WebEx Quick Reference

Setup by Meeting Organiser (a.k.a. Host)
This can be done ahead of the meeting, or at the meeting time. The benefit of setting it in advance is that people can add it to their calendar. 1. Go to WebEx portal 2. Click the Host Log In button on the right hand side of the screen 3. Enter Username 4. Enter password 5. Click the Log In button 6. Click the Meeting Center link on the top left of the screen 7. Click Schedule a meeting from the Host a Meeting quick launch 8. Enter a Meeting Topic and password, confirm the password Enter Date, Time,and approximate or scheduled duration of the meeting Enter your address as an attendee Click the Schedule Meeting button on the bottom right hand side of the page Click the OK button Click the Log-Out button Click the OK button to the warning message about logging out

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Send E-Mail to Non In-HouseMeeting Participants
1. Go to your email inbox, select the email sent to you from the room as an attendee to the meeting 2. Right drag the email onto the outlook calendar 3. Select Copy here as Appointment with Text (if appointment form doesn t appear, try pressing Alt-Tab) 4. Copy and paste the WebEx URL To Join the Meeting into the Meeting Location 5. Invite Attendees (don t book the room, this should have been done as part of the Setup 6. Click Send

For Non In-House Meeting Participants without internet access
Send them the contact phone numbers. They will also require the meeting access code and password to join the meeting

Accessing the Meeting by Internet
1. At the time of the meeting, go to email you received from the room or person inviting you to the online meeting. You will require speakers and a microphone (computer headset works well too) 2. Click on the join the online meeting hyperlink, or if you are the Host, click on the Start your meeting hyperlink 3. Click on the Join button 4. Select Call Using Computer Note: If this is your first time connecting to a meeting with your computer, a wizard appears to fine tune your sound settings 5. After you are connected to your meeting, you are able to a. mute or unmute your speaker or microphone b. change the volume on your speaker or microphone

WebEx Quick Reference Accessing the Meeting by Phone Enter the following information using your phone pad .followed by the # symbol .your access code or meeting number.received in your email or calendar item.

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