Attract new mates. Pheromones seem to work as territorial markers too – male wearers of synthetic androstenone have noticed that other males stand aside for them. Interestingly. 01246 201548. These aim to give us back some of that ‘hidden scent’ that we so determinedly wash away each day. one wouldn’t care! Anyone care to try? CM . reducing our level of body odour but also our pheromone presence.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 59 RELATIONSHIPS Other studies suggest that women react negatively to androstenone except when they are ovulating. Androsternone. these delicacies are called in old Castillian.sexhealth. Prized in Europe since antiquity for their aphrodisiac properties. are a potent source of androstenol. Copulins have been found only in the vaginal secretions of women. T • the bitter Planet Earth’s Sex Appeal products are designed to make you more attractive to members of the P rofessor Grammer at the University of Vienna has proposed that the oral contraceptive pill might stop a woman’s natural production of pheromones. In 1974 it was discovered to be a component of human male auxilliary perspiration and has since been recognised as a human sexual attractant. or re-attract a longterm partner without saying a word! Sex Appeal contains unique blends of synthetic Androsterone. depending on your preference. and the use of bottled pheromones attracted a flock of suitors.Erotic-Art. that if our natural pheromones are unique to us. Androstenol and copulins. The term ‘to trifle’ with ones affections has been corrupted from the phrase ‘to truffle’ or swindle someone and dates from the mid sixteenth century when potatoes were first introduced in Europe and passed off as truffles by some unscrupulous traders. was not daft. and if scientists believe we choose mates with complimentary immune systems to our own (by way of sniffing their pheromones) then wearing the bottled synthetic equivalent of someone else’s pheromones might attract entirely the wrong mates. These powerful sex-attractant pheromones increase testosterone levels in nearby males. The term ‘B. They vary during the menstrual cycle. OdoRo-No in 1919 who warned that social success hinged on eliminating body odour. So the ancient practice of French prostitutes of dabbing their vaginal secretions behind their ears.’ or ‘criadillas de tierra’ – ‘earth’s testicles’. and perhaps affect her ability to ‘read’ pheromone signals from men. www. being at their highest concentrations when women are most fertile. ‘turmas de pearls swine before the opposite sex! Perhaps if we campaigned for people not to wash with detergent-based products (sweat dissolves in water) or wear anti-perspirant/deodorant or strong-smelling perfumes and after shaves we’d all be able to detect compatible mates more Planet Earth: www. discovered to be a component of boar testes in 1944. It would signal strongly to men when they were at their most fertile.’ was first used by deodorant manufacturer. we wash on average more than once per day. and most irresistible. Maybe speed-daters and party goers on the pull would be more successful if they were blindfolded? The bottled pheromones that are sold nowadays to help you attract a mate are synthetic versions of human pheromones.

Make sure the room is warm. A good massage oil is imperative so that your hands glide smoothly over your partner’s skin (see next page).sextoys. Add a little ID Sensation into ID Millennium lubricant to create a perfect massage lotion. Put on your favourite music – nothing with a strong beat. Hannah MANTRIC 0870 744 6314 5/3/07 11:11 am Page 60 massage RELATIONSHIPS indulge your lover M assage is one of the most sensual and stimulating types of foreplay. The ID Lube Company • • • • ‘Red Bull for the clitoris. Friction – Press on the skin to find the muscle underneath and massage the muscles with a circular motion with your fingertips. set the scene – the key to giving a great massage is creating the right atmosphere. Before you start there are some essential laws of push towards the heart and repeat the strokes about ten times. using a constant rhythm and even pressure.nicesextoys. light an open fire. with all of your tools to hand. Next make sure you have a duvet and cushions to make your partner comfortable and some soft towels to hand. Be well prepared before you begin.cherrybliss. Different oils have different properties and effects. Pack the kids off to grandma’s and unplug the phone – you want to be completely 60 ER TIC • A . Three of the most commonly used techniques in massage are: Kneading – A circular motion is made by the thumb so the skin is pressed against the rest of the fingers. Speak softly. keep it soothing and relaxing.UK 08451 662 805 www. First. When giving a massage the flow should not be interrupted as this leaves the recipient feeling a sense of loss. When massaging the find out which scents both you and your partner enjoy. move slowly and keep your hands warm. both the giver and the recipient need to be comfortable! If you have one. this not only creates romantic lighting but also heats things up! Place candles around the room for the softest of lighting effects and burn some essential oils or joss sticks. Circulation Strokes – Use the flat of the hands to stroke the contours of the body.CO.idlube.’ the new ID Sensation warming liquid. Don’t break contact abruptly with your receiver – even when reaching for something. heats upon contact with the skin and gets even hotter when you gently blow on it! Scented with cinnamon and nutmeg to warm the mind and the body. STOCKISTS CHERRYBLISS 01273 465061 SEXTOYS. as this adds to the atmosphere. always keep some part of your body in contact with your partner for continuity of sensation. Repeat each stroke several THE ID LUBE COMPANY 01636 816034 www.

uk AROMATIC OILS FOR LOVE & LUST Anise incites both men and women. a wooden massager. www. patchouli incense cones. From CherryBliss aromatic oils ©Ginger Snaps. Jasmine A powerful antidepressant.. Cinnamon A scent rated highly by both sexes. and also humans. Soothes and calms anxiety and lifts depression.) Below: The 1001 Nights Romance Collection is a wonderful tin of goodies for romantic evenings: a scented candle. From Sextoys. Ginger Persian physician and scholar.) Induces feelings of wellbeing. Ylang Ylang A sweet. but they are powerful. ER TIC A 61 • . For thousands of years we have employed their properties in medicines and cooking. Apply these scented oils freely then gently blow for a warming sensation. relieves depression.gingersnaps. Vanilla An aphrodisiac of Native Americans who often mix it with chocolate. Their effects on the body and mind are not fully understood. Neroli (orange blossom) a favourite ingredient of many perfumes. These ‘hormones’ of the plant world play a role in attracting and repelling certain insects and animals. Avicenna (980–1037AD) recorded that ginger induces a burning desire. Eases nervous tension. such as cold-pressed sweet almond or grapeseed oil and blend with 1 to 3 per cent aromatic oils. sometimes used to treat impotency and cherry almond body gel.) Nutmeg a favoured Chinese aphrodisiac. love and nightly passion. Eases muscle and joint pains and improves circulation. intoxicating oil. In the Middle Ages it flavoured a popular drink called ‘Hippocras’ drunk at weddings to inspire love and sex. oils give spices and herbs their specific scent and flavour.’ Lavender A popular. Myrrh has a musky scent with a chemical structure similar to lavender also soothes muscular aches and pains and stimulates circulation. Worn in the Middle East for both spiritual and sexual inspiration. Sandalwood Sandalwood is prized for being close to human scent. anxiety and depression and soothes and inhibits anger born of frustration.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 61 RELATIONSHIPS Shunga’s Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oils.. Jasmine reduces stress. Cream and Bubble Bath. strawberry body dust with feather duster and an ancient scroll of lovers secrets for you to explore. Helpfully called ‘Be Mellow. Patchouli has a deep scent that is said to overcome inhibitions and nervous exhaustion. Coriander is the aphrodisiac of the Middle East. clove massage oil. and in incense. Do not use rose oil during early pregnancy and not at all if there’s a history of miscarriage.. and flowers and fruit their perfume. Relieves stress. lifts apathy and restores confidence and optimism. A symbol of sex. Models: Ros and Posiedon for love & lust Slip and tickle your partner with gorgeous feathers and scented massage oils from Mantric. (It takes one ton of petals to produce 300g of rose oil. passion fruit and ginger warming massage oil. stress and headaches. or choose from their Lover’s Choice range of Chocolate Rose Relieves stress. (Do not use during pregnancy. good for relieving tension. An important and precious fragrance to inspire love and passion. use a good quality base oil. Ahh! E ssential. tension and insomnia. Jasmine releases its heady fragrance at night and is known as ‘Queen of the Night. depression and insomnia. Rose Stimulates the sex drive. relaxing aromatic.’ ‘Be Closer.’ ‘Be Hot’.’ ‘Be Horny. To make your own massage oils. stress. An antidepressant. aids low libido and impotence. cosmetics and perfumes. Relaxing. (Add 20 to 60 drops aromatic to 100ml base oil or 7 to 25 drops aromatic to 25ml base oil. or aromatic..

