Classification of project

The major classifications of project are: (i) Quantifiable and non-quantifiable projects: Projects for which a right quantitative assessment of benefits can be made and termed as quantifiable projects. Projects related to power generation, mineral development industrial development are examples of quantifiable projects. Projects for which quantitative assessment cannot be made are termed as non-quantifiaible projects. Projects involving health. Education and defence are some examples of non-quantifiable projects (ii) Sectoral projects: Projects art: classi ed based on different sectors. Some examples are: y y y y y y y y y y y Automobile sector Agricultural sector Power sector Health sector Education sector 'Transport sector Manufacturing sector Food processing sector Mining sector Irrigation sector Miscellaneous sector. etc

(iii) Techno-Economic projects: Projects can be classi ed based on techno-economic characteristics This classi cation has three groups (a) Factor Intensity-oriented classification: Based on intensity of factors. projects may be classified as capital Intensive or labour intensive. lf a large investment is made in plant and machinary. then such projects are called capital intensive. On the other hand. If involves large number of human resources it wil be termed as labour intensive. (b) Causation-Oriented Classification: Projects can be classified as demand based or raw material based projects. The existence of demand makes it a demand based project whereas availability of raw material skills and other inputs makes it raw material based. (c) Magnitude Oriented Classification

medium scale and small scale . the projects are classified into large scale.It is base don the size of the investment involved in the projects . .

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