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July, the Month of Youth 4 Divisional Discussion Meeting


y 8.00-8.10 y y y y y y y

& Gongyo&Daimoku 8.10-8.15 Message 8.15-8.25 7.11 & 7.19 7.11 & 7.19 significance 8.25-8.35 Song 8.35-8.50 8.50-9.15 & Experience sharing 9.15-9.20 activities report 9.20-9.30


` ³ 484 ´ .



2030 2013 100 .


³ ³ ´ ´ SGM .

7.11 & 7.11 & 7.19 7.19 significance .

Significance of Young Women Division Day .7.19.

. is the beginning of the brilliance of Young Women Division. Tokyo with 74 youthful Young Women Division. The Young Women Division was formed shortly after President Toda¶s inauguration in West Kanda Headquarters.1951 7 19 74 19th July 1951.

.³ ´ In the 5th Volume of Human revolution (Overwhelming joy) described that day¶s event. it was a hot night with no rain. It differs from the Young Men Division inauguration day.

³ .

Each and every one. In order to sustain for the rest of your life. no matter you or her. You will not be troubled by your karma anymore since you have been practicing faith at such a young age. Mr Toda first appointed 5 Young Women Division leaders. For the sake of the future of the Young Women Division. each and every one of you must achieve happiness. Mr Toda said: ³Members of Young Women Division. without anyone left out. . the most important criteria is to continue to have strong and pure faith. this is Mr Toda¶s constant wish. must achieve happiness without anyone being left out.During the formation day.

. they have a lot of worries and the word ³happiness´ seemed impossibly far. But Mr Toda words were filled with such compassion and conviction that it gave them hope for the future as they once again determined to walk the path of faith their whole life through.³ ´ The Young Women Division members during that time were very poor.

.This guidance has been the prime point of YWD development.

for the sake of the people. However. coupled with the youthful spirit and passion they thoroughly strived for the sake of Young Women Division¶s development. None can be compared to these Young Women Division members who live each day with such noble and honourable attitudes. for the sake of the society. due to their trust towards Mr Toda.In that era. every day was pulsating with youthfulness. . the ideals toward world peace were ignited. Carrying the mission of the bodhisattva of the earth. living condition was very tough moreover the organization was filled with accusations and blame.

our seniors. In decades to come the Young Women Division has grown to become a great peaceful movement in Japan and worldwide.y 74 y Starting from these 74 ever advancing Young Women Division. . their shared struggle with our mentor have educated many Young Women Division members.

each and every young woman¶s action and existence should be stepped up.y ³ ´ y Now. Whether we are willing to strive for our own growth and construct actual proof of happiness will be crucial to opening the path of kosen-rufu in future. . the Young Women Division is moving towards a ³steady flight´ era. Starting from now. We must inherit the great spirit and traditions based on the solid foundation laid by our seniors.

Family.y y y When every young woman is filled with knowledge. and brilliance. the people around us will change. working place and society also will transform. y . This is what is meant by the Buddhist concept of threefold transformation of the land. charm.

cheerful young women must believe that we are the hope of the society. . the driving force to achieving world peace. The most important thing is that everyone can advance each day living a fulfilled and youthful life.y y In this bleak society.

We have since gathered many more members of pure and strong faith.y 1984 6 15 SGM y The establishment of SGM on 15th June 1984 in Malaysia. marks the beginning of a chapter of development for Young Women Division. Young Women Division nationwide has inherited the great tradition and spirit of Soka. We shall lead each and every young woman to the path of happiness with our General Director and Young Women Division Chief as the core. .

striving to contribute to our families. From now onwards. this is a very significant milestone for SGM Young Women Division. establishing our lives grounded on buddhist study. our eternal mentor in life. our organization. creating ripples of hope and peace. . Young Women Division will make Ikeda Sensei.2000 SGI ³SGM ³ ´ ´ SGM 12 1 ³ ´ During SGI President Ikeda second¶s visit to Malaysia he has designated 1st of December as SGM Young Women Division. the society and the country. leading a life of inner transformation. and becoming the young successors to ensure the perpetual flow of true Buddhism.