Treat them right and you get so much in return. So heaven help you if you have not pleased your woman! Susan Van Scoyoc.lola-gallery. not tonight… She closes him down. the closeness when you wake or before you settle down to sleep slowly but steadily fade away. leisurely foreplay and games which some men seem to think is such an effort. Sex separate from a romantic evening together or lots of foreplay. And they need to feel good BEFORE that amazing array of nerve endings is excited.’ If a woman is pleased and happy she can communicate her pleasure with a come-on and a flash of…?? Deep down. I’ve got a headache. So…women hold the power in the bedroom.invisiblewomen. Watch a sad film together and your multisensorial woman will shed a quiet tear and feel briefly in her heart what she is seeing and hearing on film.. Sex is about intense sensual pleasure. in the little secret place we never talk about women know we have all that power. It is not ladylike to acknowledge the power they have over men! But we have all heard the story – a man can go out wanting to get laid and unless he is lucky he is likely to go home alone. It can also be the silent battleground in a relationship with the woman usually being the one who is offering that cold shoulder. that you love him and still fancy him – or he will go elsewhere! Remember that sex is fun – play together through dressing up. But if there is anything wrong you will soon know – and the first signs are often in the bedroom. A woman’s whole body is wired for pleasure. Women seem to be wired differently. Watch a sensual film and she will feel the warmth and desire. www. Forget all that talk about who wears the trousers and think about what happens in the bedroom. Take a look at the outside world and men are definitely in charge. women need to feel the security of also women on top ©John Dietrich / Lola Art 07774 480855 www. role play or whatever turns you both on. Women are powerful multisensorial beings. Recommended reading: Perfect Mothers: Invisible Women by Susan Van Scoyoc published by Constable Models: Vanessa and Marco T tips to avoid the bedroom battleground For Him: Recognise how much power she really has over you – and be pleased she is still interested! Give her time to talk and share what she is feeling. angry. • • • For Her: Recognise your power and don’t abuse it! Give him the message. Or she makes the first move and he thinks it’s his lucky day. So if they are tired. But for the quickie. If a woman is angry but not willing or ready to say so she can communicate her displeasure with ‘not tonight. The gentle touches. Of Available for consultations on relationships and other matters (see website). resentful.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 62 RELATIONSHIPS she holds the power! hat’s right. Tell her how much you need and value her support. sad and so on then it is harder to interest them in a night of passion or a quickie. • 62 ER TIC • A .. The man makes the first move and. In the bedroom it is the women who decide whether anything will happen. That doesn’t mean that women do not also have the ability to sometimes enjoy a quickie – sex for sex sake. Chartered Psychologist 01245 349072. Some women will deny it of Pleasure – the very word is about being pleased. • • • having the romantic. regularly. A quickie – sex separate from anything else that is happening. Often rough and animal in intensity. Stroke a woman’s arm gently with your finger tip when she is happy and relaxed and you can see the shivers of pleasure either subtly crossing her face or pushing her to stretch and arch her neck. Why? Because this is the one place where women hold power. Let this continue for years and a couple become more like brother and sister. When relationships are rocky the first sign that things are wrong often is sensed in the bedroom. Blow gently on her ear and she will feel shivers through her body. A woman can go out wanting to get laid and it is unlikely she will go home alone. In the bedroom women rule… and we know it. her affection and her body – she does want to hear it.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 63 RELATIONSHIPS Lingerie by Playful Promises ER TIC A 63 • .

let it all hang out with. believe it or not. there are also those who enjoy meeting other broadminded adults but choose to reserve the ‘ultimate’ as a special gift for their own partner only. oral sex with other devotees. ‘to love only one person is anti-social’! And swinging offers an open approach to scratching the itch of monogamy. Another way of meeting sexy. nowadays. or indulge in every permutation from full-blown orgies to gangbangs. as a lifestyle option for all: singles or couples. Others may hope to further develop their particular passion for. new people and widening your circle of playmates is via contact magazines. Of course. at some point or other. purpose-designed venues to more informal after-hours gatherings in pubs. In short. there are a number social groups right across the country catering for all imaginable tastes. directly via email. others opt for ‘same-room fun’ or a foursome. um. the fact is.desire. Indeed. Moondance Media. swinging is a catch-all term for practically any sexual activities that a couple might engage in with one or more other people. And let’s not forget the fetishists seeking to recruit new playmates for roleplay. without guilt. the nation appears to have undergone something of a mini sexual revolution which has seen a marked liberalisation in laws and general attitudes relating to sex. • . and dressing up. you’ve been intrigued by the idea of swinging. and the many naturists out there wishing to connect with other nudist folk to. bisexual women are particularly sought after by couples where the female is keen to explore her bi side. right through the night. www. The former are usually places where couples meet up to socialise and get acquainted with one other. such as saunas and Jacuzzis. Many introduce just an extra partner into the bed for a threesome. both here and abroad. Swinging may not be for everyone but. tend to be fitted out with playrooms. in recent years. and if the chemistry is right. today’s swingers are still predominantly couples but they do often draw in singles as well to make things interesting. Basically. young or old. they’ll arrange future dates or exchange party invitations. Betty Dodson. and with each other’s consent and support. SM games. these days it tends to be discussed more openly on television. and then there are countless clubs and venues for both novices and more experienced ‘players’. who can discreetly exchange photos and details by post.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 64 RELATIONSHIPS swinging all together now C hances are that. Those who have been active on the scene for a while will probably have developed an ‘intimate network’ of like-minded friends for small get-togethers and parties in private featuring hundreds of ads from couples. Such clubs are often preferred by those new to the scene because there’s far less pressure to get your kit off and perform right there and then! Onpremises swing clubs. say. while the seventies are still looked upon as the heyday of the swinging scene. a search on the internet will rapidly yield any number of swinging lifestyle websites where you can get acquainted with fellow pleasureseekers. where both partners can explore various aspects of their sexuality together. fun-loving folk. And these days. And. which also provides the chance to watch and be watched. It’s probably true to say that most individuals in established relationships – married or otherwise – will be tempted by the prospect of sex with others outside of that relationship. And Desire Contacts. even if they don’t act upon those desires. soft furnishings and other facilities. which have long served as a tried-and-tested method of connecting with hedonistic. specifically so you can get down and dirty with one other in comfort. the ultimate guide for swingers. So for many who do want to realise their Moondance Media are publishers of Desire. These clubs range right across the spectrum from plush. the only erotic magazine for both women and men. urban or suburban. swinging is an exciting way to have sexual adventures without going behind your partner’s back. But for beginners. swinging has never been so high profile. there will probably be more people swinging this weekend than watching football on the terraces! Lesley Ann Sharrock. Britons are swinging like never before. so fulfilling both the exhibitionistic and voyeuristic impulses in one go. And whereas once swinging was reported in lurid sensationalised exposés as ‘wife swapping’ by a hysterical tabloid press. While some couples who swap partners might prefer to pair off and go to separate rooms. Of course. for instance. in glossy magazines and in newspapers. In the words of American sex guru. Essentially there are two specific types of club: ‘off-premises’ and ‘on-premises’.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 65 .

‘Screen Seductress’ to tell us about her experiences in cyberspace and her views on sex in the net. Virtual Slut. The following extract is a sneak preview from her forthcoming book. pornography was discreetly closed between magazine covers and slipped under mattresses for occasional visual stimulation. www. A • 66 ER TIC • A Both images this page ©Doktor (see also page 78) . one time cybersex addict. Thousands and thousands of cybersex players enjoying sexual encounters in cyberspace. no need for condoms – but is it safe sex? At last years annual meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Cybersex is a massive phenomenon in the States and is catching on fast here too. Its contents are guaranteed to cause ripples in the popular press! Make up you own mind. Undoubtedly this has its advantages. living only in your imagination. So. We asked self-confessed. two thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers attending reported that excessive interest in online porn was a contributing factor in over half of their cases.spookypop. and no one has yet caught VD from their keyboard. The subjects of your lust were voiceless. Cybersex has made pornography interactive. At any time of day or night you will find eager cyberlovers to chat and flirt with. Once upon a time.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 66 RELATIONSHIPS cybersex is there anybody out there? pparently there is.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 67 RELATIONSHIPS Porn 4 women hy do I like cybersex ? I love it because it is porn for women. In the safety net of the web I had lots of ‘firsts’: my first strip. Full of surprises. He also made a little video clip for me where he fucks himself with his long and bendy cock. He said that the act of doing this turned him on less than the thought of how much it would turn me on to see it. I tell my cyberlovers what to do and where to put the camera. I look at this stuff and I know it’s all lies. Wild. climax and ending. I watch gay • ER TIC A 67 • . creative and interactive porn for and with each other. For six months I was a cybersex addict. throw their hair (extensions) and look straight into the camera the guys are happy. faster!’. Most porn is ANYTHING BUT. in his bedroom that I first stumbled into a chatroom for bi men. Sometimes I got what I did not want: A jealous girlfriend of one of my cyberlovers sending me hate mail turned me into a relationship counsellor for a few days. A cock without a personality is more boring than a dildo – that I can at least feel inside me. Sometimes they would make me come. I am NOT BI. and began taking pictures of my lovers (I had no idea that these images would ever be published). And no anal stimulation whatsoever for the guys. Gay porn is full of sucking and fucking hot men who are wild and free. Mikey knows about me. it’s the seductress here. They are like blow-up fuck dolls that have temporarily come alive (but only just): ‘Fuck me. that was hot! I was throbbing with excitement and was typing away watching and flashing long after Mikey had gone to bed. We were making free and wild. Everything is brightly lit and wide open. One of my lovers is blessed with a long cock and a very flexible body. ashamed or scared. made me think about how real cyberspace can be. fuck me. The most exciting guys that became my long term cyberlovers were the ones who were not afraid to show their faces and were not already wanking when I started talking to them. I fancy men. Too medical to be horny for my taste. They fuck anywhere and anyway. I felt the need to document this sexual subculture. he would occasionally go down on himself and suck his own cock. a black mask and a black strap on. I like to watch men. It was the talking or typing that mattered first. I could not believe how many hunks were out there. Porn for me. I am the director and camerawoman. then it is likely that the feelings that go with it are too and might leak into your day to day reality. I typed my wildest fantasies into cyberspace and the guys loved it. Missing one of my cyberlovers like crazy when his computer went down. I would go into the room and say into my mic. another time black boots. the ‘screen seductress’ and became a regular in the ‘guys who like to be watched wanking’ chatroom. Mikey and me watched eight guys wank for us simultaneously and when I went on cam for the first time ever. Playing with my 12 cyberlovers gave me many intense orgasms on dull winter afternoons. What I loved most about my tailor-made porn was that it was interactive.creationbooks. Unpredictable. plot. my first time dominating a man. then anal and then come all over the girl’s face or breast. He got me into Cybersex. As long as the girls suck their index fingers. My porn. I was not ashamed to show my face. When we played. sometimes I would make them come and most of the time we came together. Sometimes I would stay fully dressed and watch them wank. It gets me more turned on than any commercial porn or even the kinkiest of my fantasies ever has. even if a girl is giving it. I would just shut their window down. It was in his house. Most women in cyberspace type and talk and if they go on cam rarely show their face (unless they are a paid webmistress). I am a straight woman (or as my friends would say ‘queer pagan’. Genitalia galore. My gay friend Mikey reckons I am ‘a gay guy trapped in a woman’s body’. One evening I would wear a pink cowgirl hat and nothing else. my first threesome with a straight couple. It was empowering. I would go ‘one on one’ with them and leave the chatroom. eyes fixed on the lens no matter how steamy the action gets. There are so many taboos in straight porn: sweat. Always the same positions in the same order followed by the ‘money shot’. In short. Sometimes I would dance and strip and watch my cyberlovers getting more an more turned on. Free. And you get to see everybody come and that is a pleasure. Women cannot watch any old porn when we are gagging for visual stimulation – because most porn is made by men for men. Is there anybody out there who would like to play with me tonight?’ And as men outnumber women about ten to W one. The guys always want but rarely give oral. I assumed that cyberspace was a place for losers and loners when in fact it is jam-packed with horny hunks who were happy to do for me whatever I wanted. And it was the hottest sex that I have ever seen on camera. The girls have false hair. And it works. strip or fuck online so the guys treated me like pure gold. I got exactly what I wanted. Like in a butcher’s shop. When I wanna see horny men. No men-on-men action. I love dressing up and the chatrooms became my stage. whilst they wank with the other and it looks great. www. In gay porn you hear real moans and groans and they are allowed to close their eyes or screw up their face when they come. There is no sweat in porn and there are no shadows. I watched without feeling bewildered or annoyed. nails and boobs. A lot. Wow. they fuck doggy style. whenever I wanted it. I made two guys come simultaneously just by flashing my boobs. ‘Hello. Deeper. Virtual Slut by Screen Seductress will be published May 2005 by Creation Books. Porn films are predictable. yeah you are so big. If I liked the look of them. It is the horniest thing I have ever seen. One of my favourite shots is a top shot: they hold the camera up with one hand. which basically means kinky and spiritual). Don’t confuse porn with sexual liberation. Tailor-made to my fantasies and desires: I choose the porn stars. Mmh. blood and intimacy. For months I feasted on male nudity and masturbation without anybody editing or censoring the material and ruining it. Being an unpaid web mistress. If I didn’t like the look of them. Straight porn is so obsessed with the guy’s orgasm and the ‘money shot’ that they forget about the girls. I instantly got bombarded with IMs (instant messages) and invitations to watch. If your orgasm is real whilst playing online. This way neither of us was distracted with IMs and we could concentrate on each other. it does nothing for me or my girlfriends. It made one-dimensional wanking two-dimensional. That is how I like sex. I got myself a Yahoo handle. Never mind if the girls come as long as they swallow his cum.

