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The Real Face of India by Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry

The Real Face of India by Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry

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Published by Irfan Mahmood

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Published by: Irfan Mahmood on Aug 23, 2011
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  • Writer¶s Note
  • Ancient India: Parallel Faiths
  • The Rise of the caste system
  • Partition of India
  • Congress responsible for division
  • Exploitation of children and women
  • The real face of India
  • Role of the Gandhi family
  • The fall of Nehru dynasty
  • India ignoring its citizens
  • False claims of secularism
  • India¶s hostile attitude
  • The myth of confederation
  • The separatist movements
  • The Naxalite Movement
  • The Khalistan Movement
  • The Indian Parliament--- a gang of criminals
  • Religious extremism
  • The Hindu Taliban
  • Talibans¶ triumph
  • The Thakurs of India ± the messengers of hate
  • Army¶s moral degeneration
  • Arms theft and commission mafia
  • Court Martial of soldiers
  • The real face of hypocrisy
  • Conspiracies against neighbours
  • RAW¶s covert war against Pakistan
  • Chaos in Balochistan
  • India¶s Pakistan Phobia!
  • Our eternal enemy
  • Atomic sub-marine
  • Unreasonable blame game
  • Indian army chief going wild
  • Expansionist Policies
  • Anxiety at Gawader port
  • Anti-Islam activities
  • Indian activities in Afghanistan
  • India can be spoiler in Afghanistan
  • Satellite for espionage
  • Sino-Indian rift widens
  • Occupation of Nepalese Territory
  • RAW¶s activities in Nepal
  • Indo-Bhutan relations
  • Terrorism in China
  • A wolf in sheep¶s clothing
  • Freedom movement in the occupied Kashmir
  • Resolution of Kashmir dispute
  • The Kashmir issue and peace
  • Backing away from Kashmir issue
  • Obduracy on Kashmir
  • More forces in Occupied Kashmir
  • Atrocities on the Kashmiris
  • The national hero of occupied Kashmir
  • Occupation of Siachen
  • Hydro power projects on Chenab
  • Dam on Kabul River
  • India¶s role in terrorism
  • The plight of the Muslims
  • Demolition of Babri mosque
  • The Malegaon investigation report
  • Maltreatment with Muslim prisoners
  • Indo-US defence pact
  • The Indo-Israel designs
  • Campaign against ISI
  • The Mysterious Death of Atomic Scientist
  • India not ready for dialogue
  • India shining or declining
  • Heading towards downfall
  • Notes and References

India is a big country with the second largest army of the world which consists of

more than a million army-men.

A Good army is maintained only through good and exemplary discipline. But the

army with corruption cannot have good discipline. So far, there have been eight

thousand and one hundred court martial cases in the Indian army.

It is said that an army is always selfless and it is above monetary rewards and

personal gains. Contrary to this, Indian army has always been involved in efforts of

getting rewards by hook or by crook. The Indian army created so much havoc to

grab rewards that Mankat Ram Sharma, the non-Muslim Vice Chief Minister of

Occupied Kashmir could not control his agitation. He admits that Indian army

officers, appointed in Occupied Kashmir are making false accounts of the surrender

of freedom fighters to get promotions and rewards. Similarly, a commanding officer

of the Indian army, after destroying an artificial check-post at Siachen Glacier, not

only tried to prove it a Pakistani post but also declared it a great achievement. But

his plan exposed by his own mistakes and the truth came out.

The Indian authorities arrested two Brigadiers on the charges of stealing

ammunition. Brigadiers Maery Lal Shankar and Ramesh Kumar Varma of Kolkata

headquarters were taken into custody on the orders of central Army Headquarters

Delhi. Both of them stole ammunition worth three and a half billion rupees from the

secret ammunition stock of Kolkata. This most modern ammunition was bought by

India from Israel and Russia. One hundred and eight sealed boxes of modern Israeli

rifles were brought to Kolkata from Calicut.

Some time ago, thirteen senior Indian officers were arrested on the charges of

corruption. Eight of them were from the army and five from navy. Director General

Lieutenant General Surrindar Sahni, Deputy Commissioner of Indian Army Supply

Corps was also one of the culprits. Four brigadiers were also involved in it. These

officers were also involved in taking kick-backs in the purchase of military ration.

The sub-area Commander is responsible for the logistic supply of all the army of

his area. In this area, it is his responsibility to provide purchase of every kind of

ration and transportation for the movement of the army and to conduct construction.

In this work, there is a vast opportunity of corruption. Some officers did corruption

in buying sauce for the army against whom action was taken.

The Indian defense ministry declared punishment for the Indian general through

court martial. Major General Graqbal Singh was charged of stealing four trucks of

wine. The tax- free wine was for the front-line soldiers. After the charges were

proved, he was demoted and was sentenced to three years¶ imprisonment. Sixteen

other officers were also involved with General Garqbal.

Ration Scandal, Kolkata scandal and FIR against Defence Minister George

Fernandes regarding the purchase of defence system ³Burk´ from Israel with kick-

backs, are some other prominent cases of corruption in Indian Army.

Before the above mentioned scandals, there has been involvement of the corrupt

group of Army Officers in the defence deal of Bofors Guns. Bofors scandal


destroyed the political reputation of Ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his image

of being ³Mister Clean´ was tarnished at the public level.

George Fernandes¶ stubbornness is matchless regarding these scandals. George

Fernandes was at the top of the list among the individuals who made financial

benefits from the Kargil War between Pakistan and India. He earned commission in

the import of steel-coffins for the Indian soldiers who were killed during that war. In

the purchase of the coffins high ranked army officers also took full advantage.


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