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Volwne 10


by J. Robbins


his month we are approaching a decisive moment in the struggle over rq>roductive rights. On April 26th the Supreme Court has chosen to hear argumatts In a case ~igncd to overturn the fundamental right of women to make their own decisions about abortion established by the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision In 1973. On April 9th, the forces defending that right will be making a show of strength in Washington, D.C.


New York Labor Unions for ReproducdveRigbts is a new coalition of unions work- • log t9 promote the understanding that reprod~ righ~ are working people's rights. Women who are members of unions are invited to Join them. Call Donna Dolan at the Communications Workers of America (CWA) District I, (212) 344-2515. . The New York Pro-Choice Coalltion invites you to warm up for April 9 by joining a demonstration against New Y~'51eading antibigot, <::ardinal John O'Connor. 1bey'U be at Saint Patrick's Cathedral at 1 pm. April 2.
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The "March for Women's EquaIity/Women's Uva" was calk:d by the National
Orpnizatioo For Women (NOW) and the National Abortion RiRbts Action League (NARAL) but drawn suppon from hundreds of organizations. April 9th has become the focus for a range of organizing and actions on the issues of rq>roductive freedom. In New York, a season of activism has already been opened by the "Supremes for Choke," the WQmat's SUpreme Court, who held a . mock bearing on the steps of the Federal

other community sttuggIes. stress reproductive frttdom as a broad issue ~1vIng not only the right to end a pregnancy, but also women's rights to 1i~,IO\'e, and raise children in freedom, safety, and decent living conditions. "The fight for the right of women to control their bodies is part of ~ fight for oppressed people to control aU the decisions which affect their lives." The teach-in will be In the first floor lounge Ii Hunter West Building, 68th and Lexington, from 5;30 to 9:30 pm. Activists For ReproductM: Freedom can reached by calling Mimi Adler at (212) 864-5376.

NOW-NYC-and many other groups-will be sending busses to the April 9th march. The busses will leave at 6 am "from Union Square: and a number of other locations. Call NOWNYC at (212) 807-0721 rigbl ~ for information and to reserve tickets. . The Brooklyn YWCA, together with a number of other BrookIyn-based organizations, is sponsoring busses' which will leave from Third and Atlantic Avenues in downtown Brooklyn, also at 6 am. TIcke\Sare 125 roundtrip, and low-income scholarships ate available. Call them at (718) 875-1190. Look for a series of demonstrations after April 9th as well. The Reproductift Riihts Coalition is planning a major raUy in New York City on April 25th, the eve of the Supreme Court hearing. The All Peoples Con(1ft5S plans to "blockade" the Supreme Coun in Washington on the 26th. The conservative right has been chjJPing away at women's reproductive rights for years now. The denial of federal funding for abortions and the overall atmosphere of official repression have seriously affected the ability of ~J~!!_'''UJjU<::U and..young women to control own bodies. The women's movement has been slow to respond. The right has come very close now to returning us, not to the pre-feminist era before Roe v. Wade, but to a new era of expanding state control over our bodies and lives. The clfccts are already being felt, not only here but around the world. Official' American 0pposition has helped prevent the ~lopment of safe, legal abortion services in the Thin! World, and women die by the thousands of selfinduced and illegal abonions. Such abonions are, for example, the leading 'cause of death among women in Peru. What are we waiting for? The time to do something to defend the rights we must have isnow! •.

M:afI~ch:8~'~ln:t~erna~=tio:n~-_~~_.::rr:;F~1~'~~~~F~~~F~1~ ~ Rights ~allltioI11 Ad Hoc Coalition to &m: Women's Lifts, will be turning up around the city, and Invite your participation. They especially want to reach out to the poor women and Women of Color who are most at risk. They can be reached by calling Vernice Miller at the Center for Constitutional Rights, (212) 614~7. A teach-in at Hunter College on March 28 is being sponsored by AcdvJsts For Reproductive Fftedom. They are one of the new groups that have emerged in recent weeks to confront the abortion crisis. Founded by WO° men who have been invoIvt:d In anti-racist and




litE SEARCH'CONT have more to It? That's what we want to know, too. I
by doesn't this paper

•.....1 •

As Womanews approaches its tenth birthday, we're not satisfied. We can keep putting out the paper as we have been. But We don't want to continue to put out a paper. that doesn't cover most of what women are doing. That isn't reguIarlycoveriogwel&re·struggles, repreduceree issues, international developmatts affecting women, dUferently-abled WOo mat, or many other issues. That doesn't cover a lot of_exciting new women musicians, artists and writers. That isn't dSributed in most of the places we live and work in. That doesn't have an active presence in the women's community. Our goal is to organize 25 women to work on the paper. Whatever amount of time you have to work on Womanews will be appreciated. We need: correspoodcnts to report on speci6c fields (and specific areas outside New York City, c:spcdaIly Connecticut and northern New JeBey); distributors to sell the papers at women"s events, collqes, etc.; women to work on benefits and fund-raising; proofreaders; a caIeodar coordinator; artists and photographers; 0Iprii7Jers.

We need' collaborators who will c10 one thing for the paper every month; and we need women who want to take leading roles In building a tQU8h, activist women's newspaper: for the 90s. We ~ some requiranents for volunteers. For womanews, being a women's newspaper by and for women means being for women's liberation, and against auything that oppresses women. We want to stand clearly against every Injustice-whether it takes the form of sex discrimination, racism., economic Infustice, imperia1ist war, or child abuse. We're writing a (briefi) new political statc:ment to reflect that, and we want to work with women who share that commitment. We do" 'I require that you be a Lesbian ( or straight); <JYa 18 (or under 70); white (or a Woman of Color); experienced or educatedjust willing to do the work that needs doing. We are active()I interested in building a more diverse paper. If you think the work we're doing and the work we want to do is imponaDt, give us acaU (212) 989-7963. And plan to come to our orientation meeting for volunteers ooApril 22 • at 1 pm in the Womanews office at 415 weSt 14th Street. We're ready to movdonvard-with)'9U. •

We're ready to move forward - withyou-l

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Womanews/ April 1989

P.OBox220 Village Station NYC 10014 (212) 989-7963


Editorial Policy
Since 1979, Womanews has bee.n a monthly newspaper by, for. and about women. We carry news to all women and provide a forum for New York-City's fem- . inist community. Articles, photos and graphics on local, national and international topics are welcome. We will not knowingly print sexist, racist, ageist, heterosexist, or classist materials. No submission can be guaranteed use or return to the author. Our ooucles apply equally to the Womanews staff, no staff membets reviews or viewpoints necessarily represent the Womanews collective.· '


Iecnve and the Womanews focus, Wht:n the rule of this hierarchy within Womanews is
threatened it resorts to subversive means to regain its control. This is evidenced by the "racist" and "elitist" smcai campaign that is currently being perpetuated against us and which has successfully been resorted to in the past. Meant to divide and fragment the memo bers, this campaign results in hostility and a shutting down of constructive dialogue and returns the controlling group to power. We are sensitive to racism and its elfects upon society in the United States but we will not be goaded by an ultimatum. It is with