.y 60 75 y This year mark the 60th anniversary of our formation. It was his impassioned cry announced far and wide determination to achieve kosen-rufu.000 households. Mr. Toda inauguration as Soka Gakkai¶s 2nd president. At Mr. Toda pledged to increase the Gakkai¶s membership to 750.


. The inaugural ceremony of the young men¶s division was an unforgettable journey to fulfil that pledge. Toda inauguration.y 1951 y Two months after Mr. the Young Men Division was established on July 11 1951.

West Kanda.y y It was a rainy day and about one hundred eighty young men gathered at the second floor of the old Soka Gakkai Headquater in Tokyo. but in their hearts possessed a spirit more honourable and worthy than the wealthiest tycoon or monarch. . the then young men division group leader was present at the meeting. Everyone present was in his twenties and had hurried straight to the meeting venue from their jobs. Our mentor. They were all poor. President Ikeda.

y y Following a number of vigorous. Mr. President Toda first declared that the next president of Soka Gakkai is certain to come from among those who assemble here today and bowed with his deepest respect and veneration to that individual. . Toda at last rose to speak. youthful determination from participating members.

y ³ ´ y An awed atmosphere filled the room. . engraved his mentor¶s word in his heart. Mr. The inauguration was also a solemn rite foretelling the passing of the baton from 2nd president to the 3rd president´. who was sitting in one corner of the room. All of those who attended were exhilarated by his astonishing announcement. Ikeda. He remarked ³It was like a private ceremony between a mentor and disciple who had overcome unimaginable adversity together.

y ³ ´ y Next Mr. . ³Kosen-rufu is the mission that I must achieve without fail. Toda said. My only hope is that you will accomplish this noble mission by yourselves´. I would like you to be aware that all youth division members have a praiseworthy mission«« In the annals of history. young people have always held sway over the times and created each new era.

.y 192 y Our mentor. SGI President Mr. Ikeda engraving his mentor words in heart. stood up alone and strove with single-minded resolve has steered the Soka Gakkkai organisation from its humble beginnings to its presence in 192 countries and territories today.

Wouldn¶t we want to have the same transformation in our life? .y ³ ´ y It is also the effort of such young men division they were able to transform their karma and at the same Soka Gakkai were able ³to cast off the transient and reveal the true´.

y 2010 ³ ´ ´ ³ ³ ´ y We were fortunate. This is because the fate of our future now rests on the shoulders of each and every one of you´. . in President Ikeda congratulatory message especially to us commemorating Young Men Division formation in 2010. It is time for us to live up to our mentor expectation and ³to put our mentor mind at ease´. members of the youth division. Now it is the time for us to stand up and resolve to walk on the lofty path of mentor and disciple taking over the baton from our mentor. our mentor said ³I would now like to entrust the ³baton of Soka´ which I have inherited from my mentor to all of you.

assume responsibility of all Gakkai activities and without fail spreading the seed of happiness and thus transform our environment and society.y y The mission of achieving the noble cause of kosen-rufu depend on the youth especially the young men division. We must recognise that we are the successor. .

neighbourhood. Ikeda congratulatory message to Malaysia commemorating Soka Gakkai 80th Anniversary. work place. he gives us a guideline to become the Role Model of Oneness of Mentor and Disciple. Through our sincere practice and human revolution we must strive to become role model in our family. practice and study. . school.y 80 y In Mr. society and country of Oneness of Mentor and Disciple as well. Therefore we must exert and actualise it in our faith.

y Our effort and action will perpetuate the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin¶s Buddhism and promote the ideology of the three successive President of Soka Gakkai. .y y y We also must actively engage in dialogue and constantly participate in our discussion meeting thus enabling our district becoming A Role Model Group of Oneness of Mentor and Disciple.

