Sunsilk is a hair care brand, primarily aimed at women, Produced by the Uniliver group, It is now considered the world's leading company in hair conditioning and the second largest in shampoo Sunsilk is Unilever¶s leading hair care brand, and ranks as one of the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate's ³billion dollar brands³  Sunsilk shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are sold in 69 countries worldwide.


€ There

was rising competition in shampoo market. € International brands entering into the market. € Lack in attracting the Target Group (youth). € Traditional way of advertising. € Loosing the Target Group. € Low Brand recognition.


‡ Towards the end of 2002 Sunsilk, which was then sponsoring the Miss India pageant, decided to establish an online presence for the endeavour. ‡ The success of this activity spawned the idea of developing a portal for young girls and soon thereafter the Sunsilk Naturals came into being. € ‡ This in turn successfully resonated with the target audience paving the way for an exclusive all-girl community that is today widely recognized as Gang Of Girls.


it became a tad easier for sunsilk to target its potential consumers 5 .€ Leveraging on the fact that sunsilk did have an existing site www.sunsilknaturals.com.

€ Engage the end user directly and in an interesting manner: girls in the target group of 18-25 yrs € Provide an interactive platform for users to have lot of fun € Present the user with a variety of activities to choose from € Use it as an image building platform 6 .

€ Earlier attitude : Sunsilk provides hair care products. change this attitude Sunsilk came up with many new concepts to allow consumer to link themselves with the product. € To 7 .

€ Considering customer as an individual. € And to promote this and much more HUL came up with Website: gangofgirls 8 . Different product for different hair type : each customer has his own requirement.

€ 9 . € HUL Strategy : A website is a key element of building brands not only (obviously) for Online Businesses but also Offline Businesses. A staggering 9 out of 10 times. € gossip.€ Fashion.. majority of consumers are bound to be internet savvy. € emotional bonding etc. job hunting.

€ GoG Allowed it¶s TG to try all the above things and even more via internet Customer product internet 10 .

11 .

12 .

13 . € Resulting in brand loyalty.. allowed TG to relate themselves to the product.€ GoG allowed TG to interact with each other (formation of GANG on website) + hair care tips + games + etc.

14 .

Like: launch of conditioners were easy to achieve because : had already established it¶s market via Sunsilk Shampoos. 15 .Sunsilk came up with a range of hair care products.

Own belief Intention Normative belief (peer group) Behavior 16 .

‡Sunsilk gang of girls is an exclusive online community for like minded girls ‡It is built on the philosophy that girls love to gang together to express what they feel. ‡Place for young urban women to come and say what they mean 17 .

‡It is founded on three pillars and has been operating on these since its inception SELF EXPRESSION INTERACTIVITY HAIR & FASHION CONTENT 18 .

19 .

where a user can upload pictures and give it various transitions along with background music ‡ Get Spotted is yet another platform for girls to showcase their talents in performance art. writing etc.PLATFORM FOR SELF EXPRESSION ‡ GOG TV enables girls to upload and share their videos ‡It has features like the moviemaker create her own movie by using pre-shot movie clips ‡ It also features the slideshow maker. the Life Can¶t Wait tools give users a unique and creative space wherein they can express to other users their life¶s defining moments as well as their goals and dreams ‡ The Be A DJ feature in the Rhythm Lounge allows users to express themselves musically ± they can create their own music mixes by mixing and matching pre-recorded instrumental tracks. and win prizes based on how other users rate their talents ‡Furthermore. 20 .

21 .

22 .SPACE TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS ‡ Girl Talk is one of the most active sections of the website ‡ It is a forum that gives girls the space to discuss everything from hair & fashion to the latest in entertainment ‡ Ask the girls is a special feature introduced with the understanding that girls often have questions that only other likeminded girls can answer ‡The site therefore has given its users the space to ask around ‡ The website in association with MSN India has also introduced its very own mail and chat service available exclusively to girls on the website.

RICH & INFORMATIVE CONTENT o The site is a rich reservoir of articles on hair styling. the website features blogs by female celebrities giving users insight into the lives and minds of their idols. o The site is well equipped with the latest entertainment updates presented by MSN India. fashion trends. beauty secrets. o An association with Monster Jobs allows the site to present users with hot career opportunities for them to explore. o The website in association with Astro Life presents users their daily horoscope along with other astrological insights. relationships and more. o Additionally. 23 . hair care.

Sholay¶s Thakur and more. Other Media Used ‡Towards the end of 2007 Sunsilk Gang Of Girls introduced a viral spoofing the then popular film µChak De India¶ ‡ The viral appropriately named µChoke There¶ features a disgraced & beleaguered hockey coach in search of his dream hockey team ‡Some of the hilarious spoofs featured in the viral include Shah Rukh. has given way to the launch of Gang Of Girls websites for each of a number of countries in South and South-East Asia.REPLICATING SUCCESS ACROSS ASIA ‡The success of Sunsilk Gang Of Girls. Mithun. 24 . over the years. Himmesh.

