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HR Questions With Answers

HR Questions With Answers

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HR.1 - Tell Me Something About Yourself.

Try to introduce some of your most important employment-oriented skills as well as your education and accomplishments to the interviewer. Answer to this question is very important because it positions you for the rest of the interview. That's why this statement is often called the " Positioning Statement".

One should take the opportunity to show his/her communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely in an organized manner. Since there is no right or wrong answer for this question hence it is important to appear friendly.

The answers can be: 1) I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems. 2)Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character values, vision and action. I am quick in learning from mistakes. I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job. 3) I attended G.I.E.T where I majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My hobbies include basketball, reading novels and hiking. I’m an easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types of people and I always like to challenge myself to improve at everything I do.

4) I went to GIET, Gunupur where I majored in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Afterwards, I started my career at Mumbai as a software engineer in LnT Infotech. I’ve been there for 3 years now. I love solving riddles and puzzles and I also enjoy jogging, reading and watching movies.

HR.2 - What Are Your Strengths?
This is a simple and popular interview question. Generally people answer it in two ways. There are people who simply state their strength like “I am Young, Dynamic, Intelligent, Smart and so on…”. Such answer is neither right nor wrong but does not help u in any way also.Secondly there are peoples who state their strengths and explain them how he can use his strength for the job and industry.

Do not simply state your strength. Everyone has some strength, all you need is to convert them into benefits. In short, try to advertise yourself by converting your features into strengths.

Your answers can be : -

1) I am a hard worker and because of this ability I can work for additional hours to accomplish my tasks.I am commitment oriented and hence I always enjoy the trust and confidence of my team mates which enables me to perform my duties very easily.

2) I am adaptable, so I can handle any type of people and situations and also bring out the best from them in spite of conflicting situations or opinions. I am a quick learner, so I can any subject quickly and analyze my job and add value to it as well as I can identify the problem and solve them faster and better.

For example.In place of Perfectionist. I believe in strong relationships and have a very supportive family and very good friends. I love working in a team environment where I try to use strengths of each individual in a team and hence produce the best results.3) My strength is that I have very strong values and ethics and a very good eye for detail." . However if you still insist that you would like to select me for a specific strength than the prerogative is yours sir. a Perfectionist. . in place of Workaholic you can say you are a hard workerand always willing to work for extra hours.” “EVERYONE CLAIM THEY ARE HONEST. Difference between Smart Worker and Hard Worker: "A hard worker always do right things but a smart worker always put things right. “Try to specify your weakness as your strength and also highlight it as a benefit.” Your answers can be: 1) One of my weaknesses as I perceive is occasional compromise on time for quality and perfection. Your answer can be: “Well.” . because it soundsnegative.Tell me on the basis on which strength should we select you? As an individual. and working with people. Even in college.What Are Your Weaknesses? Never say you are a Workaholic. etc. you have to do so for all my strengths put together and not for one strength in isolation. HARDWORKING. I used to spend time organizing my week and planning a strategy to tackle each class and assignment.If you are interviewed for a managerial position or for an admission in a MBA College.. I believe I am good at planning and execution. Try to convert these negative biased qualities into positive ones. 4) I’ve always been a great team player and therefore I can work efficiently to produce quality work in a team environment. HR. SMART AND SO ON…. I’ve always been good at detailing all the steps too. BUT WITH AN EXAMPLE IT IS MUCH MORE BELIEVABLE. I am a package of all my strengths that I have stated to you and I strongly believe that if you have to select me.I can accomplish a large amount of work within a short period of time hence I get things done on time.3 . you can say you are detail oriented and like to set high standard for work.