To the: Womanews Collective: We are writing this letter in.response to the allegations of racism and classism that have bern put forth by a select group within the Womanews collective. We wish to examine these charges: - Diminished focus on issue!! of interest to Women of Color with increased attention to white women's issues; - loss of cultural diversity of the collective and contributors due to l".K.ism; - elitism and unfair work divisions andt

much frustration andwsmay that we choose to resign from the collective. We a s white women recognize that we have privileges accorded to us because of our skin color. We do not feel we are insensitive to the dual oppression of Women of Color· we can report it, we can expose it, give it evidence -but we cannot live it. We resent the use of divisive tactics and will not participate in an organization that resorts to these measures, . Liz Giordano, Paula Liguori, Faith Nelson, Sandy Pardes, Pearl Silverfine, Fran Wawrush


Why is it when white womc:n are accused of f3(;ism their first response is to deny it? 1beir second response is to attempt to discredit the womenwho accuse them ofbcing racist. This is not the way to un.ify an already fragmented women's community. Nor a constructive way to deal with racism at Womanews. Let's work under the assumptlon that we U\'e in a racist sodety. AU of cbe institutions in and functj disthis soddy are racist 'on to empowct People of Color. Let's assume that after the many years you have ~ in this tOdety as white women and interacted with its institutions some of this racism has rubbed off on }'OU and you are racist. To some extent aU white people are racist. it is a filet and your denial of it ID2kes it that much harder (or }'OU to WO!k through)'OlD' radsm. • Now let's apply this prirlqJlc to the situation that occ:urred when you were asked to leave Womanews. The paper had a radaUy mixed SIlIft: AU of the Women of Color with the exception of one said dJey would Iea\'e the paper if youdid not deal with )'OW' racism.
Your examples to disprove a "diminished focus on Issues of interest to Women of Color with increased attention to white women's issues" are good. And they do show that Womanews did cover issues of Women of Color, poor and worklng~ class women. flowever all of these examples were from issues. that 'you did not work on. None of)'OU wrote these articles. Only one of you was even on the paper wben they were writtm, faith Nelson. However Faith did nothing to bdp in the writing of these .metes. In fact. these articles were written by either W~ of U,IOf.ifl(:ludingthosewhothreatene<itoleave to paper because of your racism. at the white women committed to working on their racisQJ.


Women Who Worked On This Issue
Ussette Cheng Carol Evans

Myrna Morales-Alvarez
Vickie Nielson

Diana Corzen V, Corzen J. Antoinette Gross Jenny Komatsu

Valerie Proctor J. Robbins Zoom

We are refuting these charges which we feel arc spurious and unsubstamiared, and offer evidence of their inaccuracy, A representative examination of the past years issues reveals: December/January '88 - Cover article on EI SalWdor.m,u.s. sponsor right wing death squad aCtivity in Los Angeles. Yanira Corea, a member of CISPES committee threatened and tor. tured. (Ed. note:AuIborAnneStatw] Lead article on Miriam TIali, third world woman protesting apartheid and social and economic obstacles to becoming a writer. (Ed note:AuIborGaiJ EStennan) Review of "The Women of the Regent Hotel" (homeless women in New York City). lEd note:AuthorGaiJESterman] Article by Rayna Moss, Jewish women lK."livist,Israeli advoc-ate for Palestinian rights. lEd note: Interview by SbaI2i) ''Womyn Bonding" • highlighting Eastern Regional Woman's Alliance - a network of business Women of Color. lEd note:


Womanews Collective:
Myrna lI.r1orales-Aivarez Lissette Cheng Corol Evons

Diana Corzen V. Corzen

J. Antoinette Gross J. RObbins


Apfi' laue: J. Antoinette


I~~ J_~~~~~~~~==~:=~~~~~~~~A~U~~~!~~~~~~~:L ~~~I!~~!!~~~~!I~~!!~~~~"~
Acting Office Manager: Student Intern:
Valerie Proctor
February '88 (Black Herstory Month)

In your letter you refer to "ongoing covand PUerto Rican Independence movements, the Tawaoa Braw· ley case, Third World Women, and AIDS. We would like to know wbaI ')'00 to cower these topics. Especially since It toOk over &wo years to begin consistent coverage oftbe flies· tinian SlrUfI8Ic and we still do tlOI baw>t4kmt

erage" of the PalestiDim



Artte,,,: April 1

May Issue/Deadlines:


Calendar and ClassIfleds: April 1 DIsplay Ads to be typeset AprIl 1 CCJmefO-feOdy Ads: ApriI'IA


Late ads will be charged double if we
are able to tit them into oor schedule.


Display ads to be fypesetwill ed $15 for layout ..

be charg-

Want to see your name in this Box? fun. irs political.

for Wotnanews. It's easy, it's it doesn't cost money! See the calendar for our production schedule. or call the office. See you


"Lcamfare"· Discrimination ~ welfare mothers who are high school dropouts.IEd note:Au~Y. Cor%en) • Profile of Zala Chandler - Black woman Professor at Medgar Evers College and Black community struggle for justice. [Ed. note: Aulbor J. Robbins) "Black· Out and Proud" Interview with 3 prominent Black Lesbians. [Ed. note: Autbor JacquW Bisbop) "Profile" of Black Lesbian poet, Denise Jones. (Ed. note:AutborDeniseJones] "COOL" Activist group protesting Shescape's racial discrimination practices. lEd note:AutborY. Conen) Bottomjisb Blues review of radical newspaper that addresses racism, classism, sexism ... 1 Ed. note: Author Gail Bster-


Womanews Is ~ by:

137-83 Northern Boulevard Rushing. NewVOI1< 11354718/353-6732 Business MeetIngs: April 6 and 27

office address: 415 West 14th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues 2nd ROOf 212-989-7963

