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An Inquiry Into You

An Inquiry Into You

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Published by Sam Sherratt

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Published by: Sam Sherratt on Aug 25, 2011
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What: A detailed profile of you When: By this Friday

You have until the end of the week to do a detailed inquiry into yourself and to create a way to share your information with other people. You will need to find answers to the form, causation and responsibility questions in the blue, purple and green boxes. You have a responsibility to share your information in a way that makes it interesting for other people. Think of creative ways to collect and share your evidence. You also have a responsibility to be honest about yourself.

Why: To help you understand yourself and the importance of organization

Form:  Are you organized or disorganized?  What evidence do you have that you are organized?  What evidence do you have that you are disorganized?  What do other people think about you?

Causation:  Why have you become this way?  What things do you achieve by being organized?  What do you fail to achieve by being disorganized?  Why do other people think that about you?

Responsibility:  Can you improve or change?  Are you responsible for yourself?  Do you let people down, including yourself?  Can you improve or change your reputation?

Ways to share:       A PowerPoint presentation A poster A booklet A blog posting A documentary A non-fiction text

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