I realized this hurts quality and therefore I‘m trying hard to find a balance between quality and quantity. we need to tackle it from the mental and physical stand-point. I’m a person that wants accomplish as much as possible. At times. you may be assured that I am constantly working on them to get them reduced day by day. I always prioritize my job in their exact order of merit and importance so that I can dispose them off quickly and effectively. 3) At times even when I need help. but I’m definitely working on it. you need to explain how you can handle pressure situation to bring the best out of it. There’s a saying – “However small the thorn maybe it has the ability to pierce. This would save me more time and I would be more efficient. I can handle pressure of work.2) I feel I am not very detail-oriented. Whenever I work in a team and any of the team members don’t perform up to the expectation.4 . I know it’s bad to be impatient. I understand if they are working hard and if their portion is difficult. 2) I work well under pressure because I don’t panic. and I always learned how to work more efficiently afterward. I do make it a practice of checking my work at least twice to make sure that it's absolutely accurate. I have always worked well during deadline. . 3) Working under pressure has always been a learning experience for me because it helps me grow.” So never highlight your weakness unless specifically asked. I use the pressure to help me work more efficiently. Mental stand-point would mean being in a state of relaxation and composure so that I do not feel stressed out during the course of my work and fromphysical stand-point. once or 5) I believe one of my weaknesses is my impatience. I know I can help out by explaining things to some people and encouraging lazy people by reminding them of deadlines. I maintain self control and work as efficiently as possible.Based on which weakness. I get impatient and annoyed. But saying yes is not enough. Tell the interviewer that you work the same with pressure and without pressure. Your answers can be: 1) Sir. should we reject you ? Since I have identified my own weaknesses. HR. Working well under pressure is a good strength to have.Can You Work well Under Pressure? The best answer to this question is “Yes”. I’m working on knowing when it would be beneficial to ask for help. but sometimes a person can’t do the assignment due to incompetence and laziness. And i am confident in the near futuremost of my weaknesses may not be there at all. I try and take the emotional factors and work hard regardless of . 4) Well I believe I work the same if there’s pressure or not. 4) I've been told a few times I'm too much detail oriented. I try to solve my own problems instead of asking a co-worker who might know the answer. Whenever there is pressure of work.So I strongly believe that you shouldn't reject me for any of my weakness. I try to prioritize and plan as much as I can.

At times whenever time becomes a constraint I put extra effort and time to meet the deadline. I want to participate in the growth and success of the company I work for. I’ve learned the basics of marketing during my first two years and hence I am raring to take on challenging projects. . Hence my immediate goal is to learn and become skilled in all aspects of marketing. So pressure has nothing to do with my work.What are your Short Term Goals? Short term goal depends upon where you stand right now. The last five years of my career I have concentrated on learning and acquiring all the managerial skills." Your answer can be: 1) My short term goal is to find a position where I can use the knowledge and strength I have. A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run. Be descriptive and try to convince them that you are a hard worker and not just a mediocre one. Avoid answers as “becoming rich and retiring early”. I feel I’m doing a diligent job by volunteering for extra work to gain more experience and hope to be in a management position within a year or two. Recently I’ve taken more responsibilities in management because I eventually want to become production manager. 4) My short term goal is to become a marketing analyst.What are your Long Term Goals? Generally such questions are asked by the interviewer to check how serious the candidate is about his career. 5) My short term goal is to get into a management position. 3) My short term goal is to learn everything I can about marketing. I alwaysprioritize and organize my work and hence that gives me a Psychological advantage over pressure. I want to be in a position where I can contribute what I’ve learned through education to gain some practical and real life Experience. HR. “Never simply state your Short term goal but move a step further by stating the steps you are taking to achieve them. "An idealist believes the short run doesn't count. 2) I want to see myself as a software developer in your esteemed organization where by with all my skills and enhanced learning I shall be able to make valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization.5 . Try to give an ambitious answer that shows you really love your career.6 .” HR. A person with 5 years of experience will have different short term goals than a person with no work experience.down time. These are incorrect answers.

