Rolling Meadows High School Tardy Policy

Tardiness to class creates a disruption to the learning environment and takes time away from the class activity. Students are expected and required to report to class on time with their class materials. The classroom teacher will assign disciplinary measures for tardiness to class. Students who are chronically tardy will be subject to disciplinary consequences, which may include detentions, loss of privileges and removal from class. Students who are more than 10 minutes late to school should report to the attendance office for an admit to class.

On Time Definition
A student is on time to class, when the student is inside the classroom/P.E. locker room when the final bell rings. Any other behavior is considered as tardiness.

1st Tardy 2nd Tardy 3rd Tardy > 4th Tardy Warning by teacher Teacher assigns lunch detention Teacher fills out detention assignment half sheet Referral to Division Head: Division Head will issue a 45 minute after school detention and call home Referral to Dean of Students Possible Dean consequences: 2 hour after school detention 4 hour Saturday Detention Removal of late and early dismissal Privileges Loss of parking privileges In- school suspension Loss of class/credit

Please note-Work or school activities are not an excuse for missing assigned consequences. All lunch detentions are to be served the following school day.

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