providing a cooling sensation. Some of the smallest toys we have tested really hit the spot. RoB London. Some vibrators are phallic in shape and can also be used for penetration.rob. They can be used for masturbation or to enhance sex with a partner. Nonadjustable rings.cherrybliss. Try mixing ID Millennium with a little ID Sensation.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 68 HEALTHY SEX top ten buys . you may skip to the next page. You might like one that fits neatly in your handbag. either in front of. when you try inserting. And remember to stock up on spare batteries. or behind the 68 ER TIC • A .com Massage is a much favoured foreplay technique. not even make physical contact with your sensitive part. Once applied. www. must be put on before you become erect. ID Cool Mint is great for oral sex. Blowing on it varies the feeling leading to an explosive and tasty experience for both parties! Lube opens up a whole new world of sexual possibilities and positions! You’ve had the talk. but their key attribute is their vibrating movement. The two main positions for cock rings are at the base of the penis. now what are you waiting for? The ID Lube Company. Stretchy silicone rings can be slipped on once you are erect. Here are a few ideas! ID Pleasure contains L-Arginine. A strong pelvic floor prevents stress incontinence and enhances your sexual control and orgasm intensity. with the intensity of vibration and on where you use it. The main thing is to experiment. Your partner will also feel the difference! We found the product instructions too brief – find good PC exercises on the web. that we are all made differently. And they are favoured by many women who otherwise find it difficult to achieve orgasm. tease your partner by gently blowing up and down their body. You might find some vibrators are too noisy. 4 • KEGEL EXERCISER Natural Contours’ Énergié Kegel Exerciser for women is a weighted barbell with which to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. www.. You might like one that is suitable for all over body CherryBliss. ID Millennium is guaranteed never sticky and leaves your skin feeling like you’ve had a top of the range massage. might. But bigger is not always better. which is why so many people miss out on one of the greatest sex toys ever. Fun Factory toy by Sensualessentials. Some are made to fit behind the testicles. Some women have their most intense sexual experiences when using vibrators.idlube. you just might find some little nugget that you’ve missed! VIBRATOR Every girl should try a This is an electrical device that quivers and is used most often to stimulate a woman’s external genitals. Otherwise.) It is important to note. mains operated vibrators are more powerful than battery operated and will keep a constant vibration. A 100 per cent pure grade silicone lube.. And powerful vibrations that one woman finds arousing might be numbingly intense to another. with the shape and type of vibrator. The possibilities for fun with lube are endless.. a natural stimulant that makes clits and cocks feel fantastic. measure the circumference of the base of your penis when erect. Ladies why not treat your fella to a ‘Thai Rub’. To ensure a perfect fit.1 to find the diameter of the ring to • 3 • COCK RINGS Having achieved a nice firm erection.cherrybliss. As a general rule. ID Juicy Lubes provide a feast of flavours for licking off wherever you • • 2 LUBE A common misconception is that lube is only needed to counter vaginal dryness. you’ll want to prolong the enjoyment and not rush the finale. Be liberal with the lube down the front of your body and slide up and down the front of your man. let them experience the heat. Cock rings and Arab straps are simple devices that effectively restrict the blood flowing back out of the penis. These can also be worn just under the glans or head to tickle your improve your sex life C 1 all yourself a Casanova? If you have tried every one of the suggestions on our list. like these chrome bands. CherryBliss www. A phallic-shaped vibrator with clit stimulator that makes your friend howl at the moon. when choosing a vibrator. the new warming liquid. read on. www. www. During foreplay rub a little into the nipples and watch them stiffen – they probably won’t be the only body part to do so! Try applying a little to the clitoris and shaft of the penis to create satisfying tingling sensations. (There are vibrators specifically designed for men but here we have concentrated on ‘women’s’ vibrators. With battery operated vibes the bigger the batteries the more powerful the vibrations. The later position also prevents the testes ascending into the body cavity when you are aroused. and divide by 3. But they may be a little too intense for some.

Today the choice is bigger than ever.5" (6. from the classic fully-fashioned styles of the 1950s to the latest in Lycraladen lace-top luxury.cherrybliss. After years in the wilderness. But even in the darkest hush hush years of scarcity. also sometimes blurred vision and light • • TICKETS FOR EROTICA 2005! Where else can you find numbers 1 through 9 all under one roof. providing benefit through natural ingredients 10 • ER TIC A 69 • .com 9 6 SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT CREAM Sensitille Cream for women is a blend of natural botanicals that aims to balance a woman’s hormone levels – to address the issues of low sex drive. Stockings are back. 18–20 November 2005 Ticket Hotline: 087073 69 0 69 (calls charged at national rate) www. Remember it’s very important to keep anal toys separate from vaginal toys – never mix the two destinations and always wash toys before and after play. Use daily for the first week and then as required for maximum benefit. jelly. When applied to the clitoris. Sensualessentials. If you have been prescribed a branded form of sildenafil citrate.sexhealth. You must assertain your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. Only available after consultation on-line with a doctor and not to be taken if you use nitrate drugs (often used to treat chest pain and angina) or your blood pressure may drop to fatal level. fondle before you buy and talk to the manufacturers and retailers of all the best adult products face to face? If you and your partner are into sensual. ANAL TOYS Anal toys range from plugs to beads and include bullets. www. 1–3 April 2005 Olympia London. crystal and glass. The first port of call is a local GP or clinic where sound advice and consultation will hopefully lead to the problem being resolved. acrylic. there are cheaper generic alternatives available: Kamagra. Stockings have never ceased to be sexy. RRP £40 Planet Earth www. then with a very gentle one-handed rocking motion the Rock-Chick will stimulate both G-spot and clitoris in one smooth action. try the Anal Finger Stimulator. Insert the narrower end into the vagina. Common side-effects are probes and vibrators. Caverta and Silagra (all sildenafil citrate). Sensitille enables a clitoral erection within three minutes. 2. and they’re sexier than ever. providing added pleasure during intercourse or masturbation. 1 bottle = 30 ml = approx 40 applications. there is only one place to come to stock up on products and ideas to revive. The unique ‘U’ shape of the Rock-Chick allows you to do so while simultaneously massaging your clitoris. vaginal dryness and inability to achieve orgasm.5cm) smooth slim silicone very pliable anal plug with finger hole.mshwt. Sensitille is latex safe and oral friendly. www. restore or reinvent your love life. flushing and upset 8 © What Katie Did Hosiery • 5 • G-SPOT STIMULATOR There are many products specially designed to stimulate a woman’s G-spot. Sizes vary from tiny to enormous. CherryBliss. the SILDENFIL CITRATE If a man suffers from mild or severe erectile dysfunction this can ruin his relationship. sensational sex. with the ridged end resting on the clitoris. there’s never been a doubt about their universal erotic appeal. MSH World Traders. Sensitille is not an irritant. Forget the West End – Erotica is the hottest ticket in town! Manchester G-Mex Centre. They come in a variety of materials: silicone. chrome. Ideal for anal virgins.erotica-uk.sensualessentials. vinyl.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 69 HEALTHY SEX 7 STOCKINGS Nothing turns heads like well-dressed legs. The product sensitises the area and acts as a lubricant. cyclical world of fashion has begun to embrace stockings once again. www. If you’ve never experienced the sexual highs possible from anal play.