. we will definitely achieve a magnificent transformation of karma without fail.y y In our course to our endeavour we are bound to face obstacle and difficulties. pray with all our might and strive with our entire energy for the sake of kosen-rufu. ever-victorious advance. However in whatever our present circumstances. Let encourage each and making effort in full scale expansion of the organisation and foster capable successor who inherit the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciples. if we resolute in our faith. setting our sights on Soka Gakkai 100th anniversary. Our effort in conducting home visit promoting dialogue and participation in our locality activities will not go wasted. y Let¶s us chant with unity and embark on a fresh.

setting our sights on Soka Gakkai 100th anniversary. ever-victorious advance.y 100 y Let¶s us chant with unity and embark on a fresh. .

Dainanko mp3. brief introduction and lyric .

also known as ³Dainanko´. .³ ´ ³Dainanko´ - 1294 -1336 ´ ³ A brilliant 14th century military tactician in Kamakura (Japan). Kusunoki Masashige (1294-1336).

yy is remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty. a brilliant tactician and strategist.y y He served his country with utmost loyalty. . being referred to as the god of army.

Kusunoki Masashige and his son.³ - Dainanko´ The content of the song describes the poignant leave-taking between father. Masatsura. .

We always sing this song together with Sensei while on the pathway of achieving victorious battles in Kosenrufu. It is truly a memorable song. .y y Ikeda Sensei: ³this song sings about the victories of Toda Sensei (just like my father) and myself (the disciple).

. When Toda Sensei said this. he said: ³Everybody.³ ´³ ´ Dainanko´ ³ Toda Sensei love this song very much. Many a times. sing one more time´ ³Daisaku. sing once more´. his gaze is like a father looking forward to see his son to grow up as soon as possible. I feel that the spirit of this song has many significant.

its gracefulness shown« . the victorious history.³ y Dainanko´ Dainanko overflow with the heart of justice of father and son.



Dainanko I am happy to see my disciple like Masatsura succeeding galloping onto the stage of kosenrufu



52 24 My mentor at the age of 52, the age of father -Masashige, and me 24, the age of Masatsura.



Described how the father Masashige in tears, told his son he will be going to the battle field and die for justice and his son shall not follow but return to the village soon.

together they fight the battle. though young. nevertheless he shall join everyone in the battle field.³ - Dainanko´ The next phrase Masatsura replied he shall not leave his father and return to the village with the others. .

³ Dainanko´ Dainanko our realization More than Dainanko of Kosenrufu« Dainanko the world¶s greatest Oneness of mentor and disciple .


A-o bashige reru saku-ra I no Sa to no wata-ri no yu ma gu re Kono shi ta ka-ge ni koma to mete Yono yu ku su-e o tsuku zu ku to Shi no bu yoro-i no sode no e ni Chi ru ha nami da ka hata tsuyu ka .

Masa shi ge nami-da o u-chi hara i Wa ga ko masa tsu ra yobi yo se te Chi-chi wa hyo go ni omo mu ka-n Kana ta no ura ni te uchi jin ni se n Na-n ji wa koko ma-de kita re do mo Toku to ku ka-e re furu sato e .

Chichi u e i ka ni nota mo u mo Mi su te matsu ri te ware hi-to ri I ka de ka-e ra-n ka-e ra re-n Kono ma sa tsura wa toshi ko so wa I-ma da waka ke re moro tomo ni On-n tomo tsuka e n shide no tabi .

Na-n ji o koko yo ri ka-e sa-n wa Wa re wa ta kushi no tame na ra zu O no re uchi ji ni nasa n ni wa Yowa ta ka uji-no mama na ra-n Haya ku o-i ta chi o kimi ni Tsu-ka e matsu re yo kuni no tame X2 .

Gaining Victory will Open Up Everything .




y y 23/6 y 5/8 y 22/7 y 13/8 y 24/8 District Study Meeting soka day 8.00-9.30pm .

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