2) In five years.7 .Where do you see yourself five years from now? Well this is a similar question to the short term question but you need to answer them differently. 2) After a successful career. I want to eventually become a manager. I am going to be learning and gaining experience until then. I want to expertise to directly impact the company in a positive way. but I’m going to be working hard for the next five years.8 . I want to be a senior analyst (Senior Software Engineer/Manager/Lead). I have always loved to teach and hence I would like to grow newer employees and help co-workers where ever I can. I shall be able to make up a valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization. I know it’s going to be tough but becoming a partner is a long term goal of mine and I am going to work towards this goal throughout my career. Your answers can be: 1) I see myself as a Senior Software Engineer in your esteemed organization where by with all my enhanced learning and skill. I look forward to write a book on Programming Language. HR. I think working smart is important and I have many ideas. I know it sounds a little too ambitious but I’m smart and willing to work hard a lot. 3) Although I really enjoy working as a Software Engineer.Why should we hire you? The interviewer asks this question just to find out how your skills. I want to continue gaining experience. . experience and knowledge can add value to the job. I am going to write a book. 4) My long term goal is to become director of a company. 3) My long term goal is to become partner for a consulting firm. and after learning many different aspects. 4) Five years from now I see myself as a marketing manager. I know a lot of hard work determination and patience is required to become a partner. Many people fail to become a partner. I know there are a lot of things to learn. HR. So after gaining more experience. This ensures that you are a viable fit for the position. I see myself in management.Your answers can be: 1) My long term goal is to be an instructor. I Know opportunity knock the door of great workers and I’m going to try to be one of them. But that’s not going to stop me anyway from working hard and learning everything I can.Well to answer this question you need to learn what they are looking for and then tie them with your strengths.

Secondly I’m excited and passionateabout this industry and the position and will always give my 100%. On top of that I’m a great team player that gets a long with everyone. 5) I’m a perfect fit for this position. . my qualifications match your needs perfectly. I have adept knowledge in Quality assurance. Firstly. I don’t want to blend in with the company.my passion for excellence. abilities and my desire to provide growth in employees. No doubt it’s a safe answer but I would recommend answering this question with a range. So I’m confident I’ll be the best candidate for this position. 4) You should definitely hire me. My education graph always kept roaring with time. Product support and even some creative processes that will benefit a quality assurance team. 2) I believe I’m the perfect fit for this position. I realize that there are likely other candidates who also have the ability to do this job. Always remember: “Never compare yourself to other applicants who are vying for the same position” HR. But what makes me unique? If I were in your position I would hire myself because of the passion for this industry and my optimistic personality.The more detail you give the stronger your answers will be. I believe my skills and abilities matches perfectly with the requirement and what makes me the unique candidate is my passion towards my work and industry.9 . I’m very detail oriented. I’m confident I’m the best person for this job. and I organize my work and time very efficiently. Many a times peoples and friends around us suggest saying something as “I’m sure whatever I am offered will be a fair price”. Yet I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job . Your answers can be: 1) You should hire me because I’m the best person for the job. I want to make more of an impact than just doing my job. I would rather want my addition to improve it.What kind of salary are you looking for? Never bring up the salary topic. So I strongly believe that I’ll be the best candidate due to the combination of my experience. I have earlier worked with xyz Software Company and I was in charge of a team that was responsible for the quality of three different applications. I have three years of experience in this technology and my skills enable me to develop better products in less time. Do not give a figure right away. my management skills. 3) There are two reasons I should be hired. This position requires someone who has the ability to solve problemsquickly and who can logically add value to the job. 6) This position seeks a Quality Assurance Manager. Always allow the interviewer to do it first. If you state a figure you risk stating something that is too high or something that is too low. I have a proven track record of success throughout my education. I love mentoring junior employees since I believe in sharing knowledge to everyone in the company who work with me. In either case the loss is yours. I am passionately committed to producing truly class results. Try to summarize all your accomplishments and relate what makes you unique.

