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Scavenger Hunt 2011-2012

Scavenger Hunt 2011-2012

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Published by rd_busybees
This is a scavenger hunt that we had students and parents do at Open House.
This is a scavenger hunt that we had students and parents do at Open House.

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Published by: rd_busybees on Aug 25, 2011
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Welcome to Miss Arnold’s Class Where Stars Shine

This year’s theme is Lighting the Way. Together we are going to find what makes you shine and what you do well. Tonight you will start by going on a classroom scavenger hunt. Read the directions carefully. As you complete each step, place a star sticker next to the number. 1. Find your name in the hall and place your supplies on your hook or on the shelf above your name. Bring the folder that you want to use first this year back into the room. 2. Find the cubbie with your name on it. Slide your folder into the space right above your cubbie. 3. Locate the spinner on the shelves by the windows. Spin it one time and take a star sticker that matches the color you spun. Bring the sticker to me and introduce yourself and whoever is with you. 4. Find the SMARTBoard and drag your name up to show the way you are going home on the first day of school. 5. Find the big rectangle tables. Notice that there are not any nametags. That is because you will get to choose your seat when you come in on Wednesday. We will change seats a lot throughout the year. 6. Find the calendar and check it out. *We will do calendar activities every day. Some days you will be in charge of leading the calendar activities. *We will celebrate your birthday as part of our calendar. You can find more information about birthdays and birthday treats in the folder you will get near the end of the scavenger hunt.

7. Find the stage. Introduce yourself to one of our class pets (Webkinz). You will have a chance to get to know them and take care of them this year. *While you are at the stage, notice what is hanging on the bulletin boards with the stars. These will be three parts of your homework each week - reading slip, flashcards, and a poem. * You will have homework every night. It will be your responsibility to get all homework finished and to bring it back. It will also be your responsibility to ask a parent to sign your assignment notebook each night. 8. Find the blue cart by the calendar. Look at the spelling list hanging on the front. This is what your spelling list will look like. *Everyone will have five words that match the spelling pattern we are working on for the week. Some students will have three challenge words that also fit the spelling pattern. Most students will have some other high frequency words added to their lists. You will get a new list every Monday and have a test every Friday. 9. Find the round table in the middle of the room. Find the bag with your name and take a folder. The bag is a ‘Back to School’ gift from me and the folder is filled with lots of information you and your parents will need to know about this school year. *There are papers your parents need to fill out. They can fill them out tonight or take them home and return them the first day or two of school. The lunch calendar is in this folder, too. 10. I am very glad that you came to check out the room tonight. I am looking forward to a great year. The last step of the scavenger hunt is to go down to the gym and pick up a treat provided by Mr. Wallace and the PTO. I will see you on Wednesday!

Miss Arnold

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