25 .

€ Psychological € Personal € Social € Cultural 26 .

Psychological Factors Personal Factors € Motivation € Perception € Learning € Beliefs and Attitudes Family Life Cycle € Occupation and Economic circumstances € Lifestyle € Personality and self concept € 27 .

culture € Social Class € 28 .Social Factors Cultural Factors € Reference Group € Family € Roles and Status Culture € Sub .

REFERENCE GROUPS ‡Reference groups refer to relevant groups to which consumers compare themselves and base purchasing decisions on. Reference groups can be broken down into three categories : ‡ ASPIRATIONAL ‡ ASSOCIATIVE ‡ DISSOCIATIVE 29 .

30 . Sunsilk launched sunsilknaturals. with participants in the pageant show representing aspirational reference groups.ASPI ATI AL EFE E CE P ‡Sunsilk was able to utilize all three categories of reference groups to stimulate demand. former Miss ‡Indian women admire Priyanka giving her significant persuasive power ‡Additionally. as follows: ‡Sunsilk recruited Bollywood actress and World Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador.com and showcased its Miss India Pageant show.

ASSOCIATIVE REFERENCE GROUP ‡Female consumers in India play a dominant role in the buying decision process and form the axle of the Indian household purchase system ‡Sunsilk recognized that these young women could influence and promote the Sunsilk brand to each other. expert advice. ‡Once these services attracted a large base of users. 31 . and other interactive elements. these users started discussing amongst themselves sharing advice and deepening their relationships with the brand. ‡Sunsilk just had to facilitate this ‡To get this group of women together.com and provided services such as the Makeover Machine. Astrological forecasts. Sunsilk launched Sunsilgangofgirls. Gang of Girls TV. forums.

32 .

DISSOCIATIVE REFERENCE GROUP ‡Wit i ‡If t l t t 7 . 7 lt r ll i ir r t l t it . r . t j i t ir r ri t i ri i l rt f t il i t i t t r ¶t 33 . t i ti li t t i ti r ir t r . i l i i i t i i .

a vocalist. ‡Sunsilk used celebrities and hair care and beauty experts as liaison opinion leaders. a Bharatnatyam dancer were all used as liaison opinion leaders to connect groups and influence buying decisions. Priyanka Chopra. Pearl.OPINION LEADERS connect two or more cliques together without belonging to either clique. a DJ. anchored the website Dipannita Sharma. Sweta Subramaniam. a renowned fashion model. ‡Liaisons 34 . Mehnaz. former Miss World.

connecting multiple separate cliques into one large group that can share information and deepen their relationship with the brand together. € Bridges 35 . € Active members on the Sunsilk Gang of Girls website represent bridges.are opinion leaders that belong to one clique and connect that group with another clique.

ee eco nition Information Search Cultural. Social. In ivi ual an Psycholo ical Factors affect all steps Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Postpurchase Behavior 36 .

the changing scenario provided marketers with the opportunity to join in the conversation and start two way communication with consumers € € € € 37 .IN SYNC WITH THE CHANGING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR € New media channels due to change in media consumption behaviour of the TG € Increase in disposable income among Indian youth Youth are spending lesser time with traditional media like TV and newspaper and more time on internet . mobile phone etc. Youth are sceptical about advertising and marketing gimmick and so rely more on the views shared among their network of friends with whom they keep in touch online Women are also making their presence felt on the internet Thus.

€ The effectiveness to which Sunsilk utilized reference groups is demonstrated by the fact that within 6 months of its launch.000 users and increased sales by 9. the website attracted more than 500.2% 38 .

€ Exceptional ratings for a websites € No. of gangs : 26.000 € No.000 € Time spent on the site : 14 mins € Recognition € Enquiry from Star groups on acquisition € Google & Travelguru sought alliance € Link on Orkut site € Competitor imitation 39 . of hits : 200 million € Nos. of registration : 280.

By January 2007. 40 € € € € . By November 2006. the registration base reached 350.000.000. GoG had 100. Economic Times reported that the site had generated 200 million hits and got on an average 12-13 million page views per month.000 gangs.€ In November 2006. GoG had 250.000 registered gangs. Though the 'Desperate Guys' section was intended to restrict the entry of males. within one month of its launch the membership in this section was up to 4. with 26. Within 36 days of its launch.000 registrations and 25.000 registered members.

06 minutes 41 . € With the growth in the number of entertainment options. € ‡Total Registration ± 7. a large portion of the youth had moved away from traditional channels and hence marketers had to woo them in new ways. € The increase in disposable income among the Indian youth was also a key consideration.16.086 ‡Total Number of Gangs ± 42.Results: € HLL had been suitably rewarded for among the first Indian companies to take the risk of harnessing an online community to promote its brand. ‡Average Monthly Unique Visitors ± 97.000 ‡Average Monthly Hits ± 1.621 ‡Average Monthly Page Views ± 30.586 ‡Average Visit Length ± 11.

42 .

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