Mall goes to: p.Q. Box 220
Village Station

NY, NY 10014 Cover Photo By;
,.) Philadelphia Reproductive

March '88 - Lead article on Friends of Women, a Thai women's organization formed to promote women's equality in Thailand. lEd note: Author jimpa Skolnakorn) Ongoing coverage: - Political struggle of Palestinians and Puerto Rican independence fighters and activist fighters. - Cover of Tawana Brawley, Operation Rescue, Third World Women and AIDS. - Unparalleled, unbiased coverage of all shades of women's music. These are a sampling of issues given continuous, routine coverage by both Black and white Womanews staffers and contributors. Staff and' contributors to Womanews have ~ been transient. This is due not in small part to the lack of nt!rturance given by the core collective members. This is not a color issue but one of power, with the core being unwilling to delegate authority or even teach new people the basic of the paper. This frustration which has been expressed by many. new contributors is the primary reason for the collectfve's inability to retain its members. Regarding the unfair division of labor. We feel the paper needs to be more democratic in its divisions of work. It is not a question of 'white women assigning "salt work" tq Women of Color, but a question of a few controlling women deciding the fate of the entire col-

a racism group and a Women of Color support Jft"IP. You wae told in ordu to n:maia. OR cbe coIlccd\IIe yoIl wouIIl hwe to joUI the white WOIJICO'S anti·racism group. AU of you refused and that is why you are no IcqJer on this paper. -WIlen you were called about the anti-racism . group one woman said "The allqatioos Wtte a crock of sbit...1 wiD not work with an uldm· atum." Another woman said ... tokllD}'lldf rd be around Womanews as long as it was fun and it's no longer fun." Sandy Pardes, a white woman who sipled the letter, has not been at Womanews sio<:e September of 1988. We do not understand why she sipled the letter. Another woman refused to <:haoge her racist tcrmioology, "()rIa\tals" bec:mse she was from the "old school". It was a commonly held tboupt that the Women of Color should "nicely" ask white women to work on their racism and educate them Ibout It. We wonder do you ask your wbitemale oppttS6OJ'S to "nicel,," Slop oppressing you and offer to educate them on your oppression? life at Womanews was not hell but It was 'not sisterly heaven for the Women of Color who worked on the paper. Before the "letter" was wrItten, the Women of Color tried to discuss these problems and possible solutions at a policy meeting. This item was put at the bottom of the .... During the meeting a couple of white women wanted to move it to another rnceting. After a fight it was leA on the agenda but neva dealt with. Instead the Women of Color bad fO sit through white


ber a fight in our office- because a writtr (\I. __ ...."..." CoraeD) ftfused to UIe ~ .....,... .... 1 J ..... -n.w-·s ~_ It ~. pee! by a white woman that "alleged" be inserted for Ic:gaI purpoIICS. looking OYer issues of the paper after you were wortdng on the paper we see a diffetalt pi<.1\ue. The Latina Issue, an attempt to I1I1IR up b the f<Ii1ed Puerto Rican Issue, was bdter. The white women who did not work on the Puerto Rican isIIue no longer told Women of Color to ~ Women of Color stuff wbilc they sat around and did nothing. Thry wrote, solidted, and supported the Women of Color who worked on the issue. How. ever, Faith Nelson was not one 01 those: women. In &ct, her column "For the Record" is a good rdJection of that. It was about the Mich. igan Women's Musk: Fcstiv.ll, it bdng "a reJigious experience", k. d Blazing Red Heads., "Amazulu", and ~ ute as a Deuce • rmdic. And this Is dcsaibed as bdng "ubparalleled, unbiased coverage of aU shades of women's music." During this recent d12nge at the paper we ~ also reviewed the content of our articles and the process in which they were written, we ~ come to the conclusion that liIcemost women's newspapers Womanews has &lien into the habit of reponing on the political activity using the artn chair approach. We read articles in the NftIl Yorlr 1fnIes or adler main. stream publkations, d¥:st the infOrmation and spit out an article on the same information but through a Feminist penpeclil'e. This is DOC &ir to our taders or the women doing cbe work.


women's racist comments and the other WOo men in the room did very little to stop them. This meetiog ended with diose white women stating the way for them to deal with their racism i.s for Women of Color toc:ducate thcm, something that no Woman of Color should be required ..A__ do. ,to .... h..,._ ~ ....iIlu:I UII3
"' __ I .... -_ IU ... ~I ....._ UK:~'

We now feel that in order to better n:porc the go;.ng, on of poIiticaUy actM w.omen (What one of our ~ is-as a paper) we need to 1C2Ve the artn chair approach and take a more interactive approach with the women working on these issues. • For UlUDpIe our ~ of AIDS has been .0&.... very slanted espedaIJy when ,it comes to UK: latin community. We ~ to talk to women worIdnR in WashingtonHelp b example and report on their wodt. OUr articles should DOC only focus on ACT UP but also the many other 0IpIb:ad0ns that are doing work around that issue. This would britig up the quality of our paper and bopdUUy bring a truly "Fcrninia perapecdYe" when reportillg 00 tbcse C\'ef1tS. ~~~~~~



Rights Organization Correction: Cover Photos in the April issue were by JEB and Mili Hernandez

to the white women .IistinB cbe demands of the Women of Color was written by two women who do DOC notmalIyconfrontwomen on their racism. This made them so aopy they wrote "the Iettcr" and a*d the other Women 01 Color for support for their detJJan(b. The end result was your beinS told to leave W~.

c:xpiainin8 the

writtcD. "The lctter"








A Lesbian was attacked onJanuary 19th after leaving the Griffin Tavern (4046 30th St., San Diego, CA). She was beaten by four men, who she identified at "skinheads," and later Qne as the others looked 00. San Diego and the nation has had increased attacks against Gays and Lesbians in recent months: In'San Diego as many as 72 incidents have been reponed. "Skinheads" may have been connected to half Of these OCcurrences. "Skinheads" have also been invoM:d in many assaults against Blacks, includiQg the murder of an African man in Seattle. At:cording to a kx.-aI news source, there has

Kowalski Breakthrough



Sharon Kowalski, a Lesbian hospitalized since a 1983 car accident, W2S reunited with her loYer, K2ren Th~ this February. Kowalski's Wnily has kept Thompson from visiting Kowalski since 1985. A court order finally resulted in Kowalski's transrer to a different f2cility which allowed ~ to visit and assist Kowalski's rehabilitation ther-

After numerous demonstrations, lockouts, coon orders, and reductions in the hospital's projected Iayoffi; a coH1pr:ornise was reached, The hospital would not lay 011 any employees and the union would cease its activity in the hospital ' Steve Kramer, union vic:c president, commented on the work actioo. "We came at them from all sides, but the key to the success Of this fight W2S the members." LocaIll99News