If you do so. division wide layoff. Also never speak a lie if you were fired.Why do you want to leave your current job? This question looks very simple but it’s not that easy to answer it. Try to deflect the reason from you personally. Can you tell me what that is?” Or “I want an income commensurate with my ability and qualifications. If you were fired for not adhering to a company policy. I think it’s a fair range. A background check will easily reveal everything. tell them you were fired not for your mistakes or non performance but for the above reasons. . Never badmouth your previous company. a salary in the range 15000 – 18000 would reflect the experience and expertise that I would bring to the role. superiors and co-workers because it will definitely sound negative on your part. merger.” Or “I know the average pay for this position is roughly around 15000.” If the salary range is already stated in the job description. Try to learn what the employer is willing to pay before you reveal what you’re willing to accept. What does this position pay?” If you have some idea regarding the pay for the position. experience and responsibility that this particular job requires” HR.The thumb rule of any negotiations is: The side with more information wins." .Hence when asked about salary. you can answer as: “I would expect to be paid competitively and commensurate with the level of skill. then just state something a little higher with a small range included as“Based on the information I have about the position.” If you want to play safe. What ever may be the reason always be truthful. tell the interviewer that you were asked to leave for violating a company policy which you felt was not communicated to you properly. I trust you’ll be fair with me. I would like something around 15000 – 18000. But because I have two years of experience.10 . then you can answer that you are willing to consider any offer stated in the job description as: “The job description says that the salary will be around 15000 – 18000. "Saying the truth will never let you down but will create a good impression on the interviewer. the interviewer may think you may talk bad about his company the next time you’re looking for another job. If yourfiring was the result of a takeover. you can say: “I’m sure the company has already established a salary range for this position. etc.

My previous organization was very small and didn’t have opportunities for growth. 5) Recently my family relocated to this area to provide better education to my brothers and small sisters. I want to work in an environment that will help me to realize my full potential and a place I can contribute everything I’m capable of doing. it’s highly recommended to give a good answer that leaves a positive impression while displaying good traits. I felt this is exactly the type of place I want to work. I’m looking for a bigger challenge and to grow my career.I’m sick of working there. I looked around for more opportunities to grow.I need more money.I hate my job. ." Your answers can be: 1) I was looking for a position like this which is an excellent match for my skills and experience and I am not able to fully utilize them in my present job as there is very limited scope of growth. therefore I want to work here. 4) I was looking for a position like this which is an excellent match for my skills and experience and I am not able to fully utilize them in my present job as there is very limited scope for growth.I was working with a small company and now looking forward to work with a bigger one.My co-workers never supported me and were jealous for my work. 6) I really enjoyed what I was doing but I felt I was following a routine. . So I am looking for a work in an environment where I can utilize more of my skills. . 2) The company where I was working is a very large company and hence it’s difficult to do and learn different tasks. I know this company has a lot of opportunities for growth and encourages employees to take on challenging projects to learn more. My current position doesn’t provide these things for me. That’s what I’m looking for. We had routine work that never changed.There are many wrong answers to this question such as: . my company and my boss. So I am looking forward to work for a company closer to my new home. . Three Rules for explaining a lay off are: . I am interested in a new challenge and an opportunity to use my technical skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past.My company makes me work for more additional hours and was paying on a low scale.Don't blame yourself. . but because the company is small. After learning the work environment here. I was very limited. 3) I am looking forward to work in a company where there are more opportunities.Don't blame or sound angry with the company. . . "At the end of the day. My previous job was far too away to commute.

but it’s also great to sit at my own desk and work hard productively. . my entire department was eliminated. 2) My company reduced its labor force to accommodate a major shift in business.Date of Joining. Working as an individual." The reality is that most jobs require us to work both independently and in teams. So I believe both have their importance and both are required to be successful in any field. I'm eager to pursue other positions in the local area. A man has to work individually and also as a team player. The only information an employer can legally reveal about an ex. They can never be isolated. I was a team member of the Cricket team and the Band Group. I can apply all that I have learned throughout the career.gaining and sharing knowledge through experience. The value of teamwork is the emergence of new ideas and creative solutions as well as sharing of the work load.. Therefore I would like to work independently towards a team goal.Title of the employee at the time of leaving the company. HR. Your answers can be: 1) I would like to work in an environment where there is a blend of both. 4) I like working myself. Now I'm looking forward to exploring new options for employment. "There’s no work or job which doesn’t need team work at some point of time. So I prefer to work both as an individual and as a team member.Do you prefer to work alone or as a team player? When interviewer asks such questions it means they are trying to learn whether you are a team player or you like working independently. there might be some team work involved.employee are: . It is always said “Two heads are better than one”. Each required a different kind of team play and the learning experience was invaluable. .Even if you have a strong preference to work alone or with others.Try to end the answer to this question on a positive note by saying that you are looking forward to a new position with new responsibilities. But I love working in a team because one thing is for sure . the best answer is to say both. Your response to this question should show that you have been successful in both situations.Last date with the company. Its great working in teams while sharing and learning ideas with each other. If a job is mostly about working alone. My function in the company was moved to a site 2000 kilometers away where i chose not to relocate. Most employers want someone who can work well in a team and work well alone.11 . . 3) During my school days. 2) I believe both are two sides of the same coin. 1) Due to a mass reorganization of the company. Hence I understand the value of both and therefore I am comfortable working on a team and independently as well. But simultaneously I had to work hard individually for my School exams and other competitive exams where I need to learn and perform on my own.

