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Published by Jon Costantino

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Published by: Jon Costantino on Aug 23, 2011
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An Introduction to Association of Carbon Market Participants (ACMP

What Is ACMP? ACMP is a California-based association dedicated to promoting the effective design and operation of greenhouse gas (GHG) marketbased emission reduction schemes in California. In addition, ACMP will provide real-time regulatory and legislative insight and analysis to its members, and advocate common positions with the policymakers who are creating and operating these markets. The Growing Policy Choice: Compliance Markets State and regional policymakers, particularly in California, have increasingly chosen to use the power and efficiency of the marketplace to achieve environmental goals. The following programs have major market design components that will be tracked and analyzed by ACMP: AB32/WCI Cap and Trade Low Carbon Fuel Standard Renewable Portfolio Standard Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation Who Should Be a Member? Any business or industrial entity with a material interest in these growing and interrelated sets of markets. ACMP membership is open to both entities directly subject to market requirements and also to third-party participants. Membership is open to: Directly Affected Entities Credit Brokers Project Developers Offset Verifiers Emission Registries Environmental Accountants Trade Organizations Carbon Funds Non-Government Organizations Why Join ACMP? Unlike sector- or industry-specific trade organizations, ACMP’s goal is to ensure a wellfunctioning market without respect to individual benefactors. ACMP is uniquely positioned within California to provide the necessary access, information and analysis to promote these goals. Members will be part of a broad coalition of market participants who will receive real-time analysis of regulatory and legislative information. ACMP members will also have the ability to influence these programs as they develop over the coming months and years. These markets are not going away, therefore understanding and shaping them is key in today’s business climate. Having the real-time information and analysis provided by ACMP will be invaluable when future business decisions are made. Why Join Now? Though some of these markets are currently functioning, most are still being created, and none of them can be considered fully mature. Therefore, many policy and technical decisions need to be made in both the near term and as the programs develop. ACMP is well positioned to inform and persuade policymakers overseeing these decisions. The Value of Membership ACMP staff have worked and managed these programs directly within the implementing agencies. The information provided will be realtime and will be a two-way street with policymakers. When the market rules are proposed or finalized, ACMP members will be the first to know what the changes really mean. Also, policymakers will benefit from the vast experiences of ACMP’s broad membership. Guiding Principles For compliance markets to achieve their goals they must provide market participants certainty of operation while achieving their environmental goals. ACMP advocacy will focus on the market parameters most critical to successful operation including that they are: Liquid Deep Stable Transparent Low in Transaction Costs What’s at Stake? Environmental compliance is more complex than ever. How the rules of the game are written, interpreted, enforced and publicized can greatly influence your business. These rules can be the difference between profit and loss. There is no downside to active participation. For more info or to become a member, contact Jon Costantino at 916-552-2365 or jcostantino@manatt.com

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