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Unix Sun Solaris Sysadmin Guide

Unix Sun Solaris Sysadmin Guide

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1.Become root.

2.Shut down the system by using theinit command.

In this command,

Verification—Shutting Down a Standalone System

Use the following table to verify the system is at the run level specified in the
init command.



Identifies the new run level.

If the System was Brought To ...

The SPARC System Prompt
Should Be ...

The x86 System Prompt
Should Be ...

run level S (single-user state)



run level 2 (multiuser state)



run level 0 (power-down state)

ok or >

type any key to


run level 3 (multiuser state with remote
resource shared)

hostnameconsole login:

hostnameconsole login:

Shutting Down a System



Example—Bringing an x86 System to Run Level 0

In the following example, theinit command is used to bring an x86 system to
the level where it is safe to turn off power.

See“How to Turn Off Power to All Devices” on page145 if you are bringing
the system to run level 0 to turn off power to all devices.

#init 0
INIT: New run level: 0
The system is coming down. Please wait.
The system is down.
syncing file systems... [11] [10] [3] done
Type any key to continue


System Administration Guide, Volume INovember 1995


Example—Bringing a SPARC System to Run Level S

In the following example, theinit andboot commands are used to bring a
SPARC system to run level S (single-user state).

Where to Go From Here

Regardless of the reason for shutting down the system, you’ll probably want to
return to run level 3 where all file resources are available and users can log in.
SeeChapter8, “Booting a SPARC System,” orChapter9, “Booting an x86
System,” for instructions on bringing a system back to a multiuser state.

#init 0
INIT: New run level: 0
The system is coming down. Please wait.
syncing file systems... [7] [7] [5] done
Program terminated
okboot -s
Booting from: sd(0,0,0) -s
SunOS Release 5.5 Version generic [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
Copyright (c) 1983-1994, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
configuring network interfaces: le0.
Hostname: venus


Type Ctrl-d to proceed with normal startup,
(or give root password for system maintenance):xxx
Entering System Maintenance Mode


Shutting Down a System



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