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Many programs require writing professional level papers. With a few editing modifications these papers could be ready for publication. The experience will enhance your professional career, meet some graduation requirements, and share ideas with colleagues worldwide. Additionally, you can leave a written legacy of your original work that may be cited by future students.

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Journal of International Students
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ISSN 2162-3104

Journal of International Students PO Box 1270 State University Arkansas State University AR 72467 USA E-mail: center.asu@gmail.com Phone: 870-972-3943 Ext. 4124

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What is the goal of the Journal?

Journal of International Students (ISSN 2162-3104) publishes original and quality research, conceptual papers and book reviews related to international student affairs, teaching and learning or cross-cultural understanding. Research Papers: Completed interdisciplinary research papers to international student studies such as learning style, admission, immigration, insurance, housing, and health, adjustment issues and so on. Student Papers: Research papers written by students (graduate/undergraduate) on any topic of their interest i.e. terms papers, final essays, and individual research related to international students or their counterparts. Book Reviews: Reviews on any books related to international education, comparative education, cross-cultural understanding, or international students and their issues. Where can I send my manuscript? Please email your manuscript to center.asu@gmail.com. Include your full address with email and telephone number. Follow APA 6th edition in your citation and references. Double Space. Times New Roman with 12 font size

The goal of the Journal of International Students is to feature narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, case studies, and book reviews relevant to international students and their cross-cultural experiences and understanding. How often do you publish the Journal of International Students? Journal of International Students publishes biannually in spring (June) and fall (December). Is there an author membership to publish the accepted manuscript? Currently, the Journal does NOT charge any membership or author fees. Reviewed and accepted manuscripts publish subsequently without handling fees. Is this Journal published online? No. Journal of International Students is a print publication. However, sample papers and information related to the Journal, editorial members, and call for papers are online. Visit at www.jistudents.wordpress.com How long does it take to get my paper published in this Journal? It takes at least two months to get accepted into the Journal if your manuscript meets all the requirements or criteria of publication. Each received manuscript is read by three reviewers and recommended if the reviewers find the manuscript meets the goal of journal and its audience.

Can I be a peer reviewer of the Journal? Yes, if you have publication experience or are familiar with the nature of evaluating an academic papers. Mostly graduate students, doctoral students and faculty are our peerreviewers and editors of the manuscripts What is the responsibility of a reviewer? The responsibility of a reviewer is to provide a complete, fair, thoughtful evaluation of manuscripts to ensure all published work meets the goals of the Journal. What are the precise duties or tasks of the reviewers? Reviewers are asked to consider the following criteria: General: Does the paper contribute to the field of international students? Does the paper help to know international students and or their teachers in teaching and learning? Subject Treatment: Does the paper cover issues of international students or their teachers? Is there sufficient evidence to support the author’s thesis? Is the information accurate and consistent? Are descriptions clear and presented in enough detail? Does the title reflect clearly the content of the article? Presentation: Should the text be expanded or condensed? Is the text written clearly and organized logically? Are the references appropriate and sufficient as APA style?

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