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Sales Analysis - Big Bazaar (SAP BW)

Sales Analysis - Big Bazaar (SAP BW)

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Published by Murali Devarinti

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Published by: Murali Devarinti on Aug 23, 2011
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Business Scenario ± Sales Analysis for Big Bazaar

sales region. . sales representative and material. outlet.Business Scenario To develop a data model in SAP BW to analyze sales for Big Bazaar based on parameters like customer.

Master Data ± Strong Entities Create characteristics for following strong master data entities ‡ Customer ‡ Outlet ‡ Sales Office ‡ Sales Region ‡ Sales Representative ‡ Material Use Calendar Day and Calendar Month as time characteristics .

Master Data ± Week Entities Create attributes for following week master data entities ‡ Customer Name ‡ Customer Location ‡ Material Name ‡ Material Group .

Additional Master Data (Hierarchy) Create a hierarchy where sales offices are assigned to sales regions and sales representatives are assigned to sales offices .

Key Figures ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Quantity Price Tax % Sales Revenue .

.Data Loading strategy ‡ Load all master and transaction data using flat files.

(Query Designer) ‡ Monthly consolidated graphical report customer vs sales revenue and material vs sales revenue (WAD) .Reports to be delivered ‡ Daily sales report containing customer. (Query Designer) ‡ Daily sales report with hierarchy. outlet and sales rep and all key figures.

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