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Page 010: Activity // Tables Worksheet

Columns: _________________________________________

Rows: ____________________________________________

Tables are described: __________ X __________

Task 1:
Create the following tables. Skip a line for each table you create.
A. 5 x 3 Table
B. 2 x 2 Table
C. 8 x 10 Table
D. 3 x 2 Table
E. 1 x 2 Table

Task 2:
Create the following table and adjust the properties so that they look similar.




Task 3: Make these tables (harder!)

Task 4: Make a Table that looks like this:
You can use your favorite Characters on a TV show.
Character Name Television Show Picture
1. Monk Monk

2. Raven That’s So Raven

3. Michael Scott The Office

4. Peter Griffin Family Guy