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Icebreaker Human Bingo

Icebreaker Human Bingo

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Published by Christy Ball

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Published by: Christy Ball on Aug 24, 2011
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Human Bingo

Speaks more than one language Already has plans for Winter Break Has seen an eclipse Can play the guitar Has taken an online class Has a tattoo Is a vegetarian

Plans to double major

Has the same Was born in San Wears the same favorite tv show Diego size shoe you do as you FREE SPACE Lives within 1 mile from you Rides a bike to campus

Has a part-time job

Has no cavities

Has been to the Grand Canyon

Has the same favorite sport as you

Sings in the shower

Likes lima beans

Is from the East Coast

Has ever acted in a play

Can juggle

Has 3 or more pets

Has 5 or more siblings

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