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Flat Stomach Coach eBook

Flat Stomach Coach eBook

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Published by Jungle Jim

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Published by: Jungle Jim on Aug 24, 2011
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Step 1:

Know your body type.

Step 2:

Set your ideal goal. Decide how many lbs/kgs you wish to lose, and what
percentage of body fat you would like to shed. Plan your journey, and set
achievable milestones.

Step 3:

Discover your ideal macro and calorie counts, based on your height.

Step 4:

Design your own personal menu, to suit your macro and calorie needs and
personal taste. (A calorie counting book or web site might help!)

Step 5:

Set an appropriate exercise regime based on body type and lifestyle.

Step 6:

Develop the habit of making time to prepare your food, and to enjoy your
regular exercise sessions.

Step 7:

Start recording all food and exercise in your personal diary.

Step 8:

Monitor progress against your milestones.

Step 9:

Adjust and re-align your plan until the desired outcome is achieved.

Step 10:

Commit to long term changes of lifestyle. Develop good eating and

exercise habits that will keep you ft for life.


How to get a SIX PACK without Sit-ups™...and keep them for Life!

Enjoy one "Cheat" Meal

Every Week

Regular Cardio


Eat Correct Balance

of Macronurients

Consume High

Fibre Foods

Maintain Moderate

Caloric Deficit

Regular Resistance


Eliminate Alcohol

Minimize Saturated Fat

Choose Low G.I.


Eat 6-8 Small


Drink 3 Litres of

Water Daily


Lean Body


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