3) I majored in Mechanical because I always love to work with machines and motors.What made you choose your major? Well if you are applying for a computer related position and if you are a Computer Science major. as u know that ECE/CSE/IT are sister branches and all are interrelated and secondly I think it will be of my best if I utilize my sharp analytical skills in a software industry so I basically do not have any problem to “SWITCH” from ECE to IT. so I thought it was the best major for me. since I am a student of ECE.5) What I have learned from the job description is: this position requires someone who can handle assignments which in turn requires great deal of independent work and research. instead of looking in the past.13 . Now. 4) I majored in History because I always had a keen interest in historical facts. To create an answer. they won’t ask this question to you. So I am comfortable with both. I believe English is a tool that is used everywhere. I am equally comfortable working as a member of a team and independently. you can say that your academic interests were broad and therefore you sought your major to achieve a balance between knowledge and skill. My career marks and percentage shows my individual effort. That gave me the confidence to learn more about this field. And I believe flexibility must be there within us to progress in life. then they might want to know why you chose to major in Electronics (or any other). But if you are an Electronics (or any other) major and interview for a computer position. It’s totally different from history but it really fascinated me. 2) I majored in English because it was a field I knew would make me more skilled in reading. but then I started to get into computers. include some rock-solid business reasons that shows you have the vision. This way my interest kept growing and therefore I chose mechanical. Your answers can be: 1) From the very beginning I always had a lure towards electronics field. Besides your personal interest. But after working for a software project during my summer vacation I realized that this is what I want to be doing. Moreover I was the captain of the winning cricket team of my school and I was adjudged the best bowler of the tournament which shows that I am an efficient team member also. I chose this major because I really enjoyed the subject. I’m always looking into the future through all the technological changes. When I completed my Intermediate I got a chance and I grabbed it with both hands. HR. But never say you chose the major because you didn’t know what else to do and you couldn’t get into a better one. 2) As I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. During my school days I participated a lot in Science Exhibitions and won a lot of prizes. HR. I majored in something I was very interested in. Its fine when you say you majored the subject because you liked it. My father runs a motor vehicles workshop and I always try to learn something from him and workers. I planned on becoming a high school history teacher.Why didn’t you pursue a career in your major? Your answers can be: 1) Sir. Hence I would say my Interest made me to choose electronics as my major. writing and communicating. I loved the challenges that .12 .

Additionally. 2) I well understand that this is a company on the way up. Your answer can be: 1) “I am completely mobile. then you may not get hired because they are looking for someone who is able to travel. 3) I was planning on going to dental Course so I majored in biology.” . HR. Try to gather information from annual reports. . If you say no. It is perfectly acceptable to ask how much travel is involved.Why do you want to work for us? The interviewer wants to know why you chose to serve his company.Since your company provides a strong core competency. company’s website. Basically this question is asked to people having experience in their respective field. Do some research about the company and then answer this question by associating sufficient data and information. why this company is best among the competitors. After working with computers. So I studied computers on the side because I wanted a career working with computers.15 . the team I would work with looks terrific.came my way. Such information will help you to answer in the best possible manner. Try to find out the status of the company. the turnover of the company. Your answers can be: 1) Three reasons why I would like to work for your company are: . very strong value systems and best practices so I believe I have a strong vision of viewing myself as a project leader in your company.The practices of your company are more employee and customer oriented. articles about the company and the corporate newsletter.14 . So I am looking forward to work in an ITindustry to utilize my skills in the best way. Well I can go to any part of the country or even abroad if situation permits. . I realized how interesting and challenging it was. HR. I want to be a part of this business as it grows.Are you willing to travel? When the interviewer asks about your willingness to travel. So I’m definitely willing to travel. And recently I studied and saw on your website about the launch of several new products which is imminent. it means that this position requires some traveling. Don’t start babbling and don’t give a short answer.Your company has one of the fastest growth rates and turnover in the industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as a professional.” 2) “I know as an auditor that I’ll have to make business trips. etc.

