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EUTHANASIA 2 .Mercy Killing 23-Aug-11 LAW .

Meaning y Derived from: Greek words "eu and thanatos which combined means well death or "dying well". relieving incurable suffering in terminal illness or disability. y Euthanasia is the practice of having a medically- assisted death.EUTHANASIA 3 . y Euthanasia is the deliberate bringing about a gentle and easy death. 23-Aug-11 LAW .

23-Aug-11 LAW . The two words don t go together. social and compassionate. When we call it mercy killing. y There are many points of view on euthanasia. euthanasia has sparked intermittent debates and activism in the world. legal.Introduction y The subject of euthanasia is very emotional. there cannot be mercy and then killing.EUTHANASIA 4 . y Since the 19th Century.

 Involuntary : this is said to occur when a patient is killed against his express will.  Non voluntary : refers to ending the life of a person who is not mentally competent to make an informed request for death.Classification  Voluntary : a person asks for death.EUTHANASIA 5 . 23-Aug-11 LAW .

prevent death. DRUG OVERDOSE 23-Aug-11 LAW .EUTHANASIA LIFE SUPPORTING MACHINE 6 .Ways of administering Active Euthanasia y Involves painlessly putting Passive Euthanasia y Involves not doing something to individuals to death for merciful reasons.

2011 the Supreme Court had legalized passive euthanasia by means of the withdrawal of life support to patients in permanent vegetative state. 1860. y Euthanasia and suicide are different.EUTHANASIA 7 . 23-Aug-11 LAW . y Valid consent of the deceased: Exception 5. euthanasia was undoubtedly illegal but on 7th of March. y Cases of mercy killing clearly fall under clause first of Section 300 of the Indian Penal Code.Law in India y In India.

protection of life and personal liberty .Law in India y The law in India is also very clear on the aspect of assisted suicide.EUTHANASIA 8 . y Abetment of suicide is an offence expressly punishable under Sections 305 and 306 of the IPC. y Considering Article 21 . 23-Aug-11 LAW .

God is the owner and giver of life and His right in giving and taking are not to be violated. 23-Aug-11 LAW . Judaism.EUTHANASIA 9 .Religions vs. Euthanasia: All monotheistic religions are 100% against euthanasia. Christianity and Islam view both euthanasia and suicide crimes as crimes just like any other murders.



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