com MSH WORLD TRADERS 0870 240 3803 www. L-Arginine. similarly most of us have or desire regular. Muira Pauma. good sexual relations. some of which contain some or all of the above ingredients. It is very important to purchase products from reputable retailers. Male Virility Supplements (both in capsule and patch form) are designed to enhance libido/virility.CO. Damiana. Sexual Enhancement Products. firmer erections and can also lead to an increase in size through the expansion of the erectile tissues. Enhancement oils should contain L-Arginine as the active ingredient. combined with other active and inactive ingredients. with quality products excellent for hormone balance. Tribulus Terrestris. Muira Pauma and Hawthorne Berry. enables a clitoral erection within 3 minutes. Damiana. Expert Herbologists in Chinese and Indian Medicines have succeeded in the development of botanical formulations that effectively improve sexual wellbeing and are side-effect free. excellent for hormone balance. should contain Olive Squalane. They should contain. Guarana and Bee Pollen. Wheat Grass. Many Sexual Enhancement Products are of a herbal nature. eat healthily and look after their Planet Earth’s products are 100 per cent natural. Designed to make the breast tissue firmer. With any booming industry comes the danger of copy products and cheap imitations. provide more frequent. 70 ER TIC • A . Catuaba Bark and Cuscuta Seed in addition. A Male Enhancement Oils are designed to stimulate the erection making it firmer. (Patches should contain Damiana). Some oils leave a lubricating top layer (these are not as stimulating but half the price). leading to increases in cup size. the reason for the interest in this new era of products – to help improve sexual health and personal ability.. This is no different with Sexual Enhancement Products where a lack of effectiveness may be the least of your worries – cheap products may also cause you long-term harm. The better stimulating oils will contain Hawthorne Berry. acts as a lubricant.sextoys. a new generation of products has spawned under the umbrella term. Sensitille sexual enhancement cream for women. Should contain Saw Palmetto. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed).mshwt. Melissa and Wild Yam. such as a toy or an outfit. Wild Yam and Peppermint. Female Virility Supplements are designed to improve female libido and virility. applied to the clitoris. Sexual Enhancement Products physically improve an individual’s sexual ability.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 70 enhance creams and lotions. Quality products should contain Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). as opposed to a product that is used in addition to a person’s ability. and as consumer interest grows to protect our sexual health and improve our well-being. s the UK Adult industry continues to open up and expand. containing natural ingredients that have been used safely in ancient civilizations for many thousands of years.bekindtoyourbody. Male Volume Supplements. Angelica. Female Sexual Enhancement Creams are designed to help increase the chances of reaching orgasm. with additional active ingredients L-Arginine. Quality creams. and Hawthorne Berry. the product you buy should be 100 per cent natural. Saw Palmetto. We have compiled a list of the general types of products available today and their typical ingredients. Muira Pauma Extract. These products are positioned in the growing Wellness More people than ever now take regular exercise.UK 08451 662805 www.. Royal Jelly. Gingko. designed to nourish semen production and aid virility. STOCKISTS PLANET EARTH 0870 756 4001 www. Female Breast Enhancement (capsules and liquid). Be careful with some creams that create the desired effect through irritation (these often include menthol – an unnatural irritant). It heightens sensitivity. is latex safe and oral friendly. we advise using the following checklist. There are many products available SEXTOYS. should contain large amounts of Zinc Oxide. an industry that has developed as people wish to maintain and improve their health and vitality and to fend off illness.

•Always buy from a reputable company or retailer who • Right: Viagel. RRP £24. promotes lower cholesterol and helps your body’s immune system. erectile dysfunction? Kamagra. Whatever the issue there is a V-RX solution.95 Sweet Release For Women As above for men. Ensure they have a good range of products. many GPs are now very open-minded about herbal products. www. consult with your GP. try Sweet Release capsules from Planet Earth. in quality packaging and that the relevant product/ingredient information is available. You must assertain your heart is healthy enough for sexual If you have a friend who has used a product and can talk from personal experience.95 • • Sexual Enhancement Products are excellent fun. Sildenafil Citrate must not be taken if you use nitrate drugs (often used to treat chest pain and angina). Do not just go with the company who make the biggest claims. RRP £24.. Herbal products are very effective if used correctly. A quality product seldom comes in sub-standard packaging. 1 bottle = 60 capsules = 1 month supply. The ability to achieve an erection lasts for around four hours. Planet Earth. V-RX products (capsules. F or some people. patches. Expect to be able to gain an erection between 30 minutes and four hours later. Caverta and Silagra are brands of the pharmaceutical Sildenafil Citrate – an enzyme inhibitor that causes blood vessels in the penis to dilate. to hard apple. Ask for a catalogue or shop online at Planet Earth. Become aware of ingredients. these highly effective drugs are available only after consultation with MSH World Trader’s online doctor. Many of today’s Adult Stores are demonstrating customer care by introducing sexual health checklist lusciousjuice love specialises in or has a sexual health section within their store. oils and creams) are specifically designed to improve erection health. but some may conflict with other medication. If you prefer to buy over the internet or via mail order.. After just 7–28 days use your partner will be able to taste the these work only when you are sexually excited. L-Arginine-based topical gel products for him and her from Sextoys. combat erectile dysfunction and thus improve self confidence. providing great variety and improvement to your love life. Sweet Release For Men Sweet Release capsules have been developed from a unique blend of fruit concentrate and advanced herbal technology to change the taste and smell of male • ER TIC A 71 • . If you take any medication already. Developed to treat erectile dysfunction. take note of what they say.sexhealth. but will change the taste and smell of female vaginal fluid to soft citrus. MSH World Traders. chances are they will be un-substantiated. www.pills and potions •Always look at the packaging. Used carefully your new found abilities will astound you and your partner – you will just wish you’d found them sooner… •Andy Firth. look into the company first. In either fast-acting oral jelly or traditional pill format. the enjoyment of oral sex is tainted by not liking the smell or taste of their partner’s love Left: Most people are aware that our arterial system can begin to fur up as we age (a process accelerated by diabetes). You will both enjoy more oral sex now that your love fluids are good enough to eat! Sweet Release also provides anti-bacterial benefits. Recommendations should be listened to. If cutting down on the beer and curries doesn’t help. 1 bottle = 60 capsules = 1month supply. but few make the connection between a weakened blood flow and a weaker erection.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 71 HEALTHY SEX the romance . Take at least two hours after eating for maximum benefit.

sizes. 72 ER TIC • A . ? ? DID YOU KN W Use plenty of lubricant when using toys – but never use silicone lube with silicone toys! • S ex toys are finally being accepted as something of the ‘norm.45 is a traditional looking dildo. materials. Sex shops can be daunting if you are a sex toy virgin or if you are shy. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you gain most pleasure from clitoral stimulation or penetration? Do you want to use your toy alone or with a partner? Do you want to try something traditional or something new? Imagine what the different materials might feel like.’ thanks to TV programmes like Sex and the City. left to right: Pocket Pulse and Glass Elite Explorer from Mantric. perhaps in a Buzzin’ Bags’ toy bag (left). Dildos A traditional dildo is shaped vaguely like a penis and is made for thrusting. You remain anonymous and can receive your order the next day. most resembling a penis and is not too big at 6. For extra stimulation the Cool Kobe (right) £19.95 is bigger and has a tapered shaft with rings for stimulation. colours and have different functions.5". whatever makes you feel good is fine and you may have to try a few different products to find out which is right for you. the next problem is how to choose a sex toy that is right for you. so visiting a website such as sextoys. Also comes with free passion fruit lube. The Jelly Dong (left) £16. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. They come in thousands of different shapes. Store There are many factors to consider when purchasing sex toys. Waterproof Puzzle vibe from Top Cat Toys and Whisper from CherryBliss. If you enjoy penetration then a dildo may be right for you. is a good starting point. Though many of you feel comfortable with the thought of owning one.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 72 HEALTHY SEX ’s guide a beginner to sex toys Always wash sex toys before and after use.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 73 Left: The Toe Curler singlespeed finger vibe has a range of heads for applying creams.erosuk. Ten inches of Ultra Skin.95. www. If you prefer to go without the clitoral stimulation there are many other types of vibrators to choose from. Some. and pjur Woman (a bit lighter). is a soft silicone cock ring that slips over the penis and vibrates during intercourse to pleasure both you and your partner. The guys at Eros UK have got just the thing for you – pjur Original. The Please Teaser (right). And.95. Silicone-based. Pjur (pronounce it ‘pure’) used to be called Eros.95. they were used to maintain erections – then as now! • Rings & sleeves Eggs & balls Eggs and balls are designed for vaginal stimulation.95. £17. It has six different vibration settings and a light in the tip so you can find your way about under the covers. •Monique Carty. There are many variations of this type of vibrator from the basic 7. You want one that seems to last forever. if you’re using condoms. Works a treat on your clitoris.95. But they thought (quite rightly too) that people would be less embarrassed to have bottles called ‘pjur’ lying around at home.95 which has built in controls and a glittered exterior. These Stretchy Rings (above) at under a fiver each are a very inexpensive way to make a difference! Sleeves are designed to stimulate during intercourse. The G Spot Aqua Vibe. Try the Ultra Skin Valentino (left) £24. Try a classic Misty vibrator (right) £6. £59. Alternatively. it is soft to the touch and smells and tastes of cherry.45. www. Tried and tested. in two different sizes and three vibrant Carved from slippery when wet E G Spot Stimulators If you’ve been searching for this erogenous zone without success try a product specially designed to hit the spot.95. many to resemble dragons. £19. Its multi-function motor features six settings (3 vibe speeds. are metal and weighted so they move around with you as you rotate your pelvis. pulse and roller-coaster). Others like Ben Wa Gold balls (below right).95. Cock rings have been found in China dating from the 1600s. Used for penetration. these gorgeous lubes are perfect for sexual lubrication as well as sensuous massage. like the Rumble Balls (right) at £11. surge. you want one that is certified to be latex safe too. a very different experience is achievable. Made from smooth plastic this is a great starter toy. with hand held controls to the Erotic Silver Dolphin £39. is a handmade curved glass dildo that looks like a piece of art. (Just don’t use with silicone toys!). you could go for something a little more adventurous. The L’amour Curved Swirly. You control the vibration and rotation taking it to whatever level you feel comfortable. the Rabbit includes rotating pearls in the shaft and has a clitoral stimulator. With practice and rhythm. £19. the Rabbit is a dead cert success for beginners.sextoys. ? ? DID YOU HEALTHY SEX KN W Vibrators The most famous of all the vibrator types is the Rabbit (right). Insert into the vagina while masturbating or during foreplay.45. Cock rings hold blood in the penis once it is erect. have a control panel for various vibration speeds. £23. So the new packaging is discreet and stylish – perfect for your bedside table! Visit Eros UK at Erotica for special Show offers on these fabulous lubes. £9. time and again with rave • ER TIC A 73 • .5" Rabbit. veryone needs lube – especially when you’re playing with toys! You need a high quality lube that does not go tacky. massaging and stimulating accupressure points. can be filled with either hot or cold water for added pleasure.