” HR. 2) I learned that this Company has a great work environment and is an employee oriented. “There is as much risk in doing nothing. “Policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.33 . But before taking any decision.” 2) I see myself as a risk taker.Are you Willing to take risks? “To get what you want.” The answer to this question depends on the position and nature of the job you are applying for. I always evaluate all other options and after careful considerations I would definitely take a risk if the rewards were high enough. Also. I want to work for a company with opportunities and I know this company will definitely provide me. actually I love traveling. 3) I learned that this company provides a strong core competency. Your answers can be: 1) This company is the leader in delivering IT Solutions.3) “I have no problems with traveling. But it’s believed that those who are willing to take risks are positioned well than the other candidates. as in doing something. It’s a place where strong contributors are rewarded. It’s a global company in 18 different countries. take a little time to give the company a compliment such as the last sentence. and finally it’s one of the best companies to work for. Your answer should reflect your knowledge about the company and passion for the job. If you state a simple answer and use tags it will definitely show that you have not done sufficient research. Therefore it’s a very important question. Your answers also signify how passionate you are for the job and the company. I believe rewards belong only to those guys who go beyond intentions to the place of actions.16 . Your answers can be : 1) I’m a risk taker.” HR. Also it has one of thefastest growth rates and turnover in the industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as a professional. . You don’t have to list everything you know… just enough to let them know that you did your homework.What do you know about this company? The interviewer simply wants to check out whether you have come prepared. I would definitely try. I keep my options open and if the reward justifies the risk. Stop doing what isn’t working. very strong value systems and best practices so I believe I have a strong vision of viewing myself as a member of this company. It is a psychological tool that you should use to your advantage. This type of compliment is directed at the company and the interviewer will be happy to hear this.

Challenging Roles and learning opportunities. But many of the most enduring and satisfying forms of success have nothing do with acquiring power.18 . That’s why I ‘m excited to have the opportunity to join this company. 2) Great learning opportunities. implement the plan and finally achieve the goal.What do you seek from a job? The interviewer simply wants to check out what you are expecting from the job. 4) I’m looking for a place to learn and a chance to improve my practicalities and thereby taking my employer to its level best by showing my fullest dedication and work strengths." . plan the steps to achieve the goal. HR.17 .How do you evaluate success? Here the interviewer simply wants to know what success means to you in your professional and personal life. success to me is fulfilling my parents dream. Your answers can be: 1) If my contribution has positively benefited my company.4) The practices of your company are more employee and customer oriented. or fame. 3) I seek three things from the job: Competence. HR. Your answer should show that you are really determined to add value to the organization and yourself too. I would also like to work for an organization that gives me an opportunity to serve the organization. challenging roles. Also I learned from sources that this company provides services to large corporations and is a leader in IT Solutions. Your answers can be: 1) I would like a job which gives me a chance to apply all that I have learned in college and enable me to grow as a professional. Success is what you make it. than that’s “Success” for me. I also know that at first you were primarily a brokerage firm and now diversified to provide IT solutions and Outsourcing. wealth. From the personal front. status or money associated with the job. I would like a role which enables me to make a difference and improve my skills. I want a position where I can apply my skills and abilities at par so that I can add some value to the organization. Many people view success in terms of power. it's the direction in which you are traveling. 2) Success to me is to set a goal. or fame. having fun and enjoying life as never before. the society and above all my country. "Success is not a destination it's a journey. wealth. rational career progression and good job satisfaction. For some people it is just keeping busy. 5) Well in my research I learned that your company headquarters are in Bangalore and that you have grown from one small office to over 48 locations in the last 5 years. Never relate your answer to position.

