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Biscuit industry in India- Overview. BRITANNIA company overview makeover product life cycle SWOT analysis  

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Corporate social responsibility ,IPR s

the production of which has been steadily increasing in the country. bakery products.. The two major bakery industries. Bakery industry in India is probably the largest among the processed food industries. etc. . viz.Industry Analysis    The consumer food industry mainly consists of readyto-eat products or ready-to-cook products such as pasta products. soft drinks. biscuits. Automatic approval for FDI upto 51% has been introduced. bread and biscuits account for almost 82% of the total bakery products.

Anupam and Horlicks. Parle Bakeman.Britannia. Smith Kline Beecham.   . The major Brands of biscuits are.Biscuit Industry in India An Overview  Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production. Dukes. Cremica.e. Kellogs. Though dereservation resulted in a few MNCs. the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries. Heinz etc entering the biscuit industry in India. i. Elite. Priya Gold. Sara Lee.

Based on purchasing power of the consumers The lifestyle approach.   .Basis Of Segmentation Broadly there are three ways to segment the market followed by the biscuit industry:  Based on age group.

Based on the production in India biscuits can be broadly classified into:- .

The composition of choices of food of people for breakfast and snacks shows that only 16% prefer biscuits. .Industry Research   Objective: To study eating habits with regards to consumption of biscuits amongst people.

34% prefer sweet plain biscuits and 29% of people prefer namkeen or salty biscuits. . 12% prefer wafer biscuits.Industry Research     Of the people who consume biscuits 25% people prefer cream biscuits.

14% eat four times a week. 8% eat once in 15 days. 6% eat once in 10 days and once in a month. 29% eat twice a week. .Industry Research      The number of people who eat biscuits include 37% of people who eat them everyday.


The Origin of Eat Healthy Think Better Britannia saw the writing on the wall.Britannia ranked No.Britannia established with an investment of Rs. 295 in Kolkata 2007.   . Think Better) re-position directly addressed this new trend by promising the new generation a healthy and nutritious alternative . Its "Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao" (Eat Healthy.1 in the Metros across all categories.that was also delightful and tasty.Britannia: Company Overview  1892 .

Makeover of Britannia From being a manufacturer of baked products. Research showed that the brand 'Britannia' was synonymous with trust and quality.   . BIL kicked off a diversification exercise to become a comprehensive foods and beverages company making cheese and other dairy products. and the wide portfolio of products was seen as a source of strength . Its work involved understanding the perceived and potential value of the brand where everything from colors and symbols to the typeface. to craft a new logo and corporate slogan. was evaluated.Shining Strategic design. BIL hired a Paris based design studio.

Current market position of Britannia biscuits Nutri Choice I N T R O D U C T I O N Treat Pure Magic Good Day Tiger Little Hearts Marie Nice Sales G R O W T H M A T U R I T Y D E C L I N E Time .

BIL is also facing problem of high turnover of its Key Managerial Personnel (KMP). THREATS Threats of regional and local players are more. It also has well penetrated distribution network. OPPURTUNITIES BIL has immense opportunities to increase its export turnover. which at presents is very meager. It may enter in to other food products or health beverages and to become total foods company. WEAKNESS BIL is unable to improve its margin since last few quarters due to increasing input costs. Marie gold and Good day. BIL is holding leadership position in six out of seven sub-categories of biscuits.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS BIL has strong brands like Tiger. BIL can leverage its pillar brands in full swing. . Other competitors like ITC and Surya Agro are playing very aggressive role in this era beside the threat of inflation in prices of agriculture based commodities are always attached with it.


Parle G. almost half the market share for biscuits in India. The Glucose brand that enjoyed a monopoly in the market for decades.Parle: Company Overview  In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India. selling 2.7 million tones a year. retains.   . Parle G. The brand recently achieved the distinction of being the highest selling Glucose biscuit in the world. enjoys a 69% share in the glucose biscuit market.

meal substitution. nutrition.Brands Ambassadors  With Comics Chandamama. With Celebrities The agency figured that they wanted to feature real people as brand ambassadors of Parle-G. and affordability/value-for-money) by making them integral to the campaign thought. Aamir khan and Darsheel safary endorsed hide n seek biscuit which raised the market share considerably. The 60-year-old magazine printed by the company sells 375. mental development/alertness.   . And Parle-G s five driving propositions (taste. Hritik Roshan.000 comic books in 13 languages was used by Parle to advertise its products.

Current market position of Parle biscuits I N T R O D U C T I O N K r e a m s Hide & Seek Krackjack Parle g Monaco Sales G R O W T H M A T U R I T Y D E C L I N E Time .

OPPURTUNITIES The Glucose brand that enjoyed a monopoly in the market for decades surpassed the expectations of its makers. in popularity. The entry of big players in the field could mean more competition for old hands in the game. the duplicates market. . THREATS Britannia is eyeing the Glucose brand and aims to overtake Parley's within three years' time. WEAKNESS There are less number of brands under its umbrella than Britannia.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Parle has strong brands like Monaco. It has very good distribution channels in rural areas also. Its portfolio does not include breads and cakes. It is the most well known brand. A big threat to legitimate biscuit makers comes from duplicates. Parle g and Krackjack. It also has well penetrated distribution network. It may look for markets aboard.

  Every year.5 million children in Hyderabad as part of the AP Government s mid-day meal programme. Naandi Foundation and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition have come together to provide specially developed Britannia Tiger Iron Fortified Biscuits for 1. These events gives a chance to interact with children on a one-to-one basis. .Britannia Vs Parle (Corporate Social Responsibility)  Britannia Industries. and promote the belief of fun and health for the whole family. inviting schools from all across the state to participate. Parle organizes Saraswati Vandana in the state of West Bengal during the festival of Saraswati Puja.

with significant potential outside the country too.    Parle Products Ltd has been using the trademark GLUCO on its biscuits popularly known as Parle-G biscuits.Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  Britannia Industries Ltd has developed several brands and created recipes in respect of its products. Parle Products filed a suit in Madras High Court against Bakemans Industries for the use of the word GLUCO in their trademark for the biscuits as they had registered this mark long ago. . The Parle-G is given more prominence on the packet than the GLUCO. The TIGER Brand which was developed by the Company has become one of the most successful brands in the country.


. Parle should enhance it s product mix and focus on lifestyle products. Britannia should develop economy range biscuits to capture the low income groups.CONCLUSION    Britannia and Parle. both are leaders in their respective segments.