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Supra Maximal Nerve Stimulator

Supra Maximal Nerve Stimulator

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Published by: ahammad007 on Aug 23, 2011
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Supramaximal Nerve Stimulator Microstim DB3 Manufactured by: VIAMED, UK.

Specifications - The Microstim DB3 Nerve Stimulator provides a means of assessing the depth or degree of Muscle Relaxation achieved during anesthesia. - DB3 nerve stimulator is an external applying two ECG electrodes, either along the line of the nerve or straddling the nerve. - One can choose the monitoring site, e.g. Ulnar nerve, facial nerve, tibial nerve. - Battery Type: 9 V Alkaline, MN1604/PP3. - Battery level indicator: Tri-Colour LED, the indicator changes from green (good condition) to amber, then red as the battery output decreases. Replace the battery when the indicator is red. - Modes of Stimulation: - Train of Four (T.O.F.), consists of four stimuli at a frequency of 2 Hz. - Double Burst Stimulation (D.B.S.), consists of two short bursts of stimuli at 50 pulses per second separated by 750 ms between bursts. - Post Tetanic Count (P.T.C), consists of a sequence of pulses; 50 Hz for 5 seconds, a 3 second pause, followed by 1 Hz stimuli. - Continuous 1Hz (Single twitch), consists of a single stimulus applied repetitively at a frequency of 1Hz. - Weight : 200 g. - Dimensions : 13 x 8 x 3 cm (lxwxh). Unit Price 750.00 L.D. Qty. Total Price 1,500.00 L.D.


Total Price is only One Thousand and Five Hundred Libyan Dinar .

1,500.00 L.D.

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