positive result gives me the satisfaction and at home happiness in parent’s eyes gives me the satisfaction. so just please yourself. If you felt you missed out one of your strong traits. The criticism I heard during my tenure was to voice my opinions. but in group meetings I usually let him speak. But if it was a group project and say only two people did the work. Generally this question is for people with experience. 4) Success to me means completing a task or assignment in an excellent manner and within the stipulated time. I realized that I have to be social. here is your chance. You shouldn’t answer it directly by saying all the criticism you had faced during your tenure. Accept it. HR. But as a young professional. But he asked me to send more updates and that too frequently so that he can report to his seniors and managers. then it’s a success.3) Success to me means satisfaction for whatever I do. If everyone participated and worked together. Therefore I believe both the result and the process should be great to call something a success. HR.rather try to mould the answer to show your positive attitude towards the critics.Is there anything else that we should know about you that would impact our decision? This question gives you a final chance to impress the interviewer. Always remember “You can’t please everyone. I wouldn’t call that success. But I took the criticism positively and now I am trying to interact with people around me and simultaneously concentrating on my work.During your performance reviews. you will experience the barbs of negative feedback in both your personal as well as professional life. Now. If I am at my workplace. Some people are just not going to like you.20 .” Your answers can be: 1) I believe criticism should be dealt with positive attitude because it gives us information on how to improve. You are your best critic. . My manager always liked my suggestions whenever I personally met him. you have a chance to state it. Here the interviewer is on the look out for your accountability and professional character. 3) My colleagues criticized me for being an introvert. ideas and suggestions in group meetings. what criticism do you hear the most? No one likes to be criticized. I feel more confident that I can suggest my ideas and opinions in groups. 2) My boss has always appreciated my work and told me that I did my projects well and within the stipulated time.19 . If you felt you didn’t show that much enthusiasm. I usually go to office and concentrate on my work.

L .Competent. A . I always faced them with positive attitude and confidence and I will keep on doing it in the future too. I .Loyal. but I’m very excited about this position.Fear of being ridiculed. a FOOL. C .Intelligent.Faithful.Fear of rejection. I prioritize my work as per the need of hour.Determined. I’m very detailed and plan very well. I don’t know if I expressed it that well.Adept. 4) There are three fear in this era: .Your answers can be: 1) I am a continuous learner and I try to keep myself abreast of all developments in the field of IT (or any other).Optimistic. I personally believe fear is analogous to low Self-Confidence.Loyal.Fear of failure. HR. a RASCAL.Adaptable. 3) One final trait that I have that would be perfect for this position is myorganizational skills. F . can you think anything positive about it? I . . Throughout my academic career I never allowed these fears to overcome me. I am certain that I would be able to achieve the targets that I set for myself and beyond. strengths and qualification I am confident that I can do very well over here.Innovative. A . R . T . O . D .Religious. you are an IDIOT.21 .Obedient.Optimistic. . O . S . 2) Well for all my mentioned attributes. O .Simple and Sober.If I tell you. Since I do not quit in the face of toughest challenges. L .Truthful and Talented. Capable and Co-Operative. .

23 . they know what the next big things are and their risk taking abilities. If the interviewer presses you hard to say either yes or no then you can say: "However even if a condition comes to pay a bribe to get a good contract then I shall refer the case to my seniors for their valid suggestions upon which I can act. I would not mind because if I am a good worker my contribution will be definitely noticed by the organization. Secondly if I remain in the good books of my boss. HR. the content are always a surprise.24 . 2) I would like to be the mind of the CEO – I would then know exactly how complex issues are so thoughtfully analyzed.Suppose you find yourself in a deserted island.HR. HR.25 . bubbling with enthusiasm. how prioritizing happens and how accurate decisions which affect numerous stakeholders are made. best practices and a strong value system. “A man’s face is not including of his abilities”. I would believe that whatever the label on the can.22 ." HR. HR.What will you do if you are asked to give a bribe? If I am asked to do so then I will feel very uncomfortable to do so just in case the company has strong core competency.If your boss is taking all the credits for your work. I can en-cash this towards my career promotions and growth. you definitely would agree that I have other qualities that appealed you. What three things you will need to survive? .26 . There’s a saying “A book is not judged by its cover but it is judged by its contents”. what will you do? Even if my boss takes credit for my work. I would know how almost intuitively.Suppose I tell you I don’t like your face? Then why should I select you? Even if you don’t like my face. for which you are now interviewing me. So I strongly feel the company can do business purely on these merits and not through bribery or commissions. I would associate my determined attitude with the can’s tough exterior.If you were an animal/ a can of soup/ some other random object which one would you prefer and why? Your answers can be: 1) I would be a can of soup – one that has a variety of flavors.

