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January 21, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: As a high school counselor and CU alumnus it is my privilege to write a letter of recommendation

for Aubrey Bills. Aubrey is the epitome of excellence in action in every aspect of the word. As her High School counselor I have watched her consistently surpass teacher and peer expectations in her every endeavor. When I think of the high ideals of integrity, character, intellect and determination that was expected of me by the professors at CU, I am confident Aubrey can and will uphold such standards. To be perfectly honest, I am in awe of this child for multiple reasons. She has overcome great loss in her life, with her father losing his battle with ALS last year. During those long months she weathered a move from Colorado to Texas for medical and family support with grace and determination. She persevered in her studies, not settling for the easy road, but demanding the very best for herself and choosing the more rigorous college preparatory curriculum. She had every excuse to see limitations, but she chose to see opportunity. I think it important to recognize that her grades, while good, have been affected by the hand life has dwelt her family. Yet this experience gives her a perspective that I believe is valuable in such a diverse university community. Articulate in every sense of the word, compassionate to no end and wise beyond her years, Aubrey will be such an asset to the student body of CU Boulder and a student I would be proud to know wears the Black & Gold. Her sister is a recent graduate of CU and it has been the goal for Aubrey to also be a student on the Boulder campus. Service to her fellow classmates is another worthy character that is Aubrey. Always willing to lend a helping hand when asked with a smile, it is no wonder she is both well respected and well liked at Foster High School by both teachers and peers. There are students that I encounter that I just know will make a difference, Aubrey Bills is one of those students. Thank you for your consideration of her application, she will make us all CU proud!


Jennifer Wright Roberts B.A. 86 Counselor Foster High School 832.223.3818