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The Real Face of India by Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry

The Real Face of India by Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry

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Published by Irfan Mahmood

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Published by: Irfan Mahmood on Aug 23, 2011
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India claims to be the biggest democracy of the world. She wants to maintain her

dominance in Asia. She has recently been in the headlines of the world media

because of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai city in November 2008.

India uses any fair or unfair means to remain in the headlines ± be it the Golden

Temple case, demolition of Babri Mosque, riots in Gujrat, the burning of Churches

in Orissa, the murders of Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, but still being portrayed as

the worlds¶ largest democracy and the second fastest growing economy after China

or for her extreme poverty.

No civilized person can even imagine what India has been doing with her

religious and cultural minorities. 200 million untouchables have been compelled to

live a life worst than that of animals, devoid of any human rights. The conditions of

the 270 million Muslims are even lower than that of the untouchables. More than 1.7

million fanatic workers of the extremist Hindu organizations have made the lives of

religious and cultural minorities¶ as miserable as ever.

Hindu-Muslim riots are the order of the day. The Hindus along with the Sikhs

killed about one million Muslims at the time of partition. They martyred thousands

of Muslims during the demolition of the Babri Mosque in 1993. 5,000 Muslims were

killed in Gujrat carnage. 2500 of them were burnt alive. More than 100,000 Muslims

were martyred in the Kashmir valley. Recently, 40,000 Christian families were

severely tortured in Orissa. Their homes were looted. Hundreds of churches were

torched. Priests were burnt alive. About 300,000 Christians had been killed in

Nagaland since 1947 and 250,000 Sikhs murdered since 1984. Due to the cruelties

of the extremist Hindu organizations, movements for separate homelands have been

going on in 22 states of India. More than 800,000 Indian troops have been fighting

against them. There are 175 rebel organizations in Occupied Kashmir and in the

north-western states, 39 in Manipur and 36 organizations in Assam have been

fighting for their freedom and independence. Maoist rebels have captured about 40

percent of India giving hard time to the Indian military forces.

May these fanatic Hindus learn that instead of dreaming of a greater India and

spending 320 billion rupees annually on weapons and army to teach Pakistan a

lesson, to avenge the 1000 years of slavery, to occupy Kashmir forcefully, to crush

the freedom movements and to enslave the cultural and religious minorities, India

should give freedom to the Kashmiris and recognise Pakistan and spend the

country¶s money on the welfare of its citizens. It would not only benefit billions of

her own people but also all the people of the region and the whole world. India,

instead of claiming to be the biggest democracy of the world, should call itself an

extremist, highly prejudiced, clever and cunning, imperialist, war-monger, un-

educated and simply declare that it wants to dominate Asia in spite of all its sins.

India has many faces. Economists tell us that in the future, India would be the

second biggest power of the world after China. Her GDP today is 1.2 trillion dollars.

She is the 12th

biggest economy of the world. The rate of her industrial growth is

over 9 percent annually, which is the highest in the world after China. Its foreign


reserves amount to 262.306 billion dollars which rank fifth in the world. There is no

multi-national company which doesn¶t have an office or a factory in India. Its

shopping centres and industrial zones are at par with those in Europe and America.

Foreign investors are getting no new opportunities for investment. India¶s

Information Technology (IT) industry is at the highest point. Thousands of IT

specialists, engineers and economists are graduating from the universities and

contributing towards the country¶s development. Their demand is there all over the

world. Developing motorways, fastest railways, latest intercity transport system,

busiest airports and seaports point to the country¶s economic development. The

historical buildings, especially the Taj Mahal, and other sites of tourism attract

tourists from around the world. Indian films have enchanted the viewers all around

the world. The Indian film industry is the second largest film industry in the world

after Hollywood in The United States. It is believed that because of its vulgarity and

boldness, it would leave Hollywood far behind.

However, with all these glaring figures, India still has more than 450.6 million

people out of its 1.2 billion populations living below the poverty line. This number is

the largest poverty population in the world. 960.3 million people of the world are

dying of hunger, and 200 million of them are Indians. 70.2 million Children are

victims of mal-nutrition in India. 580.4 million Children die every year, and 200

million of them are Indians. 10.21 billion people of the world don¶t get clean

drinkable water, and 380 million of them are Indians. 2006 million people of the

world do not have access to basic hygiene and sanitation, and 580 million of them

are Indians. There are 42 million people suffering from AIDS/HIV and 5.7 million

of them are living in India. 3.61 million of them die every year. There are 200

million patients of TB in the world and 3.5 million of them are Indians. 525,600

women die every year in the world during pregnancy, and 78,000 of them are

Indians. 400 million people in India are illiterate, that is the highest illiteracy rate of

the world. 40 million of Indian children do not go to schools and 30 million of them

live on footpaths. About 1.25 million of the peasants commit suicide every year and

1.2 million women are being killed every year because of dowry related issues.

India spends 32.7 billion dollars on defence annually. India has 1.325 million

armed, 1.155 million reserve and 1.293 million paramilitary forces, along with 3978

tanks, 1260 fighter planes, one aircraft carrier and 60 atom bombs. Its appetite has

still not been filled and it is continuously buying more weapons and recently

purchased three latest AWACS planes from Israel. One has already reached home.


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