has no smell. Have your partner wear your ring on a ribbon by day. The vibrating bullet has adjustable intensity and uses 3 watch batteries. for serious clitoral stimulation.. www. hypoallergenic. sapphires and rubies are combined to create the finest cock rings. four silicone sleeves. favourite sex Unclip it and it becomes a fine erotic stimulator. With six pre-programmed functions. stimulators and jewellery. • • ER TIC A • . The Wand (left). remote-controlled fun comes in purple or red! £45 Mantric www. Tease your partner – wear it out when only the two of you know its secret. The tiny little marvel operates using two watch batteries in wireless mode. Love gifts with hidden meanings and secrets to • • Erotic Ribbons Millennium Collection Platinum. £60 Mantric www. turbo booster pack. or a turbo booster Chrome Ball Stretchers These beautifully made heavy chrome bands fit snugly around the testicles to produce a delightful pulling sensation as you go about your daily business. finger. before you wear it to enhance your enjoyment by night! Or have a token of your love embedded in a handmade acrylic phallus (above) £105. most innovative couple’s toys on the market. This beautifully presented gift pack comes with batteries. Quiet. They separate into two halves and once in place are joined by a pair of screws which are tightened with an allen key (carefully does it!). £65 to £85 RoB.eroticribbons. three silicone hoops and a special fixture for pierced tongues. this well conceived vibrator is 100 per cent silicone. the Miyakodori is the most powerful and best featured remote control on the The receiving unit and bullet can be used as a toy in its own right and because it uses a jack plug. gold. • Miyakodori Remote Control The Miyakodori is a discreet remote control couple’s toy with a range of up to 7. can also operate many other toys.5 metres (20ft+). a solid silver pendant. Erotic Ribbons cock rings (left) range from The Halo in platinum set with diamonds for over £8000.nicesextoys.. so no wires. Can also be powered by a Mantric or a Miyakodori bullet.nicesextoys. no taste and because its vibrating bullet is removable you can pop it in the dishwasher! The flared base of the 6" sleeve means it doubles as a dildo for harness play. hangs from an erotic ribbon or chain.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 74 top of the TongueJoy Romance Edition The mighty TongueJoy is one of the best known. Attach it to your tongue. toe. £50 Mantric www. Tantus Goddess Perfect for sensitive types. to the funky Stud Ring in silver with black resin studs for less than £200.

more penetrating vibration. Velvet Piranha.velvetpiranha. Must be felt to be believed! 9V battery power gives a deeper. the Sacred G is 160mm x 45mm and weighs approx 464g. to find you the ‘top of the range’ prompted the question. and a vibrator that is so exquisite you can wear it out.topcat-toys. gold or black set with Swarovski crystals and with a ring attachment for wearing on a chain. Six vibration and pulse settings. to make quality our defining goal. £300 Wildcat/SinCentral www. Please find some superb vibrators for women. £50 Top Cat Toys • Top Cat Xtreme Pleasure Vibe The ultimate ‘rabbit’ vibrator – this Xtreme Pleasure Vibe has three patterns of shaft rotation and three patterns of • ER TIC A • . Just 9cm in a G spot stimulator carved from quartz Sacred G Handcut from quartz crystal. giving you unlimited combinations for extreme satisfaction.sincentral. rather than limit your • • Elysia Sure to become a design Each has five levels of intensity. some for couples to enjoy together (and apart!). the bulletshaped Elysia is a beautifully crafted. www. what is a sex toy? We decided. compact and almost silent vibrator. in chrome.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 75 range toys for discerning lovers HEALTHY SEX O ur endeavours. No expense spared for your true love! Unique 9V Vibe A Top Cat product with a totally new sensation. which can be controlled independently. With two rows of rotating metal beads and vibrating stimulator! £70 Top Cat Toys www. beautiful jewellery that is designed for sensual play. heavy duty ball stretchers.

Accidental homosexuality As opposed to intentional homosexuality. If all else fails the celery doubles as a dildo. Anima The feminine aspect of the male personality which Jung believed to be a fundamental archetype of the collective unconscious. Bunny fuck A term for a ÔquickieÕ based on the myth that rabbits mate with a rapidity uncommon to other species. who pride themselves in being obstinate. A true Master of Cunnilingus Ð one who can give his lady the most sublime orgasms by this means alone Ð is granted special status by Womankind. based in London.e.g. of three men. Origami vagina from PORNOGAMI by Master Sugoi (see page 91) . but which any well informed woman knows is the only thing that separates men from total stupidity. The elephants never forgot the incident. ÔCould you chaps bring off that herd of elephantsÉÕ The inappropriate use of this term lead to the deaths. has to suffer the indignity of waiting to ÔoffloadÕ. Blondage The act of tying blonds to bedposts or sundry pillars. Used specifically in the context of a partnership where the female is more successful than the male and not in cases where the male is purely too lazy to work. Castration complex The wellfounded fear. that can be inserted into or retracted from the core of a neuclear reactor in order to control its rate of reaction. Cluster marriage A lethal grouping of married couples who take over a community and Ôbring it downÕ from the inside causing social chaos. More effective in the long term than any bombing campaign. Coitus intra mammas The method a young adult male employs to smuggle sexual partners into the family home without detection by his mother. Henceforth promoted to a higher order of man. last used at London Zoo 50 years ago. Whilst unloading a consignment of African elephants the head keeper shouted. Bush President of the United States of America. Ôaccidental homosexualityÕ is the term given by heterosexuals for same-sex activities in a single sex environment (i. he is also bestowed many brownie points. Madame Pompadour endorsed the product and literature praises it for its ability to maintain. extend and restore sexual vigour. Not all cross dressers are homosexual but to my deep regret I have yet to 76 ER TIC • A Photo © MUSE. Congested Ovaries The mythical complaint of prolonged engorgement of the female organs due to too much foreplay. Celibacy The bizarre act of refraining from sexual activity. Drag The colloquial term for cross-dressing in men. prison). Rabbits are the most thoughtful mates known in the animal kingdom and always ensure that their female has copious amounts of foreplay before penetration. stingy and orderly to the point of criminal insanity. ÔHonest governorÉ it was an accidentÉ I slippedÉÕ Anal triads A notorious gang of underworld undesirables. that sparked off a strange series of events. that women are vastly superior to men. Control rod A rod or tube containing a neutron absorber. during foreplay. Castrati A modern term for the stay at home husband. Mating rituals have been known to last for days Congested Testicles A common complaint in the sexually overactive male who. routed in any patriarchal society. by crushing. Not too unlike vegetarianism in that it seems masturbation would be the negotiable ÔfishÕ element of fair compromise. Circle jerk The guy who volunteers to stand in the middle.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 76 HUMOUR a fictionary of sex or a tongue in cheek making rabbits easy prey for foxes. This rumour is unfounded. e. Bring off An unfortunately misunderstood term. Celery An alleged aphrodisiac. Cunnilingus A Divine Art.