physical condition has detedorated in the four years they have been kept apart, duri.Qg which Kowalski's family has kept her in a nursing home where she receives Httle n:babilitation. Thompson says, "My goal is for Sharon to be moved from here to a place mat's transitional to independent Uving. I sec 00 reason why Sharon has to spend the rest of her lire in an New York ~ty Law School studentsinstitution." held a week-long sit-in in March protesting The case has garnered much ~tion in the racist. hanssment at the school Icsblan, gay and disabled communities, and a Ovtt 100 students sat in the Law School's national campaign is StJRXlI1ing Thompson's lobby, charging that NYU has not properly legal battle. Tbompsoo will be speaking at inYesdpcd seven raciaUy motivated inddCnts Judith's Room Bookstore on April 15th. For (Mt the last 1M: months. They include:: demore infurmation, contact the National Comfacing an announcement of last f2lI's "Women . mittee to Free Sharon Kowalski at (202) of Color and the Law" conference, burning a • 667-3415. ,esse Jacbon poster, aJId ~ a laundry ticket on the bulletin board of the Asian Pacific American Law Students' Association. Student spokeswoman Pboebe Eng said.Law School DeanJohn Sexton is Iargdy n:sponsible fur not finding and disdplining the students carrying out. the harassmcot. New York finally has a new women's bookThe student group met with the dean during store! Judith's Room: Books for Women and the sit-in and presented a list of demands to Their Friends opened on Wednesday, March 8 combat racism at the school The students (lolemational Women~s Day). Located at 681 an l.ocrcased number of People of Color washinston St. !>ctweenJO and Otarles Sts. , "J§~~~ a~ of c6rcCoot ~ fuThtiine professors and Judith's Room books, cards and periodicals thatcclcbr.lte the I ts at the Law School are crcatiw: spirit of women. Go by and say hi to ~ of Color. The students also called for a Sally and Carol, Judith's Room enterprising committee to investigate racist actions on

been 00 COYef3gCofthe incident because "rape is not a newsworthy item" Letters of support for the attack surviror can be sent to: Swviror, clo SDLP, PO Box 8666, San Diego, CA 92102. . San DIego Lesbian Press ria lesbian News

1honwson has been fi8hting the Kowalski Wnily in court since 1984 for visitation rights. She has also been for proper medical care and rehabilitation fur Kowalski. Thompson _ that Sharori Kowalski's


Philippine Women's Group Banned
The radical women's group, Gabdda, W2S banned by the Philippine .govmunent under President CorazOn Aquino on November 7, 1988. The ban came as part of the government's countcrinsurgence program. The group has possible ties to some ~ leftistS. Organized during the Marcos dictatorship, Gabriela is a coalition of 101 :women's ~izations. Membershlp is numbered at 4O OOO with chapters on cvayisland of the Philippines. The group has criticized the Aquino governrnent for not taking actiQn against the elite. , Letters opposing the ban can be sent to: President Conzon Aquino, MaIacanana Palace, Manila, Philippines. Copies of your letter should be sent to: Gabriela Network, clo N: Rosa, 58 West 36th St., Apt. 4A, NYC 10018. • offout'~



NYU Law School Sit-In

Palestine Uprising Update ,
Palestinian WOOien marked Intcmat:ionaJ Women's Day on March 8 by demonstrating for the rckasc ofwomcn poUdcal prisooers.lsradi - soldiers responded by attacIdng and beating them. • On February 25, Lulu Mahmoud ~ Dahl,a six-year-old girl, W2S ,shot and criticaUy iftjun:d by lsraeH troops in the Raf.Ih rdugce camp in the occupied Gaza Strip. These were only two among hundreds of inddents in the oogoin8 war between Pa1estinian dviUans and the Isradi army. Some 400 Palestinian civilians have been killed since the Inti&da (Uprising) began in December 1987. Six Israeli soldiers have died in the:. Uprising as weD.

Natiollal Lesbian Agenda Conference ..
One hundred and seventy Lesbians from around the country met in DurtWn, North CaroUna, .March 3-6 to ptaO ~ a ,national Lesbian agenda coofcrctltt. At the planning meeting. women set up a national coalition of Lesbians with dlbbmties to confront discrimination and break barriers to access in all communities. And Lesbians of Color demanded that racism be addressed at the start~of the meeting and that inclusion of , Lesbians of Color be a priority. The second national planning meeting will be in Portland, Oregon in July of this year. The conference will beheld in Atlanta, Georgia in the spring of 1991. Compiled by Gall Tem

Bookstore Opens

NY Women's

New York 7fmes.

Boston Globe,


Prqjected Layoffs Squelehed The proJected layoff d 300 Presbyterian Hospital employees was thwarted by Local 1199 union members. The hospiul's admin· istration planned to lay at" 300 employees and 50 managers.





by Valerie Proctor
Hunter College, formerly Nonnal College, was founded in 1870 as a female teachers' college. It took its present name in 1914 and became coeducational in 1964. Today Hunter could probably be said to administer to the total woman, whatever her colour, class or ethnidty. Hunter's Women's Studies Program, in which one can major or minor, offers a vay extensive range of courses which include Women and the Law, Politics, Sdencc, the Arts, the Family, Sexuality, and many more to interest all women. . The Hunter student has access to a series of 'Women's clubs and support groups. These include The Lesbims Rising Coll~, Women on the Move, Daughters of Africa, 1bird World Women}Women of Color, The Returning Women's Club (day and evening) and the Women's Studies Club, For the Hteraryorient(d woman there are the Women's Center Collectm:, the Audre Lorde Women's Poetry Center, PotIer, a journal of feminist literary perspectives, and The Returning Woman's Magazine, a shOwcalie mr the work of women returning to college. For some of the women's groups, it has not been an automatic process to be accepted as legitimate organizations. Lesbians Rising at its conception about 15 years ago encountered a great deal of hont& phobia at Hunter. Administration and student groups n:fused to recognize such an organization. Under the leadership of Joyce Hunter, presently one of the directors of the Hetrick-Martin Instttute (formerly the Institute fOr the Protection of Lesbian an~ Gay Youth), the ~rganlzJltion

.L. /.71:, t?. /.~
Psyc hothera

Working with women-for more than a decade to help them realize their
became very political and carried out a campaign of picketing, sit-ins, and protests. Today they are a fuI1y recognized organization. The different groups were aU created with the primary reason of wdcoming and helping any woman to survive at Hunter and be a success. The clubs, fIIl!gaZines and centers are very active. They support and create weeIdy events, workshops, projects, and showings of plays such as "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Gloria Alban and films, which have included "Women in South Asia," "No Longer Silent," "India Cabaret," "Educating Rita," and "lianna." There . are also poetry readings by writers such as Audre Lordc. Lectures and speeches are givm by such as: Gwen Braxton, coordinator of the National Black Women's Health Project; Rosario Ibarra, human rights activist, Nobel Prize nominee and Mexico'$ first female presidential candidate. These events are generally open to the public. The women at Hunter are very proud to be hosting the fourth International Interdisciplinary Congress of Women. The Congress is ~Id cvay four years. The Iasfcongress was beld in. DUblin; the next will be at Hunter in the summer of 1990 .•

potential-so that they can achieve greater sexual pleasure, maintain intimate relationships, and better manage their careers.


PurIm In Williamsburg
an nhibk of black

&: 0IIt. ...... 01cioilUallma a wi!iee
pho4C11f1111ha '"


..._a...,.,,_,_ ...,.......

..... Al'lUl.I4, I,. • THE NEW CAUEIlY r... .......,. IIYC. 1_ IIS04TS-4HS.

