Chapter # 1

Information System Prepared by: Mazhar Javed Awan


com(03334461420) 2 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo.Data & Information DATA  Collection of facts and figures Representation of information  Numeric Alphabetic Alphanumeric  INFORMATION  Processed and meaningful form of data is information  Reprocessed data to get more results mazharjaved2001@yahoo.

com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo.Data Examples    A set of names and addresses written on student¶s admission form A telephone conversation converted to electrical signals to be sent down the wires A song written in sheet music so that it can be played 3 .

com(03334461420) 4 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo.Information Processing  Is the organization. Listening the songs Reading a map from one place to other What does the number 29061996 mean? Is it:         A birthday? (29th June 1996) A bank account number? A club membership number? A telephone number?  Without processing or more information this data is meaningless. manipulation and distribution of information   Example: The sorted data for those students in admission form which have taken computer subject. mazharjaved2001@yahoo.

com(03334461420) 5 .Data Processing Process Output Input Data Collection

Processing Processing has various operations  Calculation  Analysis  Comparison  Manipulation 6 .

com(03334461420) 7 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo. (INPUT) ‡ The data is processed. (PROCESS) ‡ Information comes out of the information system.The three stages of doing tasks Input Process Output ‡ Data is put into the information system. (OUTPUT) mazharjaved2001@yahoo.

com(03334461420) 8 .Manual information systems   We are all used to using manual information systems. An example of a manual information system is a telephone mazharjaved2001@yahoo.

(INPUT) We look up the name and the address (PROCESS).com(03334461420) 9 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo. (OUTPUT) mazharjaved2001@yahoo. and we find their telephone number.Manual information systems   All we need to know to find a person·s telephone number in the telephone book is their name and address.

(OUTPUT) mazharjaved2001@yahoo. (PROCESS) ‡ Find the telephone number. (INPUT) ‡ Look up the name and 10 .Manual information systems Input Process Output ‡ Have the name and

com(03334461420) 11 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo. These include: Greater flexibility  Speed  mazharjaved2001@yahoo.Computerised information systems   Computerised information systems have several advantages over manual information systems.

mazharjaved2001@yahoo. This database can be used to find information about a vehicle or driver even if the data is 12 .Examples of computerised information systems    DVLA ² Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority The DVLA has a computerised database about every driver and vehicle in the UK.

com(03334461420) 13 . mazharjaved2001@yahoo. By using several terminals different people can access information at the same time. Information is not duplicated.Advantages of computerised information systems     A single computer can store all the information needed. Information can be transferred to other computer systems To convert information or data into a form ready for processing Example: Information about products is encoded into bar codes which are then printed on products 14 .

Decoding  To convert data back to a form where it can be understood. the names of the teachers are stored . Example: On a school data file. 15 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo.

com(03334461420) 16 .com(0333mazharjaved2001@yahoo. In schools there is a admission form that filled completely and send admin back . mazharjaved2001@yahoo. Their details are typed into a computer via a keyboard.Data Collection   Bringing together all the data for an application and getting it ready for processing.

com( 17 . The card is read by a mark sensing device.Data Capture Means obtaining data for a Computer  Term is used in situations where a computer peripheral inputs the data automatically.  mazharjaved2001@yahoo. Example: Example: In examination candidate does a multiple choice test by making a card with pencil in right places.

All types of equipment or programs that are used in processing information World has become a global village Information can be communicated in any shape such as Photographs Movies Text Digital diagrams 18       .Information Technology   Uses Computing with high speed communication links to spread information from one place to

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