French kiss NOT to be attempted after ten beers and a curry. Erotic hanging A faux practice that has evolved to cover up incidents of husband-icide. Drag racing A sport whereby a bevy of Drag Queens run screaming through the woods chased by a butch young man in leather astride glistening stallions. Origami mouth from ADULT ORIGAMI by Nick Robinson (see page 91) Frigidity Lack of female response or general disinterest in sexual intercourse. N. Predictably the Deer is the most popular female and the Hare is the least favoured male. jolly and unrestrained). this term is oft confused with Ômartial artÕ). Wanderlust An affliction that affects as many as three quarters of human males when faced with the ultimatum of committment. Love apples A vain excuse of a nickname designed to make the licking of testicles seem more appealing to women. marymcmsloan@hotmail. Sex hospitality (wife lending) This can be a hugely profitable. Photo © MUSE. It is not commonly known that MichelangeloÕs David started life with a twelve-inch penis or that Da VinciÕs Mona Lisa originally sat naked with legs akimbo. ¥ Mary McMillan Sloan is a freelance writer: 01273 708802. Sex maniac The man/woman you thought youÕd married. Vagina dentata Forged from dark primal fears of male castration. Intercourse Any sexual activity that takes place between courses. Fellatio Best avoided by those with a sensitive gag reflex. Fondling Based on the concept ÔTry before you buyÕ this practice has been handed down through generations since it first became popular in Ancient Rome. Sexologist An option that the careers advisor forget to mention. She would be well advised to remember that for a man. Romance The sentimental belief of a woman that a man loves her for her mind and her emotions. Ideal date One who makes passionate love to you till 3am. small dick) Bull (bullish. (Upon discovery by oneÕs betrothed. Sex education Hefty tomes passed down from mother to daughter including recipes. Free love ThereÕs no such thing as Free love. Men are classified as Hare (timid. spells. jam or confectionerÕs custard. some men dream about vaginas with teeth. ÔWould you have sex/intercourse with me?Õ is not a good chat up line Ð it demonstrates a very poor imagination. Mistress The correct term for the lady of the house. Sexual vandal Throughout history irate art lovers have defaced or foreshortened images of genitals that they have found threatening or unpleasant. Tart A pastry case. Sex appeal Lonely hearts columns and dating agencies. often topless. Hindu genital classification The ancient Indian method of classifying lovers to ensure the Ôbest fitÕ. Erogenous zone The Playboy car park. 2) A single woman who has decided she wants a husband. Femme fatale 1) A woman that men find attractive both before and after the consumption of alcohol. seductive mannerisms and downright dirty mind games with which to secure a mate. tax-free incentive depending on the condition of both your wife and your contacts within the business community. but hasnÕt yet decided whose. From a female perspective IÕd say that was a burning desire for a blowjob. Monogamy See ÔMonopolyÕ and ÔmonotonyÕ. Fetishism A healthy psychological disorder. then turns into a pizza. with a sweet filling of fruit. average) and Stallion (speaks for itself!) and women are either Deer (graceful and compact) Mares (handsome and maternal) or Elephants (big.B. curses. which couldnÕt possibly be the manÕs fault or stem from abject boredom. Infantile masturbation The ridiculous notion that masturbation is anything less than a serious pastime. Marital aid The freely given sexual support of a close friend or neighbour.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 77 HUMOUR meet and marry a straight one. ÔromanceÕ means any bit of her that he can rub lube on. Foreplay A delicious meal in a top restaurant followed by after dinner diamonds and ER TIC A 77 • .

com 78 ER PornoCircus Anime Girl Pink TIC • A The Art Gallery . I have done caricatures of individuals but prefer to come up with my own hybrids. A. the good Doktor now concentrates almost exclusively on his illustrations and paintings – stylistically reminiscent of Shirow. Brom and Edward Gorey. I would love to do designs for video games. Designing new characters is what I really get a kick out of.’ says Dr. F rom a recent interview with Doktor A: ‘I don’t go clubbing much any more.spookypop. I mentally store away little oddities of dress and expression that will later end up in a melting pot of ideas for new characters and illustrations. •01273 566843. A ‘but when I do I don’t dance – I sit and watch people. www. CD covers for British rock wunderkind ‘Pornovurt’. Doktor A lives in Brighton where he enjoys collecting ancient medical equipment and twisted toys. He is currently working on a series of books with Marcus Lanyon (aka Tarantella Serpentine). ad images for clothes designer Jed Phoenix and a tarot deck.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:12 am Page 78 ART The Art of Dr. a spooky comic.’ Anime Girl Blue Belman Originally trained as an industrial modelmaker.

co. www. and teasing tasters from some of the top erotic photgraphers in the country in our ‘Darkroom Desires’. We have special features on the cybergoth illustrations of Doktor A. I defy you not to find something you like within these pages. represented by Highgrove Fine We adore the work of Richard Young (left and below) and can’t understand where he’s been 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 79 art gallery O sensuality reigns supreme Above: ‘The Passion’ Right: ‘Exquisite’ both oil on canvas by Richard Young. ART • Above: ‘Tower Bridge 1’ by Peter Felix Kurtz represented by Highgrove Fine Arts. Find superb gifts and collectibles from the stylish lot at Iconia.ryoung-art. www.fetishfoto. the gorgeous figurative sculptures of Ronald • The Art Gallery ER TIC A 79 • .uk • • ‘Fine Art Nude 1’ by Christopher John Ball www. Sarah Elizabeth Beaumont and Peter Felix Kurtz are also newcomers. and a lament from Bob Carlos Clarke on the cult of the living ur Art Gallery section is quite simply overflowing with talent. the success story of The Guild of Erotic Artists.

Products range from postcards. www. mugs and coasters to quality badges.dominantms. based on the work of famous (and infamous) artists. 020 8905 9511. by Sarah Elizabeth ‘Paws & Claws’ by Christos Achilléos. through fridge www. • ‘Gymnopédies: All About Eve’ Triptych. ‘Russian Dolls’ by Julian Murphy ‘Muse’ and ‘White Fox’ by Marcus Gray. greeting cards and posters.fetishfoto.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 80 ART Iconia • Iconia offers quality gifts and collectibles. 80 ER TIC • A The Art Gallery . oil on Highgrove Fine Arts.

For TV producers Ronald designed heads for Thunderbirds. He has made originals of plastic giveaways for Esso. And his sculptures for major sports trophies and medals have been much in The Art Gallery ER TIC A 81 • . In 2004 Ronald created a number of lifesize relief sculptures of famous sportsmen and women for the Olympic Hall in Athens. Ronald Cameron graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1951. Londoner. Top right: ‘Hot Lips’ (78cm high) and below: ‘Rachel’ (44cm). For the last 20 years Ronald has concentrated on his art bronzes. The original clay sculpture of a dancer before it is sent to the foundry for casting in bronze. Best known for his naturalistic interpretation of the body. Recent work includes a collaborative exhibition with Prof. His varied career has brought commissions for minatures in gold and silver. that showed at The Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow in 2002. his classical nudes need no coy drapery wrapped around them. Ronald’s bronzes are shown in commercial galleries and sold to private collectors worldwide.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 81 ART The Art of Ronald Cameron Bronze resin figures. each standing on her own base that links to the others to form a circle. Total and Quaker Oats (one company gave away 27 million of his small models).A. •www. Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. Asia and Europe. shown at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2003 won the sculpture prize. Africa. Ronald’s life-size bronzes as shown: ‘The Diver’ (top right). to very large bronze statues. ‘Girl at the Poolside’ (far right) and ‘The Three Graces’ (right) – women from three continents. His self-assured figures are both timeless and modern.cafmeyer. A Each from a limited edition of four. of Scots extraction. David Mach R. The same pieces.

erotic art finds a home he Guild of Erotic Artists is a nonprofit organisation. Richard Turneramon ‘The Artist’s Choice’ Oil on canvas T Lara Addams ‘#73’ Pencil. enable The Guild to present to the world erotic art at its best. Photograph by Dave Davies.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 82 ART Guild Ken Clarke’s Bodycast of Red Lilly. supported by annual fees from our members. One of The Guild’s goals was to establish a permanent exhibition space to display erotic work in a setting suitable to the importance it deserves. The Guild promotes a more tolerant appreciation of the human body with a perennial exhibition of erotic art by both new and established artists. charcoal and chalk on coloured paper Lindsay McDermid ‘Arm Tattoo’ Digital art 82 ER TIC • A The Art Gallery . We host events throughout the year to raise funds and to provide a platform for supporters of erotic art. Here. This goal has been realised in Beaumont Hall Studios at St Albans. Our monthly Erotic Event Days promote erotic art in a popular party setting and encourage members of the public to join in and try their hand at artwork themselves. supporting Red Lilly. Our artists commit themselves financially and by playing an active role at The Studios.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 83 ART ed glory James Alfred Scotchford (JAS) ‘Lady in Pink’ Oil on canvas Ray Leaning ‘Showtime’ Pencil on paper Paul John Ballard ‘Bittina’ Pastel on paper Frances Duncan ‘Adam 3’ Gouache Pete Rigsby ‘Serenity’ Pencil Richard Murrin ‘Aegean Outlook’ Oil on canvas The Art Gallery ER TIC A 83 • .