·.~t"·'.'-'''''1Ii.''I!';o. ~'.f""


....... ,.:t-

.f' ••


{ ••• ,

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Womanews/ Aprlll9B9
know how.,.talk to wbi«e people. Pot WI, the womc:o (both Women of Color and wbite women) Who 8tiU remain .(Ill the coIlc:cti¥e these p,obltru3 redect a problem wi1h the way'Ml; present ~ For a IQng time we would say we would accept aoy women who walked the door as long as she was willing to 'MX'k. We never st2kd what out espec:tat.looti were for these WOOlen and never told tbemwbat this work would be. Since the expulsion ofbalf o(our c:oIIective we ~ Worked to make oursei'w:':s more dear and fucused about the issues anci the position we take on them. We feel worIdng on racism is a p.t;:Iority and a condition to being on our colIcctfre.

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This b anothet reason why you wete asked to Ie;m: the paper. Weare 00 Ioo8er going to tam: you doing work in our name thtougb SUdi a fucked up pcnpcx:tM. That me2OS}'a we Would requite you to attend demonstra· tions if you are reporting on these issues. You sbould be connected to the WOmeD,YOU are writing about just like you are cOnoected and make it to a large number of the white Lesbian social evmts that occur in the New York area. ' .A$ for elitism and "unf:dt work divisions" there werr 5e\'ftaJ times the Women of Color were left to do _ work and the white women lVCnt home: or got '1!uSY." EepctiaUy When it i..... a WOI'PCIl of Color dJcuM isSue. Abo _ OIJtllll'ki~aboutflit~~

that white women were supposed to wodt on With her. EspedaIIythe women who misuodcrStood wotIdng'Wltb her as becoming her supervisor and would harass her about doing the work that needed to be done to bring ~ projects to fruition. That is why chert was 00 December dance or pocuy reading. As for raciSm just look at this letter and what yoq found to ddend ~ Articles writ· ten byodter women wtdIeyou were not there. You never acIc:nowIed8ed that the select group ol women you were taJkiog aboUt were all of the Women of Q,lor who worked on the paper. And that these W<JmeIl sai.d all but one Would leave if you did not &an up ~ act. :Your response to that was we(1be Womeoof Color) bad Itdtude ~ and did not


Short ..term
groups for



Small, professionally led group in the West Village sponsored b,,:

Just outside of Poughkeepsie, NY, only two hours-away from New York City, is a very special place, the Millett Farm. It's a Christmas tree farm and a summer art colony for women. It is gorgeous, 85 acres with ~v.'JVV evergreen

Women's Therap" Resources
(212) 627-1848

Weeknights 7-11 ~

1-800 ..2-FIND-US EX 1

experience. Kate puts an emphasis on learning new skills and literally wants everyone to learn everything. By the end of the summer, we all catch the "fever" and we stan to believe that we . can do anything

This Summer



with other to prove with a stream. The farm is a Afternoons are for ourselves. protected wildlife preserve, and is Women who come to the farm are the Iast refuge for deer and other mainly writers, photographers. animals in the area. There is a and painters. There is a fully pond for swimming, which in equipped photography darkroom. August is surrounded by purple woodworking tools, and studio Lustrife flowers..At the end of the space for sculpture. drawing. pond stands a huge, magnificent painting, and private space for elm tree. writers. We have three extensive Kate Millett bought the farmhouse in 1970, shortly after libraries too. 'There is a darkroom and a silkscreen studio and publishing sexual Politics. and apprentices are welcome in the later purchased the surrounding studio. acres when she began to conceive We enjoy nights of readings of of a women's art colony. All of poetry. fiction, and essays the buildings were in a state of written at the farm. decay and had to be repaired and The farm is open to all women. repainted. The land was wild Most. but not all, of the women from years of disuse and had to who come to the farm are be mowed again and again and \ lesbians. It seems that it is again before it could once again mainly lesbians who are attracted be suitable for fanning. to an all female environment. We During the summer months, the farm functions as an an are not separatists. and male . colony for women. friends occasionally visit the Approximately 10-15 women farm. say for an afternoon. Men are not allowed to live here for spend the summer together. the summer. We keep this a . working to maintain the farm and female space. on our own artwork. We work for five hours in the morning; the At the moment the colony is first half of the summer mowing open three months in the summer; someday we hope to be down weeds and shearing the i trees; the second half of the a women's art colony all year summer we work on construction around. through sales of our and repairs of the buildings. We trees. We do not have any outside funding, nor its control. Instead do all the work ourselves, which we are working toward selfsave~ money and develops self- . sufficiency. Everyone who comes sufficiency and permanence. toward the creation of an to the farm is required to work. independent colony. Till the trees The work is often hard. but we are able to feed us, we all "chip. build our muscles and learn new skills and the work gives us a in" towards our food. That comes sense of pride and community to $850 a summer or $280 a that other art colonies lack. month. Some women come to the farm with valuable skills to share, - Tamara Bower others come with little or no farm .

Farm in

the Women's Art Colony







the farm, or even only a month, write to:
295 Bowery New York, NY 10003.
Kate Millett

