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Published by: Strange L. Gänseblum on Aug 25, 2011
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In the initial stages of the struggle, separate campaigns with differ-

ent specifc objectives can be very useful. Such selective campaigns

may follow one after the other. Occasionally, two or three might
overlap in time.

In planning a strategy for “selective resistance” it is necessary

to identify specifc limited issues or grievances that symbolize the

general oppression of the dictatorship. Such issues may be the ap-
propriate targets for conducting campaigns to gain intermediary
strategic objectives within the overall grand strategy.

These intermediary strategic objectives need to be attainable
by the current or projected power capacity of the democratic forces.
This helps to ensure a series of victories, which are good for morale,
and also contribute to advantageous incremental shifts in power
relations for the long-term struggle.
Selective resistance strategies should concentrate primarily on

specifc social, economic, or political issues. These may be chosen in

order to keep some part of the social and political system out of the
dictators’ control, to regain control of some part currently controlled
by the dictators, or to deny the dictators a particular objective. If
possible, the campaign of selective resistance should also strike at
one weakness or more of the dictatorship, as already discussed.
Thereby, democrats can make the greatest possible impact with their
available power capacity.
Very early the strategists need to plan at least the strategy for the

frst campaign. What are to be its limited objectives? How will it help
fulfll the chosen grand strategy? If possible, it is wise to formulate

at least the general outlines of strategies for a second and possibly
a third campaign. All such strategies will need to implement the
chosen grand strategy and operate within its general guidelines.

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