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 84 ART a shared vision Angelica ‘Dream~2’ Douglas E ‘Awake’ The Studios provide artists with a social environment in which to network. of course to sell. Parties. featuring 25 artists will be published next year. The Guild’s first book. models and galleries working in every concievable medium from stained glass to digital art. bodycasters. Members have created a sense of community and comradeship with other likeminded artists. We also actively seek corporate support and sponsorship to ensure the future of The Guild and The Studios to give our artists a freedom to exhibit their art in a secluded. photographers. exhibit and store work in secure premises and. Continued support from our members is crucial to The Guild’s survival and continued growth. to a body of eighty artists. 01582 791661. And we continue to grow with interest now from overseas. auctions and stage sets enhance the scene. sculptors. • Matt Slade ‘Geometry Bodyforms’ John Keedwell ‘Jacqui stripes’ 84 ER TIC • A The Art Gallery . The Guild of Erotic Artists. Colin Ballard. It won’t be the last. Enthusiasm is infectious. New members are warmly welcomed and are actively encouraged to participate in Guild events. In two years we have grown from an idea. Secretary and Co-Founder. private gallery devoted to that purpose. meet models.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 85 Dave Davies ‘Taylor Veiled’ Mike Crawley ‘Zebra Girl’ Paul Churchman ‘Daydream’ Nancy Farmer ‘Trudi in Chains’ The Art Gallery ER TIC A 85 • . Gabor Scott 020 8455 1809 07956 286 004 www.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:13 am Page 86 darkroom desires frozen beauty Matt Sprake / Newspics Ltd 07770 365 302 Steve Hopkins.hopkins@ntlworld. 0151 336 8756 07802 .gaborscott. steve. • 87 .uk in the eye of the beholder The Art Gallery ER TIC A Gothic Image www.ardent-images.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 87 Becky Randall / Ardent Images 01296 733275 Petra Joy / Strawberry Seductress 07960 346736 www.

noisy. dazed and confused by images of Living Dolls on the internet. dangerous. Fathers. but they don’t wither and die. where violence and brutality against women is endemic and increasing – probably a knee-jerk reaction to the threatening sexual emancipation of real 21st century women. and the love-doll boasts enough human qualities. Men exist in a state of erotic stupefaction. cult of the living doll ÔWasnÕt it in the idea of the doll. I have yet to see an advertisement featuring a female licking the carpet. and which despite its boundless submissiveness remains exasperatingly withdrawn upon itself. Brittney. nightclubs. and dangle from heights. but also dangerous. the gloss is so overdone that the line between flesh and pixel is indistinguishable. ‘But she seems a bit passive. obedience. I was immediately entranced by the emptiness of her hazel eyes and the carnivorous gleam of fresh nail-polish. for she was not unattractive: will there come a time when the surgically enhanced 21st century female contains so much silicone. Beauty is a woman’s most powerful weapon. while their male counterparts are invariably portrayed as grotesque caricatures. and billboards. and elasticity (her flesh can withstand over 300 per cent elongation). uncomfortable. eco-friendly and highly economical when compared to the cost of maintaining a real woman. Pornography remains an exception to the rule. and maybe even a pinch of revulsion. Feminist endeavours to prevent the objectification of women were always doomed. Naomi. which lives solely from a personÕs projections. that one might find what the imagination seeks in desire and heightened transport?Õ Hans Bellmer t Erotica 2002. showy. All popular female icons are peak-time members: Jordan. veneers and varnish. J-Lo. Posh. and his worst nightmare. distortion and digital enhancement were used to sell any other ‘product’. or any reference to the dimensions or performance of her birth-canal. Kylie. hair-extensions. newspapers . and she’ll soon warm up!’ he advised. with the top off. I quickly put her back on her chair as he went on to list the many attributes which render her superior to a standard human female: reliability. hard to handle. that they will be indistinguishable from each other. in magazines. collagen. and females are more sexually objectified than ever.’ ‘Give her a soak in a hot bath. A 88 ER TIC • A . botox. In magazines like Maxim and Loaded. ‘She’s gorgeous. Great fun for a short exhilarating ride. On our first embrace. Like supercars. She was also age-resistant. and rebuilt. porcelain. So the pin-up was wheeled back into service and buffed up like never before. Fantasy females are now the mainstay of advertising and editorials. or interchangeable at least? The Cult of The Living Doll is already well established. and can’t carry luggage. the advertising standards watchdogs would be biting off heads. and the ones who didn’t were buying it in bottles and surgeries. Living Doll-Women are everything a man thinks he desires. she hung on me like a corpse but at least she seemed to like me. Plastic dolls get grubby. denied access to their offspring. Pammie and Company. or ‘immortal’ as he put it.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 88 ART The Art of Bob Carlos Clarke He certainly got me thinking. fidelity (tamper-proof container supplied). and women with PMS are allowed to kill us. but long-term hell. at the wanton hussies splayed over the front pages. because Time is anathema to Living Dolls. Surgically and digitally shaped. with an assurance that implied much prior experience. ‘Love Rats’ are pilloried in the popular press. dress as Superheroes. I chanced upon a naked life-sized love-doll: five grand’s worth of high-grade silicone rubber on a steeljointed skeleton. If the same degrees of discrimination. and lose tufts of hair and an eye. they are desirable. The ones who had it wouldn’t stop using it. they are marketed as the real thing. high-maintenance.’ I told the Realdoll salesman. It’s hard to pass the newsagents without a frisson of lust and guilt. stretched.

caught between a rock-faced wife and a hard-on. especially amongst couples at retirement age. and digital technology has subverted the camera from a reasonably dependable purveyor of truth to a glasseyed liar of the first order. Top geneticist. ‘women always have dinner on the table when you get home’). foolhardy UKIP member for Yorkshire (where. but they are simple’. like hamsters. cyber-sex and lap-dancing clubs are symptomatic of the widening abyss between the sexes. sperm counts are plummeting. and the only woman guaranteed not to assault you while you sleep is 100 per cent silicone on a steel-jointed skeleton. In my defence on Judgement Day. London W1 from 2 Nov – 3 Dec 2004. and these days my lens lies like never before.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 89 ART ADULT FEMALES ATTACK WITHOUT PROVOCATION Above: Shark Left: Infanta Electronica Below: Total Control Godfrey Bloom. As the gulf deepens. www. has promised to fight for men’s rights. complaining that modern women ‘don’t clean behind the fridge’. I should argue the case for all men: that we have been set up and entrapped. I guess. Chat-lines. The good news is that by emulating voles and ER TIC A 89 • All images on this spread © Bob Carlos Clarke . Apparently Britain now has a female majority in every age group over 20. Dr Laura Schlessinger has just published The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Jenny Graves says the Y-chromosome is doomed. •Panic 020 7978 1222. we might have a fighting chance of survival.000 years. Images of Living Dolls should carry government warnings: Passive Fantasising Wastes Lives! Exotic Entertainers Threaten Family Values! Billboard Beauties Increase Braking Distances! Lifestyle has vanquished real life. the divorce rate rockets. 18 Maddox Street.bobcarlosclarke. happy with a couple of nuts and a wheel. •Bob Carlos Clarke’s first exhibition in more than a decade: ‘Love Dolls Never Die’ is at Eyestorm. he claims. and river fish will soon be exclusively female. fit men are gay. She insists that ‘men are not stupid. Welcome to this strange new world where age is a disease. Cosmetic surgery colludes in the creation of a world of false smiles and impossible proportions. and that men could be extinct in just 100.

eroticprints. Gentle and humorous in its handling of physical and psychological sadomasochism. • Charlotte Book Sexy pocket-sized paperback from Webb’s Pillow The Erotic Print Society. • The New Topping Book and The New Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Janet W. ethics and communication skills to the psychological and spiritual aspects of 90 ER TIC • A . With over 180 drawings and paintings. www. Beautifully realised. then brings us up to date with a comprehensive collection of his much admired work. these take us through the MUSE Ray Leaning has turned a lifelong obsession into pin-up art for a new generation. Gorgeous! EPS. It has been described as ‘SM nonfiction that has a pulse and a passion. will caress and inspire your imagination. ‘MUSE’ allows us to glimpse the early inspirations and emerging talent of this outstanding artist. People Up •aYou BeatDon’t You for Living. Discipline and SadoMasochism (BDSM). • Jay Wiseman’s SM101 A Realistic Introduction teaches the fundamentals of safe. and there are some important things you NEED to know! Here’s a selection of fabulous reads to help you play. are essential how-to and why-to manuals for tops and bottoms. A feast of delicious erotic delicacies varied enough to tempt even the most jaded of palates.eroticprints. rights and responsibilities. this remains an SM scene bible for novices and more advanced players. Hardy. submissiveness and dominance. • Screwthe Thorns Send Me Though the original b/w illustrations are crying out to be updated. professional and private dominatrices challenge our preconceptions. And two novel adult gift books will make your friends and lovers smile. Mummy? by Roy Turner. bedtime arts & craft S • ensual offerings from The Erotic Print Society. art and fiction. This first monograph contains previously unpublished work and photographs of early stages of his paintings. the Roses. The Dominatrix inhabits a twilight world of erotic fantasy.’ An underground classic. EPS. Especially good for novices. exciting SM. www. longing and knowing.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 90 BOOKS editor’sbdsm best S afe. with example scenes and explanation along the way. sane and consensual. is the mantra for all who are involved in the world of Bondage. that inspires as much as it instructs. In this compilation of candid interviews. Whether you fantasise about your wrists being lightly bound by silken scarfs or have your own fully-equipped dungeon. More than 300 pages of provocative and arousing photography. his women tease and seduce us with their gentleness and strength. all games need a set of rules to play by.