If you'd like to apply to spend the summer at










H.Y.U. BIlS1'OR£. SAUNC sr.Oxs,

o .,



E ~






~~~i~§~g ~~ 1i K J§~~! I ;S!~1 'I~~g ~~ji~ 1 ~~!= i~~'I ! liie(! I 1-"~ iii"' 1ti3 a~~~~ B B~ iu"i~ Ens ~~ ~~! li~~o f j~~ ~ 1il~~j; si 8~ 1(]i~ I~156. ~. jj: i!~i z~~ ~J~·i. ~I o.~ ..0....... ~. ~~8!~ !g ~j~~ . iisJ. 15 15 '= E

















.~ ..•.......................................•••........................•...........
, I I

dih!H~U h~ ~§~~ d~ Ih~U JHh~nIh IHi· ~6~ n~~ IH~ ~ b8!~ ,


---~----------~--~---------------~~----------------~----. ~ "9 ~ iii ... <
:::l :::l



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I , I ' ' !


~,,~ ti..:.
Ol ........

.., !

I ~~g .

~:i !











I!I-IW "· men
: [,-~-~-

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:::::IC C":::::I




to Q) C

8.0 ~ >~~ °e


Q..Q.. -Q) 0.c.


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C cs - § Q)CO 01:;:


B o Q) "00 O_::>~C;: o

cO~ ....


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;~'" ::;)a::'"

Oc 00

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o~" z~


z ..... <~










J •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••


page 9


Dr. Michelle Alpert



6 West 18th Street • 7th Floor- New York. New York 10011

general medicat practice nutritional medicine ~osteopathic manlpulatlon craniosacral therapy chiropractic care and massage therapy avallable


Just what you've been looking for •• a magazine for Lesbians that takes a positive look at who we are •• wherever we are - and brings it all together with style in a classy format. VISIBILITIES has been publishing since 1987 - and is a magazine that will make you laugh, make you think, and get you involved - with articles on Lesbian visibility,AIDS and the Lesbian community, and Lesbian theatre ... profiles of Marlon Zimmer Bradley, Holly Near, Andre' Lorde, A1ix Dobkin .. And cartoons, book, music and theatre reviews, and much much more!
Subscribe now to THE Lesbian Magazine!

8 issues - S15 (SUS 23 Canada and overseas)
(Sample Copies S2.2SjSUS 3.00 Canada & overseas)

Mail To: Visibilities, Dept. WN2, P.O. Box 1258 Peter Stuyvesant Station, New York, NY 10009·1258
VISIBILmES publishes bi.monthly. All Payments Must Be In SUS. Please Enclose Check or Money Order. For info & applications i'

i' ,

These are the hands of a Chiropractor.
A Doctor of Chiropractic treats patients with a wide range of health problems. And, they do it with their hands. Chiropractic treatment does not involve the use of expensive, numbing drugs or surgery. . Do you have these health problems? II. Chiropractor can help. • • • • • Backachess Headaches Muscle Spasms Numbness in Hands Low Back Pain Pain Down Legs • Pain Between • Hip Pain • Nausea • Neck or Spine.' Pain • Dizziness • Head Pains • Ringing in Ears • Slipped Disc Shoulders '

Woman Pagers
Members Match -


An alternate way for women to meet women
P.O. Box 910 New York, NY 10469·9998

Hot Une - Mon-Fri (212) 515-6936




To encour~ge you to hne yourhe~lth problems looked ~fte~, c..U

125 West 16th Street. New York. New York 10011 will live you ..FREE prdiminar~' namination '

Call toda Y: Dr. AnM Venezia (212) 741-9660
, Thill examination normally costs $35.00 or more, and includes an erthopt.-dic test,,, test, a contour analysis, and, of course, a private .--<!E)flSI.i1tal.wn to discuss the re5uifs. Call today. We want to help you.

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Womanews/ Aprlll989


The Second National Tradeswoman ConIf you',e on welfare or live In a hotel or ference will take place this spring In . sheller you qualify for Protect Enable', For commercial ada. Including all ads Ollcago. lhe planning committee needs tree training. counseling and job placeInvolving an exchange of money. the support In recognizing publicity. fundment program. Courses In English as a charge Is $3.50 per line. For personal raising. advertising. workshop facilitation. Second Language, high school equivada.lneludlng all ads no. Involving 9n cultural events. etc. For more Info, alency preparation. food services, and exchange of money (for example. roomcontact the Northeast Regional PIa~lng office skillswith word processing are availate ads). the charge Is $2.75 per line. Committee at NEW105East22 street New able. Don't delay; make "a commitment Each line eon ..... of· 40 characters InYork, NY 10012. (212) 420-0660. Mall to yourself today by enrOlling. La Guardia eluding ,spaces. hyphens, commas. per-. donations for start-up work to ANEW/ Community College. 29-10 Thompson lods, and number .. Rrlt line charges NTCPC. Thalia Saplad. PO Box 2490 Ave.•LLC., N.Y.11101.For more informalon allO Include bold print. All other bold Kenton. WA 98056. Susanne at (718) 482-5325. line. will be charged at an extra $2.50 call for paper.t.aa Chicanas. The theme 1II~lbe UIIed a .. ltencla publica 0 vIYe per line. Womanews allO offers a mall of the 1990 Issue will be Chicanas In an en un hotel 0 alOiamlento publico. calservice to our clalllfled adverll..,s. Forlntematlonal Context/Chicanos en un Iflque, automatlcamente por e' pro$7 per month you can use our mailing grama gratis de "Protect Enable"l Ofaddre ... you will be assigned an Incontexto Internaclonal. We are partlcrecemos entrenamiento gratis en Ingles dlvldual drawer number. and we will ularty Intersted In work explicitly addrescomo segundo Idloma, preparaclon confidentially forward your mall. NJ sing or reflecting the growth cA Chicana copy II not accepted over the phone. studies In the past ttfteen years. ArtICles para eI examen de equlvalencla del coleglo. serviclos de coclna, tareas de should be typed or 'WOI'd-processed smd Woma news. PO 80 x.. 220 VIIIage SIatI on,. double-spaced; they should fotlow 1he oflclna con computadores. desarollo NYC .00••. (212) 989-7963. Chicago Manual of Style (13th ed.) for personal y profesional con eI objectIvo ANNOUNCEMENTS text and endnotes. Send three copies de encontrarle trabajo. No tardo masjal with the author's name on the cover ~ularse hoy. usted esta haciendo . Gc:ry CommunItY News. Since 1973. the fage only. Include a self-addressed. un compromlso a un futuro major. Para only national newsweekly co-...ertnglasStamped envelope. All work must be mas Informacion favor lIamar a Susana blan and gay life and liberation. Each ortglnal. previously unpublished, and not "'" eI: (718) 4825325. week GqN brings you the liveliest mix of currently under consideration elsewhere. Women's Convoy to Central AmerIca. news. analysis. and entertainment arAddress all mall to: Cordeila Candelaria June 10-Ju1y10. 1989. Departlng from 4 ound, as 'Nell as a monthly Book RevIew & Mary Romero. c/o frontiers. Women regions In the u.s. and converging In Supplement and special Issueson topics Studies Program. C8 246, University cA Austln,1X. on June 20. 