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Annual Report Final 2011_online

Annual Report Final 2011_online

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Published by Jeremy Iggers
The Twin Cities Media Alliance 2011 Annual Report
The Twin Cities Media Alliance 2011 Annual Report

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Published by: Jeremy Iggers on Aug 23, 2011
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Twin Cities Media Alliance

A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 0 1 1


local news for global citizens

Twin Cities Daily Planet editors’ report
n 2011, Minnesotans faced a tough economy and hard choices: Given shrinking budgets and declining resources, what are our community’s priorities with regard to education, the environment, jobs, healthcare, transportation and other important issues? The Daily Planet’s year-long New Normal project, supported by the Bush Foundation, focused on those hard choices, publishing more than 90 articles, profiles and interviews that reflected a broad range of community voices and perspectives. Our education coverage increased, focusing on in-depth reporting on important stories and on voices of underrepresented communities in the crucial debates over the achievement gap, school choices and structures, new initiatives and old scandals. We also featured wide-ranging coverage of Central Corridor construction, businesses and neighborhoods. Besides Central Corridor news, we’ve increased St. Paul coverage with St. Paul Notes. In 2011, we also started featuring weekly columnists, including Ifrah Jimale (Ask a Somali) and Lu Lippold (Bite It!). And


our arts coverage this year included distinctive takes on popular events like Cavalia; stories about local shows, many by artists from ethnic and immigrant communities; interviews with artists of national importance; debates about important issues; and in-depth coverage that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Honors received in 2011 included a Premack Award for Investigative Journalism, and two Page One Awards from the Minnesota Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Editor: Mary Turck Arts editor: Jay Gabler

Diversity and outreach
n conjunction with our New Normal project, (see editors’ report) project manager Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva organized community meetings where more than 400 Twin Citizens came together to learn and deliberate about community priorities. We were successful in that outreach because we developed working relationships with 23 different community organizations, ranging from the West Broadway Coalition and Minnesota Compass to the United Food and Commercial Workers and the Latino Youth Development Collaborative. In 2011, we continued to publish more reporting and commentary by ethnic and immigrant writers, and more coverage of their communities, than any other local publication. We covered the tornado and recovery in North Minneapolis, as well as the ongoing saga of North High. None of the major media outlets covered the Hmong Fresh Traditions fashion show or the Somali Entertainment Awards, but we sent our best writers and photographers. Our outreach to Mujeres Unidos en


Liderazgo focused on media literacy and empowerment, but also resulted in stories that illustrate issues that Latina women living in Corcoran and Powderhorn deal with every day—stories about caring for sick family members, the challenges of being a parent while working, religion, learning English and neighborhood organizing. Community participation in the Daily Planet increased in 2011, with more Neighborhood Notes and Free Speech Zone articles submitted by community members. Adding Facebook commenting and increasing our Facebook and Twitter presence also offered more ways for people to participate in the news process.

Mission: The Twin Cities Media Alliance brings together media professionals and engaged community members to improve the quality, accountability and diversity of the local media, and to enable community members to play a more active role in the emerging media environment. Vision: We envision a participatory democracy in which citizens from all segments of society – and especially those who have been traditionally denied access – are able to use the media to share information, hold the powerful accountable, build community, and work together for the common good.

The year ahead

We have an exciting year ahead in 2012:
More community engagement: With our expanded community engagement team of Bruce Johansen, Marcos Lopez-Carlson and Clarence White, we are reaching out to diverse Twin Cities communities and neighborhoods. Last year, our New Normal project (see editors report) focused on deciding our community priorities in tough economic times. This year, with renewed support from the Bush Foundation, we are building on that work by partnering with organizations that work on issues such as Education, Health Care, the

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Environment, Work, Transportation and Immigrant Communities to hold community social/informational events, where people can learn about the organization, the issues, and how to use the media - including the Daily Planet. More classes: We’re offering at least two classes every month - one focused on citizen journalism, and the other on media skills - everything from Introduction to iMovie to Facebook as a Marketing Tool. More journalism: We’re recruiting more reporters, produce more beat reporting, and digging deeper into our neighborhoods. Generous support from the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative and the Southeast Publications Board make it possible for us to increase our coverage of their communities, but our goal is to expand our coverage of all Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods. More interactivity and a more user-friendly website: We’re redesigning and adding features to the Twin Cities Daily Planet that will make it easier for you to use our award-winning website as a community-building tool.
Executive Director: Jeremy Iggers


Founda'on  Grants:  $183,707  
Founda'on  Grants:  $183,707   Individual  Dona'ons:  $25,642   Adver'sing  Revenue:  $10,921  

Individual  Dona'ons:  $25,642   Adver'sing  Revenue:  $10,921  

Net  Fundraising  E Net  Fundraising  Events:    $3,494   vents:    $3,494  
Online  Silent  Auc'on:  $834  Auc'on:  $834   Online  Silent   TAY:  $539   Other  Revenue:  $1,630  

TAY:  $539   Other  Revenue:  $1,630  

TOTAL: $226,767


(82%)   Programming:  $166,457     (82%)   Fundraising:  $13,860      

Programming:  $166,457    

Fundraising:  $13,860       Management/OperaCons:   (7%)  
$22,529      (11%)  


Management/OperaCons:   TOTAL: $202,846 $22,529      (11%)  

Financial statements are available for review in the Twin Cities Media Alliance office, containing all required disclosures and financial statements.

2011 Twin Cities Media Alliance Board and Staff
Chair: Sheldon Mains; independent technology consultant Vice chair: Ann Treacy; web consultant, Treacy Information Services Secretary: Troy Pieper; editorial assistant, Sandbox Studios Treasurer: Barry Madore; web developer, Advantage Labs Daniel Getahun; Minnesota International Center Leola Johnson; professor, Macalester College Howard Kling; Labor Education Service, U. of M Dennis Schapiro; owner, Jola Publications Elizabeth Patton; attorney, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, LLP. Staff: Jeremy Iggers; executive director. Mary Turck; editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet Jay Gabler; arts editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet Emily Pearson Ryan; operations manager Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva; New Normal project manager Development associate: Lisa Steinmann

Supported by...
Bush Foundation • Central Corridor Funders Collaborative • Challenge Fund for Journalism • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Advised Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation • McKnight Foundation • Minneapolis Foundation • Bernice L. Schapiro Shafer Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation

In-kind contributions
Arthur Murray Dance Center • Arvonne Fraser • Bibelot Shops • Birchbark Books • Black Dog Cafe • Breadsmith • Bryant Lake Bowl • Café Latte • Café Levain • Chocolate Celeste • Common Good Books • Esse • Gardens of Salonica • Guthrie Theater/ Box Office • Haskell’s: The Wine People • Heidi’s Minneapolis • Hell’s Kitchen • Hennepin County Public Library • Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area/Three Rivers Park District • Ingebretsen’s Scandinavian Gifts • Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe • Jawaahir Dance Company & The Cassandra School • Joe’s Garage • Kinship of Rivers • Lake Wine & Spirits • Linden Hills Food Co-op • Macalester College • Micawbers Bookstore • Minnesota Opera • Minnesota Twins Baseball Club • Minnesota Vikings • Ordway Center for the Performing Arts • Patricia Teefy • Rainbow Chinese Restaurant • Sawatdee • Schneider Drug Store • Sen Yai Sen Lek • Seward Coop • The Smitten Kitten • St. Paul Saints • Summit Brewery • The DataBank • The James J Hill House • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts • The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra • The University of Minnesota Press • Triangle Park Creative • Wet Paint

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