Pornogami. down-to-it sexpert. Might even sort out your constipation or IBS problems too. there is a wealth of knowledge here that can help. it should have boobs and willies. In no other craft book (save perhaps the one below) will you find the instructions. ‘hold by the balls and squeeze gently. is sweeter when shared. like laughter. With stepby-step photographs and instructions to help you produce memorable and amusing objects d’art. www. cleanliness. fabulously simple how-to guide for successful. ER TIC A 91 • . How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure is full of tips and techniques that really work.htm • A Hand in the Bush For more advanced and adventurous lovers. Don’t be left in the dark. then this is a must.’ Nick sees it as his task to try and generate the odd smile. Self-awareness.eroticprints. Here’s a selection to help you: Y • stories. Dr Gabrielle Morrissey tackles every aspect of sexuality with knowledge and humour. Straighttalking. Adult Origami will have readers everywhere ditching paper aeroplanes for flying willies. women • Aswhat we are often reluctant to say really want. You don’t have to be a sex maniac to appreciate the finer techniques of the books on the right. In over 400 pages she gives insights and information. And. Read this first! • Adult Origami by Nick Robinson. light and happy. it should have challenging subjects and yes. But if you are sexually curious. EPS. This first publication of a body of work by Julian Murphy plumbs the depths of human depravity with the very lightest of irony. or she’s out of town on business. why would I want to? instructional books ou don’t have to be into BDSM to learn an awful lot from our choice of books on the left. where-to. insightful self help for women who feel their inner lover loses out to the demanding roles and expectations of being carer. • • Perfect Mothers: Invisible Women by Susan Van Scoyoc. spouse and mother. safe and ultimately satisfying hand-play. and who doesn’t. May the Laughing Buddha make your journey sweet. preparation and careful progress will avoid the possible pain and discomfort associated with anal play. breaks taboos and reveals secrets and techniques that you wish you’d known years ago. Julian Murphy • The Singular Art oferotic doubleIngenious. is clearly written. witty. let’s face it.newhollandpublishers. a slim. what a relief it is to take a good book to bed instead! editor’s know-how N • o matter how good a lover you think you are. Pleasure & • Anal you’re thinking of Health If trying anal sex.firehousegallery. www. there’s always something new you can add to your repertoire... Arch entendres abound in this superb coffee-table book with a difference that puts a new twist on household objects. and want to learn how to be a better lover. sexy. So should origami!’ www.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 91 BOOKS From the pub to the bedroom. ‘Art should have humour. on the odd night when your lover forgets to pop his sildenafil citrate. Lou Paget’s sex guide for men says it for Urge. Its extremely stylish restraint unleashes a most powerful erotic Pornogami The art of teasing paper into representations of copulating couples and human genitalia by Master Sugoi.

art and literature. www. www. Someone mentioned that I worked in publishing and I found myself the editor of SKIN TWO Magazine. Entries are categorised under: Nightlife. and Online. it’s got no-nonsense sex features with a real woman’s sense of humour. Fifteen per cent of internet porn users are women. though. and the best sex writers around today. Previously owning The Erotic Review. Products. in London’s Soho. Clothing. Borders. And now there’s a women’s magazine offering everything they really want. SKIN TWO Magazine was created by a group of friends who wanted to capture in print the new scene that was emerging. who are sexually confident. A5. Art. there was nothing else like it and it was fun. JADE features international erotic photography. fetish. gorgeous men with interactivity – and Scarlet fulfils all these criteria. Ann Summers sold over a million vibrators last year. It has hot stories. fetish shops and via mail order. Photographers.scarletmagazine. JADE moves into its fourth year with artistic contributors from all genres (fine art. Open and frank. but know that there’s always something new to learn. glamour. Research shows that women want sex content that combines fantasy with advice. Publisher. Publications. and Black Lace has sold over three million erotic books. it’s the way that women speak to each other when men aren’t around. hardcore and SM). he saw a gap in the market for a young and funky sex title for women.skintwo. Out of this jade Y C ritically acclaimed. • quick ‘a pervert is anybody kinkier than you are!’ Jay Wiseman. the SKIN TWO Directory truly is the leading resource for the fetish world. Bondage/SM/Toys. TIC A • . It was produced by fetishists for fetishists. 020 7498 5533. discerning adults. SKIN TWO still covers fetishism and sadomasochism with its trademark style and humour. In fact. Designed for intelligent women. With over 1500 listings of businesses and individuals worldwide. The world has changed. Grace Lau was complaining that there was nowhere for a feminist photographer specialising in fetishism to show her work. Gavin Griffiths is no stranger to sex magazines. It’s obvious that women love sex just as much as men do. nude. there was nothing at all to read that dealt with fetishism with any sort of style and humour. Pin-up magazines were sleazy and serious art magazines were T 92 ER • nervous about sexuality. And no one can doubt the impact of Sex and the City. SKIN TWO is sold at Tower Records. Now published quarterly. and is enjoyed by women and men all over the world. Publisher Tim Woodward remembers the auspicious day in 1984: ‘One Monday night at the club. SM101 skin two he name SKIN TWO was taken from the original fetish club. Attitudes towards female sexuality have changed massively in recent in black and white. a magazine of choice for mature. and due to be published monthly from April 2005. back in 1983 – the world had never seen anything like it. Societies. In the last two decades fetishism has flourished to the point where SKIN TWO’s invaluable listings section has become an annual directory in its own right. Available by subscription.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 92 MAGAZINES scarlet women ou’ll love Scarlet – a new magazine for women who get what they want.

. watch the additional footage disc. Based around the various rooms in ‘Hotel Hyde’ this production is seriously kinky and visually stunning! Directed by Tanya Hyde. Darker Enterprises Sex Survivors •Alessandro Del Mar. she gambles everything on an experimental new sex drug. No man or women is a match for these ladies as they pursue the villainous Dr. Not to mention sultry blonde Tiffany! Hot Rod • Dark Angels – Collectors Edition Directed by Nick Andrews.r18online. Great girls. how does she save the day? Watch to find out. fascinating make-up and effects! Hot Rod • Harmony www. Lots of outdoor The cinematography is fabulous. First up is Mercedes.’ women. this gory porno/horror crossover takes us into the world of the undead as Jewel De Nyle witnesses a murder and fears she’ll be the next victim of the vampires. (Watched surreally on TV by a couple with some odd dubbing into English.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 93 SMALL SCREEN magazine & film reviews scene reviews select DVD F or those of you who prefer glossy high-production films over no-nonsense ‘gonzo’ hardcore here’s our selection of a few of the most stylish R18 films available on DVD from licenced sex shops.. wasn’t a dream after all. Hot Rod • Darker Enterprises. So. Visually this movie could be compared to anything mainstream.V. ‘Only one man can remain.. six beautiful girls and six hunky guys in a truly erotic fantasy world. Darker Enterprises • Sex Angels there were three very beautiful Once upon a time flicks stylish kink • Hotel Hyde fetish fantasy filmed in Fabulous hardcore London.) Darker Enterprises • The Art of Porn eroticism blended with Beautifully choreographed hardcore sex in this Andrew Blake-style extravaganza.harmonyxxx. It seems that dream she had where vamp leader. Games • House ofwork at the Erotic Call Centre. the government has decided that consumerism is God and debt a crime. The world is in chaos and only one person can save it – the insatiable Sydnee Steele. It’s a highly erotic encounter indeed. wearing a skimpy clingfilm top.’ Based on the successful TV series ER TIC A 93 • .com • Euphoria A. Alice goes Kate and Alice out to meet a mystery caller and vanishes. Meet the Sex Angels who are on a mission to save the world with their sexual prowess. www. steamy performance. Sydnee Steele plunged her latex gloved fingers into her.N. awards! In the not too distant Winner of SEVEN future.. Enjoyable spoof of Charlies • Hot Rod. and set on a tropical island with four guys and six women. who has a fabulous session in the rain. Evil and his kinky SM assistant Tania. lush imagery and state-of-the-art effects. You’ll also enjoy cover star Gabrielle Gucci’s sensual. women By decide who.. a place where the most forbidden fantasies and erotic dreams become reality. Extra footage of behind the scenes plus Trevor Watson stills from ‘Kink. In order to clear herself. www. Kate investigates her friend’s disappearance but in her search she is seized by the House Of Games. She enlists the help of detective Dillion Day until she realises it’s too late – she’s become a vampire herself..

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:14 am Page 94 .

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:15 am Page 95 .

We look forward to welcoming you to our London show again next November – but if you can’t wait that long.00 pm 2006 C SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER . 12.00 – G-MEX MANCHESTER 2005 ©Bob Carlos Clarke FRIDAY 1 APRIL .00 – 9. 12.00 pm SUNDAY 26 MARCH . Information and advance ticket details are on our website: • www.00 pm Trade/Press Day FRIDAY 1 APRIL 10. This special package includes: • a standard room • full English breakfast • VAT • Two All Day Tickets to Erotica • plus a Goodie Bag – a saving of over £100! You must book by 15 October 2005. 12.00 pm Trade Fair runs parallel with the public show behind the Main Stage Trade/Press Day FRIDAY 24 MARCH 10. 12.00 pm Trade Fair runs parallel with the public show behind the Main Stage londonhrw@hiltonres.00 am – 1. 12.00 pm SATURDAY 2 APRIL .00 – 9. 12.00 – 9. .00 pm THE GRAND HALL OLYMPIA LONDON EROTICA & HILTON OLYMPIA HOTEL 2005 oming to Olympia? Why not make a weekend of it at London’s four star Hilton Olympia Hotel? Erotica have negotiated a special rate of £160 per room per night (for any show night 18 – 20 Nov 2005) based on two people sharing.EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:15 am Page 96 • come as often as you can ER TIC A W e sincerely hope you enjoyed reading Erotica The Magazine.00 – 9.00 pm 2005 FRIDAY 24 MARCH .Erotica-uk. 12.00 pm THE GRAND HALL OLYMPIA LONDON G-MEX MANCHESTER FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER .00 – 9.00 – 9.00 – 9. 12.00 – 9. we’ll be at Manchester again in Spring. Call 020 7603 3333 or email PACKAGE DEAL FRIDAY 17 NOVEMBER . 12.00 pm SUNDAY 19 NOVEMBER .00 pm SUNDAY 20 NOVEMBER . 12.00 pm SATURDAY 25 MARCH .00 – 9.00 pm SUNDAY 3 APRIL .00 – 9.00 am – 1.00 pm 2006 SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER . 12.00 – 9. and state you are attending the Erotica Exhibition.

EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:15 am Page 97 .

M E X M A N C H E S T E R 1 t o 3 A p r i l 2 0 0 5 ER TIC A • TM FOR YOUR IMAGENATION G R A N D H A L L O L Y M P I A L O N D O N 1 8 t o 2 0 N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 5 .EROTICA_2004 5/3/07 11:15 am Page 98 G .

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