100 women wilt ranging from new gay male performers to Colorado, Boulder. CO 80309-«246. Deaddrive 30-40 vehicles wtth material and lesbian safer sex. 1 year. $33; 6 months. line: Onco de Mayo 1989. medical aid to women's community pr0$20. GCN SUbscriptions. 62 Berkeley St.• Boston. MA 02116. • Oh HoiySt. Jude, Apostle. Martyr -great' jects In Mexico, Guatemala. Honduras, 8 -The-s.-ua--rd-l-a-n--Foe--UII-ng-on-Th-lrd-WoI-';"-1d In virtue & rich In miracles. near kinsman Solvador and t-Icaraguo. Women cA all ages and cultures 'Nelcomed. For Interliberation movements,organlzlng arcA Jesus Christ, faithful Intercessor cA all . who Invoke your special patronage In views and Info call the Women's CalVOV. ound peace and social Justice In the U.s. time of need, to you I have recourse from 617-451-2424. For 4 Free Issues write: lhe Guardian. Box the depths cA my heart &. humbly beg to W, 33 W. 17th St.,New Yat<. NY 10011. whom God has given .such gJ80t power. CONFERENCES Block lesbians In England are planning to eome to my assistance. Help me In my their I8COnd national conference. They present & urgent petition. In retum I Aptll 21-30 Arst Annual "Black and feencourage Black lesbians from all five promise to make your name known & to male: What .. the Reality?" Weekend continents to participate both In the pIar cause you to be Invoked. Say 3 our Retreat. Sponsored by the National Black nlng groUp and the event. They propose Fathers. 3 Hall Mafys & GIorIos. St. Jude Women's Health Project, NYC Chapter. To to_hol~jnU.t.gtpol ~_ nc u s- a expenses excep nspor- . England in April' 1989. They are asking for Amen. this Novena mustOe said fadonations from anyone who is interested consecutive days. this Novena has never tation.CoU718-596-6OOJorwriteNYBWHP, PO Box 401037. Brooklyn. NY 11240. in contributing to the ideal of fighting been known to fall. E.C. sexism. rocism and homophobia by supDo you have a few hours a week to give Wheelchair accessible .. porting this event. For more Info. write: to a homeless La Guardia College. "feminist Tranlformatlons, "theelevenlh Zomili. P.O.Box367. Sheffield. 511 HX,UK student? You can make a difference in annual NatIonal Women's studies Alsoclatlon conference, will be held at TowHElP WANTED the life of a single mother in tempcirary .on State lMlwrlity, June 1.. 18. 1989. VOlUNTEERS NEEDED housing. Make a commitment to help a Over 250 workshops on feminist theory New Yor1<is feminist newspeper. student Improve English. reading and and practice. To register. contact t#ISA. WorraI8WS.1s looking fOr a few writing skills.OrIentation will be provided. '89,TowsonState University.Towson.Marygood women. Contact Barbara Utke. (718) 482-5319 or land 21204. (301) 321-3681. . Cal (212) 989-7963 Susanne Alexander. (718) 482-5325.




Southeastem Conference for le,blans and Gay Men.~113-16. 1989 In Dallas. TX. The theme will be Southeast Meets Southwest. Speak&rs will Include: Vivian Shapiro, Human Rights Campaign Fund; Sue HydEi, PrIvate Project; Sabrina S0Journer, Mlcan-Amerlcan lesbian and Gay Alliance; and Renee McCoy. NCBl.G. \Mil be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. 400 N. Olive Street. downtown Dallas. For Info 214-471-6040. For travel accomodatlons a nd reservations call Fantastic Voyage 800-622-6988.

Meet Your Neighbors. We are a 10C<l1 B'klyn women's group meeting for the purpose of building friendships In our community. If you live south of Klng's Highway. east d Stillwell Ave.,and west of Flatbush Ave., Incl. Seagate. Coney' Island. Brighton and Manhattan 8eact), please call (718) 891-6495. Noalcohot or drugs. Welcome . Moonflre, Women', Spirituality Circle. Welcomes new and on-golng members. For Information. call (212) 4)'2-1724."

New York Bankers Group: a group cAgay and lesbian financial professionals. NYBG provides support, networking and socIOlIzlng through monthly business and socIalewnts. Vbnen·s~hasadcltlol .. al brunches/dinners. CoIl Jean at (212) 286-0453 or write: NYBG Inc.. P.O.Box973 Rockefeller Center StatIon, NYC, 10185.
lesbian Ballroom Dancer .. A group cA us will be taking lessons at Stepping Out Dance Studio. 61 Broactv.oy AprIl 4-29. 'Novlce-lntermedlate. Please join us. Call 718-72Q.{l747. WANTED: RONXDYlCESlIl B Meet and greet your lesbian neighbors to help party and plan for our community In the Bronx. on



the Center $2, more If/less 11). And keep looking for upcoming eventsl For Info. call
Usa (212) 829-9817 or Brandle (212) 3~2158.

n er 208.

. con


Women's Social Group forming In canar.... Brooklyn for monthly Sat. night gatherings. Join your neighbors In an Informal. relaxed and fun atmosphere. Leave your name and number at 718209-1592. your call will be returned wtth details.

working with a new and powerful approach called Structural consulting. I help couples identify the underlying dysfunctional structure In play in their relationship. Once understood. the structure may be altered so that the couple can create the kind of relationship they want. based on the qualities they truly value, The goal of this work is real and lasting change. In the initial session. we work. until the structure sessions are recommended. emerges. several folkrw-up




servifl1 -the lesbtan

CAROLYNASNIEN, MA., Psychotherapist


FEES ON A 5L.1DfNGSCALE WEST SlDE NYACl<. .1'2<22.8·5426 2.2· 769 -9127 914- 359· 3175

Internal Medicine 13 East 15th Street New York, NY 10003 (212) 645-4790 Ther~

(eslablished 1954) 3619 Avenue H. Brooklyn 11210
penoNl rNtionships


for ~ltetNtiwI styles ... work sit~ .. ... indiYid",t c~,


GHI.ather MranmMupIaI
MotItt ......

~L.Cohen 15t-1_

Ucensed~ Experienced, FeiDinist, PsycbotlierapIs~for: Problems of JdadonIbJp • DcpraIIon • Self (.em VIctims of CbUd Abuse
............ Couple

Jo BeUomo, c.s.w.

(718) 788-0589




COal_lb. • 1tasoftIbIe· fee • Insunncc KCCI*d (111) 255·7&61

Womanews/ April 1989



fairfield V - lesbian and Gay alumni PERSONALS . organizing for support and visibility. Please contact: Lorry. 203-933-5779 or . Jay. P.O. Box 819. Provincetown. MA. LF 50's feisty Soft Butch Atti'aCflve Intel02657.508487-1930. . ._lectual Maverick vegetarian Heolthysense of humor Ex-phys. Ed./Jock. Now: prIvote practice. Seek: Bright attractive Women wanted to starf Smoker. SUpport feminine LF professional wlsense of Group. /lie you tired of being alienated humor for: fun. dancing. friendship. some from places. because you smoke? Intimacy. troyel & share life. Sen9 photo. being sent out Into cold lonely hallways Box M891. to smoke? Of hearing people tell you to quit? Of people's lectures about how bad GF38,gentleandfunny,femlnlne,prettv, smoking Is for you? having to fight for exercise .peclall". loves a nig.l:lt OtIt YOUR RIGHTto smoke? Send your name & dancing. country and women's music. telephone /I to Box AB94. singing silly songs. bicycling. Native American history. my two dogs and re-runs of HELP WANTED the Uttle Rascals. Looking for spirited femWOMANEWS NEEDSAN ADVERTISING COinine. fun. smart, health-minded. over 30. ORDINATOR You would handle ali InquirWrite WN Box 39H. (lhls ad ran In Nov '88. Ies. solicit new business. as -well as serForwarded correspondence was lost In vicing old accounts. We need a woman mall. Try...try again). who Is very organized. a good writer. lesbian 40'., seeks tall. healthy. Intell .• creative. and a good public relations loving. reasonably active friend. /lie you person. Experience In advertising a plus. alive? Con you love? WrIte box AB91. lhls is a part-time position that pays by