32 . And I believe flexibility must be there within us to progress in life.27 . as u know that ECE/CSE/IT are sister branches and all are interrelated and secondly I think it will be of my best if I utilize my sharp analytical skills in a software industry so I basically do not have any problem to “SWITCH” from ECE to IT.29 .” "If you will commit yourself to your goal in spite of your failure. HR.Tell us an incident where you had a problem with your team-mate.30 . your chances of reaching your goal will be dramatically increased.28 .How do you think you conducted or performed during this interview? I think I have conducted myself in the best possible manner by satisfying your queries through my specific answers which I feel were logical. Water and HOPE (that one day I will definitely come out from this island)." HR. since I am a student of ECE. Through my answer my true worth as a dynamic and competent professional has come out fair and square and I am happy with my performance which would ensure my selection in this esteemed organization.Food. “Accepting a failure is a man’s great trait. HR. HR. Still if I don’t get an answer then I will speak to my seniors and colleagues to learn my mistakes so that I become more user friendly to my organization. One more thing I learned is never to give up.If after sometime you start disliking the job? What would you do? Well. never to feel rejected. We had a disagreement on how to present our project report. Well I can go to any part of the country or even abroad if situation permits. HR. I explained my point of view to her and asked her for her view point. HR. How did you handle it? Once I had a problem with my team-mate in college who was my partner in my field work assignment.Why from ECE to IT domain? Sir. systematic and to the point. Those shortcomings are the areas of future improvement for me and I have undertaken seriously to improve myself on those relevant areas. I’ve found that when conflict occurs.What have you learnt from your failures? From my failures I have learnt to analyze myself and find out my shortcomings.How mobile are you? I am absolutely mobile. it’s because of a failure . if such situation then my first priority would be to look within myself and try to find out any shortcomings or lack of skills and techniques.31 . If such things happen then I would try to improve and rectify myself.

How often are performance reviews given? .What major problems has the company recently faced? .Can you let me know about the company’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity? What kind of Hardware or Software will I be working with? .What are the people I will be working with like? . Usually at the end of the interview.What is the company's mission? . Therefore.Can I have your feedback so that I can learn the pros and cons about my performance and hence improve myself? .What is the most important contribution that this company expects from its employees? . At that point we found a compromise could be reached by incorporating both our ideas.What brought you to this company and what keeps you motivated to stay part of the team instead of working for one of your competitors? .Is the company culture more on the casual or more on the formal side? .What is the company doing to maintain its market strength? . Questions You Can Ask During HR Interview.What is the company's 5 years plan? . Here is a small list of questions you can ask the Interviewer: .What opportunities for advancement are available here? .What has been the company’s layoff history in recent years? .to see both sides of the situation.Can I learn more about the work culture of the company? . Sometimes candidates get tensed and ask very silly and irrelevant questions.What attracted you to this organization? How do my skills compare with those of the other candidates you have interviewed? . make sure you prepare some questions before the interview so that you can learn more about the company and the position. the interviewer asks you if you have any question for them.What advice would you give to someone in my position? .What would be some of my duties in the first year of employment? . It is important that you ask intelligent and relevant questions.Can I know more about the Training and the Induction Programme of your company? .How do you feel about creativity and individuality? .

What do you like best about your job/company? ..What qualities are you looking for in the candidate who fills this position? .Does your company offer either single or dual career–track programs? .What skills are especially important for som .What do you like most about working at the company? .

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