Touch sensors have been around for years, but recent advances in mixed signal programmable devices are

making capacitance-based touch sensors a practical and valueadded alternative to mechanical switches in a wide range of consumer products. For applications in home environment we suggest 3 type of touch interface for various purposes 1. Capacitive switches with glass covering 2. Metal over capacitive touch : : Indoor application Outdoor application

3. Metal over touch with water resistance algorithm : Wet conditions (eg: Kitchen)

For indoor areas this includes proximity and ambient light sensed backlighting for power saving and smart interface. And it has 3 light indications for device status. Product Highlights  Ease of use  Completely isolated from mains power  Easy to implement home automation. Product Features  De-attachable relay for verity power conception.  Deep sleeping for reducing power conception  4 or 6 step slider for Fan and dimming light application.  Water resistance algorithm for stable operation.  Simple contact attachment to wall mounting for easy wiring and troubleshooting  Brownout protection for electrical device (e.g.: Low AC voltage)  Over voltage and over load protection.  Networking option for implementing home automation (e.g.: CAN or LIN )