FEMINIST THERAPISTIN GREAT NE(;K Experienced and certified. Individual. couple andl or group. Coli Susanne Mars. 'MA!CRC (516) 829-5645. lesbian Therapy.1he non-pr6fit Institute for Human Identity's staff of professional lesblan-feminlst therapists provide IndIvIdual. couple and group therapy on a sliding fee scale. Insurance Is accepted. (212) 799-9432. See display ad. Women's Psychotherapy Referral ,Service We match you to experienced feminist therapist suitable toyou.lndMdual. COLIJ> les. groups. Private consultations in various locations. Sliding fee scale (212)'


Southampton ScenleLakef.ront House Summer Share.' ReJax with friendly women: swim, canoe, sailboat. deck. barbecue. woodec acre bordering nature preserve. Near ocean. Fantastically· beautiful serenity! Non-smokers. See Videotape: (212) 691-1818 or (5.16) 283-6269. room Summer Share. T'M:) bedhouse. painted. refumlshed. new beds. Quiet corner. large prl\oUte deck. 1/2 share. $1300. 212-645-3830. .

Cherry Grow:


Seeking ,lesbian Comics. lam an "out" lesbian stand-up comic seeking other lesbians to write and perform with. Would love to work together producing culturally' diverse shows. Please call Sara Cytron at 995-5526. lesbian lpsychlatrl .. I. looking for partiCipants for a study on psvchosockn and psychosexual adaptation of lesbians (and their partners) to breast cancer surgery. Participation Involvesfllll~ out a questlonoire. and an optional indepth Interview. ~eferrals/questlons to: 212741-5176. TAKEOFF YOUR CLOTHES...and put on our uniform! lesblan & gay Appie Corps Marching Band wants a few good women to play with us. Brass. winds. drums. flags. etc.;. all levels OK Contact Jeanine 212869-2922.


Individual, couple family therapy by caring. experienced. licensed psychotherapist. insuranCe accepted. Reasonable fee. West Village location. Barbra Newman, C;S.W. (212) 691-4053. Femlnl" Therapy for In-slQht enpowerment, well-being. PhD. w/17 years expo East Village location. (212) 505-7869.


1 ,



commission only. Toapply please send a resume and 'cover letter to: Womanews. P.O. Box 220. Viliage Statton. New York, NY 10014. WOMAN OF COLOR AND LESBIANS ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. Wanted: Woman to leach Tal Chi: Multi level yang. short form Incl. push-hands. applications and sword. Women Qf Color Encouraged to apply. Send letter or resume by 4/1 to Search Committee. Brooklyn Women's Martial Ms. 421 5th Ave .• Bklyn. NY 11215.

GF COuples: Mature. monogomous. professional couple. non-smokers; not Into bar scene. Enjoy outdoors, travel. gardenIng. museums. dlnlng-out. theater. etc. Desire to meet compatible GF couple for friendship. Please send descriptive letter to BoxAB92.

bit of I blan •• trivia? HI Idea for a list that would be of speclollnteresf to lesbians? Dell Richdrds Is collecting material for lesbian U.... a book to be Issued this fall by Alyson Publictlons, and would welcome Ideas. Information. and lists for Inclusion. Correspondence may be sent to her at P.O. Box 163120. Sacramento. Collf. 95816.

Do you have a favorite


Wornanpage. Is an altematlve way for women to meet women of all colors and ages. Coli: (212) 515-6936. or write: P.O. Box 910. Bronx. NY 10469. ST MARIeS WOMEN'S HEAlTH COLLECTM, 9 Second Avenue. Manhattan. serving the lesbian Community since 1974 with low cost medical care. chlropracty. acupuncture. body massage therapy. mldwIfery.lndepencJentconceptfon counsel.,. ments.

GBF prof. seeks 1 bedroom or large studio In Corona. Jackson Heights. Woodside or Elmhurst, $300-350 max. Also seeking psychotheropyofflce In prI\(]te house or commercial setting; sasme cities and pri99 nge or per hour. Please leave

Blueberry Ridge-Woman'. guest house. Pocono Mts.Po. 2 hours from NYC. Open year round. lr1qulre about siding. hot tub, and special weekends. CoUPat or Greta (718) 729-1748 or (717) 629-5036. -:caiarCod.vaeoHon for 'Women. Roefns. anciJapartmenfs. Year rdur\d. NEW HOT . TUB! Coffee. parking: Check'er Inn. 25 vyinthrop St.• Provincetown. MA 02657 .. (617) 487-9029 .

New York's feminist newspaper, '\Varna IBWS, is looking for a few
good women. 6




CaU (212H~89-7963






Roomate wanted - Long Island Otyapt. with cot. near Manhattan S350+ 1/2 utilities. 718-784-2554. Roomate wanted to share 2BR apt. in Rockland Cty. Own BR. share living space. $375/mo. inc!. utilities. 914425-5732.

." ewd~CaIi 1 228-7482 for schedule and appoint-

In Manhattan, eve"i"g time Begi"ning in late April - Relationships with diildren and lover - School - Family - Support Confild: Joyce Hunter, CSW Adolescent specialist and lesbian mother. 633-8920 or Rifil Gazarik. CSW Family Therapist, 865-7932 Slidi"g Scale
~ ..

specifically for

.Gentle Bodymlnd Work-fenslon ReleaSIng. Supportive feminist therapy by tified Rubenfeld Synergist. Rape/Abuse victims. Leads to new life options. 212-996-5259.


East Hampton Rental. Skyllt, pri\4Jte apartment. Bedroom. bath. kitchenette. Near gay beach. $300() for summer. Non-smoI<. er preferred. 51fN24-1491. FEMINIST PSYCHOI'HERAPIST


Deborah Feller.

THE CHOICE OF A THERAPIST IS A POUT/CAL CHOICE MElODY M.AN.DERSON, (211) 737-2032 (212) 862·8900·01 (212) 568·2757







Call for appointment:

(212) 673-79fR

((Specializing in Mini Bus, Theater Groups, Tours, and Travel for the single Woman of Cfkw" 222-3620
ELIZABETH HARDIN Travel Consultant .:-_



supportive. insight-odented for women reasonable fee . west side location



insurance accepted


between 135th

& 134th Sts. New York, N.Y. 10030

1 ....



Referrals for individuals, couples, families. .' Experienced, analytically trained psychotherapists. Insurance accepted. Call 21~-724-6090.

cS/acy Su ~emme/
67811'1Ave., '11 N.V.C. 10014

Individual & Group





Books for Women and Their Friends
681 Washington Street (Between 10th and Charles Sts.) New York, ~ 10014 - (212) 727-7330
, I I

YES!- I'll take amail. one-year o $12 first-class



$15 $20 -

supporting business/institution

___ _





Is this a renewal? 0 YES 0 NO Send to: WOMANEWS P.O. Box 220, Village Station, NYC 10014 Make checks payable to Women's Focus Inc.


Let us kpowt
Ion label: _



--.-----------------STATE -.,.STATE ZIP ZIP _ _ _

P.O. Box 220, Village Station New York, NY 10014 .

New York, NY Pennit No. 6739